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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  July 30, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. this is wjz and, baltimore. good morning, maryland, now don scott, marty bass, breaks news with mary bubala, your first-warning weather, and traffic control with sharon gibala, it's wjz, maryland's news station. it is 6:00 on this thursday morning and it is still a sticky day's start but not as sticky as it's been the rest of this week and tim has some good news in the forecast. tim williams in for marty bass in the first-warning weather center. an active wednesday, we had five counties under tornado warnings at one point. things have calmed down and you see a lot of blue skies out this and stars this time of the morning. looking at the forecast, temperatures around 70 degrees. 69 here on television hill.
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88 is the normal temperature and the lows back down to the 70s. a nice day in store but we may have more rain heading our way. talking about that coming up. thank you. how about the early commute. here's sharon gibala in traffic control. we have picked up one accident on 95. 95 at 295 looking at an accident on the left shoulder. not causing delays. two downed trees. park heights avenue is your alternate and a downed tree blocking york road. 83 is your alternate there. 95 at whitemarsh boulevard, seeing some volume there. there's a look at the west side similar situation at liberty road. wjz is always on, for traffic
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information, log onto thank you. here's something people will talk about today. she says she is staying strong and focused, the may message from mayor dixon after she's reindicted on misconduct and perjury charges. eyewitness news live outside right now. good morning, mary bubala. >> reporter: all of this is getting confusing, but the state prosecutor is starting over. he's throwing out the old indictment against the mayor and now he has her former boyfriend cooperating. mayor dixon says she's forging ahead. >> you know, stay focus, continue to build on this.
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and continue to serve the citizens. >> reporter: her previous indictment describes stealing gift cards and accepting gifts from ron lipscomb, her boyfriend working with the city. he is cooperating with the investigation. wednesday's new indictment reintroduces charges thrown out in the original. she faces three counts of theft, one count of misconduct and two counts of perjury. in a statement the lawyer says the new charges are as flaw as those previously dismissed and expect they will meet the same fate. those working at the city hall react. >> i'm wondering when it will come to an end. like a dark cloud that hangs over. >> it's ridiculous and you know it's harassment. >> the new indictment comes a day after indictments are
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handed against helen, all under the umbrella of city hall corruption. stay with eyewitness news for complete coverage of the probe. for all information and background on the story, go to a teenager is recovering after an attack in columbia. a 19-year-old was stabbed several times on a basketball court and now listed in stable condition. a memorial service held for two of the four people killed when a helicopter crashed. they will hold services for a 48-year-old and a 39-year-old. the national transportation safety board continues to investigate that accident. and speaking of i-70.
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two people kill after a car slams into them in an illegal street race. kye jackson explains. >> reporter: june 21st was a deadly date. a 20-year-old and a 21-year-old standing outside of their car and killed when this car slammed into them. >> lost control, sheered on to the shoulder and struck two cars. >> reporter: starting thursday, the state highway administration will close one lane of the access road to stop the illegal practice. the area effected is the concrete road on the left side of your screen. >> we believe the changes being made will greatly inhibit the ability of individuals to
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participate in illegal street racing. >> reporter: while they want to reduce if not eliminate street racing in the area, they don't want to impede the normal flow of traffic. >> it's a good thing but it will slow people down. >> reporter: a 26-year-old was driving the chevy that plowed into the two. two others were hurt. >> that's the end of interstate 70. it's not something that carries a high volume of traffic. but at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, it's conducive to those who want to street race. >> reporter: they will start the work on installing the barriers. now back to you. thank you. the state highway administration will monitor the changes and determine what if
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any enhancements need to be made. there's another danger, hundreds of truck and bus companies are criss crossing the country illegally. they were ordered to shut down because of safety violations are still operating under different names. the government of aaccountability office conducted the investigation. the president, the professor and the police officer will meet at the white house to discuss the arrest earlier this month. in stead of breaking bread, they will crack open some cold ones. >> reporter: the drinks are on the white house tonight. the president invited professor and sgt crowley over for a beer. >> the president drinks bud
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light, professor gates like red stripe and sgt crowley mentioned he liked blue men. while they sip their beers at a picnic table, they will look for common ground. the officer says the noted black educator was acting unruly. the president made comments. >> my sense is you have two good people in a circumstance in which neither of them were able to resolve the incident the way it should have been resolved. >> president obama hopes it will lead to improved releases between police and minority
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communities. lawmakers unveil their own plan for health care reform. the program officers tax credits to help people buy health care insurance but not require it. conservative democrats agreed to cut $100 million from the earlier plan. a little bit of rain did not ruin the night for the orioles at the camden yards. chris got his first start at the big leagues playing the kansas royals. the birds rebound and go onto win 7-3. the orioles and royals wrap up their 4-game series this afternoon at 12:30. the orioles welcome the red sox this weekend. see the birds taking on the sox saturday night at 7:00 here on wjz 13. if you're going to the ballpark, bring along some
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canned goods for the food bank. if you're going out today, gorgeous afternoon, 12:00 game, temperature probably about 80 by then and just gorgeous. so if you get a chance to go out. >> when is the last time you said that. >> 88 degrees today down to 70 tonight. >> and it's time to check in with the ronster. >> you mentioned the food drive, we're there friday night. >> come out and bring your cash and canned goods. >> does it feel more comfort comfortability this morning? >> we're in phoenix this morning, not arizona. >> usually hot there. >> we're in baltimore county,
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how do you like my new crib here? it's the great american dream home and guess what? you have a chance to win it and it's all for a great cause. we have the story live in phoenix when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on.
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. meteorologist tim williams back to talk about better weather. it's a nice day today. we haven't had many opportunities to say that, but today is a nice start to a nice day. 71 degrees right now. temperatures 68. winds at 3 miles per hour. around the state, temperatures ranging from the 60s. mid to upper 60s in oakland and cumberland. temperatures up in the 80s primarily for the last week or
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two. looking at 67 in westminister. 70 in columbia. state capital 73. 68 in bel-air. 73 on kent island. winds not bringing any rain, yesterday the rain came in from the west and the southwest and this is not the case today. it will dry us out and the moisture in the air, that's definitely out this. but you'll feel when you go out, it's a little more comfortable than it has been. still pretty moist out there. the dew point still high and the humidity is still in place. but the storm system that brought us anywhere from roughly 1/3" of rain to upwards of near 4" of rain in some parts of the area. cecil county is one of them. it's moving northeast and just a few clouds in its place and a front moving in that will be here by sun. today we're fine, tomorrow
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another chance of showers, saturday is fine and sunday another round of rain. we'll keep you posted. sunset at 8:20. your small craft advisory in effect for friday. looking at temperatures to around 90. we can't rule out the chance of an afternoon shower, but it's a slim chance. early thunderstorms in the 90s tomorrow, chance of afternoon thunderstorms. down 70 for the low. we know a lot of you got a lot of rain, watch out for the wet roads. others listen up. sharon gibala in traffic control. not much to worry about at this early hour. we're watching the accident on 95. it's going to be in the southbound lanes at 295. not a big deal on the left shoulder. you can see full speed and
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above. two downed trees. the fist one in owings mills area. park heights avenue is your alternate. a second downed tree blocking all lanes of york road. take 83 instead. there's a live look at 95 looking good. no problems on the west side of the beltway or delays at liberty road. everything looking good despite the accident. 295. traffic still getting by at full speed. this report brought to you by toyota. toyota moving forward. going to ron matz who is in phoenix, baltimore county this morning. >> reporter: good morning. live in phoenix of baltimore county. behind us the great american dream home you have a chance to win it. it's for a great cause, it's
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the universal's peacemaker's foundation. allen, the developer, prestige development. tell us about the peacemakers for those not familiar. >> for 15 years, we've been a voluntary effort to help individuals, families, businesses and organizations resolve conflict in ways that is effective. >> a chance to win a house. >> is this an opportunity for the community to help us help hundreds of families in the state who are at risk of foreclosure. to sweeten the effort, we're allowing you to win a beautiful home. this opportunity will put one family into a foreclosure-free home. >> allen is prestige development.
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very well known. good to see you. >> thank you. >> tell everybody how you got involved. >> i did a similar event about 15 years ago where we offered a house for charity, it was a great event and i was offered to do it again, it seemed to be the right time and i enjoyed meeting bob and the efforts he's doing. >> tell us about the house. >> it's located in one of the newer developments in phoenix. it's 6200 square feet. you can see from the exterior, beautiful house. stone, the inside has all of the bells and whistles you can imagine, marble bath, enormous country kitchen. tga home to see a tour of the house. you can see all of the bells
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and whistles. >> the house is spectacular. the tickets are $100. the proceeds from this. >> it it will help the peacemakers to learn more and click over to the drawing web site. but the funds will be used to endow the foundation and empower us to help hundreds, hopefully thousands of families in maryland. we'll educate them about homeowner ship and have productive homeowner ship and help stem the tide of foreclosure. we're going to create a community center where people can come and learn about homeowner ship and what is happening many the economy and get both help and hope. >> we thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> great house and great idea.
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we have one question, what are the two green circles in the front yard. >> reporter: what are the green circles. >> that's the septic field. >> reporter: you asked, we answered i will be living underneath there. the man under the seats, i'm the man under the ground. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: don and tim, we're live in phoenix, back to you. >> great idea, we all were curious. man, that was a gorgeous house. >> for $100. >> we'll take a break and be back. michael phelps, why his coach is crying foul over the new trend in fashions in the
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looking at temperatures near 90 degrees and a slim chance of rain. for the next five-day forecast days, a bit of a break on
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saturday, a chance of showers on sunday and lingering chances on monday and tuesday with lows around 70 degrees throughout the next five somedays. controversy boiling in the water many the world of swimming. new high-tech swim suits will be ban. some people ask if the dead line should not be moved up. >> the arms race to make swim suits faster as exploded. new designs mean a slow athlete is beating michael phelps, his suit floats and some say it's an unfair advantage. what the suits do. >> as you swim you get tired and you kind of sink, these suits keep you up. >> reporter: 130 records have been broken many the past year with the suit. >> when you put one of the
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suits on, it holds the perfect body line through the race. >> reporter: now the coach of michael phelps is threatening to keep phelps out of the tournament if they're not ban. they're going to lose the guy that fills these seats. one of the purest sports out there is struggling with technology. >> when there's suits that add to swimming, there's definitely some hard feelings from athletes. >> back to you. thank you. they will ban the suits in 2010. yet to come on our morning edition. >> reporter: the heat is on
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mayor dixon, she's reindicted. a live report coming up. >> reporter: bracing for more severe thunderstorms, howard county has a new safety program for you and your children. no delays yet, but looking at two downed trees, where they are and how to get around them straight ahead. in more marty bass, a break from the activity but we have some more rain coming up in the next few days, when and how it will affect your weekend. his earlier experience with the mob turned into a movie. henry hill joins us as the coffee-with guest.
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. wjz,, baltimore. good morning, maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala, your first-warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. hello again, it's the bottom of the hour and another kind of sticky day's start but feels better than it has.
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tim williams is in for morety bass. good morning. if you have not been out, it's going it be a sticky day. but a break as well from the activity we had yesterday. first warning shows that we have a clear view around the mid atlantic. the rain moved through yesterday and everything to the south is going to stay south and southwest. starting off with temperatures around 70 degrees. a daytime high of about 90 degrees with humidity in place lows around 70. your forecast is coming up. thank you. what will you find on the get up and go? here's sharon gibala in traffic control. not much to get in your way. we have one accident on 95 on is tillamook southbound lanes at 295. traffic getting by at full
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speed. there's a map of the accident with the speed sensors and everything well above the limit. two downed trees, one closed at avery hill road. there's a second downed tree on york road that is closed between old york road. take 83 as the alternate. the west side starting to slow at liberty road. no delays on 95. this report brought to you by toyota and your toyota dealer. you'll find a service deal tore keep your toyota running smoothly. charges once dropped are back on the docket for the second time. indictment for mayor sheila
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dixon. mary bubala is live. >> reporter: good morning. this is starting to get confusing, but the state prosecutor is starting all over. he's throwing out the old indictment against mayor dixon and has a new one because he has her former boyfriend cooperating now. after being reindicted, mayor dixon says she's forging ahead. >> my reaction, stay focused, continue to build on this, and continue to serve the citizens. >> her previous indictment is stealing gift cards and accepting gifts from a developer working with the city. ron lipscomb is cooperating with the investigation. the same allegations against dixon and reintroduces charges
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in the original. mayor dixon faces three counts of theft. in a statement from her lawyer lawyer -- those who work at city hall with the mayor are reacting to the latest round of charges. i'm wondering when it will come to an end. something like a dark cloud that hangs over. >> it's ridiculous and you know, it's harassment. >> reporter: the indictment comes a day after indictments are handed to two others. we'll continue to follow the whole corruption investigation. >> thank you very much. stay with eyewitness news for coverage of the probe. to read the indictment and background on the story, go to an admitted white
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supremacist could be heading to death row. the 89-year-old, james von brunn, was indicted and he's eligible for for the death penalty. he kill stephen johns. assembly workers working together to address the short fall. they've created an 18-member panel to review how state aid is handed out. they are looking for a way to close the $700 million short fall. they're making other cuts as well. workers asked to car pool for the association of counties summer conference. it will be limited to essential staff. state employees asked to use personal leave when not attending sessions at the beach. howard county launches a
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campaign to warn people about the teenagers of lightning. it comes during a time of the year when popup storms could happen daily. >> reporter: powerful and deadly and if you're outside during a storm, your chances of getting hit are not as slim as you might think. two years ago she was standing under a tree when lightning struck. a work crew rushed to help. >> called 9-1-1. me and chris hayden performed cpr. >> her death is not rare. 56 people in the country died. signs like these are posted at parks and schools all over
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howard county sending a message that some take seriously. >> reporter: officials want to make sure kids get the message and it's more importance that adults are paying attention. >> the vast majority are hit and killed are males who are out figuring we'll play it out or whatever and that can be dangerous. >> few people can walk away from a lightning strike. 20% of the people struck are killed. many of them were under a tree or out on the water. >> lightning can hit anyone. when you're outside and hear the thunder, you're at risk. it's important to go inside. >> reporter: maryland ranks 20 20th in the country with the number of lightning strikes,
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88,000 strikes a year. if you're a fan of the sun and surf at ocean city, you're not alone. an environmental group is calling it one of the best beaches in the country. the defense council giving them five stars for the clean water ranking it 8th in the nation. michael ori will join the rest of the ravens today. webb says he's excited about playing quarterback for a defense that has such a reputation. don't forget that the orioles are teaming up and wjz are teaming up. bring a food item to camden yard to benefit the maryland
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food bank. the wjz eyewitness news family will collect your donations at the gate. was that a cough or a sneeze? >> i'm not sure. >> not really sure. >> bless you anyway. >> thank you very much. talking about our life, because of the 12:35 game and the food drive, we don't many times get to show this one, orioles forecast talk about a 3-d graphic. virtual earth. it's part of our arsenal. temperatures around 80 degrees for game time and one of those nice days, royals versus orioles at 12:30 today.
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>> i would like to see it without the forecast in front of it. >> i'll see what i can do. >> he is kind of walking the straight and narrow now. former mobster is going straight. . updating your traffic and tim has more about the weather
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. chances are somebody in the caribbeans coming here for a vacation. you never know. temperatures around the state around 70 degrees.
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getting an idea of what is moving through. the winds updating. let you see what is going on. the winds coming in from the west, southwest at 5 miles per hour. the radar giving you an idea of what is going on. clouds are breaking. much of the rain to the northeast and moving away from the area leaving us with a nice, clear scan. the shower activity to the west is staying away and we'll see temperatures into the 80s today and we'll call it around 90 degrees. the rain is moving out. satellite shows that we're seeing really just a lot of rain moving away but the humidity levels are high. we're in the 70s. what we're seeing here, another chance of showers tomorrow with another front coming in from the west and that's going to bring us a chance of showers and clearing out for saturday and another chance for sunday and all of this is going to
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move in that direction. this is the forecast today, the front is going to come through on tomorrow, going to bring a chance of rain that will be here by the afternoon hours. today's forecast, looking at temperatures around 70 degrees starting off. around 99 -- 90 degrees for the high. how smooth is your ride to work? here's sharon gibala in traffic control. looking at some delays, we're looking at an accident on 95 southbound on the shoulder not causing delays, but a downed tree will block the road on york road. take 83 there.
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looking at delays on the west side of the beltway, slow from past 795 down to edmonton avenue. there's 895. no issues there. a live look at the delay at liberty road, traffic moving but not at full speed. the report brought to you by toyota. you can choose from 16 fuel- efficient models. toyota moving forward. thank you. we'll explain who henry hill is if you don't know. listen to howard stern, you know mr. hill pretty well. what you might not know he is in town right now and tomorrow night and saturday night beginning at 10:00 he's going a meet and greet at the baltimore
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hustler club. please welcome henry hill, it's a pleasure to meet you. >> for those who don't know, henry hill is the man on whom the good fellows character is based. >> yes. ray played myself. >> my evil twin. >> you were the young man who wanted to be a mobster. >> yes. that is true. >> were successful. >> to a certain point. until they tried to whack me. >> that's how you stop being a mobster. >> and you go into a witness protection program. >> for 7 years. they did a great job. i was the screw up. i was taken out of the program.
6:48 am
but i -- >> i'm impressed someone gets kick out of the program. since then you've done a bunch of stuff including you sell a spaghetti sauce. >> i had a restaurant in nebraska, north platt and the sauce was great and people wanted to take it home. i have a cook book out also. it's available in stores. i have my new book out. the movie that made good fellows out of is wise guy. and we have a travel guide also. it tells all of the wise guys spots. all of the places where we used
6:49 am
to hang out and go. >> next time in new york, that would be fun. in between all this stuff, you're an artist. >> that's what i mainly do today. i do my art work, it relaxes me. it's like a therapist and it's on e bay, you can find it and it's inexpensive art and it's pop art. a lot of scenes from the movie. >> explain this picture. >> that's me, the rat in manhattan. and we put up about 50 paintings at a time. i do a couple a day. sometimes longer. a lot of new york skylines and whatever comes into my head. >> did you always have this talent? >> not at all. when i was in college as we used to call it, when i was
6:50 am
serving time. >> in prison. >> in prison. >> you call it college. >> i did go to college. i have an associate's degree. >> but you learned in prison. >> it keeps me out of trouble. >> and you've been in some trouble. >> i'm curious, getting back to the witness protection program if i may, there you are, you are a witness and they hide you and the common feeling i think is that once you go in that program, you disappear entirely. >> that was the intention. the book wise guy, it proaprilled -- put me in a life of insanity i guess, in the
6:51 am
limelight and doing articles and being the coauthor of a best-selling book. it propelled me to a different, from being a wise guy, being in the mob and the book scene. talk about confusion. >> you've had a heck of a life. >> i'm very fortunate, one of the last ones i guess. >> that's another book. >> it's a pleasure to meet you. i never thought i would meet the character the book was base on. >> the last time i was in this area, i helped the fbi, i do seminars. >> another aspect of your
6:52 am
life. you're a busy man. >> thank you for having me. stay there, we'll tell people, traffic is about to come up and checking weather after the break.
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fiberplus so much more. ♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. . we have updates from sharon gibala. today under mostly sunny skies, a slim chance of rain, look for a good bit of sunshine and the humidity levels stay high. for the next five day, 86, 86
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on sat, a chance of rain tomorrow, less chance on saturday lows around 70. now for traffic with sharon gibala. finally cleared up the accident on 95 southbound at 25. we pick up two new ones, one on the harrisburg expressway. downed trees blocking all lanes of york road. there's a look at the west side of the beltway on the outer loop, delays between liberty road, 8 minutes with an average of 36 miles per hour. this report brought to you by the pennsylvania convention and visitor's bureau. go the to
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plan your stay. mayor dixon says she will focus on her job after being reindicted on corruption charges charges. ron lipscomb will no testify against the mayor. stay with wjz, complete new, weather and traffic ahead. up next, the beer at the white house this morning.
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captioning funded by cbs a@ breaking michael jackson news this morning. a custody agreement has been reached between jackson's mother, katherine, and the mother of his children, debbie


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