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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 10, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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undercover operation, a hidden camera was used. >> why it caused two local
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employees their jobs. hello everyone i'm dick carter. >> and i'm nicole wood. a man posing as a pimp and a woman posing as a prostitute, walk into the office of the well known activist group acorn. tonight two employees were fired after what was captured on that camera. ky johnson ai johnson has that story. >> reporter: according to acorn in baltimore, they are saying there was nothing true or journalistic in the video you're about to see. the video running on you tube calls a woman calls her kenya and a man calling himself james. the couple walked into the acorn office and talked to two
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acorn officials. it was unknown what the couple was seeking. >> dancing is considered an art form. >> sex is dancing too. >> there's going to be several women coming in the house, we don't want that to be a problem. >> reporter: acorn which stands for association of community organizations for reform now works on behalf of many low income family. acorn chairman says, after watching the video, the two employees were fired. >> that's nothing our association condones. >> reporter: sandra jones tells
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eyewitness news, she doesn't believe the acorn employees committed any crimes, but she says they acted unprofessionally and did not follow acorn policy. >> we have investigated and there's nothing we believe was illegal. >> reporter: so why dismiss them. >> because they acted outside of the acorn policy. acorn has always done business above board, we've always been transparent. and yes, we have done tax preparation, our books are open. >> reporter: similar investigations were done in new york, philadelphia, san diego, as well as los angeles. acorn nationally says they think it's no coincidence that this video is released after president obama's speech on health care, back to you. breaking news right now out of north baltimore where police on the scene of a deadly shooting. it happened just before 9:00 on
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the 500 block of ratner avenue. when officers arrived they found one person shot in the head, another shot in the arm and leg. the person shot in the head died in the hospital. police tell us a third shooting victim showed up at a near by fire house. but they say they are not sure if the shootings are connected. the state is facing another budget cut. state workers face the possibility of more job cuts. >> reporter: the governor says maryland budget cut could deepen. state workers who have already faced lay offs and unpaid days off, tell wjz they are concerned. >> i would rather be furloughed than layed off if i had a choice. so i don't want anybody to lose their job. >> reporter: the problem, sales and income tax revenue continue
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going down. creating a budget cut that's growing wider by the money. by law, the governor has no choice but to limit. >> we are into things that affect real people in real ways. >> reporter: the last round of cuts hit the government hard. more than 200 people lost their jobs. >> the job cuts really concern me. because it's like, it's cutting away from my pay. and by it cutting on my pay, i can't afford to take care of my daughter or pay rent. >> reporter: police are trying to avoid cuts. >> we are trying to help the city with the revenue shortfall. >> reporter: the report on state budget projections is due
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next week. the governor has no advance knowledge of what it will say, but the state is bracing for the sting of a shortfall. pain that lately has shown no signs of going away. the state has already slice more than $700 million from the state budget this summer. in west baltimore, wes helbram. >> many states across the country are facing cuts and furloughs. get your flu shot now. that is the word from experts as flu season appears to be arriving early. the flu is already running rampant across one college campus. >> reporter: it is just as officials expected, as soon as students got into the classrooms, this illness would
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started spreading. the newest strain, h1n1 has been spreading quickly. >> i've been using a lot of anti bacterial soap, washing my hands a lot and drinking a lot of orange use. >> they say they can't confirm it because they don't do the test here on campus. but they said it was too early for the regular flu and these were flu like symptoms. >> reporter: some reports are now putting that number at 300. but students we spoke to said a lot of their friends who are sick are just staying home. >> whenever the fall semester starts, a lot of people are sick. but just because of the swine flu, people are noticing it more. >> reporter: officials are urging people to get the flu shot sooner than later. >> we're trying to be a preventive course. >> if they have a fever, you should really stay home.
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>> reporter: as a college park campus handles the spread of the swine flu. several hundred sick terps are not paying attention. >> our faculty are exhibiting a role of being flexible. >> reporter: those who have had it says the not nearly as bad as the regular flu and it lasts just a few days long. >> we certainly have our sick people here don't we kelly. >> yes we do,. >> yes we do, stay healthy. the swine flu vaccine is being worked on right here at the university o maryland. democrats are predicting
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president obama's health care reform will pass, even after today's speech. he is determined to limit the cost of the health care reform. the president is traveling to a number of cities to keep the issue of health care in the headlines. as we first showed you last night, a baltimore woman was in d.c. for the president's speech. here you see michelle obama greeting daniels. the cw caught up with him about the night. >> we went to meet the president, i didn't think we were going to do. there's a process with that, i couldn't move. he said get over here. i am thinking, oh my goodness. oh my goodness. and it felt like i just fell right into his arms. i felt i was going to faint, like he just caught me. >> jenny was invited to the
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house because of her fight for health care. thousands of ravens fans packed the square for a good old fashion pet rally. one of the fans were jessica cartalia. she was will to talk to the fans about the new season. >> reporter: the count down to kick off is officially on the way here at power plant live. where hundreds of fans showed up to show their raven support. come sunday, all eyes on -- >> ravens, go ravens. >> favorite team. >> ravens. >> favorite player? >> flacco. >> who we playing this weekend? who's going to win?
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>> ravens. >> reporter: food, drinks, and hundreds of fans. >> you guys are clearly outnumbered. >> we are, but you have to respect right. >> reporter: how about you? >> like she said, we have to respect. >> flacco for wacko is that a new cheer like wacko for flacco. >> same thing. >> reporter: the cheer leaders were also on hand to make sure that everyone got into the raven spirit. another football season is here, the ravens are back. watch the team take off the chiefs this sunday at 1:00 exclusively right here at 1:00.
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>> short summer. seems like it went by so fast. fighting to survive. general motors rolls out a new incentive to try out a car. a yale university graduate disappears days before her wedding. and drier and warmer weekend, i'll have the complete forecast coming up next.
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it is 63 degrees with some clouds in central maryland right now. the complete forewarn weather is coming up. but first, a car and school bus crashed. 21 children suffered minor injureses. two adults were hurt but their condition is not known. this afternoon, police and blood hounds entered the building where annie lee lived. lee was last seen on tuesday leeing her office. friends and coworkers are stunned by the 21-year-old's disappearance. >> they loved her in the lab. great future ahead of her: so we are just praying she's just
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going to pop up some where and everything's okay. we're not going to look at the worse here. >> lee was excited about getting married this sunday. her purse, cell phone and credit cards were all found in her office. 21 neglected dogs were discovered in a home. the dogs are now recovering at an animal shelter. while a mother and son are now facing charges. >> reporter: the dogs were suffering from malnutrition. they were flee ridden, and they had little hair left after living in filth. now terry and jeffrey are facing with animal abuse. >> i saw the animals, and it was a horrific situation. they were being abused. >> reporter: the mother and son face 21 counts of animal cruelty and 21 counts of
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inflicting pain on an animal. the house is being cleaned by order of the health department. a woman who called the department about the smell is pleased. but is feeling bad about the criminal charges. >> it wasn't their intent, but at the same time you can't say you love animals knowing your dogs look like that. >> reporter: the son, says the mother who in his 60s is very stressed about these charges and he doesn't feel there was any intent to hurt these animals. a new council will meet for the first time in early october. the chairperson runs an animal rescue in oden. >> you just treat them like they want to be treated. >> reporter: taylor and her son
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have been released on $100,000 bond. susan collins, wjz eyewitness news. now the animal welfare council will review arredondo county's law. if you are planning to buy a general motors car it will now come with a money back guarantee. if you're not happy with your new car. you'll get a free refund, no questions asked. as long as the cars have been driven less than 4,000 miles. the new campaign is designed to win back customers. it's all nines for a wisconsin newborn. henry berrendes was born yesterday which was september 9th or 9/9/09. he entered this world weighing 9 pounds 9-ounces. yeah he was born at 9:09 in the morning. >> no way. >> that is unbelievable. >> that is unbelievable.
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>> trust me bob i speak the truth. >> that's statistically impossible. that's unbelievable. that's a very lucky number. we've seen not a drop here. it's got much drier in the atmosphere. all the rain continues in new jersey, delaware. right now, what's going on, very dry air west of the bay. that's continued to keep us in the dry side. eventually, maybe this rain will make it in. but for the main time we're staying dry. take a look at temperatures, we're at 63. 83 down in oakland. the dewpoint has been drying
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out. but there's so much out there, there's a very good chance -- are you sure we'll see rain sometime overnight. we still have these winds out of the east. still some coastal flood advisories. they're going to be dropped about 2:00 a.m. to the east, rough surf along the coast. some flood flashes as well. there's also a disturbance down here near the gulf which might cause a lot of rain in texas and they need that. for us the low pressure has finally bound itself up. you can see a very sharp cut off. very clear skies to the west. and this hole batch expected to come inland. we should get into that rain overnight and at least a portion of tomorrow before it can move out. one last look at fred. it is a hurricane category one. it'll be a remnant low by the end of the weekend or early
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next week. for us, high pressure over the area to the north. low pressure to the east. for saturday afternoon and sunday, sunday looks great. temperatures around 82 for the football game. but forth winds in the bay. a gail warning for the southern bay over the few hours. overnight, probably see some rain developing. eventually mid-70s on saturday. 82, 83, 82 warming up and drier for next week. thank you bob, counting down to the start of the
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there's no turning back
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now. football is back again. >> here and it'll be here for a while. steelers tangling with the titans. baltimore won't see the steelers until the final weekend in november. right now the ravens getting ready to open against kansas city on sunday. at practice today, l.j. smith limited. still recovering from a leg injury. wide receiver mark clayton has said he will play sunday. he's missed the entire preseason. but the coaches say they plan to use him. >> he's healthy. he's ready to go. just like we're running back by committee, we're receiver by committee. >> there might be additional receivers for flacco to throw to. the first of 16 regular season game, you will see 13 of them right here on wjz starting on sunday, ravens-chiefs.
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a wild night for football in atlanta. georgia state plays host to clemson. tech uses the spread offense. and anthony allen breaks free. early on 7-zero tech. and they use some trickery as well. off the field goal to the kicker. tech had a big lead. in basketball, alan iverson was welcomed to his new team in memphis today. memphis is his fourth team in his 13 year career. 27 points a game career average. that's fourth best in nba history. rain has washed out night
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play at the open. the williams sisters advancing to the double's match. a series of vollies will come her way. serena watching as her sister does all the work. serena scheduled to play tomorrow. i have rain in new york as well. let's hope they can play. what a couple of
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it's not the fastest way to
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go, but a couple packers fans
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