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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 11, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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[sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life. this is wjz and baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala. your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. hello again at the top of the hour, looking live at ground zero in new york city where two shafts of light were illuminateed echoes where the twin towers once stood. here, one of the big stories, it's raining. it's having an effect on the
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rush. marty in first warning weather. >> here's first warning doppler radar, the low offshore started getting a second wind yesterday. it got its act together and we're many the path of heavy rain flung our way from the ocean and the purple box has nothing to do with the ravens, it's a tornado watch box through noon for kent and delaware. looking at the radar, come on, let's go back and do that again. let's look at the photo, maybe not, our watch warning graphic, our beaches have a flash flood watch and going to be some problems up the 95 corridor as
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the rain marchs up the sea board. 65 at lunch, heavy rain, rain slowly tapers but doesn't leave it through the evening. the high about 68 degrees. don. thank you. here's your traffic with sharon gibala. the rain causing a mess. watch for an accident on the jfx, blocking two left lanes at north avenue. crash at frederick road, it is off to the shoulder. another one at 95 blocking the left lane and another one on outer loop at 97. you can see the speed sensors not up to full speed.
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the speeds on the top and the west side, because of the rain and there's a live look. very wet it there. remember wjz is always on, for traffic information, log onto don, back to you. here's what people are talking about and will be talking about all day, it's been 8 years since the 9/11 attacks. giving you a live look at new york city and beginning at 8:46 this morning. americans pause to remember the 3,000 people killed in attacks today. >> two bright beams lit up the skyline on the eve of the 8th anniversary of the terrorists attacks. this morning, vice president will attend the ceremony at ground zero. the volunteers working at the
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trade center after the collapse will read the names of the victims. it happened a decade ago, for first responsers, it feels like yesterday. >> that expression your life flashes before you, it does. >> reporter: he saw the devastation at ground zero where 2700 people died. construction is being done to complete a tribute to the victims. a memorial museum. >> it's not ground zero, it's a sign of rebuilding and a sign of hope. >> this year for the first time the country's national day of mourning will be a national day of service. president obama is encouraging americans to take part in volunteer work in honor of the lives lost. >> he will meet with family members that died at the pentagon. the former secretary of state colin powell delivers a speech in a tribute for flight 93.
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those victims honor on capitol hill with a plaque. >> for those who work at the capitol, it could have been the target for flight 93, we think it was, we will remain grateful for the heros of that flight. >> volunteer events across the country coming together in spite of one of the worst tragedies to hit u.s. soil. >> people across the country remembering the attacks in their own ways. this is columbus where two thousand flags were arranged in the shape of the pentagon and the twin towers. here in maryland, they plan to participate in the project. they will bill homes on fayette street and build nine homes in nine days. a pimp, a prostitute and a
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hidden camera. it's the youtube video raising eyebrows. two area acorn workers seen on videotape giving tax advice to two supposed sex workers. live with more on this. >> good morning, all of this was a set up, it involved a fake pimp, a fake prostitute and these acorn workers fell for it. >> reporter: the video on youtube shows a man and woman walking into the acorn office on 25th street in july with a hidden camera and talked to two employees. it's unclear what they were seeking but prostitution and taxes were discussed. >> dancing,. >> it's not dancing trust me. >> dancing is considered an art. >> sex is kind of like dancing, right? >> it's played on youtube but
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questioned whether acorn was running illegal activity. >> there's going to be 13 girls coming into the house. we don't want it causing problems. >> reporter: acorn works on behalf of many low-income families, the board chairman says after seeing the video, the two employees were fired. >> it was absolutely nothing that this organization authorized. there was nothing illegal. >> reporter: why dismiss them? >> because they acted outside of the acorn policy. acorn has always done business above board and been
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transparent. >>reporter: apparently the organization try to pull this stunt in other cities using hidden cameras in new york and philadelphia and l.a., but it only seemed to work in baltimore. it was back in february that a different acorn member was charged with trespassing protesting a foreclosure on a home. the president scheduled to speak to health care workers tomorrow and drive home his message for health care reform. talking about anniversaries, it will come one year after lehman brothers collapsed. home sales have gone up. sales increased 17% since may but the average home price continues to drop, down 7% from
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a year ago and some other economic news the state is using $30 million in state federal funds for more transportation projects. it will go to several projects. state officials say competition resulted in some savings. the nfl regular season is underway. fans say they have high expectations for this season. >> reporter: good morning, we're counting down until sunday's kickoff and to show support, hundreds of fans showed up here at power plant. come sunday, all eyes on the ravens. >> ravens. >> who we playing sunday? >> chiefs.
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>> who's going to win? >> ravens. >> reporter: a pep rally, live music from shine down. >> see some free music have some drinks. >> reporter: it draws hundreds on fans. >> tell me about your eye shadow. >> i throw it on, but it's purple. >> reporter: everything purple goes right. >> >> right. >> purple polish. >> you are clearly out numbered. >> we are. but we have to represent. you have to represent your team. >> reporter: chopper 13 over a packed power plant. >> flacco. >> reporter: it's always nice to go to a free event. it lasted until 11:00 and everyone in great spirits.
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the cheerleaders here to get everyone fire up for the big game. back to you on tv hill. thank you. of course wjz is your destination for the ravens all season long. watch them take on the kansas chiefs this sunday at 1:00 here on wjz 13. once again, walking a balancing act today. it's the 8th anniversary of 9/11. >> respect, recovery. we say a long time ago, if we react to terrorism by changing our daily lives, the terrorists win. you have to be respectful, but if you change your lives, the terrorists win. >> well said. this is also if the anniversary
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that always needs to be noted in baltimore on 9/11. it should be tattooed on the inside of our eyelids. this is the day johnny left us with great memoryies. the greatest quarterback in the history of the national football league and a great guy. >> our local guy. >> i have to show you something. to this day, this is one of my favorite pictures. paying respect to johnny the raven way. >> you have to touch the toe before you go in. >> i'm getting choked up here. a quick story, we're doing the story, back in the news room
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and a member of the studio crew had his neighbor and wanted to see what was going on behind the scenes. grab some coffee, johnny was coming in that day to do a live promotion for an event his wife was a part of. studio crew neighbor had his young son and blown away. he say, i have a football in the car, would you sign it? he say i'd be happy to. i have my son, go and get that football, we're all parents. who watched this guy's kid? johnny. unbelievable. now famous for baby sitting. let's move along. looking at first warning
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doppler. dad, who was that man? the greatest quarterback in the history of nfl. first warning shows a ton of rain in the area. going to be with us through day. looking -- come back here. that computer keeps throwing the sunshine in. >> optimistic. >> optimistic, don. rain right now, through the day, we'll see rain tapering. on the high of 68 today. this evening, starting the process of clearing skies. gigi barnett, it looks like the weekend is going to be spectacular. you have another event to talk about. great to have you with us. >> reporter: good morning. this weekend is star spangle banner this weekend. this is major vince, we'll talk
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with him when we come back
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weather center. pay attention to this box,ing to do with purple friday. it's a tornado watch box. for kent county delaware and the entire state of delaware right now under that advisory. we have a flash-flood watch in effect and a coastal flood advisory for the beaches. the low offshore just got its act together and taking the immediate mid-atlantic weather out look to a new level. northwest breeze at 8. barometer at 30.10. 51 oak land. 58 elkton. d.c. at 59. still in the mid-50s in bel- air. 59 rock hall. 60 on kent island. the low stuck offshore
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throughout this entire week. yesterday starting getting its act together. you could feel the breeze, this morning it's gone to a new level. it's going to ramp itself up and go up the 95 corridor and fair-weather trend begins tomorrow. rain tapering this day. some evening showers. cloudy but not wet. breezy tomorrow. clouds and sun, 76 is the high. opening day sunday. 82 degrees, wjz 13. don. thank you. here's sharon gibala in traffic control. the wet roads on area roadways. a latest on the harrisburg expressway, watch for an accident, an overturned vehicle, the speeds on 83 at 39, below the posted speed limit. another accident on jfx, that's
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blocking two lanes. one on the beltway at 95 blocking the left lane. another accident on the outer loop at 97. flooding is an issue at the base of the northern parkway. watch for that as well. there's a live look. it is wet. the report brought to you by toyota where you can choose. here's gigi barnett, we're at fort mchenry this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're at fort mchenry and this weekend is star spangle banner weekend. this weekend you're going to be major. >> major that is right. congressmanning about 120 troops, today is going to be
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with 9/11, school kids coming back, more somber. we overcame in the past and we can do that in the present. tomorrow it's the big fireworks show on saturday night. we'll fire the canaan firing guns, it's going to be awesome. >> how did it take place? it's been going on since the day after the british left. >> it's maryland's oldest holiday. they had a big party to celebrate after the british left. they were writing the star- spangled banner. they understood that something important happened and vowed that every year this holiday would be remembered.
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that just spread like wild fire and the rest is history. >> reporter: this weekend, you are going to commemorate what is going on, what can folks do? >> come here and join the 1300 students from baltimore city this morning. we'll make the living american flag. we'll get a photograph from the air, we have francis scott key here. >> you have visiters spending the night. >> i might wake some of them up. about 100 here. the pipes and drums, it's a living quality. this weekend, if you want to understand what it was like to have been here when he wrote the national an them, it's the only time you can see this. >> you have some cool demonstration. >> let's wake some folks up.
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>> are you up yet? i am. >> we hear the echo. >> you should have been here. thank you, back to you on tv hill. >> that was great. thank you very much. >> i think he did it in front of the powder magazine. >> all right then. >> we'll take a break and be back. x
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yet to come on our morning edition. >> a hidden camera controversy, it involves a fake pimp, a fake prostitute and a baltimore organization. >> health experts predict it and now it's happening. good morning. coming up, explaining how the h1n1 virus is spreading in local college campuses. the rain is causing a messy commute this morning. a lot of accidents blocking lanes, the entire list ahead.
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now to marty. joining us at 6:45, you know this guy. >> this is mark viviano, baltimore is ready for football, we're talking ravens, looking h at the season about the begin. are there hopes that the ravens could win a ch
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this is wjz, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland, now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala, your first-warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. at the bottom of the hour, another live look at ground zero in new york city to be on our minds today along with pennsylvania because of what happen on this day 8 years ago. what is happening this morning? it's raining finally and a lot of rain on the roads. updating the watch warning. looking at doppler radar, we have a ton of rain. finally moving on shore from that low which was down and got
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its act up overnight. look at the photo, watch the entire cloud shield, we'll have moisture rotating around that low. wewe have a tornado watch in effect for all of delaware through noon. up the 95 corridor a flash flood watch with the moisture coming our way and it is heading up 95. 68 today, the rain tapers gets out overnight. by tomorrow, 76 degrees, a beautiful start to the weekend and a five-day run of great weather. thank you. sharon gibala in traffic control. it's a busy rush. we have the latest accidents going to be on 152 at tremble road. three cars in that wreck. an accident on 83, overturned car down an embankment.
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an accident on the outer loop on 95 blocking the left lane. a crash near bwi blocking the left lane, flooding an issue at the base of the northern parkway ramp. slower than usual because of the rain. there's the rain at 295 at the beltway. the traffic report brought to you by toyota. >> thank you very much, seen on tape and now without jobs. two local workers for acorn are seen on video giving tax advice to two supposed sex workers.
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>> reporter: acorn says a group try to smear the organization with the hidden camera video. it's clearly an overthe top set up but the acorn workers fell for it. the video on youtube shows a man and a woman walking into the baltimore acorn office in july with a hidden camera and talk to two employees. it's unclear what they were seeking, but prostitution was discussed. >> dancing? >> it's not dancing trust me. >> dancing is an art. >> sex is like dancing. >> right. >> it gain life on news shows questioning whether some offices were running illegal activitys. >> there's going to be 13 girls coming into the house, we don't want that to cause any trouble. >> as far as? >> as far as anything.
6:35 am
>> association of community organizations workings on behalf of low-income families. the board says the two employees were fired. >> there's nothing we condone and there was nothing that this membership authorize. we found nothing that they did to be illegal. zero. >> why dismiss them? >> because they acted outside of the acorn policy. acorn has always done business above board, we have always been transparent and we have done tax preparation, our books are open. >> they apparently tried the stunt in new york, philadelphia and l.a. but seemed only to work in baltimore. >> thank you. back in february, a different acorn worker from the same office was charged with
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trespassing after he cut the padlock off of a home. he was protesting at the time. maryland pushing for tougher laws to stop illegal cell phone use in prisons. governor o'malley signed a bill allowing cell phone jamming. a highway plagued by bad car accidents and now another life has been lost. one car stopped in howard county waiting to make a left hand turn when it was hit from behind. it pushed the car into the path of another. a 13-year-old and his mother died in june on that same stretch of roadway. in the flu watch report, american researchers say it's better than expected. adults are showing immunity after one shot better than the
6:37 am
two or three. it will likely be available next month. but the flu is always running rampid across one local campus. >> reporter: it's what experts warn us about for the last few weeks, as soon as students get into the classroom, the strain is going to start spreading. seasonal flu killed 36,000 people every year. the latest strain is spreading quickly. >> using a lot of soap and washing my hands. >> university of maryland students have flooded the health center. >> they say they can't confirm it, but it's too early for the regular flu and these were flu- like symptoms. >> they had two hundred students with symptoms, some reports putting it at 300.
6:38 am
students say a lot of their friends who are sick are staying home. >> a lot of people are sick. because of swine flu, everyone is noticing it more. >> the vaccine formulate, they urge people to get the regular shot sooner than later. >> on a treating course. >> if you have a fever over 100. a sore throat, cough, they should stay home until the fever is gone for 24 hours without the use of medication. >> as they handle the spread of the swine flu, several hundred are not slowing down the semester. >> we haven't noticed anything, but they are being flexible. >> i know what the whole scare is and survived it, all of the hype about it and thinking that everyone is all dying from it, i know it's overstated. >> h1n1 virus is spreading
6:39 am
quickly especially among students, those who have had it say it's not as bad as the seasonal flu and doesn't last as long. >> today federal officials say they have repaid about 40% of the money for the popular program, still dealers across the nation are pushing to be reimburseed. there's a new deal general motors hopes you can't refuse, a money-back guaranty on any new vehicle. by a new general motors car and if you don't like it, you can return it for a full refund. you must make the return within 4,000 miles and within 60 days of purchase. also leased vehicles are not eligible. this morning, the crew of the space shuttle discovery
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preparing for a late-night landing. the only question now is where. >> the weather is florida is iffy, making sure that the crew and the space shuttle discovery are ready and then wait for the control center in houston to make the call. >> nasa is hopeful it will touchdown in florida this evening but bad weather has force them to stay in orbit for an extra day. it may touchdown in californiaed a edwards air force base. >> rocket scientists performed a full test of the moon rocket they hope will take americans to the moon in the future. it would go into use after the space shuttle neat is retire. the heat from yesterday's test was so intense, it turned the
6:41 am
sand into glass. >> has to be a big motor. has to get back to the moon. is this the time to be going back right now? >> can we afford the fuel and the vehicle to go around the rocket engine? >> isn't that the truth. yeah, before we even live the earth. a lot going on this morning. >> we do. >> we have the remembering 9/11. everyone will flash back to what they were doing that morning, we have remembering the passing of johnny, the greatest quarterback in the history of the nfl, and we're starting to ramp up in a big way for the opening of the football season. nfl started in overtime, they beat the tennessee titans.
6:42 am
the kansas city chiefs come if and get beat. forget it. nay no more want to come to baltimore -- coming up, sports director mark viviano going to join us. going to talk about football on your ravens station wjz 13. it is soaking wet and your weather will be damp this day. it's going to rain one of those four days. it's not as easy as it seems, we'll have an explanation when we come back with sharon gibala in traffic control. the morning edition continues, but first, -- >> we'll
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now, complete forecast, and the first warning of severe weather. 57 degrees right now on tv hill with 100% humidity. trying to get foggy. northwest breeze at 8. it will be rising through the day as low pressure finally starts to advance up the sea board. 57 in cumberland and 50 in oak
6:46 am
land. 58 elkton. 59 d.c. 50 packs river. 58 columbia. kent island 60. annapolis at 63 degrees. the low got a second wind and stepped up to a different level overnight. as the low strengthens and grows, it's going to bust up the east coast and nice weather coming in and we start a five- day run of pleasant conditions. mixture of clouds and sun an and sunny skies. 82 sunday, 82 tuesday, 76 wednesday. >> here's sharon gibala in traffic control. we have more accidents, the rain causing a messy rush hour this morning. the latest on the topside of
6:47 am
the beltway at bel-air road. we have a new accident 152 at tremble road, three cars involve involve. one near bwi at amtrak way blocking the left lane. watch for flooding at the jfx, there's a look at the drive times and the speeds for the top and the west side. lower than they should be for the hour because of the rain. there's a beltway at 295. the traffic report brought to you by toyota. moving forward. mark viviano is not another pretty face. you're tough, you're standing out in the rain. welcome to the show. how you doing? >> reporter: doing all right.
6:48 am
sunday 1:00 kickoff is going to be sunny, 80 degrees and calm. right now it's rainy, windy and pretty wet. >> but you know what? if this were the weather sunday, this would still be 70,000 people. >> reporter: nothing keeping them away. >> no umbrellas in the stadium. >> reporter: outside of the stadium, we'll use one. >> you know, mark, i have to tell you, two trains of thought here. i'm talking to a former great football player about 3 days ago who said no receivers, 8-8. what do you think? what is the plus? what's the minus? >> one thing about the ravens, they're going to be like they've been for the past three
6:49 am
years in this regard. number one on defense, stopping other teams from running. on offense, they run the ball. let's start with the defense and two rays of hope for the ravens, the first is ray lewis and that's the defense which is and probably will be one of the best of the nfl which will always give the ravens a chance to win. ray lewis, the last original in the 14th season continues to just prove the notion that you're ability tails off as you get older. we can see how he continues to play, but with ray lewis and the new coordinator and the defensive players around him, the ravens will always be in game. now let's talk about the offense, when i mention they're going to run the ball. ray rice is the guy to keep an eye on. he could be the most versatile
6:50 am
weapon in ravens history, he led the team in past reception. it was the preseason, but could be what he is capable of doing over a 16-game season, ray lewis, ray rice, a couple of rays of hope for the ravens. they have a good quarterback and give them more versatility. the receivers, that could be a bigger question and they're going to try to adjust the roster into the season. >> there's another story line, that is our kicker steve, i listened to mat story with your colleagues on 105.7 the fan, scott and anita, mat was on and he say this city, the fans need to get behind the new kicker. he spoke with him and stover will be rooting for him.
6:51 am
firstoff, he's one of the most classiest guys on the planet, but to hear a man say we need to get behind, it's a huge statement. >> he needs to make kicks and they will love him that's for sure. there could be some moments and john said the other day, severe is severe -- steve is going to miss some kicks. what the ravens want to see is how he reacts when he misses a kick, if he can put it behind him and come out and hit the next importance kick. so transition could be tough. kicking can be tough. if you can't get it done, they'll find someone else. it's possible that someone else might be the guy doing it before, because he keeps himself in shape and he will be
6:52 am
ready, but the job belongs to steve and the hope is he does the job he gets paid to do. >> i'll say it again, not since doug replaced -- >> the guy that replaces ray lewis is going to be a tough one. few athletes have taken hold of a position and a hold of a fan base like those guys and matt  is one of them. >> we have like 30 second left. prediction for sunday's game, are they going to smash these guys? >> i am going with 27 ravens and kansas city 6. i don't think they'll get into the end zone. with this offense, i think 27
6:53 am
points points is a reasonable expectation. >> good job, you and bulldog on the air this morning and i think you do a dynamite radio show. kiss the bulldog and see you doing football talk this year. >> thank you. >> all right. >> i said 27-3. i like the fact he said 27 too. >> i just leave it as who is going to win and lose. we're going to smash the chiefs. taking a break and coming back coverage
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lots of problems this morning on area roadways because of the rain. we have an accident on 83 southbound and another one 83 northbound. there's your drive times and the speeds. this report brought to you by exxon. buy a free coffee and get a free water. thank you. thank you. stay
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