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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 11, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this is wjz and
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baltimore. >> from the city, to the county, to your neighborhood. now, complete coverage on wjz 13, maryland's news station. >> a panic along. is anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> hello again, i'm don scott. >> i'm mary bubala. a few moments of panic today at the pentagon across the river from washington d.c. the scare start after reports of shots fire near the motorcade of the president. what cause the false alarm. good afternoon, sally. >> the u.s. coast guard blaming the chaos on a training exercise. you can see the boats in the river around 10:00 this morning. there were several reports that the coast guard fired shots at
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a suspicious vessel. they say there was no shots fire, it was a training exercise. they were listening in and help lead to confusion and it was a pre-planned training exercise. it happened at the pentagon. back to you. >> thank you. they say departmenttures are halted afterwards but have long since resumed. things have been calmer in new york city as mourners gathered to honor those who lost their lives in the attacks. they're reading the names of the thousands of the people who died. the ceremony started at 8:36:00 a.m. with a traditional moment of silence. >> there were tears in the rain to mark the 8th anniversary of the terror attacks.
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after a moment of silence to mark when the first hijacked jet struck the trade center family members and volunteers read the names of the victims. >> my little brother is my greatest hero not just for the way he died but for the way he lived. >> the void where the towers once stood is a reminder that the skyline was scared. the rebuilding has started but time is running out to get a memorial in place by the tenth anniversary of the attacks. president obama who signed a bill making 9/11 a national day of service laid a where's where the 184 people died. >> no pass and of time or dark skies could dull the meaning of this moment. >> they gathered in a field where the fourth jet crash after passengers tried to take
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control from the terrorists. >> courage, that's what our love ones displayed that day, courage in the face of overwhelming odds. >> time has past, the wounds from 9/11 linger and the nation is taking time to remember. cbs news, jersey city new jersey. >> signs of the 9/11 anniversary can be found where they have announced plans to build a new memorial. >> have a memorial not only to lay tribute to those who gave their lives in 9/11 but to help participate in the aftermath of the events. >> plans for the memorial were announced at the fire and police headquarters in millersville and will be built using three steel beams if the world trade center and they
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will be placed with the beams arranged to resemble the twin tower. >> they canning place in the rain and as we look outside, it's still a windy wet and pretty chilly day. a lot of clouds too and we are live with complete coverage, tim we'll start with you. >> good afternoon, don't have to tell you you could have heard it, the rain falling and rolling through. the first warning doppler radar, put it in motion, watching this low that has all of the characteristics of a tropical storm, a lot of rain and give you some totals around the area. the blues some of the lighter rain and the heavier and looking around the area, 1.5 inches of rain since midnight south of snow hills, 4" of rain over to the eastern shore,
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elkton 1.5. bwi .6" and about the same in hagerstown. up in northeast maryland, seeing some advisories in effect. until 2:00 or so, the flood advisory in effect, seeing the rain taper off and that will mean less and less effects of all of the moisture. talking about moisture, keeping an eye on the tropics and have some activity and for more, to marty bass. >> good afternoon. it's been a while since we discussed with you fred and for good reason. fred is closer than to the vir islands. we're not putting a time line on fred. wind at 86 miles per hour, as
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long as you have an active storm, every once in a while, we have to talk about it but frankly, it would take a dramatic change in steering currents to bring fred anywhere near us, put us in harm's way. the question is, when is this wanting to be a tropical low, how is the weekend going to be. any change in the outlook? tim williams with some details for tomorrow and sunday coming up shortly. you have to stay tuned. >> scandal at the baltimore chapter of acorn. two employees have been fired after a video was posted online. a man and a woman posing as a pimp and a prostitute walked in on 25th street, the acorn employees adviced her to list
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her occupation for a performance artist to account for income on the tax forms. the two did not do anything illegal. >> investigated and found nothing that they did to be illegal, absolutely zero. >> acorn ended up firing the two employees saying they acted unprofessionally. >> another fatal accident. police say one car was stopped on route 32 yesterday waiting to make a turn when another car hit it from behind and pushed into the path of a third car. a man pronounced dead at the scene count the road from another accidents that killed a 13-year-old and his mother in june. the state of maryland plans to use additional money on a project the additional money is for some earlier
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contract. 13million goes for bridge improvement, the other to update the electrical system on the light rail and improving the center in northwest baltimore. >> excitement is building as sunday's ravens game is quickly approaching. wjz are live at whitemarsh mall where they're showing their pregame spirit. >> good afternoon. it's beginning to look a lot like ravens football season. and everybody here is so fired up for the big game. the bank is sponsoring all of the pregame pep rallies throughout the city. >> we're kicking off the season with purple friday as part of the sponsorship with the number of different rallies, one here at whitemarsh mall and another one in canton square with the ravens purple
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friday caravan. >> looking for a win, we need the win. >> the ravens going on. figure i will come down and check it out. seen this on tv yesterday and say i better come down here. >> all right. free food a lot of excitement, they're handing out car magnets for everyone. everyone likes to see po, the cheerleaders, it goes at the whitemarsh mall and down to canton square where they will host their own pep rally and all of them all over the city tonight at 6:00. >> great, thank you. looks like a lot of fun. thank you. and the ravens are back on wjz, you can watch the team take on the chiefs this sunday at 1:00
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1:00 here on wjz 13. the one gentleman was wearing nice pants. >> very nice. >> still to come, disappearance on a well-known campus. information about the college student that went missing days before she was to be wed. >> a real-life bucket list. a woman conquering everything from hang gliding to swimming with the sharks. your complete weather forecast is coming up. x
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the yale university student who disappear days before her weeing wrote a paper about staying safe on campus. the 24-year-old student was last seen tuesday at her lab, her cell phone, purse was found in the office. the local woman with terminal cancer trying to fulfill a real life bucket
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list. the 70-year-old has gone hang gliding, swimming with sharks and jumped into a river from a 400-foot-high cliff. she's completing the adventures with her family by her side. they're explaining how the experiences is helping them through the illness. >> it is so exciting to see her just embrace life. today is 9/11, you know, life hits you and knocks you down and you have to choice at the time as to what to do about it. >> the next adventure is sky diving this weekend weather permit and then swimming with dolphins and riding donkeys down the grand canyon. >> more power to her. >> take a live look and stay tuned. tim williams will be back with the first-warning weather forecast. let's look at the day's midday stocks.
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>> our mr. basement, almost covers up the dog. looks like a cape. >> he's a german shepard mix.
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there's 8 puppies that need a home. the puppy sponsor mr. basement. such a good boy. we'll dry out man and beast tomorrow. here's meteorologist tim williams. >> that's not a terrible towel that he had on. just making sure, it's yellow. looking at some yellow on the map. it's been pushing, came on shore and it's dumped as much as 6" of rain below snow hill to trace amounts from washington county west and everyone else starting to see 1 1/2" of rain, it's going to spin and move up to new york and effect the u.s. open and the orioles yankees game this evening and they may not get either of them in. this is something we'll see tomorrow and it is going to
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lift up to the north. 62 degrees is the temperature. 59 is the dew point, relative humidity, win at 10 miles per hour. around the state, temperatures around 60 degrees as you see in oakland to about 68 in ocean city. 59 in elkton and 59 in easton around the immediate area around 61 degrees on kent island. 58 in westminister and 63 in the nation's capital. the temperatures down with the rain cooling the air and the winds going it be with us throughout the day. yesterday up to about 35 miles per hour. you see the momentum of the storm, it's going the move through and high pressure, nice conditions in place and we're going to see some nice improvements into tomorrow morning and then we start to see a nice day shaping up. small craft advisory in effect,
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look for 68 degrees today. cloudy with the rain tapering off and breezy. rain early and breezy and tomorrow, improvement. 76 degrees. marty has your forecast and the ravens forecast coming up. still to come, good news about the h1n1 virus vaccine, why you may only need one shot to protect you from the swine flu. we've been asking you to show evidence of your purple pride. here's some of what you sent so far. to see is slide show or add a photo, go to
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. in today's health watch, one dose of the swine flu vaccine may be enough to protect you from the virus. 96% of adults should be fully vaccinated after one shot and the vaccine takes effect pretty quickly, 8-10 days. should be available in october but you will need the regular flu shot which is available now. scientists developed a master stem cell that causes
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some type of cancer. the cells only found in mice but could offer a new way to treat cancer. stay with us, the five-day forecast is coming up.
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let's go to the bottom for the weekend. the ravens have the kansas city chiefs. 1:00 kickoff. 79-80 degrees. that's a second day of a wonderful run of weather.
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we get into the low 80s and back to the 70s by midweek. >> what the rain, let's move on. >> don scott, tim williams. >> catch you online on
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