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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 11, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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hello, everybody. i'm sede niece coke -- denise
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koch. >> and a.m. vic carter. >> at this point, have rain continues to fall. this is the scene from charles village. it is simply a mess outside, with high water in many areas. the question, how much longer will the rain last? meteorologist tim williams is updating the rainfall totals. but we begin with bob, tracking live doppler radar. >> starting at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. and northern maryland. back down to the south. we've seen copious amounts of rainfall. see that spin? we have a flood warning currently in effect for northern baltimore county, pretty much through this line up through the pennsylvania line, portions of harford county, down through that middle river. still some rain going on up that region. down to the south, it's pretty much ended, just south of annapolis, very light rain, from the city down toward columbia and to d.c. all of southern maryland and the eastern shore, it's over. but as you can see around the
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central and northern sections of maryland, southern york county, baltimore and harford, that's where the heaviest rains are occurring at this time. several more hours. at least until we see this thing drizzling down. baltimore county, not the whole county. as we said, the northern baltimore and northern harford and portions of cecil and frederick county. winds are beginning to shift more away from that region. we've had a horribly wet day. tim has a look at updated rainfall numbers. >> the flood warnings are in place for a reason. bob, we're still tallying these numbers as the rain continues to fall. 2.35 inches of rain, just over two and a quarter inches. but just below that, northern baltimore county, the hereford zone, seeing 3 inches of rain. just about an inch and a half at bwi marshall. and look over toward the eastern shore.
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the lower right of your screen. over 5 inches of rain in ocean city. up about six inches just below that. and salisbury, we're seeing 2 inches of rain, not too much to the west in hagerstown. and each toward d.c. not quite an inch. but the rain tallies are still going up north of the city and we'll continue to keep you posted in your complete updated forecast. back inside. >> thank you. stay with wjz eyewitness news, for complete first warning weather. for updates on the forecast and live doppler radar any time, log onto there was panic on the potomac. on this, the 8th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. this sparks fear in washington, d.c. just a short distance from where president obama was speaking about the 9/11 tragedy. joel brown has more on the training exercise. >> reporter: coast guard officials say the security scare on the potomac river was really just business as usual. >> what we've seen as a
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reaction to a training exercise that really was just that. >> reporter: that drill included radio conversations between the four coast guard boats on the river. the chatter included a mention of gunfire as part of the training. but some media outlets reported that the coast guard had opened fire on a suspicious vessel. >> no shots were fired. there was no suspect vessel. there was no criminal activity. this was a pre-planned, normal training exercise. >> reporter: but federal agents who heard the media went scrambling to the shorelines and just down river from where the drill was happening, here at reagan national airport, they decided to put a stop to the flights for about a half hour. >> reporter: the president's motorcade crossed one of the bridges on the way to the september 11th commemoration at the pentagon. but he was not in the area when the confusion began. coast guard officials say they
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didn't coordinate with other federal agencies ahead of their practice, because drills like this happen often. >> routine training exercises on the potomac area, the national capitol region take place approximately four times a week. >> reporter: the coast guard is reviewing its procedures and the way it interacts with the media. if changes are necessary, they'll make them, to keep situations like this from happening again. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> while the training exercise briefly caused panic, it did not overshadow the significance of today. here in maryland and across the nation, people paused to honor all those whose rive lives were -- whose lives were lost on the terrorist attacks. drew levinson has more on the ceremony. >> reporter: eight years after terrorists attacked the twin towers, the emotions at ground zero were still as raw as the weather. >> miss you, love you. may your spirit live forever. >> reporter: on a day when the
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hechs -- heavens opened up, the rain came down and the wind howled. we again heard their names. nearly 2800 of them. >> john clinton hart. >> reporter: and we saw their faces. >> steve john mercado. >> reporter: and we felt their families' pain. >> you would be so proud, too, of your sons jake and dylan. your mom, your dad, your brothers live their life in honor of your memory. >> reporter: like the hole in those hearts, there's still a big empty space in the new york skyline. though they've begun the rebuilding, the memorial set for the 10th anniversary is in jeopardy, tied up in red tape. >> reporter: but today, the anniversary was at the forefront. where a defiant president obama remembered the 184 people who died there. >> in defense of our nation, we will never waiver.
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in pursuit of al qaeda and its allies, we will never falter. >> reporter: and they gathered in a pennsylvania field. that's where a fourth jet crashed after they wrestled control from the terrorists. >> lorraine g. bay. >> reporter: from that rural setting to the nation's capital to ground zero and beyond. we as a nation still hurt and vow never to forget. in jersey city, new jersey, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> george w. bush, whose presidency was defined greatly by the 9/11 attacks made no public appearances, saying he wanted to stay at home and pay his respects to the victims in private. there were tributes to the victims of the september 11th attacks throughout maryland today. complete coverage continues with sally thorner, live in the newsroom. sally? >> reporter: denise, from downtown baltimore to anne arundel county, it's a somber day, particularly for law enforcement. a moment of silence was held
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for anne arundel county, in millersville today. firefighters, emts came together to remember all. those killed in the attacks and those who perished trying to save them. meanwhile, mayor dixon and others reached out to members of the community and helped make some repairs. today's work is part of the national day's service to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary. back to you. >> eyewitness news will have much more on the local services and memorials on the september 11th anniversary, coming up all new at 6:30. a young man is shot in northeast baltimore. this is video just in to eyewitness news from the scene of mclane boulevard and northern parkway. police tell eyewitness news, the boy was sitting on his bicycle inside a bus shed when one suspect shot him in the head. the victim is in sinai hospital right now, in critical condition. a guilty plea from a southern maryland woman, accused of killing her adopted daughters and putting their
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body negligence the freezer. she pleads guilty to first- degree child abuse involving a fourth child who survived. police searched bowman's house and found the bodies of the two other children. she could get up to 25 years in prison for child abuse. she is awaiting trial for the murders of the other girls. a dangerous accident in howard county. this time, a doctor is dead. and in a tragic twist, he fought for improvements on route 22. wjz is live on that road. and mike hellgren has more. >> reporter: such a sad story, denise. and many say a large volume. some of that you can see behind me. a narrow, poorly designed road and speeding, have created a dangerous combination. and the three most recent deaths won't be the last unless action is taken. >> reporter: dr. brian emory's acura rl is a mangled mess. you can see the tragic scene on route 32, just a half mile from
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his home. police say the driver of the van wasn't paying attention, slammed into emory and pushed his car into a dodge pickup. >> it's becoming such a problem now that it's not even safe to leave or come home. >> reporter: tracy's son was in her home, waiting for his dad. >> he didn't know exactly what happened except that his father may have been involved in an accident. >> reporter: dr. emery was deeply involved in the effort to make route 32 safer. >> he was very serious about trying to get this fixed. and then for him to be the one that was killed is tragic. >> the last comment i had was, well, brian, i have to go to eye meeting to talk about safety on route 32. >> jay watched concern turned to alarm after a mother and her son died along the same stretch of highway in june. and now this. >> and i would just hope that they could cut through the red tape and get to the bottom
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line, saving lives. >> reporter: the county executive stressed a need for a fix during a conversation with the governor last night. he calls route 32, a critical safety priority and cites a long history of safety concerns. >> we've done really a lot of enforcement there, trying to get people to slow down. but it's not just about speed. it's also about configuration of the roadway. >> dr. emery's family vows he won't die in vain and more blood won't be stilled on what -- spilled on what they call one of maryland's most dangerous highways. >> reporter: some of the discussions include adding turn lanes, stop lights and rumble strips. dr. emery who died here yesterday, had an ear, nose, and throat practice in prince george's county. his son had just started high school. baltimore county executive jim smith awards the fire company nearly $6 million in grants and subidy -- subsidies for the next year.
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well, it is a purple friday across the entire baltimore region tonight. just about 48 hours until the ravens kick off the season against the chiefs at m&t bank stadium. wjz is live with complete coverage. jessica kartalija is live on the ravens beat. >> reporter: it's a real tough assignment when you have to go to a whole bunch of pep rallies all over the county and city. this is my buddy patrick, from dundalk. these are my friends from glen burnie and pasadena. [ cheering ] >> ravens fans out here. we love the ravens. everyone is so fired up for kickoff on sunday. >> all of the ravens fans standing behind here. thanks. >> reporter: the countdown to kickoff twins -- begins at whitemarsh wall. >> i want to see ed reed catch the ball do defense. that's what i want. >> fairly awesome.
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the ravens rock. >> the kids go every year. it's a lot of fun. we look forward to this. [ siren ] >> reporter: some&t bank -- m&t bank takes the ravens spirit on the road for a free pep rally. >> let's go, ravens! >> at the verizon store in harbor east. >> i'm here to get free stuff. >> pretty daring of you to wear this ensemble. >> i'm just waiting for the team to start. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the party continues at m&t bank in canton square. >> i don't jump on a boat when they start winning. [ laughter ] >> reporter: with kickoff sunday, fans make their final pregame prediction. >> it's my prediction. 12-4, baby. and we're going to go to the end. >> yep. >> one more time. >> two, three, go, ravens! >> reporter: now, we're not quite sure who invited these
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two behind us. i guess everybody is invited to a pregame tailgate party. we're going to stick with these guys over here. the true football fans. we are live in glen burnie, i'm jessica kartalija, back to you on tv hill. go, ravens. >> at least you see the fans sitting behind you are quiet. that's all we care about. >> hey, it's risky to be eating over here. that's all i have to say. >> jessica, thank you very much. complete coverage continues now with mark viviano. there are several reasons why many experts are picking the ravens to make another play- off run this season. i've isolated a couple of those reasons. let's call them baltimore's rays of hope. >> reporter: all discussions about the ravens begins with their defense. and that defense is led by ray lewis. the last original raven, entering his 14th nfl season. louis be -- lewis began and
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continues the ravens' legacy of a dominated defense. >> reporter: we have a guy here, who is dedicated to each other. any time you have a chemistry like that, it's almost impossible not to have that kind of defense. >> reporter: the ray of hope on the offense is ray rice. a second-year running back who could become the most versatile offensive weapon the ravens have ever had. he led the team in pass receptions in the preseason. and was also the top rusher. rice will share the carries with le'ron mcclain and willis mcgahee. and he begins this season in a sharing mood. >> mayor willis is not going to call the same plays. willis is going to call the same plays for me or le'ron. that's the great thing about starting back. we'll share the game. but i know we'll be in there at some point. >> they have ben fisheries --
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finificiaries in strong lines. >> we'll be waiting. thank you very much. the football season is finally here, as we have been telling you. and the ravens are back. watch the team take on the kansas city chiefs this sunday at 1:00. exclusively here. sunday, sunday, sunday. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. one shot or two? if you hate getting shots, well, you have to -- will you have to get more than one for the swine flu vaccine. there's no place like home. for one iraqi vet who started boot camp on september 11th, 2001. i'm gigi barnett in pasadena. coming up, we'll explain why. a mother heads back to court once again, as her son's murderer argues he shouldn't have been convicted. and we're tracking the rain in the region. stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast.
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on the 8th anniversary of 9/11, one iraq war vet has the keys to a gift. his family calls the gift, a life saver. [ applause ] this key will open many doors for army sergeant luis valentine. the first is to a brand-new, four-bedroom house. >> this definitely feels like a new beginning. somewhere to pick up the pieces that were destroyed in my life. >> he lost both ask -- both legs and an arm last year when
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a roadside bomb detonated in iraq. he came home and his house wasn't equipped for a triple amputee. >> being able to cook and do things he wasn't able to do before. >> reporter: the house has hardwood floors throughout, easy for a wheelchair. an open, large kitchen and a large master bathroom. >> now i have a house, a roof over my head for me and my family. and to just live out the rest of my days in peace. i've talked to these families. and i know how much they've gone through, the tremendous sacrifice, the pain. >> john gon salves says that's why he founded a nonprofit organization to help troops
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like valentin. the cost to the soldier? nothing. >> the help for me, on the basis of being a wounded soldier is absolutely amazing. >> reporter: it's home sweet home. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> and they began basic training, september 11th, 2001. >> homes for our troops says that is part of the reason they decided to give the triple amputee this house today. >> congratulations to him and all those who made it possible for him. we have a wet summer ahead. take a look at temperatures. it's been chilly all day long. upper 60s, low 50s. winds are beginning to shift to the west/northwest. we'll come back and take a look at the weekend and radar after this.
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let's take a look at radar. still have rain this the region. see that atmosphere. timely brought us the rain. as you can see. we still have a flood warning for northern baltimore county and all of harford county. still moderate rain going on there. eastern shore, it's over. some folks, four to five inches of rain. and we did have one report of
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almost four inches around the bel air area. and three and a third inches around hereford. so we did see some heavy rains. and seemed to be concentrated around northern harford and southern york county. that's why they had the flood warnings. those are probably very, very high and rushing. do not cross water in the roadway. you do not know how deep it is. turn around, don't drown. 62 here. cool, 58 at elkton. and oakland, 59. winds now have come back around the northwest, indicating the storm is passing us. should start to dry things out later on tonight. but we still have a few echoes later tonight. this storm didn't have a deep area of low pressure, we had a huge pressure gradient. big high here and a low here. and look at the pressure just running to the east and northwest.
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maryland, some areas still getting solid rain. one, two, three inches. but look at this cutoff. south of washington, not a cloud, not a drop. very, very sharp cutoff. an unusual situation. this storm would have been something. fred, by the way, is dying. down to our tropical storm. we'll be saying goodbye. for us, nice weather moves in tomorrow. look for warmer temps. even warmer on sunday. about 78. how do you like that? small craft advisory for tonight. bay temp dropped down to about 73. still more rain early on. 57, breeze overnight. and furthermore, we'll get sunshine. may some showers. so it's going to get much nicer by tomorrow and sunday looks wonderful. thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. a for summer fruit.
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could it be the key to clean- burning gas? a day of remembrance and a day of service on 9/11.
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it is just before 6:30.
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61 degrees with light rain. good evening. thank you for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. as the nation remembers the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with service and prayer, some people are commemorating this day with a national day of service. including projects here in baltimore. that volunteering will impact some for years to come. this new basement drew quite a crowd. volunteers drove a group called habitat for humanity. >> this is baltimore here. baltimore loves coming out and helping with a helping hand whenever they can. >> reporter: governor o'malley was one of those pitching in. >> today is a day of service to commemorate 9/11, to remember those who lost their lives in the attacks. and it's a beautiful commemoration that the president has asked all of us to take part in, giving of ourselves. >> reporter: but these new homes are not outright gifts.
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the homeowners must also help build and return. >> that means their monthly payments are in the order of $500 a month, including the escrow for taxes and insurance and so forth. >> reporter: that's less than rent. >> that is absolutely less than most rent in this city. >> reporter: meaning new owners don't have to leave the new neighborhoods, just their landlords. >> i can make it mine. you know how everything is aging and you don't want to paint it, here i can add color in my life. >> i probably should be studying today. but i felt like this was sia great -- was a great way to give back to the community. >> reporter: whether you're a governor or the one carrying the bucket, service is community. alexalex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, today's day of service volunteers are helping habitat for humanity build nine houses in nine days.
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a day after two workers in baltimore's acorn office are fired. two workers in baltimore's acorn office is also fired. >> reporter: the workers were caught on camera, giving loan advice, for a man protending to be a man with a girlfriend who was a prostitute. two employees advised the woman posing as a prostitute to list her occupation as a performance artist. they were fired for acting unprofessionally. in d.c., the supposed lawsuit asked to buy a house for the woman's prosecution business. and two employees told her to advise banks she's a consultant with her own company. >> reporter: acorn's company says there will be an internal review. the family of an anne arundel county family brutally beaten and stabbed says his murderer should stay in prison. they tell suzanne collins, they are fed up to be back in court
6:33 pm
again so many years after the crime. >> reporter: 19-year-old jerry hanees was stabbed -- stabbed two dozen times. 16-year-old brian tate pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and got a life sentence. police say tate was motivated by jealousy over a girl. today, a judge decides whether tate didn't understand the plea and if his conviction is invalid. the victim's mother says no way. >> that was my baby that he killed. and i have to look at this guy that killed my baby. i'm sorry. no family should have to go through that. >> reporter: jackie haines has relived her son's murder many times, starting with his death, 17 years ago. >> finally, they told me my son was stabbed to death by this boy that had been herselfing my kid [ crying ] >> there were court hearings. and several years ago, tate first argued he was coerced
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into a plea. >> the victim's mother was dragged back to court today, saying it doesn't get any easier. >> i hold my grandchildren, and i keep thinking, this could be my other son's grandchildren. you know? i was deprived of all of that. >> reporter: the judge says he realizes this is a brutal murder. but he says he has a legal obligation to the defendant and to his family and to public safety. >> reporter: brian tate's family is also there year after year. his father has gone from dark hair to gray. the 16-year-old defendant has turned 34. jerry haines' brother says enough is enough. >> it would be nice for it to end and to be resolved. >> reporter: suzon -- suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> the judge can decide to overturn tate's conviction or reduce his life sentence. a man has been charged. police say that jameson bryant knott attacked a woman at a bus stop earlier thursday morning. they say he dragged her into a yard and attempted to rip off her shirt.
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but the woman was able to escape on foot. knott, who lives near the bus stop, was arrested a short time later. maryland police say their recent strike force yielded results. 540 drunk driving arrests were made up through the period leading up through and to labor day. 25 people drove through. over 20 local law enforcement agencies continued in the campaign, which will continue through the end of the year. there is another bad patch ahead. political reporter pat warren explains, more budget cuts may be coming. >> reporter: it's been just two weeks since the board of public works cut since the second time in july. >> we have to make the decisions, however tough and however painful in a timely way, in order to get our state through this recessionary storm and through the other side. i'm going to move that we approve these items. >> reporter: next week, revised
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revenue estimates could signal the need for further cuts. >> hard to tell. hard to tell. none of us know when the economic recovery will kick in enough so that our revenues start growing again with the economy. >> reporter: in all, $736 million has been cut from the budget. 60% of that coming from state agencies. 29% from aid to local governments and 11% from state employees. >> there may be more cuts. it's just hard to tell. we wait for the new estimates and then we're guided by the new estimates. >> reporter: sales are continuing to go down. >> i would rather be laid on furlough than to be laid off, you know, if i had a choice. so i don't want anybody to lose their jobs. >> reporter: city estimates already down mean local employees will lose their job. >> we are working through the process now, with the unions. and hopefully we can come up with a good resolution, where we're all going to be partnering in helping to minimize the pain and layoffs.
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>> reporter: in the last cut, 200 employees lost their jobs and tens of thousands were given furlough days. but that doesn't necessarily mean they're out of the woods yet. at the state office complex on west preston street, i'm pat warren. now, back to you on television hill. the revenue estimate reports will be released on wednesday. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. will congress extend the tax credit for first-time home buyers. and a preview of the football games. and remember, you can look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. in tonight's flu watch report, there is good news for those who hate getting shots. teri okita reports for wjz, that the h1n1 vaccine only requires one shot for adults. take a deep breath. >> dan phillips wasted no time getting a seasonal flu shot. but he's still unsure about the
6:38 pm
h1n1 flu vaccine that is due out in mid-october. >> i want to see what the reactions are by those who take it first. >> reporter: one thing that may put stan's moopped at -- mind at ease, one dose is enough to protect most healthy adults, rather than the two shots doctors originally thought necessary. and the vaccine appears to take full effect within eight to 10 days of injection. >> this is very good news for the vaccination program, both with regard to the supply of vaccine as well as to its potential efficacy. >> reporter: one dose means tight supplies of the vaccine cold won't be stretched as thin. they will be administering 195 million doses. >> pregnant women, and those with health conditions will be the first to receive the swine flu vaccine. trials are still being done to decide if they need more than one dose. doctors are also urging you to
6:39 pm
get your annual garden variety shot. because that, too, will hit hard this year. >> the level of flu activity we're seeing now in september are extremely unusual for this time of year. >> reporter: the regular flu season may have already started. but the h1n1 virus never went away. and accounts for about 98% of the flu activity experts are seeing today. teri okita, wjz eyewitness news. so farp, there-- far, there do not appear to be any significant side effects from the swine flu vaccine. still to come. caught on tape. see the dramatic rescue of immigrants caught at sea. tonight, police look for answers. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. a dryer and yes warmer weekend. i'll have the exclusive five- day forecast. and we ask you to show us your purple pride as football season approaches. and here's what some of you sent us. to see the complete showslide show or to send us your picture, go to
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an anti-abortion activist is shot and killed with a high school looking on. he wasn't the only victim. that's right. they say he succumbed to killing a gravel pit and planed to kill a third man. the activist was protesting across from the local high school when he was killed. police say he specifically targeted him. though they're not sure when they actually killed each other. >> the shooting prompted all of the schools to go on the district. more than 40 school children are recovering in australia tonight, after the school bus crashed head-on into another vehicle. two of the school children are still in serious condition tonight. authorities say the bus ran on the side of the room. the children inside were able
6:44 pm
to climb down from a bus window. and 42 immigrants had to be rescued from the e italian coast. police are not sure what brought the immigrants into italian waters, but they are being investigated. watermelon is a refreshing summer treat. but researchers are exploring watermelon as a biofuel. researchers say they can make ethanol. in arosis simple to making wine. making use of fruit, though, would otherwise be lost. >> what a great thing. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. he may not be the best taxi driver. but this cabbie has an incredible offer that just may save a passenger's life. that heartwarming story
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wet, chilly workweek. live look outside now. will the weekend be a washout? meteorologist tim williams is updating the forecast for tomorrow. but first, pob has a look at
6:48 pm
the radar. we will not let the weekend let you down. we still have rain. probably until about at least 9:00 or 10:00. cute rotating around from southern pa. and still a flood rotating around until tomorrow night. tomorrow big routine. as you mentioned, it will be a gradual improvement. tomorrow, we may start off with light showers. but the temperatures will be around 60 degrees or so. and gradually get around to 70 degrees. with a good bit of sun by late afternoon. it will be improving through saturday into sunday. by evening, we're keeping it in the forecast until this big, slow system gets out of here. temperatures tomorrow, getting up to about 76 degrees. for the next five days, we send it in to bob. and big improvement for the ravens on sunday. game-time temp. 78.
6:49 pm
a lot of sunshine. sunny to partly cloudy skies. maybe rain-free. in the morning, may be a few spots, north of the city in the afternoon. >> thanks, bob. still to come. ravens move practice indoors in owings mills. >> mark has the latest next in sports.
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manly men. but i guess they didn't want to get hurt. >> opening day for the orioles. it is like a holiday here in baltimore. and home openers. they started in front of their fans just three times in the years. kansas city comes to town with pouring rain all day. ravens did move indoors this. is the final full-scale workout. following practice, the team gathered around art modell, who watched the team from his wheelchair. the 82-year-old sold the team a few years ago, but still remains close to the franchise. >> weul know what he means to the nfl. he was just telling the guys, it's his 48th opener in the nfl. >> that's two times as old as most of our guys, right?
6:53 pm
>> l.j. smith was the only player who did not fit in. you can see the game here on wjz, coverage coming your way at 1:00. the nfl season officially kicks off. ravens rivals take the field to the defending super bowl champs. taking on the tennessee titans. and carey collins takes this kickoff by troy palla malue -- polamalu. it could keep him out for a month or longer. game tied. final minutes. carey looks to put pittsburgh into a win. but they recover. this one goes to overtime. he was recovering. 13-10, steelers in the opener. ravens won't see pittsburgh until they come to town the
6:54 pm
final weekend of november. it's week number 2 of the college football season. we caught up with the morgan state bears this week. they have a tough one on the road at akron tomorrow. that's morgan season opener. also, terps take on james madison, in college park. navy plays host to louisiana tech. baseball, orioles continue their road trip with a visit to new york. first of three games scheduled for tonight. but rain may alter those plans. when the series does start, derek jeter will be swinging for history. this single was hit number 2,721 in jeter's career. that ties him with lou gehrig for most hits ever by a yankee. once he passes him, his next stone will be 3,000 hits. and no player has had 3,000 hits as a yankee. you wouldn't have thought that. chris tillman gets the
6:55 pm
starting opener. his first-ever outing. o's hitter, facing a familiar nemesis. again, it's raining in new york right now. the game already delayed if they get it in at all. bob turk has says no. >> bob says no. i'll go with bob. >> okay.
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finally tonight. to the ah cart. we're getting a fresh look at pandas born last month in china. they now have black and white hair. this is a look at the babies in an incubator. there they are with their mom. the twins are being looked after at a rescue shelter their low birth weight. they're so cute. the pandas will be fully grown in about six months. we'll be back at 11:00. for bob and mark, i'm denise koch. now, don't go away, there is much more ahead on the cbs evening news with katie couric, including the ceremonies across the country for the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. we now take you to
6:59 pm
president's added a dress helps him win support for health care reform but there are still real concerns about how he'll pay for it. i'm katie couric, also tonight, september 11, 2009. remembering those we vowed never to forget. >> michelle coyle eulo. >> anne marie cramer. >> couric: panic on the potomac? not exactly. cable news networks mistake a training exercise for a real attack. and a cab driver takes a passenger on the ride of their lives. >> so this is not just gave you a life, it's gave me another life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. well, he needed to do something to rescue health care reform, so the president took his case directly to the american people in a national television address before a joint session of


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