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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 14, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's 6:00. once again, m&t bank stadium this morning. boy was it filled with fans yesterday. were we loud? sharon's got a lot to say about something happened south of the maryland line. >> tied the game. made a cell phone call, it's like "where are you?" it was quiet. today's going to be a bit nicer. not sure we'll see a cloud today. sunshine in the area.
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82 just really, really pleasant dinner time this monday evening. don, take it away. >> something's wrong on the harrisburg expressway. >> we do have all lanes blocked on the harrisburg expressway. listen up if you need to head southbound. the accident that is causing a problem on 83 southbound, at maryland line. apparently a pick-up truck in a ditch, the trailer it was carrying, overturned. all lanes temporarily blocked there. take york road at your alternate. one other accident, clarksville pike, police remain on the scene there. there's a live look outside. 50 at the bay bridge. looking good. no issues on the west side at liberty road or on 83, just south of where that accident is. you can see traffic gets back up to full speed and above. remember, wjz13 is always on. for traffic information any time, log onto here's what people will be arguing about today and the rest of this week.
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electrifying debate. constellation energy could scrap plans to build another nuclear reactor in maryland. wjz and mary bubala live outside constellation headquarters. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the psc will open another round of hearings this week. the public will get a chance to put their input in on thursday. and both sides say the deal is important to everyone. if the deal goes through, half of constellations nuclear power business will be owned by edf. it comes with a price tag of $4.5 billion. >> if this joint venture doesn't proceed, there'll be no third reactor at calver cliffs. >> reporter: building the nuclear reactor will reduce pollution across the state.
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maryland's of the public service commission say that may not be enough. they're investigating the impact of the deal on bge customers. including immediate rate relief. >> bge is used as a cash cow by constellation energy. that's a fact. >> reporter: constellation recently launched a media blitz. you may have seen these recent full-page ads in the baltimore sun. it's a win for the company and marylanders. >> maryland will be the loser if this transaction doesn't go through. >> reporter: constellation was supposed to close the deal on wednesday. it has been delayed as it waits the ruling from the psc. that's supposed to come out in early october. >> the last public hearing held earlier this month. more than 150 people showed up, most in support. new this morning: we're getting word of a domestic stabbing in harford county.
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47-year-old vivian green stabbed her husband in the chest last night in edgewood. rodney preston is in serious but stable condition in shock trauma. she's being held at the harford county detention center pending a bond hearing. police continue to investigate several fatal shootings in baltimore city yesterday. police say 8-year-old israeli mason was gunned down. 35-year-old andre williams was fatally shot on cross street and an unidentified man was shot and killed on reisterstown and cold spring lane. no motives or suspects for any of the shootings. set. go. >> hundreds lace up their sneakers to take part in the annual 5 k run to raise money for victims of violent activities. the money will fund several
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projects including a counseling center. police make an awful discovery in the search for a missing graduate student at yale. police have found what they believe to be annie le's body hidden inside a wall in that university building where she worked. they made discovery the same day she was to be married. police are treating the case as a homicide. students say the incident has put the whole campus on alert. >> parents are calling in, checking you know, everyone's making sure that they're not alone late at night. >> police say the building was only accessible to students and staff. a vigil will be held for annie le at yale tonight. the iraqi journalist who flew his shoes at george w. bush will spend the night in jail. he was to be released from
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prison today, but will spend one more night. president obama will deliver a major speech on the economy today. he's expected to say we've turned the corner now. >> president obama heads to wall street today to outline his strategy for preventing another financial meltdown. >> when i walked in, uh, the banking system, the financial system was under the verge of collapse. >> it was one year ago this week. lehman brothers was on the brink of failure. after rescuing fannie mae and freddie mac a few days earlier and bear stearns the previous month, the federal government decided not to bail out lehman. credit locked up around the world. unemployment rate doubled to nearly 10% and financial markets tanked. >> the president is expected to use lehman brothers as a prime example of why banks need
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tighter government regulations. he's urged congress to pass legislation for months. today he's expected to tell them stop stalling and get it done. >> reporter: the president will also talk about the steps his administration has taken to stabilize the volatile economy. >> i've essentially taken the program that was voted on by the previous congress, supported by the previous republican president, and we've made it work. >> but making it work has come with a price. >> wall street itself has changed. lehman brothers is gone, bear stearns is gone. merrill lynch isn't an independent company anymore. >> reporter: the white house hopes to scale back its role in the financial sector. >> the president doesn't want to be somebody who runs auto companies or bails out banks. it won't be up to the government to fend off an economic crisis. president is counting on a financial sector to support his proposal and keep itself honest. overseas markets must be bracing for a slow start on wall
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street. japan's nikkei index was down over 242 points overnight. turning to sports, raven nation is bursting with purple pride today. mark viviano reports on the excitement felt far and wide. >> reporter: a new season opens with an offensive explosion and a game that was closer than many people expected. in the end though, an entertaining afternoon for a baltimore fan base that was hungry for some football. >> caw caw caw caw! >> these sausage sandwiches. we'll crush the feast! >> flack co, be ready. defense should be good. >> reporter: those pregame predictions that referred to joe flacco were right on. he threw three touchdown passes.
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long toss to mark clayton in the fourth quarter that proved to be the game winner. the ravens rolled up a team record 501 yards of offense and came away winners 38-24. >> we have to continue to get better. we didn't really convert, you know, some of our drives and touchdowns early on in the game. if we'd have done that, it'd have been a much better game for us. >> you can never overlook any team. >> while the ravens stopped the one, their running back ray rice ran wild. 108 yards for him. next for the ravens, their road trip out to san diego for two. >> the team may be out of town next weekend, but they'll still be on local tv. live coverage starts sunday afternoon at 5:00. >> you know, i was, we just sit
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exact opposite of everybody in the stadium. >> i saw you on my binoculars yesterday. >> i said, marty get out of the way. >> all i could think of was this. of course when we do a story we do it at m&t bank stadium. rossville coliseum. it's the figure head of opening day. all i could think of yesterday, for as many people in there. 70,000 + how many tens of thousands more were sitting at home or in their favorite local hangout. here's yet another picture. find it at got the backyard deck ready. they were inside watching the game yesterday. it's astounding if you think about it. how many people enjoyed that
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football game yesterday. probably three times the amount at m&t bank stadium. >> everybody was on the same wavelength for an hour or two. >> have we got the overnights? i'm curious how many people watched the game yesterday. there's an interesting way to calculate that out. we know for a fact. not that you've ever hesitated to call the control room. >> he knows, we don't know yet. >> speaking of the ravens. okay... the guy who threw the shoe at bush, spends one more night in jail. we can look at that picture one more time. [laughter] ed reed intercepting the shoe. it's a gorgeous morning. 60 in hagerstown. 53 oakland. 65 d.c. 59 easton. 65 down in the ocean. 62 belair. 61 columbia. 63 rock hall, annapolis, kent
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island. sunshine this day with a high of 85 degrees. want to talk about a gamer. yesterday the match didn't go to the football game because of your ankle injury. you're standing there working for us today. man, i have to respect you. >> physically unable to perform. >> everybody was asking for you yesterday. i'm just amazed you're standing there. >> we'll be back and we're looking forward to it. it was a great game yesterday. 501 yards. the offense, a franchise record. whoo! >> how about that. >> don and marty and everyone, it's manic monday in fells point with 24 hours of booty. we'll tell you what it's ball when the eyewitness news morning
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edition rolls on.
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coming up on 6:16.
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>> forecast today, 61 now. 89% humidity. calm wind and barometer 29.96. you're looking at an active and moving satellite photo. water clear. high pressure continues to ridge into the area. just a ton of sun. we do have some moisture moving our way. that'll hit mid-week. this day, 85 degrees going to be the high. pleasant with a full day of sun. tonight, maybe a touch of localized overnight fog. tomorrow another beautiful day. high temperature of 85 degrees. mid-week, look for showers and temperatures back in the low 70s. friday, partly sunny, 77. conservative this morning. saturday, partly sunny and 76. i have an update on that accident situation on 83 southbound. the accident itself is on 83 southbound at maryland line. it involves a pick-up truck in a ditch and an overturned trailer it was hauling.
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that's in the middle of the road. looking at only the shoulder getting by at this point. which is actually an improvement. back-up to the ta line. expect significant delays there. york road will be your best alternate. one other accident, 32 eastbound, clarksville pike. as far as delays go. we don't have any. there's a look at speed sensors, drive times and your average speeds on the beltway. top and west side, slowest spot. west side, between 795 and 95. there's a look at the west side. looking good at liberty road. this traffic report brought to you by toyota. click on ♪ >> i want to tell you this. our manic monday roster sounds
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like goodie saturday. [laughter] >> mr. goodman, this bud's for you. it's manic monday in fells point with 24 hours of bootie. how are you doing? [cheering and applause] . >> it really doesn't matter what this event is. i get to say bootie on the air. this is a great event. it's coming up in columbia. a cycling event. we thank you all for coming down. >> great to have you hear. tell us about 24 hours of bootie. it's a 24-hour cycling event. it's bringing together people like amazing individuals here. as well as 500 of your other closest friends to raise money and awareness for cancer. the proceeds from this event are going to benefit some amazing groups. only cancer fund for young
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adults. johns hopkins. you can come out, register to volunteer. you don't have to ride 24 hours. if you want to give it a shot, we don't discourage it. we're looking for people to get involved. >> how many miles could somebody go in 24 hours? >> this guy's going to give it a shot. he can tell you. >> i don't know. it's not about the miles or the bike, it's about the cause. people getting around one of the initiatives, one of the leading killers in our country. cancer. we got your attention and need people to help us change this. >> thank you for coming down. >> website, >> thank you very much, brock. now you know all about the event. september 26th and 27 eighth. >> 4:00 to 4:00.
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>> we have our crew here. they've all recovered from the ravens game. they're all ready to cycle 24 hours. let me hear those magic words. thank you very much. ♪ >> you gotta love this. we got the website up. >> stand by. welcome everybody. watching today's manic monday. at ♪
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>> good luck to everyone september 26th and 27 eighth. 24 hours of bootie, congratulations. good luck. >> that was great, ron! mr. goodman, that one was for you. have a great day everybody. give yourselves a big hand! >> here's the website. that's cool. it's a good thing. >> i want a chance to see it too. 24 hours of bootie. >> let's all say it together. let's take a break. we're coming right back.
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>> it's the uh, wow. 14th of september. tomorrow's halfway through this month. >> mm-hmm, give or take. >> are you telling me we're two months from thanksgiving? >> got the shopping days to christmas in my locker. >> we'll be right back. [house] wow! i feel like a new house
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thanks to this quick home energy check-up from bge. feels like i'm at a day spa. [ announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life.
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25 after the hour. gorgeous sunrise, isn't it? forecast today calls for a sunny high of 85 degrees. >> thank you very much. running around outside can do wonders for your child on the inside. good morning. like adults, children need regular exercise. kids should have at least an hour a day of physical activity, whether playing ball, swimming, walking or running. children who exercise have better weight management, stronger muscles, better bone mass, less stress and anxiety and better self-esteem. yet to come on our morning edition: >> i'm really happy for you, i'm going to let you finish, but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> kanye west shocks the video
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music awards. his unexpected interruption that brought the program to a screeching halt. coming up: the latest on the heating debate over health care reform. >> who's got the power? constellation energy or the state? i'm mary beau ubala, the latest tug-of-war coming up. >> expect big delays. we have delays into pennsylvania because of an accident. we'll talk with that straight ahead. brian killcom will be joining us today. one of america's leading dog experts. he says maybe it's time to start drinking out of the toilet again and stop putting those clothes on them. the morning edition continues right after this.
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[ woman ] ♪ early light breaks through [ sniffs ] ♪ music and dance ♪ calling you ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ ♪ is folgers in your cup
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in ten seconds it'll be 6:30. the lights are still on what we like to call the russell street coliseum in celebration of
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yesterday's win. if coming in from pennsylvania, follow your blockers. >> let's take a look at the forecast for the day. it's going to be absolutely sunny through the day. yesterday we had a couple passing fair weather clouds. might not be a cloud in the sky this day. 81 at lunch. 82 this evening. some people heading in from pennsylvania are still in pennsylvania. >> that about covers it. we have an accident on 83 southbound at maryland line, involving a pick-up truck in a ditch. the trailer it was hauling is overturned on 83 southbound. that is causing quite a delay. all lanes blocked there, except for the shoulder only getting by. so the back-up extends into pennsylvania at this hour. york road running back your alternate. meantime an update on the accident on 32, clarksville pike. that's just cleared. some good news there. speeds still close to full speed on the beltway. there's a look at your speed sensors and drive times top and
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west side. there's a live look at 95. running smoothly, but getting busier at white marsh. this traffic report is from toyota. toyota, click on toyota moving forward. don, back to you. get ready for a week of electrifying debate. constellation energy could scrap plans to build a nuclear reactor here. wjz and mary bubala live outside constellation headquarters. >> good morning everybody. the psc will open another round of hearings today. they will last throughout the week. thursday the public gets to speak out about this proposed deal between constellation and edf. the psc is trying to figure out if it is in the public interest. >> reporter: if the deal goes through, half of constellation's nuclear power business will be
6:32 am
owned by french company edf. it comes with a price tag of $4.5 billion. conc tlaegsstellation needs to build a third nuclear reactor. >> bge is used as a cash cow by constellation energy. that is a fact. >> reporter: you may have seen these recent full-page ads in the baltimore sun. constellation insists the deal isn't only a win for the company, but also for marylanders. constellation was supposed to
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close the deal with edf on wednesday. that's been delayed because of the hearings. the psc hopes to rule on this by october 16th. >> thank you, very much, mary. at the last public hearing, held earlier this month, more than 150 people were in attendance. quicker than planned. the h1n1 vaccine could soon be in a doctor's office near you. the first shots could begin in a matter of weeks. earlier than previously thought. testing done across the country, including at the university of maryland medical school here, a single shot is good for protecting against the flu. providers are being urged to do a quick health check on every child every day. the debate on health care
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collides on the nation's capital. manuel gallegus says they're inching closer to an agreement. >> in obama we don't trust. that was the general feeling here among tens of thousands who rallied at the capital. larry smith came from michigan. >> apply it to whatever special interest needs they feel they need to spend it on. >> reporter: much of the frustration felt here centers on the president and himself in health care. >> 1/5 of the economy. he's trying to radically change. >> the government is unable to run any money situation, social security, medicare, medicaid, amtrak. they can't run anything at a profit. how do you think they can run this. >> this huge rally in washington was a sharp contrast to the warm
6:35 am
reception president obama received in minnesota at his planned health care event. the president was up beat at the campaign-style event saying we're closer than ever before. >> we debated this issue for over a year now. there's solid agreement on about 80% of what needs to be done. >> it's that optimistic message he'll keep delivering to the nation. including an appearance on 60 minutes sunday night. >> i have no interest in having a bill get passed that fails. that doesn't work. uh, you know, i intend to be president for a while. and once this uh, bill passes, i own it. >> reporter: but many just aren't buying any of it. >> from the white house to wallace this morning, the president is preparing to head to new york city to deliver a speech on the financial
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meltdown. in his address, the president is going to explain winding down the government's role in the financial sector. overseas markets are down. nikkei down more than 242 points. london, french and german markets reporting losses at this hour. the congressman who shouted you lie at the president during a primetime address last week will not be apologizing again. >> i've apologized one time. the apology was accepted by the president bfrjs , by the vice president who i know. i'm not apologizing again. you'll recall, wilson shouted at the president when he said his health care reform bill wouldn't cover illegal immigrants. a shocking moment at the
6:37 am
vmas. kanye west shows up on stage. >> i'm really happy for you, i'm going to let you finish, but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> the rock star interrupted taylor swift's award speech to announce his opinion that beyonce should have won the best female video. swift would get a second chance to finish her speech. beyonce invited her back out to have her moment. football hungry ravens fans are serving the sweet taste of victory this morning. mark viviano reports as the highlights of an exciting season start. >> a new season opens with an offensive explosion and a game that was closer than many people expected. in the end though, an entertaining afternoon for a baltimore fan base that was
6:38 am
hungry for some football. >> caw caw caw caw! >> eat sausage sandwiches. >> game town. >> flacco, be ready. defense should be good. ready to take on the field. >> those pregame predictions that referred to joe flacco were right on. he threw three touchdown passes. >> today heap give the ravens the lead. miss long toss to mark clayton in the fourth quarter that proved to be the game winner. the ravens rolled up 501 yards of offense. >> we have to continue to get better. like i said, we didn't convert some of our drives and touchdowns early on in the game. >> you can never overlook any team. you have to give the kansas city chiefs some credit. they played tough. >> we did what we do best,
6:39 am
especially at m&t bank stadium. >> while the ravens did stop the run. their running back ray rice ran wild. 108 yards for him. next for the ravens, their first road trip. out to stage for week two. >> the team may be heading out of town, but this'll still be on local tv. taking on the chargers in san diego. live coverage begins next sunday afternoon at 4:00. right here on wjz 13. and the chargers play the oakland raiders tonight. monday night football has two games tonight. won't start eastern until maybe 10:30. we interviewed ronnie lott last week. arguably, well, in my opinion, the premier safety of the modern football era. guy was all pro at three different positions. ronnie lott is one of ed reed's biggest fans. >> by far. >> ronnie lott said his choice to win the whole thing this year is the san diego chargers.
6:40 am
we play them next week, they're on tv tonight. might be worth tuning in or reading about the game tomorrow. 4:00, 4:15 next sunday. it's going to be a battle royale. it's the second game of the season. >> all right. coming up on coffee with. is this my dog, by the way. she has two different color eyes and crooked teeth. she's not pretty, okay? i let her lick puddles. her favorite place to get a drink of water is our shower stall. what's your story here? >> minus my ankle when i come out of the tub. the dogs link your ankles. >> let our dogs be dogs. this is fun coffee with, coming up. who let the dogs out?
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i can't believe we haven't heard that. first morning weather has any mid-week. we'll explain it all when we come back.
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gorgeous sunrise. that may be the most clouds you see in the area today. yesterday was a super afternoon. today may be clearer, without any passing clouds. 61 right now. calm winds. 89% humidity. barometer at 29.97. ocean city, 63. 63 pax river. 55 cumberland. 65 hagerstown and downtown. district 65. 60 degrees in elkton. belair 61. 57 westminster. 62 columbia, rock hall. 66 kent island. 65 degrees nap town. this is a water clear picture this day. high pressure continues to ridge east and dominate our weather. down to the southwest. little moisture's headed our way. looks like couple more days of rain. looks like temperatures drop back into the low 70s after a high of 85 this day. sunshine tonight, clear, maybe a tad bit of fog. 62 overnight. tomorrow it looks sunny and 85. chance of rain, cloudy skies,
6:45 am
showers, 73 wednesday and thursday. friday i think we'll end up being partly sunny, 77. saturday, partly sunny and 76 degrees. ton take it away. big showdown up north. here's sharon. >> we have a delay coming in from pennsylvania all because of an accident on 83 southbound at maryland line. involving a pick-up truck and trailer it was hauling that did overtime. at this point, only a shoulder gets by. the back-up extends into pennsylvania. about half a mile into pennsylvania. york road will be your best alternate. meantime, we picked up a new accident. this one in the city. elmly avenue. slight ones on the west side of the beltway. speeds are looking pretty good. outer loop slow between 795 and security. that'll take you about five minutes to get through. average speed of 48 miles an hour. 95 at white marsh is looking busier, but not yet congested.
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this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. >> all right. this morning's coffee with is with brian. >> ladies and gentlemen, he's an expert. brian jill commons. welcome to the morning edition. how are you today? >> i'm great. >> rather than have the applause, we should have the dogs barking. >> we just want dogs to be dogs again. when did dogs stop being dogs? you read all the stuff in the news about people taking dogs to spas and all this stuff, the coats and gucci collars. let dogs be dogs again. >> dogs being real, and looking at real dog behaviors and having more of a common sense approach to how we pamper our pets.
6:47 am
a study says, as far as what makes your dogs happy? 79% said giving them a treat. 73%, belly rub. forget the gucci color. 69% said taking them for a walk. you guys have dogs, why are your dogs real dogs? >> my dog likes, my dog likes belly are rubs. >> my dog likes all three. >> my dog likes rolling around in the grass. my dog likes drinking out of puddles. >> being a real dog. >> it's funny. you can have you know, two acres of grass and a 2 by 2 mud hole. go find a mud hole. >> my two dogs like each other. that's why we bought the second dog, so the first one would have company. that works. is that being a real dog or being a pampered person? >> i think it's being a real dog. dogs are pack animals. the trick here is to make sure
6:48 am
you have the older dog and then introduce the puppy. two puppies at the same time, they'll bond to each other and not the people as much. >> there are all kinds of rules for the contest. you submit 300 words. you guys are in the running because you have real dogs. just saying what are real dog behaviors. we're going to pick 20 pawthors and that'll be put into a handbook telling about real dog behaviors. >> a lot of folks watching will leave at some point and go to work. they'll leave a radio or tv on for the dog, does the dog care? >> with some dogs, as far as the ambient noise, it does make them feel more comfortable. a lot of dogs become insecure, use a piece of warm clothing for them to lay on so they can smell it. >> that's interesting. >> the other thing is, since
6:49 am
smell is such a strong sense for a dog. taking them on a daily walk, a lot of exercise before leaving the dog, always helps the dog be calmer. >> we walk them when we get home. >> getting up a little earlier and giving them exercise, they're going to sack out for the day. >> okay, another question. do dogs think humans are just another species of dog? >> hey guys, hatch the dogs think humans are staff. [laughter] >> you know, think about this. the bills are page. the food's down every day and they have at least one to five human beings going "you're the center of the universe." you know? >> not only, that we're picking up their stuff. following around, picking up their stuff afterwards. nobody does that for me. >> one of the things about real dogs tell it like it is, let
6:50 am
them be dogs again. one of the best things you can do, take your dogs out for a run or walk on a daily basis. they're healthier, happier and the real benefit is, it's good for us. >> yeah. >> you know what? dogs love going the park. you know what dogs are into? sniffing each other. it's a social thing. >> really? >> nothing makes my dog happier than a little sniff. >> and where do they sniff? >> their tushy. >> anywhere they want. >> that's right. >> but real quick, we've only got 30 seconds and we lose the window. is it true when a dog sniffs another dog's rear end, they can tell sex. it's literally encyclopediaing that other dog? >> it's like a google search. >> there you go. let us know your comments. thanks so much. >> we'll see you later. >> that was great.
6:51 am
we take dixie to the park and say "let's go google that schnauzer." >> my two dogs spend every day together and every ten minutes they smell each other. you know where he's been, you know where she's been, what are you doing? >> they like to google. don't you?
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we're in the low 60s right
6:54 am
now. going for a high of 85. beautifully sunny afternoon. now over to sharon at wjztv traffic control. the harrisburg expressway is still slow. an accident involving a pick-up truck and a trailer. looking at a back-up into pennsylvania. elmly avenue, watch for delays on the beltway. there's a look at drive times and your speeds. there's a look at that top side of the beltway. a look at the west side at liberty. this traffic report's brought to you by the cochran firm. visit for a free consultation. constellation energy could scrap plans to build a third nuclear reactor. the company says it's all up to the state public service commission if the psc reject the merger, constellation says it won't have enough money to build the reactor.
6:55 am
ravens fans have something to smile about this morning. the team won its regular season opener playing the kansas city chiefs downtown. big game for quarterback joe flacco who put up career highs and passing yards and touchdowns. ravens get started for week two and chargers in san diego. later this week, several top law enforcement officials will meet with the maryland house judiciary committee to discuss the matter. prosecutors argue the current law makes it too difficult to legally define a gang or its members. firefighters in southern california are watering down expectations of when they'll finely contain that huge wildfire out there. now they say they don't expect the blaze to be fully contained until later this week. original expectations were for tomorrow. the wildfire destroyed dozens of homes and causes the death of two firefighters. an awful discovery or development in the search for
6:56 am
missing yale graduate student. police believe they've found annie le's body on the same day she was to be married. president barack obama will be in new york city today. he's scheduled to head to wall street for a major speech about the financial meltdown. the speech comes exactly one year after the collapse of lehman brothers there. the president will reaffirm his administration's commitment to decrease the government's current role in the financial sector. stay with wjz13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead this morning. coming up, more on the disappearance of the yale graduate student and how her body
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