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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 21, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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we got to go right now. you can't take the food in there. >> you know i eat during the show in the morning. >> that is a four-hour show. this is a one-hour show. >> listen, i need to eat at least every hour or i get really grumpy. >> for 10 years i have seen you grumpy. are you ready for this, this is "sportscenter" now. >> it is a one-hour show. it is like a third of the time. a fourth of the time, whatever it is. it is a lot shorter. little food and "sportscenter." >> we have one big problem, a major problem. this is the problem. no food or drinks allowed. that's the problem. >> that might be a problem for some but it won't be a problem for me. size does matter. >> i am disappointed for jerry. i wanted to win this one for him.
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>> showdown, golic shows you why sunday was so miserable for tom brady. on the heels of the brett favre fine why the jets may be in more trouble. one win away from breaking the colts all-time wins record who is the better q.b., peyton manning vs. junie unitas and concern following a tough loss for the trojans. detail busy a u.s.c. player receiving threats. >> and we are counting it down to "monday night football." the dolphins won the a.f.c. east last year.
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they could fall two gapes back two games in if they don't beat the colts tonight. kickoff at 8:30 eastern time. we will be keeping you company for the next hour here. golic, you all right now? >> i feel a lot better. >> thank you for starting your eaching with "sportscenter." we hope you woke up with us this morning. >> we will get you ready for "monday night football" and go through all of yesterday's most important moments. first, we will catch you up on the news of the day. >> begins in philadelphia. we don't know who the quarterback of the eagles will be this sunday but it won't be michael vick. if donovan mcnabb is not able to go, kevin kolb will get another start. >> you know i thought kevin kolb for starting his first game and putting up 378 yards, i thought he did good things. can he learn from the interceptions?
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yeah. can he learn on some of the other plays there? he can learn. i thought overall he did a good job after having an opportunity to evaluate it. michael vick, is he 100% back and ready to play a whole game? i can't tell you that. i don't think so. i don't plan on putting him in that position right now. >> again, that was andy reid today. kevin kolb had his first start in place of the injured mcnabb. 31-51, 391 yards, two touchdowns and three costly interceptions. i want to bring in sal paolantonio on the phone now from philadelphia. sal was at the press conference and spoke to mcnabb. what is the latest? >> well mike, i did speak with donovan mcnabb. let's take andy reid first. he has a very difficult juggling job at the quarterback position. he has to figure out if mcnabb can play. all of the indications are that
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mcnabb will not be ready. i talked to mcnabb on monday morning. he said he is still in pain and doesn't know if he can play on sunday against the chiefs. he said "we will see how it goes. it is only monday." but he did not sound optimistic. he has to prepare fist offense for the return of michael vick. vick is making his nfl debut after more than two years away from the game. team sources say they are preparing an extensive package of plays for vick. he is likely to be the backup starter to kevin kolb, shotgun, wildcat formations and a lot of things. eagles used the wildcat against the saints for 45 yards. reed says kolb will take the snaps at quarterback. a lot of moving parts. >> where does all of this leave jeff garcia? >> that is the key thing. if jeff garcia is the backup to
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kevin kolb, then they can't use michael vick if michael vick is listed as the third quarterback. once vick is inserted into the game in the first three quarter it is, kolb and garcia cannot play in the game. very, very interesting, intriguing situation with the quarterback position for the eagles. >> a lot of roster decisions to make as well. golic, if it was you making the decision mcnabb can't play, do you go kevin kolb, jeff garcia or michael vick? >> i think i go kevin kolb. he did have the three bad interceptions, one going the other way. certainly got sacked a couple times. but he made some good throws as well. the struggling, i still give him the benefit of the doubt and let him start the game. but if there is any struggling at all, i go to jeff garcia. he has pruche he can be a winner, knows the offense, and it is not like i have a long
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leash. once donovan mcnabb comes back, he is going to be the quarterback. i think kolb gets the start. any sign of trouble, bad pick or incompletions i look to garcia. >> if vick is going to play in the game at the quarterback position it will be meaning one of the guys will be garcia. >> i don't know if he is ready to be the quarterback again. his key was his legs and outrunning everybody. he is want there yet. >> the very little we saw in the preseason, how far do you think he looks away from being ready to play quarterback? >> a little bit away. it is about his legs. he will always have more faith in his legs than his arm or any receiver on the field. he will not to run. she not yet able to outrun and outquick them like he did in atlanta. >> injury and insult in
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seattle. seahawks lose a division game and might lose their quarterback. matt hasselbeck has a fractured rib. too early to tell whether or not that injury will sideline him against the bears. seahawks are encouraged the injury was not more severe. we have seen donovan mcnabb miss a game with a rib injury and probably another one. we saw how important hasselbeck is to the seahawks. >> we talked about this. it said seattle could do well if matt hasselbeck stayed healthy. that was a clean hit by patrick willis. how much time will he miss? wallace threw 11 touchdowns and three interceptions last year. but they need hasselbeck out there. i don't know how long the injury could take to heal. but you can numb it up. i had a fractured rib numbed up for weeks in a row. if wallace is going to be the fwy, he is not a big time thrower. they will have to run the ball
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better. they were 19th in the league rushing the ball last year. they don't have the rushing attack they had when shaun alexander was a big time running back. they have to rely more on the quarterback. >> alexander one time m.v.p. of the league. clearly hasselbeck that team's most important player now. this developing story, the san francisco 49ers, who beat seattle yesterday, have filed tampering charges with the league against the new york jets. the niners have been in contract negotiations with michael crabtree whose rights they can't trade until march at this point. jets, steadfastly deny they have done anything wrong. >> yeah, i mean it is not accurate. it is not true. but hey, we will let the league figure this out. i said all i am going to say about it. it is not true.
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>> you know that is something that the league is going to handle internally. i am not going to get into that. we will let that play out, the process. we will see what happens. >> have you -- >> i will let the league handle that. i am not even going to go there. we gallon from there. >> you are 2-0. do you even need crabtree on this team to win? >> i think we need every football player that can help us win. >> clearly the michael crabtree situation is a complete mess in san francisco. mort, what is going on here? >> i think the 49ers are trying to put a chill on any team that has thoughts about michael crabtree. deion sanders says michael crabtree has teams that will pay him his money. the reason why he is
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interesting is because he is represented by eugene parker who represents crabtree. usually it is hard to get a conviction. it is hard for the nfl to prove this. they can examine the jets phone logs and see phone calls from eugene parker but dustin keller is represented by parker. you never know what the content of those conversations are. i think you will see an investigation. unlikely you will get a conviction. if they did find something wrong you can dock draft picks or be fined severely. >> chris mortenson a lot more as our program continues. as we roll on with peyton manning on the verge of breaking johnny unitas' old record. that is just moments away. after a huge win at ohio state, a major meltdown for u.s.c. plus -- >> showdown by gang green i
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♪ >> what to watch for tonight, colts at dolphins on "monday night football." colts return to miami for the first time since winning the super bowl against the bears. for a report on the dolphins, here is suzy kolber. >> how about this for intriguing. dolphins will rotate two rookies at right cornerback. it is reggie wayne's side. they will be sending help their way. mix in peyton manning, the best
6:16 pm
in the business at the play-action fake. coaches have preached if you get caught looking in the backfield the ball will go over your head. on the other side is the veteran, will allen. he calls peyton's play-action fake sell it. it is so tough to detect. you get the feeling that they will be playing the pass first. if they get burned, better than in the run for four yards than for 40. >> certainly peyton manning has burned a lot of defensive backs over the course of his career. peyton knows he is chasing colt's history as well. take a listen. >> i am uncomfortable with the comparisons to unitas. i realize why they happen. the main that i wear the same uniform that he wore. my dad always told me his two favorite athletes were mickey mantle and johnny unitas. he was a winner.
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he won a lot of games for the baltimore colts. i am proud to wear the same uniform but i see him at another level. i am not comfortable with those comparisons. >> here is the reason for the comparison. with a win peyton would pass unitas for the most wins by a starting quarterback in colts history. >> golic, we will play a game of take your pick. who is the quarterback on the all-time colts team, manning or johnny u. are rihave to go with johnny u. peyton manning has already thrown for more touchdowns and less interceptions. come on. how can you not pick johnny unitas. the high tops and crew cut. in basketball we know the logo is jerry west.
6:18 pm
in the nfl if there was a logo it would be this. it would be johnny unitas. because of that i have to go with johnny u. until peyton is retired. >> here is my one idea. while it is one franchise, the day they moved they became two. unitas belongs to baltimore and peyton belongs to indy. we need to go down to miami where stuart scott anchors our coverage of "monday night football." >> golic, don't ever stand up like that in the studio. this looks like our tradition. steve, you love it. the dolphin fans wins the pregame arm wrestling. stuart scott, steve young. >> really? >> it is week two.
6:19 pm
>> it is ridiculous tv. >> stop the whole thing. >> that was past ugly. >> i can't say it. >> the miami dolphins are playing in their 74th monday night game. more than any other nfl team. they are taking on a indianapolis colts team that are always good. are the colts still an elite team in the nfl? >> they will be an elite team for a long time. we are back to the prefree agency days. we are talking pittsburgh. we are talking new england and philadelphia, tennessee. this team, indianapolis. they will have ebbs and flows and might be this year but they are an elite team for the near future. i don't see a lot of people coming up to challenge them. >> they will be an elite team as long as their names are the indianapolis mannings.
6:20 pm
peyton manning just makes it happen all the time. you can bank on him. that is one of the things you love about peyton manning. we as fans should be enjoying what he is doing right now. every now and then a guy comes around where you know he is the best player on the field and expected to play like that. the defense knows he is the best player and he still does it. as long as they have peyton manning they are going to do it. >> peyton manning is like my quarterback. i have nothing to do. >> colts have won at least 12 games six straight seasons. the dolphins have not won 12 in six straight seasons. two seasons ago they were 1-15. bounced back nicely last year. are they more the 1-15 dolphins or the 11-5 dolphips. >> i don't think it is close. i think they are closer to 11-5. it is why are they closer to 11-5. it goes back to bill parcells. they do the little things right.
6:21 pm
you will see a good fundamental team. you will see that most teams don't get beat by the opposing teams, they beat themselves. miami dolphins won't do that. last week they did. they had turnovers and penalties. but they don't beat themselves. they played good familiarity -- familiarity -- are they an 11-5 team? no. they are 8-8 or 9-7 unless chad pennington elevates them. >> most of us know that peyton manning won his third m.v.p. last year tying him with brett favre for most all-time. chad pennington tied for second as far as runner-up m.v.p. we have last year's m.v.p. and the runner up. we will have a lot more at 7:00 eastern on monday night
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countdown. >> you know i was runner up. >> let's arm wrestle. that was fun. >> is that how you go to work right there? >> that is sharp. >> even with the little breast pocket hankie, that's class. >> i guarantee you he didn't do that himself. >> it is becoming a trend. u.s.c. losing a letdown game after the huge win over ohio state. >> two years in a row they have done that. aaron corp throwing into coverage. he is a quarterback that can use his legs more than his arm. he certainly struggled with his arm. it proves costly with u.s.c. driving. he throws it into coverage that is caught by the wrong team this . hounded them throughout the day. mistakes are going to hurt them. washington will get it going and pull off the upset as they lineup to get the winner.
6:23 pm
two years in a row after a win against ohio state, u.s.c. folds. >> 16-13 the final score. shelley smith is in southern california where the 12th ranked trojans need to put it back together again. >> mike, i am told it is pretty quiet around what is usually a rocking coach's office at u.s.c. as they try to figure out what happened and how they will fix it. that will be seeing if matt barkley healed enough to take his starting spot at quarterback. quarterback aaron corp is taking a lot of harsh heat on the internet and sports talk radio. if barkley can't go carrol says corp will start against washington state. pete carroll can always find the positive. even though this is the fourth straight season they were upset by a conference opponent.
6:24 pm
mike. >> shelley, sort of a mess in l.a. right now. golic, who is to blame when a team doesn't play its best in the trap game. >> pete carroll in the locker room after the ohio state game he was warning his players not to have a letdown against washington like we did last year. the coach made the players aware. these are kids playing in college. they have to take care of their business on the field. for two years in a row they failed to do that. >> they have to do it without their quarterback. we don't know how much of a factor. coming up a first for tom brady. a loss at the new york jets. golic will show us how the gang green defense made tom brady miserable all day long.
6:25 pm
also. >> cutler, throws to the end zone. touchdown! touchdown, bears! >> after a poor week one jay cutler's chicago debut was a good one. we will reveal the top five points of week 2 up next. cubs hand out a major punishment to milton bradley. while our baseball insider believes we have seen the last of him in chicago. >> i am michele tafoya with the latest on the colts getting peyton manning on the field more often. to the top, here comes kurt busch! what does greatness taste like? he'll race alongside! step up and order a miller lite. we've got a tussle! we've got a fight, we've got a war! we've got a rich golden color.
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>> in is greeny this morning celebrating his jets with a victory dance. how embarrassing. here is more from "mike & mike in the morning" earlier today. >> big win for the jets. as i said all morning i am trying to keep it in perspective. i have learned my lesson from last year. >> seriously? last week it is the greatest defense of all-time. now all of a sudden i am going to keep it in perspective. >> story in the new york daily news in which the 49ers filed tampering charges against the jets. the belief is that it would involve michael crabtree. >> we will let the nfl figure it out. >> you have a reaction but not suitable for radio. >> absolutely. wish we were playing them.
6:31 pm
cowboys are showing an alarming tendency to not play big in big spots. that is a big game. golic, you sound happy. there is another reason. he almost wasn't. notre dame won. for those that saw the way it ended, in the nfl you get mad at the quarterback when he has the sequence that the quarterback for michigan state has in college, i feel sorry for the kid. just a little taste of our program from this morning. something else we have on "mike & mike in the morning" is a feature called the five point stance. tonight we bring it to "sportscenter." golic will take you through his five biggest stories from the second sunday of the nfl season. >> we will start with frank gore. what a day he has. 79 rushing touchdown, 70-yard rushing touchdown.
6:32 pm
first player since barry sanders to have two rushing touchdowns of 75 plus yards in a single game. number four will be drew brees of the new orleans saints. how about brees, nine touchdowns in his first two games. he ties charlie johnson for the most t.d. passes through the first two games of the season. defense plays better, this team will be very, very tough to beat. dallas cowboys and the new stadium. tony romo, that was a bad one. three interceptions, that went for six the other way. that was a fluke off of witten's hand and heel. very, very difficult and bad start for dallas. you know romo will hear a ton about that. >> number two will be jay cutler. what you see is what you get. throws off of his back foot and he will be really successful as time it ises like he was
6:33 pm
against the steelers. had a lot of drops in there as well. zero interceptions after four last week. big turnaround for him. and the number one story, greeny, here you go. the jets defense. first team since 2006 not to allow a rushing or passing touchdown in each of the first two games of the season. tom brady earlier talking about that jet defense. >> any time you throw it 47 times, they are going to her you you from time to time. you know i think the offensive line performed well. those guys really stepped up. you are right. a team that does challenge you with different looks. we didn't make the plays that were there. a lot of yards we left on the field. we had almost 200 yards offense
6:34 pm
in the first half. we controled it, but we didn't get it into the end zone when we had the opportunities. >> let's go back to the jet defense and show you what they are making work so well. it is all about what match-ups they are creating. look at the bottom of the screen. tight end to the right. what the jets are trying to do is create mismatches with the blitz. here is the blitz starting. take a look at what is going on with the offensive line. they slide this way. we have one, two, three, four rushers. how many do we have for new england? one, two, three. a three-man is going to be coming. you see what the back does, absolutely what he will supposed to do picking up the nts man leaving jim leonard a free shot on tom brady. brady knows that.
6:35 pm
he has randy moss down the field but darrelle revis is becoming one of the best corners in the league. >> dolphins will try to stay a game behind after losing their opener. they are on "monday night football" tonight. >> tony, i know you were frustrated with some of the sloppyness last week. what did you do in practice to get that rectified? >> one of the things i think they can happen is that we are a team that didn't turn it over much last year. we went back to square 1 fundamentals. we did gauntlets and tackling circuits and good old-fashioned things.
6:36 pm
>> not to get caught up in all that peyton does. you have to respect what peyton does at the line of scrimmage. but for a young corner the worst thing is to keep your eyes on him. >> tony, appreciate the time. good luck tonight. >> dolphins on one side and the colts on the other. michele tafoya with our indy team report. >> mike, over the last seven seasons the colts averaged 10 .5 offensive possessions a game meaning peyton manning has fewer chanceses to score than any other starting quarterback in the nfl. manning says last season the colts were number one in third down conversions, but the colts defense wants to tribute to the cause. the new defensive coordinator believes a more attacking style of defense will send opposing offenses off the field sooner and should result in an extra possession or two for peyton
6:37 pm
manning. >> teams to beat in 2009 starting to emerge. we will reveal who is the most impressive so far. that is coming up here on "sportscenter." baseball news the astros fired manager cecil cooper. they are 70-79. third base coach dave clark will take over for the final 13 game this is season. cooper, a game over .500 in the 341 games he was at the helm. the astros faltered this season, nine games under break even. >> the cuban defector considered to be one of the top pitching prospects in the world could be in the major league soon. once approved, the teams can bid on his services.
6:38 pm
his fastball is clocked at 102 miles per hour in the world baseball classic. >> the cubs suspended milton bradley the rest of the season and have no intention of bringing him back. an interview in which bradley says you understand why they haven't won here in 100 years. it is too much negativity. if you read those quotes from a teammate, how would you react? >> there would be a discussion in the locker room. there would be a big discussion with that player. we have seen it happen in the nfl. we have seen keyshawn johnson in tampa bay and terrell owens in philadelphia be thold to go away. we will pay you but go away. we do not want what you are bringing to the locker room or the field. he will get his money. his money is guaranteed. they don't want him in the locker room. he will be gone. just go away. seems this year more than ever
6:39 pm
we are seeing professional ownership and management stand up to players more suspending, fining them or fwetting rid of them. >> it is the right thing to do, but the reality is some this is something people could have seen coming a million miles away. we raised our eyebrows at the time the cubs made the deal. maybe this is a deal that shouldn't have been made in the first place. cardinals have the biggest division lead at 10 gapes over the cubs. tigers with the smallest, three games over the twins. red sox leading the wild card by eight. rockies four and a half up over the giants and the national league wild card race. this september does not have the feel that last year did. one race worth watching, the american league central. >> the big reason i am keeping my eye on that one is minnesota is three games back from detroit but play them four more
6:40 pm
times. the last thing you want to do as a player is to be in a position you don't control your own destiny. that is what is going on in the wild card. because these two teams play each other, minnesota can control their own destiny. be within four and you have a shot to control it. you don't have to watch the scoreboard. you only have to control what you are doing on the field. >> twins hanging in there as best as they can three out in that central division race. you get around the bases with espn on wednesday night for two major league baseball games. phillies take on the marlins and the giants will take on the diamondbacks. wednesday night baseball, part of the hunt for october on espn and espn 360 on wednesday. >> hotdogs, hamburgers and sausage. we are here at "sportscenter" and prefer to grill meat. who i say will have the best
6:41 pm
nfl career. >> peyton manning standing one win away from colts history. we go one-on-one with indy's head coach about their issues at wide receiver. that's next. three wides to the right side. one to the left. what does greatness taste like? steps up. heaves the ball. step up and order a miller lite aluminum pint. with a wide opening to deliver that true pilsner taste. down into the endzone. it's gonna be a tip ball. he's got it! unbelievable... and it's gonna be a touchdown! this is unbelievable! there's light beer. and then there's triple hops brewed miller lite. taste greatness. we thought last week was unbelievable! this is unbelievable! play the game millions have won. everything from prius cars to beaches vacations, cash and live nation vip access. play scrabble at subway...
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>> this just into "sportscenter." you will love this. florida had an unimpressive win over the weekend and it was discovered several florida players had the flu. here is what lane kiffin, the coach at tennessee, had to say when he was worried about the
6:45 pm
flu hitting his team. my goodness, golic what do you think of lane kiffin now? >> we shouldn't be shocked. after the game said no moral victories, we expect to beat florida. >> he is definitely not backing down. all right. to the pros. brett favre's streak has a bent fingernail. his throwing hand was clearly hurting. he didn't return to the game but coach brad childress says brett favre bent a fingernail and he is fine. other injuries, marion barber a quadriceps injury. troy williamson out for the year and randy thomas out for the year with a torn right triceps. coming up shortly, colts and
6:46 pm
dolphins on "monday night football." there is ricky williams, how will he run against that colts defense that still doesn't have bob sanders? time for another feature we do on "mike & mike in the morning." it is called "grill golic" your chance to ask questions to the big fellow. first is from howard in mobile, alabama. golic, who will have the best pro career, matt ryan, joe flacco or mark sanchez. >> you would love me to say mark sanchez, but i am not. i will say matt ryan of the falcons. all of these guys are doing well. matt ryan shows great poise. no sign of a sophmore slump. tony gonzales coming over helped that. excellent running game. i love his presence in the pocket. crisp throws. does not stare down receivers. reads defenses extremely well. i think he will be the best of
6:47 pm
the three. >> out of your mind. sorry. next alex in south bend, indiana writes is jimmy clausen the best passing quarterback in college football? >> he is right in the team picture. but i will say yes he is in three games he has thrown for over 300. he has nine touchdowns and zero interceptions. couple other quarterbacks have no interceptions but nobody that has nine touchdowns. jacory harris from miami is throwing it extremely well. but clausen has been on target, lot of zip on the ball. he will fit a pro style offense well. >> one more from carl in lincoln, nebraska asking can mark martin win the sprint cup championship at the age of 50? >> yeah, why can't he. there is no doubt that he can win it at 50. he looks 50, too. i don't mean that in a bad way.
6:48 pm
>> he looks good for 50. >> you are in the car going bumper to bumper. i do think he can win it but i think jimmie johnson will get his fourth in a row. >> i will say this, tom watson was this close at the british open to pulling it off. how about one for the older guys in sports. it could easily happen. other news today a week after the u.s. open it appears former women's number one justine henna will also make a comeback. she will make that announcement coming occupy tuesday. >> tonight the wnba western conference semis is going to a decisive third game. san antonio silver stars playing at the phoenix mercury. home team won all six meetings including the regular season and postseason. tip-off is on espn2. >> looking superso far. teams that were the most
6:49 pm
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>> here is a look at some of your top fantasy performers from week 2. frank gore a huge game. phillip rivers in a losing effort and andre johnson a great receiving game catching 10 balls for 149 on sunday. meanwhile what will joseph addai run for tonight? right now we are standing by with the new coach in indy. >> you lose anthony gonzales first half of week one. you sign hank basket. how do you see the reps of the wide receivers coming out?
6:54 pm
>> pierre garcon carrying the load for the most part. hank came to us. certainly can't learn the entire offense in a short period of time. we have areas in which we need him he will be able to go in and contribute. >> people are focused on the wide receivers. how do you get the run game going? >> it is something we have been consistently working on. you will see a better run game than we have. we have to get it going. that is an important part of our game. >> good luck tonight. >> jim caldwell of the colts. tom jackson, cris carter, keyshawn johnson, mike ditka and we will see you at the top of the hour for monday night countdown. we can start with you tom, most impressive team we have seen thus far. not the best but the team that opened up your eyes in a
6:55 pm
surprise fashion? >> it is all perspective. i don't want to be a homer. but where i thought the denver broncos were going to be and where i find them now i am shocked. i don't care who they beat. they are 2-0 and i am satisfied. >> speaking of 2-0, you have to say what the new york jets are doing, 29th last year and what they did in their divisional match-up. shutting down andre johnson in week one. not allowing a defensive touchdown. you talk about impressive, when people don't score, you can't lose. jets are the most impressive. >> jets, but i have to think about the baltimore ravens. the defense and how they went out to san diego. you have a hall of famer like ray lewis on the football team, he knows how to attack and go get them. joe flacco is playing like a true, true quarterback right now. >> because i am the oldest i get to pick two.
6:56 pm
if you don't pick the saints, you got to be crazy. saints are unbelievable. what drew brees is doing is special. but the 49ers, it is not business as usual. you will like how they look. >> because i have been on the air the longest i will pick a couple. you all took mine. one would be the giants. i understand they gave up a ton of rushing yards. but that poise they showed in the last three and a half minutes. >> they know how to win. >> washington came in to bounce them, no we are going to beat you harder. and the other team is atlanta. they are really cooking something there, i think. we don't know all of the defensive players. we know the name of the quarterback. they are very interesting. a little surprise that they look this sharp. >> going to find out a lot this upcoming week had they play a wounded new england team.
6:57 pm
>> we will find out what these guys have going on for 90 minutes. mike, welcome back. to the poor side of town. >> thank you very much boomer. monday is not complete without a pick from the hammer. hank goldberg is live for tonight's game. who you taking tonight indianapolis or miami? >> greeny, with the economy in the doll drums down here in south florida you would think the team would be more cooperative in terms of helping out. but they are 2-7 against the spread the last nine games they played at home. in indianapolis they are going to have the same problems they did last week against atlanta, containing the tight end and the outside pass rush. that was a huge problem for them last week. dallas clark could have a big night against those safeties who don't cover all that well and those inexperienced corners. here is a stat for you guys.
6:58 pm
teams that were blown out by two scores or more on the road when they come home to be a three-point favorite are only a 33% proposition. i love that trend. so i am going with indianapolis . >> hammer, thank you. he does that pick. we do stone cold lead pipe locks on our show. wooy need to make our official picks for tone. >> my lock has to go to the indianapolis colts. i know they lost anthony gonzales. but they still have reggie wayne, dallas clark and a guy named peyton manning. i think offensively they are going to be ok. addai running it and catching it out of the backfield. defense worried me a little. i still think they have enough offensive firepower and i don't know if miami does. i will give the colts a victory. >> i heard the guys talking earlier about which miami dolphins do we have here. the truth is probably somewhere
6:59 pm
in between. the reality is that they were underwhelming against atlanta in week one. i love the colts in this game and spot. only giving three. that is striking me as a very, very thin line in this game. it is not enough they are dismissing the one wide receiver. they are begging you to jump on the colts. if that is a sucker line i will take it and take it. bring the man from chex. he has gone almost 59 minutes without eating. feel better now? >> thank you very much. i need to chew some food. are are he will be carbo loading from now until 6:00 in the morning when we begin "mike & mike in the morning" on espn radio and espn2. enjoy the football tonight, colts and the dolphins. they continue the


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