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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 22, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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thus a great couple of nights for the brothers manning. josh: certainly was. as for another look back at quite a night in miami, that will do it for us. but let's get it over, chris mckendry and john buccigross. chris: hi, you two. thanks very much. three more hours of live "sportscenter." also looking ahead to quarterback updates, both at oklahoma and u.s.c. plus, lane kiffin, urban meyer. aren't they just a good time? john: back and forth they go. trent dilfer here talking about the great game last night. we're on. [captioning made possible by espn, inc.] john: peyton manning, the deciding factor last night in miami. who would you rather have in the final minute, peyton or eli? we're breaking down the more clutch brother. plaxico burress begins his prison sentence. details of an emotional goodbye to his family at the courtroom. we have a live report from manhattan. how important is zack greinke's
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start tonight? plus, why the royals pitcher could have a huge impact on the american league central race. here we come. captioned by the national captioning institute chris: at this hour live on "sportscenter," former giants wide receiver plaxico burress has been taken into custody following this morning's sentencing hearing on gun charges. he arrived at the courthouse about 20 minutes to 10:00, was sentenced to two years in jail, two years supervised release. sal paolantonio joining us live outside the manhattan supreme criminal courthouse with more on today's swift proceedings and yet very emotional scene. sal, what happened in the courtroom? >> chris, yes, it was very sand very emotional. i've been covering courts for about 20 years, in and out of different courtroom cases. this was about the most touching that i've ever seen. plaxico burress arrived with his wife and his young son, elijah,
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and his father and his stepmother and his grandmother, and they sat in the fifth row and then burress joined his lawyer in the well of the courtroom. and just before the judge was about to address him, he turned to his lawyer as if to say, i'd like to have one more goodbye with my wife and children, realizing that he wasn't going to see them again. the judge granted it, and burress went back into the fifth row, embraced his wife very lovingly, then grabbed his young son close to him and kissed him and said, "i love you" and then embraced his father and his father spoke the last words to burress before he went back before the judge. he said, "be strong." it was a very sad voice but a very compelling one. at that point, they agreed to the plea agreement, which is two years in jail and two years supervised release. and then within moments after a brief statement by plaxico burress, burress was taken away
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by new york city please department officers to the holding pen. the cops call it the pens, and that'd where he is being processed right now before he takes a brief trip to riker's island jail. after the proceedings, his lawyer addressed the media. >> i want to make just a couple of observations. i think what just happened in the courtroom with mr. burress being sentenced and remanded is terribly sad and very tragic. what i said on the record i will repeat. you can violate the law, be subject to severe punishment and not be be a criminal. mr. burress used bad judgment. he violated a law that has no flexibility whatsoever, and one of the issues i have with mandatory criminal statutes that have mandatory sentencing is that not even the court has discretion even in a case where
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there are mitigating circumstances to impose a less severe penalty. >> now burress made a brief statement to the new york state supreme court judge and he said basically, most of it was inaudible. he said i would like to apologize to my family. turned around and looked at his wife and young son. had to be a very surreal and obviously sad moment for burress when you think about it. he's going to jail for at least 20 months, maybe as long as two years for accidentally shooting himself in the thigh at a mat han an nightclub here in november of last year. and just two years ago, he was holding up the lombardi trophy. chris: that's right, sal n fact, his family here, the victims in this case. you mentioned he's on his way to riker's island following processing. then where does he go and how long will he stay there until he gets to the next destination? >> that part of it is kind of unknown, chris. what happens next is that one of
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the new york city department of corrections buses, those blue and white buses you sometimes see pass by me, behind me, will pick him up and take him to riker's island. he'll have a psychological examination. he'll have a physical exam. he'll take a blood test and there will be an undetermined amount of processing that goes on at riker's island. then he goes to down state prison before he finally goes to one of the medium security prisons within the bureau of prisons in the state of new york. so he's got at least two more transfers to go, and the processing, according to brafman, before he gets to the final destination, could take anywhere from four to six weeks. chris: ok, again burress pleaded guilty august 20, one count of attempted criminal possess of a weapon two,-year prison term and he will serve at least 20 months behind bars. sal paolantonio live in manhattan. john: six prime time nfl games so far this season, all fantastic finishes. >> amazing.
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john: trent dilfer is here to talk about last night's between the colts and the dolphins. there he is, peyton manning tied with johnny u for most wins by a colts starting quarterback. yes, he does play more regular season games. but yes, he's very good. >> not a bad way to start. it's like knocking in a 7-iron. easy. john: you're talking holing it out. >> 80-yard touchdown to start the game? john: much better than a birdie. that is an eagle two. 7-0. and there it is. >> great answer pation, get the matchup on the linebacker. peyton knows he has it before the play's even there. nice congratulations by tiger. john: tiger woods, tour championship this weekend. corporate brother of peyton manning. miami ran the ball well all night long. ronnie brown, 24 carries, 136. we're tied 7-7. tiger concerned. his colts and manning not getting the ball very much in this game. third quarter, tied at 13-13. here comes pennington. dumping it off to bess. pennington 22-33, 183.
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>> pennington did a great job of eating up the perimeter with throws like this and converting big third downs. he was very sharp monday night. john: ted ginn jr. and here comes brown again. that yellow line, they kept getting over it. and manning s. like, what the? can we get some offensive plays, please? they ran three plays in the third quarter. >> yeah, but he got a nap, so he's rested. john: yeah, the arm is rested. fourth quarter, there's brown. the dolphins were 15-21 on third downs. they lead 20-13. this game is going perfectly for them f. they can just stop manning. third time he was perfect and was his precision amazing. >> it always is. he sometimes says when he gets in rhythm, when he's called to make a play, he always does. john: uconn in the house. donald brown up the middle breaking tackles and scoring and just like that we are tied at 20-20 again. next dolphins drive, we
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mentioned how good they were on third downs. pennington over the middle, ginn, he's open. on second base for the first down. >> great play by pennington. he moves the defense to the left and throws it back to the right. john: off the dirt. that won't be a problem when the marlins build their new stadium. dwight freeney and the colt defense exhausted, and they're down by three. so here's the situation. this sun believable, trent. >> you don't see this very often. but your only answer when you get your tail kicked is big plays. and that's how the colts answered. just generated more and more big plays as the game went on. and it countered the physical beating they were taking on the other side. john: eli manning got it done sunday night. peyton, could he get it done? pack shoulder pass to reggie wayne. plenty of time to go here, 3:39. only down by three. dallas clark, he's like greg maddux back there with his control. >> he is. john: and then the big play you mentioned. ohio athletic conference, the
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purple raider is gone! >> and peyton manning audibles this play. he trusts a young receiver in the most critical situation, checks to him, recognized the weakness in the defense and exposes it. john: another eagle. four plays, 80 yards, 32 seconds. they lead by four. no longer a field goal game. dolphins have plenty of time here. for once they can't run the ball. still a good run by brown to get some positive yards. time going down. but not a major issue. they do take a little bit of time here and perhaps cost themselves a play in the large scheme of things. but even if they get the ball at this point, at the 20, with 2:25 to go, it would be enough time to score a touchdown. >> yeah, a lot of teams choose the huddle. no big sense of urgency before the two-minute warning. i have no problem with that. the real issue comes coming up here later when they don't get a play off before the two-minute warning. john: right here. you would like to see one more play before the two-minute warning. >> yeah, you got get one off here. there's no reason not to. there was plenty of time. you can steal a down, use the
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two-minute warning as ai time-out. john: still, third and 4, they're down four, two minutes to go. 71 seconds to go. pennington looking -- and this was the big play here. he is stripped from behind. the dolphins do recover. great play by be robert mathis. >> it really is a big play on the drive because it puts them in long yardage situation, makes them eat up more downs to get first downs and obviously they used the time-out when if they would have recognized there's an injury. i really don't like, this the third and 1 in this situation. time is more important than downs. you're in four-down situation, use a pass play. john: all right, then spike it, clock it, go from there. like you said, they're losing time here. 36 seconds to go. that being said, pennington, play action. and he has just what he wants, trent. ted ginn jr., one-on-one coverage in the end zone. oh, he doesn't make the play. >> you can't ask for anything more in this situation. you ask for a one-on-one isolation with your supposed number one receiver. this is a play that is expected
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to be made by your number one receiver. teddy ginn has to come up with it. john: ginn makes that play, first down. so let's run up and spike it. it will give us one more chance to throw is the ball to the end zone. here they come. clock winding down. you realized they were going to get the clock right there so, they have time for one more play. throw it into the end zone and try to win this game. down by four, pennington stepping up. it's picked off. antoine bethea and pennington and the dolphins controlled the clock, controlled the game. but in the end peyton manning and his quick-strike offense and the precision and the timing gets the victory. the colts had the ball for less than 15 minutes. the colts had the ball for 14:53, the lowest time of possession for a winning team in the nfl since 1977. they ran 35 plays to 84 for the dolphins. coming from behind four times to
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beat miami. a difficult game to explain. the dolphins aren't sure where to start. >> it's really disheartening, ok? i would like to ask you guys how many times you've seen games like that where you keep the ball 45 minutes and you have 229 yards rushing and you're 13-18 on third down. it's exactly the formula to beat that team. >> it's not about statistics. it's about scoring points and winning football games. and when you play against a team like the colts, when you get into the red zone, you got to score touchdowns. you can't kick field goals. so, i'm lost for words. i really am. i don't know what to say. >> i don't feel comfortable with these comparisons to unitas, but i'm very proud to wear the same uniform as johnny unitas. he was a real winner and i'm proud to be a part of a lot of wins along with a lot of great players.
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it's a very humbling feeling. john: a great game. great postgame interview by peyton manning. let's do a by the numbers. 37, peyton manning's 80-yard scoring drive, his 37th career game-winning drive in the fourth quarter or overtime, second most among active players behind brett favre's 39. 119. manning wins his 119th game under center for the colts, breaking johnny unitas' record. besides those two, the only other quarterback in franchise history with even 25 career wins was burt jones. the colts win despite holding the ball for just 14:53, the first time since the time of possession has been tracked in the mid 1970's that a team won with fewer than 15 minutes of possession. and 239, the dolphins are the third team to rush for 239 yards and lose. titans and cowboys also did that over the weekend in the nfl. what a crazy weekend, what a wild game. and in the end it's peyton
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manning who gets the job done. back-to-back prime time performances by eli and peyton. this one took a while. peyton, the quick-strike offense. big play, you can't predict when a big play is going to happen. it's an impossible question to ask, who do you take? >> but yet you still ask it. i know archie has got to be a proud papa this weekend. i got to go with peyton manning. what eli is doing is phenomenal. i think it's on track to have the type of career that peyton's having. a wonderful franchise, had a lot of success. but peyton manning is the manning. this guy in the clutch situations, i call him the man-up situations. you got to shoulder the load, is absolutely the best in all of football. he does a phenomenal job earning the trust of his teammates and his preparation. they know come game time he's going to be his calmest, his most relaxed, at his best when they need him the most because of that. i not only put peyton manning at the best in the game, i think he might be the best of all time when it comes to these situations. john: we want to know what you
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think. you're always right. nation, here's your poll question. which quarterback would you want for a game-winning drive, this could come down to who are giant fans and who are colt fans? eli -- >> you think? john: or peyton. it's so interesting because they're such two different personalities. eli is a little calmer, a little cooler. peyton, of course, is the older brother. >> type a. john: it's a great question. please log on, nation, and we'll let you know what america thinks later in this "sportscenter." as always, a-plus effort. you shot about a 66 on this segment. >> i'd take that right now. john: well done, trent dilfer. chris: still to come on "sportscenter," more trent. he has another round in him. plus, matt hasselbeck battling a fractured rib. what's his status for the bears' game and how short a leash will brady quinn have in his next start? our nfl insiders with us. urban meyer handed tennessee a loss and a verbal lashing. vols coach lane kiffin responds. you'll want to hear what they had to say. and zack greinke on the mound tonight against boston. how important is this start for
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john: welcome back to "sportscenter." i's john buccigross with chris
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mckendry. rookie hazing. hideki matsui looking like, well, anyone you see in times square really. that's not much of a stretch. and this is phenomenal. whoever does this, and that's perfect. the lion. even this year's crew was perfect. all right, andy pettitte facing vlad wreer guerrero bottom one. yankees-angels. possible alcs matchup. looks like it will be tigers, yankees, red sox, angels in the first round of the playoffs. bobby abreu scores, former yankee. then torii hunter. guerrero is hitting .301. this angel team can hit for average, for sure. they're not a thunderous offensive team in terms of home runs, but they can hit for average. joe saunders, bad early, good lately. 4-0 since he came off the d.l., 2.10 e.r.a. he's that crafty lefty you like to have in the playoffs. nearly gets teixeira to bounce out. teixeira 0-4 on the night. and then nervous time for the
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angels. much like philly fans, they're not sure when their closer comes in. fuentes has a 4.21 e.r.a. but 44 saves. chris: it's all part of the excitement. john: robinson cano grounds out to kendry morales. and the yankees lose. so boy, those red sox fans are thinking, let's make this three in the loss column. all right, here it is. hunt for october. magic numbers. yankees' number is eight in the east while the angels chopped theirs to six with a win. the yankees k. however, clinch at least a playoff spot. they're going to at least get the wild card. even if they were somehow to blow the division, they are still going to the postseason. for now yankees safe, but that division lead not so much. chris: so on to those red sox taking on the royals. and not without question, tim wakefield, first start since september 5. only his third since early july. lower back strain. double finding the zone last night. bottom three, that pitch got away from victor martinez.
12:22 pm
it was 6-1 at that point, and the was raining. and the rains came down and he struggled some more. bottom five, he walks bloomquist to start the inning. two batters later, walks butler, four straight pitches. next batter up is mike jacobs. and that's going to be it for tim wakefield on the night. jacobs crushes a three-run shot. royals are down 8-5. wakefield five innings, seven walks, four earned. to the bullpen we go. bottom six, daniel bard is pitching. betancourt singles to right. two score. now the royals wipe out deficits in this game of 6-0 and 8-2. they rally to win 12-9. red sox relievers three innings pitched, seven earned runs. the royals are 11-13 in their last 14 games. playing the spoiler. baseball insider buster olney joining us now live on "sportscenter." the royals' zack greinke going tond against the sox. now, he has 14 victories, the fewest for a starter to win a cy
12:23 pm
young in a full season is 16. yet he leads the american league e.r.a. and strikeouts. how important is tonight's start? >> extremely important. now, i think he's a slight leader because of the fact that his e.r.a. is about 3/10 of a run lower than felix hernandez, the fact that he's got 224 strikeouts in 210 1/3 innings. i talked with an american league general manager today, he said there's no question greinke has been the best pitcher in the american league but that win total can be so important. and felix hernandez has 16. has a thing called cy young predictor. right now felix hernandez is in the lead in that record. so greinke has a lot to pitch for. by the way, he could have a huge impact on the race in the american league central, because after he pitches against boston tonight, his next two starts will be against the minnesota twins who go in to play today 2 1/2 games behind the tigers. chris: and felix hernandez, his next start is thursday against the blue jays. greinke's second in the a.l. in strikeouts. the cy young predictor is
12:24 pm
interesting, if you haven't checked it out. it says c.c. sabathia is even ahead of greinke in the race. check it out, let's move on to another big pitcher, chapman, that hard- throwing lefty, one of the best prospects in the world. now he started the process to become eligible for free agency in the off-season, establishing residency outside the u.s. in andora, a small european country near spain and france. this is an important step because it takes him out of the amateur draft. big bidding war. how big, buster? >> it's going to be enormous. and it's going to involve the usual suspects, the red sox against the yankees, maybe the chicago teams getting involved. a lot of the bidding is going to depend on how he looks when he throws for scouts before the bidding process begins. in other words, if he gains a lot of weight or if he manifests or reinforce some concerns among scouts about his ability to repeat his delivery. and if there's some concerns about his ability to hold his
12:25 pm
composure on the mound. but suming that all goes well, i think there's a chance the bidding could go beyond where the daisuke matsuzaka contract was with the red sox, which was $52 million. in other words, chapman could wind up getting the biggest contract of any free agent this off-season, including john lackey and matt holliday. chris: wow. that is one to watch. espn baseball insider buster olney. buster, thanks. >> thanks, chris. chris: well, for more on the red sox series against the royals, log on to john: speaking of a strong arm, matthew stafford, looks like the lions will stand by their man. he's our quarterback, jim schwartz said. we're pleased with him. he's going to be a very good quarterback in the league, and we're going to win with him. we are joined now by nfl inspider adam schefter. another quarterback situation in cleveland. the browns have scored just one
12:26 pm
offensive touchdown in two games. brady quinn, he's still their man. how long is that leash in cleveland? >> well, i think that people around the league know that the browns have one of the best f. not the best backup quarterback in the league in derek anderson, a quarterback who's probably better than some of the starters elsewhere around the league. so the browns have the luxury, if they're uncomfortable with brady quinn, of turning to derek anderson at some point. but right now eric mangini is standing behind brady quinn, despite the factre are people questioning the offense. a lot of people before didn't like the way that eric mangini handled the quarterback situation, and not announcing his decision. now people are still questioning it. john: quinn has a lot of incentive clauses in his contract if he keeps playing. matt hasselbeck, he says he's had an injury before and the injury didn't force him to miss a game. what are the chances he plays sunday against the bears? >> john, think about it in these terms. donovan mcnabb just experienced
12:27 pm
a very similar injury in philadelphia. use him as a gauge here. donovan mcnabb didn't practice all of last week. it won't surprise me if matthew hasselbeck doesn't practice all of this week. donovan mcnabb didn't play last week. it won't surprise me if matthew hasselbeck is unable to play this week against the chicago bears. if hasselbeck can't go, seneca wallace gets the turn. i think he has some capabilities of surprising some people, but he's not matthew hasselbeck, crors. john: all right, michael crabtree, still holding out. we heard that report yesterday saying the niners were filing tampering charges. an agent's job is to get the most money for his client. what more can you tell us? >> well, at this particular point in time, i think the whole issue came to a head with the tampering charges. a couple of weeks ago, deion sanders, who's close with michael crabtree, raised the point that there were a couple of teams out there who were willing to pay crabtree whatever he wanted, whatever that is. and so when that happens, that raises the 49ers' curiosity level. they can't have some people out
12:28 pm
there saying to michael crabtree, we'll pay you a certain amount of money, which is more than the 49ers are offering, because then it compromises their chances of signing michael crabtree. that's why the tampering charges were filed as a precaution against another team offering michael crabtree more money than the 49ers are offering him right now. john: all right, extra point time, adam. we saw a little sideline brawl, titans and texans. what's the league's take on this right now? >> the league does not like these things. and i think that later this week, andre johnson, the texans' wide receiver, and the titans' cornerback cortland finnegan and the titans' defensive lineman will all be hearing from the league. it won't surprise me if they get a fedex envelope in the mail on thursday or friday alerting them to the fact that they will all be fined for their part in sunday's brawl. john: all right, thank you so much, adam. >> thanks, john. chris: coming up, is peyton manning the most person on his
12:29 pm
team in the entire league? plus peyton v eli, who would you rather have in the final minute? you're going to tell us and we'll share. plaxico burress taken into custody this morning and after sentencing. why his time in prison may be harder than most. details ahead. ( music plays, tape rips ) ( doorbell rings ) you're a pizza delivery guy? well come on in, man! what you waiting on? ( celebrating ) mouthwatering toppings, fresh-baked pizzeria taste. i like to think i deliver more than just pizza. for fresh delivery taste without the delivery price, it's digiorno. but i've still got room for the internet. with my new netbook from at&t. with its built-in 3g network, it's fast and small, so it goes places other laptops can't.


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