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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 22, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by espn, inc.] >> a truce. we are done. lane, urban, that's it. >> plaxico burress sentenced. the emotional scene that played out inside the courtroom and what he can expect behind bars. hold on tight for the top 10 plays of week two and see if peyton manning is the best quarterback of the super bowl era. and inside the return to power at miami. what oklahoma is saying now about the plan for sam bradford. >> at this hour on "sportscenter" an m.r.i. this morning confirmed cowboys running back marion barber is nursing a quad strain.
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league sources told barber hopes to play against the panthers monday night. floyd mayweather according to his tax attorney the man called money mayweather agreed to pay $5.6 million in back taxes and did so before the i.r.s. tapped into his purse before fighting juan manuel marquez. we begin with a sad, entirely avoidable story for an nfl star. >> plaxico burress from super bowl hero to a number at rykker's island. he gets the two years he pleaded to back in august. burress pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a weapon after shooting himself in a manhattan nightclub with an unlicensed weapon. now he does his time. all right, sal paolantonio was
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in the courthouse today and joins us now from new york. give us an idea of what happened inside the courtroom today. >> very, very emotional scene. plaxico burress joined his lawyer at the defendant table and realized he needed to say one last goodbye to his wife, tiffany, and to his son. so he asked his lawyer to ask the judge for a chance to go back to the row five where his wife and son were and hug them goodbye. that is what he did. he walked back, hugged and kissed his wife and gave his son a kiss. he got a hug from his father and his father said be strong. the sentence came down and moments later plaxico burress was escorted off to rykker's island. after the proceeding his lawyer asked for a last piece of sympathy for his client. >> i want to make a couple of observations. i think what just happened in
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the courtroom with mr. burress being sentenced and remanded terribly sad and tragic. you can violate the law, be subject to severe punishment and not be a criminal. mr. burress used bad judgment. he violated a law that has no flexibility whatsoever. one of the issues i have with mandatory criminal statutes that have criminal sentencing is that not even the court has discretion in a case where there are mitigating circumstances to impose a less severe penalty. >> during the hearing plaxico burress made a very short statement during which he turned around to his wife and son and said i apologize to my family. >> sal paolantonio joining us from new york where plaxico burress was sentenced to jail. let's go whack in time.
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not all that long ago burress was making the game-winning catch in a game against the patriots in super bowl 42. then, fast start from there after a contract dispute in the off-season burress given a contract extension just in time for the season opener. 10 catches and 133 yards against washington. the rest of 2008 fairly forgettable on and off the field playing just 10 games, made just 35 catches, injuries, inconsistent and the incident in the nightclub ended his season. after the accidental shooting burress spent the better part of a year in a courtroom and he will begin serving his time today. burress said he wants to continue his football career. he is 32 years old. we bring in john clayton. what is the thought in the nfl about burress being able to eventually come back to the league. >> i think it will be tough.
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you are talking about being 34 years old. unless he is out of jail sometime in june 2011, you are talking about missing two training camps and trying to come in the middle of the season. that will be very difficult. you can see michael vick five years younger is doing pretty well running around at his age doing some things. you can imagine 34, no training camp or football for two years. unless he gets out of jail sometime before the two-year period i think it could mean the end of plaxico burress' career. >> not the concern for plaxico burress today. john clayton will be back later on "sportscenter." details about the very emotional scene that played out in the new york courtroom where burress was sentenced today. an emotional day ahead in "sportscenter." >> college football now, lane kiffin was a service management major at fresno state. but the new tennessee coach could teach a class in marketing. upon arrival in knoxville kiffin
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injected a volunteer program coming off a five-win season into a dialogue with the national champions from florida tapping into to us vs. them ethos. yesterday kiffin took the opportunity to dig at florida, which is currently dealing with a flu outbreak. >> this off-season the commissioner made a big deal about what we are supposed to say about other teams, coaches and players. obviously urban feels he doesn't need to follow that. we won't say anything else. >> would you ever say another team or coach did not play to win? >> no. i wouldn't say that. >> do you have flu concerns that this team may have issues with sickness? >> i don't know. i guess we will wait and see and after we are not excited about a performance we will tell you everybody was sick. >> kirk herbstreit, kiffin did not take any shots at urban myer
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today but he has been more than willing to rattle coach myer's cage since he arrived in knoxville. what effect does the sniping have on the two programs? >> it is child's play. to be frank it is getting boring. can we move on? florida is playing kentucky this week. tennessee has a game. i am blown away that this continues to go on. to me, lane kiffin is a great guy. somebody needs to let lane kiffin know that he coaches at tennessee. you don't need to say funny lines and poke at other programs to get your team to matter. we understand. peyton manning went to school there. you won the national championship in 1998. you are at tennessee. i don't think they have to continue to play these games. just go out and play the way you did at the swamp. that is where you talk. the way they played at the swamp, they outplayed florida almost the whole game. now you go call recruits.
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enough is enough. i am officially calling it right now. a truce. we are done. lane, urban, it's over. we don't want to hear from you guys anymore. >> there is a history between the two schools. it was spurrier who used to take shots at the other side. it does go back a little ways. >> that was fun this . is getting personal. enough is enough. >> we will move on. a huge a.c.c. game this week, number nine miami shot up in the polls. number 11 virginia tech. is the winner of this game a legitimate national title contender? >> absolutely. if you think about it the winner is in the driver's seat to get to the a.c.c. championship game. miami, if they win, they are going to continue to move up in the polls. i have them at fifth this week. i think this team is for real. the thing that really stood out for me has been the leadership
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and poise from jacory harris. physically he is making every throw. the way he is leading this team, and the way the team is responding to him, i think that puts miami in a position to be taken very seriously. >> can virginia tech generate enough offense. >> exactly. >> we will find out saturday on abc at 3:30 eastern time. >> all right. coming up on "sportscenter" not all is going as predicted so far. see if you agree with the choices for the nfl's biggest surprises and disappointments through week two. from cruise control to hitting speed bumps. with a key piece to their october puzzle struggling how concerned should the yankees be? and one quarterback to win a last minute drive. who do you pick. think it through.
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>> good game, great finish and a really unusual "monday night football" game last night in miami. peyton manning arrived in south florida tied with johnny unitas for all-time wins among colts starting quarterbacks. opening play from scrimmage, manning, play fake, hits dallas clark. poor coverage, worse tackle attempt. 80 yards for the touchdown. 12 seconds into the game tying the record for the quickest "monday night football" touchdown ever. the dolphins who have all sorts of celebrities now who own the team. colts respond with tiger woods now.
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rook brown, one of 10 carries for colt running backs last night. he is in the zone. next dolphin drive, chad pennington to ted ginn. 21--yard gain. first down. they bring out dan carpenter. 45-yard attempt is true. time of possession going the way of the dolphins meaning dwight freeney and the colts defense needs some oxygen. next drive manning to reggie wayne, gain of 15. man to dallas clark. 183 yards, first by a tight end since the merger. screen pass to pierre garcon, his only reception of the night. colts up 27-23. peyton. >> pretty good inspiration last night from a certain quarterback from the giants. he kept me up late.
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i saw how calm and cool eli was. he has young receivers too. pierre is very patient. he was more talkative than he has been all game saying i can beat them. >> little brother inspiring big brother. the dolphins have to answer. pennington, play-action to ginn. he had it in his hands. that would have been the game winner. if you are a receiver, you are supposed to collect it. he couldn't. six seconds left. final chance for pennington. that offense so maligned over the arm strength. falls into the hands of the colts. pennington and the dolphins, 0-2 despite a decisive time of possession advantage. they lose it. manning and the colts win it. colts had the ball for less than a quarter of the game last
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night. the lowest time of possession for a winning team since the nfl began tracking these things. dolphins had nearly 50 more plays than the colts. indy was obviously more explosive averaging over 10 yards per play with five plays for 20 plus yards. brian if you run the ball well and control the clock, you control the football game. they have been saying that since the game was invented. peyton manning does not subscribe to conventional wisdom. >> now with the drive last night which active quarterback would you want to lead your last minute drive. tony kornheiser and dan le batard weigh in on the set of "p.t.i.." >> welcome back to the "p.t.i." program. ok dan, if you had one nfl quarterback to lead a last minute drive who are you taking? >> by the time peyton manning is done he will have more than anybody. he will hold all of the quarterback records.
6:18 pm
yesterday he became the first quarterback ever to conclude one of these drives with a guy named pierre as his wide receiver. >> anybody else you would consider? >> roethlisberger and brady are in the conversation. but he is not going to make mistakes and he has the skill set. errors think his brother eli is in the conversation. if hi to do somebody today i am taking drew brees. nine touchdown passes in the first two games. wonderful receivers. it is important to have really good receivers. >> are we taking the quarterback or the receivers. the thing about peyton manning -- >> it doesn't matter who they put around him. dallas clark would not be this in any other system. tom brady, you see the way edelman does it. >> that is true about drew brees who had unknown receivers when he got to new orleans and suddenly you have heard of all of them. i don't think you can just pick
6:19 pm
one guy. the guy who is making a living on doing it lately is ben roethlisberger. he also has very good receivers. there are a lot of guys out there you would hand it to and not be afraid of handing them the ball. >> roethlisberger is so hard to tackle. peyton manning never gets sacked in those situations. >> plaxico burress sentenced to two years in jail today. your thoughts. >> makes me really sad. sad on top of sad. zack greinke, best pitch near baseball goes for win number 15 against the red sox. will he get it? >> i don't know. red sox are awfully good. 14 wins with kansas city is impressive. jimmy clausen has turf toe but is expected to play saturday. >> at any other position than that it would be a big deal. eric mangini says he is sticking with brady quinn. good call? >> he is the fan favorite in cleveland. you can't go wrongdoing that until you are 0-5.
6:20 pm
yankees can become the first team to clinch a playoff spot. >> they will have to wait a couple of days. justine henna will return to pro tennis in january. >> he is doing this because she is jealous. last one, lamar odom and khloe cardashian are engaged. >> third best laker, meet third best kardashian. >> out of time. >> same time tomorrow. follow me on twitter. le batard show. let's go back to bristol. >> anyway the yankees crudesing towards the playoffs. a few cylinders misfiring. joba chamberlain roughed up in his last start. his manager joe girardi said it is time for him to step up.
6:21 pm
he needs to step it up. chamberlain struggled the past two months. he is not going deep into the game anymore. his e.r.a. has been over 8.00 since august. john kruk joins us now. anything to the two things, one causing the other? does that cause him to lose his rhythm? >> they have done nothing to help this kid out. joba chamberlain was having a good year. what you would expect from a young pitcher. they have set him back. you are telling a young, competitive kid to give us three or four innings or 60 pitches. how do you tell him not to go as long and hard as you can. you can't tell a young kid to pace himself. it is wrong. they should have left him in the bullpen if they were scared he would get hurt, keep him in the bullpen or do it a different way. they set the kid back another
6:22 pm
year in my opinion. >> ok. i won't argue the proof is in the performance. divisional series best of five yankees have cc sabathia, burnett, andy pettitte. where does joba fit in that rotation? >> he doesn't. where can he pitch? the only way he can start in the first round is if andy pettitte with his arm fatigue can't go. that is the only way. where does he fit in the bullpen? he doesn't. they have joba chamberlain because of his lack of repetition and the lack of being able to get outs, he is right now a sixth inning guy if need be. other than that he is irrelevant in the first round unless they can get him some innings. >> he was very good in the middle innings in relief.
6:23 pm
tonight the red sox trying to close in on the american league wild card going head-to-head with zack greinke. not just the royals but you have the top guy in the league who has given up one earned run over his last four starts. greinke leads all of baseball in e.r.a. the fourth lowest among pitchers 25 or younger in the divisional era and the lowest in the american league since pedro in 2000 whose e.r.a. was out of control. a lot of talk midway through, even when he had a great e.r.a., halladay and lincecum, is this guy the best in baseball? >> i think he is the most dominant now. this start is huge. he is yet to pitch against new york and boston. two starts against tampa, another really good offensive
6:24 pm
team and pitched 14 innings and given up seven runs against tampa. he has to run the table to me. division not a strong offensive team. look at what roy halladay and cc sabathia has to do with powerful offenses going headed to head every night. zack greinke can win the cy young if he wins tonight. but i still think he has to run the table and get to 17 or 18 wins. >> let's see tonight. he has been cruising. back on track. let's see tonight. baseball tonight 10:00 eastern time right here on espn. thank you john. wednesday night baseball you have the phillies and marlins tomorrow night. cole hamels on the hill for the champs. johnathan sanchez and the giants takeoth diamondbacks at 10:00 eastern time. wednesday night baseball double-header tomorrow night. >> much more "sportscenter" on the way inspired by peyton manning passing junie u. himself last night for all-time wins by
6:25 pm
a colts quarterback. we will reveal the top 10 super bowl era quarterbacks ever. oklahoma's head coach on the plan for injured sam bradford and pete carroll on u.s.c.'s quarterback issues and charlie weis. >> you don't know what is to come. >> sentenced today, we will take you inside what prison life will be like for plaxico burress and be like for plaxico burress and the emotional scene - ( "super freak" by rick james playing ) - it's pretty amazing how one click of a mouse can make you move... groove, bust it, shake it, get down, - ♪ she's a super freak, super freak ♪ - get funky - ♪ she's super freaky - and let your freak flag fly. - ♪ ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, oh, oh ♪ - ( laughs ) - visa debit is the safe, secure way to pay online. - ♪ super freak, super freak - ♪ that girl's a super freak, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh... ♪ - more people go with visa.
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>> once again top story on "sportscenter" plaxico burress losing his freedom today. the former nfl stand out sentenced to two years he pleaded to back in august. former giant who caught the game-winning pass in the super bowl accidentally fired an unlicensed gun into his own leg in a manhattan nightclub. the thought of doing two years in prison is sobering. around the new york city area there is a name used that will strike fear into your heart. rykker's. that means rykker's island where the prison stint begins. that is where plaxico burress is right now. more on what burress can expect has he begins the longest stretch of his life. >> by nightfall on tuesday this will be former giants receiver
6:30 pm
plaxico burress' temporaryy home. a jail facility just outside of manhattan. here, burress could remain for up to a month undergoing medical and psychological exams. then he will be transported to another facility for more in-depth evaluations. eventually he will be assigned to a third facility where he will finish out his 20-month sentence. burress spoke with his fear of the unknown. >> you wake up and don't know what is to come. you don't know what to expect. that is the toughest thing. you know you got to go to jail. >> where burress ultimately ends up depends on the outcome of his examinations and where a bed opens up. some experts say despite his celebrity burress would be better off living within the
6:31 pm
general population. >> i don't see any reason why plaxico burress would need to be in protective custody. >> cathly o'boil has been a sentencing mitigation consultant and worked with high profile inmates. >> there could be big dudes there. there will be robbery cases. there will be some level of sex offenders could be there. my opinion someone like plaxico burress could quickly learn what the rules are, get along with people and, you know, do ok. >> what are the rules? >> well the rules are generally street rules. you don't snitch. you keep your mouth shut. you don't let people walk over you. >> if burress does end up in a general population his sleeping quarters would look similar to this, cot-to-cot or bunk-to-bunk
6:32 pm
with 20-40 inmates in one large room. the other would be a room containing cubicle style sleeping units. >> i think prison is a great leveler. i would think in a couple of weeks, unless he has cigarettes to give away, i think he will be another guy. >> burress' lawyer said the two years was a very severe sentence. calling it a tragic case. again, with good behavior burress could be out of prison in 20 months. >> taking you on campus now. for the fourth straight season u.s.c. is in bounce-back mode after a surprise road loss in the great northwest. trojans trouble start at quarterback where matt barkley is working his way back from a shoulder injury that kept him out last week. >> yesterday to my surprise and our surprise in general matt barkley practiced throughout the
6:33 pm
practice. he was not perfect, but he was good enough to perform. i am anxious to see how he feels today. he took half of the snaps. looked at his best since he was injured a couple of weeks ago. we don't know right now. we will have to go day-by-day and find out how it goes. >> injured heisman trophy winner sam bradford will definitely not play this week for the sooners. they have an off week. whether he can any in two saturdays remains the subject of speculation thanks to the revelation by the oklahoma offensive coordinator that bradford increased his workload in practice yesterday. >> i will not detail day-to-day. little disappointed our players have so much to say. not that we are trying to be coy, but i don't want sam to have to deal with the pressure of everybody's expectations.
6:34 pm
again, too early to speculate. i won't get into the speculation. once he is comfortable and ready to play i will have something to say. until then, we are not going to deal with it every day and don't want our players and teams giving percentages and he did this much or not that much. i just don't want to do it. so i am going to choose not to. >> a lot of guess work at notre dame as well. jimmy clausen only missed two plays, but in south bend mole hills can quickly become mountains and turf toes turn into season-ending injuries. charlie weis attempted to set the record straight. >> m.r.i. came back negative other than the turf toe. so the rumors of him being done for the year are incorrect. but he does have a turf toe. i will probably hold him out of practice today.
6:35 pm
plan is to give jimmy some of it on wednesday and all of it on thursday and see how it goes from there. >> gone well on the field. clausen has thrown for nine touchdowns without an interception, he is second in the nation in pass efficiency. with or without it the irish play at purdue saturday night right here on espn. >> more to come, national title hopes in jeopardy. kirk herbstreit on how u.s.c.'s issue at quarterback will affect their run at a title. jim zorn is called out during a live interview after last sunday's game. we have details. >> garcon makes the catch. there goes garcon. the sheriff gets his man again. >> he made colts history last night but is peyton manning the number one quarterback of the super bowl era? we will find out up next. ( conversation )
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>> new world series of poker continues tonight on espn
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tonight at 8:00 and 9:00 eastern time. back to the nfl now here on "sportscenter." you know it is a hot seat when a local legend gives you the business. happened when jim zorn, doing a postgame interview with a pro football hall of famer and former redskin great. this goes back to the redskins win sunday against the rams. jim zorn called the halfback option to clinton portis and the pass fell incomplete. >> third down, i am the quarterback. you are the quarterback. you call the halfback throwing the ball for me, i am calling a time-out or an audible. that is what you pay me for. >> i would have to take you out of the game. i would say what is wrong with my play. >> it didn't work. >> but i called it to work. it didn't work. there are a lot of plays that
6:41 pm
didn't work. i would take you out of the game, sorry sonny. >> i don't know. that is good. zorn said i would take you out. you are not taking me out of the game son. redskins scored a touchdown on less than 45% of their trips inside the red zone since zorn took over. good thing he did not bring that up. senior nfl reporter john clayton is back with us now. rumblings about zorn's job status grabbing headlines in d.c. they play the lion this is week. how much heat on zorn? >> anybody that loses to the lions in the first couple weeks of the season could be in trouble for their job. but i have to think there is uneasiness and so much has to go to the red zone play calling.
6:42 pm
looking at the fact that they have not been scoring points in 18 games under zorn. they have moved the ball. yet the scoring hasn't been there. there will be more heat on jim. certainly they want him to finish the season and be the head coach. that i have a stretch of a lot of winnable games and can probably go to 4-1 but overall the heat is on and sonny is making it hotter. >> i like that on both sides. meantime the browns scored one touchdown in eight quarters and it was a garbage time touchdown. eric mangini said yesterday he is sticking with brady quinn. how close do you think we are to seeing derek anderson? >> probably three to four weeks away. i do thinkeric wants to stay conservative with the offense and make sure they don't come in with anderson and have the
6:43 pm
interceptions. it is an 0-2 start and there are a lot of upset people in cleveland. the pressure continues to build there too. >> years ago i would have said week two hot seat, but guys are getting fire instead preseason. thank you, john. >> eric mann gene and he jim zorn both know scoring is not overrated but apparently keeping possession of the football is. colts barely touched it last night and still beat the dolphin on the road. peyton manning to pierre garcon for his only catch of the night. game-winning drive took just 32 seconds. they held it less than 15 minutes and still win it 27-23. next level on manning. since 2001 when his team is tied or trailing by one score in the
6:44 pm
fourth quarter or overtime manning completed nearly 66% of his passes with a touchdown to interception ratio above 2.0. his 96.3 passer rating is the best in the nfl during that time. manning is a three-time m.v.p., super bowl champ and by the time he is done his numbers will be off the charts. trent is here to tell us how high manning climbed on his all-time chart. your top 10 quarterbacks of the super bowl era. before we reveal the list what is your criteria. >> it is impossible to state who is the greatest of all-time. mainly championships and talent and my favorites. >> super bowl era. number 10, terry bradshaw. he has to make the list. he won four championships and had a huge arm. what i love the most is that he was mentally and physically
6:45 pm
tough and the team took on that character. >> from the espn family at number nine steve young, number nine. i think the most artistic quarterback that i ever saw. a beautifully accurate passer. had wonderful mobility. there is a story he was faster than jerry rice. >> three current players on your list including number eight, brett favre. >> i believe the greatest football player to ever play quarterback. it has body type was different he would have been a hall of famer at multiple positions. >> troy aikman. >> three super bowl championships, turned around a franchise. just an unbelievable football play they're was deadly accurate down the field. >> a guy neither you or i or most of the audience saw play. >> bart starr, talked to a lot
6:46 pm
of people that watched him play. class, leadership, could throw the football. the biggest thing was the situations where he was always there. >> he was good. joe montana before joe montana was around. elegant passer. i believe that he could still play in today's football. >> did someone mention joe montana? >> how beautiful it was to watch him play. the original west coast quarterback. the model for all future quarterbacks to be trained by changed the way offensive football was played. >> number three, john elway. i think in terms of pure talent he might be the best. took him many years but he finished up the right way. love me john elway. >> number two, tom brady. >> the reason it is on the curve, i think the position is more complex and harder to play than it has ever been.
6:47 pm
tom brady the mastery of this position and the three super bowl victories. >> i think we know where this is headed. >> peyton manning, number one. he would win it every single year, never has there been a player a team needs more than the indianapolis colts needs peyton manning. >> that is a pretty impressive list. no dan marino. >> no. i had the cold sweats putting together this list to leave off junie unite andass dan marino. i am not even close to any of their class as a quarterback. i had to weigh the championships because of dan marino and johnny unitas in the super bowl era did not even start. but i understand they are great. >> you may want to go see the espn nurse about the sweats. >> trent will clear that up and return with tim hasselbeck.
6:48 pm
who has been shutting up critics, and who has been a big letdown. >> how about barcelona. free kick for barcelona. header and the goal. barcelona taking the early lead. 24th minute. buries it again. looking easy. barcelona 2-0. 27th minute in the box. barcelona pounding them. that is a sensational pass. great pass there. 4-1. more soccer now with bob ley. >> on the road to south africa the united states has its own qualifies matches remaining. two powers are in danger of not
6:49 pm
qualifying for next summer. >> argentina, before their most recent loss they lost at home to brazil. argentina is in crisis over this with final matches with peru and uruguay. in the region the united states has climbed into first place. the road win guaranteed the u.s. no worse than that home and home playoff with that south american team. two matches remain. a win at honduras would qualify the u.s. for south africa and failing that the u.s. need only draw in the final qualifying match in washington d.c. the nled europe is in group one where port gull is in trouble
6:50 pm
and time is running out. yes, they close with two home matches against hungary but six points would give them any hope. in cooperation with the make a wish foundation "sportscenter's" my wish series chronicles sports themed wishes with life threatening medical conditions. very sad news, andrew pointer, a teenager featured in one of our segments, passed away. he lived in wyoming and was plagued by health issues his entire life. he was a huge sports fan. he was active as a manager on his high school wrestling team. got to spend a day with todd helton in june 2006. >> you did it. >> there you go.
6:51 pm
you hit that one hard. >> am i i hitting it hard enough? >> well,ef course you are. >> his family says even the season andy was watching the pennant race looking forward to cheering on the rockies in the postseason. his families asked for any donations in his name to be made to the make a wish foundation. he was just 14 years old. on the way u.s.c.'s shot at a national title faces a major hurdle early. find out if issues at -- >> get in here right now. we got 30 minutes for the rest of our lives. 30 minutes for the rest of our lives. >> 30 minutes. we have about 40 minutes left. see how an nfl star gets his team psyched up.
6:52 pm
and penn state facing its first real test of the year. does history mean joepa and the lions are on upset alert. great. but put a ring of cheese in the crust and...jackpot! (anouncer) introducing pizza hut's new stuff crust pan pizza. your favorite pan piz with a jackpot of melted cheese in the crut. a large one toppinis just $10.99.
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( rhythmic clapping ) ( chanting ) ( shouting ) gatorade-- that's "g."
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>> byron leftwich has new life in tampa. bucs may be 0-2 but he was productive sunday. matthew berry on leftwich. >> before you make a roster claim for week three i have a question for you. what did tom brady, aaron rogers and kurt warner have in common? all of them have less fantasy point this is year than byron leftwich. the bad bucs d means good fantasy numbers for leftwich. if he keep its up he won't be
6:57 pm
known as the other steve smith. the giants steve smith is legit. and finally with marion barber banged up that shard choice will get a lot of playing time for a cowboys team that leads the nfl in rushing yards. >> two weeks into the nfl season and there is no more impressive force than the saints offense, making them the first team in more than 40 years to start a team by scoring 45 points in back-to-back games. the saints fans have a legitimate reason for optimism this fall but they may never get as fired up on game day as their quarterback. ed werder shows us drew brees unique pregame ritual.
6:58 pm
>> i am pretty ready to play when i go into the game. that moment gives me goose bumps. >> usually it is a linebacker or defensive player that gets so fire nethe middle of your team. >> this is new orleans! >> the guy who is doing that type of thing is typically a head banger, somebody that is getting ready to go kill somebody, right. >> it is a unique and frenzied pregame moment shared by all saints, but clearly belong to one of them, quarterback drew brees in a moment brees fufills a self appointed obligation when his teammates gather for what is known around the league as breaking it down. >> i just get really focused and
6:59 pm
locked in. you start thinking about what you are going to say and what will be said back to you. the moment, getting ready to play and win. >> his theme last season was borrowed from the epic action movie "300" where spartan warrior his an epic battle cry. >> spartans, what is your profession? >> that sound that the spartans would make. we incorporated that into our chant last year. >> we didn't reach our goals last year. we have to change it up and do something new. >> so all of june and july as i am training and doing different things i am thinking what can we do to do something different that lets everybody know it is a new year and season. >> brees found his inspiration this summer participating in a u.s.o. trip to guantaunmo bay. >> i got a chance to get


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