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tv   CBS Evening News With Katie Couric  CBS  September 22, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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morning at 5:30 and go do p.t. with the marines. one of the chant leaders gets off to the side. as you are running he is yelling out chants and everybody is repeating after him. i picked up on one of their chants that was really unique and struck something inside of me. i said this is something i have to get in front of my team. i want to make sure they deliver it perfectly to them. i want to hear it delivered perfectly back to me. >> you are not going to tell me? >> no. because you will get bits. there are cameras all around. we know that. you might get bits and pieces. but the fact is the timing of it and what is said back and forth, it is special to us.
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>> little known fact, i lead the crew before we get going here on "sportscenter." >> we are all sweaty. >> the change seems to have worked for brees and the saints offense. you think? he has significantly improved his first quarter numbers since 2008 and the scoring is way up. although they seem to be scoring in every quarter on every possession so far. at this hour on "sportscenter" m.r.i. this morning confirmed marrion barb ser nursing a quad strain he suffered on this play against the giants. league source tells barber hopes to play against the panthers. ed werder reports multiple cowboy sources tell them barb ser day-to-day. >> floyd mayweather has agreed to pay off his back taxes. according to his tax attorney he
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agreed to pay $5.6 million. pay-per-view money very good for mayweather. >> he will make more. >> he is all paid up now. >> take care of the i.r.s. issues. if you are just with us, welcome in. kirk herbstreit will join us later on. >> plaxico burress in jail tonight starting two years that he pled guilty to back in august. burress pleaded guilty it a charge of criminal possession of a weapon after shooting himself in a leg at a nightclub with an unlicensed handgun. that happened in november of last year. new york city authorities resolute in their prosecution throughout. sal paolantonio was in an emotional courtroom today. >> the scene inside courtroom 1100 was very emotional. plaxico burress asked the judge for permission to say a last goodbye to his wife and son and was led away by new york city
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police officers to the jail. a sureal moment for a man less than two years ago was holding up the lombardi trophy. >> what just happened with mr. burress being sentenced and remanded is terribly sad and tragic. what i said on the record, i will repeat. you can violate the law, be subject to severe punishment and not be a criminal. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell already ruled that burress will be eligible to play again as soon as he is released from jail, which should be some time in the spring of 2011 when burress will be nearly 34 years old. >> he is sad about what he has done to his life. his career. and more personal to his family. he is a fundamentally good man who has used bad judgment and will be paying a very, very
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severe penalty. >> before plaxico burress was escorted off to jail, the last words he heard came from his father who said in a confident but somber voice "be strong." in manhattan, sal paolantonio, espn. >> sal, thank you. here is the time line. last november 29th when the ordeal started for burress. three days later he was suspended by the giants and released by the team in april. august 20th he was arraigned on weapons charges and agreed to plead guilty and serve two years in prison. >> it is never easy to serve time in prison. about you it may turn out that plaxico burress' time in prison will be tougher for him than it is most prisoners. because he is such a high celebrity individual and because the guys in prison will know who he is, to protect him will be the number one responsibility of the new york prison system. to do that they may have to put him in places away from general
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population and sometimes that means he may be serving prison time in a cell all by himself. prison time is tough enough. when you have to do it some of the team all alone, it gets even tougher. plaxico burress is not going to have an easy two years. >> much more on you can get sal paolantonio's full report. there is more you can see on his report from the emotional courtroom in manhattan on >> college football, u.s.c. the quarterback position remains in flux tonight. both matt barkley and aaron corp took practice snaps yesterday. corp started for the injured barkley in that loss at washington on saturday. it wasn't difficult. matt had a great camp and spring. the way he can handle it and how good of a player he is.
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his competitiveness, he is ready to go. i am really excited for him and our football team. in the meantime we will get aaron right and well. he is almost there but not. it is matt's job. he is going to see how far he can take it. >> back with kirk herbstreit. u.s.c. with what seems like an annual deal now. they lose on the road. happened in washington saturday. aaron corp with a limited playbook didn't get a whole lot done and now he is sharing practice snaps with matt barkley. how much will the uncertainity at that particular position hurt the trojans national title hopes? >> they have to get barkley back in the lineup asap. i think building continuity is the number one challenge no
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matter who the quarterback is. that is not going to get it done with the schedule they have. i wouldn't be surprised to see them move a joe mcknight or another running back or try another receiver. it is handcuffing the quarterback. >> penn state's first real test of the year is saturday night in happy valley. unranked iowa stunned the nittany lions in iowa city. how vulnerable is penn state to an upset this week? iowa comes in with a great deal of confidence. they have beaten penn state six of the last seven times they faced joepa. they come in anticipating a
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competitive game. for iowa to win their quarterback has to be consistent and can't turn it over and has to provide leadership for the hawkeyes. >> fantasy owners, who you should be lining up to pick up and who should you deal for as well. biggest surprises and disappointments next. a redskins player uses twitter a redskins player uses twitter to lash out at washington fans. - ( "super freak" by rick james playing ) - it's pretty amazing how one click of a mouse can make you move... groove, bust it, shake it, get down, - ♪ she's a super freak, super freak ♪ - get funky
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>> all right. we do this every week. trent dilfer and tim lessle beck are here. we have the top 10 plays of week number two. number 10. the saints putting up 48 this week. >> this might not stop. i mean this team is unbelievable. now when you add a defensive touchdown to it. darren sharper unfortunately did this to me a couple of times. >> you are not the only one and kevin kolb is not the only one.
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he has a knack of finding the end zone. >> number nine, panthers-falcons. >> this is a great throw and great catch. >> steve smith not a really big guy but he plays big. >> smith, eight catches for 131 yards. panthers lose. 49ers and seahawks. frank gore exploding. >> absolutely exploding. frank gore took advantage. >> he might be getting faster. >> he might still be running. he is. >> he went 79 yards and now he is going 80 yards. the 49ers win again. >> number seven matt cassel's debut with the chiefs against the raiders. >> this is a great play laying out to get it. >> manning down the middle for
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clark. dallas clark into the clear. opening play, touchdown colts. >> that pulls the plug on the party. >> i call that guy the sheriff. >> there is tiger woods waiting on the sideline for peyton, way to go man. >> that is number six. number five, texans and titans. chris johnson with a huge game. >> we can both still play if teams play defense like that. >> how do you not cover the most explosive weapon for the opposing team? all he does is split the backfield and the great run here. big plays for the tennessee titans all day. >> more on this game later. ravens and chargers at number four. phillip rivers, could be a breakout year for vincent jackson. >> big time play and big time receiver. phillip rivers, one of the better throwers in the nfl right now. >> chargers, fourth and 2 with
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under a minute to go. look out for a linebacker. >> the ravens stop them. ray lewis coming up the midand he will it is all over. what a play! >> number two, texans-titans. andre johnson led the league last year. still at the top of his game. >> this guy is an absolute beast. great body control in the end zone. >> giants and cowboys at number one. >> he is getting a lot of catches. great throw. up, inside and letting him go get the ball. >> he should have caught it the first time. this is number one? we should have andre johnson. >> you are ripping up the order already. that is my job. going to go through surprises and disappointments.
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biggest surprise of the week. >> new york giants wide receivers, mario manningham and steve smith. we talked about do the giants have a big play receiver. that i have two that equal one. 29 catches, 422 yards and three touchdowns for these guys. giants are scarier now than ever if they are this explosive in the passing game. >> talking about an offense being scary, my surprise is the third string running back for the saints. it is mike bell. he is one of the most dynamic weapons because it gives them a running game to go along with that passing game. 229 yards rushing by your third string running back. that surprises a lot of people. >> biggest disappointment week 2. >> my biggest disappointment would be the cleveland browns on offense. and also at the quarterback position. brady quinn is supposed to take over the job after fighting for it throughout training camp with derek anderson.
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derek anderson went to the pro bowl and you replace him with a guy you drafted in the first round. this offense has been terrible and brady quinn hasn't done anything to right the ship. very disappointed. >> they have been undisciplined. so have the tennessee titans on defense. it is one thing to give up 720 yards receiving in the first two weeks but to have wide open receivers all day long. empty space in your secondary inexcusable. a lack of discipline and i don't think it will be fixed any time soon. >> let's look ahead. what is the game to watch in week three? >> the san francisco 49ers visiting the minnesota vikes. see if the niners are for real on defense. you have to face adrian peterson, brett favre and percy harvin. i believe they are but they have to travel across the country to play this game. i want to know if they are good
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enough. then, can they run the ball on offense. they want to live and die by the run. vikings have one of the best run defenses. >> the atlanta falcons going to the new england patriots. i want to see matt ryan use tony gonzales against a depleted line backing core for the patriots and how the offensive line responds after taking a beating from the jets. see how those tackles hold up against john abraham for the patriots. >> it is better off that way. much more right after "sportscenter" at 7:30 eastern on "nfl live." you can speak then. >> this just in, this ballgame just over. baseball this afternoon the phillies against the marlins. josh johnson with a big day strikeout wise. jimmy rollins, shane victorino and chase utley.
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that is good. looking good. joe blanton could be a lot of things. bottom of the third, 2-0. ramierez with a fly ball. jayson werth coming over. good athletic team. ranking it. then that is the pitcher. he has eight strikeouts through four. werth drops it in. phillies take the 4-0 lead. johnson getting 10 strikeouts but goes five giving up four runs. blanlton staying sharp on hanley ramierez. he struck him out. blanton, seven shutout innings and nine strikeouts.
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raul i ibanez strokes it out for his 32nd homer of the year. he had that sensational start. still having a very good year. 9-3 phillies take it in a game one of a double-header. >> this is pretty wild. this video was pitched to "sportscenter" today. i will say it is dubious. this kid at kyle field from the upper deck may have made that shot. i will call editing trick. i don't know. if it happened it is unbelievable. >> i have seen it happen before. redskins player calls out the fans on twitter and pays the price this morning on espn radio. you will hear that up next. plus a return to national powerhouse. it depends on who you ask at the university of miami. ( conversation ) garth, you're up.
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>> one of the best stories of the college football season, miami has shot all the way up to number nine after wins over florida state and georgia tech. next up a trip to virginia tech. >> randy shannon knows what the good old days were like at the university of miami having won a national championship as a player under johnson in 1997. ranked in the top 10 for the first time since 2005 shannon is
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making sure they do more walking the walk than talking the talk. >> you got to take one game at a time and tell the players after four games you are going to find out where we are as a football team. you have to go one at a time. one game at a time. you cannot defeat the first opponent thinking about the fourth one. so far they have done a great job of concentrating. >> coach has compart ment liesed each game. this game is over with. let's go. next game. >> jacory harris carried shannon's personality on to the field bringing a quiet confidence for the rest of the team to feed off of. >> the pressures that come with winning and all of th captions by vitac e rstand. i don't want to let it get to me. i try to let this mentality brush off on the rest of the team. so far it has done a wonderful job.
7:26 pm
>> he has worked in practice, the game should come to him easy. are >> while they are not ready to come out and say the u. is back, the buzz around campus would suggest otherwise. i stopped by the ticket office and ised the lady behind the counter if business was brisk. she said things were getting a little crazy around here. >> after going .500 with two wins against ranked opponents the past three seasons, miami is now 2-0. both wins over ranked teams. they are ranked higher than they have been since 2005. kirk herbstreit is back with us. miami is 2-0. is the u. officially back? >> i don't think there is any question that this team is the real deal based on what they have done in the first two games. florida state, found a way to win the game. dominated georgia tech.
7:27 pm
jacory harris, the playmakers around him and the way they are feeding off of jacory harris. the confidence they have as they head to lane stadium, i would put them at number five this week. there is no doubt in my mind the athletic ability and now the confidence is there as they head up to lane stadium this week to take on the hokies. >> twitter has become a way for proathletes to connect with fans. maybe it is not not to know what some of these athletes think of you. robert henson is apologizing for this. this is what he had on his twitter account. >> remember bob uecker's line, hey fans, i love you. >> unbelievable.
7:28 pm
>> rookie linebacker. in the first two games he has been inactive. not active. he has had as much say in those games as that 9-5 worker at mcdonalds. >> the guy who works 9:00 to 5:00 at mcdonalds had as much to do with the victory as you did. you might not consider insulting your fans and hard working people who by the way has been priced out of coming to your games so they can pay you ridiculously inflated salary to do nothing on sunday. to do nothing. i had as much to do as much with the redskins win on sunday as you did. you insult the fans and every human being. that is the most insulting thing i have seen in my life. this guy should shut up and his apology was a disgrace. i understand the weight that my words carried and you know how i
7:29 pm
offended some fans. really? if you hadn't been born a huge strong guy you would be happy to be making a living working at mcdonalds. there is nothing demeaning about working at mcdonalds or anything else. they are trying to work to make money to pay money to see you not pay. >> wow. that is at 7:00 in the morning too. redskins spokesman said henson took down the twitter account on his own and was not ordered. >> we asked henson if he would like to appear on the program. he declined. the world beard and mustache championships in germany. that is outstanding. >> we have mustaches in the


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