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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 30, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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school. makes me wonder how the school is going to sanitize now. i just need to know like what are i they going to do from now on? >> my kid comes home and they have a 3-year-old brother and stuff. it's like, are they bringing it home? another child, whose age and gender are not being released fell ill with the virus and died last week. state health officials are trying to track h1n1 cases. but say it is already in maryland. we are seeing that as the weather cools and as it becomes dryer, that the flu does spread more readily. we are in a race against the threat of swine flu. officials say montebello academy have been cleaned. destiny's aunt says the family is overwhelmed with the speed
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in which it tagged her daughter's body. i look at the news every day. for it to actually be here. i never thought. be careful. a limited supply of the h1n1 vaccine could be in the hands of health officials monday. meanwhile, wjz is learning of another confirmed case of the h1n1 virus at baltimore city college. they sent letter home to parents telling them that the school was disinfected overnight. we're live in east baltimore. gerec valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. complete coverage continues now with healthwatch reporter kellye kellye lynn, who reports live on what parents need to know to protect their children. the doctors are saying that the most important things for parents to do, first of all is to not panic. try not to move.
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>> ow. >> with the swine flu just away, parents are making the swine flu shot a priority. >> people are dying. >> reporter: news of two pediatric deaths in maryland are unsettling to parents. but doctors are not at all surprised. >> we do expect, unfortunately, a small number of deaths in small children. so right now, this is not out of proportion with the flu season. >> reporter: the best protection is the h1n1 vaccine, which is recommended for all children over 6 months old. >> stay informed as to where their child can get this vaccine. they're likely to be three places right away. for parents to check at least. certainly that begins with the pediatrician or the healthcare provider. also check with the local healthcare department. and finally, most counties will have a school-based arrangement over the next several weeks for school-aged children to be vaccinated. >> reporter: parents should also know the emergency warning
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signs. fast breathing. a bluish or gray skin color. disinterest in fluids. vomiting lethargy, irritability. flu-like symptoms that improve and then seem to worsen. if children show any of these signs, get them to a doctor immediately. the school of medicine says children who have a fever should stay home. and every adult should remind their child to do two simple things. >> coughing in your sleeve. and then also, watching -- washing their hands frequently. would be the best and most effective way to prevent. >> reporter: and bite -- by the way, the h1n1 vaccine, kai, should be available in the next 10 to 14 days. i'm kellye lynn, with healthwatch. >> thank you, kellye. it's also important to disinfect toys in the homes and surfaces like tabletops. wjz is always on. for local information, updates and key facts on the virus from the cdc, log onto more than a dozen students are taken to a hospital after a
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glen burnie middle school is evacuated. well, sally, employees at corcoran middle school, detected a strong odor. the school was evacuated when the students began to feel nawsious and -- nauseous, and some even vomit. the this is believed to be coming from a petroleum-based aluminum coating. workers stopped. and class resumed about 10:00 this morning. >> an automated phone system alerted families of the incident and a letter was also sent home with children. mayor dixon was back in court to try to dispriss charge -- dismiss charges against her. political reporter pat warren has developments in this case. >> reporter: late this morning, the judge agreed to separate the perjury charges from charges that the mayor stole gift cards, intended for the poor. but her attorneys were in court
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today, trying to get those perjury charges, completely dismiss said. >> reporter: may -- dismissed. >> reporter: mayor dixon qualifies for legislative immunity. her votes cannot be used against her. and immunity was the basis of dismissal of the first perjury counts in may. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: but what about dixon's then-council president, and then boyfriend, developer ronald lipscomb at the groundbreaking. the state says this is outside of the legislative realm of immunity, shows she knew she was doing business with the city. >> the courts are have are clear. it's a very narrow privilege. and it's not as we as -- wide as the defense wanted. >> reporter: but the defense says it's function, not geography that counts. and these events are also protected. >> the prosecutor, we argued today, failed to understand that. and argued that it was a
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geographical test, which had no support in any of the authorities and that it only applies if you're standing in a council chamber. and that's simply not the law. >> reporter: while her attorneys argued to have perjury charges against her dismissed, they also agreed to separate the perjury case from the alleged gift cards trial scheduled for november. >> reporter: the defense is consistently saying this is a desperation act on the prosecution's part. >> you're going to have to talk to the defense. they say a lot of things in court. >> and you're still optimistic? >> absolutely. >> the judge dennis sweeney says he'll rule on the motion to dismiss as soon as possible. reporting live from downtown baltimore, i'm pat warren. back to you on television hill. >> neither the defense nor the prosecution would comment on recent reports that mayor dixon also gained possession of thousands of dollars in unexplained money. we have an update on breaking news we first brought you at 5:00. an american airlines flight in boston has been inspected after
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reports of a bomb. a note, reading "bomb on board" was found in a bathroom wall. the plane was checked. no bomb was ever found. all passengers were transferred to another flight headed to miami. we also have breaking news from the auto industry. general murders is shutting down saturn. the company made the call after talks to sell saturn to penske automotive group failed. gm said that saturn and its dealership network will be phased out. and this is very disappointing news. and this comes after hard work by dedicated saturn employees. the death toll is now over 100, after an earthquake triggers a series of tsunamis in the south pasks. -- pacific. tonight, the search is on for samoa and american samoa. drew levinson has the latest for wjz. thousands of terrified people ran through the streets, seeking higher ground in
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western sumatra province. a deadly magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck off the coast of podang, indonesia. and many feared a tsunami would fall follow. it did. hundreds, possibly thousands of people were believed to be trapped. it also triggered landslides and sparked fires. the ind measian earth cake caused a tsunami that flattened villages in somowa and american somoa. many people living there were swept out to sea. this tells the story of a mother who tried to grab her children. >> she was too late. the wake came. she. she lost her kids. and she only managed to grab onto the tree branch. with tens of thousands
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needing help. president obama declared a major disaster for american samoa, a u.s. territory with 65,000. and fema is working closely with american responders on the ground. >> some flies are already arriving. but it could be days before they are distributed. water has cut off many remote areas. and each rescue crews are having a tough time, getting in to search for survivors. in new york, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. why did one earthquake cause a tsunami while another did not? meteorologist bernadette woods is in to explain. both were still devastating stories. the biggest between the two was the depth of the earthquake. for the indonesian one, it was much lower below the ground. as it started to form a tsunami, that dampened out very quickly. while this one was much closer
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to the surface. much shallower. it built a bigger tsunami wave out of it. unfortunately, still some damage from both of them. but once again, just want to remind you, how the tsunami forms. it displaces the ground, forcing that water to go anywhere. -- somewhere. it builds up into a wave. the one in somowa was closer to the surface. went one mile inland, causing all of those problems. also, our current weather. for more on that, here's bob. we have a few sprinkles and showers down across portions of our region. take a look at radar. a lot of activity on the lower eastern shore. take a view from cambridge. pretty good showers moving through drum point. and a few down there in virginia as well. around the dc area, a few widely scattered showers. you folks in aa county may see these showers.
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chilly night tonight. even have some frost advisories for allegheny and garrett county for late tonight. >> here we go. thanks, bob. john travolta, back on the stand in the exportion trial, stemming from the death of his son jett. what he claimed they threatened to do. more women than ever are threatening to kick the disease. new inspections show that the two bridges are showing advanced deterioration. i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. i'll peek with the man in charge of getting it fixed when eyewitness news continues. will the rest of the week be filled with sunny days? the updated forecast coming up in -- coming up with bob.
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john travolta was back on the stand in the bahamas
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courtroom today. he told a jury that a local paramedic threatened to sell a story to the media, threatening to say he was at fault for the death of his son. >> surround surrounded by security and paparazzi, john travolta and his wife kelly preston made their way inside the courtroom. travolta took the stand and told the court he first heard of the extortion demand from his assistant. travolta's son jett had died of of a seizure. travolta said the ambulance driver wanted $25 million, or else he would go to the media the medical release form and a story. trovealta said -- travolta said he was going to try to imply that i was somehow involved with the death.
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both defendants say they're innocent. both defense -- defendants were asked if they called or threatened their client. he said no. >> reporter: they say he first contacted travolta through his attorney. gibson said that her client, taurina lightborn hadda -- had an incriminating document and wanted to give travolta the first chance to have it. >> the trial is expected to last several weeks. and travolta could be asked to give more testimony. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads now with sharon gibala. >> reporter: it's gotten a little busier as usual for this hour. we have a disabled vehicle, blocking a lane on 70. that's on the eastbound side at u.s. 40. blocking the right lane. watch for an accident on 895 northbound. still causing that 8-minute backup to shell road. a wreck on 32 westbound at
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parksville pike. another at eastern avenue. one in pikesville, reisterstown road. avalon way. another at light street. we still have those accidents. drays there. -- delays there. also minor ones. on 198. there's a live look on the west side. 8 minutes. there's a look at the top side. they are the delays that we have there are gone at greenspring. but you'll still have to tap your brakes between york and harford. it will take you about nine minutes to get there. baltimore finds great deals on maryland mountain get away. the state is leapfrogging its usually repair process. as hike shoe reports, the damage is to the area below the
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water line. there's two stretches of bridges are 50 and 70 years old. drop down to the water line. shop underwater. here is where the problems lie. that's where we noticed, earlier this year, that there was some deterioration of the actually the substructure. and some of the pilots. >> reporter: both bridges have defects in the constreet and steel pylons. the term for the damage, advanced deterioration. problems found by a stepped-up inspection plan, put into place after the i-35 collapse in minnesota. >> that inspection program was recently enhansed. recently, he changed over to a hands-on inspection, which puts the investors closely to that. >> the state has to determine the extent of the damage, figure out what repairs to make and how to make them.
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gen -- then get contractors to do the work. these repairs jump to the top of a statewide list. this requires us to elevate the right of the projects. there are 29 million bridge crossings on the i-95 bridge alone. the work will not close any line lanes on top of the bridge. and though in need of repair, this state official wants to make one thing clear. >> the tidings bridge and the haven river bridge are in fact, safe bridges. >> the one on i-95, 40 million. they should have workmen down below in a year and a half. ike mike schuh, reporting. in all, 65 repairs need to be made. a little sprinkle activity. we're 63. humidity 51%. come back and take a look at a
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school night and a sunny thursday coming up.
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what a beautiful sky. we've seen some clouds clouds
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and sprinkles. take a look at radar. and across hoopersville down across south of leonardtown. around the dc area, a few showers. and across the leesburg area. we don't expect to see more rain here in the city. we'll see clearing skies and pretty cool temps tonight. we're at 63. but out to the west, it's only 48 in oakland. yesterday, they had showers. they were 46, 47, all day long. today, they're breaking out with clearing skies later tonight. and they're going to get chilly. 61 in cumberland. patuxent at 60. the winds continue to bring
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this cool air in. very late. cumberland now, dead calm. with the clear skies later on and very dry conditions later on. temperatures will be able to drop. so out in garrett, allegheny county tonight, they have a frost advisory, from 2:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this all because of low pressure over quebec. it's dragging this cool air down from central canada. around that low pressure. picks up some moisture. that's what is worrying me. later tonight, this is all clearing out. and we will have clearing and chilly conditions. it will give us a nice day and friday night. friday night, however, the winds came back. a warm front approaches. shower activity maybe in garrett county. make a thundershower here on saturday afternoon or saturday night. west wind in the bay. small craft advisory.
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tonight, let's call it clear to partly cloudy. 68 tomorrow. a little warmer, maybe. >> it's excellent. still ahead. an american father is in japan. the custody fight that has him trying to fight. i'm weijia jiang in jan arundel county. that story is straight ahead on wjz. this baltimore ravens guitar is up for auction sunday night. and it's all for a good cause. the story coming up here on wjz.
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it is 5:29. 63 degrees. and partly sunny. look at that cloud action. that's gorgeous. if you're just getting in, everybody. welcome home. here's what people are talking about tonight. tougher penalties awake drunk drivers when new state laws go into effect tomorrow. as weijia jiang reports, the legislation is one of several ways maryland authorities are targeting ways to make those life-threatening for us. >> the new laws carry tougher penalties, especially for repeat offenders. >> reporter: 35 years after his mother was killed by a drunk driver, bill haines can barely talk about it. >> it just takes your heart and pulls it out of your body. and it's so sudden. >> reporter: last year in maryland, 152 people died in alcohol-related crashes. 21 were arrest -- 24,000 were arrested for driving under the influence. >> whatever they can do to keep them off of the roads, i think
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it's a good thing. >> reporter: four laws that go into effect wednesday intend to do just that. they require a one-year license suspension for those twice convicted of dui. and enforce stricter fines and possible jail time for people who contribute alcohol to a minor. >> we're also putting young drivers on notice, if you're driving under the age of 21, you can now be charged with both possession and consumption of alcohol. >> reporter: along with the new laws, the campaign launched a new campaign. true to its points, checkpoints and extra patrols are advertised statewide. >> checkpoint strikeforce, over the limit, under arrest. >> this is spended -- intended to put people on high alert. it is not going to be taken anymore. marylanders are afraid of drunk drivers on the road. and law enforcement is out there looking for them. >> reporter: the program has lawyer led to hundreds of arrests.
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combined with tougher legislation. >> it's important that the courts look at these and that we don't give them a free pass. reporting in anne arundel county, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. initially, 32% of all traffic fatalities are alcohol alcohol-related. go to and then click on the safe driver section. a guilty verdict for a 24- year-old baltimore county man accused of murder in howard county. >> johnson's fingerprints were not found on the murder weapon. but cell phone records tied him to the scene before and
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immediately after bats was killed. his tainer argued that the cell phone records are not exact. of the three suspects in bat's death, johnson is the only one to be convicted on murder charges. >> johnson's lawyer says he may appeal the conviction. sentencing has been set for december 1st. tonight, an earn father, sits in a jail cell in japan, facing a five-year sentence. he tried to take his children back from his exwife. but he failed. we'll have that story for you now. but according to court documents, the family, the couple was divorced in january. the mother received primary custody of the children. while the father was granted limited time with them. we'll try to get you that story. actually, we have for you now.
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no, we don't. in other news. police continue to search for a five-day old baby who was taken from his mother. investigators say the person stabbed the mother. a sign welcoming the new baby boy home may have tipped off its abductor. the mom is recovering from her injuries. a nationwide search continues. a new treatment could help both mother and child. doctors say treats women resulted in fewer c-sections. the new born babies also tended to weigh less at birth. the research appears in tomorrow's edition of the new england journal of medication. new breast cancer research shows more women are winning their battle against disease. brown reports. early screening and treatment are key to more lives being
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saved. linda worthheim was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer at 48. almost 12 years later, she's living life to his fullest. and there are more and more out there like linda. according to the cancer site, the death rate for breast cancer has dropped. that means this year alone, 15,000 lives will be saved. much of the improvement in breast cancer mortality is as a result of early detection of the disease. >> identifying major risk factors like genetics and taking post menopausal hormones has improved the rate. the report estimates more than 192,000 women will be diagnosed this year. as of 2006, 2 1/2 million women in the u.s. were living with breast cancer. but 40,000 women are expected to die from the disease this
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year. and there is still a racial despairity. 44%. african american women are dying from this disease. >> there is a suggestion that there may be an aggressive variant of disease that is seen in african american women. >> reporter: but the latest statistics show that death rates are dropping for women across the region. >> i think the first reaction women have when they find out they have breast cancer is that they're going to die. but they're not. experts stress that the key to winning the breast cancer battle is to start getting an annual mammogram starting at age 40. the research also shows that women can reduce the risk of breast cancer by having a healthy diet. and increasing their amount of regular exercise. now back to an american father. maggie rodriguez has the latest for wjz. christopher savoy's desperate attempt to take back his kids took place as his ex-
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wife walked them to school. it was here at the consulate, japanese police were blocking the road. so savoy ran for the gates. dad chris ran with 6-year-old rebecca in his arms. >> chris, with a little girl in his arms, crying. and he was like, please help, please help. we're american citizens. please let us through. they would not let us through. >> i can't sleep. it's horrible. >> savoy has been without 8- year-old isaac and 6-year-old rebecca since august, when his ex-wife took them on vacation. he later found they were missing. he blames a kens -- a tennessee judge for allowing his ex-wife to leave the country. >> he had the power to take
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them. and he didn't care. >> he warns that his ex-wife kept threatening to take the kids out. quote, it's very difficult watching them lose their identity. >> that was maggie rodriguez reporting. time now for a quick look at the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. why within one baltimore spot is planning a 1980s party. for all will of these stories and a whole lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. he's made guitars for many other big names in the business. and again, this year, he's helping to raise money for cancer research in baltimore. ron matz has more on a man and his mission to help others. >> reporter: in stevensville, paul reed smith makes some of
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the best guitars. on sunday night, they joined forces for a major fundraiser at ram's head lot. >> this sunday, october 4th, after the ravens game, one night, one shope, one cause, hosted by paul reed smith. >> this beautiful baltimore ravens guitar will be one of 10 up for auction. >> reporter: it's signed by the ravens' haloti ngata. >> literally, you know, i walk in the room. and this thing will be just there. and it was not there the day before, right? and you just go wow. the team is going to love it. >> reporter: in nine years, prs guitars has raised over $1.5 million. >> it ends up with patient and families, where the need is the greatest. really, an unbelievable connection. >> you can take home this guitar, signed by the boss. >> i'm kind of amazed when this kind of stuff happens. because cancer touches everybody's lives.
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and even people of this caliber say sure, i'll help, any way i can. you know? it's been great. >> reporter: he's the man who gave us the famous neon guitar atop the hard rock cafe. but this guitar maker extraordinaire will always be famous for reaching out to others. >> it's part of the legacy that my family is going to leave, that we got involved with hopkins to raise some money. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> the guitars up for auction include those signed by carlos santana, cal ripken junior, and michael phelps. ir. for more information on sunday night's event, log onto and click on local news. speaking of, it's a tight race in the wjz football challenge. bernadette is live at to update this week's standings. and in spite of what you said before, bern, this is not to humiliate you. >> that's right. i am on the bottom ring. just to let you all know out
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there. they're bringing me forward to show the opportunity i have in the next couple of weeks weeks and draw you in on this. but right now, the top three winners are as follows. first up is meteorologist tim williams with 38 points, in a tie for second, adam and stan. they're right behind him with 37 points. and that could change in a week. they're going to keep him fired up. and marty, don, jeff and bob, are all tied for third place, with 35. but we couldn't fit all of those bobbleheads right up there. so we're just going to have to bring their names and maybe in the future, you'll see them reappear. this week, diana smith of linthicum got 15 of the 16 games correct and came closest to the sunday night score. she wins a $50 best buy gift certificate. so congratulations. remember, you can come in here and pray all -- play all of us. just go to and it does remember that over the next couple of weeks, it drops a few weeks. so even though you're coming in late, you still have that
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opportunity. sally? >> and so do you, bern. >> why when i see tim's head and it's shaking, i'm thinking he's like, i'm winning and you're not. >> he does look a little smug. still ahead on eyewitness news. put down the phones. maryland's no texting while driving law goes into effect tomorrow. lawmakers look even stricter. distracted driving laws. i'm bob turk. cool nights and sunny, dry days. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. first, here's today's report from wall street. we'll be back.
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a few clouds and sunshine before the sun sets tonight. it's going to be a cooler night. and looks like tomorrow, a couple of degrees warmer than today. bernadette has your thursday forecast. bern? >> we're going to continue the clearing overnight. tomorrow morning, it's going to be a cold one. we'll start off in the middle 40s. and that's in the metro area. farther out you go, the cooler it's going to be. as we head through the afternoon, more sunshine. and that's going to warm us up to 68 degrees. going to cool us down again tonight. you can probably plan on clouds on the increase friday night.
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good chance of showers here. maybe even a thundershower saturday. 68, 72. 75. 75 on sunday. sunshine should return by the afternoon. except at foxboro, where it's expected to rain. on sunday by the way. monday looks nice. today saturday last day you can drive and text in maryland. a new law goes into effect tomorrow. kinds drivers -- fining drivers cot texting behind the wheel, $500. they are trying to toughen distracted driving laws across the country. kim lawry's husband richard was killed five months ago, when a tracted driver hit his car. >> it was something that could have never happened. and life would be good. but unfortunately, she has destroyed our lives, over something so temperature.
5:46 pm
>> they are taking part in a two-day, government-run summit, highlighting the dangers of not paying attention. >> last year alone, almost 6,000 people died and others injured in vehicles that included distracted drivers. that includes people talking on the phone or texting while driving. >> reporter: some safety groups want a nationwide ban. >> i asked people, can you follow the plot of a television show or a movie while you're talking on the phone? and virtually everyone says, no, i can't do that. >> reporter: dave peters is a member of the national safety council. he lost his 12-year-old son when a driver talking on the cell phone caused an accident. >> she was looking through the light. she hit the fourth or 50 car and never touched her brakes. >> reporter: to these families,
5:47 pm
distracted driving is as bad as getting behind the wheel drunk. they want penalties. while the texting ban while driving goes into effect here tomorrow, drivers are still allowed to retext -- read texts, not just send them. a stunning art theft in california. two collectors say several pieces were stolen from their homes. works vowelled at 80 million was taken. victims believe the thieves had an extensive lodge of of of art. because they passed on impeccable reproductions and took only genuine art. did you know you can go green and protect the environment at the same time? here is mary bubala. >> reporter: checking your home's instullation may be one of the fastest and most cost- effective ways.
5:48 pm
basically, the better your walls and roofs resist heat, the more energy you save. you can use an insulation calculator to figure out if you need more insulation in your home. most homes do need more insulation. the government says only 20% of homes built before 1980 are well insulated. i'm mary bubala, trying to help you be an engineer saver. you can go to click on our special section of the home page. check in for eyewitness news at 6:00. denise is standing by with a preview. heartbreaking loss. a young baltimore girl dies after a week-long fight. new at 6:00, the girl's aunt talks to wjz about her family's loss. controversial issues. check in for these stories and
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more coming up at 6:00. >> eyewitness sports is next. this is mark viviano in owings meals. i'll speak with the team and the latest on the struggling orioles when eyewitness news continues.
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ravens are going to be playing at new england. new england has a lot of guys hurt. which is fortuitous for the ravens. ravens won't be sending in a get well car. it was illness that kept a couple of ravens players out of practice today. trevor pryce and troy smith did not participate in this first full-day of on-field preparation. new england is a team that the ravens have never beaten. and it brings to mind the last time that they played. it was a close call a couple of years ago. joe flacco in the field today. he was not in the lead. he was a patriot back then. it was new england's undefeated regular season. they got that controversial
5:53 pm
touchdown. a frustrating night that brought back bad memories in the ravens locker room on the way. i remember being heartbroken. >> was crazy. it was crazy. you look at it, now you laugh about it. wow. just can't believe all of this. i just remember the disappointment. >> named the conference defensive player of the week. coming up on sunday, you can see the ravens and patriots, right here on wjz. coverage kicks off sunday at 1:00. the ravens' underdog. following the game, join us for our post game coverage. joe washington will join me in studio for highlights and reaction. plus, it's marty. a fuel -- full ravens sunday coming up.
5:54 pm
i spoke with brooks robinson. >> trying to find winning ways. his team mired in a 12-game losing streak. one of the few things to cheer about. brian. this shot into the gap at tampa bay last night. doubled at 56 this season. more than any switch hitter in major league history. it happened in the o's 12th straight loss. they played the rays again tonight. too many defeats led to the firing of manager eric wech. they're now just a game out of last place. eric will edge this out. and coming up next hour, more on the ravens preparation for the patriots. i spoke with ed reed today about new england receiver randy moss and the dangers a big receiver poses for the ravens. it is a tall pass.
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we'll hear it. that's ahead. >> thank you, mark. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. protecting children against swine flu. i love am at the school
5:56 pm
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coming up at 6:00. young girl dies of the swine flu.
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deadly waves of water. tonight, the death toll is rising. new inspections show that the two bridges across the susquehanna are showing advanced deterioration. i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. i'll speak with the man in charge of getting it fixed when eyewitness news continues. pleasant but cool end of the month. but are changes coming? don't miss the forecast. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. flu fatality. a baltimore teen, hospitalized with h1n1, dies. >> tonight, keeping your children safe from this potentially deadly virus.
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>> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. another swine flu death in maryland. 14-year-old destiny parker died, after a week-long fight with the virus. wjz is live with the complete flu watch coverage. kellye lynn has more on the growing flu fears. but derek valcourt has more on this tragic death. and he's live now, with the 9th swine flu death confirmed in this state. >> reporter: it is. and there were grief counselors brought in to this school where she attended today to help the kids who are coping with their grief. her death, the second h1n1- related death in maryland in less than a week. >> reporter: 14-year-old destiny parker, the latest h1n1 victim in maryland died tuesday night. days after the montebello junior elementary middle school student was rushed to the hospital. today, parents at that school react with sadness d


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