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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 30, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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station. deadly flu. a baltimore teenager dies days after being diagnosed with the h1n1 virus. >> i never thought it would hit so close to home. >> and now another student is diagnosed. tonight what you need to know about the potentially deadly virus. here is what people are talking about tonight. wjz first reported last night, for the second time a maryland child diagnosised with swine flu has died. 14-year-old destiny parker passed away last night and tonight, another student is confirmed to have the virus. wjz is live in north baltimore, kelly mcpherson has more. >> reporter: denise, more and more people are showing up here to the emergency reasonable -- room, but even though we've heard about the first case of a healthy child dying with h1n1, doctors say the emergency room is not for everyone. >> she was just here. >> reporter: mrs. parker
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thought that her niece had recovered from the h1n1 virus, but the 8th grader died tuesday night at the university of maryland medical center. >> very intelligent. very intelligent. you would have loved her. >> i know that it's around, but wasn't thinking that it could affect us. >> reporter: parents react to the news that another h1n1 case has been identified in baltimore. >> you see someone, sneezing coughing, please stay away. i'm very concerned, really worried. jeep students here. >> reporter: students here got this letter on wednesday to tell them and their parents that a student with the h1n1 virus is not in class and won't be until cleared by a doctor. >> i'm confident the school will take care of what they need to do. >> reporter: er doctors have seen a big jump in flu case this is week. everyone does not need to come to of the hospital unless
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there's a warning sign. >> if you are starting to get better and suddenly take a turn for the worse, that is a real warning sign. you could have a secondary complication. if a child is not eating or drinking and islet gic. >> reporter: in two weeks, two children have died. the first one that has not been identified had underlying conditions. but destiny was healthy. >> where did it come from. h1n1, where does it come from. >> reporter: the swine flu does spread more quickly than the seasonal flew and has more intestinal problems. for most people it only lasts a few days and is not deadly. >> baltimore city college will be open for classes tomorrow. and stay with wjz for complete flu watch coverage for updates on the local cases and key information from the cbc.
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evision was the motive -- eviction was the motive behind the brutal murder of an elderly man. david weeks was found in his bedroom with a pillow taped over his head and bloody sheets. he was to go to court for the two who killed him. the 17-year-old twins charged with setting a pitbull on fire may have gang ties. prosecutors plan to present the alleged gang affiliateation as -- affiliation as part of the upcoming court case. they set the pitbull on fire back in may and the dog had to be euthanized. tonight mayor sheila dixon not only faces the prospect of one trial, but two. that announcement was made today. she is accused of stealing gift
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cards intended for needy families. the first trial will begin november 9th and the date for the second trial for perfect -- perjury has not been set. she insists she has done nothing wrong. out of indonesia, another earthquake has struck. at least 200 people are dead. >> reporter: thousands of terrified people ran through the streets seeking higher ground in western sumatra province wednesday. a deadly magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck off the coast and many feared a tsunami followed. one did. the quake was so powerful, buildings collapsed, including two hospitals. hundreds, possibly thousands of people are believed to be
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trapped. it also triggered land slides and sparked fires. the earthquake came less than 24 hours after a bigger quake 2,000 miles away in snow yeah -- samoa and american samoa. many people living there were swept out to see. -- see. this -- sea. a mother tried to grab her young children. >> she was too late, she lost her kids and she only managed to grab onto a tree branch. >> reporter: with tens of thousands needing help, president obama declared a major disaster for u.s. samoa, a u.s. territory with 60,000 residents. this is coast guard video of emergency responders leaving scram toe -- sacramento for the territory. but their job won't be easy.
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water has cut off many remote areas and even rescue crews are having a tough time getting in to search for survivors. cbs news. from the weather center now with a closer look on how the tsunami formed. >> two strong earthquakes within 24 hours about 7,000 miles apart and another one south of indon niche yeah, and -- indonesia, and the one that hit samoa was very very shallow, only 11 miles below the surface and that's why it caused a tsunami to affect the samoa area. the one that hit in indon niche yeah was almost 50 miles below the ocean service and -- surface and did not cause a tsunami. this is a very active area for earthquakes, and old volcanos still exist in that region.
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the revolution is over. general motors will no longer make the saturn, a car that was supposed to revolutionize small cars. there are roughly 350 saturn dealerships nationwide and gm said it will stop making them as soon as possible but no layoffs are expected. saturn owners will be able to go to saturn dealers for service. another blow for the hail family. the daily record has reported another company owned by edwin hail junior has gone bust. papers filed in court show his largest debts are to his father's bank, first mariner. a flipped car blocks traffic for commuters in the tunnel. the accident was just before 6:00. the driver hit the guardrail,
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causing the car to roll over. she was not seriously hurt and traffic was delayed for about 30 minutes. do you send text messages on your cellphone while you're driving. if you do, you need to stop. a ban on texting while driving is one of several new driving laws set to kick in in about 45 minutes. wjz is live at north baltimore, and we'll explain the new laws. >> reporter: all of these new laws are designed to make maryland roads safer. across the country there have been fatal traffic accidents and in a growing number of cases, texting while driving was the cause. >> i'm a life long moment cyclist and i -- motorcyclist and i stopped riding this year because there's too many fools out there driving around texting. >> reporter: as of october 1st, maryland made it illegal to write or send it text while operating a vehicle in the travel portion of a roadway.
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the state highway association says it's an important law. >> if you're in the travel lane, don't be tempted, start looking at it and be tempted to text, set it down and leave it be and do it when you get safely to your destination. >> reporter: those we spoke to believe this new law is going to help save lives. >> i think it's a great idea. it's going to promote more safety and you can never go wrong with safety for teen drivers as well as anybody behind the wheel. >> checkpoint strike force is back. >> reporter: another new law called checkpoint strike force will aggressively target drunk drivers. >> law enforcement is out there looking for them. >> reporter: there are also new requirements for teen drivers. learner's permits must be held for 9 months, now it was 6 month, and the minimum age for a full license is now 18.
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it was 17. >> a little bit more time, keep a lot of people safe. >> reporter: the texting while driving ban goes into effect in about 50 minutes, and you could be fined up to $500. >> thank you, and a one year license suspension for repeat offenders. tomorrow is the day the state's new speed cameras are in effect and three new ones are going up in state highway construction zones. one located at the baltimore belt way at charles street, and one on i-95 between state routes 198 and 216 in prince georges county. in a few hours the pilot hailed as a national hero will once again take to the skies. we're talking about chelsey sullenberger, and he'll be flying the exact same route that he did back in january when he was forced to land on
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the hudson river. tomorrow he'll take off from laguardia and head towards charlotte, north carolina, and he'll have the same copilot. corporate role model michael vick signed a major endorsement deal. what the fbi says about newly released surveillance tape about the oklahoma city bombing. new inspections show advanced deterioration on bridges across the susquehanna. will the weekend be wet or dry? i'm bob turk. i'll have the complete forecast come you want next -- up next. now, complete coverage continues, with denise koch and sports with mark viviano, on
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it is 51 degrees and clear. the fbi responds to an allegation that they doctored surveillance video from the 1985 oklahoma city bombing. the bureau says they did not edit the tapes which shows people running out of nearby buildings, and attorneys who obtained them says there were unexplained blank spots just minutes before the blast. 168 people died and hundreds were injured in the explosion. the florida man awaiting execution for the death of 9-
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year-old jessica lundsford. he died of natural causes. in 2005 a third grader's body was found in a grave near his house. he was convicted for kidnapping, raping, and burying her. the 51-year-old has been hospitalized for the last six weeks. just days after making his regular season return to the nfl, michael vick is back with a major sponsor. he signed a new deal with nike. , who severed ties with him after he was convicted. terms of his deal were not disclosed. this is his first endorsement contract since being released from prison this summer. he played his first game for the eagles this past sunday. a significant detect on a highly travelled brings in social city.
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-- bridge in ocean city. starting today, no vehicles larger than a pick up truck will be allowed on the roadway. the work is expect the to be finished before next summer. the state is fast tracking its usual bridge inspection process. tonight, mike schuh explains the damage is below the waterline. >> reporter: these two sets of bridges spanning the susquehanna are 50 and 70 years old. the part we drive down is fairly easy to repair, but drop under the war, and here is where the -- water and here is where the problems lie. >> that's where we noticed with our new inspection process that there was deterioration of the -- actually, of the substructure, and some of the pilings. >> reporter: both bridges have detects in the concrete and steel pylons forming the base of the iron bridge work. the term for the damage,
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advanced deterioration, problems found by a stepped up inspection plan. >> that inspection program has recently been enhanced and was, in fact a visual inspection. recently we changed over to a hands on inspection which puts the inspectors closer to the structural elements of the bridges. >> reporter: the state has to determine the extent of the damage, figure out what repairs to make and how to make them and then get contractors to do the work. these repairs jump to the top of the state wide list. >> we're required to elevate the prior to of these projects once we identify those types of conditions. >> reporter: the work at the waterline will not close any lanes on top of the bridge. and though in need of repair, this state official wants to make one thing clear. >> the tidyings bridge and the hado bridge are in fact, safe bridges. >> reporter: the work is
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expected to cost $15 million and the one on i-95, 40 million. i'm mike schuh reporting. back to you on tv hill. the maryland transportation authority is almost entired funded by tolls paid by those who drive on the roadways. controversy over the look of the empire state building tonight, red and yellow lights were shown in tribute to the 60th anniversary of communist china. the building's lights are often changed to correspond to special events and anniversaries. the ravens are making beautiful music on the field and a guitar designed in their honor is part of a major fundraiser. it's one of ten designed by renowned manufacturer paul read smith. all 10 will be auctioned on sunday, and the event raises
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money for cancer research at johns hopkins hospital. >> they'll do that after the game is over. >> that man makes some amazing guitars. what a skill. we've got some chilly here around the region. clear skies, light wind, this time of night, 51, the dewpoint is down to 46, winds very light, and barometer on the way back up, around the state, 45 in oakland, they've been in the 40s all night long. 56 elgin, we still have late tonight into tomorrow morning for algainey a frost advisory, and there's a good chance we'll see some frost in those far
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western encounters. right now, winds are very light around the area, you can see the term dead calm. we have a system out to the west, causing snow in idaho, western montana saw snow, and that's going to head across the country, and pick up moisture from the gulf of mexico and eventually a warm front will pass across our region by friday night, ahead of that system we'll see clouds, maybe a shower or two friday night late and a good chance as that system moves across the country, we'll see rain here unfortunately on saturday. that rain, by the way, looks like it will be in massachusetts for the ravens' game on sunday, by the way. so we'll watch that front approach during the day and eventually clouds increase on friday, maybe showers at night and a good chance saturday, most of the day, at least a chance of showers, and maybe even thundershowers, a front comes through, sunday clearing skies, and pleasant temperatures for the weekend. west wents 10 to -- winds 10 to
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15 knots, and tonight, just a few passing clouds, chilly, 45 to below -- the low 50s downtown. and the next five days warming up to 72 with sunstein shine on -- sunshine on friday, 70, sun back here on monday, denise. >> thank you, bob. ray lewis and ravens get ready
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bob turk says the ravens have to win. >> and he also says it's going to be wet. ravens out to make team history on sunday. they've never beaten the patriots, and they'll be looking to do it in the toughest place, foxboro massachusetts, and the weather can be wicked, as it was last week. the fans are far from visitor
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friendly. here come the ravens. >> they don't show the away team no love, whatsoever. kind of reap minds me of pittsburg -- reminds me of pittsburg a little bit, and other than that you got to go in there and be focused, you can't let the crowd get you out of your game, go and play your football. >> at practice today the team announced that linebacker brendan was named the conference defensive player of the week. the ravens arrest slight underdog as they hit the road to knew -- new england and you can see the game right here. join me for highlights after the game, plus marty, marry and the bulldogs at the espn zone . a full ravens sunday coming up on wjz. the browns announced a change to starting quarterback
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derek anderson, who is a former raven, was in the pro bowl with the brown two seasons again. and in baseball, it's tough times that continue for the orioles. david hernandez on the mound, two runners on and this one is gone to the seats in right field. fair ball, three-run homer, another loss for the o's, 5-3 final. the losing streak now 13 in a row, the longest in the major leagues this season. 98 defeats on the year with just four games to to go, it's -- games to go, it is ending ugly. meanwhile, it's playoff fever in detroit. the twins were within a game yesterday, but the tigers keep clawing. they tied the game in the second inning.
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mag leo scores, and detroit takes the lead and build on that to a 7-2 victory and have a three-game lead on minnesota with four games to play. there's always inspiration out there. by the way, the defending champion phillies in
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it was raining pump kinds
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over one kansas town. a local company held a pumpkin throwing contest. groups were allowed to spend $50 to build their own contraption. the fun and subsequent mess raised money for
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. letterman is next ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with


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