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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 1, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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likely in almost every school in the state. >> news of a confirmed h1n1 case caused a worried reaction by many parents. parents like eric eric burnell rushed to pull their kids out of school. >> what's your reaction? >> i'm just nad that -- mad that they didn't call parents. i heard it from someone else. >> reporter: the seemingly healthy 14-year-old died tuesday when she contracted the illness. maryland's 9th to die since officials started tracking the disease. and every day, it seems another school is dealing with a confirmed case. >> this is going to be par for the course. >> reporter: in fact, they estimate 90% isn't the regular flu, it's the h1n1 strain. so all schools have little hope of avoiding it. >> so wherever you go and whatever school, there are going to be kids that have flu.
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>> reporter: in baltimore city, three confirmed cases. many of the suspected howard county says it's had a few confirmed cases. frederick county confirms one case. carroll county has seen five to six suspected cases. in fact, most counties, including baltimore county and harford county says h1n1 is so present, they're not even keeping track. >> what we're doing is based on cdc advice, assuming that h1n1 is in the community, it's probably in our schools. >> reporter: and the virus in little ethan's school is not what his father wants to hear. >> it's scary. it's getting too close to home. >> reporter: most schools aren't keeping track of these suspected or confirmed cases. the numbers they are watching are those attendance numbers as they try to see just how many kids are sick in a given day. we're live in northeast baltimore. derek valcourt, eyewitness news. >> thank you very much, derek. and our complete coverage continues now with healthwatch reporter kellye lynn, who has more on when the h1n1 vaccine will be available.
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kellye? >> reporter: according to state health officials, the h1n1 vaccine could be in your doctor's office, as early as next tuesday. [ crying ] >> reporter: flu season has arrived. and soon, the h1n1 vaccine will, too. >> we don't want to create a sense of panic. we want to roll this out in a methodical way. >> reporter: secretary john colmers of the maryland department of health and mental hygiene says the first doses will be in nasal spray form and be given to people in a specific group. >> people above the age of 2 will be healthy. it's not as appropriate for people who are ill. >> reporter: that means the vaccine will be available to healthy children over 2 and young adults up to the age of 24. healthcare workers and people who live with children under 6 months old. >> reporter: the initial batch of vaccine consists of 31,600 doses of flu mist, which is only enough to cover 1% of the high-risk population. >> reporter: where will you find it? >> physicians offices. we're talking about health
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departments. we're talking about federally qualified health centers, hospitals. eventually, it will be available in pharmacies. around the state. >> reporter: tia bryant plans to have both of her children vaccinated. the availability of flu mist offers protection and peace of mind. >> i will come as soon as it arrives. just to have them away. they're fine. nothing to worry about. >> reporter: and denise, the recommendation is that people call their local health department or their doctor's office to make sure that they have, indeed received the h1n1 nasal flu vaccine. the other thing is that the injectable form will be available probably within the next two weeks. and health officials assure me that there will be enough vaccine for everyone. live at the state department of health and mental hygiene, i'm kellye lynn, with healthwatch. >> thank you very much, kellye. and wjz 13 is also on. check in for complete flu watch coverage.
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for updates, log onto almost exactly one year after a baltimore mother vanished without a trace. a major break in her disappearance. sal selive in -- sally is live in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: last month, police found skeletal remains in woodlawn, baltimore county, and they have just confirmed they were those of nichols. after an investigation, police arrested nichols' former boyfriend, tyrone webb and charged him with first-degree murder. tonight, webb is being held in the baltimore county detention center without bail. >> nichols was a mother of three young children. a wild ride for a baltimore city police officer. and he is lucky to have escaped without injury. a suspect dragged him income to a -- next to a car for several blocks. wjz is live at the scene in southwest baltimore. suzanne collins has more on what happened. >> reporter: it is hard to imagine being dragged five blocks actually, without being severely injured along that pavement. but this officer, who has not yet been named is in stable condition.
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>> reporter: a mail carrier who witnessed the dragging of the officer says he appeared to be caught on the suspect's car, up high, and in clear view of the man who kept driving. >> i saw him hanging from the window, the driver's side window. and i saw him fall from the window. i'm not sure -- he was in plain clothes. so i didn't know he was an officer at the time. >> reporter: it all began at the western police district station. and the officer was dragged five whole blocks to edmondson avenue, where he was freed from the car. >> you could hear he was in pain. he was hollering and stuff. >> reporter: police say that they realized there was a warrant for him. that's when he took off in the car. >> fellow officers fired on the car as it continued. they busted out the window. >> the police officer shouted at the guy and hit the back of the window. i don't know if he hit the guy or not. >> reporter: he kept going and bailed out a few blocks away on bruce street. >> the officer was wearing his
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protective bulletproof vest, which really saved him from serious injury. >> reporter: and here is a newly-released picture of the suspect. his name is ricky hughes. he's 27 years old, of no fixed address. >> reporter: and people police say they need your help to try to find hughes. they hope you'll call the city homicide unit or 911. this is suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill. >> the officer was taken to shock trauma in stable condition. an officer wounds a drug suspect. sky eye chopper 13 was over pierpoint avenue. a drug suspect pulled out the gun. the officer identified himself ordered the suspect to drop the weapon. when the suspect refused, the officer shot him several times. that suspect is in critical condition at shock trauma. at this hour, baltimore police are asking for your help in finding a cold-blooded killer. 55-year-old rodney louis was found stabbed to death.
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louis's lincoln navigator was stolen from the home and found in baltimore city this morning. anyone with information on this crime is asked to call metro crimestoppers at 1-866-7- lockup. students watched a friday night football game on the field. one student captured cell phone video involving a brutal attack of a teenager. as gigi barnett aren'ts, the tacker is suspended but -- attacker is suspended but the victim is hurt twice by the video that is now posted on the internet. >> reporter: video was posted on the popular internet websites. and while students are chatting it -- about it, parents have concerns. >> reporter: during school hours, john f. kennedy high in montgomery county is quiet this afternoon. but behind the school at a friday night football game, this is what students saw. a member of the cheerleading squad being attacked by another girl, angry and determined to
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fight 17-year-old temperance mopin. the caused? a boy. >> i used a [ bleep ] >> for temperance, what's worse, someone post today on a social networking site. >> they were like, laugh out loud -- ha ha ha. and what made me sad was all of these people, i thought were my friends. and they weren't. >> how do we get to that point, where we're so angry? and we're conducting ourselves as we saw in the video? >> reporter: that's the question the school's principal, thomas anderson had about the attack. >> the disciplinary action i put forth is as strong as i can make it. >> reporter: that's a 10-day expulsion. and while students are talking about it, parents want action. >> i'm going to hear what they have to say first. but i want to know if my child will be safe coming to the school. >> reporter: the principal says some parents have called the school, asking what happened friday night. as a result, there will be a parent meeting here tomorrow
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night to address their questions. in montgomery county, i'm gigi barnett. now back to you. the school's principal says kennedy has a leadership program that teaches students conflict resolution skills. so far, no charges have been filed in the incident. fast-moving flames destroyed a house in southwest baltimore. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene at 1:00 this afternoon. they arrived to heavy fire and smoke pouring from the roof. the fire was extinguished within a few empties. -- few minutes. the cause is under investigation. don't do it. it is now illegal to text while driving in maryland. and offenders can face hefty fines. mike schuh has what lawmakers hope to accomplish with the new restriction. mike? >> reporter: well, denise. not only is it illegal, it could also cost you $500 if you're still texting while driving. it's been proven to be unsafe. and it gives police just one more reason to be able to pull you over. >> reporter: people have died, hit by someone who was texting.
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a study showed that drunk drivers actually had better driving skills than someone texting and driving. >> reporter: it's still legal to read a text message. you just can't type one out or send it while driving. >> why do you think it's great? >> because if you're texting, your mind is not on the road. i mean, a lot of people they say, oh, i can do it and watch the road. can't be done. >> reporter: maryland joins 18 other states in the district in banning drivers from sending text messages. >> i think it's dangerous. i think it's real dangerous. you can't text and drive at the same time. >> you gotta do one or the other. >> yeah, you gotta into one or -- do one or the other. >> things happen fast at highway speed. in upon just one second, you'll travel at 65 miles an hour, you'll travel 100 feet. >> your mind is split in two different ways? >> and so are your eyes. you should have your eyes on the road. >> reporter: if you drive and text, that could be the only reason a police officer needs
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to pull you over. >> we're going to try to enforce it as best we can. but i think this is something that is an education process for the motoring public. ask they have to take ownership in this. they have to understand that the law is there to save lives, to protect lives. >> reporter: now, with a new reason to protect lives, other crimes may have reason to pull over. we have story after story, where a minor traffic violation has led to the solving of serious crimes, murders. all sorts of things come out of a traffic stop when that police officer takes it a step further. >> reporter: in addition to the 17 other states which ban texting while driving, today, president obama banned all federal employees from texting while driving. reporting along i-695, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. denise, back to you on tv hill. >> the month of october is getting off to a fantastic start. a live look outside right now. will this continue throughout the weekend? wjz has first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are updating the first
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warning weather forecast. where's bob? >> bright 79. and for a little while longer it's going to set before noon. when they go out to the west, you have showers across the midwest. some of that activity will reach western maryland by tomorrow. we might see a little rain late, late tomorrow night. looks like most of our rain is going to be coming on saturday morning. tim has a look at that and how it's going to play out within friday into saturday. tim? >> as bob just showed you, the radar is pretty active to our west. those showers may be here. maybe as early as tomorrow, as bob just mentioned. then they'll kind of start to linger through saturday. saturday, not the prettiest day, but definitely not a washout. it will definitely move through here. and we'll see some improvement on sunday. as for now, it's not going to really change our temperatures too much. although by definition, it is a cold front. our temperatures stay in the 70s over the next couple of days. for now, we'll enjoy this nice, cool evening. and bob will have your updated first warning forecast. and talk about how long these conditions stay with us in just
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a few moments. stay inside. -- back inside. chilling details. the autopsy is out on michael jackson. and you may be shocked to hear what it revealed. high-flying hero. a man who landed a plane on the hudson without one death is back on the job. was sully sullenberger the same tonight? slow down or else. the first speed enforcement cameras go up. >> stick around for the updated first warning forecast.
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speed cameras are legal in maryland. putting mobile camera units at highway construction sites in prince george's and baltimore counties. pat warren reports, it's a pilot program that could be employed throughout the state. unfortunately, we're having some difficulty with pat's story. we'll get it to you in just a few moments. other new laws on the books, starting today, teens will have to wait until they are 16 years and 6 months old before they can apply for their license. there are new restrictions on death penalty. and there is new legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%. flying high again. the hero pilot and crew that landed a crippled plane on the hudson river are back in the air.
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drew levinson reports for wjz. >> reporter: captain chesley sullenberger and jeff skiles went through their normal preflight checks. but they knew this trip wasn't normal. the u.s. airways pilots were behind the controls together for the first time since birds slammed into their jet nine months ago, killing both engines. they were forced to ditch in the hudson river. all 155 people on board lived. they wanted to fly together from new york to charlotte this time because it was the same route they were supposed it take that fateful day in january. >> you were with me that day over the hudson. and you have my eternal gratitude for your skill and your courage. >> reporter: though this was billed as sullenberger's first flight, it was really his fourth. he flew twice on september 11th. and he and skiles flew from charlotte to here in new york.
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>> people started clapping. applauding. it was just really neat to be part of that. >> reporter: despite sullenberger's hero status, he says coming back was a struggle. he suffered post-traumatic stress and insomnia. but now, he's got the mindset to fly. for skiles who started flying again in april, there was only one thing he really wanted out of this trip. the traditional end-of-flight handshake between the captain and his first officer. >> i didn't get to complete that back in january. and i am looking very forward to doing that when we get to charlotte this afternoon. >> reporter: whether they landed, he got that handshake. >> reporter: in new york, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. the most serious injury in the hudson's splash down was a broken leg. as we were telling you moments ago, speed cameras are now legal in maryland. and political reporter pat warren has more on what this means. >> reporter: consider yourself clocked. making highways safer for the people making the highways. a speed camera pilot program is
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in effect to help safeguard construction workers like lori moser's husband rick. >> as he was working on the left-hand side and would face the area along the ranch, he was struck by a negligent driver and killed upon impact. >> he was killed by a speeding car. >> speed was a factor. when he was hit, he was hit from behind. he didn't see it coming. and he was thrown 175 feet. >> they are putting mobile speed cameras here at the construction site on i-95 in prince george's county. cameras will also be used to clock speed on i-95 in whitemarsh. and here at 695, in charles street. there will be plenty of signs posted. >> reporter: so, by the time they get to the camera, they should know that there's automated enforcement. >> the cameras flash at 12 miles per hour over the speed limit. cameras are legal in school zones and at state highway construction sites. now, mobile cameras may not
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always be operating in every designated zone. just remember, even if you don't see it, it can see you. reporting from prince george's county, i'm pat warren. back to you on television hill. for the next 30 days, violators will be given warnings. then those fines will take effect. a little transition time. we're transitioning into fall. cool morning. beautiful afternoon. take a look at temps now. still have sunshine. 63. winds are light. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at friday and the weekend after this. ñ
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it's a beautiful way to end the day. taking a look at that. that's nice and peaceful. relaxing and cool. >> sunshine on the buildings downtown. clouds off to the east. they're moving away. but there are some clouds out to the west that will be moving our way by this time tomorrow night. let's take a look at temps right now. very pleasant afternoon. it was a little cooler than average. but not bad with the sunshine. 64 in cumberland. 63 up in oakland. and they were in the 30s, low 40s this morning. 67 ocean city. 65 in washington. dew points very dry air. dew point is at 40 degrees. technically, we have no wind at all tonight. and no clouds. probably drop to about 40. a few high clouds and a slight
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little breeze will keep us a little warmer. probably around 46 to 47. very light winds now around the region. as can you can see, strongest winds, d.c., out of the south now at 7. out to the west, snow this afternoon and this morning. in wyoming. from about central, north central portions of colorado into yellowstone. much of central rockies getting several inches of snow. further east, it's rain. that's all moving off to the east and northeast. eventually, we're going to start seeing some of those clouds approaching our region. as that low pressure head toss our northwest. a warm front is going to be through tomorrow night to our north, maybe a few light showers. it's possible, we see a little light rain here late tomorrow night. most of the activity will come with this front. that will be on saturday. particularly saturday morning. looks like by late in the day. it will clear the area. and we'll start seeing some clearing. and right new, sunday looks very nice. up to our north, fox 4
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massachusetts will have some rain on saturday night. maybe into sunday morning. looks like most of the rain in foxboro will be. may not be all that bad for football. small craft advisory here tomorrow. and the bay temp, around 69 degrees. sunrise, 7:04. sets 6:48. not too far from now. 46 to low 50s downtown. then tomorrow, 72. a little milder. partly cloudy skies. clouds come in tomorrow night. meaning a little light rain late tomorrow night. and the chance that those showers into saturday morning. and again, into saturday afternoon, before it can clear out. not really a bad forecast at all. a lot less rain than we expected as of the last couple of days. so slight change there. >> that's good. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. real-life hero. a man risks his life to save a child from an apartment fire. running out of time.
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searching for the survivor. shocking crime. now, her estranged husband faces justice. this is mark viviano. the ravens are headed to new england. we'll go behind enemy lines and hear what patriots quarterback tom brady has to say about baltimore. and i'll check in with oriole grate brooks robinson. his thoughts on the present day o's and their struggles. when eyewitness news continues.
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it is just before 6:30. 62 degree asks clear. good evening, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. new and surprising details of michael jackson's autopsy obtained by the associated press. teri okita reports for wjz, on his overall health before he died. and what the coroner found on his body. michael jackson's appearance may not have been conventional. but when it came to his physical health, his autopsy reportedly shows the king of pop was in fairly good shape for a 50-year-old. the associated press says it has obtained a copy of jackson's autopsy, which shows the singer was not sickly and
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skeletal when he died of a drugover dose in june. the coroner reportedly found jackson's arms covered in puncture wounds. he had scars on his fay and neck. and tattoo -- face and neck. and tattoos on his eye eyebrows and lips. it lists his heart and other major organs as strong and healthy. jackson passenger did have some arthritis and his lungs were chronically inflamed. but it's believed none of these conditions were serious enough to have contributed to his death. >> they won't confirm the ap's report. but it has ruled that jackson's death was a homicide. the pop star died at his rented l.a. mansion on june 25th, after his doctor, conrad murray, administered the anesthetic prop fol and two -- propifol. and two other annettethetics to help -- anesthetics to help him sleep. and it was that drug cocktail
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that caused his death. any charges against his personal physician would come from the los angeles district attorney's office. the new jersey accountant who murdered his estranged wife will learn his fate tomorrow. >> reporter: last month, kevin kelly was convicted of first- degree murder. back in february of this year, he shot and killed patricia kelly outside the people's community baptist church in silver springs. he said he just snapped. but the jury says the fact that kelly fired several shots, convinced them that it was not a snap decision. police say patricia kelly was trying to start a new life here away from her estranged husband when he killed her. >> kelly faces a life sentence without a possibility of parole. shot a man, sitting in a car, parked outside a mcdonald's. it happened in severn. the 30-year-old male victim and a female were in the car when three suspects approached and opened fire.
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the male victim was treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. an investigation is under way into a housefire in northeast baltimore. flames broke out just after midnight. two people were taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. a firefighter suffered minor injuries. a string of natural disasters have left hundreds dead in the south pacific and in asia. first, an earthquake triggered a deadly tsunami. that wasfield by two earthquakes in indonesia. karen brown reports for wjz, despite the devastation, there are hopes of finding survivors. >> reporter: rescue workers rushing against time, pulled this woman from the rubble. a rare survivor as crews used heavy equipment and their bare hands, to search for thousands still missing after two earthquakes hit indonesia. this morning, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit only two miles from wednesday's 7.6. in the city of padang, entire
6:33 pm
blocks are decimated. hundreds are dead, and tens of thousands homeless. many of the injured are being treated in makeshift shelters. the earthquakes in indonesia come just a day after another massive quake trig triggered a tsunami. rescuers are searching for more victims. families separated in the chaos are finding out who didn't make it. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: this new zel zeal -- zealand schoolteacher was in a truck, filled with kids, trying to outrace the water, when a wave flipped the vehicle, trapping them inside. >> i don't know. i just passed out. >> reporter: she's not sure if any of the children made it out alive. the task of cleaning up is daunting. the tsunami flipped cars, pushed huge boats out of the
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ocean and destroyed countless homes. emergency aid is on the way for the people in both the samoan islands and indonesia, it can't come fast enough. in new york, karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> and tonight, the u.n. puts the death toll in indonesia at 1100. and that number is likely to rise. >> reporter: a wildfire that has burned nearly 350 acres of brush is 50% contained tonight. the fire is sparked by a blown transformer. while working with the santa barbara county fire department to battle the blaze. the blaze is about 50 miles northwest of santa barbara. a dramatic rescue caught on tape, a stranger rescues a young boy from an apartment fire. kathryn brown has more from the chaotic scene. >> i held his head up. >> reporter: when billy cretan saw smoke and flames pouring from the apartment above his store, has instincts took over. >> i kicked in gear. i pulled the ladder down.
6:35 pm
went upstairs and did the best i could. >> he climbed through the fire escape. and found christopher choking on smoke. >> i felt his heartbeat. but it was painful. it was all right. and i made sure i was protecting him from the curtain. >> reporter: he used his body to shield the boy from smoke and flames and carried his limp body down the fire escape. emergency crews were waiting and immediately began giving christopher oxygen. his 12-year-old brother belooked on horrified. it's really frightening. he was a real hero, too. because he saved my brother. >> he was taken to the hospital a short time later, suffering from smoke inhalation. he insists he only did what anyone would do. but christopher's father is eternally grateful for his heroics. >> if i was a wealthier guy, i would give him something for what he has done for me. my kids are my life. >> that child is in the hospital but is expected to survive.
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time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. the pet projects maryland senators are trying to attach to a defense appropriations bill. a test program to make cheese from raw, unpastirized milk. reviews from this week's new box office releases. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. the great prostate challenge continues this weekend. on sunday, from 9:00 to 3:00, you can get a free prostate screening at rey land baptist church at garrison boulevard. it is part of wjz's community commitment. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. rescued at sea. why the coast guard had to airlift a naval member from a sub. elizabeth smart case. appears in court. find out why. i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. some showers to start the weekend. i'll have the exclusive five-
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day forecast. and wjz is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log onto
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elizabeth smart testified in court today against her abductors. >> it's been years since she was abducted. and today, she revealed private details of what she went through. smart arrived with her parents at her side. she said that she was raped daily during the 9 months she was held captive, by brian david mitchell and his estranged wife. smart, who is now 21, said mitchell told her he would kill her if she tried to escape. and justified the rapes by religion. a judge ruled smart's testimony was relevant to determining whether mitchell was competent. >> mitchell has been found incompetent two times before to stand trial in state court. an elderly man was immersed in human waste for two hours before being found by the neighbor's dog. he was checking his cementic -- septic. he was trapped in three feet of
6:41 pm
stinky muck, until a dog heard his cries and started barking. it took several hours hours to free the man from the hole. a person inside manages to escape with only a few cuts. the entire neighborhood heard the explosion. the blast was so strong, it sent the roof flying into the neighbor's yard. the homeowner ran out of the house and sustained only minor injuries from flying grass. it was believed the explosion was triggered by gas buildup inside the home. amazing video shows how an air team dropped a basket on top of the submarine to rescue the sailor. the crewmember is now in good condition and will be transferred to a military facility. no details about what exactly happened to him have been released. a new york city dog is rescued off the ledge of a third-floor apartment window. somehow, the dog got locked out. but didn't seem to mind the fresh air. crowd of people formed below, waiting for someone to rescue the animal. police eventually were able to
6:42 pm
get into the apartment, open the window and save somebody's best friend. he's a little embarrassed. >> yeah. >> no interviews. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. a second earthquake rocks indonesia. frantic efforts are under way to save the thousands buried in the rubble. we'll speak to one of the reporters on the scene only tonight on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back.
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it is a fantastic start to the month of october. the sun is setting after a clear and sunny day. bob is updating the five-day forecast. but first, meteorologist tim williams is live in the outback with a more detailed look at what we can all expect tomorrow. tim? >> well, not a bad day at all tomorrow. we'll round these numbers up. 50 degrees is where we start with sunshine. clouds increase through the day. we'll get up to about 60. and then the daytime high will top out around 70 degrees. we'll start to see the potential for some showers, especially north and west of the area. and for the next five days, we send it in to bob. maybe more late, late
6:46 pm
tomorrow night. and saturday. before it starts clearing out. kind of mild. 72, 75. nice sunday. 75. a little cooler as we head into next week. 73. and 72. mainly a few showers late again on tuesday. denise. >> thank you, bob. mackenzie phillips' half sister talks about a claim with about a half sexual relationship with her father. >> reporter: china phillips talks about the incest tell- all. china opens up about the firestorm. >> it's something i don't wish. anyone. >> reporter: china on the controversy that engulfs her family, about her sister mackenzie's claim of an incest incestuous relationship with their father, '60s icon john phillips. >> i feel like i do have to talk about it because i love my sister. i do know that the allegations
6:47 pm
are true. >> reporter: while china shows support. her mother is not as sympathetic. >> she's a pistol. what can i say? with a subject as intense and as personal as this, people's feelings go haywire. and so there have been some flareups. and there have been some tension and some an animosity. but you know what? we love each other. at the end of the day, our family is going to be fine. >> also tonight, the first video from inside chloe card kardashian's wedding. plus, a george clooney movie exclusive for you. and we join atlanta housewives nini on her big night out here in hollywood. we'll have that and so much more coming up later on entertainment tonight. don't miss that coming up at 7:30. still to come. mark has the latest on the ravens. and he sits down with orioles legend brooks robinson. shares his struggles on the thoughts of the present-day team. next
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i imagine they were practicing hard today in owings mills. >> quarterback always in the spotlight for these. joe flacco was quick to deflect any comparisons to himself. flacco is a young gun. brady is a three-time super bowl champ. they will share a field for the first time at brady's field.
6:51 pm
it's a comeback year. brady missed last season with a knee injury. he has seen the ravens before. he's unbeaten against baltimore. but he's well aware of the ball hawking defense. >> ed reed, for example, who just covers up so much. and ray lewis is so instinctstinctive. -- instinctive. that fourth round play he made in san diego was incredible. you just have to be aware. it could be any guy at any time. >> west welker has missed a couple of games with a knee injury. he was limited in practice today. patriots are dealing with a number of key injuries. it could be a factor that tilts the balance. we'll see as the ravens try to beat new england for the first time. see the game here on wjz. our coverage kicks offer at 1:00. and when the action is over, our coverage continues with the bmw post game show. join me and joe washington. and marty and the bulldogs have air tran football talk from the
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espn zone here. just four games remain in the orioles season. they play their final road game at tampa bay tonight. then three at home to finish. the o's are mired in a 13-game losing streak. something that even pains orioles of the past. i had a chance to sit down with hall-of-famer brooks robinson. he shares the frustration of orioles fans were have. -- everywhere. robinson talked about the orioles struggle and the future of the skipper. >> if i was a betting guy, i would think he's going to come back. and that would be -- that would be good. i mean, he is from the old school. he's been dealt an impossible hand. that's the way i look at it. but the injuries they've had. it's got to be terrible. these guys, what they're going through now, it's just -- it's too bad. and no one takes it any harder than the players do. they don't like to lose. you know that. brooks robinson will be honored in a gala celebration, monday october 26th.
6:53 pm
an event that will benefit the babe ruth museum and the american cancer society. go to our website, click on sports for more information. in golf, round 1 of a major tournament at the baltimore country club, the seniors player championship. crowd favorite, giving a good show. tom watkins. birdie on 12. he shoots four under par 66. one shot off the lead. currently held by lonnie nielsen. he's alone after a power 63. -- par 63. and jay hoff, maryland's fred funk is five off the pace. and this note from the women's tour. at the lpga event, in alabama, a 14-year-old amateur, alexis thompson, birdied eight holes and had the lead on the pros until she bogeyed her final hole. the 14-year-old trails janice moody by one shot after the first round. now, that would be a story, if the 14-year-old -- she was in the lead the entire day, until
6:54 pm
the final. >> she trained on the wii. [ laughter ] >> by the way, michelle wie is right behind her. >> okay. we'll be right back.
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. it's the hit show the mentalist. employees at a good will store in michigan make quite a discovery inside. workers found a stack of crisp, $100 bills. totaling $13,000. neatly tucked inside a box of shoes. the woman who donated the shoes filled out a tax receipt. so the store was able to return the money. she had no idea about the cash. but said her husband grew up during the great depression and liked to keep money at home. soccer star david beckham. the british sports idol and his wife victoria were at the unveiling. the adidas collection, shirts and shoes. i guess that's some of it right there.
6:58 pm
uses cashmere and silk. it is described as luxury take on classic street ware. -- street wear. that's it for tonight. back at 11:00. i'm denise koch. thanks for watching eyewitness news on wjz maryland's news station. don't go away. much more ahead on the cbs evening news with katie couric. including a second earthquake rocks indonesia. a look at the frantic efforts thousamade to save the >> couric: tonight, rescued victims of the indneegdz earthquake pulled from the rubble alive, but the death toll continues to rise there and in the samoas. >> i said if this is my time to come home, take me home. i'm ready. >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, another iranian surprise. talks in geneva make more progress than expected as the iranians agree to open that
6:59 pm
nuclear facility near qom to inspectors. courtroom drama-- for the first time, elizabeth smart testifies about her kidnapping ordeal as the man who she says repeatedly raped her looks on. and the hero of the hudson-- same flight, very different ending. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. we begin once again in the disaster zone, indonesia, where rescue crews are working around the clock to find survivors of that massive earthquake. but they don't have nearly enough manpower or equipment for the job. most of the damage is in padang, a major city of nearly a million people. the u.n. said today the death toll is at least 1100 and expected to go much higher. ceila hatton reports from indonesia with theat


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