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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 2, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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letterman's comments speak for themselves. here at the ed sullivan theater, audience members were not sure if he was telling a joke, but they realized the story was real. tom and his wife were in the audience. >> everyone was in shock. they were trying to figure out what happened. >> reporter: letterman will not comment further on the situation. >> it has been bizarre. i feel like i need to protect these people. i need to certainly protect my family. >> reporter: it is not clear when letterman had the relationship with the staffers. he married his long-time girlfriend and mother of his son earlier this year. in new york, drew levinson, eyewitness news. >> a few hours ago, robert j. halderman pleaded not guilty to the blackmail attempt. a mystery is unfolding where a morning worker for verizon finds a woman's body decomposing in a sewer. mike schuh has more on the
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investigation. >> reporter: homicide detectives are now trying to figure out exactly who opened the manhole cover and stuffed the body inside and who the victim is. workers for the telephone company opened the manhole. what they found below will turn your stomach. >> they opened the cover and gained entry. the hole was filled with six feet of water and a body of a male victim. >> reporter: because of the state of the body, it wasn't until later that they realized it really was a woman. before homicide and the medical examiner's office can do their jobs, the fire department has to figure out how to get the body up and out. they begin by draining the six feet of water and going into the hole. >> we have our special rescue operations team here. they will make access to the hole and make contact with the body and secure it and place it in a back set and bring it out.
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-- bass -- basket and bring it out. >> at this time, it is an unidentified female. there are signs of decomposition. the remains will be taken to the medical examiner's office. >> reporter: neighbors have never heard of something like this. especially on their street. >> oh, my gosh. >> you have young guys come through here cussing up a storm. we don't have any break ins. >> reporter: this hole is now covered by crime scene tape. mike schuh, wjz 13 news. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you. the medical examiner's office may know the cause of death as soon as tomorrow. baltimore police are asking for your help in a manhunt. they are looking for a man they say dragged a man five blocks. we have sally thorner with the
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story in the newsroom. >> reporter: police are hunting for 27-year-old rickey hughes. he was on the way to the western district and he realized a warrant was out for him. that is when hughes sped up. officers shot out the back window, but one officer was stuck on the back end of the car. he abandoned the vehicle in the area of bruce and saratoga streets. thank you. a -- >> thank you. a bulletproof vest likely saved the officer's life. and this is a car at the rear of the maryland general hospital off martin luther king boulevard. local hospitals are doing the swine flu sweep. doctors are trying to do what they can to prevent the spread of the virus. we are live outside union
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memorial hospital. weijia jiang explains that h1n1 is a real concern. >> reporter: absolutely. kai. nearly 1/3rd of the patients here are being treated for flu- like symptoms. a big rush to the er is creating a burden to doctors. an anti-bacterial gel dispense certify awaits everyone walk -- disspencer awaits everyone walking into the hospital. people pack into the maryland emergency rooms with the same concerns. the potentially deadly h1n1 flu. >> i love my girls more than life itself. i'll do anything for them. >> reporter: david matthews has a 4-year-old showing flu-like symptoms. doctors say most of the patients are children.
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on tuesday, 14-year-old destinee parker was the second in the state who died. >> two little girls died where we live. it is sad. it acts like a cold and the next thing you know, they are deathly sick. >> reporter: hospitals are also flooded with phone calls. authorities anticipate the heavy traffic will eventually cause a shortage of beds. >> we have weekly meetings on the flu updates so we can be prepared for anything that is changing. we have back up plans in place as far as our beds. >> reporter: when the vaccine is available next week, children should receive the shots through their pediatricians. >> we will get rolling shipments every week once this distribution kicks off. >> reporter: until then, parents are not taking chances. medical leaders warn rushing to the er will do more harm than good. >> if you have a simple cold that is common in september,
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october and november, you run the risk of getting the flu if you come to the er. there are many patients that do have it right now. >> reporter: even when the h1n1 vaccine arrives here, there will only be enough to treat 1% of the high risk population. if you develop the symptoms, do not come to the er. for now, reporting live, weijia jiang, wjz 13 news. >> thank you. hospitals across the state are fine tuning emergency readiness plans in case of an h1n1 massive outbreak. remember, wjz is always on. stay with eyewitness news for complete flu watch coverage. log on to for the latest information. not much sun today, but the air is okay for october. we have clouds outside and rain is moving our way. wjz has live first warning weather coverage. tim williams is in the outback, but we have bob in the weather
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center. >> we have some rain, but not a lot. three or four days, it looked like we could see a lot of rain. that will not happen. look across the mountains to the west. light shower activity moving southwest to northeast. it will take a little while to get to the baltimore region. by the time it gets here, it will not be a lot. light rain later on tonight. most in cumberland and romney. it is finished in oakland and across portions of southwest pennsylvania. showers continue to move up to the northeast. later tonight, we will see a little rain. how will that impact things going on in massachusetts on sunday? tim, let's look at that forecast. >> you know, we have been talking about it. a lot of the rain is moving northeast. the good news is that it will continue to move through the northeast. with that said, we are looking at temperatures in the mid-70s here. a tad bit cooler in massachusetts. 70 degrees is the game time temperature. you can see the game on wjz at
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1:00. ravens and patriots. look for partly cloudy, but seasonably cool temperatures. it will be much like here, but a bit cooler and breezier. bob, the complete forecast coming up. back inside. thank you. it is purple friday in ravens country. fans of all ages are gearing up for the game on sunday. >> go ravens. >> children in ellicott city have their game faces on. rallies like this are happening everywhere. fans will do anything to pump up the team for the matchup in new england. the patriots are the biggest challenge nor the ravens this year. -- for the ravens this year. we have live at the park where
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the orioles are wrapping up their season. mark. the game you mentioned, the ravens at new england. the build up is because the ravens are lauded around thenfl as the best team in the league. that has been held for the longest time by the patriots. the ravens practice this week trying to block out the hype. just focusing on playing the patriots. the team the ravens have never beaten. new england is the winners of three super bowls this decade, but to the ravens, it is just another team. >> we respect them. the history and what they have done. the super bowls they have won. we respect it all. we feel we have to go up there to play a game. >> we are not playing their history or legacy. we are playing the patriots this year. they are good. we are not going to get into what they have done over the
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course of the last five or six years. we are going by what they are doing now. >> reporter: what the patriots are doing is showing frustration. tom brady is upset with the poor execution. new england does have home- field advantage against the ravens. the loud crowd can make a difference. >> they will not show the away team any love. it reminds me of pittsburgh a little. pittsburgh is different. you have to go in there and be focused. you cannot let the crowd get you out of the game. you have to go in there and play your football. >> reporter: it is a quarterback match up of flacco and brady. we will talk quarterbacks coming up later in sports. also later in sports, dave trembley is set to meet with the media in a few minutes now. a lot of questions about his future in baltimore. all of that coming up. back to you. >> thank you. you can watch the ravens take on the patriots sunday at 1:00
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here on wjz 13. our coverage continues when the game is over. join mark for the post game show. he will have highlights and reaction. join marty and mary for the airtran football talk. we have you covered here on wjz. we are following breaking news in northeastern baltimore county. mike perry is over the scene of an accident. >> reporter: this is off the bradshaw road where the vehicle left of roadway and collided with a pole and cut the pole in half. apparently one person in the vehicle was injured and taken to bayview hospital. no word on the condition of the driver. baltimore county police are on the scene. they have one lane eastbound on bradshaw road closed as they continue the investigation. back to you on tv hill. thank you. >> still ahead at 5:00.
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>> rio. >> celebrations in south america, but olympic dreams fizzle in the windy city. turn that frown upside down. how we can explore life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in baltimore. miracle in indonesia. survivors are pulled from the rubble days after the earthquake. and we will have the first warning weather forecast with bob when we come back.
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chicago went all out to win the battle for the 2016 olympic games, but it was not to be. joel brown reports for wjz that the games will be in rio. >> reporter: excitement quickly turned to stunned silence in chicago's daley plaza.
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>> the city of chicago obtaining the least number of votes will not participate in the next round. >> reporter: the thousands who gathered to celebrate a winning bid for the 2016 olympic games felt like they had been punched in the gut. >> really? >> reporter: you thought you had this? >> i thought we had this. >> reporter: no one expected the dreams of america's second city to be dashed in the olympic committee's first round of voting. >> i had all of these dreams for chicago. >> reporter: instead, the party is in rio. brazilians danced in the street after they are the first south american city to host the games. many here is a the city will take another shot at the games anytime soon. >> i'm dying to see the analysis now of why we did not get it.
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i think we just did everything right. >> reporter: chicago sent its first string to denmark with president obama leading the final pitch. >> i wish that we had come back with better news from copenhagen. i could not be prouder of my hometown of chicago. >> reporter: many expect the spirit of the olympics to linger in chicago although it will not happen here. joel brown, eyewitness news. >> brazil's victory leaves africa and antarctica as the only continents who have never hosted the olympics. let's check on the roads -- let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. >> we have the disabled oversized load on 895 at the harbor tunnel. it will be there for a while. you are still looking at minor delays. a wreck at the inner loop.
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the crash at 100 east at edwin boulevard. one at bradshaw road and franklin road. liberty road and milford mills with an accident. a car into maryland general hospital. another accident in columbia. one in glen burnie. northbound route 2 at north avenue. there is the look at the drive times. it is slow going on the top side of the beltway at 83 and 795 and 795 and 83. there is the live look at the top side at greenspring avenue. this delay is park heights. it takes you 10 minutes to get through. there is the west side outer loop delay. the traffic report is brought to you by md mountain side. back to you. thank you. so what does it mean to be
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free? the american visionary art museum tries to answer that in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> i make shrinky dinks. >> he has illustrated his story in miniature. these drawings are on clear plastic sheets. they shrink when they are baked. >> you see pieces of my life growing up at windsor castle. my grandmother was given the place by king charles, v. >> he is one of many of the self taught artists. words expand on the declaration phrase written in 1776. racial struggles in the south are highlights here. adam comes from the swamps of
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louisiana. his drift wood statue of liberty is the centerpiece a show. >> it is like an american way where freedom and justice for all and the country of opportunity to come here and do well and do your best. you can get somewhere. that is how the country was built. >> this museum's founder, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is more than an exhibit. you can come here and contemplate what it means to be free. >> this is a show that transcends any label and it is all about what it means to be a free human being and how we safeguard that for ourselves and for one another. >> life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness opens tomorrow. >> one of our treasures in baltimore. it is a unique museum.
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we have a weekend heading our way. look at the conditions now. mild out there. 69. south/southeast winds at 10. we will take a look at the satellite/radar and the weekend after this break. it's friday. did you know that 75% of growing kids
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take a look at that picture. a mild afternoon with a lot of wind. let's look at satellite/radar. showers to the west of us. later on tonight, expect to see some of the activity moving into the baltimore and washington and annapolis area. not a lot with this, but a bit of rain tonight and again during the morning tomorrow. look at temperatures. 55. the rain cooled things in cumberland. here in the east, 71. 75 in ocean city. 69 now in baltimore. 70 with southeast winds brought in warmer and more humid air. we had a weak front that moved in to the north. a couple of sprinkles across harford county and adams county. they had steady showers with a warm air system that came in.
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we are in the muggy air mass. the last couple of days, the dew points were in the 40s. to the west, an area of low pressure in the upper midwest. you see that spin right there. rain across the region and temperatures in the 40s. further south and east, warmer. some scattered showers and thunder. most places, it has weakened. the bulk of the rain across western new york and a portion of vermont. around boston, they will get rain tonight and tomorrow. it looks like things will clear out for us. you see the activity across virginia. it will slide in the area tomorrow morning and by the afternoon, the west winds will kick in and that helps to clear out. sunday is looking good with the west wind and milder conditions. a west-to-east flow. a zonal flow. you get the west winds and it
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brings the winds off the atlantic ocean. tonight, lots of clouds. rain late. 59 by morning. tomorrow, maybe a little bit of a morning showers. sunshine and back up in the mid- 70s. warmer on saturday and sunday. except for the early morning. >> not bad at all. thank you. still ahead at 5:00. >> i'm susan collins in carroll county. police raid the moment of one of their -- home of one of their own on the drug task force. i'll tell you what they find inside coming up next. and we will take you through the life altering surgery for two beautiful babies and this. all aboard the christmas carol train is in town.
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although it is october, it is just in time for the holidays. i'm gigi barnett. i'll
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5:30. 69 degrees and overcast. welcome home. the evidence piles up against a city drug detective charged with stealing money meant for informants. we have susan collins with more
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found at a detective's carroll county home. >> reporter: the member of the drug task force here in the neighborhood. the fbi conducts a search of the officer's home. he is suspected of taking kickbacks. they found $40,000 in cash. >> you need to be aware of the risk that people will be greedy and corrupt and take advantage of opportunities. particularly where you have situations where people have discretion over sums of money. >> reporter: he is charged with stealing a watch from a suspected drug dealer. many other watches turn up and a bentley and gucci and a gold medallion. they found vials of liquid and needles. there is an explanation that
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does not involve illegal activity. hopefully the truth will come out in court. investigators say a wire tap recorded lunsford telling him, "me and you are the only ones who know we split the $10,000." when talking about making raids on drug houses, lunsford said, "a ain't going into a [ bleep ] house if i ain't getting something out of the [ bleep ]." susan collins, eyewitness news. >> detective mark lunsford is facing up to 30 years in prison. five weeks ago, a man was stabbed in his car in anne arundel county and later died. we have vic with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: it happened on east
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ordinance road. andrew gene cooley died in his truck. police want to find the woman he was traveling with. if anyone saw him on august 27th, you should contact anne arundel police. back to you. >> he was seen in the city driving a blue ford explorer. yale president richard levins said improvements have been made to the building where annie le was killed. raymond clark has been charged with her murder. more heavy equipment is expected to arrive in indonesia as the search for earthquake
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survivors continues. we have the report on one of the hardest hit areas in the country. >> reporter: two days after the earthquake, rescuers found a few survivors under the wreckage of collapsed buildings. the small success has reenergized efforts to find those still missing. most of the confirmed deaths have been in padang where most of the buildings have been destroyed. at what used to be a lounge, crews pulled one body from the wreckage. residents at this house tried to salvage their belongings. this woman is looking for her 24-year-old son who works at the laundry before it collapsed. i was screaming because when i saw the rocks and rubble, i said my son will be killed. this woman said. i keep hearing in my ears he
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was calling me. rescue operations have been hampered by power blackouts and lack of heavy equipment to move wreckage from toppled buildings. line ups for gas are more than three hours long. there is a shortage of other necessities, too. rescuers found a teenager alive in the wreckage today. he had been trapped for over 40 hours. >> one estimate from the united nations put the death toll from the earthquake on wednesday at more than 1,000. the death toll rises to 169 today after tuesday's earthquake and tsunami struck in samoa. bodies are still being pulled from the sea and dugout of the mud and debris. about 3,000 people have been displaced. u.s. and australia and new zealand have sent supplies to help in the search. doctors in new york performed life-saving surgery on two girls today.
5:35 pm
the girls from ohio had tumors on their faces. susan brown reports. >> reporter: for 1-year-old anna and 5-month-old skyler, life is about to change. >> you feel like your child is the only one going through this. >> reporter: the family came from ohio to roosevelt hospital for surgery to remove the tumors on their faces. the benign tumors. >> they are vascular tumors. >> reporter: in time, they can shrink on their own, but that can take more than a decade. that is why their parents wanted to act now. >> it will not go away by the time she is 3 or 4. we are concerned about what other kids say. >> reporter: during the two- hour surgery, the doctor removed the tumors and rearranges the tissue and restores the cheek. he has to be careful not to cut
5:36 pm
nerves. >> we have a way of mapping the nerves on the surface of the skin. >> reporter: an advantage of doing surgery now when the girls are so young, that there is less scarring. >> children have lots of stem cells. they heal more quickly. >> reporter: skyler came through with great success. >> i'm excited that she is going to be able to smile pretty and she will be able to live a normal life. >> reporter: as will anna. the stitches will be removed next week and the healing will begin. in new york, karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> the wounds are expected to look better in six weeks. the great prostate challenge continues this weekend. sunday, you can get a free prostate screening on garrison boulevard. time for a look at the
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stories you will find in "the baltimore sun." the world headquarters are moving from paris to maryland. is the orioles season as bad as the record suggests? and a preview of the maryland game against clemson. for all of this and more, read "the baltimore sun." all aboard. disney's christmas carol train pulled into the band omuseum. and gigi barnett says they use technology to bring the tale to life. >> reporter: holiday carols fill the air. christmas trees line the streets. the chase carol train -- the christmas carol train is in baltimore. >> it has never been told in this way. >> reporter: the moving exhibit shows the holiday story with
5:38 pm
cutting edge technology to make the characters come to life. there is also a display to visitors with a face display. >> we made advancements that make the face look more life like. >> reporter: the christmas carol train started the tour in may in los angeles. by the time it reaches new york next month, it will travel 16,000 miles and see just as many visitors. >> i got to see how it turned into a cartoon. that was cool. >> reporter: baltimore is the train's 32nd stop. visitors say it is on time. >> it is chilly outside and it is not hot. >> this is the perfect storm. trains, holidays, dickens and christmas carol and disney. >> reporter: and a free pass. that gift has been granted. in baltimore, gigi barnett, wjz
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13 news. >> the disney train pulls off and heads to atlanta. the passes for the tour are free. the annual sugarloaf festival got under way today in timonium. about 350 crafters are showing off their works, including jewelry baskets and furniture. the festival runs today through sunday at 10:00 a.m. each morning. admission is $8. still to come on eyewitness news, a dna bomb shell in the case of casey anthony. the florida mother charged of killing her daughter, cayle,. you better start shopping now to avoid pumpkin problems. and we have a mild weekend coming up. i'll have the full forecast coming up. it wasn't a great
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nothing severe. we have clouds and light rain later on tonight.
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tomorrow, we start off wet. look at the saturday forecast. in the morning, we will see a little rain. it will be over by 10:00 or 11:00. temperatures near 60. tomorrow night, things clear out. maybe a touch of fog. we will be clear skies for the most part. tim has the look at the five- day forecast and another energy tip. >> bob, talk about saturday. let's talk about sunday and beyond. the sun is returning for the first portion of the week. sunday into monday, 75 and 73. a chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. overnight lows in the 50s. as for the energy saver tip. washing full and half loads of clothes and dishes. wash and dry full loads, but if you have a smaller load, the key is to remember to set and adjust the water levels on the machines for the smaller loads. to become an energy saver or learn how you can become one,
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go to and click on the special section on the home page. back inside. in the flu watch, you can protect yourself from the h1n1 virus while in an airplane. paula ebben reports what some airlines are doing to calm the fears of travelers. >> reporter: masks in far away places. an image that has a lot of people thinking of what to do to stay healthy. like hand sanitizer. >> every time we touched something, we used it. >> reporter: despite swine flu fears, this doctor says it is generally okay to travel, but there are considerations. >> when you are in crowds, you are potentially going to be exposed to people with the flu. the flu tends to travel in
5:45 pm
about a three-foot radius. >> most people perceive airline air quality bad. is that a factor? >> there is research that says only someone who is ill within the first four rows in front of you or behind you that could transmit it during the flight. >> reporter: it is important to read the fine print and be aware of your rights. the airlines may cancel flights to certain destinations. that is what happened with mexico last spring. >> if it is a situation where they are canceling flights, you will have more rights. if you want to change it yourself, you have to really know that you really don't have that many rights in that situation. >> reporter: no insurance policies will not cover you. >> there are some that will allow you to cancel for any reason. one thing is they are more expensive. if you want to go with the cheaper policy, read the fine print and make sure things like epidemics are includinged.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: for now -- included. >> reporter: for now, some are relying on common sense. >> wash your hands. >> reporter: that is the right approach. >> every personal contact is a disease transmission potential. >> remember, wjz is always on. for instant updates and important information froms cdc, log on to the self proclaimed first clown in space is on the international space station. cirque du soleil founder guy lellabir had the red clown nose for the camera. he plans to mix his fun with a serious message about the growing shortage of clean water on the planet. in florida, 23-year-old casey anthony is preparing to go on trial for the murder of
5:47 pm
her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. there has been a stunning new development in the case. >> reporter: attorneys for casey anthony are citing this fbi report that says duct tape found in a gas can in the anthony garage does not match the tape found around caylee's skull. dna on the tape does not match any anthony family member, but matches an fbi analyst. >> that is a critical piece of evidence. that is badnewss for the prosecution. >> reporter: that could effectively take the death penalty off the table. remains were found five months after casey said her daughter was left with a babysitter. there is evidence of human decomposition in the car.
5:48 pm
the defense argues much of the case is circumstantial and there is a lack of physical evidence implicating casey in her daughter's murder. >> anthony's trial was supposed to saturday in october, but -- start in october, but it was pushed back to january. check back in with eyewitness news for the latest at 6:00. >> and police release the sketch of two suspects. what you need to know. record setting drug bust. new at 6:00, the sentences in for the dealer. check in for those stories at 6:00. thank you. living to 100 may seem like a long life now, but a study suggests it may be the norm for babies born today. the article for the lancet shows half of all babies born in 2007 in the united states will likely live to age 104.
5:49 pm
researchers say life expectancy has been growing. pumpkin pie may be in a shortage this fall. bakers have other options. you can use fresh or frozen. the nestle company will have limited can supplies until mid- december. >> you can make a sweet potato pie. >> your specialty. eyewitness news sports is live. mark is live at the ball park. he deserves a sweet potato pie. >> we have breaking news at oriole park. i just got out of a press conference. the team president has announced that dave trembley will be back as manager of the orioles in 2010. we will hear from a happy dave trembley ahead and the latest on ravens when eyewitness news continues.
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great news from the ball park. >> especially for dave trembley. >> dave trembley was called to the office of team president at 3:30 this afternoon. on his way there, trembley
5:53 pm
thought he was about to be fired. instead, andy macphail tells him he will be back for 2010. we spoke with dave trembley moments ago. >> i cannot tell you how grateful i am and happy i am. i'm happy for a lot of people and for the philosophy that existed here since i came on board. that is do things right. be honest. be fair. understand that the big picture is not yourself and it is the baltimore orioles. to me, that makes it all worthwhile to get the opportunity to go forward. >> dave trembley will manage the team. it is now up to the manager to augment the roster.
5:54 pm
there need to be meaningful improvement. the orioles play the final three games of the season starting tonight. the ravens have a big -- the ravens have a big road trip this weekend. an intriguing match up of quarterbacks. joe flacco is rising quickly in the quarterback rankings. he has helped make the ravens one of the highest scoring teams so far in the nfl. he is on the rebound from a knee injury, tom brady. flacco quick to deflect questions about the mvp. >> i have no i die. i like to think of -- i have no idea. i like to think of myself as a good quarterback. he is a good quarterback. he has done a great job. i hope to win super bowls in my career. that is what we are working toward in baltimore. >> it is unfair to compare the
5:55 pm
two. tom has three super bowls. hopefully we can help joe to catch up with him. >> brady and the patriots are the favorites. see the showdown here sunday at 1:00 and continues when the game is done. join me for the bmw post game show. i'll have highlights and reaction and marty and mary and the bull dog for airtran football talk. we have the ravens covered for you here on sunday on wjz. we have the orioles. dave trembley is back as manager in 2010. more coming up in the next hour. see you then. >> thank you. still to come on eyewitness news. >> maryland emergency rooms are filling up with people concerned with the h1n1 flu. i'm weijia jiang.
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. coming up right if any on eyewitness news at 6:00, maryland prepares for the worst, but the h1n1 vaccine may arrive just in time. pleat flu watch coverage. i have had sex with women, who work for me on this show. >> the administration, sex san juan exportion plot and sting operation all involving late- night star david letterman. a body found in a baltimore sewer and police want know who he is. >> check in for the stories
5:59 pm
and breaking news. eisenat 6:00 starts now. . >> thisiss wjz tv, wjz tv and >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland it's news station. fight the flu, preparing for potential h1n1 outbreak. >> tonight what they are doing keep that from happening. >>. >> i'm denise koch and i'm vic carter. >> hospitals across maryland stepping up efforts to keep the swine flu from spreading. wjz is live with complete flu- watch coverage and weijia jiang is live with the steps taken to keep staff and hospital patients healthy. >> reporter: nearly a fourth of all the patients


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