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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 3, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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vaccine is day as way. >> reporter: hello. with two maryland children dead from the h1n1 virus, the state prepares to receive its first doses of the vaccine. wjz is live with the state health department where suzanne collins joins us with more on how the drug will be administered. suzanne? >> reporter: vic, we expect to receive the first vaccine in the next week, possibly two. the first people who are going to have access to it are health care and emergency workers, children, and also pregnant women. the flu shots do not protect from the h1n1 virus. and it won't be long before that arrives in maryland. parents are being told by the state and local health departments.
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another unnamed child died last week. >> our plans do include to have vaccine clinics at multiple sites throughout the county. that includes in some school buildings. >> reporter: anne arundel county has a plan for the distribution and says it is prepared there are multiple h1n1 cases. >> we're in contact with the cdc and state department of health that will coordinate the efforts through them. we'll expect to have the vaccine delivered to the state through us. we are prepared to move forward in that regard. >> reporter: in late july, the cdc stopped tracking it. random testing indicates it is the common strain the state reports nine deaths and 198 hospitalizations. some parents are concerned about getting their kids vaccinated like this father who saw health care workers on tv who didn't want to be forced to get the shot. >> in the past there have never been issues over whether they would get a shot or not. this would be the first time.
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>> reporter: that you have apprehensions? >> yeah, about whether or not they should get a shot. at this time, i would say go ahead and do it. >> reporter: the local health departments say they plan to release but haven't yet a list of clinics for the h1n1 vaccine. they want to wait until they get their hands on those doses. >> maryland is 26 states with widespread influenza activity. stay with wjz for complete updates and important information from the cdc. log on to some residents of baltimore city were left in the dark for parts of our evening. power outages were caused when an suv crashed into a light pole near the campus of morgan state university. the truck was speeding moments before the crash. >> we did find one male victim adult who was actually out of the vehicle. he was ejected. there was a woman that remained trapped inside the vehicle. it was uprighted on its side due to the power lines being
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down and in contact with the vehicle. we could make immediate access to the victims. >> reporter: officials were called to the scene to shut the power off at the pole. at one point, nearly 3,000 residents were left in the dark. they have since been restored. as for the injured, we have no word on their conditions. police are questioning a person of interest in an early morning shooting. gunshots rang out in the 4,000 block of massachusetts avenue around 2:30. an officer in the area responded and fond a 28-year- old man with multiple gunshot runds in the head. he was transported to shock trauma where he later died. baltimore city police have identified a 17-year-old shot in the head last night. darius anderson was critically injured through the intersection of west lafayette and north payson streets. at last check, anderson was listed in critical condition. homicide detectives were investigating the case because of the severity of the injuries. we have within update on the story of a teenage er
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accused of shooting at a city bus. he was charged with possession of a handgun for the incident. baltimore city police say the 16-year-old stepped out in front of the bus and fired several shots at the windshield. tonight, bryant is being held without bail. one of the brothers of nba star carmelo anthony is beaten outside a nightclub. the incident happened outside the isis lounge about two weeks ago. baltimore city police say a large group of men attacked anthony. he was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. police have not yet released his full name. a husband and father takes the lives of his wife and two children before killing himself. it is a story that left a small town of mount airy heartbroken and shock. earlier today, the entire community paid final respects at the family's funeral. >> reporter: saturday morning,
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a funeral service in lisbon gave those who knew the daulton family of mount airy a chance to say good-bye to all four members. >> reporter: >> it's just a great family, very giving, you know? would give everything they had. the children were polite, nice, very loving, happy family. >> reporter: september 23rd, police find the daultons dead in their beds. they say 38-year-old charles, sr. shot his wife, 7-year-old daughter emma, 14-year-old son, jr. and the family dog then killed himself. >> it's had a major impact on the community because i'm in the sure anything like this has ever happened. >> reporter: among the many who came here today were the young classmates and friends of the daulton children. grief counselors were also on hand. >> it's been hard for a lot of us, especially the juniors because they worked closely to him. >> reporter: the adviser to charlie daulton, jr. when he trained in the junior firefighting program. >> he didn't have a bad word to say about anyone.
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he was nice to everybody. he was a great kid. the whole family was extremely nice, and everybody knew them. you know, the church. ♪ and when we first [music] ♪ >> reporter: the small community of mount airy has held multiple vigils for the daultons. even after attending their funeral, friends don't understand why it came to this. >> it's hard, you know? don't understand it. never understand it. never understand what happens. it's just a tragedy. >> reporter: in three caskets, the family was buried together in downtown mount airy. emmaline rests with her mother. >> investigators believe financial troubles were part of the motive in this triple murder/suicide. turning now to our weather. we're having a pleasant evening outside. as you can see it is a calm night with decent temperatures. bernadette woods has more. >> hello, vic. welcome to the weekends with us
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here. i want to show you just a thunderstorm over the eastern shore and it's made its way over into delaware. you see that's going to be making its way out to sea shortly. but other than that, things are calming down significantly around here. one other thing i do want to show you with all of this is that just off to the northeast this is where all of the rain has moved. you can see right around foxboro, heavy rain at this point. however, that also is moving out of here. for the game tomorrow, we're drying out. we'll have the rest of the weekend forecast. vic? mixed signals from iran behind the scenes. the country has made concessions about its nuclear facilities. in front of the cameras, its president continues to use harsh rhetoric against the united states. heather brown reports to wjz to see which will speak louder, actions or words? >> reporter: the head of the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog agency is now in iran. he's setting up an inspection of the country's uranium enrichment facility a plant
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fueling up an international firestorm. a plant allowing u.n. inspectors on to the moot meeting. a concession that put nuclear peace talks back on track. in a speech on saturday, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad blasted president obama. saying he made a big and historic mistake in denouncing iran for hiding the nuclear site from the world. the facility is partially hidden in a mountain and sits next to a melttry base heightening fears among the u.s. and key allies that iran is working to secretly develop nuclear warheads. the international community is threatening sanctions if iran does not freeze its nuclear operations. new penalties could target iran's energy, financial and telecommunications sector. >> iran must demonstrate through concrete steps that it will live up to its responsibilities with regard to its nuclear program.
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>> reporter: iran insists the site is strictly for peaceful purposes. the west remains deeply suspicious of iran's motives. kathryn brown for cbs news, the united stations. >> president ahmadinejad says if iran voluntarily revealed the facility in a letter on september the 21st, one year earlier than necessary under the agency's rules. it is not official but looks as if bob ehrlich is weighing the possibility for another run of the governor's office. they hosted the annual corn roast in reisterstown. it was a fund-raiser for the ehrlich for mayor committee. the former governor dodged questions regarding a possible run for governor. today was a big day for the american diabetes association. mary bubala was there for the step out walk to fight diabetes. they walked from rash field around the programmen nad to pier 6 and back. it is believed more than 1,000 people attended today's event. and coming up on wb's
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"eyewitness news," some bar day in chicago as a teenager beaten to death is laid to rest. shocking news for the "real housewives of atlanta." kidnapped and later found, a newborn ?ab snatched from his mother's arms is found in tennessee alive. a white coat, why one maryland college plans to answer the calls to supply more pharmacists. i'm gigi barnett. that story is coming up. i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. the rain got in and out quickly this weekend. we'll let you know what that means for the rest of the weekend forecast coming up when "eyewitness news" returns.
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. a chicago family says a tearful good-bye to their murdered 16-year-old son. pleas say darren albert was beat ton death by a group of teens last month outside a community center. friends, family and civil rights leaders showed up today including naacp president todd jelos and jesse jackson. youth vial slebs a problem that must be addressed. >> every time we see another child murdered, another senseless act of violence in the city, it hurts bad. we think if they learn blair holt on a bus, we thought that people would care enough to get out here and help change this. >> four teens have been charged in derrion albert's death.
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they are behind bars without bond. at today's service, reverend jesse jackson said children deserve safe passage to-and-fro school. and police say ashley a.j. jewel died from massive head injuries he suffered in a nightclub's parblging lot. he was engaged to candy burris, star of "the real housewives of atlanta." he appeared in several episodes of the show. jewel worked at the bod yea tap club why friday night's fight became fatal. >> it appears the victim in the case was in the parking lot of the body tap when he became involved in a physical altercation with another individual. at some point, it appears the victim sustained a serious blow to the head. upon being transported to the hospital, he was pronounced deceased. >> reporter: police say another man, frederick richardson has been arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter in his death. they still don't know the motive behind the brawl. there's a happy ending in
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the search for a kidnapped newborn in tennessee. police found the baby boy, who was just eight days old alive and in good health at a home in alabama. authorities say an amber alert helped them track down and arrest tammy sylus who posed as an immigration agent and snatched the baby on tuesday. officials are crediting the safe return to a special task force organized to find him. >> one of the things that the mother said is that before this investigation, she was afraid of the police. she's not anymore. that go a long way to say what the work we've accomplished today has done. not just for returning this child to the family but for the community. >> the baby is currently in foster care in alabama and will soon be reunited with his very relieved mother. and facing federal charges of stalking espn reporter erin drews. michael barrett appeared in
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cord accused of taking nude videos through a peephole to andrews and trying to sell them to celebrity web site tmz. another hearing is set on monday to determine if he will be freed on bond or remain in custody. >> it'll be essentially what we're seeking. so we're not contesting his removal to california. we'll address the allegations in california. >> barrett will remain in custody for the rest of the weekend. the fbi says he was arrested friday night at o'hare airport in chicago. unemployment is at a national 26-year high of 9.8%. economists expect things to get worse before they get better. the rising unemployment pushed personal bankruptcies to a four-year high. so far this year, more than 1 million people have filed for bankruptcy up 35% from the same time last year. as the shortage of pharmacist as cross the nation grows, one maryland college is opening its doors to answer the demand.
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gigi barnett explains students say health care reform may change the profession before they graduate. >> reporter: it took the college of notre dame two years to host the ceremony. the college inducted the first class of pharmacy students with the white coat and name tag. >> i feel more like a professional in a career. >> reporter: the demand for pharmacists is strong now. dr. annie lynn says it will be even greater by the time students graduate in four years. >> the population is aging. they will use more and more medications. you need a health care professional who's knowledgeable and able to work. >> reporter: an oath to protect patients is required. notre dame is san all-womens college but its graduate programs are co-ed with the white coat ceremony, the school becomes the first women's college in the nation to have a school of pharmacy. >> the women are making decisions for the generations above them for themselves and their children as well. our rich heritage of being a
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women's college as well as the school of pharmacies being the first college on the u.s. women's campus will make us play an even more important role in the future. >> reporter: october is american pharmacist month. the oaths today will be more poignant than ever by the time they graduate in 2013. >> there will be new medicine coming in. the aging population will be different so we have to watch it the whole way through. >> reporter: i'm gigi barnett, "eyewitness news." >> the school of pharmacy is the second one in maryland. good luck to all of them. welcome on this saturday night. >> don't get used to it. >> i know, adam will be back. >> i'm happy to be here for adam but this is adam's show. >> we know how you feel. the showers got out quickly today. we did see a couple on the
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eastern shore. that's about it. for the rest of us, cleared out nicely. the winds have also calmed done a bit. team chore-wise, we've seen a range. we're starting to cool down out there. still 73 degrees in ocean city. contrast that with 46 degrees in oakland. definitely cooling out in the mountains already. here in the city it is 56 degrees. the dew points are starting to come down because the air's starting to dry out. we did get to 76 earlier today. we're at our low at 56. here's the situation overall. we have a massive storm up to our north. that brought all of the rain through and bringing rain to foxboro rate now. it's really moving thing as long. that's now bringing in the drier air mass indicated by high pressure. with this high on top of us tomorrow, we're looking at a nice one, possibly morning fog, otherwise a mix of clouds and
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sunshine. then on monday, another dre die. it's not until tuesday night into wednesday that the high's going to give way. that will allow the next storm to come through. it will get out quickly, also, for the end of the week. out on the waters with all of this going on, we're looking at west winds picking up during the afternoon tomorrow. because of that, a small craft advisory is in effect. the bay temp now at 70 degrees. we're going down to 51. it will be a cooler one than last night. the fog could form starting out our day tomorrow. as we head through the afternoon a mix of clouds and sunshine. breezy at times. then over the next five days, we're going to see more sunshine on monday. temperatures are very comfortable. tuesday night into wednesday, the clouds come back in. there is a chance for a few showers with the storm moving through the area. temperatures comfortable the entire time as we head through the week here. vic? stan has sports coming up next.
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hello, everybody. the university of maryland against clemson and its atlanta coast conference opener. quarterback chris turner 19 of 26, 215 yards including a 25- yard touchdown pass to dori smith. -- tory smith. >> now we're going to the acc, that's all that matters right now. today in annapolis, i dbility know they got down like that. scores and gets the reward. 7-0 navy. airport kicker. misses what would be a game- tying 31-yard field goal. the mid-shipmen winning. next week navy at rice.
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look at this. before never ever getting started against number 16 new hampshire, eight minutes hadn't even elapsed in the game and it was 30-0 visitors. final score new hampshire 57 towson 7. next week towson at rhode island. nfl now. ravens slight underdog sunday to a team they've never beaten. new england. we've got the game starting at 1:00 followed by our special post game show, including yours truly. to baseball now, the next to the last game of the season for the os who scored four runs in the fourth starting with this tj wiggington. come on home markakis. 63-98os of not losing 100 games this season. 6-3 tonight's final. final game of the season tomorrow against toronto. elsewhere, east course, timonium round three.
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tom watson on the one-year anniversary following successful hip surgery. headed into tomorrow's final round. finally, put up your dooks, bob and weave, stick and jab. amateur botching at the velvet rope. this event features youthful boxing buffs from rate here in baltimore. 15 bouts on the skids today. among those bringing up the gloves, a 14-year-old davis here in the dark top. he's known as tank. he is a 20 12 olympic hopeful who so far as won 89 matches and lost only 4. morgan state won today in football in johns hopkins over moulin 40-27. that's sports. >> you just put 20 pounds on a 10
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when i joined the national guard, i never thought i'd be saving lives. i put on the uniform and i have a whole new outlook on life. country, community, family-- that's what matters most to me. if that matters to you, go to
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well it's never too late to put on your dancing shoes. a dance team for people 60 and older performs at emergency income nets games. this weekend, they put out a call for auditions. competition was tough to become one of the nets' senior sensational dance teams. nets fan as grahe this group as far is spec staters of all ages. we'll be right back.
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that's our report for this evening. be sure to watch "eyewitness news" begin agent the 8:00 a.m. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on wjz 13, maryland's news station. csi new york is next. ♪ bawitadaba da bang a dang diggy ♪ ♪ diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy ♪ ♪ bawitadaba da bang a dang diggy ♪ ♪ diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy ♪ ♪ my name is kid...
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