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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 5, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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almost midway through the end zone. carr's coming out with a quick hello again. a perfect season dropped from a fumble on the opening kickoff to a dropped pass to end the game. the ravens perfect season slips through their hands yesterday. a lot more to talk about with that later this morning. >> but you know what the best part of the story is? we've got such a good football team so we can wring our hans and dry our cup if you will because of a loss to one of the best teams of the decade. it's not like we lost to the browns yesterday. that's a beautiful thing if you think about it. let's take a look at the satellite this morning. highclouds over the area. raines fan, yeah, we lost to the patriots, what else is new? >> a few high clouds but a
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beautiful sunrise here before not too long. a sunny midday and afternoon and a clear evening though. in the low 70s, 71 degrees this day. take it away. >> hear's sharon at traffic control. >> hi, don. good morning, everyone. we started off the rush hour pretty busy with some late- clearing construction among some other issues. most of those problems have chloroed out leaving us with just two at this point. an accident on lombard street. we're also watching some continued fire activity at east joppa. otherwise, everything looking got at 83 at the beltway. no issues on the west side on the national pike or on the west side at i-70. for traffic information any time you can always log on to braen storming as the obama administration decides to how to proceed in afghanistan. that discussion expected to
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take center stage following a deadly weekend in that region. here's the latest with wjz. . >> reporter: president obama's top advisors will meet twice this week in hopes of settling on a new game plan in afghanistan. onnings include scaling back, staying put or sending in more troops. >> i think it would be unfortunate if we just talked about troop strength. >> reporter: the top commander in the region says he needs more forces to get the job done. he's asked the president for another 40,000 troops to focus on protecting afgan civilians and taking on the taliban. >> give the general what he needs. you see, you have to have security in afghanistan, governance in afghanistan in eastern afghanistan over the weekend, hundreds of insurgents stormed two outposts killing 8 american soldiers. it was the bloodiest assault on u.s. troops in more than a year. the rising death toll is
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expected to add etch more fire to an already heated debate. >> i would not commit to more combat troops at this time. what we need a surge of is afgan troops. >> it isn't just lawmakers on capital hill that can't come to an agreement. the american public also remains divided over afghanistan. >> whatever the general recommends i guess would be my -- i'd be in favor of >> totally opposed. a recent cbs news poll shows about a third want more troops. a third want the status quo and a third want troops out. with that kind of split, it will probably be difficult for the president to reach a decision everyone is happy with. even so, it's a choice he's expected to make in a matter of weeks. and some breaking news out of the pakistan capital where there's been an explosion inside the offices of the ufrment n.'s world food program. the smoke is still rising and early reports are three people
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are dead, several ours are wounded. just moments before that blast a taliban leader vowed to carry out strikes in the u.s. in retaliation for our drone attacks but it's not known if this attack was linked to that statement. a new term for the united states supreme court today. the justices including the newest will hear several upcoming cases including a challenge to the handgun ban in the city of chicago. and get ready here. the first shipments of the long awaited much anticipated swine flu vaccine will arrive in maryland soon. we're live with complete flu watch coverage. good morning once again. >> that's right. good morning again, don and good morning, everybody. the first doses of the h1n1 vaccine arrive in maryland tomorrow, but it will only cover a very small portion of those who need it. we are one day away from the h1n1 vaccine arriving in
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maryland and already people are scrambling to find it, especially parents. >> it was important before but now it's very important. children are dying. in just the past couple of weeks two children have died from the h1n1 flu here in maryland. among them destiny parker buried over the weekend. her aunt remembers how quickly her illness progressed. >> all i seen was the machine doing the breathing. . >> reporter: the state is getting fewer than 32,000 doses of the vaccine this week. that is just 1% of what's needed of to vaccinate every child and vulnerable adults. the plans on hold for now until the vaccine arrives in waves over the next two months. >> we don't want to create a sense of panic. we want to roll this out in a methodical way. >> reporter: maryland should get up to a million doses attend of this month and more
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into november. we'll continue to monitor and keep you informed. don, back to you. >> we want to know what you think of the situation. this morning's poll question, how concerned are you about an outbreak of the h1n1 flu here in maryland? go to our website to cast your vote and remember to stay with us for complete flu watch coverage. we'll have real time poll results on the air later this morning and throughout the day. a local rabbi is on the hot seat again after additional women accuse him of sexually inappropriate behavior. five women are now accusing rabbi jacob max of inappropriately kuching them or making suggestive comments to them. the 85-year-old was given a one- year suspended sentence after being accused of sexually molesting a woman. and more speculation about bob ehrlich's second run for the governor's office. we spoke to supporters during the fourth annual corn roast over the weekend. it is a fund raiser for the ehrlich for maryland committee.
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and despite all the speculation ehrlich won't say whether he will run again. and perfect no more. for the first time this season the ravens feel the sting of defeat. mark explains, the team literally let victory slip fingers. >> good morning. the high flying ravens taking on the powerful new england patriots. big buildup leading to sunday's game and it lived up to the hype with a game that felt like a playoff atmosphere. the ravens fumbled the opening kickoff and gave the patriots a field goal but the rhs bounced right back with a touchdown drive capped by this joe flacco toss to mason who went up and came down hard but hung on. the raines take the lead. somemy morris with this one right through the ravens defense on the score. 17-7 new england. but baltimore's defense came up big. third quarter tom brady hit by suggs. that ball is fumbled into the
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end zone and recovered by edwards. that's a ravens touchdown. they keep it a close game. down by 6, in need of a touchdown. in the final minutes the raines driving but clayton can't hold on. that's it for the ravens. it'stheir first loss of the year. 27-21 new england. >> i like the way our guys battled and competed. you look forward to the next time you get in the situation to see what this makes of the next situation. >> i had a lot of fun. i wish we would have been able to score a little bit more at the end of the half that would have been a big score but i guess it happens. we'll learn from it as much as we can and move on in cincinnati. >> so the ravens record falls to 3-1. they're back home this coming sunday. cincinnati coming to town. the bengals also 3-1. back to you. doctors expect gaither to be just fine, thank you very much. the left tackle had to be carted off the field after injuring his neck and shoulder in a collision. the x-rays are negative though. no word yet on how many games
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the former terrapin could miss. and brendan may --? he as apotentially corn quadriceps muscle and if it's requiring surgery it's good-bye for the year. if it can be treated three to six weeks. we'll find out when the doctors tell the coach. brendan was a stud man. this guy was playing great special teams. that would hurt because ultimately i don't care what team it is, steelers, pats, pick a team, pick a league. he leet make it to the playoffs. the healthiest of the elite go all the way. >> yeah. >> that always plays into it. speaking of which, got an e- mail here. yesterday i sent an e-mail to the bulldog that said do you feel like we're on the same level as the pats, etc.
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no onewins them all in the nfl. i'll take it. the fact of the matter is this. and you know, i went off yesterday. you know, the ticket says section 540 in my pocket went off and it is what it is. special teams will not win your game, but they can certainly lose your game and part of our special teams knead to go under the microscope. clayton, the ball "pops" out at the end. i don't know if that was a criminal violation. i think he may have been trying to make a move to the goal line, but at that point, i'll give clayton a hall pass on that. as far as the officiating, john, don't you dare, don't you dare apologize for what you said on the sideline. i don't care if it was a cbs microphone there or not. tell them not to put your
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microphone on the sidelines. horrible officiating yesterday. and we'll get a letter from the nfl on thursday saying oh, we blew it. >> but bigger things happening. i want to bring in the match real quick. yesterday, daniels, what started out as conversation over an afternoon beer with bar daniels turned into a heck of a fund raiser. thoughts and comments? >> you know, it was just fabulous and we want to thank everybody who came out yesterday. you know, people come up to us at daniels, at elk ridge and they thank us for what we do. we really don't do anything. it's the folks who ride the motorcycles, who come there, it's bar daniels, the daniels family, it's all the people who contributed to make it such a great event and marty, thanks to you for starting this. i was talking to barb yesterday. we're talking about making it an annual event which i think would be fabulous. >> and yesterday, how great was
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it it was breast cancer awareness day in the nfl. dave gave us some really nice plaques. >> i have mine. >> yeah, dick and his group were just so appreciative. it was all the people that watch his show that came out yesterday. as a matter of fact, i got to show a picture here, ron. two guys who contribute on almost a daily or weekly basis. here's dean on the left hand side. and jeff hems on the right. some of the great thoughts and comments come from those two guys right there. >> and we want to thank the brothers salon who helped raise hundreds of dollars just by cutting hair yesterday. >> let me show the forecast and we'll move along. a high of 70 today. temps in the mid 50s right now. what's going on downtown? >> the festival is just in till next year and we are here.
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it's going to be great. it's manic monday but the maryland chapter of the leukemia and lymphoma society when the eyewitness news
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we're at the 49 degrees and 50 on tv hill. breeze has picked up from the west. barometer has now risen to 30.04. ocean city 58, 54 down to easton. up to 57 in d.c. 43oakland. 46 degrees in cumberland. down to 49 westminster and 46 in bell air. top of the hour numbers, pretty big hit. multidegree hit in both those locations. up to 57 rock hall, down from 55. 53234 annapolis. down from 55 to 54 on the island. skies starting to clear out. watch the sunrise here before not too long, high pressure ridge is in and a shower as we move toward wednesday. this day plenty of afternoon sun. the normal is 71.
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tonight we'll call it relatively clear. tomorrow, more sunshine in the area. 72 degrees is going to be the high. partly sunny and pleasant. chance for a shower. mid-70s on wednesday. sunny, mid-70s on thursday. friday and saturday. don, take it away. >> about to make your run. here's sharon at traffic control. >> not too much to get in your way right now. just two problems in fact. one of them in the city. that's an accident that we've been watching for a little bit. on lombard streeted at charles. speeds on 95 looking good. no issues on -- other issues in the city i should say but there is a problem in parkville. a building fire. watch for continued fire in the roads there. there's a look at your drive times. the west side just slightly sluggish there on the outer loop between 795 and 95 with an average speed of 51 miles per hour. there's a live look at 95 at the beltway. looking good there. there's a look at the west side.
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definitely some volume there. looking good at harford road. you'll find service departments to keep your toyota running smoothly. now it's time for manic monday. >> all right. let's get to it. a manic monday. >> good morning. and as always, manic monday brought to you by our good friends at mr. basement. we thank them very much. we've got a great group this morning. before we get going here, i want to remind everybody that the date to the 11th annual mammoth manic monday meltdown will be november 23rd. i'm getting e-mails and calls. november 23rd, mash it on your calendar. okay. we're going to mark a great group right here. from the american chapter of the leukemia and lymphoma society, thank you all. here's kaity smith. good morning to you. >> good morning.
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thanks for having us out. >> you've got a big event coming up. >> we do. october 24th at the bank stadium we'll be lighting the night. it's for the leukemia lymphoma society. everybody is welcome to come out, form teams, do some fund raiser and you can get in touch with us at our website and they can always call us at 410-891- 1999. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. we really do. i want everybody to give their first name. they're nice enough to come out thisserly. >> dee, mel knee, christina. jennifer. >> thank you very much. almost knocked the mike stand over. all right, guys. how you doing? the crew is here. joe, the coach, tony. in the house. let me hear those magic words. >> music, if you please. >> well, all right.
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. >> you should have applied for the job at rain. out at the palms in vegas. welcome, everybody.
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excellent job. >> they sang it like a raven. >> you sang it like a rafb. yes >> reporter: you did. i want to invite you back monday the 23rd. and thank you guys for helping. >> all right. you have to excuse me. i was rooting too hard yesterday and i kind of lost my voice, but i'm getting ready for the bengals next sunday. go raines. >> where can you see that game on sunday? >> right here, wjz, your ravens station in baltimore. >> that's going to be a big game. >> it's going to be a very big game. >> battle for first place in the afc. >> can i just go football talk and be honest about it? bengals stink and the browns stink. took an entire overtime period to finally kick a field goal
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with 7 seconds left and beat the browns. the ravens or the steelers would have had that game won in a money it and 30 seconds. end of discussion. cincinnati, cleveland fans, save the e-mails. here's a quarter, call somebody who cares. your teams stink. >> should be a great game on sunday don't go away. we're coming right back. [house] wow, i feel like a new house
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welcome back. we have a clear radar scan but not necessarily clear skies. partly cloudy giving way to sun today. upper 40s now on tv hill. yet to come opening up or putting on a show, iran's latest move which could help ease global tensions. >> the ravens hit the road looking for their first ever win against the patriots. the highlights are next. stay with us. >> good morning. i'm mary. the swine flu vaccine arrives in maryland this week. what you need to know coming up in a live report. >> and problems now to report on the roads on the beltway in fact. one of the topside and one on the west side. we'll tell you what's going on and let's send it over to marty. >> one of the strongest forces in all of music.
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the a stands for albert. for the first time in their careers they've done something together. they're going to be at rams head soon. the morning edition contin what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way.
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it is 6:30. it is now very pretty and seasonally cool start as we look to the east where the sun will replace that planet in the sky. the latest on traffic right after the first warning weather. >> is that the man or a planet? >> it's the moon, i believe. . >> how about this pretty sunrise and that's a all that counts. beautiful full moon this weekend. absolutely gor yous. let's take a look at the day part. we've got just a few clouds in the area through the morning. it's going to be totally sunny in the afternoon and in the evening very, very mrebt. 67 at lunch on the way to a high temp right around 70, 71 degrees. take it away. >> if you're about to move around this planet here's
6:31 am
sharon. >> if you're about to move around the beltway we have problems on the top and the west sides. on the west side we have the usual delays. on the topside though we have an accident. our first one on the beltway of the morning. i's on the inner loop on the ramp to the inner loop of the beltway. you can see speeds in that area, all are running smoothly. still blocking the left lane and fire activity continues on parkville at east joppa road. as far as delays go, you can see we have them now on the west side of the beltway. speeds on the topside looking good but speeds at 43 miles per hour as an average between 795 and 95. there's a live look at 695 at 295. no delays there just yet. everything running smoothly at baltimore national pike and you can see at liberty road that really jams up. it will take you about 12 minutes to get through that area. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota.
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click on buy at back to you. the top of the news this half hour getting ready for the first shipments of the h1n1 vaccine. good morning once again, mary. >> good morning again, don and good morning, everybody. it has been over a month since the cdc approves the vaccine and maryland gets its first doses tuesday. >> we are one day away from the h1n1 vaccine arriving in maryland and already people are scrambling to find it, especially parents. >> it was important before, but now it's very important. children are dying. in just the past couple of weeks two children have died from the h1n1 flu here in maryland. among them 14-year-old destiny parker who was buried over the weekend. her aunt remembers how quickly her illness progressed. >> all i seen was the machine doing the breathing. heart was crushed. the state is getting fewer than 32,000 doses of the vaccine
6:33 am
this week. that is just 1% of what's needed to vaccinate every child and vulnerable adult here in every state. shipments should increase in the coming weeks. local health departments plan to offer the vaccine for free in community clinics and in schools. those plans on hold for now until the vaccine arrives in waves over the next two months. >> we don't want to create a sense of panic. we want to roll this out in a methodical way. >> maryland should get a million -- up to a million doses of the h1n1 flu vaccine by the end of this month and that's likely when we'll see those clinics and your pediarigses office, at school and in city and health county clinics. don, back to you. >> we're still keeping track of what you think about this whole situation. how concerned are you in this morning's poll question, about an outbreak of h1n1 here in maryland. go to our website to cast your vote and sta i with us for complete flu watch coverage.
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new details coming to light this morning about the man who killed his children in frederick county. he waited an hour to call police she later died in a nearby hospital. he's now facing several charges including first degree murder. mourners gather to pay their respect for the dalton family. police say charles dalton sot his wife and two children while they slept last month and then shot himself. friends say they still can't believe it. >> it's just a great family. very giving. you know, would give anything they had. the children were polite and nice. >> it's hard, you know. don't understand it. never understand it. never understand what happened. it's just a tragedy. >> the investigators still believe the violence may have been mote va vated by the family having financial problems. >> a deadly monday morning where a train derailment left eight people dead in thailand.
6:35 am
investigators say it's too still too early to say if the rain caused the crash that injured almost 100 people. a developing story from iran this morning where the chief for the world's nuclear inspection agency says tehran has agreed to let the inspectors to check out the facility. that visit could happen in a few weeks. the next few months will be critical to see whether iran is actually cooperating or merely dragging out the negotiations. here in the u.s. a familiar story for people in california as wildfires forced thousands from their homes. officials say the 7,000 acre fire currently out there has already destroyed several homes in the san bernardino mountains. on the bright side humid weather conditions should help the firefighters put out that blaze. elsewhere in southern california the chargers took on the steelers on the east coast. we were already asleep last
6:36 am
night. pittsburgh goes up 28-0 with a crisp passing like that one to miller. san diego would try to make a comeback but it would not be enough. the steelers within 38-28. and as far baltimore's team it was a stinging loss for the ravens as their chance to go undefeated slips through their fingers literally. here's mark with more. >> good morning. the high flying raines taking on the powerful new england patriots. big buildup leading to sunday's game and it lived up to the hype with a game that helt phycoa playoff atmosphere. the ravens fumbled the opening kickoff and gave the patriots a felled goal but the ravens bounce right back with a touchdown drive caught by this toss to mason who went up and comes down hard but hangs on. ravens take the lead. but that lead was erased by two
6:37 am
straight patriots touchdowns. right through the ravens defense on the score. 17-7 new england. but baltimore's defense came up big. third quarter, tom brady hit by suggs, that ball is fumbled into the end zone and recovered by edwards at the rapes touchdown. they keep it a close game. down by 6, in need of a touchdown. the ravens driving by clayton can't hold on. that's it for the ravens. it's their first loss of the year 27-21 new england. >> i like the way our guys battled and competed and you look forward the next time you get in a situation to see what this makes of the next situation. >> i wish we would have been able to score a little bit more. but like i said, it happens and you know, we'll learn from it as much as we can, and move on in cincinnati. >> so the ravens record falls to 3-1. they're back home this coming sunday. cincinnati coming to town. the bengals also 3-1. back to you. >> thank you, mark.
6:38 am
doctors expect gaither to be just fine, the left tackle had to be carted off the field yesterday after injuring his neck and shoulder in that collision. no word on how many games the former terrapin could miss. brendan, we'll find out later from the doctors. how seriously his left quadricep is injured. is it going to be a multiweek he's going to be out or could it be the end of the season? either way it's a big loss. linebacker and on special teams so that was a big hit yesterday. >> and we need to keep everybody healthy as you pointed out several times. >> even with that can of dog food with the bengals coming in on sunday. we're just rolling some of this video about the event we had at daniels yesterday. tons of viewers. we had at least 400 bikes out
6:39 am
there and another 150 or so folks. they kind of got themselves there, raising money for breast cancer awareness through the ride across maryland. and it was just a great, great time. started at 11:00. tailgatedtill the all star game at sk. . wjz really does make a difference in the lives of families and i'm proud to say i work there. we're proud to say we know you. talking about stepping up and making a difference. two words. dick gelfman. >> the nobel prize for medicine has been awarded to three researchers who worked on chromosomes and has implications for cancer and aging research and one of those three is carol grieder who works for johns hopkins.
6:40 am
>> congratulations. . >> trying to find a bigger picture during the break but that is absolutely huge. >> the nobel prize for medicine 2009. she gets a third of $1.5 million and gets to go to the ceremony which has got to be cool as all get out. >> and she thanks the official winner. just speaking for her there, carol. that stuff is great. give her another round of applause. that stuff is great. >> the other two researchers work in the united states. >> very big news. >> let's take a look outside. a beautiful sunrise coming up. a few high clouds in the area. you see the day part. on the way to 71. coming up, he knows melody and she sings a tune. they've never really sung together like this.
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a&m records, the list of stars and platinum albums a&m has is countless. that's a for albert with the heaviest duty business executives going. they're going to be at ram's head and a new disk out. we're just going to chill out on coffey with us as the morning edition continues after the first look at traffic right after this.
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we are going to win. 49 degrees right now. 79% humidity. wind in the west at 6. barometer rose to 30.04. now 49. 54 hagers toup. 54 at easton and 58 ocean city. 45 degrees in cumberland. 49 westminster. down to 46 degrees. 49 columbia. 57 rock hall. 53 annapolis. so what we've had are some high
6:45 am
clouds in the area. showers down to the south. just a few high clouds that we showed you in the sunrise picture. it's going to drag, believe it or not, a little bit of moisture our way with some warm and humid air on wednesday. this day, plenty of afternoon sun with a hague of about 70. tonight just some patchy clouds overnight. about 48 degrees. tomorrow we'll have partly sunny skies. not a bad day. 72 degrees is going to be the high. mid-70s wednesday and thursday. friday and saturday, sunny both days. >> thank you. i was waiting for goody to tackle you. hear's a screen pass to traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. a new accident, this one to report on 95 at 198 between is 98 and 216. there's a traffic camera of that area. you can see backup running about one mile long. you're looking at two right lanes blocked on 95 because of this accident. we do have an accident still working on the topside inner loop. that one's going to be on the
6:46 am
ramp from southbound parkway. you're looking at fire activity in parkville in the clearing stages. and we're also looking at minor delays on 70 eastbound near 29. there's a look at your drive times. definitely slow on the west side of the beltedway. there's a look at the west side of the beltway. 17 minute ride. traffic report brought to you by toyota. 16 different choices. click on buy at this morning's coffey we have herb albert and hall. >> we are just flat out honored to have two of the best that have ever stood in front of a microphone. >> wow, we're sitting. >> you're sitting right here right now. how are you too today? >> well, it's pretty good. we woke up early this morning
6:47 am
but we're charged. feeling pretty good. >> i've got to point out, you all are performing together. you've got a great discount and you're going to start this off at ram 's head. >> oh, yeah. we're looking forward to that. a little trio behind us that's very transparent. you can'thide when you hear this music. >> it's intimate and we're picking out songs that we really enjoy playing and we're excited today because this is the day the new cd comes out. >> how would you describe it? a quick description to our audience. >> i would describe it as songs from the american song book, some original songs, and sprinkled with some brazilian rhythms and portugese lyrics. >> i mean, i can see how you guys are going to bring your entire careers. seems like you're doing this for fun. that's what i'm saying.
6:48 am
>> selfishly, i get energy from playing and just being around creative people and creative musicians and expressing myself you know, nightly in a -- in a free way. it just feeds me, so i love to do it. >> so when you guys -- so when this -- when was the -- when did the idea hit? when did you two say to each other and say we could survive this thing on the road together. >> we were in hawaii and we started talking about shall lenging -- challenging ourselves musically and where that would lead and we'd -- through the years we had collected all these songs, these american standard songs that we loved and we said let's look at these lists that we've -- >> well >> reporter: and also she said if we're ever going to do it we better do it now. >> that's right.
6:49 am
yeah, if not now, when? >> but you know what? i think a lot of us in our everyday lives say the same thing. it's just time to get up and do it. >> well, i'll tell you, the older i quicker time flies. >> we've never done these songs. these were always in the back of our minds and it's -- it was challenging and it was life- changing really. i mean, we really stepped into a -- a place that was unexpected, and improvisational and exciting and fun and we really had -- we didn't have any idea where it would lead. >> now, you're going to be -- i mean, it's not like you guys haven't been living in close quarters for years, but being on the road, do you have any trepidation about this working together and -- >> well, you know, that's a typical question. you would think so but i mean we have grown closer because of
6:50 am
this whole thing. i mean, we're on the same page. i respect herral lebt enor -- her talent enormously. she has a god given talent. to see her sing overnight and how people react to her is beautiful. >> well, if anybody knows talent it would be you. what a compliment. one of the greatest in the business says you're pretty good. >> well thank you for that. i've discovered a few in my days. >> do you think? i've got the ram's head website up. you can certainly link to it for tickets. it's a great beautiful intimate venue. you will not get in the door as a last-minute thing. and i've got herb's website up. actually it's both of you. check that out. it's a pleasure to have you both on the show. herb, just speaking personally,
6:51 am
thanks for all the great entertainment. thanks for all the times where you've suited the rather scattered brain. >> oh. >> are you referring to the whip cream and other delights album cover? >> well, you know, i've got to be honest. when i first started at wj -- when i first started in radio doing a midnight shift and seg waying easy listening i would keep that album out and say somewhere life is good today. >> you're not alone on that one. >> all right. first morning weather and the album cover when we come back
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here come up kates from sharon and marty with weather. >> we're in tuper 40s right now. a high of right around 70. pretty good cope of sun this afternoon. in the morning partly cloudy skies give way to the sun in the next couple of hours. traffic control, good morning. >> well, we're still following an accident on 95. this one is going to be in the southbound lanes of 95 between 198 and 216. you're looking at an 8-minute backup all the way to 32 and that's continuing to grow. that's because two lanes are blocked. on the ramp from southbound to the inner loop of the beltway.
6:55 am
and then you're looking at the typical delays on 95 should be southbound to the north side of the beltway also slow from the west side. 17 minutes there between 795 and wilkins avenue. back over to you. >> it could be a long week for the rhs as they try to rebound from their fairs loss of the seasons. it was an afc showdown as the ravens took on the patriots. they made some key plays but turnovers and penalties hurt the ravens. they lose 27-21. the first doses of the h1n1 vaccine are on their way to maryland this morning. health care workers and children are first in line to get it. clinics across the state plan to offer free vaccinations. and just a while ago the nobel
6:56 am
prize for medicine was awarded to a group of researchers and one of them is from right here in baltimore. carol grieder was honored with two other americans were their research on chromosomes that has big research or big implications when it comes to cancer and the process of aging. the award comes with a $1.5 million proiz. and stay with us for complete news and weather and traffic still ahead and she's making a return to the mornings. what has kaity couric getting up
6:57 am
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6:59 am
ground and air assaults continue against wildfires raging in southern california as thousands are evacuated. we'll go live to the scene of the fires. b


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