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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  October 5, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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finally here. but don't make your doctor's appointment just yet. adam may has updated information from maryland public health leaders. but we begin first with drew levinson on the safety of the vaccine and the doses handed out today. after weeks of planning and waiting, the h1n1 vaccine has arrived. healthcare workers in tennessee and indiana got some of those first doses. memphis, like many cities around the nation has been hit hard. with many cases of swine flu. >> so many kids sick. >> the first wave of the vaccine in in the form of nasal spray. >> this morning, we received over 5,000 doses of the flu mist. >> so many first doses are
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going to those on the front lines. >> the thinking there is that we, as healthcare professionals can be the vector of spread or pass along the virus, if we get sick and are taking care of patients who are not yet exposed. >> reporter: it's been a race to the finish line, to get a vaccine developed, produced and out to the people who really need it. >> the government insists it's safe and is manufactured much like the regular flu vaccine. >> the cdc has reported to us that no corners have been cut. all indications are that it has the same safety profile as the seasonal flu vaccine. >> reporter: the first doses are expected later this week. in new york, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. some of the trials and testing of the h1n1 vaccine took place right here at the university of maryland school of medicine. our complete flu watch coverage continues with adam may, who spoke to maryland public leaders today on
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preparing and preventing the h1n1 virus in maryland. >> reporter: nine marylanders have already died from h1n1. and that death toll is expected to rise with the vaccine slow to trickle in. >> reporter: a new survey shows that more than half of americans don't plan on getting the h1n1 vaccine. so two maryland congressmen and top public health officials from the area urge action. >> congressman sarbanes and i are not here to run around with red flags and all, the sky is falling. but what we are saying is that we want to make sure to take this moment to do everything in our power to make sure our people are protected. >> if you're feeling okay now, that doesn't mean that you're going to be feeling okay forever. and in fact, it's when you're feeling okay that you ought to take advantage of the opportunity to get the vaccine both for the seasonal flu and
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the h1n1 virus >> reporter: there are nearly 40,000 doses. >> in the population groups, if all of those wanted vaccines that's almost 2 million marylanders. >> every year, the first week, people run out to get it, and then there's not quite enough. but then it comes in. >> reporter: and simply no telling if there will be enough for everyone. the first vaccine coming in the form of the nasal mist and many of those will go to healthcare workers. >> remember, stay with wjz for complete flu watch coverage. for updates, more important information and past stories, go to state prosecutors get a big win today in the corruption case against baltimore mayor sheila dixon. denise is live in the newsroom to explain this. >> reporter: the judge denied a
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motion to dismiss two perjury counts against mayor dixon. that ruling means two separate criminality trials against the may -- criminal trials against the mayor will go forward. the circuit judge said he did not believe they used acts against her. mayor dixon is accused of not reporting gifts from ronald lipscomb. >> dixon is also charged with using gift cards meant for the needy. police say 40-year-old victor hernandez-cruz has been accused of strangling elda novasco. cruz is now facing murder and assault charges. police say he was dating vasquez at the time of her
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death. baltimore county police are investigating an accident that took the life of baltimore sun business editor tim wheatley. wheatley was making a left turn monday morning, near his hereford home when a ups truck hit the side of the home. his 9-year-old daughter who was in the front seat is hospitalized in serious condition. flee american -- three americans are sharing the prize, including one in baltimore. she is a female professor at johns hopkins school of medicine. andrea jugehe has more on their excitement. . >> reporter: it is a very complicated scientific process. so we'll try to explain this in laymen's terms. basically, the three scientists figured out a way to stop cancer cells from growing. they helped discover a key mechanism in the genetic operation of cells.
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greider is a professor at hopkins university school of medicine. this is the first time two women shared the prize at one time. greider learned of her win at 5:00 a.m. this morning and likened it to the monty python sketch saying, nobody expects the spanish inquisition. >> they will share a prize worth around $1.3 million. it's hard to put a price on the weather we have been having. outside, sunny, mild, and beautiful. meteorologist bernadette woods is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. bernadette, i told andrea, it's like this all the time. >> wouldn't we love this? it's absolutely speck tar -- spectacular outside. nothing is going on. 67 degrees outside. a light breeze. picking up at times out at the west. but the air is very dry. and there will be another cool
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one. we'll have the forecast coming up. sally? >> okay, thanks, bern. let's check on the roads now with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> reporter: overall, not too bad. but we have some issues, including debris today, in two 2 spots. the first on the top side of the beltway. watch for slight delays there at loch raven boulevard. also watch for debris. no delays you can see by the speed sensor there. an accident, route 136 at 543. another in the city at fourth street. and one other one on south monroe, west of washington boulevard. watch for a crash if you're traveling in carroll county, route 27 at watersville road. three cars involved in that one. meantime, there's a look at your drive times. you can see the slowest spot is going to be on the top side, between 83 and 95 on the inner loop, 38 miles per hour is the average with a 16-minute drive time. there's a look at 50 on the bay bridge. there's a look at the west
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side. slow going there. at baltimore national pike. the inner loop delay runs between 70. this stars the world famous rockets. -- rockettes. the ravens and their fans are licking their wounds today after a disappointing loss in the toughest game so far of the schedule. but sports director mark viviano explains, the ravens came tantalizingly close to heading off new england. >> they took on the perennially powerful patriots. it had the making of a title game. and it lived up to it. >> reporter: ravens went looking for a fight and they got one in a classic back-and- forth battle. baltimore would take the lead on their first possession. mason lands hard with a touchdown catch. he could be okay. and the ravens had a 7-3 lead.
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but patriots responded with two straight scores. sammy morris weaves his way through the ravens' defense, elusive into the end zone. new england with a 17-7 lead by halftime. ravens defense comes through with a big play in the second half. terrel suggs bats the ball away. ron edwards pounces on it for a ravens touchdown. to the final minute, down by 6. in need of another touchdown, fourth down and desperate, mark clayton can't hold on. and this slips away. 27-21. the ravens suffered their first loss of the season. >> every loss is pretty tough. but the bottom line is we've all lost before. and the most important thing in the nfl is how you respond to a loss. and we just have to go in and look at the films, see what we can learn and look forward to next week. >> reporter: is it a blue monday for ravens fans? we got a feeling for how you handled the loss with our wjz fan cam. >> i think it will make the
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team a whole lot stronger. >> my spirits are very high for the ravens. they have been doing great. they're number 1. they're going to stay number 1. >> reporter: the ravens record falls to 3-1. they're back home this coming sunday. cincinnati coming to town. the bingals -- bengals also 3- 1. back to you. >> ravens will be on the line when cincinnati hosts. you can watch the game here at wjz 13. >> the town will be pumped. still ahead. free on bond. we're learning more about the man accused of stalking and secretly videotaping espn reporter aaron andrews. a state police officer has pulled off. the first is over for a newborn baby, snatched from his arms in tennessee. it's a sunny morning with a slight breeze. get your updated first warning forecast.
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a man believed to have entered college campus with a bomb ask a gun. it happened a short time ago in tampa. police arrived on the scene as the suspect was reportedly seen in front of the university's library. students were to stay inside and lock doors. an oklahoma trooper has been called off. trooper daniel first made headlines, caught in may. the officer received five days' suspension for that incident. he's now under fire again. this time for beating and bruising a man during routine traffic stop. martin has been put on leave, pending an outcoming of an -- outcome of an investigation. officials say his squad car was hit head-on by the suspect's truck. the driver then backed up and ran over the officer who suffered a broken pelvis. the suspect was captured after has truck lost control and hit a tree. charges are still pending.
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but they may include attempted murder. a newborn infant who was kidnapped from his mother in tennessee has been found in alabama. the baby boy is safe and in good health. marcus washington reports that tammy siulous has been arrested and charged with kidnapping. >> martin guerrero who does not speak english, showed us where baby aier slept. it was in this bassinet, next to where he and tammy slept. they said they called martin ayer. inside the home, they had baby formula, diapers and things an infant would need. friday night, around 9:40, authorities came to the home where they found martin, tammy and yaier. they checked the baby for marks. and martin said it was right here. >> agents with the fbi, tvi and metro police announced they
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found baby ya yi, which when you think about it, he has been away from his family, half of his eight-day life. >> we are so proud of the men and women who served tirelessly day and night to make sure this happened. >> reporter: authorities are performing dna tests on the infant to make sure it is, indeed, yayir. markets are trying to make up for last week's significant losses. dow is up 112 points. s&p up 15. nasdaq up 20. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. starved for advertising dollars. gourmet magazine is calling it quits. the country's oldest food glossy saw adpages plummet. the owner condon naft announced a folding today.
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and there's another big shakeup at chrysler. italy's fiat announced the company. they'll be replaced by other company insiders. the automaker won't say if the departure are sale -- due to sales performance. sales were down nearly 40% so far this year. these could be the new wheels at your local police department. general motors took the wraps off its latest chevy caprice. it's designed specifically for duty, wrapping up for zero to 60 seconds. the front seats are sculpted to accommodate officers' equipment belts. and new york stock exchange switched to a digital wall board, showing the ups and downs, along with a daily graph. the one that was replaced had been there since the 1980s. for more business headlines, just log onto cbs money in new york, i'm alexis christoforous.
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it was a jaw-dropping fine for a couple of teenager negligence colorado. what they first thought was just a rock turned out to be part of a mastodon's jaw. after finding it near a stream, the boys checked on the internet, where they discovered it was something more. scientists at a denver museum say the beast roamed the colorado area some 100,000 years ago. impressive. just a reminder, be sure to tune in to the cbs primetime lineup. mastodon obviously had dental visits. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. environmental footprint. a new york family stops shopping and riding in a car for a year. how they managed and what they learned. deadly debate. nine more u.s. soldiers die in afghanistan. and the pressure on president obama to change strategy is growing. it's a mild afternoon with some clouds and? sun. get -- and some sun. get your updated forecasts and stories.
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gorgeous couple of days. >> beautiful, bernadette. >> fab rus -- fabulous.
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>> we really have had a wonderful stretch of weather. you can see the colors coming out. going to take over quickly the farther south you go. and the weather has been beautiful for seeing all of this. want to show you where we topped off today. scifn degrees so far. below that average is 71 with a lot of sunshine out there. we started out at 47, close to the average. those averages are definitely dropping. this is where we started out around the region. you can see 55 degrees in ocean city. a chilly 39 in oakland. and this is where we've rebounded to. 68 degrees in oakland. contrast that with 70 in oakland. winds picked up again. became gusty at times in the northwest. and that will die down overnight. but what this northwest wind is doing is keeping dry air in place. and forcing southern storms to stay down to the south. high pressure is what is blocking everything away, and kicking up those winds. the high will pass over and
4:23 pm
moving offshore by tomorrow afternoon. that opens up the way for this storm to move through. it is a quick mover. we'll start to see clouds move in for tomorrow. and tomorrow night into wednesday morning as it gets out of here. but by wednesday afternoon, these winds are already back out to the northwest, with dryer air. and that will start to bring about the return of sunshine, possibly by the time the sun sets already on wednesday. that's going to stick around once again for thursday. so the forecast looks like this, as we head through the day. topped out around 70. tonight, we are going down into the 40s for our lows. it's going to be a chilly one out there. and then tomorrow, we'll start out with sunshine. but clouds will start to increase as we head through the afternoon hours. then there is a chance for a bit of rain tomorrow night into the first part of wednesday. that storm quickly gets out of here. we clear out. it's going to be another beautiful day on thursday. then we'll be watching for the next storm as we head toward the end of the week later friday into early saturday. these have been quick movers. certainly like what we had
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friday into saturday. no major disruptions for the outdoor plans now. >> that's a good thing. coming up on "eyewitness news at 4:00", two new government studies say the number of children who suffer from autism could be higher than originally thought. >> help is on the way. helicopters drop food and aid to the tens of thousands injured in indonesia. why the search for survivors is over. destructive wildfires. eyew hi. i'm a plug.
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it is 4:29. 67 degrees and mostly sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. the weather is helping firefighters. they feared the flames would consume dozens of homes and
4:28 pm
ordered massive evacuations in southern california. but as teri okita reports, things are looking better. >> reporter: water tanks and helicopter hover over a wildfire that is about 200 miles east of los angeles. but firefighters are optimistic it will not get close to the popular resort town of wrightwood. mild winds, cooler temperatures and humidities are helping to ease the battle. crews have also been setting backfires to get the upper hand. >> reporter: but officials are warning residents not to let their guard down. they caution a sudden shift or increase in the winds could bring back the flames. >> reporter: the wildfire broke out on saturday and quickly turned into an inferno. crews battled walls of fire, driven by 50-mile-an-hour winds. thousands of residents were ordered to leave. but not everyone listened. >> all of the nice people left town. >> reporter: while evacuees were hoping to return home soon, the governor has declared a state of emergency for san bernardino county, waiving the
4:29 pm
way for additional firefighting resources and aid to victims. teri okita, wjz eyewitness news. right now, crews have the fire about 20% surrounded. the cause remains under investigation. new video has emerged of a powerful earthquake as it struck a hotel in indonesia. sally is live now with the footage and the latest on the disaster recovery. >> reporter: the death toll from last week's 7.6 magnitude quake is expected to be in the thousands. you can see people running from when the quake hit the hotel. the building is completely destroyed. crews are instead focusing on bringing aid to people who were made homeless by the disaster. officials say more than 83,000 houses were destroyed. >> the united nations has said 1100 people died in the quake while the indonesian government puts the death toll at 603. the latest round of fighting in afghanistan has claimed the lives of two nato troopers, including an american. this follows the death of eight
4:30 pm
u.s. soldiers this past weekend. they were killed during a fierce assault on two remote outposts in the northern part of the country. a total. 16 u.s. service members have died in afghanistan during the first five days of october. president obama is weighing whether to send thousands of additional u.s. forces to afghanistan. but today, the white house reiterated that leaving afghanistan is not an option. well, tonight, the cbs evening news with katie couric begins a series of reports on afghanistan, the road ahead. katie joins us now with a preview. hello, katie. thanks for being with us. >> hi, denise. nice to talk to you. >> so my understanding is that for the next three nights, your broadcast is focusing on the increasingly controversial war in afghanistan. and in fact, more than half of the news will be devoted to this. why do you think it's important? >> reporter: actually, the vast majority of our broadcast will focus solely on afghanistan, which is many different stories in one. and i think the timing couldn't be better, as you said. in terms of bringing attention to this war, with the number of
4:31 pm
casualties on the rise, it's the deadliest year in the war's history this year. obviously president obama and his war council need to make very critical decisions about troops, strength, and strategy. and americans are beginning to focus once again on this war, what is achievable and what are the challenges ahead. so we thought this was a very important opportunity for us to educate our viewers about all appellates of -- aspects of this war, and what's happened and what lies ahead in the future. well, with the deaths we just talked about, and increasingly, we're hearing reports about what's gone wrong in afghanistan. in your reports, will we see any signs of progress in the war against the taliban? >> well, i think the strategy has changed. as you know, general mccrystal has tried to work where u.s. troops live among the afghan people and try to win the hearts and minds of those citizens. but they have a lot of
4:32 pm
challenges, the taliban often terrorizes these towns and villages. and what the u.s. has to do is provide economic opportunities. and some kind of promise for a better way of life for these people not to fall victim to a very increasingly aggressive taliban. so i think that there are some positive signs in those instances. but a lot of challenges, as we saw with that terrible situation over the weekend with eight soldiers. david martin has a similar story that happened last july, just 20 miles from there, in a village called wenat, where insurgents, who are much more familiar with the terrain and way of life there were able to overcome a platoon. and nine soldiers died. and david has a riveting, sort of minute-by-minute account about what these soldiers face, which is very emblematic of some of the strategic difficulties in afghanistan right now. >> all right. i'll look forward to that report and to the entire broadcast. thank you for joining us, katie. >> thanks, denise. and once again, the series
4:33 pm
is titled "afghanistan, the road ahead." and part 1 is coming up on the cbs evening news with katie couric. that's tonight at 7:00. here on wjz. an investigation is under way after a vacationer turns up dead on the beaches of hawaii. police say a woman found a body. the woman has not been identified officially. but friend saids say -- friends say she is a college student. a man was last seen with the woman early friday morning, leaving the hotel. a new lawsuit has a possible connection to rape allegations against nfl star ben roethlisberger. a former waiter at harrah's lake tahoe, alleges he was fired because he demanded to see identification for a young woman. his lawsuit could support another harrah's employee, who accused the pittsburgh steelers quarterback of sexual assault. she claims she did not report the attack out of fear she would also be fired.
4:34 pm
a judge has ruled that the illinois man was suspected of stalking espn aaron andrews can be forced on bond. dean reynolds reports from the federal courthouse in chicago. >> reporter: the defendant was arrested on friday at o'hare international airport, appeared in court on saturday, and spent the weekend in jail, in connection with the charges that he took nude video of espn sportscaster erin andrews and attempted to sell them to various websites, including tmz, based in los angeles, where he could now stand trial, on stalking charges. the fbi said hotel records at the marriott in nashville, where andrews was covering a vanderbilt football game, showed that barrett specifically requested and was given a room next to hers. the affidavit accuses the 47- year-old barrett of using a clamp to remove the peephole in
4:35 pm
andrew's hotel room door and a hack saw blade to alter it, giving him an opportunity to return later and record video of her from the hallway, with his cell phone camera. he was linked to the alleged crime by his e-mail address. >> i've gotten calls from 30 of his friends in the last 10 hours, all willing to give their support. >> now, if convicted, barrett could spend up to five years in prison and be forced to pay a $250,000 fine. his next court date is october 23rd. investigators are looking into a fire at a baltimore county gym. it happened this morning at gold's gym in parkville. when firefighters arrived, they say they found at least one broken window in the building. arson investigators did respond to the scene. but firefighters have not said whether the flames were intentionally set. well, the grandmother, who came face to face can a bear in her bedroom, is speaking out for the first time about her close encounter.
4:36 pm
andrea fijii is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: sally said she was getting ready for bed when she turned around and saw the bear. these pictures showed the animal after it was removed from the colorado home. sally says the bear was aggressive and backed her into a corner before it scared her away. >> the bedroom wasn't that large. and the bear was between the door and myself. >> right. >> so i just keep screaming. and back -- and she keeps walking in. and i back up to the wall. and she gets on her hind legs and goes -- and they make thhor -- this horrible sound. >> the bear ran away, when the woman swung a pillow at t. she also found a baby cub that had followed the mother into the home. police had to put the animals down because they say they were too aggressive. >> fought back a bear with a pillow. what do you know? the woman changed all of the
4:37 pm
doorknobs on the home to make it more difficult for bears to get inside. >> but they have since gotten a key. [ laughter ] right now, feels just right. take a live look outside right now. over baltimore and television hill. another beautiful day, full of sunny skies. but will the amazing october weather last? we have weather and traffic together. bob is here with updated numbers. nice little breeze out there. just beautiful fall weather. bright sunshine. dry and beautiful blue skies. take a look at radar. nothing going on around here. in fact, you have to go a long way to find any precipitation. a couple hundred miles. looks like fine weather will be with us at least through late, late tomorrow night. maybe a brief period of showers late wednesday. we'll have a look at the weekly forecast coming up. let's check on the roads now with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. you can see those beautiful blue skies on our traffic cameras. unfortunately, on this shot,
4:38 pm
it's the key bridge. we have an accident on the key bridge. fortunately, though, you can see it is not backing things up. meanwhile, you will want to watch for another accident. this one at roseville. another involving a pedestrian fourth and east patapsco. another south monroe. as far as drive times and delays, there's a look at the top and west side. average speed of 39 miles per hour. and a 15-minute drive time. there's a live look again on the east side, where we have an accident on the key bridge. west side looking busy on the inner and outer loops with delays on the outer loop between security and national pike. inner loop delays running between security and 7. there's a look at the 83. that will set you back about six minutes. this traffic report is brought to you you by the cochran firm. if you've suffered a personal injury, call the cochran firm, 1800-the firm. three years ago, a new york city man began a daring experiment. he and his family would try to live their lives without being
4:39 pm
new things or using a car. now, their extreme green experience is the subject of a new documentary. harry smith has their story for wjz. >> reporter: for collin bevin, his wife michelle, and daughter isabella, a year of little pim impact on -- little impact on the environment meant big changes. >> it meant no carbon dioxide, so no flying or driving. >> reporter: ate only unpackaged, locally-grown food. and stopped shopping for anything new, including toilet paper. >> do we have any toilet paper? >> no. >> it's not about depritchation. it's -- deprivation. it's not about not taking care of yourself. bts about see -- it's about seeing whether you can have a good life without wasting so much. >> reporter: collin had a compost bin in the living room, complete with worms. the year wasn't always easy. >> honey, do you remember where
4:40 pm
you put the matches? >> and of course, compromises were made along the way. but when the lights were switched back on, collin and michelle clearly saw a year that meant so much more than living without toilet paper. >> what if we called it the year i lost 20 pounds without going to the gym once. or the year we ate locally and seasonally. there are actual benefits to living environmentally. [ laughter ] >> and they say they also grew closer as a family because they didn't watch tv. and spent more time outside together. and they survived. >> they did. i like all of it, except for the worms. i don't know if i want that in my kitchen. >> worm in the living room. wreak havoc on the balloon fiesta in new mexico. wait until you see this. fitness instructor survived a deadly shooting. why she wants to stop the killer's donation to his alma
4:41 pm
mater. it is sunny and mild. bob has the upcoming forecast.
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4:44 pm
there is some dramatic videoat the hot air balloon festival. watch as the pilot begins to deflate the balloon, in order to maintain better control. it will lat land on top of -- it will land on top of a tent. the pilot was okay. but he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. the estate of the gunman who opened fire at a pittsburgh health club is now being sued. andrea fujii is joining us live. >> reporter: back in august, george sadiny killed three people and 11 lrgts before -- others before turning the gun on himself. one of the wounded inside was a pregnant aerobics instructor. she was shot and spent a week
4:45 pm
in the hospital. she spent 10 weeks in the hospital. her fetus survived, but hear lawyers are arguing that she could suffer a miscarriage. >> sadini willed $225,000 to the university of pittsburgh. but the school has declined the gift. in today's wjz healthwatch report, the number of children with autism may be much higher than first thought. two new government studies show one in every 100 children may be autistic. alexis christoforous reports, some experts are questioning those findings. >> reporter: allison and michael wal mark realize their son ethan wasn't developing like other kids when he was just 12 months old. >> he wasn't pointing. and he wasn't clapping. and he wasn't saying mama, or dada. i saw that my friends' children were doing that and he wasn't. >> reporter: at age 2, therapists suggested he had
4:46 pm
autism. new studies show that diagnosis is becoming more and more common n. a telephone survey of 78,000 families, researchers found one in every 100 kids may have autism. preliminary data shows centers for disease control show a similar rate. that's much higher than previous numbers, which suggested the disorder affected one in every 150 kids. >> reporter: it's not clear how much is due to early awareness and early diagnosis. members believe some are being labeled autistic when they don't necessarily have the disorder. >> other kids, with difficulties with communication. and they're being labeled as having this diagnosis when it's not really there. >> reporter: in the latest study, 40% of parents told researchers their kids were diagnosed with autism. but now, no longer have the disorder. >> there's differences in how some physicians apply a diagnosis, compared to others. there's gray areas here. >> reporter: but when it comes to treatment, the answer is black and white.
4:47 pm
early intervention is key. >> it's a struggle for him. and so it's a struggle for us. >> reporter: for ethan, the struggle has paid off. the 4-year-old is showing great progress. alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> and in the coming months, the government will release a complete study on autism rates. it was a somewhat different look for nationals grand old opry. ♪ [ music ] all the lights went pink, as carrie underwood performed at the opry saturday night. they also had a pink backdrop. concert organizers made the switch. october is breast cancer awareness month. a portion of ticket sales will go toward cancer research. tonight, we get an inside look at the hottest bachelors in the country. [ laughter ] >> hurt me to say that. mary hart has more from hollywood. coming up on "entertainment tonight."
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your first look at cosmo's hottest batch bachelor of 2009. et is counting down our top 10 as the guys reveal how you can win their hearts. my name is david. mr. south carolina. david bush is 6'2," 25, a teacher and coach, and describes himself as driven, athletic and caring. number 9 is 31-year-old chad bower who works in publishing sales. and says his touch-me spot is definitely his earlobes. he is 6'1." number 8 is charlie vargas. >> please check me out in the november issue of cosmopolitan. >> he says he is 6 feet tall, always trying to prove a point and a pushover for a girl in a red dress. three down, seven to go. who will be our number 1 cosmo bachelor? there is only one place to find out. >> et has the exclusive. also tonight, my brand-new interview with john gosland as he fires back at kate.
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did jon really drain their bank account and leave kate broke. plus, more in the david letterman blackmail scandal. >> you can see that on entertainment tonight here on wjz 13. an indiana couple proved positive that some couples are made to hast. paul -- to last. paul and georgia celebrated 80 years of marriage. paul followed georgia to work one day so he could meet her. their story is filled with romance and humor. >> looks like they had a good time. look at these fantastic pictures of when they were younger. people don't dress like that anymore. >> maybe that's why marriages are falling apart. we need to dress better. >> that's true. still to come. hard to find. much nicer weather than this. bob turk has your updated first warning forecast after th
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what a beautiful day.
4:53 pm
breezy this morning. but other than that, it was good. >> got lots of days like this in october. clear, cool, sunshine. dry conditions. no pollution. most of the pollen is gone. pretty nice time of year. let's take a look at temps around the region now. with bright sunshine. blue skies, 67. that's been our high for the day. dew point is low at 40. humidity only 37%. we have a nice breeze. west at 12, the barometer, currently holding steady. 29.97 inches. around the region. temperature-wise, 67, 47 today. now, the average is now 71 and 48. and the records, 97 ask 35. yeah, we had some frost that morning. 39 this morning in oakland. certainly had frost. ocean city, pot at 55. big range there. 54 this morning in washington. right now, ocean city up to 74. oakland, stuck at 60. so beautiful fall weather. saw the breeze there.
4:54 pm
anywhere from 5 to 10, 12, 15 miles an hour. and the breeze there tonight. that is snow over wyoming. montana. portions of idaho there you see snow there. further east and southeast of our region. rain moving offshore. not going to bother us. clear condition. some of that moisture to the west is going to move across our region. late, late tomorrow night. early wednesday. maybe a brief little shower as this high moves off the east coast. our winds become a little more southwesterly. ahead of that front, a little milder maybe. then a slight chance of a little bit of rain early wednesday morning. most of the day will be fine. moves off, not looking for a lot of rain this weekend. really nice temperatures once again. east winds at 5 to 10 knots. bay temp at 7:09. yes, the days continue to get shorter and shorter. for tonight, clearer and kind of chilly like last night. 47, some suburbs.
4:55 pm
42, 43. downtown, about foo -- 52 or so. 72 tomorrow. sunshine and clouds moving in. maybe a little rain late tomorrow night early wednesday. and the sun comes back early wednesday afternoon. all in all, a beautiful weather pattern will continue. >> perfect. >> love this weather. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. maryland congressman, urging people to get the h1n1 vaccine. i'm adam may. but there is one problem. there is not enough vaccine for everyone just yet. when
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
on its way to receive the h1n1 vaccine. and maryland is next. why some here don't want it.
4:58 pm
complete flu watch coverage. i'm mike mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. how a howard county detective solved the city case of the woman stuffed down the manhole cover. the details when eyewitness news continues. alleged city hall corruption. mayor dixon's lawyers try to get corruption charges thrown out. what the judge decided today. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. on its way. the h1n1 vaccine will be in maryland in less than a day. >> tonight, why you may not be able to get vaccinated. >> hi, everybody. i'm sally thorner. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about.
4:59 pm
>> s h1n1 vaccine has been in two states and will be in maryland tomorrow. adam is live at the state health department, to explain why many won't be able to get the vaccine. and why many don't want it, right, adam? >> reporter: yeah. despite rigorous testing, many people have safety concerns. but all of that is a moot point, if there are simply not enough shots. >> reporter: the h1n1 vaccine is on its way to maryland. but many will have to wait. others may not want it. a new survey finds only 40% of adults plan on taking it. and only 51% plan to getting it for their children. >> it is a very, very serious concern of mine. >> reporter: two maryland congressmen and local health officials say the vaccine is safe. they say testing at the university of maryland school of medicine, which so far finds no side effects. >> it would be a shame, having worked so hard to get the vaccine available, if we didn't take full advantage of that now. >> reporter: but no


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