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tv   The Early Show  CBS  April 6, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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breaking news. the search is called off for those still missing in the deadly west virginia coal mine explosion. we'll bring you the latest from the scene. a contrite tiger woods opens up as he gets set to return to golf. >> i lied to a lot of people, deceived a lot of people. kept others in the dark. rationalized, you know, and i lied to myself. >> and march madness comes to a fitting close. >> almost went in! >> as duke holds into beat butler in a game for the anyoge. early this tuesday morning, butler in a game for the anyoge. early this tuesday morning, april 6, 2010. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning, everybody. i'm harry smith. we're in montcoal, west virginia, just a couple of miles from the big branch mine which is the site of this terrible disaster that happened yesterday afternoon. good morning, maggie. this is just maybe one of the saddest places in america this morning. there was so much hope yesterday afternoon and as the evening hours turned in to early morning hours, we are faced with a disaster of significant proportions. >> i know, harry. 25 people dead, four still missing. it's unlikely, but it is possible that they made their way to air tight containers where they could stay alive for days. it's not likely, but, ha we hav seen it happen before and that's everybody's hope this morning. >> yeah, we'll have a little more information about that later as they have started to already drill holes to get down
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into that mine shaft to get air in there to make it safe enough for rescuers to get there. but this is a very interesting story, maggie, and one we have heard so many times before, this big branch mine is owned by a major conglomerate, a company called massey energy company, a company that has been cited numerous times for both safety and environmental violations. in fact, just last year, it was cited and fined by the government for its failure to properly ventilate its mines of methane gas. and methane gas is very much suspected as the cause of this horrible explosion that took place yesterday. >> reporter: the dreaded sound of sirens rang out in the coal mining town of montcoal, west virginia. >> just takes your breath away. your heart drops and we were calling people trying to find out. >> reporter: the explosion was reported at 3:00 in the afternoon. nine rescue teams were immediately scrambled in the hopes the miners could be saved.
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>> some may have died from the blast and some may have died from their first breath. >> reporter: early this morning, there was glimmer of optimism when rescuers discovered that emergency oxygen masks called scsrs, had been taken presumably by surviving miners. there there's scsrs that were missing. >> reporter: rescuers hope that the remaining few made to the few air tight chambers with fresh air and supplies, but discovered the first one was empty. >> these rescue claimers have food and water, so we won't give up hope at all. >> reporter: massey energy company has a troubling safety record with more than 450 violations in 2009 resulting in nearly $400,000 in fines. although the cause of the explosion is unknown, methane gas is suspected. in 2006, a meth an exprovision
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at a sago mine killed 12. rescue efforts have been suspended. >> the gas that they detected were to the point that they were risking their own lives. >> reporter: rescuers are not giving up hope that there may still be survivor, but that hope dims with ever passing hour. >> we have four unaccounted, four might ners, and we're goin do everything in our power to locate those people alive. >> we're engined now by governor joe mansion. and we're so sorry to have a conversation again with you undid ter these very dire circumstances. it doesn't seem so long ago that we were talking during sago. as something like this happens yet once again, what goes through your mind and heart? >> when i first heard, they called me yesterday about 5:00 or 6:00 and told me about the explosions, and i'm thinking, you know, we've got rapid
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response, we had oxygen and we had communications, we had shelters. i said our chances will be very good. we've done that within the last four year, we changed all the laws in west virginia. and the federal government has, too. then we found out what a who are risk explosion and it was just so horrific that right now we know that we have 25 that have perished, 11 identified, 14 unidentified, and four still missing. so you can imagine the anxiety for the family members knowing there's 14, and those could have been ones that perished, but they could be one with a sliver of hope. >> do you feel like this main was safe enough to be operating yesterday? >> i didn't know enough about that because i rely on the
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federal and the state doing the job and making sure take compliance is met. if not, you have the ability to pull the plug and shut down. if you're in unsafe conditions, shut it down. there will be no retaliation. these are tough people. they're such good hard working committed, loyal. you're not going to find a better worker or better person than a west virginiian. and i don't know, i can't tell you. i want to find out and i want to make sure that if there's anything we can do to correct it we'll do it. >> because you know massey has a spotty history with this and especially has been fined for violations for improper ventilation of methane gas. >> i've heard that. and we just heard to find out. there's no excuse. >> do you have any idea when they'll get back down there in. >> right now the drills has commenced. we're going through 1100 feet
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and there's two mined out sections. that means that you have to put casings, pipe -- >> to get all the way down. >> it will be a long day. it will be this evening before they're telling me that they're going to be down there to test the air, start venting and getting some readings. they can't put the other rescue teams in harm's way until we know it's safe. and i told all the family members. i looked at them and i said, listen, i know i'm going to say did in vein. but if you can go home and get a little bit of rest. but i can tell you they're not going anywhere. >> thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate it. and we're joined now by cbs news national correspondent jim axelrod. jim, safety is such a big issue here. remember those congressional hearings that took place after sago. all these recommendations were made. what has been the result? >> after those recommendations were made, there was a government review and it was recent. and in that review, just 8% of all u.s. mines have the new
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communication and tracking gear that those hearings required. so the intent of the review was to establish ways when things like that that miners can communicate and that they can be tracked. only 8% followed up on the intent. >> although in this case, they apparently had those procedures in place, but the severity of the explosion was so significant it literally blew all of that stuff out. >> right. and we're finding out a little bit more about massey, as well. that there have been no fatalities at this plant, the montcoal plant, but there's an injury record here that is higher than the national average. the company was fined over $380,000 for their 458 violations just last year. >> wow. jim axelrod, thanks. that's it from west virginia. we want to go back to new york. switching gears here now to the latest on tiger woods. he took one more step towards making his comeback at the
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masters this week by answering tough questions about his fall from grace. cbs news correspondent armen keteyian is in august take with t latest. >> reporter: tiger woods has been coming to augusta for almost half his life. he's 34 years old and this is the 16th masters he's attended. but it's safe to say he's never held a press conference like the one he did yesterday. it was tifd tyiside of tiger wo rarely seen, more human. >> the fact i won tournaments is irrelevant. it's the pain, the damage i've caused, my wife, my mom, my wife's family, my kids. i made the decision to enter rehab. i missed my son and he first birthday and that hurts a lot. >> reporter: less scripted. >> the gallery couldn't be nicer. it blew me away. today was just something that really touched my heart pretty
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good. >> reporter: less concerned about his legacy. >> it's not about championships. it's about how you live your life. and i hadn't done that the right way for a while. and i needed to change that. >> reporter: it was all part of woods' press conference on monday. 43 no holds barred questions where woods sprain explained his ties to dr. tony galea now under a federal drug investigation for allegedly prescribing perform answer enhancing drugs. >> he never gave me hghp i've never taken any illegal drug. >> reporter: in addition, he reveal he'd torn his achilles tendon and still won seven tournaments last season, along with what it was like to live a double life. >> i fooled myself, as well. as i said, i lied to a lot of people, deceived a lot of
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people. kept others in the dark. rationalized, you know, and i even lied to myself. >> reporter: at the same time, woods drew a very clear line about other issue issue, like yes went to rehab. >> that's personal. thank you. >> reporter: and whether his wife will be at his side this week. >> elin is not coming this week, no. >> reporter: a week that began with an enormous crowd showering the four time winner with bursts of applause. >> it was just an incredibly reception all day for all 18 holes and to show my appreciation for them, i haven't done that in the past two years. i'll try and go out there and win this thing. >> reporter: if things go right this week, woods could claim his fifth masters title. he's got another big practice round today before things get real serious on thursday. >> and in yesterday's practice round, i noticed a marked difference in his interaction with the fans. he was making eye contact, smiling at them, shaking hands.
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you were in the room during the news conference. what were your impressions of him there? >> reporter: well, tiger was clearly more comfortable talking about both his personal problems and his private life. his demeanor was more relaxed. he was more real. and i think he came across, maggie, more believable and that's something that i think tiger woods has really been trying to do. >> all right. armen keteyian in augusta, thank you. and we will talk more about about tiger wood he s later, bu right now it's time to check in at the news desk. good morning. later this week, president obama is scheduled to sign a new arms control agreement with russia. today the obama administration unveiled a new nuclear weapons policy. the revamped policy narrows the use of nuclear weapons and for the first time it explicitly rules out the use of nuclear weapons against nonnuclear nations in compliance with the nuclear nonproliferation treaty.
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now, this am apppplies even if attack the u.s. with convention allege, biological or chemical weapons. disturbing video from the gun camera of a u.s. helicopter in iraq allegedly shows an attack nearly three years ago that raises questions about the action of the crew. the video was posted on the internet by wikileaks which is an organization that leaks official material ain what it believes is the public's interest. elizabeth palmer reports. >> reporter: on the left, siad, and on the ride, mamire. here they are on assignment for the reuters news agency. this video shot from an attack helicopter shows them walking through a baghdad neighborhood where u.s. forces had been battling shiite militants. sold gers mistake their camera equipment for weapons. >> that's a weapon, yeah. >> reporter: and get permission to attack. the two journalists and all those around them come under
7:14 am
fire. >> fire. >> reporter: the incident, which plays out over 40 minutes, eventually shows an suv coming to rescue the wounded. it, too, comes under fire. two children inside were wounded. here an american soldier hurries to get medical attention for one them. in all, 12 people were killed. including the two journalists. the reuters news agency which long fought for access to the video is pressing the u.s. military to conduct a full investigation. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. toyota is facing a record fine over safety problems. the government is proposing that the automaker be fined $16.4 million which is the largest amount allowed. toy is accused of hiding a dangerous defect, sticking gas pedals, that caused sudden acceleration and led to millions of recalls.
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the transportation department says toyota knew there was a safety problem in september but did not notify federal regulators about it until january. the company has two weeks to appeal the fine. well, duke has won its fourth national college basketball championship. last night in the closing seconds, duke and butler fought for the lead and then as the clock ran down, butler's gordon hayward launched a buzzer beater that just missed. butler fans and the team is just stunned at the end of their cinderella run. duke says the win was the best championship game he has ever been in. >> i've been fortunate to be in eight national championship games and this was a classic. this wasest and the best one. >> the coach and the team no doubt celebrated as they were awarded the trophy for the national title. and back in durham, north carolina, students and fans on
7:16 am
campus made a huge bonfire to celebrate the blue devils victory. and congratulations to them. here's dave price with the first check of the weather this morning. >> how about a standing o for butler. they were unbelievable. >> i kind of had a feeling they'd do it
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17 minutes past the hour. that's a first look at our weather. coming up, we will head back down to west virginia for the latest on the ongoing mining tragedy it there. plus, more on tiger woods' comeback. we'll see h f. his press conference helped or hurt him in his battle to rebuild his image. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. hey what's going on? doing the shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if those boxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh 'em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes
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this morning we're following the deadliest mining tragedy in this country in more than two decades. harry is standing by in west virginia with the latest. >> yeah, i'll tell you, maggie, this is one of those scenes that you just don't want to ever see repeated. and everybody remembers it was just four years ago that the sago mine disaster happened. and here we are all over again. we're going to meet some family members of a miner who was just about to retire and died in the explosion yesterday. we'll meet them in just a couple minutes. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by macy's.
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hello again, it's 7:25 and it looks like rain falling to the east. we'll have the traffic after the weather. >> well, that's a great shot, you can see the rain. >> and here's the first warning doppler and what we're looking at. this is taking you back about an hour or so. the span of showers came across the region. this is the reenforcing shot of warm and humid air. 88 is the high today and yesterday, 84 and that 88 will be at bwi, it could be 90 downtown and more humid. now, over to sharon gibala. hi, sharon. hi, good morning, everyone. a few accidents to get in your way.
7:26 am
this latest problem at middletown, only a slight delay on that accident and the second at hospital drive. and watch for a water main break there on pratt and han overand another on 95. [ indiscernible ] there's a look at the driver times and the speeds. >> 22 miles per hour on the beltway. this is brought to you by subway. come into subway. many of the regular footlongs are five dollars. don, back you. the clock's clicking down to the last legislative session in annapolis. they're talking about tougher laws for sex offenders.
7:27 am
>> reporter: five sex offender bills are being debate now. the case of the 11-year-old what was murdered by a sex offender is fueling the laws. one asks for more expertise and one wants the lifetime supervision and the third increases the monitoring on the registry. they're all three debated and two others are in a committee. 2500 bills were introduced and 26 passed. there was a fatal car crash overnight. the single crash was overnight. one is dead and another person has been taken to the hospital. maryland is strapped for cash and that means less money to clean up the cheese -- chesapeake. the obama administration called on maryland to reduce the
7:28 am
nitrogen levels by 20 million pounds. >> stay with us, up next, more on the dangers of mining. ,,,,,,
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cc1 test message cc1 test message heart break it in west virginia this morning after an good motion in a mine killed 25 people. four are still missing this morning and while the search for them is postponed for safety reasons, the focus turns now to the investigation and the question could shall have been prevented. we're with the family of benny willingham. we have his sister, his daughter, some these theses oig nephews, in-laws, the family pastor. benny had worked in the mines here for more than 30 years and was weeks away from retirement.
7:31 am
you found out that benny didn't make it. everybody knows about the dangers of mines. what went through your mind when you found out your brother didn't make it? >> just really couldn't believe. he was such a loving, loving man. loved god. he loved his family. everybody that met him loved him. that's no exaggeration. everybody loved benny. >> we have some beautiful family pictures. it just looks like there's so much love in the room. and you can see it in everybody's face. does this seem real to you yet as his daughter? >> no. i'm just waiting to wake up. >> it doesn't seem possible. >> no, it doesn't.
7:32 am
>> one of the issues is how this information has been made availab available. how did the family find out that benny died? >> i received a phone call from my father a little after 6:00 p.m. and within an hour and a half, we had came down here to the mine site and they let the people go to one area. and i went to a building where some of the family was meeting and knew a gentleman with the ems and he asked me who i was there to see. and of course told him it was jeanie's brother, benny. he went inside and within 30 seconds came back out, brought us inside to a girl that's the human resource director at massey, and -- or at the performance mine. and she advised us at that time, and it was me, jeanie, jeanie's sister, her husband and jeanie's mother and other brother, and
7:33 am
just like them, just waiting to wake up from this nightmare. >> to be so close to retirement, to have served all those years and all those mines under all those difficult circumstances, there really is some kind of feeling of must feel like injustice to be so close and not have him alive this morning. >> exactly. i want to tell you something he said a couple weeks ago in church. he said he was thankful that the lord had saved his soul and he said he has watched over me in t mines for over 30 years. and he said if he takes me tomorrow, i've had a good life. >> that's quite a testimony. >> yes, it is. >> that is really quite a testimony. is that your sense this morning, is that what you're clinging to today on this most difficult day
7:34 am
possible? >> yes. >> he's gone home and he's happy. >> it helps a lot knowing where he's at, but i want be stingy. i want him back. >> under these horrible sifr circumstances, we want to express to you or deepest condolences and thank you for coming here and sharing just for a few minutes the story of benny and his love for his lord. and we really just do appreciate it so much. thanks. we want to go back to new york now and maggie. >> so hard to believe that 24 other families are going through the exact same thing. thank you so much. we want to switch gears now and check in once again with dave price who has got a look at the weather. >> you bet. 34 past the hour. and to the business at hand, every. we take a look at the weather around the nation. our concern today is really going to rest in the central and
7:35 am
southern plains. we have cool air colliding with all right, good morning, warm and humid air is pressed up over the region, here's the doppler, i want to joy the harbor cam shot. and looking at the, well, not
7:36 am
the radar, but the harbor cam. that's a push of humid air. yesterday, we got to 84 at bwi and 87 downtown and the forecast this day, calling for a high of 88 behind that warm scattered showers throughout the hawaiian islands. temperatures in the 40s tlot much of al class with a little mix of rain and snow. that's a quick look at our weather picture. maggie, over to you. up next here, tiger woods, did he take one big step towards rehabbing his image with yesterday's press conference? we'll ask two people who know. this is "the early show" on cbs. luke: moving my mind and my hands
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and trouble passing urine. every day could be a good day to breathe better. announcer: ask your doctor if once-daily spiriva is right for you. winning the masters is a challenge for tiger woods, but it pales in comparison to winning back the public's trust. yesterday woods took questions from the press and said the fallout from the sex scandal has given him a newfound respect for his fans. >> going through all of this the past few months, it really put things in per pespec differencee
7:40 am
and how much i've undertreerkted the fans. just because i'm winning golf tournaments doesn't mean a thing.way i was thinking caused so much harm with the people that i love and care about the most on this plaents. i meditate religiously again like i used to. i'm going back to my roots in buddism with my mom. i needed to do those things the way i used to do it. and unfortunately, i got away from that. and i just lost that. and unfortunately, also lost my life in the process. >> to talk more about tiger's performance yesterday in augusta, cbs sports golf analyst david feherty and in los angeles, howard bragman, chairman and krcceo of 15 minut public relations. howard, we saw a still contrite but i thought more seemingly
7:41 am
happier tiger woods taking question, engaging fans. from a pr standpoint, how did yesterday go for him? >> he got an a. he did a great job. he answered the questions, he was authentic. i think all our hearts broke the moment he talked about missing his son's birthday party and this is something he's needed to do four months. and i still feel like if he had done it a few months ago, would he have saved himself a lot of the pain and misery, but it finally happened and now can he focus on playing golf. >> but he still chose to not answer certain questions like why he decided to go to rehab. do you think he needs to it address thouse issues? >> actually, i don't. i think there's some hingthingst remain personal. i think he's allowed to draw that line in the sand. he's been beat up terribly in the media. and there was a moment -- there
7:42 am
come as moment in anyone's catharsis when the public says enough is enough, let this guy go. but you have to be contrite. and this was his moment where the fans can finally say, okay, tiger came forth, he did his penance, now leave him alone. and i think you'll see the tide turn in his favor after this. >> i'm not sure if everyone in america would agree with that because of course people who are golf fans forgive him and just want t to see him play golf, bu i'm sure there are meant of others who couldn't careless about golf and who are saying why is everybody being so forgiving so quickly. >> this is america. people do get for given about they apologize and they do the right thing and i agree with howard, i think he was terrific yesterday. and i think the reason that he didn't do it four months ago is he and i have maybe one thing in common, we're both addicts. i'm an alcoholic. eve been clean and seasober for
7:43 am
almost four years and i recognize a lot of the things that he said, taking it step by step, living day by day. and the important thing to me was his return to buddism because that goes hand-in-hand with his therapy. it take as whis a while to come realization who are you and what you need do. he's clearly getting there. i'm not sure that he's there yet. but he is doing his best. and there's -- it's a sense of entitlement that many americans seem to have that they're entitled to know absolutely everything about everybody's private life. as tiger has said over and over again, it's in the police report and i heard not in this press conference but i think in the first one somebody said, no, it's not. well, if it's not, then ask the police. some things are just private. and i thought he was great yesterday. and he's hungry to play golf. and certainly from the golf community standpoint, we can't wait to see him back. >> howard, how important is it that he do well when he plays
7:44 am
golf at the masters? does it matter or is it just important that he's back in the game as far as his image is concerned? >> he has to play well. that doesn't mean he has to win, but he has to be competitive. we have to see the tiger that we know and love. and we have to see the same golf skills that got him to be tiger woods in the first place. and then i think we'll really start to feel like he's back on the path to getting his life together. so, yeah, he has to play well. >> and, david, tiger at one point asked the media to please stop asking other golfers questions about him and he apologized for being a distractions. do you think that's enough, do you think he can really not be a distraction in this tournament? >>. do you think that's enough, do you think he can really not be a distraction in this tournament? >> he's a distraction certainly to the people against whom he's playing. if he's focused, if he plays average this week, he'll win. if he plays well, he'll win by a lot. that's -- history will tell you
7:45 am
that. quite often i'm beside the next best player in the world who would be a good second opinion. and we'll show tiger's reaction to these amazing shots that he hits. maybe the relevant reaction is the next best player in the world who will turn to me and say, woah. and you can see in their faces, you know, i've got to do that to beat him? in fact, i've got do better than that to beat him? and i haven't got that? but they try. and go backwards. he tries and goes forwards. and that's how he wins by 12 and 15. it wouldn't surprise me to see him win this week and maybe win by a few. >> all right. just three more days to see how things get under way. david feherty, howard bragman, thanks so much for your time. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. is today. fortunately, he has at&t's blazing fast 3g laptopconnect card. [ flight attendant ] sir, turn off all electronic devices. which means he can download all his pdfs, spreadsheets, and meeting notes, before you have the chance to say -- sir...
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welcome back to "the early show" on this tuesday morning.
7:49 am
we've been following four expectant moms. they're all here with their husbands and we'll talk about pregnancy affect as relationship. do you think my pregnancy has affected our relationship, is my being a hormonal mess as my husband has said -- >> i don't think you've been very hormonahormonal. >> no, maggie, how but about yo the crew? ureter risk, maggie, not a problem. >> that's what i wanted to hear. we'll have that discussion maybe more honestly when we come back. ! ( marker squeaking ) when business travel leaves you drained, re-charge with comfort suites. spacious rooms, free hi-speed internet, and free hot breakfast. comfort suites. power up. now stay two separate times with comfort suites... or any choice hotel and earn a free night.
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hello again, we have a lot more sky shining through. >> we're look look at the radar. we've had showers passing through and we have warm and humid air. looking at the forecast. 87 downtown and we'll make it 88. that's the day's forecast and behind us, a warm front and now, over to sharon gibala. good morning, marty. we have a few accidents that could get in the way. one on 95 northbound. that's going to be past 895 and blocking two right lanes and the southbound lanes are what you'll want to watch out for there. we have an accident at
7:56 am
middletown road and a backup to maryland line and one in dundalk and still on the topside between the jfx and harrisburg expressway and 895, there's the delays and there's a look at that harford road delay. this is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you've suffered a personal injuries call them for more. thank you, the debate will continue as advocates are pushing for tougher sex offender legislation. >> reporter: don, five bills are being debated right now, the case of 11-year-old sara fox we'll allegedly killed by a sex offender is fueling the laws. another bill wants sex offenders to face lifetime
7:57 am
supervision and the third increases monitoring and all three are debated and two others are in a conference committee. more than 2500 bills were introduced and so far, 46 have passed there. in this city, a child is recovering after being struck by a car in northwest baltimore after 7:00 last night. a driver struck a side of a building that the 10-year-old was standing nearby and is at the hospital. and we have an update from a car crash yesterday. a van went off of the road at reisterstown. two adults and an infant were injured. no word on their condition. up next, "having a baby" we'll meet fathers and wind howling ] [ male announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] [ male announcer ] fills you with energy...
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8:00 on this tuesday morning and the early show in montcoal, west virginia, the scene of the worst mining disaster since 1984. 25 families are in mourning and four others are awaiting word on their loved ones after a massive explosion there. good morning again in new york city. i'm maggie rodriguez. there's a lot coming up in this hour on my end, but first let's check in with harry smith who is on the scene in west virginia. good morning again. >> maggie, good morning. and we're joined live this morning by congressman neighboring harrahall.
8:01 am
this is the headline, miners dead, missing in raleigh, explosion. this is your home county. you've served this district for more than 20 years. >> 34 years. >> you've been through this before. how is it that this keeps happening? >> well, this was just unique in the horrendous explosion that occurred here. you know, we have passed mine safety laws after previous disasters. and that part worked here. it's just that this particular explosion and the cause is yet to be determined, but it just was so massive in nature that the miners could not get to the refuge chambers, the mine rescue teams as well trained as they were and as quick as the response was, still was not in enough time. and the communication gear these miners were wearing were knocked
8:02 am
out. >> because it was just that severe. >> it was that severe. >> i understand they've started to drill the holes because they want to drill holes down there. it was so toxic down there that they suspended rescue operations. they're drilling holes. when do they think they'll be able to get enough oxygen in there to make it possible for rescue crews to re-enter the saf shaft? >> it's and 's a slow process b there has to be proper venting. and we're looking at at least a 12 hour minimum process to take into account the proper venting. and i would say we're looking at another 24 hour vigil here. >> you spent a lot of time with the families, people who lost miners in this explosion. is there a way to describe what they're going through? >> no, there's really not. there's so many hurt, so much grief. our prayers truly go out to these families and those that are still waiting final closure
8:03 am
on mayor lovtheir loved ones. a couple families lost two and three members. and your heart really pours out to them. these are tough individuals, but even the tough find it hard to go through this. >> congressman, we thank you for stopping by this morning. let's go back to new york. we want to take you outside now to our plaza where dave is standing by with a check of the weather. >> good morning to you. we've got a really great bunch of people out here. first of all, we have kathy and elizabeth from nashville. kathy's husband, her dad, is the anchor at our station wtvf, right, news
8:04 am
8:05 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by vw. with 13 different models, it's a whole new volkswagen and a whole new game. >> that's a quick look at your weather picture. we'll see you out here at 18:30. how tough is preg nance sfoi an expectant dad? we've been following a group of moms and now we'll meet the husbands. and you have to tell the truth. don't worry, we won't get mad. we'll talk to them when we come back here on "the early show" on cbs f. volkswagen. ♪ [ tires screech ] ♪ [ sighs ] ♪ that's two for doubting. [ chuckles ] you hit like my sister. really? i'd like to meet her. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen cc. award-winning design starting under $28,000. it's a whole new volkswagen, and a whole new game.
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8:09 am
is he's so intense with his kids and they like adore him to death. when he found out i was pregnant, he was like over the moon. >> jim's a great dad because he's just a great guy. i couldn't ask for a better if aer for my children. >> he'll an great dad because he's such a little kid at heart. he loves toys, he loves playing with kids, being goofy. >> seeing him with max and as a dad, i think it's brought us closer more than neglect. >> i would say overall, our marriage has definitely gotten closer because we're really sxeeted about having a baby. >> the date nights where it's just the two of us are not as often as you'd like, but, you know, you make do. >> we still try to do stuff with each other, allowing time, you know. obviously i can't wear stilettos and do stuff like i used to do even though i try. >> i can't say that he dotes on me or does anything crazy special. i don't think i need it yet. >> he takes the cocoa butter every night and rubs my stomach
8:10 am
with it because i don't want to get stretch marks. >> it will be interesting to see when the baby comes how he really interacts with him because he's going to be so small, but he's a great dad. >> joining us right now, the moms, and the dads. jason and amy, max new and jessica, jim and julie and norman and april. also here with us to discuss how pregnancy changes family dynamics is heide banks. so good to finally meet the husbands. let me start with you, heide, because this is a great time to bring you together because you're having a baby, but we're not quite ourselves and we're bessie dealing wi busy dealing with all the changes. what is the biggest changer? >> that you think you'll find the same person in bed because of the hormones. it really is a time of great, great tension as you all know. and it's also a time of great
8:11 am
joy. so to focus on the joy rather than the tension, and understand don't take anything seriously, which i'm sure you've all experienced already. let it go. you just have to keep letting it go and moving forward. letting it go and moving it forward. which is great advice for when you become a parent. >> it's great advice, but it's easier said than done, right? how many of you are having zero issues, zero problems at all? show of hands. norman is that the politically correct answer? so what do you think has been the most difficult thing, because this is your first time with april, how has it changed hinges f things for you guys? >> her pregnancy is going pretty well, but she had some issues, so i think she wants extra attention because she wants everything to be okay with the baby. and i won't say she's changed a lot, but we can handle it. >> she says you're doing a great job. we've heard from all these moms
8:12 am
that all their husbands are doing a great job. i want to hear from them about how they're doing. jason, you are having a girl. you already have a little boy. what's different this time? are there anymore worries because it's a girl this time? >> i come from a family with mostly men on our side. i have three older brothers. so just the differences between raising a boy and a girl. i roughhouse with my son and wrestle and play around. i don't know if i'll do the same with my daughter. >> so you worry about it? >> just if i should be different with him and her as opposed to how i act with him. >> so the dads obviously have things that they're worried about, too. we have to try to maybe be mindful of that. matthew, you are a cancer survivor. >> yes. >> make you y you. >> you made it through your illness to witness the day that your twins are on the way. congratulations to you. >> thank you very much. >> what has this journey been like for you, extra emotional? >> yes, honestly, it's a bit of
8:13 am
a miracle that i was fertile to be part of h process. we did in-vitro as everyone knows. and it's beyond my wildest dreams. going back to my concerns, you know, obviously it's rough to see her struggling with the swelling of the feet and the back pain and everything leak that, but she's a trooper. she's getting through it. and i'm as involved as i can be. >> when i've talked to her before, she's mentioned she's a little bit concerned because you work with special needs kids, right? >> yes. >> she's a little bit concerned about the twins and their health. do you worry about that, as well? >> we have different dogmas about that. i'm a fan of it's not a problem until it's a problem. >> i agree with that. all right. let's talk to you, because you are a second time dad. and you can offer some advice to matthew who is a first time dad. you were in the delivery the first time around? >> i was, yes. >> what do you say to dads who haven't been there before?
8:14 am
>> i say it's a life changing experience and anybody who would even consider not doing it, i'd ask you to reconsider. it's -- it blows you away. it's the most enriching experience that i've ever had. i'm looking forward to the second one and being there again. it's not as everybody makes it out to be. that's the one big advice i can give. luckily we had a great doctor. she was great with us. she explained to us everything that was going on, every minute to minute as it progressed. and we just felt at seizease. >> and isn't it true at least for me it was as the woman going through it that all the hardships and all the little problems that you had during pregnancy went away in that magic moment that that baby is born? >> nothing matters. nothing before or even after at that point matters. everybody's about him and your life together wither wife and creating a future. and we didn't find out, we didn't know what we were having, so just in the surprise of it all, it's just like it all hits you, oh, wow, little league and everything that's going to go
8:15 am
along with that. it's just a great experience. >> and so do you all plan to be in the delivery room? >> yes. >> yes, yes? good. it really is amazing to be there. norman, finally, april confessed to us that -- because you got pregnant so soon after getting married that it seemed a little bit soon for her. has that been the case for you? >> no. >> you might be the perfect man. >> no, i'm not. >> seriously. you live up to the hype. >> no, i mean, we met, we married pretty quick after eight, nine months. and we were both kind of ready. you want to dos next step and i've got two sons already and my son told me, he came from holland to new york, started living with us last june, so i mean, it's perfect timing. >> good. well, congratulations. would you agree that these husbands make the grade? >> these are a-1 husbands as
8:16 am
most husbands really are during pregnancy. they know the drill. just keep on taking care of us. >> i like that for sure. thank you so much. thank you all as well. we'll see you again soon. and up next, anti-aging products, what works and what didn't. surprising results of a consumer reports survey here on "the early show" on cbs. alright kid, let's get ready for this morning's quiz. christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue... in 14 hundred and 92. nice! follow me, the missouri river is this way! lewis and clark expedition of 1804.
8:17 am
oh, he'll never get this. magellan, 1520. awww, my 8 layers must've given it away. help keep your kid full and focused with 8 filling layers... of whole grain fiber found in kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal. this is one giant leap for mini-kind™. keeps 'em full. keeps 'em focused. hoo hooo!
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every time you shop with your card, you can enjoy thousands of real deal savings and weekly specials. like top round london broil, $1.99 a pound, and breyers ice cream, $1.99 each. this week only. it makes me feel good because we're saving money. and that works for me. only with your giant card. the anyone old search for the mountain of youth often ends at your local pharmacy, but do those products that promise to turn back the clock really work in the may issue of consumer reports surveyed thousands of readers about remedies for balding and for wrinkles and senior editor todd marks is here with the results. good morning. let's start with the hair loss products. >> we asked 8,000 people who experience hair loss to tell us about that experience and whether they tried to overcome it, deal with it in one way or another, what worked and what didn't. and for genetic hair loss,
8:19 am
common male pattern baldness, even affecting women, too, issues like thyroid disease can also cause hair loss for women, but it was typically not related to illness and we found out that in most instances, the products really don't work. >> is that surprising? >> not really. there are only two fda approved products for pattern baldness. only for men. that was the most effective treatment, worked very well for 27% of those surveyed. however that means it didn't work greatly for three out of four. and minoxidil which is a cream you apply to the scalp worked less than 4% of the time very well. >> and these are all over the counter it? >> not the propcia. it's a pill. and best not to come in contact with it if you're pregnant.
8:20 am
minoxidil didn't work that well. >> so it was the one that rate the highest -- >> no, the propecia. >> so the propecia was the best. what was the worst is this. >> minoxidil. it only worked well for 4% of folks. so no magic bullets here. >> are there other alternatives? >> if you do decide to undergo hair transplant, many were satisfied. but it costs upwards of $10,000, $20,000. but the best remedy for hair loss sometimes is acceptance. and maybe i'm not going to try all these products. so it's been going on forever. but what people found did work
8:21 am
very well was trying to mask it. for example, men shave their head. they build up their physique. they exercised more. the single best thing made them feel better about themselves. >> let's move to skin products. it included 79 participants, 67 women, and what did the study find? >> again, no magic bullet here. the problem is that these anti-wrinkle creams, they can help reduce visible lines and wrinkles, but you have to use them for at least six weeks and the results are marginal at beast. you have to keep using them. better yet, what a lot of doctors say is if you're really concerned about your skin, moisture rise it and use a good sun scene all tscreen all the t.
8:22 am
>> what rated the best? >> it was the dermasil, which is about $80 an ourns and age intensive, which is about $20 an ounce. but use something with collagen, like a prescription product, you you get from your from, with retin-a. cola again will work we are. bird's bees make as lot of great products, but when it came to a wrinkle cream, it's a natural product that uses natural oils. didn't work very well at all unfortunately. >> already, tod, thank you so much. appreciate it. and if you'd like more information on these products and how they ranked, just go to our website, and still ahead here for us, the season's wow factor. some very fun looks for your feet. this this is "the early show" on cbs. your local news is next.
8:23 am
♪ nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪ made with real fruit and now with more... of the whole grains your body needs.
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8:25 am
hello, it's 8:25. we have clouds and the sun's working its way through them. >> and as you can see, rain's working its way out of the area. sun's coming out. it's going to be a fine day. the showers and a push of warm and humid air are moving up over the area and how much, we'll like at the forecast. and yesterday was warm and today, we're calling for a high of 88 and getting quite humidity. now, over to sharon gibala. hi, sharon almost. hi, marty, not a good day on the harrisburg expressway, a big delay from pennsylvania and south of there. there's an accident at middletown road and it's causing a backup all the way back to the state line. you're looking at a 30 minute
8:26 am
set back there and two accidents in dundalk and another on north point boulevard. 95 southbound, still slow and that's about an 8 minute drive time. there's the look at the speeds and the topside, still the slowest spot and there's a live look at that delay on the harrisburg expressway. this is brought to you by value city furniture. you can always purchase value city furniture at a low price. another busy day at the state house as the lawmakers consider toughening laws for known sex offenders. >> reporter: don, five sex offender bills are debated now. the case of an 11-year-old allegedly murdered by a sex offender is fueling the laws and one asks for expertise from the advisory board and another wants lifetime supervision and
8:27 am
the third increases monitoring on the registry and all three are still debated and two others are in a committee. 2500 bills were introduced and so far, 46 passed. don, back to you. both the house and senate will be working on the operating budget for the next fiscal year. they're working out the differences now. and the republican lawmakers have asked for more spending cuts in the state's $13 billion budget. the session ends monday. the hands of time will be put back in place on south utah street downtown. the hour and minute hands were taken down to be repaired. it won't be a small feat, each ways 200 pounds. >> >> last night, the circus unloaded all of the animal stars for the upcoming show. they had dozens of horses and elephants.
8:28 am
it's tomorrow night at first mariner arena. and stay with us, ,, (announcer) the art of getting dirty the art of getting clean powerfully formulated wisk® is better on tough mud stains than tide total care. wisk®. powerfully clean. perfectly priced.
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8:30 am
♪ o canada. >> some stones to start off this half hour. >> we love it. and all these people are from canada. did you know we were so big in canada? >> had no idea. we have the rough riders with us take. >> and from new finland, the red jackets. and they're going to go head to head a little bit later. no. we'll see how that turns out. coming up, we have milk, lots of it. we'll taste five different kinds, everything from almond to hemp. there is such a thing. did you know that? >> i did not know that to be honest. i drink a lot of soy milk.
8:31 am
>> but there are a few people who are allergic to soy, so we have alternatives and we'll see how they compare taste wise, cost wise and nutrition wise. >> plus, we do know that a great pair of shoes can definitely work wonders, right? so we'll get the low done on high heels for this season. dave, you may be surprised, some of these may be your fancy. >> they're a little funkadelic. >> betty and i are so into shoes and the best thing ever is that we wear the same size. >> so my closet just got that much larger. >> awesome. >> and maybe in a few months i'll be back to being her same size otherwise, as well. >> do you wear the same dress size, as well? >> not now. >> well that, that's kind of co. and you can always borrow a suit
8:32 am
if you want. all right, everyone. get ready. it's time for the pork on pork competition, everyone. mike price -- everyone like pork? yeah. say it with me. i'll tell you, you stay pork and this crowd goes wild. let's try again. pork! >> wake up. come on. all right. mike price is here and he is going to whip up a feast for your family including his unique take on pork. >> any relation? >> no relation. that's the pork side of the family. >> you're definitely not on the pork side. >> mike price will whip up a great meal, but first, let's take a look at the we
8:33 am
well, it's going to be a real nice day here before not
8:34 am
too long. you're looking at the last bit of clouds and showers. taking a look at first warning doppler weather radar, it's reenforcing the shot of hot and humid air. it's 4 degrees warmer at bwi and tonight, 59 and clear, mild. tomorrow, back to the 80s. ,,& want to thank the 80s. ,,& our friends from nashville for saying hello to us on the plaza. and our fine friends from the u.s. marine corps. we thank you and salute you for your work on behalf of all of us. that's a quick look at your weather picture. how about a big hand for them. yeah, big hand for them. yeah, big hand for them. maggie, back inside to you. it's long been called moo juice, but a lot of the milk that we're seeing in stores has absolutely nothing to do with cows.
8:35 am
keri glassman is a contributor to women's health magazine and she's here to give us a tour of the ever expanding milk aisle. welcome back. let's start with the basic, the original, the moo juice. what are the basic nutritional numbers on this one? >> with milk, we'll have about -- depends if you're going from skim to whole. from 80 to 150 calories and 30% of your calcium needs which is really why so many people need to get their milk in. and all of this milk will have calcium. so they'll be fortified or some of them will have it naturally, but it's so important to get our calcium in because it may help prevent cancer, help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and help coal weight. >> would you say that the original is the best? >> there are many options out there and that's what i'm going to show you, that no matter what dietary preferences you have, there is a milk for you.
8:36 am
>> a lot of people drink soy milk. is it more fattening and what is the difference nutrition wise? >> depending upon if it's flavored or sweetened, the nutrition facts will vary. however, the generic sort of the plain unsweetened variety will be similar to low fat milk with 1.5 grams of fat and about 104 calories. and about 20% of your calcium needs. 50 million americans are lactose intolerant, so it's a great option for those people. and the research on soy various quite a bit, however, there is evidence that 25 grams of soy protein may help lower cholesterol. so a good option for those lactose intolerant people. >> but 1% of the population is allergic to soy, so is rice milk an alternative? >> an excellent option. about 113 calories and two grams of fat. this is all for a cup. and about 28% of your calcium needs. there is less protein, only about a gram, but it is still fortified with vitamins a and d
8:37 am
like many of these other. so a good option. >> i've never tasted rice milk. >> it's plain. try it. it's neutral. it has a mild taste. >> it's kind of sweet. >> it has a natural sweet taste. and that's the plain variety actually. >> almond milk. do you say we can make this ourselves at home? >> you can actually make any of these at home. >> well, you can milk the cow, we know that. >> soak the nuts. grind them. add water and you're making it at home. it's actually the least caloric of all of these. >> because nuts are so fattening. >> 40 calories and you'll also get 50% of your vitamin e needs which is another reason i happen to love almond milk. >> it's so thick looking it tastes exactly like almonds. >> so if you like nut, it's a great option. >> and let's go to hemp milk.
8:38 am
>> it's a distant relative to the hemp seed. there are people that alerric to tree nuts, soy and milk. so again it's another great option. and some brands have up to that 30% of calcium in it. there's also six grams of fat, but it comes from good fats frrks omega 3s which you'll find in salmon and walnuts. so it's a great way to get your omega 3s in. >> and a lot of calcium. >> because it's fortified, as well. >> this looks less than appetizing, but i'll try it. >> you don't like that one? >> that's always something you can throw into a shake or cereal. >> disfwiz guise it. >> exactly. >> i am a fan of chocolate milk and this is the only way that i can get my daughter to drink milk. is that bad? >> no, that it s rk, that is wh
8:39 am
to say. for those who refuse milk, it is a great option for those kids. it can't be a free for all because does have two times the at of sugar as regular milk, but it still has all the protein. all the calcium. so a great dessert or an option for kids that don't drink it and there's antioxidants. so some extra nutrition. >> and this one i will keep. thanks. keri glassman. and now let's go over to betty. as most women know, a great pair of high healed shoes can take an outfit from dra b to katrina szish is here for fun looks for our feet. i love me some shoes, so let's get started with this. some folks might call this the stripper style. >> believe it or not, these are the styles we're seeing on the runway. but the great thing about a lot of the runway shoes is that they also come in affordable
8:40 am
versions. we've got a great selection here. these are $42 from very lady gaga. these are by jessica simpson. a little more of the modified clog with the wooden heel. and you're getting that open toe cutout booty that's a big trend this season. those are about $80. >> and with the platform, they're easier to walk in. >> they're sturdier than you would expect. and these are the modified with the cork. those are about $140. and then this shoe proves that anything -- >> what is this? >> this is tell la is stella mc everything she does is vegan. >> is it as comfortable as a kurkenstock? >> except for the heel. it still hugs your feet. about $600. >> i would hope they're comfortable for 600 bucks. well, there's a lot of fashion
8:41 am
out there. we have models who are coming in. and one of them has to do with -- >> these are wow shoes. these are straight off the runway. they remind me a little bit of cousin it, which the adams family is opening on broadway in new york city this week. >> or they could just sweep the floor as you're walking along. >> but, again, what you want to do is not wear something that seems very cow girl. instead pair them with slick black leggings, a graphic top. keep it modern and really let the colors stand out. because the focus is on the shoe. >> and then we have this new style that's coming out. it's kind of a wedge. we dub it the wedgey. >> you can see it's cut on in the middle. they're the architectural heel. that's something that we've been seeing quite a lot.
8:42 am
and with the bright blue color and kind of the fun futuristic type of fabrics. and it really just makes a fun statement shoe. again, keep the lock simple by wearing an and i symmetrical easy t-shirt dress. keep the hair casual. you want to let the shoes do the talking. >> and you want to pop with color? >> absolutely. you don't w't want to be ma i matchy-match cany. >> these remind me of going a candy store. these are just one of those spectacular shoes that you mow we'll see something like it in the new "sex and the city" movie. you compaan pair this with jeand a white t-shirt. i also love a basic t-shirt dress. stick to the primary color.
8:43 am
>> you can go casual with all of that bling-bling on there? >> sometimes it's better to dress down and let that shoe stand out. otherwise it's too much. >> and then this next shoe, talk about ruffles. >> ruffles are one of my favorite friends this season. and these beautiful numbers are one of those shoes that, again, because they're skin color, they sort of elongate the leg and you're still not going to miss these should you, but pair them with a little black dress. this is more of an updated audrey he audr audrey hepburn look. >> are they actually comfortable? >> you don't even feel those. that's more of a strappy sandal with a platform. >> these next, you have to have the right mindset. >> if you look closely, when you put your weight on them, the
8:44 am
soles and the platform actually light up. you literally can light up the room. step back and forth a little bit for me. >> you can imagine that on the dance floor in. >> you get 100 hours of flow time, but then after that, you're just really robbing these gre rocking these great colors. >> 100 hours once you put them on in. >> to light up your world. >> so to way to recharge them? >> one and done. >> better make it count those 100 hours. >> absolutely. >> gorgeous shoes really. and some of them do look kind of comfortable. >> which you wouldn't believe. >> which is key for many of us. >> you can find them at all price point, but aren't they fooin fun? >> they are fabulous. thank you so much. and foresshoes, go to our websi.
8:45 am
those are great. thank you. have you ever thought of wrapping pork in more pork? yeah. that's just one of the innovative creations of mike price who is owner of manhattan's market table restaurant. and here to show us some of his favorite recipes, good morning, chef. welcome back. so before we get to the pork extravaganza, let's start with the side dish. >> we'll going to make orzo. it's arise shaped pasta, but made it n. to the shape of rice. it looks like rice and we'll finish it with rizotto like items, parmesan cheese. we'll toast the orzo in butter, which which give it iss it a nice nut flavor. and then we'll add a little bit
8:46 am
of diced onions. we'll cook that for a little bit. and then we'll add about two ups of chicken stock. the orzo will absorb all that and between steam and coming out and -- >> pure flavor. >> and we'll season that with a little bit of salt and pepper and bring to a nice boil. >> and this goes very well with the pork? >> we'll add olives and tomato, mediterranean flavors about glp so you're wrapping pork in pancetta? i like it already. >> it's a pork ten did tder loi it's pretty lean. we'll ahead back more fat. berkshire pork htender loin is also really good. >> you can show me how you wrap it? >> sure.
8:47 am
take the pancetta. >> that's italian bacon? >> that's correct. and just elongate that pancetta. it's nice to have it room temperature so it's pliable. and we'll put the pork right on top an thd then roll it around until it looks like that. >> you didn't seen it. >> not yet. the pancetta naturally has a lot of salt, so we'll go light on the salt and pepper. >> so after you wrap it, season it a little bit. >> salt and pepper. >> that's all it needs. >> it's really about the natural pork flavor. it will seer and be great. nice and crispy on the outside. a little bit of oil in the pan. hot skillet. >> let's listen for the magic
8:48 am
sound. so you get it nice and brown on both sides. do you put it in the oven? >> that's right. we'll toss that in the oven. what we have is one that's here. it's already ready coming out of the oven. >> how long do you put it in there? >> after you brown it on both sides, you're talking about another five or six minutes or so. it won't be too long. it's not a really, really thick cut of meat and we want to keep it a medium temperature. >> and here is the orzo? >> you can see most of the liquid is absorbed. we'll finish that with a little bit of -- >> you have the orzo in the oven, too in. >> it was in the oven. once it comes to the boil, you can toss tahat in the o. sveven >> it was in the oven. once it comes to the boil, you can toss that in the oven. >> a little parmesan cheese,
8:49 am
fresh tomato. >> let's taste it. this is what a finished plate looks like. >> finished plate right there. >> it's beautiful. and for dessert? >> we have a wonderful three berry and rhubarb crisp. >> did you use grape nuts? >> graup nuts like the cereal. bake it right on top of the berries and it's wonderful. >> thank you, chef. betty, care to partake? >> i am ready. anytime you say bacon and olive, i'm ready to go. >> we'll put all these recipes on the web. mike price, that is a thing of beauty. thank you so much. >> it smells delicious. >> we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:50 am
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8:52 am
we want to check back in with harry in west virginia. >> maggie, i'll tell you, this is one of those profoundly sad days around here. there's a kind of stowe a civil that goes with life in this part of aplatch cha, that it's about hard work and danger that's lived with day by day by day, but even at that, this is just one of those brutally horrible days for the people in this community. there is still a little bit of hope. there are four people unaccounted for. and they are drilling those holes even as we speak to try to get some oxygen down into those shafts so the recovery and rescue effort can resume maybe later tonight. >> all right, maharry, thank yo. we ask you at home to keep them in your thoughts. >> i'm sure we'll have more on that in the evening news. you'll be substituting for katie couric tonight.
8:53 am
>> that's right. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. have a great day. your local news is next.,,,, [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill, because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone, for just $69.99 a month for six months -- three top-rated services for one rock-bottom price. but don't wait, this is your last chance. fios gives you what cable doesn't: the best channel lineup and the most hd, facebook and twitter on your tv, plus america's top-rated internet.
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we're still dealing with clouds, but not all day. >> no, not at all, look at the first warning weather radar, this is breaking across the area and it's really pressing to the east and sun's coming out and forecast today will call for a warmer more humid day. yesterday was 84 and today, it's at 88. and it's going to be humid. tonight, just supply of 60 and thunderstorm, back in the 80s and a good round of sun and humid. >> in the news, more debate in annapolis as the advocates are trying to push for tougher laws against known sex offenders. >> reporter: don, five sex
8:56 am
offender bills are being debated now. the case of the 11-year-old girl allegedly murdered by a sex offender was fueling the laws. one wants lifetime supervision and one wants lifetime monitoring and they're all three being debated. and more than 2500 bills were introduced this session and so far, only 46 have passed. don, back to you. thank you, and lawmakers will be working on the state's operating budget for the next fiscal year and both sides will work out the differences between their versions. and republican lawmakers are asking for spending cuts. the police are investigating a fatal crash in north east baltimore. the fire department says that a vehicle crashed before midnight here and one is confirmed dead
8:57 am
and one was taken to john hopkins. and another is dead and another recovering after a bus accident overnight before midnight near the airport. and the fire department says that a bush crashed and killed a person. another was taken to shock trauma. the investigation will last into the morning. and the state budget is doing more collateral damage. this time for the chesapeake bay and the lawmakers are cutting the funds originally dedicated to cleaning up thest ware -- and the orioles are playing in florida tonight and they'll be back for friday's game. we'll bring you all of the action, tune in for the special pregame coverage at 2:00 and stick around for the first pitch after 3:00.
8:58 am
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