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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is wjzhd and baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. leave tonight with knowledge that the blows and the abuse it somehow ended yardly's life. >> reporter: searching for answers distraught students gather to honor a classmate from baltimore killed in her apartment. >> reporter: tonight new clues surrounding the murder are revealed as wjz -- the suspect's past. >> reporter: as investigators work to unraffle the murder of yardly love an emotional vigil as held tonight at
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charlottesville to honor the 22- year-old who was to graduate in just a few days. hundreds gathered at the campus amphitheater in honor of yardly love. the school's president urged them to -- the senior class president also addressed students, many who are shaken by the crime that has rocked the community. >> the violence goes against every value here at uva. this is a community of trust. what was done to yardly is the most he egregious violation of trust. >> reporter: a classmate, exboyfriend who is accused of killing her. >> reporter: michaelmike he
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willmike . >> reporter: published reports reveal police found a bloody t- shirt. they also found a letter he wrote to love and seized dna samples. police documents related to the case say hugly admitted smashing her head against a wall. in the moments before a vigil honoring love, university leaders spoke about the tragedy. they knew love as a star lacrosse player with a big heart. >> the condition of her body when the police entered the apartment is anything other than a constant image in our
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heads. and we all live with that. >> reporter: wjz is also learning more about a violent outburst between hugli and this police officer. >> he was really intoxicated that night due to the fact he didn't even know a woman had arrested him. he did not remember that at all. which i can't understand how you can't remember being tased. >> reporter: no one answered -- claims love's death was an accident but won't say why. investigators are still trying to figure out whether he threatened her before and whether he was drinking heavily. his next court appearance is in june. reporting from his hometown chevy chase. funeral information for love was released this evening. a viewing will take place
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friday evening. funeral services will be saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. former mayor sheila dixon is facing new controversy tonight. charged the city and taxpayers thousands of dollars to get her make up done. wjz is live. kelly has the break down. kelly. >> reporter: denise, what's shocking to the taxpayers who we spoke to is the total cost, but also that this money was being spent while the city was in a financial crisis. days before her tearful resignation. dixon was getting her make up professionally done and giving taxpayers the bill. >> there's a lot of other things in other areas that we could have used that money. >> reporter: public documents outline dozens of make up service appointments. at $350 were visit it totals
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more than $11,000. >> it's a heck of a lot more than i spends considering i haven't bought lipstick in more than two years. >> reporter: as the mayor was turning in receipts she was also furloughing city workers in order to deal with a $221 million -- as she had a professional do her makeup. we have learned the woman she paid all that money to also did makeup for major movies. >> i don't know why there aren't any safeguards on spends tours. isn't somebody watching? >> reporter: there are plenty of dixon fans who are willing to forgive and forget. >> i really like her and i feel like she got a bad rap. >> what are you going to do?
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bring her back? hopefully we will learn from it. >> reporter: according to her spokesperson the current mayor has never and will never charge hair or makeup services to the city. reporting live, kelly. all right, thank you very much, kelly. because of continuing budget issues, blake has also taken away funding for tv25. -- is coming underfire again. prosecutors are asking that the bribery charges be reinstated. a judge threw them out last year year. holten is accused of. the officers are accused of
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kidnapping fro teenagers and dropping one of them at howard county park without shoes or cell phones. all 3 are suspended without pay. did he act alone? that is what federal investigators are still trying to figure out. as the man accused of trying to blow up a car. >> reporter: this picture of a smiling -- shows the terror suspect with friends and family. officials are releasing new information about his alleged plot to detonate a car bomb. cbs has learned the suspect's reaction. the door had closed with federal authorities ordered it open and walked to his seat. sources say he was matter of fact when they approached saying, what took you so long.
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>> they said, you have to come with us, sir and he was escorted off the plane with three officials. >> reporter: say he has not stopped talking. >> he's continued to give us information. >> reporter: he has waived his right to an appearance in federal court. the pakistani -- he came to this pennsylvania store to buy fireworks, part of the crude bomb. security surveillance show him buying. >> the only thing he remembered about him is for some reason he spent an inordinate amount of time at the check out register. >> he was on the no fly list was -- was working from an
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outdated list. now will require to checklists every 2 hours. the 30-year-old who said he was trained in pakistan is the son of a retired pakistani air force official. tonight 13 countries in the united nations are offering to help with the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. say the real threat is at the bottom of the ocean where bacteria and plankton are likely eating the oil. it is getting closer to the site and could be in place by this weekend. your water and sewer bills may be in for a dramatic spike. due to all the water main breaks we've been seeing. explains how much more you may be paying and who is affected. chi. >> reporter: that's right, the bureau of water says the increase in your water and sewer bills are necessary to
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pay for your water bills. but many say they can't afford any more hikes. a deep winter freeze may have customers digging deep in their pockets. >> we have to start replacing infrastructure. >> reporter: that will take time and cost money, lots of it. to come up with the money is city is proposing a 9% increase in water bills. would cost a family of $481 a year. >> a penny. >> reporter: in addition to upgrading the infrastructure, improvements which are also necessary for homeland security. zachariah says any rate hikes could force him to close. he showed us his recent water
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bills and said they are already sky high. >> we are a small establishment. we can't afford it. taxes are. >> we don't forget the burden this presents for some folks that can't afford increases. >> reporter: the bureau of water and waste water says it's cutting overtime and also seeking federal grants to pay for some of these improvements. >> reporter: the department of public works asked to hold a hearing on the rate increase next month. revelers have a celebration for cinco de mayo. people who were enjoying the food, the outmanned -- i'll bet you very few of those people
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knew that fact. >> reporter: and don't care. >> reporter: and don't care. >> reporter: crews work to save the lives of college students from a fast moving creek. >> reporter: unusual police pursuits trying to make a get away. it is all caught on tape. >> mother's day weekend is fast approaching. i'm bob -- i'll have a complete weather forecast coming up next. ,,
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11:15 pm! i know. we're only on one website. you want to fly all over. you don't want to browse all over. [ all ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] it is 69 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. college students teamed to swim in a fast moving creek on a dare. they became trapped. emergency crews were able to pull the two men and woman to safety. none suffered any serious injury. a dramatic confrontation between a driver and police officer was caught on tape. tried to flee by running along
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a river bank. he made a move to get what looked like a gun. the officer quickly tasered the man, dropping him to the ground. the gun was a fake. the suspect is in jail. >> reporter: riots mobs in grease leave three people dead. protesters are outraged over the government's handling of the financial crisis. taxes have been raised in order to pull out from a crippling debt. a 64-year-old man survives after getting struck by an amtrak train today. police say he was found in a ravine 150 feet from the point of impact. the man was conscious. the train was traveling from washington to chicago. stopping drunk drivers before they get behind the wheel seems very hard to do but there is a device that can help
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stop them. the ignition enter lock device and the fight over who should get one in maryland. >> reporter: a deadly threat looms on maryland roads, repeat drunk drivers who keep getting behind the wheel. in johns hopkins, is killed by a man caught driving drunk 8 times before. alisa killed, again a repeat drunk driver is to blame. >> we kind of are left to pick up p pieces. >> reporter: and another remit drunk driver just couldn't stop until her last ride ended in tragedy. she smashed into a fence, rolled her car and flew through the windshield. >> you actually are pretty lucky to be alive. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: she is just one of
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25,000 people who get caught driving drunk. say the ignition enter lock device would stop people. >> the embarrassment of having to -- to that thing, start that car would have cured me. >> reporter: this small device could stop potential drunk drivers from killing other people, themselves or injuring themselves. if alcohol is detected the car won't start. >> this could have saved my daughter's life, you know. >> reporter: the mother of 18- year-old alisa sal en tan oh says the man who killed her daughter would not have been driving drunk if his car had an interlock device. give first time offenders, see a -- cuts repeat offenses by
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nearly 2/3. so why didn't maryland pass ignition interlock for first time offenders. no one could agree on how drunk someone should be to get one. the beverage industry argues that if they are effective they shouldn't be forced on all drunk drivers. >> there's no reason maryland can't eliminate drunk driving. we're not ones to give up, so we will be back. >> reporter: judy says she's living proof first offenders must be stopped. >> if i had had the interlock maybe i wouldn't be like this. >> reporter: says between 6 and 800 fatal accidents would be prevented if interlock devices were required for first time offenders. the jfk bridge is shut down
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as police investigate a possible abandoned vehicle that smelled of gas. this is a live picture of the scene right now. we'll have more on the wjz morning addition. the baltimore ravens announced a new playing field today. it's considered safer for players and the new fibers are supposed to hold their color and look even more brilliant on television. the first eventually be the lacrosse championships over labor day weekend. >> let's take a look at cay -- this was an absolutely beautiful day. 69 degrees, no wind. the dewpoint has come up from earlier. 62, chilly at ocean city. 58 out in oakland and 75 still
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in hagueers county. earlier today our dewpoints were in the 40s with sunshine, flu skies. it was -- blue skies. now tomorrow it will shift around to the west and they will be picking up. you have got a funnel system that's going to cross the region. there you see it this afternoon. across to chicago. further west a stronger system with snow. eastern washington and montana this morning. that's pretty much moving to the east and the southeast and it's womaning up. this first system going through buffalo, cleveland, approaching pittsburgh and it will be in our neighborhood probably between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning and then will pass off to the -- right now most of the activity is about columbus ohio northeast up through the great lakes. with some pretty heavy showers up here. down here it's pretty weak and
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as it crossed the mountains it will get even weaker. so we really don't expect a whole lot out of this. relatively mild. tomorrow nice day. friday night, another front will cross the region and that will give us another chance of a scattered thundershower. drier conditions for saturday afternoon. sunday a lot of sun but temperatures holding only in the low 60s. west wins in the bay picking up at high as 25. bay temp around 65. milder than last night. we were down to 50. 58 tomorrow morning. may be an isolated shower. the high near 83 degrees. the next 5 days turning breezy and a chance of a scattered
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shower. that's all for sunday and sunshine again, 66 on monday, denise. thank you, bob. coming up the orioles are desperate. desperate. and a towe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] what is performance?
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orioles president has founded a warning that the players that aren't producing could face a demotion. and with that they went out and lost their third. nolen ryan was one of many hitters stuck in a slump. the os did has 4 times today. an the gloves weren't to hot either. two out, deep fly center field. lou was there to make the catch but he didn't make the catch.
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another frustrating loss 7-5 the final in new york. the os will play at minnesota tomorrow. college lacrosse, the tigers making on massachusetts in the -- leads to a u mass take over. he shoots and scores and makes short work of the minute men. that puts the tigers in the league game. the horse that finished 2nd in the kentucky derby is passing and won't run empty preakness. says the 2 week turnaround is too short for his horse. the winner still expected to run here one week from saturday here in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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high school students were the emcee. katy was on hand to present the service awards. s recognized for a video they made,,,,
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