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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  May 17, 2010 4:06pm-4:26pm EDT

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investigation but it began in the home's living room. the children all went to northeast elementary school. one was in pre-k, another in kindergarten and the third in first grade. a critical link between pesticide and attention deficit in children. reporter: the pesticide may be used to adhd to make it hard for children to know dos and learn. 84% of the children in the
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study showed evidence of pesticides in their urine. they can't say there's a defendant -- definite link, but they are susceptible to chemicals. >> their brains are developing and continue to develop into their 20s. >> they may have eaten food or breathed it in the air or swallowed it in their drinking water. strawberries and blueberries have more residue than other foods. in l.a., wjz eyewitness news. >> add affects 4 1/2 million children. two years after a sexual assault near a popular ocean city club, police file criminal charges. more on the arrest on the memorial day attack. reporter: police say that dna evidence links a florida man to the attack of a pennsylvania woman. we aired this video, witnesses
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tried to stop the man but he ran for beach and jumped in the ocean and found semiconscious where he attacked two more people before running away. that man is a 23-year-old, he is charged with rape, assault and kidnapping. >> he is serving time in a florida prison for a burglary. a man rescued from a rocky cliff side after falling near 40 feet. they hoisted the man from dan's mountain on sunday. he was taken to the trauma center in come cumberland. let's check in with sharon gibala in traffic control. reporter: good afternoon, the sprinkles are not helping. we have plenty of accidents, 895 northbound approaching lam bard street. too many to mention. as
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far as jams go, 95 northbound slow between 198 and 32. an average speed of 23 miles per hour. there's your speeds. there's the west side, everything looking good at baltimore national pike. no delays on 95 at the beltway. there's the northwest side, the traffic report brought to you by subway. subway, eat fresh. thank you. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news today at 4:00, important recall, a popular toy blamed in the death of a ten-year-old
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boy. homeward bound, the sole survivor of a plane crash makes his way home. find your umbrella, going to need it for a while. the updated forecast is coming up. complete coverage continues with kye jackson and meteorologist bernadette woods and ,, ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] using frontline plus
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dozens of hotel guests scramble to safety after a man starts a fire inside his room. it destroy the america's best value in south austin texas. the man called 9-1-1 and said he lit his bedding on fire. the building suffered more than $1 million in damage. a florida mother will remain in jail after a serious car crash that sends her
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children flying over an 18-foot wall. they were in regular seat belts instead of car seats. the impact ejected the 18 month old boy and he flew into a backyard. luckily he survived. the other child suffered scratches. the sole survivor of a plane crash returns home. he will recover without his parents and brother among the people that died. reporter: rubin will be coming home to a town still in shock where a book of condolences
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have been open for those who knew the friends and neighbors. his brother and parents all died in the crash. they ask that the world now opt
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his privacy. everyone wait a minutes to -- wants to know what is going to happen, but please leave him in peace. >> rubin's father was keeping a blog about their holiday. they're getting are to welcome him back. we're hoping he will come back soon says the principal and we'll all take care of him and organize professional support to help him cope with his sorrow. as he continues to recover, the grim work of identifying the bodies of the airfield in libya goes on and aviation experts looking at the plane's black box to determine the cause of the crash. rubin is going home to a loving and supportive community, but it's not clear who is going the look after him full-time. >> in an interview, the boy says he remembers nothing about the crash. they found him still buckled into his seat. a bit of a -- wild start on wall street. it was down by noon and rose. let's go to new york where we have the cbs money watch update. reporter: a profit for the first time in almost three years. gm says booming demand for new models helped to earn $865 million in the first quarter. ceo predicts that the company will continue to be profitable through the end of the year. the government still owns 60% of gm. three of the biggest airports have re-opened for business after being closed for part of the weekend. a volcano in iceland that
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erupted last month continues to spew ash. the airport still expects flight delays and cancellations. youtube getting 2 billion down loads per day. you tip -- the most popular down load is lady gaga's bad romance video with two million hits. his fans know him as fearless felix and now he's going to a new level from the top of the famous statue, felix completed the shorting drop in
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base jumping history. he's completed 2000 dangerous stunts. in 2003 he rocketed across the english channel using a set of especially designed carbon wings. i don't remember it, but more power to him. >> it look like something out of james bond. the wings, looks cool. would like to try it, but no. still ahead, new pictures of the fire in the cockpit forcing an emergency landing at an airport. reporter: dozens of unemployed marylanders hoping today is the marylanders hoping today is the day they f,,,,,,male announcer ]
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