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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's the top of the hour and it's practically sunrise. it is right behind those trees. it is a dynamite day start. sharon has some accidents to relay and marty has first morning weather. >> it's going to be a sunny day. if you liked yesterday you will like today. we're in the upper 50s now. this evening 80, just beautiful. >> here is sharon with traffic. >> a new issue to report, apparently a vehicle fire where the car was still moving while it was on fire. that is reported to be on northbound route 32 at listen deny church road. an accident in pasadena is clear on mountain road, but we have activity at ocean avenue. otherwise everything running smoothly. sun glare could be your biggest
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factor. the belt way running at full speed right now on the top and the west sides. for traffic information any time go to our website. >> thank you very much. here's what people are talking about this morning, the 18 month old girl in south baltimore who tested positive for gonorrhea. police are confirming they continue to hold a person of interest in the case. good morning andrea. >> reporter: good morning. baltimore police are not yet calling this 21-year-old man a suspect yet, but from day one the girl's mother has insisted he is the one who raped her daughter. baltimore city police confirm they are questioning a man about how the 18 month old girl became infected with gonorrhea. the toddler's mother says the man was a trusted family friend and she is sure he abused her daughter. >> i went to run an earned, you know, and i expected when i came
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back that my children would not be physically, sexually, emotionally abused in any way. i don't want nobody miss con stug i'm a young mother that left my child with anybody. >> reporter: police have been stepping up their investigation as the case makes national headlines. >> it's devastate pg what happened to this little girl. >> these cases are difficult, because we need a lot of forensic evidence in order to move forward of the our guys are working fast to try to get that evidence. >> reporter: police are holding the 21-year-old man on a probation violation. which the baltimore sun reports was for a manslaughter conviction in 2007. the baby's father spoke to wjz last week. >> we're still hanging in there, strong parents like we should be, but the this is going to get handled one way or another before i get him or the cops get
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him. >> reporter: police are not identifying this man who they are questioning, but the mother insists that he is the one she left alone with her daughter. back to you. thank you very much. more than 800 children were reported abused last year in baltimore city, their average age eight years old. the west baltimore man abducted at gun point from his home has been found shot to death in a van yesterday. it is likely the same van witnesses saw him forced into when he was and dunthd. police are still looking for those responsible. parents and children are urged to be on the lookout for a suspicious man seen approaching students yesterday. police say a man tried to lure a girl from baits middle school, another girl told police a man grabbed her arm, but she managed to get away. hundreds of jobs at j.p. morgan chase appear to be heading for the chopping block. they are closing their credit
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card center in frederick at the end of the year. they are said to be apart of a larger plan to increase efficiency with the company. during a tour of an elementary school the other day first lady michelle obama found herself talking immigration reform with a second grader here in maryland. the girl more or less admitted her mother was in the country illegally. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama intended to talk about healthy living with maryland students, but instead an eight-year-old girl sparked a political debate. >> reporter: there 500,000 immigrants of maryland of which
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casa estimates 200,000 are illegals. but this woman says in her community it's the majority. she says we need a chance, an opportunity, because we need to better ourselves for our children, our community, our country too. the department of homeland security will not be using the q and a session that happened here at this school as justification to go after the little girl's mother. the woman will not be deported. >> she's very concerned, very afraid about this. she never expect that the little one is going to say that in front of, you know, the cameras and in front of our first lady. it was like something unbelievable. >> reporter: casa is working with the girl's mother whose identity is not being released and says nothing can change her status. >> it's impossible. i mean the only person who can make the difference is the president. >> reporter: this community hopes he's listening as the entire country argues over a new arizona law that allows cops to ask immigrants for their papers. >> i think they should be options for people who want to
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come to this country, because there are not too many. >> do what you need to do to stop people from coming in. but this country does president go anywhere without its spanish community, nobody else is going to do their job. >> reporter: we know the woman has several children and that's what this case brings up, a big concern in the community that when a parent is deported the children are left behind to be taken care of by the state. that arizona immigration law does not go into effect until the end of july. some maryland lawmakers have been considering similar legislation for here. the way wall street does business will be different in the near future. the senate passed a sweeping financial overhaul bill. the bill calls for new monitoring programs to watch for risky financial practices. they must be reconciled with a version already passed by the house. the dow plunged more than 366 points yesterday. the biggest one day drop in more
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than a year. the s&p and nasdaq were also down nearly 4% yesterday. analysts blame growing cone certain over europe's crisis for the selloff. the major european markets are still mixed at it hour. the federal government is ordering bp to come up with a better way to clean the oil spill mountain gulf of mexico, wanting them to use less toxic chemicals. the company admits the blown-out well is gushing more than 210,000 gallons of crude a day into the gulf, significantly more than the original estimate. wildlife groups say they have rescued several animals covered in oil including a big see turtle. >> it irritates their skin, eyes, can give them ulcers in their eyes as well, ulcers on their skin. this guy quite obviously had ingested it because it was in his mouth. wildlife groups say the oil
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in the gulf is disrupting that species mating cycle. after years of pro claiming his innocence floyd landis admits to using steroids. he says he and lance armstrong both used steroids. he said they received blood transfusions in order to pass tests afterwards. armstrong denies the accusation and says landis has no credibility. the orioles find themselves on the wrong end of a heavy hitting display in texas. the orioles fall behind by four in the first inning, then lose 13-7. they will be in the nation's capital tonight. things are looking up overall, at least that's the word from the dali lamb an in new york yesterday. he said he believes the world is improving. the religious leader says he is optimistic about the future of humanity after seeing the outpouring of support following
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the destruction in haiti. >> glad to see somebody has a positive outlook on things. that's a nice change of pace. let's look at the forecast for today. sunshine in the area, going for a high of 83. upper 50s now, just a super day. we have folks with us who have a great outlook on life and for good reason. ron is joined by dick geld man, we are talking about the ride, take away pal. >> we're live at the harley davidson store in rosedale, a huge event coming up here sunday. you look particularly good today. >> thank you very much. we have the saints in the house. they will be here sunday too. when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on.
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marty has the first morning weather. >> slight breeze from the west southwest, barometer 30.11. temperatures as follows. just got a few high clouds in the region. we have a big slug of moisture to the west, which is being blocked by the rain. here's a bit of a block in the atmosphere, hence a station noer front, a dividing line between two air masses is not moving. once it gets a little steam behind it it will move through the region. the rain will probably get in
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here saturday night through parts of sunday. the weekend will have a decidedly gray flavor. i hate to say that. 83 degrees will be the high. 58, clouds increase tonight, tomorrow a mixture of clouds and sun, high temperature 746789 there will be more sun earlier than later. we may not have a sunset tomorrow night. by late tomorrow afternoon 40% chance of showers. cumberland has an 80% chance of showers. it depends how quick the action gets through the region. pretty sure monday, tuesday and wednesday we will have clear skies. thank you very much. if you're driving someplace this morning here's sharon. >> good morning everyone. just a few problems out there that could slow you down. first of all that vehicle fire still on the shoulder at lyndon
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church road. also an accident blocking route 408 at route 4. otherwise on the main roads everything looking good. 895 running smoothly in and out of the harbor tunnel. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer where you can find quality cars and trucks. back over to you. we're talking about dick geld man's ride across maryland and a party on sunday. >> good morning, happy friday. sunday, sunday right here at the harley davidson store, rosedale. a huge preregistration party for dick geld man's ride across maryland. good morning everybody, thanks for coming out. good to see you. >> it's always good to see you. the promo for the ride is real important for us.
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there will be a ton of people here. you're going to come. >> sunday, 11 to 2. >> you are looking particularly good. he has his rider vest on, the harley davidson hat. people can come here 11 to 2, register for the ride across maryland. have hot dogs, hamburgers, enjoy, and we get a portion of the proceeds. everything we can do to raise money for this is important. >> people are registering now. >> go on line, ride across even if you don't rise people can go on line and donate, hit the button that says donate. also if you don't ride a bike, we get more and more cars joining us every year, because people want to come down and have a good time with some of the best folks there are. there's no better folks than bikers. >> how much money have you raced in nine years with the ride
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across maryland? >> listen to this everybody, we have given away 1.7 million, which is an amazing amount of money. >> with a little luck we will hit the $2 million mark this year. >> if we don't i'm taking it out of your paycheck, we have to do that. >> you will make up the difference. but we need the folks to do it. >> i want to bring don and tina over from the store here. you are going to host the event sunday at 11:00. >> got everything going on, we have saints going on, come on over here. a lot of teams will come up, team outback is coming up. if you don't know what team you want to play with, come on up, we will put you on a team to ride with sunday. >> pray for good weather other sunday. >> we will keep our fingers crossed. >> we have team outback here. marty, come over.
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team outback, outback steakhouse. how many riders do you have registered so far? >> right now we have 194. we have a long way to go to hit our 300. if you're out there come and sign up for ride across maryland. >> what year will this be for you? >> this will be the 5th year. >> thanks marty. the mob town saints by the way are may yard's van. our friend maynard, i like this. [ music ]. they will be here sunday by the way. >> it's wonderful hearing them, but we have the web page up. on the left-hand side here's what dick was talking about, you click make a donation and the
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form will come up. and now you're part of the ride whether you're with us or not. so i just wanted to show that, it's real simple. home page, left-hand side, make a donation, let's rock the world. >> sunday right here, sunday 11:00, be here, bring a little bit of money too, it will help. >> by the way, i know we have to run, dick is a cover boy sort of on born to ride magazine. >> the orioles turned to me. >> listen to this. >> i still love them, they have turned to me, i'm throwing out the first pitch wednesday night and i know that that is going to turn the tide of the o's. from that point forward baby, we win. >> that always happens when i pitch, usually because nothing happens, but i know we're going to win. >> all right. the headline wednesday night, dick cranks it up in baltimore. >> that's right, you got it man, we're going to win.
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>> thank you. >> mob town saints, team outback, thank you all. have a great weekend, see you sunday. >> there's the page. joining dick this year, help them emcee the festivities down in ocean city. it will be a lot of fun. so there it is, make a donation, call it a day. >> yeah, coming up next on our morning edition. >> we are on a farm in carroll county where coyotes have been attacking one farmers livestock. that's's,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a growing problem in carroll county livestock is disappearing from farms. it's happening in the area around union mills, where coyotes which aren't typically found in maryland may be to blame. >> reporter: on this farm in union mills john chambers has an unwelcome guest. >> if it eats like a coyote, runs like a koit, i think it's a koit. >> he said 12 lambs were killed by coyotes in the past year. there have been several other reports of attacks on farms. like his neighbors, chambers livestock is his livelihood.
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lambs killed by the coyote could cost him as much as $10,000 this quarter. >> in short order we would be out of business if we don't get some sort of control of the situation. >> reporter: not to mention bills to care for one lamb who survived the attack. a coyote may weigh about 35 pounds, it's unlikely they would go after a larger animal like a lamb. it's very likely that they are attacking in packs. >> it's fairly rare for koits to impact livestock. >> reporter: peter jane is with the department of natural resource. >> we are trying to protect people's livestock. >> there are increasing numbers of people here who have purchased the small farm with the hopes of raising animals. >> reporter: until there's a solution chambers said he's keeping a close eye on his lambs. >> the coyotes will without question nail these things and
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take them away. >> reporter: while we are here at the farm some local hunters came offering to do their part to get rid of the coyote problem. coyotes were first spotted in maryland about 30 years ago. it is currently legal to hunt them in carroll county. yet to come on our morning edition. >> retailers came out strongly against the beverage tax. it appears that pressure worked. the question now is can they come up with enough additional revenue to make up for what the beverage tax would have generated. a majority of city council members say they will not support the soda tax. it would have generated $10 million. after three weeks police are now questioning a man about how a toddler got an std. that story is just ahead.
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>> so far so good on area roadways, just minor delay, we will talk about that in just a few. let's send it over to marty. >> coming up, the reason we are having calvin come on. calvin does serious work, he just did a disk covering some bobby would mack that will blow your sox off. >> the great bobby would mack. >> the great bobby womack. [ music ]. troubleshooting runs on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. with our new iced dark roast coffee. grab a delicious cup today.
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america runs on dunkin'.
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socks off. >> the great bobby womack. >> the great bobby womack. [ music ]. we're looking live at the space shuttle atlantis connected to the international space station this morning. the third space walk of this mission is about to take place.
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look at the blue water of the earth behind there. sharon has traffic problems. marty has first morning weather. >> it's being done in a warehouse in arizona, they're faking it. i buy into that, don't you. the strange thing is some do. >> yeah. >> about 200 miles south of that picture it's a beautiful day. we're talking about 81 degrees. upper 50s now. just gorgeous, dinnertime, friday evening, take it away. >> how about the rush, here is sharon. >> good morning everyone. not too much to worry about at this early hour, just one accident. that will be blocking lanes of route 408 at route 4. med vac is on the scene there. there's a live look at 95 at
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395, no delays there. sun glare could be a factor on 95 at the belt way. there's a look at the west side, still wide open. this traffic rot is brought to you by your toyota dealer where you can find quality cars and trucks. the top of the news this half hour, a fight underway at city hall over a number of proposed taxes and new fees. in the balance hangs vital city services which could be cut. >> reporter: fire and police could be gutted with units gone and big layoffs. that's what the state and city leaders fight over the best ways to close a multi million dollars budget gap. high to a billboard tax. and low to more and new parking fees, to a licensing fee on video poker machines, to raising the tax on utility bills, permit fees on big trucks and hospital
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and dorm beds. new taxes and fees will affect just about everyone in baltimore, including those commuting to and visiting the city. >> they have to come up with some solutions i guess. i'd rather have this than our property taxes going up yet again. >> reporter: in a surprise move a majority of city council members said a 4 cent tax on most bottle beverages down the drain. a tax the mayor pushed hard. >> they say they're interested in making sure the revenue is there so we can save services, that's what i'm interested in. how we get there is negotiable. >> reporter: the deadline to balance the budget is weeks away. with the politics and debate surrounding it taking on more urgency, hears took up much of the day. with baltimore's future on the line. >> we're in a jam. we need to raise at least 41, 42
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million dollars just for basic public safety, recreation and solid waste. >> reporter: the mayor left open the possibility of resurrecting that bev ranch tax because they haven't found enough money to replace it, so it's not a hundred percent dead yet. the city's share of the fire and police pension system is also being negotiated at this point. right now it appears they are on the hook for $64 million. overnight we learned a candidate for county executive died. steven wright was killed last night when his car went off the road in bellaire, then hit the utility pole. the sheriff's office says it does not appear he was wearing his seat belt. it appears speed was not a factor in the crash. a call for help this morning from cecil county where three children were killed in a town house fire over the weekend.
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the family is asking for the pup's help in paying for their funerals. the doctor is in a medically induced coma for treatment for burns and doctors say she won't be out of the hospital for the funerals on tuesday. >> she has a rong road ahead of her and she needs more than anything family and friends there to support her. >> there's a fund raider at a farm in northeast set for this sunday. for more information on how you can help go to our website. who gave an 18 month old a sexually transmitted disease. it's the question police hope to answer as they continue to talk to a person of interest in the case. andrea is live outside city police headquarters. good morning once again andrea. >> good morning. the 21-year-old man who police are now questioning was convicted of manslaughter some three years ago. the mother of the girl in question says he is the one who
6:36 am
raped her daughter. they are questioning a man about how the 128 month old girl became infected with gonorrhea. the toddler's mother says the man was a trusted family friend and she is sure he abused her daughter. >> which went to run an earned, i expected when i came back my children would not be spiritually, sexually, emotionally abused in any way. i don't want nobody misconstruing i'm a young mother and i left my child with anybody, no. >> reporter: the abuse happened more than three weeks ago and police have been stepping up their investigation as the case makes national headlines. >> it's devastating what's happened to this little girl. >> reporter: the mother wants police to make an arrest, but officers say this type of investigation takes time. >> these cases are difficult, because we need a lot of forensic evidence in order to move forward of the our guys are working fast to try to get the evidence. >> reporter: police are holding
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the 21-year-old man on a probation violation which the baltimore sun reports was for a manslaughter conviction in 2007. the baby's father spoke to us last week. >> we're still hanging in there, strong parents, like we should be, but the matter, it's going to get handled one way or another before i get him or the cops get him. >> reporter: the girl's mother says this man was also watching her three other children at the same time. they were unharmed. thank you very much andrea. the girl first tested positive for the std at the hospital, then again at the baltimore child abuse center. maryland lawmakers want to keep everybody in the loop the next time a police officer is seriously injured or killed. a blue alert system will notify the public when an officer has been injured and distribute any relevant information. some history at the baltimore sun as the tribune
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company named its first woman editor. mary cory will oversee the sun's print and digital content. she's been at the paper since 1987. she wrote her first article three years before being hired after the colts left town. cory replaces monty cook who left back in march. it was another struggle for the orioles last night, but this time it's not the bats that are to blame. the or yolgs lose 13-7. they try their luck with the washington nationals tonight. you're looking at what will be the future of the nba, the predraft workouts are underway in chicago. it's a chance for the top college players to show off their skills.
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>> very good. let's although at first warning doppler weather radar. we have a beautiful day. we have moisture sitting just out to the west that ultimately to going to play into our weekend. i'll show you what's happening. there's a blocking high sitting up to our north and east. we have moisture sitting off to the south and west. we're kind of stuck in between. so today generally sunny skies, high temperature right around 83 degrees. calvin richards is performing at the lear i can theater the next couple days. calvin, i think he's on to a huge hit. he's done a cover of bobby
6:40 am
womack songs. a truly fine performer. he joins us coming up. we are taking a break and coming right back. >> first warning weather and more, cal take us to the break, we will be right back. as part of our continuing community commitment we are a proud sponsor of sunday's maryland half marathon. for more information call the number right there on your screen or go to maryland half ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> 59 degrees right now. barometer now at 30.11. it's a mild morning. temperatures as follows. here's this moisture to the west. we have a blocking high that will be breaking down over the next couple days. there's a few high clouds in the
6:44 am
area right now. as the high weak ends it will allow the moisture over the ohio value to move into the weekend. an 80% chance of showers out in cumberland. this end saturday night, into sunday that moisture will come and get on shore. the question is how quick does that happen, can we salvage late sunday afternoon. tomorrow mixture of clouds and sun, mid-70s as the high. tomorrow night and into sunday there will be showers around. i'm not sure sunday will be a totally gray and damp day, but it will be decidedly, well the forecast is going to diminish over the weekend, that's the best way to describe it, 726789 by monday sun comes back out, tuesday and wednesday sunny, look what happens midweek. three shy of 90 leading up to memorial day. >> it's now quarter till 7. here's shirn in traffic control. >> i'm happy to say there's not much out there that will show
6:45 am
you down at this hour. just a minor delay on 95 from just approaching the belt way. there's a look at drive times and speeds around the belt way. just a very slight delay on the west side outer loop. there is a live look at the west side at liberty road. a look at the northwest side. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota buy right the first time, you will save more in the long run. >> look at this, calvin is in town. today at 8, tomorrow at 3, tomorrow at 8, and then sunday at 5. calvin making a way down at the
6:46 am
lear i can. he's a big r and b singer. he stood next to that grammy banner, just put out a disk covering a rock and roll hall of famer, bobby womack's greatest work. it's a really good disk. he's a really good guy, check this out. [ music ]. it's great to have you here, man. >> it's better to be here. >> every picture you will see me with a hat on. >> you're a singer, you have to maintain an image. >> that's right. >> why did you first start wearing a hat. there's a reason i'm going here. >> well, the reason i first started wearing, why did i first start wearing. >> when you were performing.
6:47 am
>> i don't know, i just always wore a hat. i don't have a reason for that. >> i'll tell you why, a cdc, he always wears a hat, he has so much hair, he breaks such an enormous sweat, the hat is basically a sweat band. >> that makes sense. >> then he also mentioned it's less disturbing after two hours on stage, it throws a little stad owe over your eyes. you can knock out the lights. i was just curious. >> hopefully nobody is watching this morning, i'm going to start using that for my excuse for wearing a hat. >> you know what i would tell them, i would say because i look good in it. there are certain reasons you do everything, because i look good in it. let's talk about bobby womack.
6:48 am
why did you have mixed feelings. >> only because bobby womack is such a great artist. how do you make great better. you know, i was just a little apprehensive, because i know a lot of his fans, they were going to be overcritical. i've always been a huge fan, i grew up on the music. >> i think bobby is underappreciated. >> i think so. last year he got inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame after all these years making good music. he felt like me doing his songs introduces to a much younger artist. >> you changed the songs a little bit. >> i didn't change it, i just made it a little -- put my -->> you have to. it's called a faithful cover when you do it exact. >> right. >> how did you give it a little bit of you. >> only because i put out a few albums myself, i have my own style, it's similar to bobby's.
6:49 am
i didn't go away from it musically, i just have a different way of saying things. >> i understand. when bobby womack went in the rock and roll hall of fame, i was looking at his works. i started out in radio a lot of the 70s, you start looking it was one hit after another hit after another hit after another hit. in the same era as curtis mayfield. curtis was doing some edgey stuff. bobby was very smooth. don't you agree. >> i totally agree. >> i just think, i'm glad he got his due. i think because he didn't come up and smack people in the face that he was underappreciated. >> yeah, i totally agree. i still think even after being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame he is still unappreciated. a lot of people just don't know about it.
6:50 am
>> they do now. >> a lot more do now. >> when did you put this together, how long ago? >> i just did it last year. >> are you working on next year's effort? >> no, i'm working on this year's effort. sibs i came back after being off like five years, 2008 every year since then i've been putting out an album. that was my second one after coming back. >> we had jonathan butler in the other day, the one thing that always impresses me about authors and musicians you are just under a deadline. >> always. >> they expect it, you're doing independent stuff, doing it yourself, getting it out there, the deadline pressure is enormous. >> it is.
6:51 am
i mean, we put pressure on ourselves. we have high expectations from our followers and our fans. it's always good to be able to rise to the occasion and meet the demand. >> always good, you know, what, always good, but it's like why do we do what we do. >> that's right. >> on the video we ran it was obviously in a club. >> yes. >> is the album live or studio. >> we recorded in the studio. but it's not a live performance in front of an audience. >> i can't hear myself applaud. >> no no. not at all. >> good luck calvin. >> thank you. >> it's a good thing, young guy, young hip guy bringing bobby womack back, that's all good. we have got to go ahead and swing into a break. thank you so much for being here, we will see you here in a couple months. do you ever go into a gem or do those arms come naturally? >> they come naturally. >> that's what i thought. >> we're taking a break, we will
6:52 am
be back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition. [ music ]. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here come updates from sharon and marty. >> bafl day, fine afternoon, loving evening. let's look at the forecast calling for a high temperature. right around 83 degrees. dinnertime call it 80. let's go over to sharon. good morning, how are you. >> good morning everyone. it is a good morning on area roadways, not very much to get in your way.
6:55 am
just minor delay on 95 southbound approaching the belt way. it does get down to 28 miles per hour. there's a look at drive times and speeds on the belt way, virtually no delays on the top side. there's a look at the west side at liberty road and 95 at white marsh. thank you. headlines this morning, it's been more than three weeks since an 18 month old girl was diagnosed with gonorrhea. police continue to question a person of interest in the case. investigators are hog a 21-year-old man on a probation violation and continue to talk to him. the toddler's mother says she left him alone with her four children around the time the girl was infected. the other children are not hurt. police found a man shot to
6:56 am
death in a van that was abducted from his home. it's likely the same van witnesses saw him forced into when he was abducted. police are still looking for those responsible. the breaking new ground at baltimore sun, mary cory has been tapped to oversee the sun's print and digital content. she is the sun's first female editor. we have complete news weather and traffic still ahead. more on the oil overflow. bp confirms more oil than initially thought is flowing into the gulf of mexico from the busted well head on the,,,,,,,,,
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