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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 21, 2010 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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play online despite an officer issuing this warning. >> you need to turn that off. it's illegal to tape anybody's voice or anything else. it's against the law in the state of maryland. >> reporter: but is he right? can police stop you from recording their actions like this meeting at the -- this beating at the university of maryland college park. >> for the government to say it has the power to prevent citizens from doing that is profoundly shocking, troubling and in the case of maryland, simply flat out wrong. >> reporter: under maryland law conversation in private cannot be recorded without the consent of both people involved. but our cases, including this controversial one three years ago caught on tape, where a baltimore officer arrested a teenager at the inner harbor private. >> when you tell me to turn it off because it's against the law you've proven that i'm not secretly taping you. he doesn't have the right to say, look, if you don't stop recording me, i'm going to arrest you. >> reporter: the last official interpretation of maryland's
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law came from the previous attorney general saying it was legal for officers to record video on dash cams. delegate sandy rosenberg is pushing the current attorney general for his opinion on whether you can record them too. >> if he finds that there are circumstances when it's illegal under existing law to tape public actions by the police or other public officials then it's appropriate for me to introduce a bill to change that statute. >> reporter: now wjz did catch up with the governor today. he first declined to comment. a representative later said he stands by the state police position and that position is that it is illegal to record. from baltimore city police headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. the last interpretation of the law came down a decade ago. so far the attorney general's office has declined comment. a tractor-trailer erupts in plames on i-97 causing back ups
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for commuters. we were above the scene in northbound lanes of 95 near the baltimore annapolis boulevard. one lane of i-97 was open for drivers so you should expect delays. now to the developing story in northeast baltimore. a water main break is also causing major headaches along a major baltimore artery and those are likely to continue throughout the night. kelly mcpherson has the latest on the impact. >> reporter: the crews are still here working to replace the 12-inch main that broke just after 12:30 this afternoon. from sky eye chopper you can see it is quite a mess and it is an issue because it is right on coldspring lane which is already acting as a detour for another major inner fare. >> we have lost two of the major thoroughfares in baltimore. so traffic is being detoured from the detour to echo dale avenue until this is completed.
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>> reporter: so while crews are still here, it is a mess. they will repair this road throughout the night and then tomorrow a company will come in to work on paving the road back over. so until then it will be shut down. the good news in all of this is that water has been restored to everyone around this area. they rerouted the main to make sure that morgan state university especially has not been impacted by this water main break. reporting live in northeast baltimore, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. >> kelly, thank you. a candidate for hartford county executive is killed in a car accident on his way to a campaign appearance. mary is live in the news room with more. >> reporter: steven wright was kill add long a winding country road last night. a prominent hartford county republican candidate was driving along wheel road at 7:00 when shower somehow he lost control -- somehow he lost control and slammed into a
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pole. he never braked. near speed or alcohol were involved in the crash. eyewitnesses say medical conditions may be behind the accident. >> he leaves behind a wife and three daughters. the state fire marshalls office said they children died of smoke inhalation. the children's mother is in the hospital with smoke inhalation and burns. a large drug bust in anne arundel county. a month long investigation led police to seize $25,000 worth of marijuana and cocaine from an annapolis couple. but $2,000 worth of cash was also discovered. the coats were arrested. new video shows that more oil is gushing into the water than originally estimated from the gulf. joel brown reports from the lousiana coast.
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>> reporter: live pictures of the massive under water gusher are feeding anger for gulf coast residents. bp now concedes more oil is flowing from the well than previously disclosed. >> certainly a lack of information that we think that is coming out. >> reporter: there is also growing frustration over why a contingency plan wasn't in place to handle such a massive leak. bp is addressing the media every day to counter the criticism and allegations of a cover up. >> we have been working every day to prevent the spill. >> reporter: and this could be worse than the exxon valdez more than 20 years. they fear it could spread to the florida keys an up the east coast. the coast guard is finished planting booms in alabama, mississippi and parts of florida. the oil is not expected to reach the states for the next
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72 hours. >> so please enjoy your weekends, mississippi and alabama and florida are open for business. >> reporter: crews will inject fluids into the well-known as top kill. that could get underway on tuesday. joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> now the proceed that bp is going to attempt is unusual. in fact it has never been tried before at that depth of the ocean. about 5,000 feet below the surface. encouraging report for maryland. the unemployment rate drops to 7.5%. that's the first monthly decline. the fashional rate is nearly 10%. it's the end of an era for a catholic school. wjz is live. gigi barnett is following the emotional final days at the school. >> reporter: the days of cardinal gibons is almost over and as students, parents, teachers and alumni move closer to the last day, some say the
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next step simply may be to just move on. the campus at cardinal gibbons catholic school is quiet tonight. teachers are finished packing. next step for students is finals week and then graduation. after that gibons is gone for good. >> it's heartbreaking. it's our last day. it's the end of a legacy. >> reporter: back in march the baltimore archdiocese slates gibbons and 12 other schools to close. it is the only high school on the shut hi down list. and it's babe ruth's alma mater. ed winnow brian blames low enrollment and high operating costs at catholic schools nationwide. >> some city schools have 70% of their seats vacant with a number of schools having more empty seats than students. >> i was here for the 10th
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through the 12th grade. >> reporter: for some alumni, disbelief and anger prevails. >> i am done. i am a catholic but i do not believe in the archdiocese. archbishop o'brien has broken so many hearts. >> reporter: in a letter to students this week o'brien explained i'm not from baltimore, my fathers and brothers did not attend cardinal gibbons or any other catholic high school in this area but this does not prevent me from understanding your loss and your great sadness. and that sadness continued on campus today. today they marked the last awarded assembly for all of the students here next to monday. on monday it is the last day of full instruction and class. then those final exams, graduation and then after that cardinal gibbons is gone. back to you. >> thank you. and tonight is gibbons prom, the last one ever. you couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous friday. warm and mostly sunny. but will the warm temperatures
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be sticking around? wjz is live with first warning weather. bob? >> we're seeing a lot of limousines riding around town i'm sure. it looks like the weather will be nice. a little warm but not humid. we do have the possibility of scattered showers by latter tomorrow afternoon because of a front out to the west. some very widely scattered stuff across the west to the mountains. not too much will make it over the mountains. and a lot is moving away. but because of the instability and the clouds moving in, it will be cooler tomorrow and maybe after 5:00 or 6:00 there could be a widely scattered showers. and tim will look at what is going on this weekend. >> widely scattered is the key here because it will not be a washout either day. but we'll wait until later in the day before we really see the showers moving in from the we have. as bob mentioned, most of the energy is going up to the north and northeast across the great lakes but it won't stop that low from pulling in moisture
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from the ocean and bringing in some moisture from the gulf. so that factor as bob mentioned will create the instability and create the potential for the showers. they move out of here by late on sunday and into monday. and than we start a nice warm up and stretch of temperatures and sunshine into next week. bob will have your first warning forecast in a few moments. oysters may have hard shells but numbers are very weak in the bay. they stand at just 1% of their historic levels. alex demetrick sees that maryland is enacting sweep changes to bring them back. >> reporter: oysters are an appetizer for most of us. but for some they are a way of life. clinging to it isn't easy. not with oyster populations decimated by disease, poor water quality and over fishing. >> it was about 1200 licensed boats in the county now. surcharges were down to probably $125. quite a decline.
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to bring the industry back, maryland is betting on change. >> we can create jobs in aqua culture and help this resource grow. >> reporter: right now there are only a handful of oyster farms in maryland. >> massive room for expansion. i would say maryland is probably decades behind most of the other countries in the world and at least 10-15 years behind virginia. >> reporter: to catch up, maryland plans to lease 600,000 acres for aqua culture and protect and restock 25% of the state's oyster bars. >> we have to find areas where we can protect them from harvest, and allow the survivors to continue to grow and reproduce and create the next generations of more resistent oysters. >> many watermen tried and failed to stop the increase during the last legislative sanctions. >> these sanctions cut our in come by 25%. >> there are some watermen who see the opportunity but they
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have serious questions. >> where can we lease? what can we lease? that all has to be determined. >> reporter: fine print that could be made this summer. it could move the industry out from the water and on to the farm. >> and it will be up to a legislative committee to approve next month. if that approval comes the new rules could take effect this fall and the start of the oyster season into and still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. the girl that took on immigration reform would like another meeting with mrs. obama. it's graduation day. for one student today is extra special. i'll explain ahead. howard counties are the first in the state to test student athletes for concussions. why they are doing it and how it will work. i'm mary bubala, that story is next.
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and a gorgeous friday night. what about the weekend? the extends first warning forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a story of determination and survival. a woman forced here because of hurricane katrina is graduating five years here in maryland. jessica was at her graduation today. >> reporter: for shallon edwards, it's a day she and her father have been looking forward to for years.
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in 2005 she attended xavier college in lousiana when suddenly she was forced to evacuation. >> hurricane katrina hit. >> reporter: the damage was devastating. she left school and flew back to native virginia where she enrolled in two colleges before coming here to baltimore. >> it was a tremendous emotional stress to me. just because that was my first choice. i spent a year there. >> she's spirited, spunky,en earthityic and passionate. >> reporter: morgan somerville is the assistant director of admissions. she helped organize a trip to new orleans to help rebuild homes destroyed by katrina. >> she was one of the students that saw fire in one of the walls here on campus and said i want to be a part of that. >> when i drove back it was just flattened soil. it doesn't even exist there any more. >> reporter: she has a job lined up as a lab technician at the university of maryland medical center. >> i'm very excited.
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it's been a long time coming and so i'm very grateful that it's finally all come together and it's over for now. >> she came to stevenson in 2007 after taking a college match making survey. she graduated with a degree in biology. >> 528 students graduated today. it's become a growing concern in high schoolage lets. each year one in five student athletes suffers a concussion while playing sports. now one local school district is doing something about it. mary bubala is doing something about it. >> reporter: it is a fact howard county schools are taking seriously. in tonight's health watch. john mill anie plays lacrosse and on the wrestling team. during the state dueels he hit -- duels he hit the mat head
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first. >> i couldn't keep my balance. >> reporter: he had suffered a concussion but the howard county concussion program did. >> every time it showed i was slow to reaction and i didn't comprehend the questions. >> because of the screenings they have through howard county, we therein through a series of three and the first one we expected because it was three day later we expected him to fail and then the second one he failed we were shocked. >> reporter: the state is requiring mandatory concussion testing on every athlete in a contact sport. >> this program is designed to make sure that all the kids who do suffer a concussion don't come back too early and run the risk of serious injury, even death. >> reporter: starting this fall, the students will be given the concussion test even before they start playing, so they can establish a baseline brain function. the student athletes will all take the computerized test that
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measures attention span and memory and only takes 20 minutes. it takes the guesswork out for coaches. >> there is no discussion on when the kid can come back. they sat out until they can reach the baseline again and it's been a great process for us. >> reporter: students take the baseline test every two years and coaches go through mandatory training about concussions every year. back to you. >> and students and parents are educated by the signs of a concussion. time to check in with bob. beautiful weather. >> lots going on, graduation and proms and all of that good stuff. let's talk about what is going on tonight. warm temperatures but no precip. 85, winds south, southeast at 8 helding steady. come back and take a loo,,,,,,,,
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boy a great day to get outside and enjoy. i was out killing weeds today. [ laughter ] >> they have taken over. >> cut them down and they just come back. let's take a look at -- you have to take them out by the
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roots. and let's take a look around the region. and winds first. bringing in cooler air later tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow will be at least 12 degrees cooler than today. believe it or not. and which means we're talking low 70s instead of mid-80s. we get up to 87 today. right now 85. 81 in pax river. 68 in oakland with clouds. 82 in hagerstown. it was a warm day with temperatures in mid to upper 80s except near the water. this low pressure that we track from southwestern kansas, oklahoma with all of the severe weather a couple of days ago has moved, mine rated into the upper midwest. now it's across portions of illinois, indiana, scattered showers and thundershowers this morning. but it's been weakening because the low pressure is moving up into southwest ontario. this area of showers across the west, moving up toward buffalo,
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cleveland, it's all transporting away from us. some clouds, yes. and widely scattered showers possible. tomorrow afternoon, very widely scattered, again on sunday. as the actual front approaches that region. winds coming out of the atlantic ocean so things coming together. this sunday we have a better chance of scattered shower activity. better than saturday afternoon. saturday afternoon, most of the activity to the west. widely scattered in the evening and a better chance across the state on sunday. but by monday it's all said and done. it's all gone. cooler for the weekend. but by next week another warm air mass begins to move in. by the middle of the next week we'll be back in the mid-80s. it looks like once again. and that's above normal. we'll see some scattered shower this is weekend. not a whole lot expected. southeast winds at 5-10. and bay temp holding in the mid- 60s. as i said, the ocean temperature is only around 60. sun prize, 5:48. sets at 8:19. the days are getting long as we
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head toward the first day of summer. tonight partly cloudy. normal is in the low 50s. 58 overnight tonight so mild night. and then tomorrow, let's call it cooler with a shower and spots late in the afternoon, widely scattered. but cooler than today. 13 degrees cooler. high of only 74 but still nice. and tomorrow evening maybe a scattered shower and again on sunday, some widely scattered showers. i don't think we'll see much in the way of the thundershower activity but it's possible somewhere in the region on sunday afternoon. >> thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news, pilot investigated. a jet blue pilot is yanked off a flight for threatening himself. jay walking a notorious problem here on liberty road and now a 49-year-old man is clinging to life after being struck last night. we have that story next on wjz eyewitness news.
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at raven stadium, home to 71,000 fans. football is coming back. sure the ravens in the fall, but before then, some of the best soccer in the world. they're doing it again. i'll have the story for you when eyewitness news continues. this is mark viviano. orioles are in washington to take on the nationals and the big story in this series could be the job status of dave trembley. hear what the bird's manager had to say today about feeling the heat when his team struggled when eyewitness news continue,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is just before 6:30. 85 degrees with a few clouds. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are stories people are talking about tonight. president obama has begun interviewing candidates to become his next director of national intelligence. the move comes after admiral dennis blair announced he's resigning. he had lost the confidence of the president. kathryn brown has the latest from washington. >> po


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