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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 22, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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drastic measures. as oil washes into the gulf coast wetlands, officials now turn to risky solutions. why the marsh cleanup could do more harm than good. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. scientists say it may be impossible to clean up the oil that is now reaching the gulf coast marshes. officials are now considering flooding the marshes or even setting the wetlands on fire. the president has ordered a special commission to investigate this tragedy. >> reporter: this is one of three locations where oil is washed ashore this week. the spreading crude is shut down a public beach on grand aisle, angering local officials who say bp isn't doing enough to contain the oil. >> so far they have not done anything. they have not picked up a quarter of oil yet. >> reporter: this spewing oil
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has prompted president become ma to form a national commission to examine the accident. >> the purpose of this commission is to consider both the root causes of the disaster and offer options on would safety and environmental precautions we need to take. >> reporter: the oil is already killed birds and other wildlife, and scientists fear the environmental impact will deepen now with the oil coming ashore. bp has conceded that much more oil is flowing into the gulf than the company's previous estimate, and the spill is prompting hundreds of researchers and scientists to descend on to the gulf coast with their own ideas to help. bob flew in from seattle to demonstrate his own nontoxic invention that encapsulates the oil when it's sprinkled on top. and dr. greg bath showed us another product engineered to absorb the crude. so far no takers. >> this product works, it's proven, we can manufacture it down here locally. >> reporter: bp's prime concern remains plugging the massive oil leak. on tuesday crews will it shoot
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heavy mud and cement into the well 18 difficult procedure engineers call a top kill, something that's worked above ground before, but never been tried 5,000 feet below the sea. in venice, louisiana, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> and tonight some experts warn that an aggressive cleanup in the gulf's marsh areas could do more harm than good because that coastline is simply so fragile. a plane crash in india leaves more than 150 people dead tonight. in fact, eight people survived the crash on board this air india plane. that plane was trying to land on a tricky hilltop airport when it overshot the runway, then plunged over a cliff. the flight was traveling from dubai. that crash cindy i can't's deadliest since 1996. an early morning police- involved shooting sends one man to shock trauma, and baltimore city detectives are investigating one of their own. it is one of four police shoot sogs far this year but as gigi
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barnett explains, the number of shootings among officers is actually dropping. >> reporter: police tape liquors where detectives say an off-duty city officer shot a man who was trying to steal his personal car. tonight that officer is on leave. the suspect in shock trauma, and the shooting is under investigation. >> alcohol was not a factor in this shooting. >> reporter: police say the officer was at a restaurant in the area when he heard a car alarm go off. he went outside to investigate and found that it was his car. >> a suspect had broken the driver's side window went into the vehicle when the officer approached the suspect he was inside the car, exited from the rear passenger's side. >> reporter: the officer yelled out, telling the suspect to stop. that's when the man allegedly lunged at the officer who fired his service weapon striking the suspect in the knee. >> later at the hospital in the suspect's clothing we found a screwdriver. >> reporter: city leaders say the number of police-involved shootings is down. so far this year there have
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been four compared to the same time last year there were eight. >> a lot of the previous police involved shootings that we've had involved officers losing their weapons, and as of late we focused on better training, and here we are in a 50% reduction in police involved shootings. >> reporter: in baltimore, i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> homicide is investigating the shootings but police say it's standard procedure in any police involved shooting. meanwhile that suspect will face auto theft and assault charges. we have an update tonight to the human remains that washed up along the beaches in ocean city. police now say the partial skeleton belongs to 29-year-old greg of shelbyville, delaware. he disappeared from the friend's home on february 9th. that was the night before a huge snowstorm. the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. a murdered man from baltimore is laid to rest as police still search for his killer tonight. 31-year-old matt martin lived in locust point, and that's where loved ones said good-bye today. martin disappeared in early april, and last weekend his
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body was found partially buried in the woods of a state park. the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. a beloved baltimore community member is hit and killed in an accident, and tonight his loved ones want that driver to come forward and take responsibility. wjz live tonight, suzanne collins joins us near the lyric theater where julio gonzales was struck. >> reporter: adam, it's about a block away on howard street, and the friends, the coworkers, also the family of julio gonzales say they want justice, and they might want improvements to this intersection on howard street. there are flowers at that time site where theatrical stage worker julio gonzales was struck at howard and john street. fellow union members and his family hold repeated rallies at that scene to ask the person who struck him to come forward. >> i understand the police department is checking all the cameras in the area, which we have several cameras, and sooner or later they will catch you. we're asking you to do the right thing, and turn yourself
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in to the baltimore city police department. >> reporter: gonzales had worked as a stage hand for the last three years and during that time his friends say his endearing nature made him very popular. >> one of the kindest man i ever knew. my first day of work he took me under his wing immediately. he never met a stranger. every person that he met immediately was his great friend. >> the crowd of friends and family gathered twice at the intersection on friday carrying signs asking about damaged cars, calling for justice, and demanding that the culprit come forth. they also want the city's mayor the consider rumble strips or somehow slow down traffic at the intersection. >> the traffic coming off of north and howard come flying over the bridge and down the street. they have no respect poor the light or any pedestrians that might be coming through. >> reporter: and julio gonzales was affectionately known as speedy. they hope if anyone saw anything that they will call the police. back to you, adam. >> suzanne, thank you.
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wjz did check with city police today. they have say they have no new information on this case. well, a bit of a scare for shoppers at the towson town mall on a busy saturday. the macy's department store was forced to evacuate after white powder was found inside. the bomb squad was called and tonight fire officials say the source of that powder residue was a fire extinguisher that accidentally discharged. macy's reopened just a short time later. an honor for the baltimore arch die 0 see.s pope benedict has named a priest from charm city as auxiliary bishop of the military archdiocese. the reverend expense ler serve catholics in this military, in this new role. spencer studied at st. mary's seminary. he was ordained in 1998. it was a very nice warm and sunny saturday but it is turning into an overcast evening. let's take a live look outside where we do have have some clouds moving in and some rains behind it. bernadette woods live with an updated look at radar.
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>> hello adam and everybody. first warning doppler tells the story. already rain in the state is and it is just making its way into the baltimore metro area. held off for most of the day but it was out west for pretty much on and off the entire day. so here's this band now making its way from west to east across the state, just picking up around tv hill and western sides of the city. you see columbia, a few showers in place. just about to make its way on 83. a few rumbles of thunder near mount airy. down to the south wech a few rumbles of thunder. southern parts of maryland, all of this will continue moving to the eastern shore, and it's going to stick around into tomorrow. that forecast in a bit. >> bern, thank you so much. no buy hear come forward for the 40-foot september 11th memorial in western maryland. that monument sits in emmitts berg at the national firefighters memorial. it went up for sale on ebay after the company who commissioned it was busted in a ponzi scheme.
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that auction ended today with no bids. still to come on wjz tonight, a mother murdered and her twin daughters stand accused. the bizarre story is just ahead. we have an important warning about dangerous substance lurking right in your kitchen, and it's never too early to learn the moon walk, apparently. where this four-year-old got his moves, that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a stunning story tonight out of georgia where two twin teenagers have been charged with killing their own mother. police in georgia say they arrested the 16-year-olds for killing 64-year-old nikki whitehead. she was found stabbed in her atlanta home in january. investigators say the twins were arrested after evidence fund at the scene linked them to the murders tsm girls will be charged as adults. a robbery attempt doesn't go as planned for a group of men in north texas, and the whole thing was caught on tape. the masked men tried to steal the atm why is ago chain tied up to a van. perhaps they should have used something a little bit stronger, buck see there the chain actually broke off, then it smashed into a dry cleaners across the street. the suspects got away in another vehicle and left that van and the atm behind j. a common ingredient in many brands of chewing gum that is
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safe for humans can be fatal to your pet. it is found in many sugar-free product but it has proven to be dangerous to man's best friend. experts say ingesting even a small amount of this artificial sweetener can be deadly because it can cause a surge of insulin that leads to a drop in blood sugar levels in dogs. now after cleaning up decades of pollution, swan park is now open. mike schuh reports how the toxins were scraped away. >> reporter: for years the poison arsenic lay in the soil just south of downtown. a former fertilizer plant contaminated not only its own property but this nearby park. >> there used to be a chemical plant there but in the 70s when they built the elevated portion of the highway the plant went away, but the chemicals remained, and they seeped into the soil. so for at least 30 years generations of kids, even some future pros, played on this
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contaminated ground. >> again, reggie jackson played here so was just the place to be if you were aspiring to go to the next level. >> reporter: three years ago the company that bought the company that polluted here began to remove the arsenic and rebuild. today is opening day. honeywell is the company which paid for the cleanup. >> restoring the park, to put it -- i would have have to zane bert place than when we found it. >> they've made the proper investment and got it back up to par, that's a good thing. that's very good thing. it looks good. >> reporter: madonna huggins came here as a child in the contaminated years. >> i love it. i had to call my parents. i almost wanted to cry when i got here. >> reporter: that's what the state told the polluter. clean it up and give it back to the city. and now after three years, the city finally got the call. arsenic almost killed this public park, but now private
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money has made at better place than it was. in south baltimore, mike should, wjz eyewitness news. >> the park looks great. great location, too. honeywell was responsible for the cleanup after they bought allied signal which was originally responsible for contaminating that area. tomorrow morning marylanders will lace up their running shoes. wjz is a proud sponsor of sunday's half marathon benefiting the university of maryland marlene and stewart greenbaum center. call the number on your screen or log on to are those people going to have decent weather? >> it may be a little hot. could be a little rain. that will keep everyone cool, and it will be muggy. i want to show you first warning doppler. the rain make us way into the metro area.
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you can see it in place in frederick, cumberland, d.c. it is moving east, and we'll have your forecast when ,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody. let's go to first warning radar and show you the rain making its way into baltimore. it's been in place for most of the day out west. at this point it's on the western sides of the city, columbia, butler, and in cockeysville starting to pick up. we open it up a little more. you can see a few warnings of thunder. that popped out ahead of the main line. around frederick, always few rumbles of thunder. and a little bit more, down to the south, all of this making it is way in from virginia. you see rumbles of thunder, and it will make its way to the eastern shore. we've seen this on and off. there's another round now
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coming in. so we'll switch it over and show you clouds, breaking up at tiles during the day today for hazy sunshine out there but here comes the rain, making its way into the state. now, this is not a very big symptoms, and it is weakening as it moves in, but it's also not moving very fast. so we're still going to see this rain into tonight and into tomorrow. the winds are out of the southeast ahead of the main front with it, and that's making it very muggy out there. the dew points have been in the low sick today so it's a little bit uncomfortable. temperature-wise, 75 degrees in baltimore, 66 ocean city with the wind off the water. where the rain has come through, 64 in come bear lafnltd we did get to 79 degrees today, just above that average of 76. we started out at a very warm 66 degrees this morning. so here's that storm coming in from the west, and really fizzling out it is a makes its way into the mid-atlantic. this storm is going to be an interesting one the next few days. notice this low right in here. what's going to start moving off to the south tomorrow, and even into monday.
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it's still going to be close enough by that we could get a few showers mainly across southern maryland, but it's going to sort of stall out down to the south later on in the week, so it will be close enough that we'll be in and out of the clouds but prabble not getting the solid rain from the. there's another thing that could happen later on this weak and we'll get to that in the five-day. want to show you for the forecast tonight, 61 for our low. some showers around, maybe a few rumbles of thunder. tomorrow up to 7 2. over the next five days, that storm just off to the south, but what's going to happen in this time frame will have to do with the tropics. there's the potential for a tropical storm to form off the atlantic that would factor into our forecast. we'll keep you up to date. there's nothing yet, but something that we're watching. >> the orioles on the road today. >> on the road, and having a lot of trouble. they won last night, beating the nats in d.c., 5-3, and the nats are trying everything they can to keep it from happening two times in a row. watch out in the outfield.
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>> move! >> there it goes. >> right after this, folks. ,,,,
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>> hello, everybody. baseball topping today's sportscast. orioles down the road in the nation's capital. roll the highlights. enough of this talk. birds giving their best despite being baseball's worst team. after winning last night, top 1, ty wigginton threes into the outfield to score not one but two runs. in comes tejada. on the day, brad bergesen doing real good, but great defensive play here. luke scott, track meet to
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first. nyjer morgan is out. later, he's got more problems in the outfield. watch what happens to nyger. morgan. who's number one? it might not be nyjer morgan after this play. a little hole in the glove. meantime, adam jones says while they're fooling around i'm going for an inside the park home run. he's huffing, puffing, first home run in 24 games. right now in the 7th inning, nationals come back, and they've taken the lead. meantime, backtrack. last night seattle-san diego, where jerry hairston thought that pitch was a little low, and he told the umpire. so all up in his mug. in fact, mr. umpire, i got a question. need your home base swept? nonetheless, boys will be boys, but here tees catch of the nice. watch in the outfield. cliff on his high horse, making the grab, but paying the price.
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watch it in slow mo. can you feel where he's coming from? padres win it. ncaa men's college lacrosse. dave cottell, princeton stadium, notre dame leading 4- 1, but here's michael crayton. 5-2 here when maryland gets offensive. later in the third quarter, notre dame steam rolling the terps. final score 7-5. that was grant crebbs. notre dame advances to the final four. high school, excuse me, we've got other lacrosse scores of interest, as a matter of fact. can't skip over there. duke beat unc 17-9. they're now in the final four. and the women of maryland behind five goals from baltimore county's only indicate lynn mcfadden, they beat penn 15-10. so they're headed to more ncaa play. now that track and field
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from murrayville high school. northeast baltimore down the stretch she comes. amber baker of forestville high. the opponent is not so much a competitor, but she's her own competitor. amber does it at the class 1a south regional meet. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. those hurdles don't look as high unless you're actually rung toward them. >> hang in there, jump high. cross the finish line. >> tonight at 11:00 on wjz, outrage in detroit over a little girl killed in a police raid. more on that emotional service tonight. also, healthwatch, childhood diabetes, no fun, but coming up tonight, how a video game is helping kids manage that disease. be sure to watch cbs's hit drama 48 hours mystery at 10, immediately followed by wjz's news at 11:00. finally tonight, a four- year-old boy in china is quickly becoming the new prince of pop. take a look here.
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[ music ] >> that kid is pretty good. i think his name is chow boy. so far he is the youngest of one of the bestest pint-size performers. does the moon walk to some of those popular songs. he has even taken his act to,,,,
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