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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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wjzhd and >> reporter: from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. cold blooded murder, the mystery grows tonight surrounding the death of a local business owner. >> everybody is talking like crazy. it doesn't happen around here and you just don't expect it. >> reporter: tonight the police investigation and what witnesses say they saw happen. news that people are talking about tonight. there are a lot of unanswered questions after a well liked business owner was gunned down outside his bar. tonight the killer is still on the loose. kelly mcpherson explains neighbors want to know who did it and why. >> reporter: denise, police have a vague description of what men seen running from the
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bar early saturday morning but they still need more, including a motive. lee martin died in photograph his family -- front of his family bar by two men who war waiting for him. investigators are not convinced his murder was an attempted robbery and are still working under possible motives. >> he was a very happy-go-lucky guy. he didn't do drugs, he was a very g-man. he was very nice, he would do anything for anybody. >> reporter: martin's friends do not believe he brought on any trouble to trigger his murder. >> i can't see this happening to him. he was set against drugs. >> he's always helped me out and my mom after my dad passed away. >> reporter: people who live in this neighborhood and people who used to go to hop's inn are anxious to learn who police are
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focusing on but police will not tell us who may be a suspect. >> we track down all leads. we look at every avenue, every possibilities. >> reporter: single family homes and one other bar are on this street where violence is rare. >> i'm not feeling too safe this week but i always felt safe. >> reporter: martin lived right next door to the bar with his second wife. reporting live from police headquarters. thank you, kelly. anyone with information should contact baltimore county police. two people were trapped inside their cars after a collision in northwest baltimore tonight. an suv crashed during rush hour. firefighters had to free both drivers from their vehicles. both were taken from the hospital. no word on their condition tonight. a delay in the clean up of the massive oil spill in the
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gulf. you're looking at a photograph. an estimated 6 million-gallons of oil has spilled into the gulf. bp says it won't be able to begin to plug the well until wednesday. bp is going to block the gushing well with mud and cement. also tonight the epa is demanding that bp -- epa wants a more environmentally substance to be used. the oil now stretches 150 miles between louisiana and alabama. royal scandal, tonight bucking ham ball as is -- palace is holding crisis talks after sarah ferguson was caught taking a bribe. charlie doing daggett has the
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latest from london >> reporter: the dutchess of york appears to be looking for a $700,000 deal to cash in on her exhusband, brins andrew. -- prince andrew. she promised to set up meetings with and drew, but she made the offer to an undercover reporter. in one scene the dutchess claims prince and drew was in on the deal. >> i find it a bit delusional actually. >> reporter: the fall out from the scandal goes way beyond the chump chess of -- dutchess of york. the queen herself has reportedly been involved in
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crisis talks. calls it vulgar. the dutchess who is said to be millions of dollars in debt has apologized for what she calls a serious lapse in judgment. >> can you come back from this kind of scandal? it's going to be incredibly hard. >> reporter: she has been in trouble before but has never been caught so red handed. >> reporter: sarah ferguson has remained friendly with her exhusband, prince andrew. no word on when she will return to england. wants to build a casino but a petition drive is trying to block that effort. is arguing that 1/3 of the signatures are invalid. the matter is expected to be appealed to the court's highest court. an effort to bring back the
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controversial bottle tax -- tabled the measure. would put a 4 cent tax on water, but the measure faces an uphill battle. well, tonight the city is mourning the passing of a business legend, mr -- seen in this video back in the 90s was a prominent business man. he and parks ran parks sausage. hayes ford also served his country as one of the tuskegee airmen. a new study shows the income and education are the best predictors for -- those with lower salaries were more likely to become sick or die. race and gender show african
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americans have nor -- you can read more in tomorrow's baltimore sun. he is the definition of defeating the odds. he is trying to inspire kids in tough situations telling them they can do the same. wjz is live downtown. kei jackson explains, kei. >> the air rough held their ambassador's dinner tonight. raymond moore is an am ambassador for hope. >> reporter: he's a gentle giant off the field, almost larger than life. cheers bring michael moore as he walks into the arrow family ministry, aimed at raising awareness for children who are homeless and in need of adoption. >> languishing from home to home.
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>> reporter: in 2009 in maryland 9074 children were in foster care. it's a heart breaking reality and a strain on state resources . more cheers from michael oher thursday night. or from his adopted family talk about michael's journey from hardship to hope and the importance of placing children in loving homes. >> we didn't miss a beat. >> reporter: the story of michael oher was portrayed in the story the blind side. >> all individuals have value and we are so guilty of putting value on people incorrectly.
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>> reporter: arrow child and family ministries founder says he himself was in foster care, even abused at one point in his life and he said he knows the pain michael felt and appreciates it. arrow child and family ministries was founded in 1992. an incredible story of survival. three people were cast into the ocean after their boat capsized. a disturbing trend called vodka eye balling. why it's becoming popular on college campuses. >> reporter: the first alert forecast coming up next.
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it is 69 degrees and rather cloudy in central maryland right now. severe storms continue to pummel the heart land. this is video from kansas where five tornadoes were reported. fortunately all of them were
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short lived. tornadoes also reported in north dakota and nebraska. a prince george's county bus driver is charged with producing child pornography. say the evidence was found on a computer data card he left at a convenience store. they say a customer looked at the contents and saw images of a man engaging in sexual conduct with a boy. a drink called vodka eye balling has -- horrified. pouring shots directly into their eye. those who partake say the alcohol is absorbed quicker. counter by saying people who do this are often drunk already and they are just trying to convince themselves it's true. the british medical association calls it an insensesensible act
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which could cause blindness. hundreds are learning they have received treatments they may not have needed. it all involves a maryland doctor. tonight for the first time they are speaking out in this investigation. >> reporter: hundreds of people are involved, patients who may have received a serious medical procedure they didn't need. at stake their trust in their doctors. susan car airy is one of those patients. she had stints placed in two procedures. sussusan and her daughter agreed to talk to wjz. >> if she didn't need the stint then she missed all this work for nothing.
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>> reporter: susan is just one of 585 patients notified they may have received treatments based on. >> this may speed up the process. >> reporter: this is dr. mida in a video from 2008. this letter obtained by wjz is typical of what hundreds of patients received. it tells the patients quote >> reporter: did anyone ever tell you how blocked your arteries were before they put any of the stints in? >> no. >> reporter: wjz also obtained other documents showing that an outside peer review group led to the hospital's conclusion that stints were placed in these patients when it may not have been medically necessary. >> they submitted to anesthesia, they had a surgical
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procedure, they were hospitalized. they missed time from work. they suffered pain. all of that was unnecessary. >> reporter: this baltimore woman is another patient who may have received unnecessary stints. >> i just don't feel comfortable with having two stints in me that should not have been there. >> reporter: cardiologists tell her she never needed the stints and one told her she has been exposed to risks unnecessarily. >> he said the blockage that was there, he would not have put the stints there because i didn't need them. >> reporter: are you angry at this doctor. >> yes, very. he could have taken a part of my life from me. >> it's very clear there are a tremendous amount of people out there who did not need stints and they were deceived, they were tricked into having an unnecessary operation that they
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didn't need. >> reporter: dr. mida's attorney did not return calls for this story. tomorrow the investigation, the fall out and how the hospital involved is moving forward. an incredible story of survival for three, brothers john and ely as along with their friend rebecca sullivan spent three days adrift at sea. they said the thought of dying was something they refused to consider. >> we didn't give yourselves the option not to. if we had done that then we probably wouldn't have. but for the sheer fact that we were determined not the die out there we all came back safe and sound. >> reporter: all three are navy veterans. a shipping boat came upon them simply by accident. it has been sitting inside a vault and now mark twain's
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auto buy graphy is now object released. he left orders they could not be published until 100 years after his death. the traditional harm and climb at the naval academy lacked its -- but was still there. the class of 2013 didn't have to contend with grease on the 21-foot object lisk, that was dropped for safety reasons. this may be the last year the superintendent will decide if it stays or. that makes a big difference. we had a little drizzle in the morning and a few sprinkles
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and showers moved through the region. right now it's mostly cloudy but pretty mild out. still close to 70. east winds at 5. the barometer is holding steady. winds continue to be out of the east, very light. because of this light easterly flow we're still getting a lot of low level moisture. above that it's clear as a bell. but these winds continue to bring just a little bit of moisture so over the next 12 hours or so we're still going to be stuck with a lot of low clouds. by tomorrow afternoon expect to see a warm up. 669 here. in ocean city, winds off the ocean there, 63 degrees. in fact if you're heading down the ocean, temperatures there will be running anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler in areas just away from the water.
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as those winds continue to be off the ocean for the most part. clouds and showers off the carolina coast. still some severe weather. they have had up to 2 or 3 tornadoes today. it's cold enough for snow in the rockies tonight. clouds beginning to break up to our south. to our north, warm temperatures, 70s, 80s and 90s over portions of minnesota. that warm air is actually going up across canada. a little unusual. usually the heat comes from the west or southwest. this time it's going to come down from the northwest, allows that warm air to flow down. i think we have a chance of getting some of that as a front from the west and a front from the north kind ever join -- of join forces. each afternoon a scattered
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shower or thunderstorm. then for the weekend will cool down, east winds at 5 knots, bay temp around 67. we'll see some patchy fog, i believe. and some sun kind of warm and muggy. 79 tomorrow. wednesday probably close to 1r0e9. 7o -- 90. possibly cooling down. 76 on saturday, denise. all right, bob, coming up. how the job of the orioles manager. sports coming up next. ,,,,,,
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how long until the altar break? -- all-star break. >> reporter: meanwhile rumors, team president says he remains focused on improving the team's
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roster of players and that was mooning the suns -- among the subjects. he survives the day with his job intact. mcfail spoke with the baltimore sun. the os begin a three game tomorrow. the record is the worst in the major. joe madden gray opens with a red sox. boston breaks out on top. david ortiz hits just inside the pole. it's fair for a homerun. gets the scoring going. boston goes on to beat. all eyes on washington national's prospects pitching for the syracuse chief. he continues his warm up for what's expected to be a debut
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next week. also allowed an earned run. baseball's top overall draft pick could start june 4th. if lebron james stays with the -- brown gets the boot after 5 seasons. won more games than any in caps history. hockey's family the philadelphia flyers captain gets the goal of the game. challenged by goalie, wins the challenge and pokes in a goal. the flyers meet chicago starting saturday. let's finish with a fishing trip. oriole slugger on his day off from baseball today. shipping with a father and son from annapolis. his 9-year-old son won the
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excursion. his day on the water included a 10-pound 28-inch rock fish. dinner for somebody. out of the boat and back on the field tomorrow night. thank you, ,,,,,,,,
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a little bit of florida came to downtown baltimore this afternoon. came courtesy of southwest airlines, they are promoting panama city as the newest florida destination. they handed out free bags. one baltimore neighborhood was blooming despite the gloomy
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morning weather. new flowers were seen everywhere, including 80 new hanging baskets and 20 new planters. main street is providing $14,000 in funding. this is the third year of the project which has now expanded to the 300 block of road way. your new energy star qualified kenmore elite is ready to go.
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