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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 14, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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at the top of the hour and it's not a bad day's start whatsoever. the traffic has improved after an early accident. it's kristy breslin in for sharon. and here's marty. >> we'll look beautiful with the purple pride this day.
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60 now and 77 on its way to 80 and 75 this evening. well, i guess, it's a mid- september forecast. that means that the indian summer hasn't happened yet. we'll stave that off a few weeks. anything else wrong on the way to work, here's kristy breslin. well, thank you, don, we have delays for the marc train line 841. it's running 21 minutes behind. we have brake lights to watch out for as you make your way to whitemarsh and the average speed, 60 miles per hour and harrisburg expressway, no compliants and taking a look at the travel times. 54 miles per hour average and 11 minutes to get by. now, let's take a live look at 292 and 32 running well and also, another peek over here. 83 at shawan road and no
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problems there as well. for the most accurate information available, go to don, back to you. leer's what people will be talking about and watching closely today. it's primary election day and the debate is done and it's time to vote. wrong the hotly con -- among the races, the biggest is the state's attorney. >> reporter: good morning to everyone. it's been more than a decade since pat jessamy faced such a strong opponent and she's found one this year in bernstein. >> reporter: with hours left in his campaign, bernstein spent yesterday meeting voters and jessamy picked up another endorsement. >> we urge everyone to look at the record and write the record and see what the record has
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said. >> reporter: the group of baptist ministers endorsed jessamy, bernstein disagrees. >> wherever we go, everyone's saying they're tired of the crime and they're ready for the change and want to see someone new. >> reporter: bealefeld supports the campaign. bernstein also picked up support yesterday from a former judge and attorney, billy murphy. >> there have been so many it's aers and -- disasters and failed opportunities. >> reporter: jessamy's defending her record. >> i'm tough, i'm smart, i'm truthful. >> reporter: she's touting her own endorsements. >> since jessamy took off, violent crimes are down. >> yes, theres more work to be done, we're ready, willing and
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able to do it. >> reporter: bernstein ranked in campaign cash causing jessamy to donate personal funds to keep i. and the editorial board endorsed bernstein. >> also, speaking of endorsements. -- mccain's former running mate has made calls for ehrlich's opponent, murphy. she says that his business experience makes him the best candidate. in baltimore county, the councilmen seek the nomination nor executive and pat warren has more on how they're spending their final hours. >> reporter: the district two councilman, kamenetz waves to passing motorists.
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>> when times were tough, the challenges on how to rethink how to do things, can we do things smarter and more efficiently. i think it's a great opportunity to reshape baltimore county. >> reporter: in addition to a million dollars plus tv campaign, he and bartenfelder faced off to reach the population of 800,000. >> you go into the job and you have to recognize to make the decisions and do what's best for the county and the future and not do what's best for your own political future. >> reporter: bartenfelder said he believes voters really tuned into the campaign. >> jobs and the economy are on everyone's mind. they want to make sure they're working and they have income to pay their bills. >> reporter: both are democrats and they both rely on their
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reputation. >> our polling numbers look encouraging to us. the ones we did early. i'm comfortable that the districts that i represented are going to be supportive of me and what really has been great is the expressions of support i've received countywide. >> reporter: kenkenneth holt will run against the winner. and we'll follow the races statewide tomorrow for you. stay with remember, wjz is always on. for the latest poll results, go to more testimony in the trial following the murder of ken harris. a witness testified she saw a man with a gun wearing that
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halloween mask found near the crime scene. prosecutors linked one of the three defendant's dna to the mask. the baltimore county police are investigating how a car ended up in a pond. sky chopper 13 was near the seen. the police are trying to found out if anyone was in the car. and several homes and businesses in little italy are without power after the electrical fire. about half of the homes and businesses have had their electricity restored and if the power isn't restored yet, it should be any time now. in sports, the ravens do this town proud on a national stage picking up a big win with the new york jets. here's mark viviano.
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>> reporter: good morning, the new york jets get all of the attention in "hard knox." but the ravens deliver in the ugly game filled with penalties and turnovers. now, points were at a premium. the ravens scored the team's only toughendown and -- touchdown. the jets managed two field goals and the raven's defense suffocated sanchez on critical third down plays. this is the sack for the loss and the jets went back most of the games. they were pushed back and frustrated. the ravens go on the road and they'll start with a win. a 10-9 fight to the finish. >> well, i thought that the defense was dominant. we were backed up, a number of
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times in the first half. we were backed up in the second half, pretty much the whole half. they have good player and they can run the football. to give up six first bounds. that's about as good as the ravens have played. find me a better one. >> you know, the ravens gave up three field goals and they have a short weekend ahead. they'll play at cincinnati on sunday. don, back to you. >> we've watched them exclusively here, sunday afternoon at 1:00. >> and in other football news chargers defeated the kansas city chiefs and the chief's opened up the game including the touchdown run. and then, kansas city wins 21- 14.
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>> anyone that's involved in the procity challenge that says they took kansas city in the opening game, liar, liar. what's that about? what about that. well, that's the first i've heard of the score. have we mentioned that? >> no. that's the first time. >> i thought, well, maybe i slept through the show. >> no, and maybe that was the finish up. >> well, it was a beautiful thing last night. we had a huge crowd down at the field house. >> good. >> we did an bereaveuate -- an abbreviated post game show because of the lightning delay. and it's weird to see the lightning delay in the football because of the time of the season. they're very, very serious about that. next time you're at the rustle street coliseum. look at all of the lightning
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abatement. they even through the monday night football broadcasters off of the field. everyone out of here, now. as a matter of fact, is it light enough to bring this up. let me show you the day part. we'll throw it to on. we'll get a shot from the harbor cam. they take that real darn serious. it's sunny today and 60 degrees now and 77 midday and this evening, 75 degrees and looking for an afternoon high of about 80 degrees. speaking of a new ballpark. we were next door. and i'll guarantee you, they have the lightning abatement over there. and seriously, this is no lie. there was a, a college football game, like a division three game in the midwest. the closest thunder head was 15 miles away and a go not stands
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got hit by lightning. >> and they cleared the stadium at the u.s. open. the same storm came by that hit by exit 16 w where the ravens cracked open the jets last night. that was fabulous. new stadium. it's the ridly athletic complex. we have a huge soccer match here tonight. we're going to tell you about it when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> there this is interesting, the days are indeed getting shorter. about three weeks ago, we could have seen this.
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the lightning abatement system, next time you're there, it's a series of poles with the round balls on them. they're placed all around the stadium like that. the conversation is done and gone by the time it's light enough to see. really, it's an amazing behind the scenes part of our ballpark and every new ballpark. 57 degrees now and 93% humidity and winds are calm. ocean city at 61 and 61 hagerstown and 59 elkton and easton. mid-60s pax river and naval air and d.c.. and westminster at 59 and 57 columbia and bel air. 61 degrees in rock hall. clear skies and a few passing fair weather clouds and no showers in the forecast. really, for the next five days.
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if we have rain, it will be moving our way. sunny, a high of 80 degrees and tonight, clouds around and 52 as the low and tomorrow, mixed clouds and sun and we'll go for a high around 80 degrees. the mid-to upper 70s thursday and friday. low to mid-80s saturday and sunday. igor is a category 4 and the computer makes it a northerly swing. it's projecting it to diminish by a category 2 sunday. right now, the most mediate is the swell from the east coast. still expected to stay in the center of the country. and still your crossty -- curiosity, not a concern. well, thank you, don. we have some delays to watch out for on the mark train.
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it's still running 20 minutes behind. we'll take a look at the map there and moving well in both directions. 67 miles per hour average as you can see there at mt. carmel road. taking a look at 95, still slowing there as you approach whitemarsh and on the beltway, delays to watch out for as you make your approach to harford road. traffic breaks free after that and looking at the travel times on the inner loop. 54 miles per hour and 11 minutes to get through. 'll take a live look at 95 and 395 and another look at 95 north of the beltway. this is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. you can choose from 16 different fuel efficient models. back to you get a banana if you
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stayed up late. trying to stay awake today. ronster, good morning, how late did you make it last night. >> the whole way, baby. the university of maryland terrapins come here, men's soccer to play. mark metric is the head coach and this is the athletic director. mark, this is a huge deal, we were talking beforehand for maryland to come here. >> well, it's a great opportunity. probably one of the top clench teams in the country. they won the championship tour and for the local soccer fan, you won't see much better than that. it's a great chance to see
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great play years. >> and maryland has world cup players. >> well, they scored the goal against, well, i forget who he was. he got disallowed and they have the national team and some of the young lads under the 18 team players and under 20. some of the top soccer players and the top soccer american players. >> and loyola has some, too. this is a magnificent facility. seats 6000 people? >> yes, it's one of the top lacrosse players in the country. we did it for excellence and we're excited about engaging the students and the community. we look at this as family fun and tickets are $5. youth kids, you get in for free. they're looking for a great
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crowd tonight and incredible entertainment and excitement on campus. >> you have a fan zone. >> yes, for kids, really, it's a great place to bring your family and we're expecting a huge turnout. >> and this is, well, a judge match. the terrapins beat the greyhounds in the cup last year. >> yeah, that's right. >> we played them in the ncaa tournament. we played them a few years now. usually, they're matched up and there's a good match. hopefully, we'll give them a good game. we had one of the best teams in the country and it's a great night. it's a fall night tonight and like jim said, it's only 5 bucks for adults and 3 for the kids. it's very cheap. >> thank you, very much. >> coach? >> thank you. and jim, thank you.
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>> and all right, gates open at 5:00 here at the ridly athletic complex. this is a huge match and it will be a great crowd in the new stadium. >> don and marty, i'm dragging like you guys. >> we'll send it back to you, just a few feet away on tv hill. have a good one. >> it's interesting. first off, excuse my glasses. i tried to put in contacts and it will come at us in waves today. you'll get a first, second, third, fourth, wind. the trough is in between the waves. man up like a raven. >> and speaking of the ravens, we want to see your purple pride. that's on the home page. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in today's energy saver, how to clean up by doing smart laundry. about 90% of the energy is used for heating water. there are two days to reduce
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the am of energy used. first, use less water and cooler water. switching from hot to warm water can cut a load of energy use in half and try to watch and dry full loads. i'm mary bubala trying to help you be an energy saver. >> for more information, go to and click on the special energy saver section. now, yet to come on our morning edition. >> good morning, a baltimore mother is missing her son. that's coming up. campaigning up until the last minute. now, today, voters will decide who will be the next city state's attorney. i'm andrea fujii and that's just ahead. i'm kristy breslin in wjz traffic control. volume is building on the beltway and southbound 95 as
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well. we'll have the full report. 40 years of soul train and one of the most iconic shows in television history. now, there's a three dvd box set available. and quest love himself joins us on coffee with with a look back at soul train. don't bury the lead. god father of soul taking us to the break. we'll be back. as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most
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>> hello again, everyone's trying to wake up after watching the raven's win. it's a pleasant day's start. marty's at the -- >> well, that was a beautiful, beautiful sunrise. it will be a beautiful day. everyone's up. it will be a mart of how everyone's fairing.
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that five hour energy add. how's it feel at 2:30. i wish i had a bottle. i wish i had a case. imagine how hyper you would be. they're good though. >> and 75, that's the temperature. 77 at lunch and on the way to 80. it will be as beautiful of an afternoon as the dawn's turning out to be. here's kristy breslin with more. >> reporter: well, thank you, don and bad news for the camden line for the marc train. it's running 40 minutes late. we have an accident that occurred 95 north on the south westside of the beltway, it's starting to back things up. taking a look at the map and sluggish there at harford road. moving to the harrisburg expressway and moving well northbound and southbound.
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smooth ride in both directions and moving back to 95, slow there. now, let's go back and take another live look back on the south westside and the delays are building up heavily there. this is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer and you can choose from 16 fuel efficient models to find the ride of your life. at the top of the news this half hour, some are calling it the race to make baltimore city safe. two democratic candidates say they're the ones to do the job. wjz and andrea fujii stay live on this story. good morning don and good morning once again to everyone. pat jessamy fought off challenges before but never as tough as bernstein. today, voters will decide if
6:34 am
she'll get another term. >> reporter: it was hours left in his campaign, he spent yesterday meeting voters while jessamy picked up another endorsement. >> we urge everyone to look at the records and write the records and see what the record has said. >> reporter: the group of baptist ministers says that jessamy's tenure should be extended. bernstein disagrees saying she's not tough enough. >> wherever we go, everyone says they're ready for a change and ready to see someone new. bealefeld supports bernstein's campaign. he also picked up support from high profile former judge and attorney, billy murphy. >> there have been so many disasters in the office and failed opportunities. it's time for baltimore to get
6:35 am
something better than that. >> reporter: jessamy is defending her record. i'm tough, i'm smart, i'm truthful. >> reporter: she's touting her own endorsements. >> yes, there's more work to be done and we're ready, willing and able to do it. jessamy said that bernstein would be a rubber stamp for the case. and another of the highly don tested cases -- this is a hard fought primary between
6:36 am
kevin and joe bartenfelder -- kevin kamenetz and bartenfelder. and today's primary shows up the stage for the election in november, of course. ehrlich and o'malley are expected to escape to victories. and stay with with wjz-13 for more. the latest poll results and wins, go to our website and we'll have more at 11:00 and updates on the morning edition. also, the hunt for a suspected cocaine dealer who may be on the run with a child. adam may has the story. >> reporter: this north east baltimore neighborhood called the 4 x 4 swarmed by agents and city officers last week. they discovered crack cocaine and numerous weapons. now, ten people face charges.
6:37 am
but one of them tony robinson took off and this child could be traveling with him. >> he on the run with a baby, that baby, that shows me how much he care about him. >> and it's not even his. >> she's been in a long custody dispute. dna proved he's not the father and he never gave the child back. >> i hope he could at least send me a picture and let me know he's all right. >>,. >> i believe he skipped town. >> and the grandmother believes the man hunt is putting tony in danger. >> i hope and pray he comes home to me, his grandmother and his momma. that's my oldest grandson and i love him and i just want him with us. tony's in a lot of trouble and i just want him to not be in a
6:38 am
situation and catch him. >> if he could drop my son off to the police station and leave him on the steps somewhere. if he can do whatever, just give me my son back. >> and numerous sources say they're not sure if he has to child or left the child with someone else. as of a couple of weeks ago, there were 112 rape cases reported this year compared to 94 last year. this is attributed to a better counting of complaints that are now investigated by detectives. some never before seen
6:39 am
views of the gasline explosion in california are released. check out the video. you can see the fire ball shooting into the sky. it's a similar view from a grocery store security view. at least four people are now confirmed dead. and in sports, finally, the u.s. open mean's final is in the books. nedal captured his first title. he won all four majors with nine overall. and it's a winning night for all oriole's. >> blocked that one, over by jones and back! oh! oh, mercy. what a catch!
6:40 am
adam jones! the game went into a couple extra innings and luke scott won and the orioles win, here at home and the ravens pull through a victory. the only touchdown of the night came when mcgahee busted through the line and the jets managed only two field goals. bottom line, the ravens win it, 10-9. next up, watch the ravens play the bangles in cincinnati here on wjz-13 this sunday afternoon at 1:00. you know, i got the game -- you know, that's who got the game ball last night. it went to ozzie new? >> i would give it to him.
6:41 am
>> basically, the game was played in the off season, maybe better in baltimore than any other team in the nfl. i can't tell you how many posts on facebook this morning say things like -- we liking boldin yet in how we liking boldin now. >> well, it was interesting last night. i like watching the jersey numbers. weijia jiang was there with the ed read jersey on. there's the man that got the game ball. and i would imagine not just for odzie, but his staff -- i can't remember the last time that management got a game ball. okay then. listen, real quick. i mentioned this last hour and i want to mention it again. there's going to be a lot of
6:42 am
rex ryan talk today. >> okay. >> i truly do feel that he played the game very well last week. took a cue from brian billock. he made every tyson fan go nuts? remember that. and all he concentrated on was brian. what did rex do last week? he took all of the heat off of the team and gave him a chance to breathe, practice and do their own thing. fortunately, he ran into another guy who worked for him and that's ray lewis and he put it back on him. he played the game well last night. >> i'll give you that. >> 40 years of soul train! there's a three dvd box set out of the most iconic show in
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television show history with possibly the greatest theme song ever. we'll take a break and come back, kristy breslin has wjz traffic control. we have your first warning weather and more, stay with us. marvelous s navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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before we leave the ravens, a huge round of applause for mason. wow! 57 degrees right now, 93% humidity and calm winds and the barometer 29.90. ocean city, 51 and 57 elkton. 61 hagerstown and 59 easton and 64 pax river. the upper 50s bel air and westminster and columbia and annapolis and kent island, a few passing fair weather clouds. that's about it today. tonight, a few more clouds moving in. this is because of a push of humidity. it's a chance you won't see the symbol in the five day. 80 degrees this day and gorgeous. tonight, we'll call it generally, a mixture of clouds
6:47 am
and -- well, clouds and clear sky. i don't want to overplay cloudiness, but we'll have clouds around. 80 tomorrow and a mixture of clouds and sun. saturday, sunday, 80 and 84 degrees. igor is a category four hurricane. there's been a change and that's keeping him out to sea as of the sunday, 2:00 a.m. estimated position in the ocean. and julia is a category 1 hurricane. she's expected to stay out into the center of the sea. and if they maintain the course,the biggest problem will be swells coming into the east coastal. thank you, and we'll go to kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. well, thank you, don. we have an accident to watch out for the on the south west side. and on the westside outer lupe,
6:48 am
we have slowing from 795 to liberty road. only ten minutes to get through. northside, also slow at harford and moving to the harrisburg expressway, that's moving well. and now, let's take a live look at the beltway at route 40 and not bad for the delays. and another look at 95 and south of caton avenue, we have an accident on the shoulder. this is brought to you by toyota. toyota is moving forward. all right, this morning's coffee with is with quest love. this the brought to you by time life. out from behind the bandstand. maybe one of the best bands in tv music, by the way. how's it going, man? >> well, that was a great introduction, i'm good. how are you doing? good luck. >> well, on a show like you do
6:49 am
nightly, it's a big part of it. that's held up with johnny carson, back in the day. >> well, that's a good reference. they tell me that, i'm honored that you said that. >> and it's cool you're fronting this new dvd. i have to tell you, what an iconic show this is. for everyone that enjoys music and dance. talk about this a second. >> i mean, soul train, it's pretty much one of the most important documents in the african american music for music that came out, i guess in the late 60s and early 70s. really, television hasn't seen anything like it before it or since soul train was exposed for a lot of artists you didn't get to see on national television shoes and they didn't get to make ed sullivan
6:50 am
or american bandstand. it showed dancing and the dances coming out in the 70s and it showed fashion that was crazy and afro's and bell bottoms and it showed you everything. just more than entertainment, it educated people on a slice of life. >> and i have to tell you, as a young man in a small town in ohio, it opened my eyes. >> same in philadelphia, every week, every saturday at 11:58, we all rushed to the television set to watch this show. >> and you know, it became a multicultural show. and you put it in the beginning, here was the doorway that wasn't available. with the rapid order, one, two years. everyone i knew, i was in kentucky. everyone was watching soul train. >> it was the only game in
6:51 am
town. >> it was truly, if you wanted to know what the newest dances were you were going to do that night at a party, you watched soul train. you had to watch soul train at 12:00 p.m. saturday just to know what steps to do that night at 9:00 and 10:00 at the party. >> and i've said it before, my father loved hee-haw and soul train. my mother didn't get it. >> and we couldn't finish the interview without talking about don. i mean, let's be honest, you want to talk about a powerful figure in media. >> and probably the coolest, well, his contribution is, he's the coolest television host i've ever seen. you know? one of my favorite moments is him interviewing barry white, a
6:52 am
man that you know has a smooth in-depth. and they would have a ummmh contest. >> and that may have gone into overtime. >> and that was the most often rumored man to be dead. >> what? >> every week, someone had a story he had died. >> really, really? >> wow. >> we must have watched different stations. >> well, listen, we have a minute left. where can folks pick this up. >> well, the video is available today. it's a three disk set. it's available in most out lets and you can go to best buy and target. >> and can we be honest about soul train. one of the best tv themes
6:53 am
going. >> oh, yeah. and the sound of philadelphia. >> kenny and leeon. and exactly correct. listen, it's been great to have you on. continue the success and you know, best of soul train. tb ast. guaranteed great viewing. low enough and peace, love, soul. >> do that again, you'll get a hernia. >> i have one already. well, he's right. you watch saturday afternoon and know what you were doing saturday. and you wish you were wearing that stuff, some of it. almost all of it to be honest about it. >> well -- >> even some of the women's stuff looked good on me. sharon gibala has the traffic control after this. ,,,,,,,,
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
6:56 am
welcome back, sunny, breezy, pleasant and a high of 80. we'll send it to kristy breslin this morning. good morning, marty and everyone. we have the accident over on northbound 95 blocking the right hand lanes. that will slow the drive down and we have another accident to
6:57 am
watch out for on the southside of the beltway, that's at liberty road and now, taking a live look at the beltway, moving along and this is brought to you by the cochran firm. thank you, and stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station, ,,,, ,,,,,,
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