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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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let's look at the day part today. it's going to be a gorgeous, gorgeous late summer day.
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78 at lunch and on the way to 80. >> many are going to work and school right now. we have problems on the eastside at the key bridge right lane is blocked due to a crash and traffic on the bridge is thick. try to avoid the area if possible. as far as accidents. we have one at ritchie and 9th avenue. as far as 95, northbound, in great shape and southbound, the minor slowdown to the beltway. and harrisburg expressway, continuing to move well and now, we'll take a live look at the key bridge, the accident is up ahead on the right side of the screen. we'll take another look here at 895 north of child street. no problem to report in that direction. for the most accurate information, go to the primary results are
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what people will be talking about. the numbers continue to change and wjz is following the key races for you. andrea fujii has more on the democratic contest. and derek valcourt is live downtown on the developing news for the city state's attorney. good morning, derek. >> reporter: no one's claiming victory yet in this case and we'll look at the numbers. challenger bernstein is up with 29,000 votes. jessamy has 28,000 votes. the problem is, there are still several thousand of the uncounted and early votes. and all of the votes could make a major difference and that's why, right now, the race is too close to call. as the results begin trickling in, bernstein greeted
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supporters. >> public safety is a right and people appreciate that and that's why we've gotten the level of support that we have. >> reporter: his support is the strongest opposition jessamy faced. >> we're confident that the voters elected the best person. so, we'll await the return. >> reporter: jessamy spent much of her campaign playing defense as bernstein launched aggressive attacks. people are getting away from murder because jessamy failed to convict them. >> reporter: bernstein wanted voters to connect the crime problems and recent high profile murders like the death of steven pitkaren and while she had support from several politicians, here in the backing of some of her partners
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in law enforcement including police union and the endorsement from the police commissioner. they're both proud of their campaigns. >> i'm a person who believes in high integrity and i've exhibited that. >> i have terrific people running a great campaign. i wouldn't do anything differently. >> now, both of the candidates left their celebration parties last night without knowing the end results. it's likely they won't know the end results until later on today. we're live, derek valcourt, wjz- 13 eyewitness news. >> thank you, derek and now for the latest on the other big race -- we'll go straight the andrea fujii. good morning, and and. good morning, everyone. and the two county councilmen continue to battle it out this
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morning. kamenetz is in the lead, but not by much. here are the latest numbers with the reports. he has 52% of the results and bartenfelder has 44% of the votes. and hours after the polls closed, there's still no clear winner. >> reporter: with no clear out come, bartenfelder asked his supporters to be patient. >> we're waiting for the votes to come in and it could be a long night. >> it's a wait and see type of election. >> reporter: and on the kamenetz side, they talked about problematic voting machines. >> we had problems with the boards of elections and with the machines and the availability of out comes in precincts. it's impossible to project a winner and loser at this time.
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>> low voter turnouts were also a problem. >> the voter turnout throughout the numbers out. some didn't know an election was going on. >> both camps went to bed on pins and needles. >> listen, joe and i both served on the council for 16 years and we were well known in our parts of the county and the key is, you know, we've been able to make nice roads on his turf, so to speak and the numbers are paying off. >> and voter turnout was low in baltimore county. only 12% of registered voters cast their ballots yesterday. back to you, don. now, to the other key contests. first, the gubernatorial primary. o'malley easily defeated his challengers. and o'malley has more than 4/5th of the vote at this time.
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his comment this morning, game on. >> i'm proud of the choices we've made over the last four years and they'll be compared to the different choices ehrlich made when he was governor. he jacked up the college tuition and he didn't protect the open space and we were slipping back and not moving forward. you heard him say that the rematch we were speculating about is on. ehrlich beat murphy. he was backed by mccain and murphy by sarah palin and the tea party. ehrlich is up 3-1 and he's glad that the primary is other. >> we've had the primaries attacking us and the numbers are strong and it shows the real strength of the campaign.
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we're looking to a vigorous campaign in the fall. >> he'll release a new television ad and o'malley will be doing the same. the senate race matched up as expected. wargotz edged out tea party favorite rutledge. and the associated press declared wargotz the winner. wargotz, you'll recall released a tv add depicting mikulski as a dinosaur. mikulski won her party's nomination. she's hopeing to win a 5th term in the election this november. >> keep your eye on the bottom of the screen as we begin to scroll the primary results. and right now, you can get the results at a suspended city police officer faces new charges this morning connected to an assault
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behind a bar. the 29-year-old is accused of punching a woman with another woman behind club reality. three police officers are said to have witnessed the incident. walker was already suspended for another dispute. both were fueled be i alcohol. the baltimore teacher's union is calling attention to the salt lake cit -- vacancies. and more than 100 city teacher's contracts weren't renewed. several hadn't received their assignments. big plans for transforming the area around the washington monument in mt. vernon. some are crying, save the trees. several want to fix the
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monument and redo the streets and sidewalks and replace the big trees with newly smaller ones. they want it to be like a classic ear ian park. europeann park. >> all right. >> well, my mike is on now. i want to give a round of applause for everyone that ran for office yesterday. they had the guts to do so. >> and to stick with it. >> that's a big endeavor. >> you talk about a total effort of friends and family. i mean, i think it's one of the most noblist things you can do. >> public service and running to be a public servant. >> we're fortunate. we have to go with inside the
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ropes and see what's going on in the course. that's a grueling, thankless endeavor and job. it really honestly is. >> i couldn't handle the attention of the election night if i was running. >> well, you know, i don't know -- well, what you could compare it to in our lives. i don't even think a birth of a child. running for office and politics is its own unique thing. maybe i guess, when, you know, you're back in jr. high school and you're running for council and you're about to close the thing. give another round of. [ applause ] . and everyone that stood up, it's worth it. they deserved it. >> and for everyone else, they thank you, too. >> we thank you.
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>> 80 degrees is the high. sunshine and passing fair weather clouds. just another gorgeous day. couldn't be nicer. it should continue into early fall. great morning to be outside. and it's going to be a great weekend. that's going to help the gentlemen behind ronster accomplish something special. >> these ladies and gentlemen behind me, part of the academy class 43, authority police. some of the people who will be running throughout the fort mchenry tunnel on sunday. all for the benefit of the maryland special olympics. we'll tell you how to get involved when the eyewitness involved when the eyewitness news morning editionon,,,,,,,,
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i'm assuming this color is right. we'll go outside for this one. right now, it's 55 degrees and calm winds and the barometer at 30.11. 55 downtown and 56 elkton and 59 degrees in pax river and naval air and 57-degrees in ocean city and 60 degrees hagerstown and 56 oakland and 57 westminster. and 61 rock hall, down to 60 on kent island and annapolis. here's the huge dome of high pressure. next shot of clouds and showers will be thursday night into friday.
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and a few showers in the forecast. we're going to have a cold front moving throughout the area and that's the cause of a tiny bit of rain. 80 the high this day and sunshine and passing fair weather clouds and high clouds. 56 is the low and tomorrow, 86, breezy and warm and increasingly cloudy skies and here's the cold front. 80 friday and saturday, beautiful. sunday and monday, 82 and 78 degrees. got to go to the tropics. and now, we're going to make, according to the computer models, a move north and staying offshore. we have one category 4 storm and julia. julia exploded overnight. when's the last time we've had two category 2 storms. fortunately, this track will do the same. she'll make a decided move north and stay offshore and now, we have karl. getting ready to come ashore and we believe it's a tropical
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storm. and you would matily, come -- and ultimately, it will be a category 1. they won't effect us, but we'll continue to follow them on air and online at keeping track of your track this morning. it's kristy breslin in traffic control. well, we have a problem out there. 395. we have an accident on the shoulder. there's a disabled trash truck. people are slowing down to get a sneak peek. heavy on the key bridge and eastside at the bridge, the accident has the right lane blocked. we have a crash at ritchie and 9thavenue. and harrisburg expressway, that's in great shape northbound and southbound. and 95 southbound, a few brake lights. now, we'll take a live look. and the congestion at the eastside due to the crash.
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this is brought to you by toyota. you can choose from 16 fuel efficient models to find the ride of your life. back to you. let's send it to the ronster at the fort mchenry toll plaza. >> that's right, don and marty. south east baltimore, as we get ready for sunday's second annual fort mchenry tunnel run and walk. it's all for the benefit of maryland special olympics. marcus chief of the authority police, this is a great event. >> absolutely, the weather will be perfect. we had a thousand runners last year and we raised $40,000 for special olympics. >> last year was the inaugural year. >> yeah, we're thrilled to have that. people realized how important the cause was and how unique the race was. >> let's talk about the fort
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mchenry tunnel, built in 1985. >> yes, it's a little more than a mile and a half long and 100 feet deep underneath the water and it's a great chance for the runners to run under the water. it carries 115,000 vehicles a day. >> good to see you. >> thank you, we want to bring in betsy. good morning. >> we're glad to be here. this is a huge event for you guys. >> it's amazing. special olympic maryland is training -- we're glad to have the support and we expect a huge crowd and we're hoping for 11,000 people. >> wow! and hopefully $50,000. give us the website for people who want to register for the race. >> we would like people to go
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online to get registered in advance and it's $25 in advance and $30 day of. it will be great and like you said, the weather will be perfect. >> 81 degrees and perfect. >> thank you. >> thank you, ron. okay, sergeant -- >> i remember him from his former days. chief, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you ready to run? i'll be here. this is recruit class 34. 34 -- 43. they'll be singing to keep everyone entertained. >> they've already raised like $2000. >> yeah, they've done a great job and raised $2000 already for the event. >> all right, class 43. >> all right, attention. >> [ indiscernible ] >> back to you on tv hill. [ laughter ] >> hey, ron, invite them back
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to the manic monday meltdown. yeah, we want to invite you back to the manic monday meldown. >> and there's one guy in the crowd who's blocked by the pennant and he's in the shadow and i assume his family got up early to see him. drop the pennant for a second. lower it actually. we're trying to see someone. >> there he is. all right. >> thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] . >> he's always behind it. >> that's for the benefit of the maryland special olympics. we'll send it to you on tv hill. have a great day and come on out sunday. >> we'll do. >> i have to tell you something. special olympics will always be there, but the donations.
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here's the information. and you have to remember, the polar bear plunge and what all of the agencies around do for that, and the hundreds and thousands of dollars raised every year. man, oh, man. get the cops behind something, and it works. exactly. all right, we're taking and break and we'll be back. ,,,,,,,
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just ahead, a changing command in the nation's capitol. >> and are you waiting for the results in the city state's attorney's office in baltimore. i'm derek valcourt and i'll tell you why this race is too close to call and how close it really is. and no clear winner yet in the baltimore county executive race. kamenetz and bartenfelder are less than 10% away. i'm andrea fujii and we'll have the latest, just ahead. i'm kristy breslin in wjz
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traffic control. plenty of connection on the key bridge, the accident has the right lane blocked and that could make the drive a long one. all right, coming up on coffee with. we have gotten one of americans great olympians with us. she's a supergirl on her own. she's a five time olympic gold medalist and she took the supergirl monitor given to her and applied it to products that's meant to empower young ladies and give them a sense of being. it's an interesting story and it's coming up on coffee with. that's as the morning edition continues after this. ,,,,,,
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i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work.
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let's go ahead and look at
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the day's squaring away. a high of 80 and 76 and beautiful this evening. mid-and upper 50s thousand. >> the key to getting around may be avoiding the key bridge. >> well, you have that right. en we'll look at the shot here. you can see the key bridge here. the accident has the right lane blocked and they're working on getting that cleaned up. you may want to consider another option. as far as the rest of the region, we have an accident in pikesville and reisterstown road and a second crash to watch out for at ritchie and 9th avenue. that's involving a struck pedestrian. easy drive northbound and southbound. 60 miles per hour average there as you can see at belfast and a look at 95. still slow in the southbound direction. whitemarsh on the north southeast side. and we'll take another live look. that may be a better option for
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you there. this is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. toyota is moving forward. topping the news, the results are coming in for the 2010 primary. and here in baltimore city. 13.5% filled out a ballot and that's down 25% from 2006 and baltimore county% was 12%. and we have live complete coverage for you this morning. and derek valcourt has more on the city state's attorney race. we'll begin with andrea fujii and a bit of breaking news. good morning, don and everyone. yes, we have new numbers to report. more precincts are reporting in baltimore county. let's look. 94% are reporting now and
6:33 am
kamenetz had 52% of the votes. bartenfelder has 44% of the votes. and with all of the votes not counted yet, there's no official winner. with no clear out come, bartenfelder asked his supporters to be patient. >> we're waiting for the votes to come in. it could be a long night. it's a wait and see type of election. >> and on the kamenetz side, the problematic voting machines caused delays. >> we had problems with the numbers an the machines and the availability of out comes. it's impossible to project a winner or a loser there. >> the low voter turnout through the numbers way out. some didn't know an election was going on. >> both camps went to bed on
6:34 am
pens and needles and kamenetz has an explanation on his lead. joe and i both served on the council for 16 years and we're well known in our part of the county. we've been able to make nice end roads on his turf, so to speak and those numbers are paying off. >> again, 94% of precincts in baltimore county have been counted and 6% not yet counted for the race for baltimore county executive. we have word that 11:00 a.m. this morning, kamenetz will hold a press conference, it's not official if he'll claim victory at that point. >> thank you, andrea and another much watched race in baltimore city. the democratic nomination. good morning, derek. >> the race now, too close to call. it's all because of the numbers. we can show you what they are.
6:35 am
right now, the city state's attorney comes in with under 28,000 votes. and the challenger, bernstein, more than 29,000 votes and the difficulty, several thousand out standing, uncounted absentee and early votes. keep in mind, all of the votes could make a big difference in what's been a fierce battle over the seat. >> as results begin trickling in late tuesday nigh. bernstein greeted supporters and spoke with wjz. >> that's one of the rights and i can see that the people appreciate that and that's why we've gotten the level of support. >> his support is the strongest opposition jessamy has faced in an election and late tuesday night, she held out hope she would keep her job. >> we're confident that the voters elected the best person.
6:36 am
>> we'll await the return. >> she played defense as bernstein launched aggressive attacks. >> people are getting away with murder because jessamy failed to convict them. >> she's the highest paid prosecutor in the state and they have the lowest prosecution rate. while she had support from several politicians -- here, in the backing of some of her partners in law enforcement including police union and an early and unofficial endorsement from the police commissioner. jessamy called the campaign devicive. both sides are proud of their campaigns. >> i'm a person who believes in high integrity and i've exhibited that. >> i have terrific people
6:37 am
running a great campaign and i wouldn't do a single thing different. >> so far, no victory speeches and no concession speeches and neither party looking like they'll have results or know who the winner is until later on in the day. derek valcourt, wjz-13, eyewitness news. thank you, derek. more results to bring you now, including the contest for governor. we have governor o'malley edging out his competitor and the closest got 10% of the vote. the governor will match up against bob ehrlich in november and the rematch of the election in 2006. and ehrlich's challenger with the tea party backed -- more than some expected. >> and the race for the senate went according to most predictions as mikulski will seek another term after securing her party's nomination
6:38 am
yesterday. all three of the areas will be attacked by wargotz. wargotz is a doctor who served on the commission on the eastern shore. and he gained attractions with ads that depicted mikulski as a dinosaur. there will also be a new mayor. people called him out of touch. gray, he's been the chairman for the d.c. council edged him out. there's no republican running in the general election this november. >> and he may night the ethics violation, but he's representing harlem's neighborhood. >> this victory has to be yours. no matter what they say, i go
6:39 am
back to washington, stronger than i've ever been. >> some democrats had urged him to step aside because of those allocations which includes failing to pay taxes on rental income from a villa in the dominican republic. >> also, in delaware, o'donnell one the primary and beating mike castle. the tea party won in new york state also where -- and in new hampshire's primary, kelly was defeated. as we mentioned, keep your
6:40 am
eye on the bottom of the screen for more. and it was a certain out come for the orioles. they won downtown. jake ariata held on to the lead and aloud only four hits. and the birds pulled away in the 7th inning and they scored six runs and the orioles win, 11-3 and the blue jays play again downtown. >> i wanted to congratulation ray lewis. yesterday was the kick off of the campaign. this is going to be a brand of clothing and t-shirts and hats and jackets. if you can wear it, it's going to be on. it will be the logo. it goes to the ray lewis foundation. and ray takes this up to a different level every year. let's look at the website here.
6:41 am
there's buffy, you have to love her, that's ray's mom. she's a strong and guiding force behind that effort. >> she's a good lady. >> a good tough lady. they've done this slowly and surely, step by step, inch by inch and they started with the duck derby and imagine the moneys helped to raise the kids. >> less than two weeks ago, he gave out backpacks. >> do a search for ray lewis foundation and you'll get more information about this. >> no doubt. well done. job well done for the community. we're going for a high of 80 degrees and sunshine in the air. and this is mid-50s now. this is more like another community sports for the latest story.
6:42 am
she's an immigrant from russia, she's a five time american olympic gold medalist. they used to call her supergirl. she's done a line of clothing to empower young women, be yourselves and be the best you can be. there's the benefits back to the community, too. we've got kristy breslin in wjz- 13. i'm going to have the first warning weather and three named sports. sports. and we'll talk about thth,,,,,,,
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing
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what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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>> clear skies in the area now and we'll have clear skies and calm conditions throughout the five day and accept thursday and friday, when a cool front
6:46 am
moves throughout the area. 80-degrees is the high and sunshine mixing with clouds this day and tonight, mainly clear and tomorrow, we'll call it a mixture of clouds and sun and a high of 86. here comes the cold front and that knocks it back. category 4 igor is projected to make a turn to the north and stay offshore. that's a good thing. we have another category 4 hurricane. julia exploded overnight and it will follow the same path. now, we have karl and gaining strength over the south west gulf and coming over as a category 4 hurricane. three named storms and none effecting us. a few problems on the pavement. here's kristy breslin. what a difference a few minutes can make. take a look at the key bridge now. the accident is cleared and
6:47 am
both directions are getting by fine. we'll look at the accident in the reisterstown area at the beltway. there emergency medical equipment is on the scene. moving to the northside inner lupe and slowing at providence road, 30 miles per hour and harrisburg expressway, no problems in either direction. that's been good to us and 95, a slowdown as you make your approach to whitemarsh. 95 north of the beltway, there's a look and a look at the key bridge. this is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. all right, thank you. this morning's coffee with is with nastia luken. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. you started lining up the medals, you could stand, well,
6:48 am
i would say head to head with michael phelps, but that's not going to happen. >> i'm good, how are you. >> i'm fantastic. i'm interested in this thing you're doing. it's backed up with the supergirl line of clothes that you can get to at pennys. >> you decided to do motivational stuff for teens. what was behind that? it's important to have that confidence and some girls don't have that. it's important for me to help them and guide them and inspire them and for them to feel empowered. i had a long term goal of going to the olympic games. >> we have it. at this point, there's a lot of young women watching the show, maybe with their mothers.
6:49 am
what's one other thing you would tell them. always believe in themselves and never give up. that's so important and you have to believe in the goals and dreams. also, don't give up. if there's an obstacle in the road, i had plenty, you have to fight through it. >> what's the biggest one you had to overcome. >> an injury. >> yeah, you know what? that would definitely -- well, you know, that's a fork in the road. hearing that, it hurt me, and when i was able to get past it, it made me stronger.
6:50 am
>> there's a line i love, winning is a great deoderant. hey, i'm lookingality your website. and there's a beautiful picture of you on the left and then, the competitive you. when you throw the game face on, you're there. everyone says i have this glare, the glare. >> well, you do. take that shot one more time, you have a serious glare. michael phelps is a great friend of the show. it's the same thing. >> definitely, it's very, everyone is kind of like that. if you're a top athlete, you
6:51 am
know. there's not much smiling and laughing and you're going and competing for your dreams and goals. the olympics happens every four years. you have to go out and take the opportunities and the chances. >> now, you've put it into the line of clothing. go to penny's website, supergirl. > >> yes. >> well, what was behind it. >> well, it's an iconic brand and logo, for me to be the face of this, it's an honor and i think that i'm hoping it will inspire girls across the country and for them to feel empowered. we were looking at some of the b roll. it's hot stuff. >> i didn't, well, supergirl's
6:52 am
original out fit was plain. that one's a little more stepped up. >> right. and well, i think that, you know, you have to step it up from that especially in this day. girls are very into fashion. i think that, you know, that's very important. >> cool, quality looking merchandise. >> listen, our merchandise is run short. keep up with everything. you're one of america's best. we're proud of you. >> thank you. >> bye. >> you can follow her on twitter, by the way. >> you there, real quick. >> i was going to ask how often she tweets. and go online and look up her olympic record. as far as gymnastics, she's the michael phelps of the match. we'll be back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> sunny and a high of 80. kristy breslin, good morning. >> good morning, marty and we have slowing out there on the beltway. traveling on the westside, 10 minutes from 795 to 70. moving to the reisterstown area, we have an accident to watch out for. reisterstown at the beltway and emergency equipment still on the scene there. northside inner loop, slowing there as you make your approach to providence and 95
6:56 am
southbound, still sluggish. theren and let's look live as you can see, everything's moving well at the key bridge. and if you've suffered a personal injury, call the cochran firm for more information. now, back to you. thank you, we have the primary results for the city state's attorney for you bernstein is leading jessamy and the margin of difference is small. the race again, simply too close to call. and kamenetz is close to winning against bartenfelder. and baltimore county saw 12% voter turnout. stay with us, complete news, weather and traffic for you this morning. plus, primary surprises in other states. we'll look at the big upsets around the country and the tea party figures in some of them
6:57 am
as everyone predicted it would or wouldn't. and as you can see, it's got gorgeous get up and go in this area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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