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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 15, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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they're following the race at the board of elections more on the vote counting that just wrapped up a short time ago >> reporter: they're counted, they're not counted, all that confusion after thousands of votes went uncounted. the pat jessamy camp wants to review the process that created the confusion to begin with. the vote count ended in the state's attorney race and berstein ahead. what no one appeared to realize was that not all of the votes were counted. 6 districts were left out or missing. >> her understanding with a conversation at her representatives with the campaign is that this total is approximately 6-10,000 votes.
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that's what she's hearing and we're waiting for the information to come from the board of elections, her people are down there. >> reporter: pat jessamy and burns says the votes could make a significant different. again as reported, one hundred percent of the precincts have been counted and the margins haven't changed that much. >> thank you. campaign coverage continues with the latest reaction from berstein's campaign. >> reporter: what the we're told is that there's about 2500 abs tee ballots that need to be counted that will be returned. it is still possible for pat jessamy to pull it out here.
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however, it's hard to tell. berstein will have his moment, he has not did any statements today. he waits for the tallies to be the city's top prosecutor. one of his biggest supporter brown sounds victorious. >> i've spoken to a number of prosecutors who are looking forward to a change in leadership and new blood from the top 3600 were requested and 2000 have come back. elections director jones >> all of this is unofficial numbers until we certify to the state on the 24th of september. >> they could continue to arrive today and tomorrow when at 10:00 in the morning they would be
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counted. berstein ran adds criticizing her. the police commissioner caused a stir when he endorsed berstein but public officials say it won't impact her >> i'm committed to working with whoever they choose the state's attorney to reduce crime in the city. >> if you have a manager and never seem to get out of the cellar of your division, you might need a new manager. >> reporter: berstein says the strength of his campaign is people wanting to feel safe. >> they're tired of the violence and living in one of america's most violent cities and they want to see change. >> berstein released a statement, we are pleased --
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>> thank you. campaign coverage continues with adam may live in towson on the democratic primary and the man who has been declared the winner. >> it was competitive and they're still counting the votes because of some problems with a few electronic voting machines. but kevin kamenetz has been declared the winner. >> i'm honored to be the democratic nominee for county executive. >> reporter: county counselman
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declares victory. >> i reach out to join together because once again i believe we will be democrats united. >> he defeated and strong campaign. >> is this a room full of friends and i appreciate that. thank you. >> reporter: now the battle for diverse residents >> do you feel like a dark horse in this race? >> certainly when i started i was a dark horse, i was about 50-1. right now i think we're even money. >> republican ken holt wants to cut taxes and more. >> i want no cut property taxes by making sure the assessed values are comparable to the market value. many left scorned by the
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negative campaign >> my hand is extended to joann when we meet in person, i will renew that friendship as well and i ask joe for his support and more importantly his help. >> reporter: as of tonight, neither candidate has the endorsement of the police and fire unions. they say they will court that group over the next couple days adam may, wjz news >> i'm sure we could campaign on that. the coverage continues with mary and the latest in the race for the governor's office. >> reporter: the stage set for o'malley and robert and -- he greeted in annapolis. his win now sets up a rematch
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of the 2006 maryland governor's race. he's been touting his education during his tenure. wjz is always on, go to >> we want to update the breaking news out of baltimore, an attempted robbery ends with gunfire. wjz is live at rock raven boulevard, more on what happened. >> with this shopping center here crowded with shoppers, two white men enter a pharmacy, it's been hit four times before, this time arms security sees them. >> running gunfire across the shopping center, police shooting at suspects ablock away from the store. two gunman enter this pharmacy
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>> when the police officer engage them, he saw the weapon and pulled out his weapon and fired shot to disable the suspect. >> reporter: the shots missed but they run to the police >> the police officer was in the area and saw the commotion and saw the suspect running and detained him. the second suspect got away on foot. >> reporter: shoppers never knew what happen and wasn't told to stay inside. gloves were found where the chase ends and a cell phone is found. the cleaners had its window blown out by gunfire. there were quite a few witnesses taken downtown. the shopping center is open for business. wjz eyewitness news. thank you. wjz, we're bringing you the latest information as it becomes available. 15 city correctional officers are on leave accused of
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using excessive force against a detainee. >> they will determine if several officers used excessive force in late august. 15 officers are on leave. >> he was roughed up and injured to the point where he was taken to the hospital for treatment. and then brought back >>reporter: the commissioner of the division of pretrial services under the division of correction. they monitor prisoners waiting for a trial or waiting to post bond. what triggered the incident is under investigation but all of the officers on leave were directly involve with the attack or watched it go down. >> sometime in the center future we'll make some decision as it relates to what their level of participation was and what sanctions will be applied >> sen them through the process
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and let them see how it is people get a taste of power and exploit it. >> he was just released on drug charges says he wants to see more action against police brutality. nine faced charges for beating an inmate until his eyes were swollen shot. >> if they begin acting as the population act, then we lost control of what goes on here. the director of the officer's union did not respond for a statement health concerns at a local yeurvetsz university after a student gets a contagious and deadly infection
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tense moments today for students and teachers at as a howard county high school. joggers found a body outside of columbia's high school around 7:00 this morning. students were kept inside until the body was removed. detectives say it appears to be a suicide not foul play. they don't believe the person was a student. a perfect september day. how long will the beautiful conditions last? let's hope it's a long time. bob has the forecast. a lot of people asking when will we get some rain around here? we need some rain, it's been dry
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for the last two or three weeks. some activity around st. louis and around lake michigan they combine into a front that could bring us showers by tomorrow. tomorrow that low pressure, the bulk of the activity will pass to the north will be on the southern edge. some spots may pick up a quarter to an inch or so with thunderstorms possible. we'll have a great weekend still to come tonight, it's almost over, a major announcement about the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> city police changing the way they handle rape cases. is it making a difference? >> i say you are my heros. >> wife of the vice president is in m maryland today. why she's on a mission to improve education, next on wjz.
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a beautiful sunny wednesday, are there any changes in the forecast? the first warning weather is coming up. complete coverage continues with denise coke, vick carter and first warning weather with bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods and sports. it's wjz, maryland's news station. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back.
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mary joins us with new reaction >> the controversy began when the baltimore sun reported of police not following through
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when women reported a rape. >> reporter: the number of rapes police have investigated has climbed by 20% from last year. >> my goal is to reduce the number of rapes and to make sure that if someone is attacked and a victim of sexual assault, they know that their story will be heard. >> reporter: this year so far, 112 rapes have been investigated in baltimore city compared to 94 last year. the progress reported as a senate hearing looks into underreported rapes across the nation >> unless there's a consistent interpretation then we don't have a good grip nation-wide. >> reporter: the director of the woman's law project in philadelphia called for hearing says it's a long overdue step towards justice for rape survivors who were
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revictimmized by the systems that should have protected them. they point to other cities dealing with underreported rapes. in baltimore, patrol officers are not longer allowed to classify rape as unfounded >> i change that policy immediately. we have a hot line to anyone that felt that their case should be re-open and wanted to talk about it and had a place to go >> police must now write reports for all sexual assaults. doctor jill biden, wife of vice president joe biden was in anne arundel county today to stress the importance of education in the nation's community colleges. >> security is tight at anne arundel community colleges arnold campuses as jill biden, wife of joe biden meets with
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students and faculty promoting the commitment to following the america's community colleges >> president obama wants to meet the goal for america to have the highest number of college graduates. >> reporter: dr. biden taught at community colleges for 17 years and currently teaches english at northern virginia community college. >> say you are my heros because what you're doing is hard and you're persevering. >> reporter: she toured several facilities stopping to make pastries with culinary arts students >> it's exciting. the students know that anne arundel was chosen for the quality, we think the faculty and the programs to help the local economy. >> reporter: also today, the white house announced that dr. biden serves as the
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first-ever white house summit for community colleges in an effort to further develop america's work force. >> the summit will bring community colleges and state leaders and students together and discuss ways to exup expand at our community colleges. community colleges enroll 8 million students every year. >> if you had a cooky made by the vice president's wife, would you eat it or keep it? >> that calls for e bay. >> looking at temperatures, conditions very pleasant afternoon. 77 now, dew points low. the barometer is holding steady. come back and look at the end of the weekend forecast. ,,,,
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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[ male announcer ] like the new double baconead & cheese omelet sandwich!! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway! the first warning of severe weather. another nice september day, a lot of sun, comfortable sleeping weather, got warmer today than normal, got up to 84 at bwi marshall. 77 delightful, 70 in oak land. ocean city, the winds shift
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around from the atlantic down to 72, the warm spot, hagerstown and d.c. still at 83 degrees. that got into the mid-80s in the afternoon tonight we drop back in the mid-50s. another pleasant night for sleeping to the west. pretty far west this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms with a front moving to the east, it will cause some showers and storms through wisconsin, maybe into illinois later on. this activity will be moving across the ohio valley tomorrow morning. by the time it gets to us in the evening, we lose any daytime heating. the chances are not that great, we will see maybe a scattered shower or a gusty thunder shower in a few isolated spots and then it will clear out on friday with more pleasant cons -- conditions for for the weekend. it will get warmer tomorrow and
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the front comes through and then gets mild for the weekend and looking great. igglooks like it will go over us and the winds and the storm, the strongest is the east of the center. further east, it won't be bad. all of the maps have it over bermuda and moving out. these are the models and here's igor and then there's julia. one more, karl heading towards yucatan, it may generate into a minimal hurricane and cause a lot of rain in mexico. southwest winds on the bay, 5- 15, tonight clear and beautiful night.
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56 to 69 in the city. sunshine and clouds. maybe 86 and then tomorrow evening some scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm in a couple spots before it clears out on friday and a great weekend. thank you. still to come, a popular weight loss drug on trial. will it be banned in the united states a disturbing trial caught on tape. who is accused of abusing an elderly woman in her home. what the world's largest treatment plant is doing to keen up the bay, that story as we continue. diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes.
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is this is wjz now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. it is 6:28, 77 degrees with scattered clouds thank you for joining us. here's what people will be here's what people will be talking about. dangerous and deadly, a popular weight loss drug may be banned in the united states. reporting tonight in health watch, the drug is linked to an increased risk of heart attacks. a split decision on the weight
6:29 pm
loss drug, they reviewed if the drug should stay on the market. it will increase risk of heart problems in certain people. half say it should be taken off of the market, some say it should stay with stronger warnings on the label. >> whether it's worthwhile to use. >> a study found in overweight people who have diabetes or heart disease, it raised their risk of heart attack or stroke 16%. >> it was banned in europe and the maker say not the prescribe the pilling with heart problems. >> it's a very useful drug in a segment of the population -- >> many believe it comes with too much risk. this month, the editors of the new england journal of med the
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fate is now in the hands of the fda. the agency will take the recommendation into consideration when it makes a final decision in the coming weeks. los angeles. >> the fda usually follows the advice of a panel but not always. a milestone in the largest oil spill five months after the rig explosion caused the disaster, bp says the blown out well will be declared dead. they estimate 50% of the oil is gone from the water system the primary rolls -- results are in across the country. they're celebrating a big
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victory and could be the key of who wins in november. joel brown reports. >> reporter: she's the tea party nominee who beat the odds to win the republican primary, but the question now, can she win in november? >> if those same people who fought against me worked just as hard for me, we will win. >> reporter: christine o'donnell won despite blarement republicans that campaigned against her. they have given democrats plenty of ammunition to use in november. >> they nominated someone they don't believe can win in the words of the state party chair couldn't be elected dogcatcher. >> reporter: o'donnell is the latest to win a senate primary. democrats are hoping that the
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views will be a big turnoff for more moderate voters in november. republican leaders were putting differences aside at a rally, the keyword was unity. >> we cannot in this moment waste the opportunity by tearing each other down. >> theythe next big test will be the general election in six weeks, it will be nothing less than control of congress. o'donnell thanked sarah palin for her endorsement and the tea party express that spent money on her campaign washington d.c. is putting a new man in charge, he lost the primary to d.c. chairman gray,
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gray is assured of becoming the next mayor since there is no republican running in the next election. you can check in for complete coverage for campaign 2010 for results and reaction, go to men and women who are victims of the 9/11 attacks say nine years is long enough. the dust made thousands sick and they're pushing for free health care and compensation. >> reporter: fire department paramedic david russell spent weeks in the pit. >> imagine a snowfall that is not snow but 6-8 inches high of dust >> now he's never without his inhaler and taking medication for a disease and a thyroid condition. >> i never had these problems
6:34 pm
prior to 9/11 and they began to come out about 5- 6 years later >>reporter: the rescue and recovery workers pushed for legislation to provide free health care and compensation. >> reporter: many question is this, do they know what sacrifice is about. >> reporter: the exact number who have become ill from their work is not clear, but last year, 16,000 people sought treatment through medical programs set up for 9/11 illnesses. the house failed to pass the bill in july because it needed 2/3 majority. when the bill comes up for a new vote next week, it will need a simple majority. >> we have 255 votes. >> reporter: lieutenant russell says they answered the call when they were asked to. >> if it happened, i think
6:35 pm
everyone would do the same thing all over again. >> reporter: now these men and women who helped so many are counting on congress to help them fight for their lives. the new york state health department says 800 responders have died since 9/11, many were from exposure to harmful substances. a woman is caught on tape abusing a woman inside her home >> reporter: the elderly woman's daughter set up a camera after noticing bruises on her mother. this video is disturbing. it shows a home aide care worker smacking the woman several times and shoving a tube in your mouth. they say they have more than a month's worth of abuse on tape. the elderly woman suffers from alzheimers and heart disease and was not seriously hurt. >> the suspect worked for
6:36 pm
loving care agency and out on bail tonight. she could face additional charge >> a large drop into a large bucket, that's one way to look at a plan to reduce nitrogen pollution in the bay from a sewage plant >> reporter: most of our water may start here, but much of it makes its way in the treatment plant in southwest washington d.c. which happens to be the largest of its kind in the world. at the other end, water free of toxic chemicals and bacteria but not nitrogen. >> to reduce the discharge of nitrogen from 8.5 million pounds to 4 million pounds annually.
6:37 pm
that's >> because algae in the bay feeds on nitrogen and leaves dead zones behind, it will have an impact. >> the river and the bay will be cleaner. >> there are 67 plants getting the state of the art technology. 14 are completed. 13 are underway and the rest are planning in design. >> there are 420 more plants in other states targeted to reduce nitrogen by 11 11 million pounds. >> we're on our way to reducing nitrogen from the wastewater treatment plan for the bay. the cost of the plan upgrades is met by revenue by the flush tax and federal funds a quick look at some of the stories you'll find tomorrow in the baltimore sun. the layoff that could put
6:38 pm
hundreds out of work. caution for kids using energy drinks. a round up of sports action on top athletes for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun and look for the forecast from the first warning weather team the first week of the nfl season is in the books and so is the profootball challenge. live to update the standings, jessica kartalija. taking a look at the bobble head standing, 3 of us have 11 points. we don't know how we ended up up there. he wins a 25-dollar best buy gift certificate. click on the link on the top of the home page and no, my
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husband did not choose them for me. >> i never thought of that. >> i know. >> -- sounds like something kye jackson might say. >> thank you, jessica. exclusively live here on wjz 13 >> i think bob turk would say that. >> he might. >> still to come, an unusual call for firefighters, why they had to rescue a camel. >> the new seats that could make flying even more uncomfortable. >> reporter: i'm bob turk, a nice weekend shaping up. the five-day forecast. here's the top stories on for updates and the day's news and the forecast any time, log on the ,,,,,,,,,, today is the day i double down.
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if you feel cramped when flying, you don't want to hear about the new seat. an italian company designed the upright seat that has half of
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the normal space. the manufacturer says carriers are interested. no word if the fairs will be cut as much as the leg room. firefighters are used to getting cats out of free, but rescuing this pet took more effort. crews called in to rescue this 1500-pound camel. they freed the camel named moses but he was tired, otherwise he's okay >> moses couldn't part the sinkhole. a family pet, it's a camel, who knew. it's a controversial new grading system but it's for teachers, reading, writing and reform continues tonight on the cbs evening news. here's the closing numbers from wall street, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. we're live at the first warning weather coverage. a detailed look at the weather
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with bob. clear skies tonight, sunshine in the morning tomorrow and increasing clouds in the afternoon as the front approaches. it will get warm tomorrow. expect temperatures in the mid-80s. tomorrow evening, we have a chance at a few scattered showers. maybe a thunderstorm in a couple spots. clearing out on friday, upper 70 , 82 and upper 70 , a lot of sunshine and more dry conditions friday through monday. behind the scenes of the remake of dudley moore's author. >> coming up here, our author exclusive. we're on the set as he takes on dudley moore's classic roll. >> good morning. >> it's putting its own brand on the classic. >> is it daunting to do the
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remake? >> no, it's very, very exciting. i love dudley moore, i'm from the same placed a i love here dearly and i am honored >> this time he's playing the nannie. >> are you comfortable seeing him running around in his briefs? seen that enough? >> he's rather gorgeous, so yes, plenty more hopefully. >> she may have seen more than she bargained for. what in the world, really? ever since i first met her, i wanted her to give me a bath, i find her attractive in a confusing way. also tonight, ashton and deemi, did he cheat? we'll have that and more coming up. you can see entertainment tonight here on wjz.
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still to come, the orioles want the hits to keep coming. joe flacco wants to avoid hits like he received.
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great night for baseball and starting to be a great team to watch, mark >> reporter: they have improved this time of the year when we focus on baseball. the birds have been searching here in september. even fairs wearing the t-shirts at the ballpark last night, they were give aways to fans at the ballpark. they got their second straight win over the blue jays. the greatest improvement has been the pitching he threw six scoreless innings, they have won 25-40 games since the new manager took over >> we turned the corner as a team defensively, offensively, our starters, the bullpen, everyone is stepping the game up. the players, we're the ones getting the job done but buck
6:53 pm
deserves a lot of credit for the things he's done with this team. brad is the starter. they've won four straight series. they're going to face blue jays starter making his debut, he's the sun of former cy young winner and he'll get it started in 15 minutes, you can see it on masn. they will be on the record in cincinnati and the number of the ravens players are sore and tire after the win over the jets on monday night football. the aches and pains were worse. starting the quarterbacks of the eagles. kevin cobb not cleared to play after a concussion. ravens quarterback joe flacco is fortunate he's not on the list, he was crushed on the first
6:54 pm
play monday night and i asked him about surviving what could have been a damaging hit >> the turf can be a pretty big enemy sometimes and it depends on how you land, i was pretty fortunate to get, you know, driven in pretty flat and not have any of my limbs underneath me when it happened. you're going to get hit, you have to keep standing in there. tough to watch, but flacco is a tough guy, says his neck and shoulder still hurt today. you can see the ravens and the bengals. she played at st. francis and now with the atlanta dream in the wnba. that's her hitting a buzzer beater at half time and she
6:55 pm
scored 21 points but it's not enough as they fall behind 2-0 in the championship series. they play tomorrow night. game three with the blue jays tonight and the yankees come to town and we'll see how long the o's can keep up with winning game under the new manager. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the prime time lineup. the season finale of big brother. that's it for us tonight, we'll be back at 11:00. >> thank you for joining us. don't go away, more ahead on the cbs evening news with katie couric including three horrific murders and the trial that is putting g >> yes, we will! >> couric: tonight, two for
6:59 pm
tea. two party candidates score big upset victories in two key primary contests as they ride a wave of voter anger across america. i'm katie couric. also tonight, how angry are voters? our new poll finds a record number want to dump their representative in congress. in connecticut, on trial for a horrifying home invasion that led to a triple murder. >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone, american voters are in one angry mood. it's evident at the polls and in the polls. look at this. a cbs news/"new york times" poll out tonight find a record 55% of american voters say it'sim


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