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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 16, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hello again at the top of the hour. we have video from scotland where pope benedict xvi is on a four-day visit to the british isles. protesters are planned in london when he gets there.
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we'll bring you more throughout this hour and on the cbs early show, of course. we got you covered as far as traffic goes and marty is over in first warning weather. a beautiful day, mid-60s. here on tv hill about six degrees warmer. 80 this evening. by this evening we'll open up the window of opportunity, maybe seeing a shower or passing thundershower. it's not a huge possibility but the only possibility of any moisture. don, take it away. >> we got live video. here's kristy breslin in traffic control. 95 still in great shape. no problems to report northbound. southbound a minor problem as you make your approach to whitemarsh boulevard. we have that fire in glen
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burnie. as far as the beltway easy drive and the harrisburg is in great shape. now let's take a live look. you can see traffic moving well at green spring avenue. for the most accurate and up to date traffic information available. , you can always log on to we are inching closer in who will be baltimore city state's attorney. wjz and andrea fujii live outside the board of elections. >> reporter: this race could be decided with about 2,000 absentee ballots. even after they're counted, patricia jessamy may not give up without a fight. more than 2,000 absentee ballots are waiting to be counted today locked up inside the city's board of elections. judges will begin counting them at 10:00 this morning by
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machine. the process should be done tonight. >> most of the time is taking and opening them. it could be maybe three or four hours. >> reporter: when that counting is done, incumbent patricia jessamy may not concede without a legal challenge. >> she's still talking with her advisers to determine what the next steps are and, again, to look at the totals very carefully as also jessamy does in all of her work considers everything very methodically and fully. >> reporter: jessamy's campaign claims there are still thousands of votes that haven't been counted from polling places but the city's elections director disputes it saying that the lead that bernstein holds is accurate. prominent attorney warren brown expects bernstein to be the winner. >> i've spoken to a number of prosecutors who are looking forward to a change of leadership. >> reporter: either way this
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shakes out, jessamy has never faced this kind of a claying in her 15 years in office. a few more provisional and absentee ballots may arrive as well. they had to be most marked by yesterday. >> thank you. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake did not endorse either candidate. the democrat pick nominee for baltimore county executive is still waiting an endorsement. so far, joe bartenfelder has remained silent in endorsing kamenetz. chemo defeated bart part with 52% of the vote. and stay with wjz. for more information, go to we continue to follow breaking news in prince george's county where an suv collided with an ambulance
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shortly after mid-night. three people inside the suv were killed. two paramedics suffered minor injuries. police believe the suv cross the double yellow lynn and side swiped the ambulance. for the second time baltimore police officers and firefighters are using billboards to, press their opinion of city hall. >> reporter: you can't miss it, this two-story billboard it. blasts city leaders, accusing them of not honoring the pension deal made with police officers and firefighters. >> what they have done is violate the city code. >> reporter: this summer the mayor and city raised the retirement age, and cut costs. >> you have a bunch of thieves at city hall. >> reporter: mayor stephanie
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rawlings-blake insisted the changes are fair, that it ensures retirees have a secure plan and one the city can lay ford. this is the second bill board put up by the city's police officers and firefighters. right now there's no response from the mayor or council members, but the union is banking on this to prompt talks. weather either will get the desired results is unclear. first responders say it's a message to city hall and the citizen. >> despite what city hall has done to us, we will continue to keep our prom mess, the oath we took when we became police officers and firefighters to protect the city. >> reporter: police officers and firefighters have filed a lawsuit against the plan. it's unclear if the city will be willing to talk. i'm kai jackson.
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now back to you. thousands of workers at at steel mill face being laid off. according to our media partner the baltimore sun, between 1,000 and 1200 people could lose their jobs. in sports it's sure to be a september to remember for the orioles who picked up another win. brad bergesen pitched a complete game. they sweep the blue jays out of town. the orioles get a day off today. >> ravens tightend todd heap says he's not sure if he will be able to take to the field. he said he lost the ball and had to make that dive to get the grab. he said he's taking his
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injuries day by day. when the ravens are on the road this weekend, you can watch the ravens and bengals in cincinnati sunday afternoon at 1:00. and a fun contest was held at a baltimore county synagogue. it was held at the hoe bree congregation -- hebrew congregation. >> all i can think of is vuvuzela. >> we were all caught up all
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summer long. we're plague the jets. monday night football game. the opening game of the season. it's the first game in their new stadium. having said that and having beaten the jets, we really have to be very careful. one of our toughest games of the here is coming up on sunday. i know the bengals went down last week against the vikings. as coach harbaugh said to us through his press conference on tuesday, we are playing a team -- these are his words -- that handedly beat us twice last year, once here and once there. the second that jets game ended, he put it behind him. i mean, it's in his mirror. right now we're playing on sunday the defending division champions, a theme that rolled over the afc north last year. this could be a very, very tough game. they really can't afford to
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lose this game land go 0-2 with us being 2-0. if the steelers win, the steelers would be 2-0. that game's on jz on sunday. don't kid yourself, this is a huge, huge big deal. we'll find out how good our secondary is. t.o. go deep. ocho, go deep. one of those deals. let's take a lack at the forecast for today. 86 the high. it's going to turn cloudy after this beautiful day. it will be overcast by dinner time. take a look at first warning doppler radar. the cold front is out there. it's moving our way. having said that, the computer is not talking about a lot of moisture here. it's very dry. so believe it or not, some rain overnight and getting out here
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by tomorrow morning wouldn't be a bad thing. ron, down by the water. >> reporter: you're tacking about todd heap, he may in the play on sunday. that catch he played wasms the highlight number one -- the number one nfl highlight on espn sports center and thats would some catch. we have a catch here. we're at nick's fish house. we'll tell you about the trash barb coming up this saturday, barb coming up this saturday, the efforts to keep baltimore's,
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the barometer is at 30 7. 54 in cumberland, big range temperatures. 59 elkton. almost 70 in d.c. 71 down at the ocean. 63 in easton. bel air pretty much the same numbers as yesterday. in annapolis it's eight warmer,
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same deem kent island. both locations 61. 64 in rock hall. here's that 65 downtown. so a few clouds will start meandering. cloudiness and as the cold front moves our way it may kick off a couple showers. there's no guarantee. when you look at graphic, you see we're barely into the moisture. it will be steady rain from central pa. one of those deals. we do need some rain. it's very, very dry. 86 will be the high. if we don't see a shower tonight clouds break up with a low of 64. you're not going to see any over the five days. 80 going to be the forecast high tomorrow. 80 on saturday.
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82 sunday. 78 monday. it's going to be an absolutely gorgeous weekend. these are great weekends to go down to the ocean. now we're going to start checking out hurricane igor. it's going to -- if are a going down to the boche pay attention -- beach, pay attention. julia has weakened overnight. before not too long it -- we're still looking at carl making his way towards the central mexican coast. three named storms once again other than ocean swells, after effect if you will. none of it will affect us directly. so far, so good. if you're traveling 95, a minor
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slowdown as you make your approach to whitemarsh boulevard, still working on clearing that fire activity in glen burnie, annapolis between mountain road and castle. moving well in and around. nothing to report on the harrisburg, moving at top speed in both directions. as you can see, everything is moving well at green spring and 97 and route 100. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. toyota is moving forward. back over to you. >> all right. let's send it out to the roster on insulatetor drive. nick's fish house. how are you? >> insulatetor drive is right. we're in port covington, nick's fish house. there will be a huge event. it's all about the organization
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devoted to keeping the baltimore harbor clean. we have the executive director. thanks for joining us. let's talk about your organization and your mission all right. baltimore harbor water keeper is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the patapsco river. we use the law as our main tool to protect the river. so my background is an environmental lawyer and we use the clean water act. >> how is it doing? >> we need people to support the event so we can get this river clean. >> let's talk about the boat here. tell us about this. >> yeah. this is our 16-foot sea dory, and we patrol for anything odd. we mrs. do bacteria monitoring. we hope to amp up our monitoring to include other
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things. >> reporter: you say this boat was donated. >> cree, donated in 2007 and we have been using it ever since. there are about 200 water keepers all around the world. we are the eyes and ears. some have kayaks, some have canoes and we have sea dories. >> what will be happening. >> our third annual trash -- bash. this is a fun party. the reason is to get people involved to see what we do and why we do it. these are tough times, so we have to raze as much as possible. we'll have a steel drum band, reggae band, grilled oysters, beer, won't and our signature
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cocktail -- the polluter. >> give your website out. >> tickets are $75. includes everything. we also have a sigh lengths auction. you cran get them at www. baltimorewater >> and it's a proud affiliate, right? >> we're proud to have them as one of our partnerships and they're doing a fantastic job, so thanks to eco media. >> thanks. we're live, the beautiful nick's fish house in south baltimore. we'll send this back to you on tv hill. have a good one. >> all right. thanks. dynamite. starting to see the first light of the day. it will be a beautiful sun rise. >> looking forward to seeing
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that. coming up up on our morning edition. >> you are my hero. >> reporter: dr. jill biden, wife of the vice-president is in maryland today. i'm jessica kartalija. why she's on a mission to improve education next on wjz. , ,,,,
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jill biden, the wife of the vice-president was in town stressing education. >> reporter: security steat at anne arundel's community college, as jill biden, wife of joe biden meet with staff and students. >> president obama said he wants to meet the goal by 2020 for our nation to have the highest number of college graduates. >> reporter: she currently teaches english at northern virginia community college. >> i always say that you are my hero because it's hard. what you're doing is so hard and you're persevering. >> reporter: dr. bodien toured several facilities on cam porks
6:26 am
stopping to make pastries with cullenary arts students. >> it is truly exciting. i hope this is for the students who will know that run recount was chosen -- anne arundel was chosen for the quality lit. >> reporter: also today the white house announced dr. biden will serve as chairwoman of the first ever white house summit on community colleges october 5th, all in an effort to further develop america's work force. the summit mr. bring community colleges, federal and state leaderships and students together and discuss ways to expand opportunities. back to you. community colleges enrole more than 8 million students each and every year. we can lock at another live look at scotland where pope benedict has landed within the past hour.
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also coming up -- a local college student is recovering at the hospital with what doctors believe is a potentially dangerous infection. i'm weijia jiang. how university authorities are keeping other students safe. mistakes at the polls. that's what one city state's attorney candidate is claiming with the race undecided. i'm andrea fujii. that story is just ahead. i'm kristy breslin in wjz traffic control. delays start to build out there on the beltway and a minor slowdown on 95. i'll have all your details. can you pour a good stout beer better than jerome bettis? he's doing this thing with guiness. more importantly, we like jerome. he's a good guy, good friend of this show. proud to say he's going to the hall of fame.
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wait until you hear what he said is his greatest sport accomplishment. the bus will have coffee us with. we wake up on this thursday morning and the morning edition morning and the morning edition retutu as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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hello again, a very pretty sunrise. kristy is in for traffic. we'll start with marty. >> it will be partly sunny. in the mid-60s. on its way to the mid-80s, maybe a couple of thunderstorms around the area. don, take it away. here is -- here is kristy breslin at traffic control. the north side of the inner loop will slow down as you make your approach to harford road. to 95 slight slowdown, then the northeast side only about five minutes to get through.
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the harrisburg continues to move well into both directions. no problems on the joppa expressway. that's moving right along and an easy drive on the beltway at bel air road. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer where you can choose from 16 fuel efficient models. toyota is moving forward. back to you. not going down without a fight. patricia jessamy may cry foul if she loses that office. our coverage of campaign 010 -- 2010 continues. andrea fujii is outside the board of elections. >> reporter: with less than 1300 votes separating the two candidates, patricia jessamy is questioning whether every vote was counted. more than 2,000 absentee ballots are waiting to be counted today locked up inside
6:33 am
the city's board of elections. judges will begin counting them boy machine at 10:00 this morning. the process should be done tonight. >> most of the process is taking them, opening them. it could be maybe three or four hours. >> reporter: when that counting is done, incumbent patricia jessamy may not concede without a legal challenge. >> she's still huddling with her advisors to determine what the next steps are and to look at the totals very carefully. as ms. jessamy does with all of her work as state's attorney, she considers everything methodically and fully before she makes a comment. >> reporter: jestly's campaign -- jessamy's campaign claims there are thousands of votes that haven't been counted from polling places but the board of elections disputes that. prom in the defense attorney warren brown expects bernstein to be the winner. >> i've spoken to a number of prosecutors who are looking
6:34 am
forward to a change of leadership. >> reporter: either way this shakes out, jessamy has never faced this close of a claying in her -- challenge in her 15 years in office. if jessamy decides to challenge those results, that process could last months. don, back to you. >> bernstein's campaign said the results mirror its expectations that it would be a close race. the new democratic follow men knee for baltimore county executive hopes to see unity in the days ahead eye reach out to everyone in baltimore county to heal our division. once again, i believe we will be democrats united. >> kevin kamenetz secured the nomination when challenger joe bartenfelder concede the race. kamenetz won by 2%.
6:35 am
the president wants to preserve cuts for most people while allowing others to rise. many have sent a let tore nancy pelosi asking for a bill to raise no within's taxes. railroad to stay with wjz for complete coverage. for more on what happened tuesday and what's coming up in november, go to overnight breaking news in prince george's county. an suv swerved over the double yellow line and hit an ambulance just after midnight on marlboro pike. three people in the suv are dead. two paramedics have minor injuries. a contagious and potentially deadly infection strikes a college campus. one student is hospitalized with bacterial meningitis. weijia jiang last the story. >> reporter: the stevenson
6:36 am
university community is on alert. a student is hospitalized with a suspected case of bacterial meningitis, a potentially deadly infection of the membranes around the brain and the spinal cord. >> unfortunately, because of where the infection is, it can cause serious brain damage and if it's serious enough,s specially involving some of the vital parts of the brain it can be fatal. >> reporter: the doctor said it's contagious through close contact and dorm living puts college students at a greater risk. >> i was worried whether or not i had come into contact with her. we're not allowed to know the name. >> reporter: several students say administrators informed them those most at risk are those who were at a soccer house party over the weekend. >> i was at a soccer house party, so it could have been there. >> reporter: in a statement, a university small said other -- spokesman said other students
6:37 am
who mi have been, posed were treated. health leaders have educated the campus on symptoms including high fever, headache and a stiff neck. >> wash your hands, come to the wellness center if you feel any symptoms. keep everything clean, vacuum. keep your room tidy. >> reporter: doctors say meningitis is easily treated with antibiotics. the student is recovering in stable condition at a nearby hospital. weijia jiang wjz eyewitness news. >> all maryland college students are required to get a meningitis vaccine or sign a waiver if they refuse to. we continue to track the progress in -- pope's progress in scotland. he is being welcomed with a parade. a short time ago the pope talked to reporters on the plane acknowledging his church
6:38 am
failed to act quickly enough in cases where priests raped children. in the past half our palestinian president a maude abbas says he wants to continue the talks. the american league east takes another turn. there's been in a battle for the tampa bay rays. last neat's time was 4-3. then
6:39 am
the game, he was robbed. the orioles wen and they take on the yankees beginning tomorrow night. they get a day off today and baltimore ravens t.j. houshmandzadeh is days from returning to the place where he began, cincinnati. he said he isn't sure how he will be received. you can watch the ravens and bengals this sunday afternoon at 1:00. >> harb in his press conference said, look, get jets behind you real fa. these are his words, a tomorrow that handedly boat us twice last year in our house and at their house, a huge game coming up. sunday 1:00.
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>> yes. looking forward to it. >> keeping with the football theme, jer rem bettis is joining us. jer rem has been on the show a couple times. on the field, he said i will cut you up and give you no quarter. off the feecialtiond respect the guy going to the hall of fame. he's doing this thing with guiness. it involves your best sports moment wait until you hear what jerome bettis' greatest sports moment is. it will blow your mind. it as nothing to do with football. kristy breslin has wjz traffic cell. we have weather and more coming up. >> we asked you to show us purple pride, and, boy, did you deliver. email us a photo now. go to ♪
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good morning. 65, a gentle breeze in the east, northeast at niefnlt the barometer is at 30.07.
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71 ocean city, almost 70 d.c. 58 in elkton and hagerstown. 58 in west menster. look at that pop up in temperature. 65 columbia. almost 70 in annapolis and kent island. we were at 58 on tv hill. it's a warmer morning, a tad bit more humid. clouds will increasals the cold front -- increase as the cold front moves our way. look. the computer, barely into the moisture zone. so, having said that, the forecast for today doesn't have rain with a high of 86. clouds will break, maybe a thundershower or two around, maybe. tomorrow sunshine, a high of 80, beautiful weather begins tomorrow. 80 saturday, 82 sunday.
6:45 am
hurricane igor to a strong cat four. it will hit head on the island of bermuda. we'll, of course, watch it for you. it will send swells. it will be a beautiful weekend. got to be very careful. julia is almost pretty much out of here. this is going -- we're still watching carl make a move towards the central mexico coast. >> here's kristy at wjz traffic coal. >> if you're getting ready to take the the beltway allow yourself a couple extra minutes. we have delays as you make your approach to harford road. about 10 minutes to get through. we have a disabled vehicle past
6:46 am
the ft. mchenry tunnel. as far as everall travel teams from the inner loop, 54 miles an hour. you can see ballet -- the beltway, congestion. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer where you can choose from 16 fuel efficient models. toyota is moving forward. back over to you. >> this morning's coffee is with jerome bettis, the bus. let's welcome back the bus, jerome bettis. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> hold up your right hand for just a second. there you g respect to the super bowl ring. you've been out of the game now, what three or four years? >> four years going on five
6:47 am
years. this will be the fifth season. >> you're a year or two of going into the hall of fame. my point is you'll have to retire the super bowl rng and wear the hall of fame ring. >> i wouldn't have a problem doing that if they were this give me a hall of fame ring, that would be a tremendous honor. >> no question. i talked to a couple of guys from the baltimore orioles who's in the hall of fame, jim palmer designed the ring. it's a beautiful ring. he said one trumps the other. i have to ware the hall of fame ring. >> i don't have that problem. hopefully i can have that problem and i'll report to you and let you know which ring i like to care, if, in fact, i can get the second one. >> if you don't go to the hall
6:48 am
of fame, raven nation will stand up. what is that say ?g. >> it's saying a plot. >> you're doing a deal with guiness. i got the website up. do you have what it takes to go head to head with jerome bettis. >> we're going to have an opportunity where someone can really go head to head against me in discoid hog can pour the perfect pint of guiness. so it's going to be a great event. you got until october 31st to go to land really talk about -- and really talk about your boldest athletic achievement. that's what guiness is about, boldness. i will beat up whoever wins the contest. i promise you. >> so somebody writes and says
6:49 am
here was my boldest sports moment, whether sand lot, baseball, pop warn are football and a group of folks will decide the final evident, the winner who -- finalist, the winner who comes to you. >> who comes to me and lose. >> what was your boldest moment, from the time you were a little kid to right now. >> my boldest shorts moment -- sports moment was bowling a 300 game in bowling. >> give jerome a huge round of applause, a 300 game. >> where and when was this? >> this was quite a few years now, what was it, '96, '97, tend was in front of it. was a belled moment, not only
6:50 am
did i bold a 300 but it was in front of the pro bowlers. i had a pro am. it was 33 prftional -- 30 professional bowlers, so there was pressure involved as well. >> do you still bowl? what's your average? >> i still bowl quite a bit. i'm low 200's, average about 204, 205. >> that will keep you in the beer frames. that will keep you getting free guiness. >> yes, this will. >> here's the website. go to you can find out more information about how you can lose to the bus. by the way, while you're down there how you can watch the ravens and green bay play in the super bowl, but that's either here nor there. one day you'll be doing a satellite tour and raven nation
6:51 am
will give you a standing ovation. 300 game. wonder if danny wise man was there. that was when danny was getting the pba on his way. ever bowl a 300? never. have you ever dreamed of bowling a 300? never. we're taking a break. we're coming right back.
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let's take a look at the forecast.
6:54 am
temperatures in the mid-60s. 86 degrees going to be the high. it's going to get cloudy. take a look at first warning doppler radar. we have a cold front moving our way. maybe we can sneak a little moisture out. now to kristy breslin, wjz traffic control. plenty of activity. if you're traveling on 95 in the southbound direction, we have a disabled vehicle vehicle at the ft. mchenry toll plaza. we continue to crawl long as you make your approach to harford road. delays continue. that's on the outer loop from 795 to 70. it will take you about 15 minutes to get through. an accident reported 97 at general highway involving two vehicles. harrisburg expressway has been good. we have a delay from middle town road to mt. carmel.
6:55 am
taking a look at overall travel times from 95 to 83, 48 miles an hour average and 12 minutes to get through. let's take a live look. you can see congestion, the beltway at old court road. and at 95 north of the beltway. try any new breakfast sandwich. only at subway. eat fresh, back over to you. >> the winner of the baltimore city state's attorney race should be determined today. it will determine if gregg bernstein can maintain his lead over patricia jessamy. right now bernstein is ahead with 1300 votes. patricia jessamy said she may not concede without a legal challenge. an accident in prince george's county claims the life of three people. all were in an suv which
6:56 am
swerved over a double line. two paramedics suffered minor injuries and have been released from the hospital. nearly a year after a gas station fire killed a man, a man said he started it. investigators say 26-year-old aimsly gordon doused a car and set it ablaze. it's in the sure if help meant to harm himself. >> thousands of workers at the steel mill phase being laid -- face being laid off. the owner plans to idle the plant. between 1,000 to 1200 people could lose their jobs. stey with -- stay with wjz 13. coming this november, it could be dump your congressman day. a new cbs news poll shows some
6:57 am
antiincumbent fever and more on the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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