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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 16, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello again, i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. >> we begin with breaking news, a shooting inside johns hopkins hospital. it happened just a short time ago. wjz's andrea fujii is arriving at the scene and has the very latest on what must be a chaotic situation. >> reporter: we are driving to the scene right now. many of these streets are closed off and there's very limited information. this is what we do know. hospital police have confirmed that one doctors was shot inside the nelson building. there are unconfirmed reports also that another man was taken hostage inside that building. apparently this is all happening on the eightth floor. we're waiting for a police officer information to meet us with. what we do know is that one man has shot a doctor inside the
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nelson building in johns hopkins hospital. we are on our way to the scene to see what the condition of this doctor is and what the condition is of any other people who might have been injured as well. don, back to you. >> thank you. we know a lot of you have connections to johns hopkins hospital. so we'll repeat. a doctor has been shot at johns hopkins hospital and the person has barricaded himself inside a room. we will continue to update you. meanwhile, 36 hours later and still no clear winner in the race for baltimore city state's attorney with 100% of the precincts reporting, gregg bernstein leading patricia jessamy by 100 votes but that does not include absentee ballots. that's being counted right now at the board of elections. mike hellgren has the latest. >> reporter: the counting of
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those 2198 absentee ballots began a little more than an hour ago. we're told they're taking a 10- minute break and will count the remaining 200 or 300. we learn there are provisional ballots. those are where the person's eligible is in question. that's still within the margin. the bottom line is this is far from over. elections officials began counting more than 2,000 absentee ballots this morning. they could make the critical difference in the oh, so tight race for baltimore city state's attorney that has pitted incumbent patricia jessamy against gregg bernstein. bernstein is ahead by 1300 votes. jessamy has questioned the integrity of the election. yesterday the jessamy campaign said anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 votes were mission but
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the city board of elections said they have now been tallied. >> we will focus on retraining, so at this time at approximately 4:00 we did have 100% verification for all of the voting machines. >> reporter: the absentee ballots are counted by machines with election judges watching the process. there are still provisional ballots to be counted. right now it's unclear will jessamy will fight any results. >> we'll wait for the process to be complete. >> reporter: here's where we stand, with mr. bernstein ahead by 1300 votes, the absentee ballots and the 1700 plus provisional ballots. there's also another 363 battles -- ballots that have been held back for various reasons, so far from over.
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reporting live at the board of elections, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> wjz will be at the board of elections all day and the latest at 4, 5 and 6:00. right now we're going to go back to andrea fujii on the phone with some updated information on the shooting at johns hopkins hospital. >> reporter: we just got new information that the suspect in this shooting has been subdued. what happened is at about 11:15 earlier this morning, a suspect went inside the nelson building, which is the thoracic center, and apparently shot a doctor. he then barricaded himself on the eight floor of the nelson building. police said the suspect is now subdued. we don't know if the suspect was wounded or shot or taken
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into custody. we also don't know if the doctor who was shot has survived or is the only victim. weir while -- while drive together scene, multiple roads have been closed. the building has been vawctd -- evacuated. >> i missed some of it while wrow -- you were talking. do you know the condition of the doctor? >> reporter: no. we don't know how many times he was shot or what the motive was. >> all right. do you know if the hospital is letting people back in. >> reporter: i would assume they are not letting them back. as we're driving around the building people are on president streets in confusion. people are detouring us all
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around the building. we can't even get close, so i don't believe there's any movement back in the police. we just learned that the suspect was subdued, so i doubt anyone will be allowed back in, not for awhile at least. >> we just got word that the building is not being evacuated. it is locked down and the doctor is in critical condition. you also mentioned something about a potential hostage situation. any word on that? >> reporter: no we were getting unconfirmed reports. this is a very fluid information. we're not getting as much information as limits this is happening within hours. the first report came in about
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11:15, 11 theater:30 dish 11:30. apparently, are a learning information as i am as well. the doctor is in critical condition. we don't know if there are other victims. the good news, we note suspect is in police custody. >> obviously, we'll continue to follow the story. andrea fujii trying to make her way to johns hopkins hospital at this hour but with this police action going on, they're being kept a little ways away. switching, less have two people behind bars charged with holding a woman captive in baltimore county for more than a year. kimberly king and jermaine smith bay held a women against -- woman against her will in reisterstown. the woman was confined to a bathroom, beaten and starved. police believe they held her captive to take her social security check. the two are charged with
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attempted murder and false imprisonment. police in prince george's county are investigating a fatal accident involving an ambulance there. ron is live in the newsroom with the latest. three men are dead this noon after their suv slammed into an accident overnight. prince george's county police said pan suv crossed over the double yellow line just after mid-night. the ambulance was on its way to an emergency call. all three men inside the suv were pronounced dead at the scene. two paramedics inside the ambulance suffered minor injuries. jessica, back to you. police say the suv was traveling at a high speed of the the ambulance had to swerve to avoid hitting it head-on. >> all right. we'll keep you up to date with the fluid situation at johns hopkins hospital. a doctor shot and in critical condition. andrea? >> reporter: we just got to the
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scene. police helicopters are around the area. apparently the hospital continues to be in lockdown. there's a lot of confusion has to what's happening. the information we were know, at about 11:15 police say a man walked into nelson building, the thoracic center and shot a doctor who is now in critical condition. about 45 minutes later police were able to subdue the suspect. we don't know if he is in police custody or if police had to shoot the suspect. what we do know is the doctor is in critical condition. the hospital continues to be in lockdown and the streets around johns hopkins hospital are closed off. there's a lot of pan dem moan yum -- and moan yum. >> ron has more information for us. what do you have? >> reporter: this was an e mail sent out to all employees at
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johns hopkins hospital. it was sent out at 11:30 this morning, the surkts the shooter -- subject, the shooter incident. there's a sheeter incident on -- shooter incident on the eighth floor of nelson. stay away from windows and wait for instructions. this, an e mail sent by the hospital to its employees at johns hopkins at 11:30 this morning. the importance on this is high. we'll have more information tas becomes available. back to you. still to come, hospital on lockdown. gunshots ring out inside johns hopkins, leave lag doctor in critical condition. let's take another live look outside. marty will be back with the forecast. please stay with us as we continue to update the situation.
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we have an update on the shooting at johns hopkins hospital. the doctor is in critical condition and the suspect is in
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custody. >> reporter: we just got to the scene. sirens are still blazing. police are still surrounding the building, which apparently still in lockdown. what we do know is the suspect has been caught. the doctor who was shot is in critical condition and is currently in surgery right now. that's according to reports that we are hearing. many streets around johns hopkins are closed down. what we do know is a shooting happened sometime between 11:15 and 11:30 in the nelson building, which is the thoracic building. apparently it happened on the eighth flue -- floor. we don't know how many times the doctor was hurt. he or she is in critical condition and in surgery right
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now. don, jessica, back to you. >> any word if the shooter has been injured. >> reporter: according to reports, the suspect has been caught. that seems to indicate he has not maybe been injured, but it's not clear at this moment. i'm trying to catch up with one of the police officers. it's even hard for us reporters to get record and police aren't even letting recorders to get more information to you. >> back to using the pronoun he while talking about the shooter. >> we don't know the sex of the victim or the suspect. that's something we have to figure out. >> we'll go to run. he's live with more on the shooting. ron, what can you tell us? >> jessica we have new information from our media partner the baltimore sun. a nurse who said she was on the floor at the time of the
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shooting said the shooter was upset about the medical treatment of his mother. he was threatening to jump out the window he said. so many police officers are at johns hopkins hospital at this hour that the department had to call in offices from other districts and detective units to help answer other 911 calls in the eastern district. now hopkins sounded an emergency alert around 11:15. an employee across from the complex containing the nelson building said employees were told to stay inside their building. that's the latest information from our media partner the baltimore sun. >> by are being told that the suspect may not be in custody. we're looking at live pictures. that suspect may not be in custody. that is according to baltimore
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city police. we're told the suspect barricaded himself inside, shot a doctor at johns hopkins hospital according to a nurse. allegedly he was upset about the treatment of his mother. this all happened on thing atth floor of the nell -- eighth floor of the nelson building. >> the thoracic wing. as andrea has explained, this is a fluid situation. the first thing we were told by the police department they thought they had a suspect in custody, but now they're not so sure. there's still a possibility that they may and the hospital remains on a lockdown situation. i would say if you have a 1:00 or 2:00 appointment at johns hopkins hospital, you may want to rethink that at least for now. >> the hospital had originally
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a doctor has been shot at johns hopkins hospital and is in critical condition and
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currently undergoing surgery. >> we'll go live to andrea fujii. we heard the suspect may not have been caught. is that right? >> reporter: actually, that is news to me, jessica. we just got on the scene. the last i heard, according to reports, the suspect was in custody. that's according to police. i want to show you the mass pandemonium. we're on north wolf and east madison. the information we have is that the doctor remains in critical condition in surgery right now and according to our media partner the baltimore sun, a nurse, who was on the same floor in the nelson building at the time of the shooting, sought shooter come. he was apparently upset at the medical treatment give ton his mom. he, according to a nurse, threatened to jump out the window. that nurse ran out and heard gunshots behind her.
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then a doctor was shot and is in critical condition and is now in surgery. we don't know if the doctor was treating the suspect's mother. we know that johns hopkins hospital continues to be in lockdown. you can see the streets are shut off. we're still waiting word on any new information. as as, information is getting jumbled as we're getting closer to the scene, so we'll share information as we get it. >> your camera picked up proof this is a fluid situation. they're still seth up their mobile command post again, we have received information that the man is not in custody. i know things may be different at the scene. in some time it will shake down and we'll know for sure. >> i'll try to round up police. >> and people familiar with
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hopkins said this happened on nelson eight, the eighth floor, the thoracic wing of the hospital, which is a giant complex and usually a very secure complex. >> andrea, describe where you are. i know you said you have very limited access. is that right. >> reporter: we were driving all around the johns hopkins campus and got closer. we're on north wolf and east madison. traffic can flow through here but cannot go up north wolf towards the campus. that's the same story around the johns hopkins campus. >> andrea, just to keep you updated, we decide get confirmation from baltimore city police that the suspect is not in custody at this point. >> we do know from our media partner the baltimore sun that they're looking for a man who was upset over the treatment of
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his mother. we'll let you work the scene for a couple more minutes and go to ron matz. >> what we have is visitors were escorted out of the building as far as two blocks on the streets surrounding the hopkins complex this morning. city police and plain clothes officers and security staff were manning every corner as sirens sounded and a helicopter flew overhead. officers were moving pedestrians, some with hopkins badges on wolf and monument towards broadway. so many police officers are at hopkins at this hour. the department had to call in officers from other districts and detective units to help answer other 911 calls in the eastern district. one plain clothes officer reported being out in his personal car and he warned his dispatcher he was patrolling with no lights, no sirens, no
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nothing. jack colin billing, a nurse in respiratory care said she was in the seventh floor when the shooting took place. got in the elevator, accidentally went up to thing atth floor. and police with guns drawn ordered her to shut the door. you're looking at the command unit moving into place at johns hopkins hospital. also, earlier eyewitness news obtained and an -- an email that was sent out to all hopkins employees at 11:30 with high importance. it said there was a shooter on nelson eight and stay in your room, stay away from windows and wait for instructions. we are continuing to monitor the situation at johns hopkins hospital here in the wjz tv
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newsroom and live on the ground at the scene at hopkins. >> thank you very much. we want top point out that this situation is still ongoing if the police are setting up their command post and the fire department is putting up their command. looks like two, maybe three sharp shooters in one of the arch ways at johns hopkins hospital. the s.w.a.t. team, if you would, but there's obviously a lot going on there. i would imagine the sharp shooters are still there looking for this gentleman. at first we heard he was in custody. we don't know if he was apprehended or got lay way for whether they -- away or whether they never got him in cuss die we have to stress the hospital is on lockdown. it is not being evacuated.
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earlier we had received reports that the suspect had been taken into custody. that is not correct. the suspect is still, we believe, inside of the building at this point. here's what we were do know, the doctor's in critical condition on the eighth floor. >> around 11:15 to 11:30. it's been about an hour that this took place. it apparently is ongoing. we not only have the pictures on the internet but our live cameras there. and andrea fujii is working the story. an drey yay -- andrea. >> reporter: i just spoke with one of the police spokespersons and said they have no reports that the suspect was in custody and is still being looked for. all he is saying is the doctor is in critical condition. what we do know about 11:15,
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11:30, a man walked into the nelson building and shot a doctor who is now in critical condition and in surgery. the hospital remains on lockdown. the streets surrounding johns hopkins continue to be closed off and there's a lot of pandemonium. that gives the indication they are still looking for someone. a police pio said there are no reports out that a suspect was in custody and remains at large. so we're kind of in the dark as to what happened early this morning. all we know that a doctor was shot and he or she is in critical condition. >> while you were talking we were looking at the police s.w.a.t. theme or sharp shooter get


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