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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  September 16, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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mail: we ain't safe nowhere. >> reporter: armed and distraught, a man opens fire inside johns hopkins hospital injuring a doctor and killing his mother. >> witnesses describe the chaotic scene as s.w.a.t. and tactical teams move in. hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. >> confusion and chaos. a gunman shoots a doctor inside johns hopkins hospital and shoots a relative before taking his own life. derek valcourt is following what happened. mike schuh and andrea fujii have reaction. wjz is live at the scene with the story we've been following since just before noontime. we begin with derek valcourt. >> reporter: it has been a
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chaotic situation here at one of the country's most prominent hospitals as a gunman was inside his room upset with the care that his mother was receiving, shot his doctor and then later we learned shot himself and his mother. police say 50-year-old warren davis shot a doctor on the eighth floor of the nelson building in the massive johns hopkins hospital complex after he became emotionally distraught over his mother's medical condition. the doctor collapsed just outside the doorway of the room, and mr. davis was last seen running into the room brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother, who was confined to the bed. >> reporter: hospital employees were alerted to the danger as dozens of patients and employees were evacuated. police secured the eighth floor as they tried to establish contact with davis and allow business to continue in the rest of the massive complex
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until police finally determined davis shot his mother in the head then took his own life. >> we are treating this case as a murder-suicide, and obviously, the shooting of the doctor preceding this discovery. >> reporter: hospital officials say after the shooting at virginia tech, they launched an intense investigation into how they could best make their hospitals safer. they say they are once again going to be looking into safety policies here at the hospital. they say they do not have wands to wave down and check for guns every single person who comes into the hospital. they get some 80,000 visitors a week at johns hopkins. they will now look into security. meanwhile, police say there is still a crime scene here. they are continuing in the investigation and trying to look more into the background of this warren davis.
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derek valcourt, wjz "eyewitness news." >> thank you. we continue with andrea fujii. she's been on the scene all day and joins us now with reaction to the situation. andrea? >> reporter: good afternoon. you can see things are relatively back to normal. earlier today, these streets were blocked off and people are now traveling freely up and down east madison. take a look at what was happening earlier this afternoon. earlier, workers and visitors and just people were milling around not knowing what was going on. many inside buildings were told to stay put. some were told there was a gunman nearby, but with no details, they were scared. listen to what some had to say. >> that a doctor had been shot and they secured the suspect in one area. >> reporter: what was the mood when you were locked in there for an hour? >> it's hot in there and a lot of attention. >> they said that the
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hospital's been shut down. they turned me away. >> reporter: i also spoke with a johns hopkins x-ray technician who's worked here for 20 years. he says nothing like this has ever happened before. but he says he's not surprised with family and trauma that goes on here, patients seem frustrated. he's not surprised necessarily at what happened here but it did bring a sense of caution to the workers and people working around here. back to you. >> our live coverage continue with jessica kartalija live with a witness who saw everything happen. jessica? >> reporter: that witness did not want to go on camera and asked that we not use his name. >> i was up on the eighth floor, and i hear a bang. then i saw a either nurse or resident female come running around the corner saying, he shot the doctor, shot the doctor. so i went down probably about 10 yards and made a left.
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there the doctor was on the floor in the hallway. >> reporter: what was your initial reaction when you saw the doctor on the floor? >> something happened, but i didn't know what. i heard the nurse or resident say that he got shot, but i didn't see any blood or anything. so i wasn't too sure. >> reporter: so the witness tells me he helped get the surgeon onto a gurney. once the surgeon was taken care of, the witness was able to take the elevator down to the lobby before they shut the elevators down and was able to leave the building safely. back to you. >> complete coverage continues. how is this affecting other patients and doctors at the hospital, mike? >> reporter: greatly is the short answer. there is a lot of moving parts in a hospital this big. there are two dozen different structures on campus. no matter how well they want to
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communicate with everybody, invariably a situation this big trying to have a safe outcome, a lot of people don't know what's going on. the center of hopkins at a standstill. roads blocked, buildings shut down and everyone evacuating or locked in place. >> doctors are not safe, nobody's safe. >> reporter: thousands take to the streets. everyone here has the same question. >> there's not a lot of answers. we don't really know what's going on. we're confused. we're nervous and we're concerned. >> reporter: no one can get back to their jobs both in the operation of the hospital and the running of the labs. everyone seems to be calling home. >> i can't get on that side of the sidewalk at least. that side they blocked off up there. >> yeah. there's no way in at the moment. >> reporter: some are out here who were inside. >> it's like all hell broke loose. there had to be 100, 150 baltimore police, baltimore
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homicide, s.w.a.t., and then eight u.s. marshals, everybody. >> reporter: others found out where to go just by looking at their phones. >> hopkins broadcasts e-mail that goes out to all of the hopkins employees. >> reporter: we showed many streets blocked and everyone seems a bit lost. because so many roads are closed down, there are these pathways around the edges of the perimeter crowded with people trying to get where they need to go. >> it's just scary and sad. i just don't know what to think. >> reporter: now it makes more sense, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> reporter: at what point are you going to call it a day? >> right now. >> heading back home. >> reporter: officials at hopkins said everything returned to normal once the gunman was confirmed dead. it took about an hour to get word to everyone where they can go and get back to appointments. a hectic and chaotic day here
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at hopkins. >> mike schuh reporting live from east baltimore. so let's capsulize what happened. just after 11:00 this morning, 50-year-old warren davis opened fire shooting a surgeon inside the nelson building. that physician is expected to survive. the hospital's put on lockdown and davis is holed up inside the hospital room with his mother who he then shot as well as himself. for instant updates on this still unfolding story, log on to the police activity in east baltimore is affecting traffic tonight. it did throughout the day. let's check in on traffic control. christie? >> reporter: hi, everyone. we definitely have closures in effect for the shooting. we'll take a look at our graphic here. if you are traveling on wolf street closed between ashland and jefferson streets. other closures are between broadway and washington is closed from jefferson street to
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monument. probably the better bet would be to take orleans street. as far as the rest of the region goes, from the harrisburg expressway to harford road, west side heavy from 795 to wilkins avenue, average speed there about 30 miles per hour. 95 northbound heavy traffic there from the harbor tunnel throughway to the the beltway. we have an accident to watch out for on the jones falls expressway at northern parkway. let's now take a live look as you can see plenty of activity on the beltway at green spring avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by famous daves. try our two new sauces wilbur's revenge and pineapple rage. they are perfect for parties and always for watching football. now back over to you. today's other big story, 44 hours after the polls close on primary election day there is no clear winner for baltimore city state's attorney. with 100% of the precincts reporting and the majority of
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the absentees counted, challenger greg burnstein by nearly 1300 votes. that does not include absentee ballots. 2010 coverage continues. mike hellgren has the latest on the ballots being counted right now. mike? >> reporter: kai, it includes most of the absentee ballots. it does not include the provisional ballots, more than 1700 of them. those are catch alls for people who went to the polls but were not sure if they were eligible or not. bernstein leads by 1363 votes, and some are now calling on mrs. jessamy to step aside. election workers counted more than 1600 absentee ballots, and in the end, they reinforced greg bernstein's lead. sources within jessicamy's camp, they believe there are votes that have not yet been
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counted. >> that's the only thing we run near baltimore, fair elections. >> reporter: including the chair of the baltimore city delegation think it's over. >> it seems certain that mr. bernstein's going to maintain his lead. i plan on trying to meet with him next week. we've got to get his legislative agenda. >> reporter: there are still 1765 provisional ballots to be counted. those are where the eligibility has been questioned. bernstein supporter warren brown doesn't see how jessamy can catch up. >> i think it's really a manifestation of her obestinance, her ego to a certain extent that she doesn't come out and do what 99% of the people in her position would do and say gracefully, you know, i lost. >> reporter: jessamy has been in office 15 years. sources tell wjz she's meeting with a three-person legal team over strategy with no plans to
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concede. >> this is our system of government. the votes have been counted. the results are in, and now we've got to take a step forward. >> they were caught not looking with their proverbial pants down. >> reporter: and sources within bernstein's campaign say they have no plans to declare victory until mrs. jessamy concedes. reporting live at the board of elections, mike hellgren wjz "eyewitness news." >> stay with us. for more results on when's coming up in november, go to as you can see, some rain has moved into maryland. a live look outside after several dry weeks. this is rain that we could use. let's go to bob tracking live doppler radar for us. >> take a look at the area. we have showers around. some areas even getting moderate rain and a little bit of thunder and lightning over east of the city there. just past edgewood moving around quickly around martin
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airport. around the rest of the airport, light scattered pockets of rain. to the west it continues. we have a chance of getting a quarter of an inch of rain this evening. later on, we could even get another thunder shower as the front will finally clear things out for the weekend and looking really, really good. kai? still ahead at 4:00, we're staying live with complete coverage of the shooting inside johns hopkins hospital. a live report is moments away. plus, working to protect embryonic stem cell research. outside, the clouds are moving in. bob is updating the first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,
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you are looking at the johns hopkins hospital crime scene where a suspect shot a surgeon and killed his mother
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before taking his own life. andrea fujii is on the scene with more details. andrea? >> reporter: as you can well imagine, safety concerns were on the minds of everyone here earlier today. thousands of people in the building inside the nelson building were told to stay puton take a look at what was happening earlier today. people were not given much information about what was going on, but police assured us that everyone was safe. after the virginia tech shooting, johns hopkins beefed up their security with 400 police officers and all were receiving alerts via text message of what was going on that there was a shooter in the nelson building. officials think that their plan worked well. >> the first means that we communicate is with an emergency text message. that went out before i got to my building and to the hospital. that text message went out over the hopkins cell phone.
4:18 pm
we followed that up with e- mails. all staff members are encouraged ruin teenly -- routinely, new hires are encouraged to sign up for the emergency text messages. >> reporter: now, this whole situation was wrapped up in about two and a half hours. they say this all went well and timely. they say as we were questioning them about security, they say there are not metal detectors in all buildings. thousands of people go in and out of all of these johns hopkins buildings every month, every year and it's not fees toil have metal de-- feasible to have metal detectors. >> they say they give out 80,000 of the bracelets every day so 80,000 visitors. here is the latest on the hopkins hospital shooting. gunman 50-year-old warren davis shot a surgeon inside the nelson building today on the eighth floor. that doctor is doing well and
4:19 pm
is expected to survive. he's in surgery for some part of the day. the gunman barricaded himself in the hospital room before shooting and killing his mother and then himself. none of the other employees were injured in the chaotic incident. stay with wjz for instant updates on this still unfolding story. go to our web site. we have lots of information and video from everything that happened today. here is a report from wall street right now. stocks climbed steadily through the afternoon. the dow was up 22. the nasdaq up two. let's go to new york where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: foreclosures are on the rise according to realty track. the activity rose 4% in august with five states accounting for half of the nation's foreclosures. california, florida, arizona, michigan and illinois. and lenders took back a record number of homes.
4:20 pm
repossessions were up 25% from last year. banks say they've been stepping up a backlog of bad loans. the producer price index rose .4% last month, but if you exclude food and energy costs, wholesale inflation was up a tenth of a percent. the government says the number of newly laid off workers applying for unemployment benefits dropped slightly last week to the slowest level in two months. even while parts of the economy showed signs of recovery, the number of poor people continues to grow. according to the census bureau, one in seven americans is now living in poverty. that's the highest level in 16 years. for more headlines, stay with in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. and if you missed today's second to last episode of "as the world turns" it will now air at 1:37 a.m. overnight. you can also view it online at
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all right. rain is coming down now. we can see it right in the wjz outback. >> we have a severe thunderstorm warning just issued for you folks in cecil county. take a look at radar. that storm just moved through the baltimore region very, very quickly. it's now over toward the elkton area. it will move into delaware very, very shortly. just east of the baltimore region. east to north east that one cell back to chestertown up
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toward elkton and port deposit and could have wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour as it moves quickly into the delaware area. farther west, lighter shower activity around the baltimore metro. also to the west just spotty light rain areas with a few pockets of moderate showers. later tonight, you may get another thunder shower threat with a front coming through. south of us it's been sunny and very, very warm. temperatures got close to 90 in a couple of spots. that's helping to feed the cells right now. take a look at temperatures around the baltimore metro. airport just dropped to 82. west wind's at 10, the barometer's falling. 90 in pax river with sunshine. where the rain has hit, down to 62, 59 and 59. so things will really cool off as soon as the rain moves in. now we have a bit of a west wind later tonight goes west-
4:26 pm
northwest and drier, cool air moves in for tomorrow. the frontal system we talked about yesterday did get beefed up. er with seeing the front moving across the ohio valley. another little batch of thunderstorm as cross the north will pass through. tonight with the front going across west virginia, yes, we could see another rumble of thunder threat later on tonight. so we have a chance of maybe picking up most areas maybe about a quarter of an inch of rain with the system continuing to move off to the east and west. once it does, skies are clear and it looks very, very nice, pleasant as high pressure builds in. it will be dry and sunny all weekend long. a quick look at the tropics is one look at igor and looks at bermuda right in the gun sights with three or probably hopefully category it or less hurricane. all of the models have it going right over or very close to bermuda. this could be very have he disasterrous for the island of
4:27 pm
bermuda by the end of the weekend. northwest winds 10 to 15 knots bay temp until 9:00. a small craft advisory on the bay. showers and maybe a couple of thunderstorms in a few spots. 64 later on and clearing by morning. tomorrow sunshine and a few clouds. the high a little cooler than today about 80 degrees on your friday. >> all right, bob. thank you. don't miss tonight's prime time cbs lineup. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 4:00, chaos and confusion at johns hopkins hospital. a man shoots a doctor, his mother then himself. our live complete coverage continues. a violent end to a police chase in texas. now several police officers are facing charges. he acted alone in the anthrax attacks. why congress is reopening the investigation into army scientist. >> bruce ivan. "eyewitness news" at 4:00 continues right after this. ,,,,
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it is 4:30, 82 degrees with a light rain. hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. >> we're learning new details about the doctor shot at johns hopkins hospital today. two employees are identifying him as an orthopedic surgeon. derek valcourt has the latest on the wounded doctor's condition. >> reporter: it has been a chaotic day at one of the nation's most prominent hospitals. this all began unfolding after 11:00 this morning. that's when a doctor was speaking with a 50-year-old son of a patient here. the doctor was explaining that patient's mother's medical condition, at which time that man, the son, became very upset. he pulled out a gun, shot the doctor. now police immediately began
4:32 pm
trying to secure the eighth floor of the nelson building where this all happened while they were allowing business as usual to continue in the rest of the massive hospital complex. s.w.a.t. teams later determined that the son shot his mother in the head and then killed himself. as for the doctor, right now, his identity has not been confirmed. >> i am not at liberty to reveal details about our physician who was injured. he remains in the o. r. however, based on our initial assessment, the wounds do appear to be survivable wounds, and i cannot also answer any questions regarding the shooter or the shooter's mother. these are due to federal patient privacy laws. >> we do not know the name of that doctor and we now also do not know the name of the gunman. police had originally identified him as 50-year-old
4:33 pm
warren davis, but they are now telling us that that is not correct. they say they made a mistake, and that is not his identity. they are still trying to work on his actual identity. for now, they say they are treating this as a murder- suicide. we'll keep you posted. back to you. >> thank you very much, derek. continuing now with mike schuh with more on how the 30,000 employees at hopkins were handled by security during all of the confusion. mike? >> reporter: what i can tell saw how they were handled is it depends on who you are and where you were. there were a lot of different things going on here. the closer you were to the scene the more urgency they were to get to it. frankly it looks like business as usual. you might not have known anything was going wrong at all. the one thing i can tell you shear that when the incident was going on, the tactical and s.w.a.t. teams were working their way closer to the situation to find out exactly what they had whether there was any life in
4:34 pm
the room where the incident happened. here now is the police commissioner to describe the final moments of that incident. >> we were able to see that mr. davis was down on the floor suffering from an apparent gunshot wound and that his mother was also unresponsive in her bed. the tactical team made entry into the room, and with the assistance of on-scene medical personnel determined that both mr. davis and ms. davis were indeed deceased. at this point, we are treating this case as a murder-suicide. >> reporter: some late-breaking information. there is a discrepancy about the name. warren davis is what the police originally said who was the original shooter here, and now we've been told that that is not the name.
4:35 pm
things are back to normal here tonight. i will tell you if you have any business at this hospital, it might be worth your while to make a phone call before you come down. mike schuh, wjz "eyewitness news." back to you on tv hill. >> our complete coverage continues with jessica kartalija who spoke exclusively with a witness on the eighth floor when the shooting took place. >> reporter: that's exactly right. the witness asks that we do not use his name. he was calling on a doctor around 11:15 when he heard a very loud bang. he says there was very little blood. listen to what happened next. >> they brought the crash cart over. there was probably about six or seven of us there, and we all picked them up and put 'em on. they were all around and i was outside the loop at that time. then the nurse manager came around and she put a -- put one cart and i put another cart in front of the door that he said
4:36 pm
that the suspect was in the room. >> reporter: was the doctor aware of what was happening at the time? >> oh, yes, yes. >> reporter: he was conscious? >> yes. >> reporter: the witness tells me they knew the gunman was just around the corner. once he made sure the doctor was being treated, he took the elevator to the lobby and made it out of the hospital safely. also, we just receives an e- mail from the president of johns hopkins university. he says he'd like to thank all hospital employees as well as baltimore city police. he says thoughts and prayers are with the surgeon and his family. kai? >> actually it's vic, jessica. thank you. here's the latest on the shooting. the suspect upset about his mother's health shot a surgeon at hopkins hospital. the doctor is expected to survive. pardon me. he then barricaded himself in his mother's hospital room. enthen shot and killed her then himself. no one else in the hospital was hurt. stay with wjz for complete coverage for the johns hopkins
4:37 pm
hospital shooting for updates on the still unfolding story. log on to no one is above the law. that is the word from a police chief in dallas, texas, after several officers are caught on tape abusing a suspect. a cruiser dash cam captured it all. officers are seen striking a suspect several times with a baton after he is already on the ground. one officer has been fired. five others are suspended pending an investigation. three officers are now facing criminal charges. congress is looking into the 2001 anthrax attacks and the man federal investigators say is responsible, scientist bruce ivan. wjz is live in the newsroom with kai jackson and has more on what congressional leaders are looking for. kai? >> reporter: that's right. investigators want to make sure brute ivans acted alone. they will reveal the scientific evidence used to determine if he act add lone.
4:38 pm
there will also be discovered whether there are still unanswered questions. the g.a.o. is reviewing the academy's report to review the vocation in any area. the anthrax attacks killed five people. ivans was about to be charged by the fbi when he committed suicide in 2008. a prominent senator calls on congress to protect the stem cell research. arlen specter said congress must pass legislation to avoid giving a final say on the issue to a conservative supreme court. advocates say it could cure park beson's disease. in the past, the supreme court blocked lower court rulings citing ideological grounds. pop benedict became the fist pope ever to go to brit on an official state visit. he met with the queen but it wasn't a warm welcome. hundreds of hoe testers were
4:39 pm
waiting calling on the release of the vatican tess files. tomorrow pope benedict will meet david cameron and homed a prayer service at westminster abby. finally, we are getting some rain. how long will it last? outside right now it's gray and cloudy and some places thankfully wet. bob is here with the updated numbers from the first warning weather. bob? >> a few spots are getting heavy downpours. the winds right now severe thunderstorm warnings at least the next 24 minutes. so you can see the storm right off to the east and northeast of baltimore. it's strong down to about rock hall. it's moving very quickly around 40 miles per hour. so it will be out of maryland for the next 15 minutes or so. new castle county and delaware are also under a warning. south of the see city, a batch of showers just south of the inner harbor down to the bowie
4:40 pm
crofton east of d.c. also moving quickly off to the east- north east. another batch of light scattered rain to the west of us. so it looks like most of the region will see some rain. right now from that d.c. up to the baltimore air, northeast with heavy shower activity for the next hour. later tonight, we may all see a little rumble of thunder as the front comes through the area and clears things out in time for the weekend. >> thank you. let's check on the roads with christie breslin. >> reporter: we're still seeing road closures due to the johns hopkins shooting. roads are closed between ashton avenue and jefferson street. others include monument between broadway and also washington closed from jefferson to monument street. we're recommending that you take orleans street as your alternate. as far as the beltway goes, harford road to the harrisburg
4:41 pm
expressway also heavy. moving over to the west side inner loop slow to will continues avenue. eastbound 70 definitely brake lights there. no improvement for 95 southbound heavy there from the harbor tunnel throughway up to the north east side. let's take a live look now. plenty of congestion there. delays on wilkins avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. call the firm at 1-800-the firm. back over to you. a one of a kind show is making a splash with audiences in china. it is called the house of dancing water and garnered amazing reviews from critics. with a cast of 77 international swimmers, it is the world's largest water-based show. it has been a wild night for organizers. they have been rehearsing the epic love story for more than two years. >> i hope you are able to see under the water and see what
4:42 pm
they are doing when they go under or is that it? >> it's like in las vegas the cirque du soleil show. >> yeah, but we don't see it there. straight ahead, final wishes. a florida woman buries her husband at sea but makes one critical mistake. the bizarre story with a happy ending. bob's updating the forecast coming up. ,,,,
4:43 pm
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we of course continue to follow the story we brought you all day long. the shooting inside ons hopkins. mike? >> reporter: the term is for what happened is called active shooter, something police agencies became well aware of after the columbine and virginia tech shootings. they have plans in place and have drilled on this. so when the whole thing went down, they put the plans into place and according to police
4:46 pm
and the university, those plans worked very well. what that meant was, slowly con centric rings fanned out from the area where the incident was happening. that meant that people were separated, families were separated, co-workers pushed into different parts. some sheltered in place inside of the buildings and others pushed outside. what we're going to talk to now is a man separated from his family. they were locked inside, was out. >> i brought my son here to get a c.a.t. scan. >> reporter: is he still inside? >> 's inside. >> reporter: how are your feelings of him and your wife being locked inside and you being outside? >> i'm all right because i've been talking to them and they assured me they were fine and i trust they are. >> reporter: it's i miracle with modern technology he was able to use a cell phone to talk to his family sequestered in a basement while all of this was going on. that man had little patience for the shooter who would bring
4:47 pm
this whole complex to a screeching standstill in effect, you know, tens of thousands of people. when i asked what he thought about the shooter, he says, i hope police take him out. they did not have to do that. the shooter did that on his own. reporting downtown, mike shout, wjz "eyewitness news." complete coverage continues now with mary bubala live from the news almost with breaking information. >> reporter: we have confirmed the identity of the doctor. 35-year-old dr. david cohen. has done a lot of his training at johns hopkins. he is an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery. he went to medical school at the university of rochester. he did his residency at hopkins in orthopedic surgery, fellowship in reconstructive surgery at hopkins. he is also part of something called the spine outcomes research center. there are only five doctors in this division. that's why dr. cohen's name was
4:48 pm
known so quickly around hopkins hospital today because it's a very small group and practice. again, dr. cohen shall the one having that conversation with warren davis, the son of the patient. he was shot today, collapsed in the hallway and we'll have much more on dr. david cohen, orthopedic surgeon who performed that final surgery and involved in the surgery today. we do know the identity of the doctor now, the identity of the suspect is now no longer said to be warren davis. they are now trying to determine exactly who that is. here is the latest on the shooting. the suspect was upset about his mother's health. shot a surgeon at johns hopkins hospital. that doctor is expected to survive. the suspect then barricaded himself in his mother's hospital room. he shot and killed her then himself. no one else in the hospital was hurt, and we have confirmed the
4:49 pm
orthopedic surgeon's name, dr. david cohen. stay with wjz for complete coverage in the johns hopkins hospital shooting for updates on the story, welcome on to any time. a burial gone wrong in florida. the family of a for the lauderdale man had every intention of carrying out their plan for a burial at sea. they thought everything was smooth until the body floated up on shore the next day. turns out, the man's family missed the part about a coffin. the family will not be facing any charges over the mishap. in tonight's consumer watch, you may soon find yourself paying more for the morning coffee if you aren't already. coffee prices increased by 44% since june. bad weather in south america is threatening crops and others are talking about hoarding the stocks. they are at ten-year lows. that means high are prices for the u.s. coffee companies which may mean higher prices for customers. the world's tallest dog met
4:50 pm
the world's smallest dog on wednesday in central park. giant george a 5-year-old great dane measuring 43 inches from the ground met with boo boo, a 4-year-old long haired chihuahua who measures 4 inches from the ground. the meeting was organized by the guinness world records to promote the 2011 "guinness book of world records." one little bite is all took. >> they are looking at each other going we look the same, they don't know. some much-needed rain is falling outside. >> bob turk has the latest >> bob turk has the latest after this commercial break. ,,,
4:51 pm
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strong thunderstorm activity. a whole batch has moved through the elkton area. it's moving into much of delaware and new castle county. delaware overs reported wind gusts at 59 miles per hour a few minutes ago with that cell right to the east. you zoom in and there's the
4:54 pm
heavy activity near the maryland/delaware line and that storm elkton moving away with the lighter rain. another batch around the inner harbor out toward the bay down forwards severna park in bowie. it's moving off to the east- northeast around 45 miles per hour. farther west, scattered rain with a few pockets with light to heavier showers. doesn't look like most areas are seeing all that much rain. we have rain that we needed desperately. so we'll take what we can get. take a look, the temperatures right now in baltimore before the rain hit it was 82. west wind's at 10 with the barometer following. still 90 from pax river. 83 elkton. of course it's in the low 70s now to our west where the rain has been falling. it's going to cool down shortly here. winds pretty much all over the place. generally we've had a southerly and southwesterly wind around the region. this front we've been telling
4:55 pm
you about moving across the shower and thunderstorm activity. some of it producing heavy downpours even a few locations seeing hail. the heaviest rain to our north with the actual fun out to the west. later tonight, perhaps even another chance of a little rumble of thunder with the front going through with drier, pleasant conditions for friday and saturday in fact all weekend long. a quick look at an update for igor. it has dropped to a category three. still a dangerous storm that could regenerate and moving so slowly only at 8 miles per hour. bermuda right there directly in the path. that's what we expect to happen with this storm unfortunately for bermuda, all of the spaghetti models right over or close to bermuda. they could see wind gusts over 100 miles per hour by saturday or sunday. it's going to be very damaging for the island. northwest winds at 10 to 15 knots. so showers maybe some thunder in some spots. low 60s tomorrow clearing out,
4:56 pm
breezy. a nice afternoon with a mixture of the clouds and sunshine. tomorrow's high back up close to 80 degrees. we'll talk about the weekend in a few minutes. >> it will be nice, i think. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight. >> at hopkins hospital, when something this big like a hospital, one of the largest in the world has to shut down because of a shooter it affects tens of thousands of people. you'll meet some of them when "eyewitness ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next, a gunman shoots a johns hopkins doctor. he then turns the gun on his mother and then himself. >> wjz is live with complete coverage of the shooting that locked down parts of the
4:59 pm
hospital. the absentee ballots have been counted in that oh, so close race for city states attorney and they favor the challenger. so will incumbent patricia jessamy concede? i'm mike hellgren inside this hot race. checking for more on the stories, "eyewitness news" at 5:00 starts now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: from hospital to crime scene. >> i saw either a nurse or a resident female come running around the corner saying, he shot the doctor. >> a doctor shot at johns hopkins hospital. >> tonight, more on the gunman who killed himself and his mother.


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