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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 16, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> police say the suspect was upset about his mother's condition when he shot a johns hopkins doctor and then shot and killed his own mother before taking his life. we know the identity of a doctor who was shot. he was dr. cohen. derek valcourt is following what happened. mike schuh and andrea fujii has reaction. we begin with derek valcourt for an update on the identity of the gunman. >> reporter: police identified him as 50-year-old paul warren hardis of arlington, virginia. he has been responsible for creating hours of chaos here at one of the world's most prominent hospitals. police say just after 11:00 this morning, a patient's son became emotionally distraught as a doctor explained to him his mother's medical condition. the son then pulled out a gun
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and shot the doctor. >> collapsed outside the doorway of the room, and mr. davis was last seen running into the room brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother, who's confined to the bed. >> reporter: hospital employees were alerted to the danger as dozens of patients and employees were evacuated. police secured the eighth floor as they tried to establish contact with davis and allowed business as usual to continue in the rest of the massive complex until police finally determined davis had shot his mother in the head and then took his own life. >> we are treating this case as a murder-suicide and obviously the shooting of the doctor preceding this discovery are. >> dr. david cohen expected to make a full recovery from his shooting and police still releasing more information in the hours following all of this
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chaos today. there is still some detectives here at the hospital and police say they are working on learning more about this shooter. back to you. thousands of people were working inside the hospital when the first shot was fired. in an exclusive interview, jessica kartalija spoke with one of those witnesses. jessica? >> reporter: that witness did not want to go on camera but was there when shots were fired. just after 11:00 this morning, this witness was meeting with a doctor then this. >> i was up on the eighth floor and i hear a bang. then i saw either a nurse or a resident female come running around the corner saying, he shot the doctor. he shot the doctor. so i went down probably about 10 yards and made a left. electricity doctor was on the floor in the hallway. >> reporter: the witness who asked that we not use his name said they searched franticcally
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for a gurney. >> they brought the crash cart over. there was probably about six or seven of us there. we all kind of picked him up and put him on. they were all around him and i was kind of outside the loop. the nurse manager came around and put one cart and i put another cart in front of the door that he said that the suspect was in the room. >> reporter: was the doctor aware of what was happening at the time? >> oh, yes, yes. >> reporter: okay. he was conscious? >> yes. there was very little blood that i saw. it was basically his left chest area, maybe a little lower. >> reporter: the witness tells wjz they knew the gunman was just feet away. >> they said you either stay or you will go. i said i'll go and i went down to the lobby where police were going up. >> reporter: fortunately the witness and staff members on the eighth floor made it out safely.
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>> a crazy world out there, basically, and you have to take every day one day at a time. thank god for what you have. >> this witness tells me he was not worried there might be additional gunmen in the area. he expects security to increase significantly. back to you. >> it's an isolated incident. jessica, thank you. complete coverage continues. andrea fujii has reaction from people around the hospital. andrea? >> reporter: good evening, mary. thousands of people, we're talking patients, visitors and workers of johns hopkins were stuck in their building some more than two hours. they were in lockdown. some say it wasn't easy. 5-year-old blake was seeing a johns hopkins doctor when his mom was told a shooter was nearby. >> when i called, they said they were still accepting patients. when i got there, he was the last to be seen. >> reporter: for nearly two and a half hours, all hospital workers and visitors were told to stay put. >> actually, i was about to
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leave. as ways leaving, they said get back, get back. they secured us in the lobby for maybe half an hour. they wouldn't let us leave. >> reporter: given the little information, people were scared. >> not knowing what was happening, whether or not the person was roaming the halls or whatever. going into the bathrooms you could feel the tension. >> reporter: milton thomas worked here for 20 years and said nothing like this has ever happened before. >> you don't know the emotions of people when they have sick and traumatic experiences. >> reporter: by 2:00, officials say most of the hospital was back to normal. that doesn't comfort some patients. >> it happens every day in baltimore city, two, three types a day somebody gets shot but this is a little too close to home. >> reporter: back here live now, the mood here is fairly calm. people are going about their business. nearly all of the roads around johns hopkins are open. police tell everyone the area is secure and looks like workers are believing them.
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back to you. >> andrea fujii reporting live. mike schuh has more on the impact of the shooting on the johns hopkins campus. mike? >> kyle, when you run an operation this big, you'd better have a plan for when something goes wrong because in an instant you will ask thousands of people to move just like that. >> reporter: the center of hopkins at a stunnedstill. everyone's evacuated or not safe. >> the hospital's not safe, nobody's safe. >> reporter: thousands take to the streets. everyone here has the same question. >> there's not a lot of answers. we don't really know what's going on. we're confused. we're nervous and we're concerned. >> reporter: no one can get back to their jobs both in the operation of the hospitals and the running of the labs. everyone seems to be calling home. >> on that side of the sidewalk at least, they blocked it off up there. there's no way in at the
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moment. >> reporter: some are out here who were inside. >> it's like all hell broke loose. just there had to be 100, 150 baltimore police, baltimore homicide, s.w.a.t. and then eight u.s. marshals, everybody. >> reporter: others fund out where to go just by looking at their phones. >> hopkins broadcast an e-mail that goes out to all of the hopkins employees. >> reporter: with so many streets blocked, everyone seems a bit lost. because so many roads are closed down, there are these pathways around the edges of the perimeter and are crowded with people trying to get where they need to go. >> it's just scary and sad. i just don't know what to think. >> reporter: so now it makes more sense, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> reporter: at what point do you think you will call it a day? >> right now. head on back. >> reporter: even with the lockdown, nearby campus construction continues as did the thursday farm are's market where for alex whose son was locked down inside, he is angry
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towards the shooter. >> i think the cops should take him out. that's what i think. >> reporter: it turns out the police did not have to do that. the shooter did that on his own. when you have so many moving parts like you do down here, hopkins officials say that everything is back to normal but if you have any business here tonight it would be worth your while to make a call first. reporting live downtown, wjz "eyewitness news." back to you on tv hill. >> let's recap everything we know about the shooting. dr. david cohen was shot at 11:00 and is alive and expected to survive. the suspect in the shooting now identified as paul partis barricaded himself inside a room then shot and killed his mother and then himself. for lat the latest, stay with wjz and we'll have more as it becomes available. we have it all online at the other closely watched story, the race for city state's attorney is still
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undecided with 100% of precincts reporting and the majority of absentees counted, challenger bernstein leads incumbent jessamy by 1400 votes. mike hellgren's following the crucial vote count happening right now. mike? >> reporter: mary, incumbent pat jessamy is not leaving without a fight. within the past hour, one of her lawyers professor gibson sent a letter to the state election administrator and he wants detailed information about the vote collection procedures. he told me that at this point he does not plan any legal action. there's still about 360 or so absent knee ballots out there. more than 1700 provisional ballots. election workers counted more than 1600 absentee ballots. in the end, they reinforced greg bernstein's lead in the battle to be top prosecutor. sources with pat jessamy's camp believes there are votes that have not yet been counted.
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director armstead jones. >> that's the only thing we run here in baltimore, fair elections. >> reporter: even the chair of the delegation think it's over. >> it seems mr. bernstein will maintain his lead. i plan on meeting with him next week. we've got to get his legislative agenda. >> there are still 1765 provisional ballots to be counted where the eligibility has been questioned. warren brown tells wjz he doesn't see how jessamy can catch up. >> i think it is a manifestation of her obestinance and ego to a certain extent that she doesn't do what 99% of the people in her position would do and say, you know, gracefully i lost. >> jess ismy has been in office 15 years. sores say she's meeting with a three- sources say she's
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meeting with a three-person legal team with no thoughts of conceding. >> they were caught not looking with their proverbial pants down. >> reporter: warren brown minces no words there. the provisional ballots won't be counted until next wednesday, and the final tally certified by the friday after that. expect this to go as the ball is in miss jessamy's court and she's ready to fight for her job. mike hellgren, wjz "eyewitness news." >> stay with wjz 13 for continuing complete coverage of campaign 2010. wjz's always on for what's coming up in november. go to some welcomed rain in the reapen tonight. here's a live look outside. clouds and rain in the area. wjz is live with first warning coverage. bob turk is updating the forecast. >> we do need the rain very, very dry the last month.
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take a look at radar. heavier showers and thunder that's all moved off quickly to the east-northeast. we had strong storms around the elkton area that's moved into the delaware and jersey. another batch from galina to rock hall with lightning and thunder moving quickly off to the northeast around 45 miles per hour from the city south with just light showers a little heavier east of annapolis. from the city on west to northwest, pockets of light rain. it looks like this will continue throughout the evening hours. maybe even a shot at a thunder shower. still ahead on wjz "eyewitness news" at 5:00, tense moments at one of the nation's most prominent hospitals. a gunman upset about the care his mother is getting shoots a johns hopkins doctor. open to the public, his lawyers asked for closed trial. the decision by a judge in the case for the alleged for the
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hood shooter. i'm suzanne colins in sparrows point. at one time this steel mill employed 33,000 people. now it's down to 2,000. i'll tell you why some of those jobs are now in jeopardy. that's coming up next. storms over maryland. the updated first warning forecast with bob. ,,,,,,,,
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we continue to follow the breaking news out of east baltimore. a triple shooting out at johns hopkins hospital. a gunman shoots a hopkins doctor then kills his mother before caking his own life. that dr. is dr. david cohen and is now expected to recover.
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andrea fujii has an update for us. andrea? >> reporter: good afternoon, mary. safety was one of the main concerns on everyone who was in lockdown. the many buildings on the johns hopkins campus. let's look at what it looked like earlier today. police weren't giving these people much information but did assure us a situation was contained to the eighth floor of the nelson building. after the virginia tech shooting, johns hopkins apparently beefed up security and added 400 police officers. they and all of the baltimore city officers received text messages about what was going on. >> the first means that we communicate is with an emergency text message. that went out before i got to my building and to the hospital. that text message went out over the hopkins cell phone. we follow that up with e-mails and everything else, but all staff members are encouraged routinely, new hires are
5:18 pm
encouraged routinely to ensure they sign up for those emergency text messages. >> reporter: they have not had an incident like this as long as people can remember, obviously. now, there are not metal detectors in the hospital. they say they have thousands of people coming in and out of the hospital every day and putting metal detectors in, is just not feasible. right now, the protocol is for patients and visitors to check in before being allowed in the hospital. it's not clear if that policy might change. mary, back to you. >> thank you, andrea. we are learning more about the response by police to this. we have insight from a law enforcement officer. jessica? >> reporter: kai, frank joins us now. thank you for being here. >> you are welcome. >> reporter: can you walk us through. you saw the same images we saw here when the tactical team showed up. walk me through the situation. >> first there is a lot of
5:19 pm
confusion. there's information being dispelled out and frantic calls being made to 911. the local police that may be getting the call, which is baltimore city is responding to that location. there's information inside the hospital. all of that's trying to be centralized. that information is trying to be centralized and passed onto the responding units so they know what you have to deal with who they are dealing with, where that perpetrator could possibly be and what resources they need to be into action to handle that situation. >> from your perspective, you don't know in f. this man is acting alone, what he may have on him. how do you proceed from there? >> reporter: as a police officer, you always look for multiple suspects even though it may only be one because you always try to plan for and handle worst case scenario. as you are handling the worst case scenario, you get more intelligence and then you can localize or narrow your search or tactical operation. >> reporter: in this situation, baltimore city police called in
5:20 pm
baltimore county police. they also called in the fbi because this is such a large, as you can explain it better, such a large hospital. >> reporter: sure. what normally happens is because if fib's seen the hopkins building is huge. and one police department or one s.w.a.t. team can only search if this perpetrator got loose on multiple floors, the tactical teams would have to search floor by floor room by room. the more teams you have there able to help you, the faster, quicker that is accomplished. >> reporter: okay. the president of johns hopkins university has thanked all law enforcement for how quickly everyone responded today. thank you for being with us. >> you are very welcome. >> reporter: back to you in the studio. >> thank you. let's recap everything we know right now. dr. david cohen was show the after 11:00 this morning. dr. cohen is alive and expected to recover. the suspect in the shooting has now been identified as paul
5:21 pm
pardus. he barricaded himself inside a room then shot and killed his mother and himself. for the latest, stay with wjz. we'll have all of the latest updates and more on the condition of the doctor as it becomes available. we also have this information online on our web site let's check in on the roads right now with christie breslin live at wjz traffic control. the hopkins incident definitely had an impact on traffic so how are things now? >> reporter: mary they have got than cleaned up quickly. jefferson, washington and monument streets are all reopened. as far as the rest of the region goes, we have plenty of congestion. looking at the north side of the inner loop, over on the west side inner loop another 40 minutes there from 795 to wilkins avenue. 70 eastbound, bumper to bumper there to the beltway. and prop from the harrisburg area as well. as far as 95 goes, stop and go
5:22 pm
from moravia road and on the inner loop from 83 to 9521 mile- per-hour average and almost 30 minutes to get by. let's take a live look as you can see plenty of congestion on the west side and a look at the congestion there west of york road. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. try any new breakfast sandwich like the double bacon and cheese omelette on flat bread. only at subway eat fresh. back over to you. >> thank you. the roads are wet buzz the light rain. it hasn't rained much so the streets can be slick with oil and transmission fluid. light rain and temperatures dropped like a rock in the last few minutes. most places are back in the 60s. the barometer's holding steady. we'll lack at a nice fly and great weekend after the rain leaves. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases.
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[ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer. a little rain in some areas. take a look at radar. all of that stuff we talked about has moved quickly off to the east and northeast. it continues to move in a quick direction the northeast around 45 miles per hour. you folks around galina, chestertown getting heavy downpours now. that will move out very, very
5:26 pm
quickly into the delaware region. the rest of it just light rain showers. now various spotty light stuff in fact south of the city now stopped for the time being. there is another batch. if you are in one of thunder showers, could you see quarter to a half inch and you might still see a chance of the thunder shower. we have a chance of getting a little bit of heavier activity later on tonight. take a look at temperatures an hour ago at 84 and now down to 72. 81 in washington, still 90. a lot of sun in the pax river. that's the hot spot. elkton dropped about 15 degrees down to 70. 61, upper 50s to the west. it will cool down quite a bit as the rain moves in. elkton had a steady wind with higher wind gusts. winds are down the northwest at 8 miles per hour. this frontal system we've been
5:27 pm
telling you about, the bulk of the rain across the great lakes across new england. farther south, pockets of showers to our east now particularly across jersey, southeastern pennsylvania and across virginia. another batch of north ohio with heavy storms. that will pass north of pittsburgh. it may kick up a shower or thunder shower for our region. as the front moves through later tonight, tomorrow high pressure with pleasant conditions friday, saturday and sunday. very nice, sunshiny and dry weather once again. quickly to the tropics, igor has dropped to a category 3 but it's moving directly over bermuda by sunday moo monday. it could be disasterrous for the island of bermuda. you can see the spaghetti tracks once again right over the island. julia has weakened and continues to weaken. that's good news of no interest because it's not going to affect the land masses.
5:28 pm
karl moving toward mexico as a category 1 and eventually will cause major problems of flooding down there for sure. until 9:00 tonight, a small craft advisory on the bay. winds tomorrow at 10 to 15 out of the northwest. tonight showers, maybe thunder. 64. tomorrow sunshine back out with clouds with a high close to 80 degrees. >> all right, bob. thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 5:00, investigation at johns hopkins. a doctor hospitalized after being shot by his patient's son. wjz is following the latest. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:30, 72 degrees with light rain. good evening, everybody. thanks for staying with wjz's "eyewitness news." here's what people are talking about tonight. we know the identity of a doctor who was shot. he is dr. david cohen. the shooting prompted a lockdown before the gunman shot and killed his mother and then himself. wjz stays on the story live in east baltimore. derek valcourt and mike schuh has the latest. we will begin with derek. >> reporter: gunfire erupted just after 11:00 this morning in the eighth floor of the hospital's nelson building. that's where an orthopedic surgeon was shot by 50-year-old paul warren pardon us, the son of one -- pardus, the son of one of the doctor's patients.
5:32 pm
he was so emotionally distraught and overwhelmed that he pulled ott the a gun and shot the doctor while the doctors with explaining his mother's condition. the employees evacuated the eighth floor as s.w.a.t. teams raced to the scene. police closed off streets around the hospital while trying to allow business to resume as usual and the rest of this massive medical complex here. police tried to contact pardus but realized he already shot his mother in the head then turned the gun on himself. police now moved into an investigative phase as they learned more about pardus. for now, the hospital completely reopened. most of the streets around this area are now back open so that traffic is moving freely, patients moving in and out of the hospital. but the police work is far from over as they try to learn more about this gunman who has created such havoc here at one of the world's most prominent hospitals. back to you.
5:33 pm
>> complete coverage continues. mike schuh has been on ground all afternoon. mike? >> kai, shutting down one of the largest hospitals in the world is no easy feat, yet they drilled for this and did it in a matter of moments. they were able to tell everyone who needed to stay inside, stay inside. those who needed to go outside that's where they went. it affected thousands of people. as soon as they knew the funman had been sequestered in his mother's room and the door was barricaded. police s.w.a.t. teams and others went to work quickly. here is how the commissioner describes the final moments. >> we were able to see that mr. davis was down on the floor suffering from an apparent gunshot wound, and that his mother was also unresponsive in her bed. the tactical team made entry into the room, and with the
5:34 pm
assistance of onseen medical personnel determined that both mr. davis and miss davis were indeed deceased. at this point, we are treating this case as a murder-suicide. >> reporter: you heard the commissioner refer to a mr. davis. he gave the people at the hospital a fake name. the name of the shooter is paul warren pardus from arlington, virginia. now this campus is back open with probably some small areas up on the eighth floor. generally things are open but you should call ahead of time if you have any business here tonight just to make sure. reporting live at hopkins, mike schuh, wjz "eyewitness news." back to you, mary, on tv hill. >> complete coverage continues live over the scene at sky eye chopper 2. the hospital and area surrounding is impacted. captain mike perry continues to monter from above. captain mike?
5:35 pm
>> reporter: as both the law enforcement says this is an enormous campus. when this first occurred, city police called a shooting of hopkins hospital, they had to shut down the entire area surrounding the hospital which is more than 40 square city blocks. so it is a very large area. they did so rather quickly. shortly after learning that the suspect was in a building on the east side of the campus, they quickly altered the plans and as we arrived on the scene, we quickly told everyone initially everything was closed here on the major east-west streets, orleans streets, m. monument and madison all closed. shortly there after, police got those roads reopened. the area where the command post was is where the bulk of the s.w.a.t. teams and the command post and city police response went to. now that was closed for most of the afternoon, but as you look now, literally the entire campus is now once again open.
5:36 pm
the police presence is once again normal. we see business as normal but police doing a spectacular job getting this shut down then opened back up in a short period of time. back to you. >> captain mike perry reporting from above hopkins hospital. thank you. let's 'cap everything we know about the shooting at johns hopkins hospital. dr. cohen was shot after 11:00 this morning. he was rushed in surgery and expected to fully recover. paul pardus of arlington, virginia barricaded himself in the room on the eighth floor of the nelson building then shot and killed his mother then himself. for the latest information on the johns hopkins hospital shooting, stay with wjz. we'll have all of the latest updates and for more on the conditions of the doctor as it becomes available it is all online at lawyers for the man accused in the for the hood massacre are dealt a couple of setbacks. den nice joins us with details
5:37 pm
on what a military judge ruled today. >> reporter: next month's hearing for hassan will be open to the public. his lawyers asked for it to be closed in order to limit pretrial publicity. testimony is expected from all 32 people wounded in last november's attack on the military base. the 40-year-old army psychiatrist is charged with 13 counsels of premeditated murder. hassan is paralyzed from the chest down after being shot by two for the hood police officers. kai? >> denise, thank you. a request by the legal team to exclude the reports from the october 12th hearing was denied. a relief well could be completed at the site of the largest oil spill in u.s. history. the broken well that caused the spill in the gulf of mexico could finally be sealed for good by sunday. 206 million gallons of oil leaked into the gulf before the well was capped in mid-july. most of the sparrow's
5:38 pm
points have been idle since summer. now employees learn the shutdown could last until december. there is great concern about what the future holds for workers and the plant. >> reporter: there's little activity at sparrow's point today. tin cans are being made bought the blast furnace takes raw materials and turns them into steel is shut down. most mills are at a standstill. they will remain idle until at least year's end. >> i have 36 years and have never seen it so dim of a time as it is now. >> reporter: the once bustling plant employed more than 30,000 people in the '50s, but that has dropped to just 1800. the company has changed hands several times in recent years. a baltimore county economic development official says he he's met with those who bowling the company in owe 08 but the steel industry is bleak worldwide. >> we are very worried to the
5:39 pm
men and women who dead stated their lives to steel production and have made a wonderful contribution. >> reporter: most of the steel provides the housing and construction industry but that whole area is in a big slump. and it cannot bring the plant online until market conditions improve. but the steel workers union says it's hard to build business when the plant is idle. >> we're not going to attract customers if customers know that our furnace is down. >> reporter: this iron worker learned his trade welding buildings at sparrow's point. he says if the plant does not reopen, it would be a huge effect. >> it's devastating. this will knock the community down completely. we lost the chevrolet plant and western electric. >> the county economic development office says that severstahl told him all options are on the table including a possible sale. >> reporter: the healthwatch report, popularity could influence your risk of getting the flu.
5:40 pm
a new study shows popular people tend to get sick on average two weeks before their less popular friends. researchers believe being the center of attention exposes to you new germs. doctors say identifying the most popular could be a useful tool in preventing the spread of flu. what do we make them stay at home? >> so you have to stay home. >> i never get sick, kai, i'm not popular. time now for an interview with cheryl ramsey who may have pulled just enough votes in the democratic race for baltimore states attorney to influence the outcome. evaluating matt weeder's first full season. and a guide to the celebration of native son frank zappa. these stories and more with tomorrow's baltimore sun. kai, millions of viewers are getting ready for the final episode of "as the world turns." the show ends its run tomorrow
5:41 pm
after 54 years on the air. just a programming note, today's scheduled episode of "as the world turns" will air overfirst at 1:37 a.m. right here on wjz 13. you can also go to >> and stream it? >> you can see almost all of the soap operas. i don't know when they'll post today's. >> so "as the world turns is gone." "guiding light" is gone. it's the end of an era. >> correct so for the folks who missed this episode before the final episode, can you see it. still ahead, we'll continue to update the situation at johns hopkins. a toddler forced to smoke? what's happening to the woman police say is responsible. and we have rain and how about the weekend? the five-day forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. calm is slowly returning to east baltimore after a shooting inside johns hopkins hospital. police say a man shot dr. david cohen inside the hospital proprietorring a standoff.
5:45 pm
the suspect now identified as paul pardus then shot his own mother before killing himself. andrea fujii remains on the scene with more. >> reporter: these were scary moments for everyone involved. many of the patients come into johns hopkins because they are ailing have something hoping to be treated never thinking they would be in danger. let's lack at some of the video from earlier today. by 11:30, most of the building was in lockdown or most of the buildings, that is, was in lockdown meaning no one was allowed in or out for two hours. so there were workers, patients, and visitors walking around not knowing what was going on hoping everyone was safe. we spoke with the father who became separated from his wife and child. they'd come to johns hop kins to get a c.a.t. scan. the dad left for a bit and couldn't get back in. mom and child were alone inside. >> i brought myself and my wife brought my son here to get a
5:46 pm
c.a.t. scan. he's inside with the basement with her. >> reporter: how are your feelings of them being locked inside and you being outside. >> i'm all right because i've been talking to them and they assured me they are fine and i just they are. >> reporter: police assured us and everyone else that they did secure the situation to just the nelson building. of course, everyone out here was feeling very uneasy. mary, back to you. >> you could tell, andrea. thank you. we'll recap everything we know about the shooting at johns hopkins hospital. dr. david cohen was hot after 11:00 this morning. he is expected to recover. the suspect in the shooting, 50-year-old paul pardus of arlington, virginia barricaded himself in a room then shot and killed his mother and then himself. for the latest, stay with wjz. we'll have all of the latest updates and more on the condition of the doctor as it becomes available all online at let's look at the weather
5:47 pm
right now with bob turk. >> we have rain in the region tonight. maybe even a thunder shower later. good deal of sunshine and some clouds. a little breezy and cooler than today. upper 70s, may get to 80 degrees. the next five days looks lick a nice weekend but remains on the dry side. 80 on saturday, 82 sunday. 78 monday and 80 tuesday with a lot of sunshine. looks like another dry period coming up. time for the energy savor tip. use pressure cookers and microwave ovens whenever it's convenient to do so. they save energy by significantly reducing cook time. for more, go to and click on our special section on the home page. kai? shocking video out of ohio lands a young mother behind bars. in it, you can see the 2-year- old girl smoking marijuana. officers were sent this video showing the little girl smoking pot while watching cartoons. a person can also be heard instructing the toddler on how
5:48 pm
to smoke properly. the girl's 21-year-old mother is charged with child endangerment. a fiery accident is caught on tape in the philippines. improvised fireworks exploded right in the middle of a dance show. students were lighting soda bottles filled with gun powder and the containers exploded. more than 60 people were injured by the shrapnel. the incident is under investigation right now. we'll check in at "eyewitness news" at 6:00 for all news stories coming up. vic? >> reporter: wjz has been reporting all day, a doctor shot at johns hopkins hospital sparking an hours long standoff that ends with the suspect dead. complete coverage continues at 6:00. murder by mail. several people killed in the 2001 anthrax mail attacks. new at 6:00, how the fbi concluded dr. ivins was behind the attacks. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. back to you.
5:49 pm
>> vic, thank you. eyewitness sports is next. 15 years in the nfl and ray lieu sis still fierce. the ravens' linebacker describes the before hit on a defenseless opponent. and the terps get ready for a road trip to west virginia. we'll hear from them when "eyewitness news" continues. ,,
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mark is here and mark is back. my 1:00 game on sunday i get to fold my laundry and drink a beer. i love it. >> the simple pleasures for mary bubala. everybody, we'll all join you. >> that would be great if you guys could help. >> talking about the ravens here looking healthy heading into game two at cincinnati. linebacker jared johnson did sit out today nursing a back injury. the bengals ravens rematch reminds us ray lewis put a punishing hit for ocho cinco. he added another to his highlight reel when he leveled
5:53 pm
dustin keller on monday night. >> when you got that perfect setup and you see this man coming and you go pop and you hit him right on the button and get up and necessity know that was the play it's what you work for. playing my position, that's it. >> reporter: the game is in cincinnati, and it is a return for new ravens receiver who played seven seasons for the bengals. his thoughts and time in cincy coming up at the 6:00 report. this remainder, we bring that game into your living room while mary's folding laundry. see the ravens take on the bengals right here on wjz. coverage comes your way at 1:00. and the maryland terrapins on the road as well. they head to morgantown to take on west virginia. a blowout over morgan state.
5:54 pm
the intensity turned up for maryland on saturday. wrest virginia's nationally ranged and are tough in morgantown. >> number one, to play on the road in a hostile environment against a good football team. number two is to play, you know, in a game, the more we win the bigger the games get. i think this is a very big game for us. >> reporter: maryland now lost the last four meetings with west virginia. again, coming up saturday at noon it is the terps and mountaineers playing in morgantown. coming up next hour, we'll talk some baseball. how about a day off for the red hot orioles. the yankees are in town tomorrow. we'll have more ahead on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. you can catch me on the radio tomorrow morning from 9:00 to noon, 105.7, and among my guests, ken singleton who does the yankee games on the yes network. we'll get his insights on how
5:55 pm
the yankees are doing. they are in the midst of a pennant race. the orioles are just having fun. >> maybe they could ruin it for the yankees. no more stories about oysters, okay? and again, we want to remind you because of our extensive breaking news coverage today, "as the world turns" did not air. the show ends its run tomorrow after 54 years on the air. as a programming note, today's scheduled episode will air overnight at 1:37 a.m. so set your vcr right here on wjz 13. you could also log on to to watch the complete episodes at any time of the day. that's 1:37. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight -- >> chaos inside johns hopkins hospital after a gunman shoots a doctor and then kills his own mother and himself. i'm derek valcourt. details are coming up in a lili,
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by reducing spending and lowering taxes. let's make the maryland we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work. coming up, at johns hopkins hospital, a doctor is shot. >> we have complete coverage, including interviews with a man just feet away from the shooting. the absentee ballots have been counted and they favor the challenger. so will incumbent patricia
5:59 pm
jessamy proceed? welcome rain. don't miss the updated forecast. >> check in for these stories and all the breaking news. >> wjz starts now. chaos at johns hopkins hospital. a doctor is shot. >> we ain't safe nowhere hoop tonight what sparked the violence, the massive police response and how the mother ended up dead. hello. i'm vic


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