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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 16, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> i'm denise koch. >> a man shoot has doctor and barricades himself in. derek valcourt with more. jessica kartalija speaks with the witness feet from the shooting and mike schuh and as more. >> the doctor is expected to survive. let's go to derek valcourt are more on how the situation started and how it ended. >> reporter: earlier today a s.w.a.t. team moved in trying to remove the man who had barricaded himself inside the room after shooting his mother's doctor. gunfire inside the johns hopkins building sent people scrambling. the doctor was shot by 50-year-
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old paul warren pardus. the doctor was trying to explain to pardus his mother's medical condition when pardus became emotionally distraught and shot the doctor. >> was last seen running. the run -- running into the room. >> police s.w.a.t. teams moved in, while trying to allow business to resume. police tried to contact pardus to get him surround but they soon realized he had already shot his mother in the head and took his own life. >> we are treating this case as a -- as a murder sue side and the shooting of this doctor preceding this discovery. >> police say they are treating the eighth floor of that nelson building as a crime seen. the rest of the hospital is open for business as usual.
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things are slowly returning to normal here at johns hopkins hospital where the security officials say where they will be conducting an intense review. we are live at johns hopkins downtown, derek valcourt. >> thank you. >> our complete coverage continues with jessica kartalija who spoke to a witness who was feet away when the doctor was shot. >> reporter: that witness has asked that we do not show his face or use his name. just after 11 this morning, this witness was meeting with a doctor. then this. >> i was up on the eighth floor, and i hear a bang. then i saw a -- either a nurse or a resident female come running around the corner saying he shot the doctor, shot
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the doctor. so i went down, probably about 10 yards and made a left and there the doctor was on the floor in the hallway. >> reporter: the witness who asked that we not use his name said they searched frantically for a gurney. >> they brought the crash cart over. there were probably about six or seven of us there, and we all picked him up and put him on, and they were all around him. i was kind of outside the loop. the nurse manager came around, and she put a -- put one cart and i put another one in front of the door that he said the suspect was in the room. >> reporter: was the doctor aware of what was happening at the time? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: he was conscious. >> yes. there was very little blood that i saw. it was basically his left chest area, maybe a little bit lower. >> reporter: the witness said they knew the gunman was feet
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away. >> they said are you going to stay or go? i said go. i went down the elevator to the lobby where police were coming up. it's a crazy world out there, basically. you got to take every day one day at a time and thank god for what you have. >> reporter: this witness tells me he is not worried there may be additional gunmen in the building but he does expect security to increase. >> complete coverage continues with mike schuh with more on the kay hot tick scene outside johns hopkins. >> reporter: you can't close down a campus like this unless you have a plan. after the have va tech beefed up their plan, they put it it in effect today. you can't move thousands of people on an instant notice without a lot of confusion. everyone evacuated or locked in
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place. >> nobody's safe. >> reporter: thousands take to the streets. everyone here as the same question. >> there's not a lot of answers. we don't really know what's going on. we're confused. we're nervous. we're concerned. >> reporter: no one can get back to their jobs. and the running of the labs, everyone seems to be calling home. >> can't get on that side of the sidewalk at least. they blocked it off over there. there's nowhere in at the moment. >> it's like all hell broke loose. there's got to be 100, 150 baltimore police, baltimore homicide, s.w.a.t. and u.s. marshals, everybody. >> reporter: others found out where to go just by looking at their phone. >> the hopkins broadcast email that goes out to all the hopkins employees. >> reporter: with some streets blocked, so many were lost.
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there are these path ways around the i believes of the perimeter and they're very crowded with people trying to get where they need to go. >> it's just scary and sad. i don't know what to think. >> now this makes more sense, doesn't it? >> yes. >> reporter: at what point do you think you'll call it a day? >> right now. head on back. >> reporter: nearby construction continued, as well as the market. for this man he is angry. >> i think the cops should take him out. >> reporter: as you know by now the police didn't have to do that. the shooter took his own life f you have any business if you have concerns, you may want to call first. mike schuh reporting. denise, back to you. >> all right. complete coverage continues with andrea fujii with more reaction to this. >> reporter: good evening.
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thousands, patients, visitors, hospital workers were in lockdown and many say it was very difficult. 5-year-old blake was seeing a johns hopkins doctor when his mom said a shooter was nearby. >> when i called they said they were accepting patients. when i got will, he was the last one to be seen. they shut everything down. >> reporter: they were told to stay put. >> i was getting ready to leave and then they said get back, get back. then they wouldn't let us leave. >> reporter: given little information, people were scared. >> not knowing what was happening, whether or not the person was still roaming the halls or whatever. going into the bathroom you could feel the tension. >> reporter: he worked for johns hopkins hospital for 20 years and said nothing leak this ever happened -- like this ever happened before.
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>> you never know the emotions of people when they have dramatic experiences. >> reporter: by #-bg things were back to normal. >> it's a little too close. >> here talking to people now the mood is calm. people say the area is secure tend looks like people are believing them. >> thank you. complete coverage continues with sky chopper 13 who was over the scene all day. what does it look like right now? we're looking up north wolf street where the officers were a few short hours ago. everything has been recently opened. we can see most of the east, west and north, south streets along the hopkins corridor have been opened for quite some time. earlier today city police had
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this whole area completely locked down. then they opened the streets as they were label to. but, fortunately, now, the situation is long over with. all of the streets running quite well despite the rain showers we're having in the area. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much captain mike perry. wjz has the latest on the shooting. dr. david cohen was shot by 53- year-old paul pardus. dr. cohen is expected to survive. there was a four-our standoff. police discovered that pardus shot his mother and then himself. he was upset after being told about his mother's condition. hospital operations are back to normal. you can get additional updates by going to a shocking crime in baltimore county, a woman held as a virtual slave for nearly a
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year. kai? >> two people have been charged with imprisonment and assault. the suspects are 3-year-old kim aboutly king and 29-year-old jermaine smith bay. police say they dropped the woman off at the hospital in late august and the woman went into a coma. police believe they were responsible for her injuries. she held her for more than a year, abused her and took her social security checks. a fatal crash between an ambulance and an suv in prince george's county. this is the scene in the 5600 block of district heights. police say the ambulance was responding to a call when it hit the suv. three people in the suv were pronounced dead at the scene. nearly 48 hours after the polls are closed and still no winner in the race for baltimore state's attorney. challenger gregg bernstein
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leads incumbent patricia jessamy by nearly 1300 votes. mike hellgren is following it. >> reporter: patricia jessamy's legal team is demanding answers from the election officials. however, they have not filed any legal action. however, there are still 360 or so absentee ballots that have not been counted and more than 1700 provisional ballots, but that hasn't stopped some from calling on miss jessamy to concede. patricia jessamy is fighting back, even after a count of most absentee ballots widened her california challenger rern -- her challenger gregg bernstein's lead. sources say jessamy is not satisfied that votes were properly counted. >> we've will tight races in the past.
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we've also had races in the past where, according to machine count, we may not get 100%. we definitely don't get it the night of the election. >> reporter: even prominent jest i supporter -- jessamy supporters thy it's over. >> i plan on meeting with him next week. we got to get list legislative agenda. >> reporter: there are still 1765 provisional ballots to be counted. those are where eligible has been questioned. but attorney warren brun says help doesn't know how jessamy can catch up. >> it's her ob stin nens, her ego that help is doesn't come out land do what 99% of the people in her position would do and say, you know, gracefully, i lost. >> it was a fair election.
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i think the baltimore board of elections did a great job. as far as her concessions, that's up to her. >> reporter: it's interesting to see dele gapt anderson say that. it will be interesting to see if other jessamy backers agree. those provisional ballots will be counted next wednesday. also, gregg bernstein issued a statement sounding upbeat, and he is waiting for this election to be certified, this battle to be over. mike hellgren reporting, wjz news. >> thank you, mike. stay with wjz 13 for continuing complete coverage of campaign 2010. we're always on. we have some breaking news to tell you b a pedestrian -- about. a pedestrian has been struck in northeast baltimore. >> we are along bel air road in
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the 5200 block of echo dale. looks like an adult has been struck by a car, and that adult is severely injured lying in the street, being attended to by baltimore city paramedics. as you can see, police have southbound bel air road closed at echo dale as they continue their investigation. it looks like this will be at least 15, 20 minutes before police are able to restore traffic. so expect delays in the area. >> thank you. well, some welcome relief from the recent dry weather. there has been rain across much of the region. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob? >> fortunately, it's not that much. at least the radar shows some stuff, not a whole lot. not much going on. we had some heavier showers earlier this afternoon,
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particularly around ga lean narks chestertown. some light rain, some drizzle and spotty areas to the north and west. i think we'll get into some of that later on, probably by 9:00 or 10. most of it will be done as it cuts off by cumberland, so a wet damp evening. cambridge, and southern portions of the western shore maybe southern calvert county, not much rain expected. we expect to see the possibility of a thundershower late tonight before this clears out and makes way for a dry and sunny end to the week and weekend. vic? >> still to come, a wild situation plat johns hopkins hospital. wjz continues to follow the shooting and standoff that ended a short time ago. did the fbi have the right
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a gunman shot a doctor before taking hition own -- his own life. andrea fujii has been covering it all day. >> reporter: we just heard from johns hopkins hospital who is telling us that the doctor who was shot, dr. david cohen is in stable condition. he has been in surgery since this morning. the latest update on his condition, he is in stable condition. safety was on the mind of everyone. police weren't giving them much information but they assured them that the situation was contained to the eighth floor of the nelson building. after the have va tech shooting johns hopkins beefed up their security. they had 400 police officers and they received text message about what was going on. >> the first means of
6:20 pm
communication is with an emergency text message. that went out before i got to my billing into the hospital. that text messaging went out over a cell phone. we followed that up with emails and everything else. all staff members are encouraged routinely, new hires are encouraged routinely to ensure that they sign up for those emergency text messages. >> reporter: now we're told that the buildings here disho not have met -- do not have metal detectors. they say that's not feasible because thousands of people come in and out daily and it's not feasible to put metal detectors in all of the doors. however, visitors to register and wear a wrist band before they can get into the hospital. >> thank you. our complete coverage continues with jessica kartalija where she's in the newsroom joined
6:21 pm
with an expert. >> reporter: joining me is a former tactical officer. we've been talking about -- what must go through the minds of these tactical officers? >> tactical officers are women trained. they actually, unlike a football game where they psych themselves up, these guys psych themselves down. they want to hear all the information being relaid to them via first responders on scene, make sure the information they're gathering is accurate to they can make a tactical response as quick as possible. >> reporter: this is a hospital where thousands of people go in and out every day. >> fortunately, it's too big for one tactical team. the baltimore city s.w.a.t. called in baltimore county s.w.a.t. to clear it room to room, floor
6:22 pm
to floor. >> reporter: and in this situation you said it could have been much worse. >> it absolutely could have been. >> thanks for joining us. back to you. >> wjz has the latest on the shooting at johns hopkins hospital. dr. david cohen was shot by 50- year-old paul pardus. cohen is expected to sphie. after a four-our standoff, pardus shot his mother and then himself. hospital operations pat johns hopkins are now back to normal. check in for complete coverage of the johns hopkins hospital shooting. log on to it's gray out there. it looks like rain. it felt like rain. >> take a look at temperatures it. dropped from the mid-80s. the winds at six. the barometer rising. take a look at the rain and the
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nice weekend headed this way ♪
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we've had some thundershowers. moderate rain across north baltimore county and some areas may pick up maybe a quarter of an inch. in fact, lower section of
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delaware, probably won't see much more than a trace of rain. that's where we're seeing the heaviest. take a look at temperatures, down to the south still pretty warm, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. 76 at the beach. we dropped to the upper 60s. upper 50s to the west. our winds beginning to shift more to the west, northwest. that will continue tomorrow. it will bring in more dry air, so even though we gain rain tonight, the bulk of the next several days will be sunny and very dry. heaviest rain across pennsylvania and new york. you can see it's cutting off to the west. don't expect a lot of rain. it may rain from 9 to 10:00 and there's a chance of a brief shower, perhaps a thundershower from that little line across eastern ohio. behind that, that's where the really dry air moves.
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pleasant conditions come up. really very nice weather. lots of sunshine and it will be dry. not great for your allergies. back in the tropics, igor has dropped to a category three. however, it's making a beeline for bermuda. this could be a very devastating storm for the island of bermuda. you see the tracks take it to bermuda over the weekend. julia is weakening and karl has strengthened to a category one, now the bay of cam peecally land it -- campeche and it could get stronger in the central portions of mexico. there's the small craft advisory. the bay temp around 74 degrees. so tonight maybe a shower in some areas with some thunder. otherwise, light steady rain.
6:28 pm
64 tomorrow. sunshine comes back up and temperatures close to the upper 70s, maybe 80 degrees, so a nice end to the week and much needed rain. >> terrific. still to come, chaos and confusion, a shooting and standoff inside johns hopkins hospital. complete coverage continues. incredible video you don't want to miss. see what happened to this child. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is just after -- 6:30. here's some of the stories people are talking b chaos at world renowned johns hopkins hospital. a suspect shoot as -- shoot has doctor before killing himself. >> reporter: that doctor was apparently giving the gunman some bad introduce about his mother's condition. that sets the shooter off causing him to shoot the doctor, murder his mother before killing himself.
6:32 pm
police in battle gear sund the hospital are -- surrendered the hospital where the gunman was holed up inside. 50-year-old paul pardus shot and wounded a doctor. >> all we flow a doctor was shot. >> reporter: drt is reportedly in critical condition with rab domenal injuries, but he is expected to be okay. the doctor had just delivered bad news about the man's mother who was a patient at the hospital. >> he became emotionally distraught. during the course of the conversation with the doctor, mr. davis removed a small semi automatic handgun and fired a single gunshot. >> reporter: police say the gunman barricaded himself and his meetinger into a -- mother
6:33 pm
in a room on the eighth floor. >> what goes through my mind? craziness. >> they put a lot of lives at danger. >> reporter: two hours before the standoff, the suspect shot and killed his mother and then took his own life. >> reporter: that doctor is in stable condition. the police investigation continues and things are starting to return to normal. >> complete coverage continues with mike schuh. >> reporter: the police departments, universities and hospitals around the country learn lad lot after the columbine and virginia tech shootings. that was the case here. they have drilled what they practiced, who to put where, how to secure people inside buildings. one of the things at the very
6:34 pm
center of this event is the most critical area. that is where the shooter was and the people around it. here is the police commissioner now describing those final moments. so the police commissioner is not available in order to give you that, but he was saying basically the specialized s.w.a.t. teams came into that area and they saw that both the mother and the shooter were dead and they realized the severity of the situation was over at this point. if you have any business here tonight, this might be worth your while to call and make sure everything was going as planned because this was a massive disruption today. the hospital does say they are officially open for business but it might not hurt. reporting live at johns hopkins, back to you on tv hill. >> complete coverage with jessica kartalija who has more on her exclusive interview with
6:35 pm
a witness just feet from the shooting. >> reporter: that witness did not want to go on camera and asked that we do not use his name. >> i was up on the eighth floor. i hear a bang and saw either a nurse or a resident female come running around the corner saying he shot the doctor. shot the doctor. so i went down, probably about 10 yards and made a left. there the doctor was on the floor in the hallway. >> reporter: what was your initial reaction when you saw the doctor on the floor? >> something happened, but i didn't know what. i heard the nurse say -- or the nurse or resident say he got shot but i didn't see any blood or anything, so i wasn't too sure. >> reporter: the witness tells me he helped get the man on the
6:36 pm
gurney. >> all right. thank you. >> now website woabs had more on the shoot -- now wjz has more on the shooting. dr. david cohen was shot by paul pardus. dr. cohen is expected to survive. pardus then killed his mother and then himself. hospital operations at johns hopkins are back to normal. wjz 13 is always on. check in for complete coverage for updates on the situation anytime. log on to the investigative arm of congress is looking into the fbi's investigation nat 2001 anthrax mailings and who they say is responsible. mary? >> the government accountability office wants to know if there are any issues with the scientific methods used by the fbi. the fbi concluded that dr.
6:37 pm
bruce ivan sent out the anthrax tainted letters in 2006 that killed five people. ivan committed suicide in 2008 just before he was about to be charged. the gao mr. determine if there are uncertainties and how the fbi reached its conclusion. >> the gao will also see how effective agencies are. a military officer who will decide whether there is enough evidence to warrant a trial for the army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at a texas army base has decided to close a hearing. the judge said he plans to call the 32 people hurt during last november's shooting at ft. hood. major nadal as san was charged. most of the steel plant has
6:38 pm
been idled since summer. now employees learn that it will be extended until deals. there's great concern over what the future holds for the workers and the plant. >> reporter: there's little activity at the plant. tin cans are still being made but the blast furnace that takes raw material and turns them into steel is shut down. the company now says they will remain idle until at least years end. >> i have 36 years and i have never seen it so dim of a time has now. >> reporter: the plant once employed more than 30,000 people in the '50's but that has dropped. the company has changed hands several times. the steel industry is bleak worldwide. >> we are very worried about the men and women who work there. they have dedicated their lives
6:39 pm
to steel production, to this important facility. >> reporter: most of the steel made here supplies the housing and construction industry but that whole area is in a big slump and he says help can't bring the plant on line until market conditions improve, but the steel workers say it's hard to build when the plant is idle. >> we will not attract customers. >> reporter: he learned his trade at the plant. he said if the plant does not reopen, it will be a huge effect. >> devastating. it will knock this community down. we lost chevrolet, western electric. >> reporter: report for wjz eyewitness news. >> the county economic office said the company said all options are on the table including a possible sail. time for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in baltimore sun, an interview with sheryl lancey.
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catcher matt weeder's season. these store ris and much more in tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember, look for the updated forecast. still to come on wjz eyewitness news, disturbing video. a joint given to a young child. bob turk. some rain tonight but a fair sunny weekend headed hour way. he'll vast five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories. for updates and the updated forecast, log on to ,, why is roman meal bread nutritious?
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wjz continues to follow breaking news where a doctor was shot following a multihour standoff. we go back to derek valcourt. >> reporter: we can tell you that doctor who was shot by this gunman is now in stable condition after several hours of surgery. it began just after 11 this morning when the doctor was shot on the eighth floor of the
6:44 pm
nelson building. police say the gunman shot the doctor after becoming emotionally distraught over his mother's condition. the hospital's employees were put on aall right right away. the eighth floor evacuated as police rushed over. the s.w.a.t. team tried to secure that eighth floor and allowed business to go on. police finally determined that the gunman shot himself and his mother. this was quite a chaotic day for a lot of people at johns hopkins and people who were inside the building. patients didn't know what to do when this all happened. >> i brought myself and my wife to get a cat scan. he's in the basement with her. >> reporter: how is that, knowing she's inside and you're
6:45 pm
outside. >> i'm all right. i've been talking to them. they assured me i'm fine. i trust they are. >> reporter: that's kind of typical of the stuff we were hearing from people who were inside the hospital, some tense moments. they didn't know if everyone inside was safe. the good news is aside from the doctor, the gunman and his own mother, no one else was hurt at the hospital. police say the hospital did a great job executing their emergency plan. police say it's in the investigative stage and things are returning to normal at johns hopkins where we are live. >> thank you. wjz 13 is always on. you can check in for complete coverage for updates, for additional reaction, just log on to security cameras in turkey capture a near tragedy involving a toddler. watch as the car passes by the
6:46 pm
child. fortunately, a passing driver noticed him and alerted the other venges. the mother ran out and grabbed her son. police say she thought the boy was still sleeping with her under the bushes. a 21-year-old ohio woman has been indicted on child endangerment charges for providing her child with marijuana. she gave it to the daughter and videotaped her. she forwarded it to someone who turned it in to police. the woman row plains in jail on a $10,000 bond. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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let's get an update on the forecast. >> tomorrow a big improvement, a lot of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 70s, then to 80. on the weekend a lot of sunshine both saturday and sunday. nighttime lows in the upper 50s. boy monday 78 -- by monday 78. so five more dry days headed
6:50 pm
our way. >> beautiful. still to come, the ravens get ready to hit the road to cincinnati and the purple birds have re venges on their -- revenge on their mind. ,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
the ravens are mostly
6:53 pm
healthy. todd heap back in practice. johnson is nursing a back injury. that road trip to cincinnati is a return trip for t.j. houshmandzadeh. hey was a seattle seahawk until cut. he looks back at his departure from a place where he thought he'd be saying. >> people would say why are you staying. you need to get up out of here. >> i felt comfortable there. i would say it wasn't because i didn't want to stay. thinking back on it and having gone through the situation, they're doing what any team would do. >> other teams have talked revenge. cincinnati went on to win the division title. we'll bring the came from ohio
6:54 pm
right into your living room. see the ravens take on the bengals at 1:00. then the maryland terrapins are headed to morgan town to take on west virginia. the blowout over moore morgan -- over morgan state. west va va nationally ranked. >> playing on the road in as who still environment against a very good football team. number, two, to play in a game, the more we win, the bigger the games get. maryland has lost the last four meetings with set of of west -- meetings with west virginia. they play saturday at noon in morgan town. the red-hot orioleses get a day of rest after sweeping
6:55 pm
tornado-- toronto. brad bergesen. >> to come back and try to contribute to this team, it's a satisfying feeling. >> the yankees are in town tomorrow night. finally, the pennant race in cincinnati drew some added attention last night, a massive swarm of may flies. the insects invaded them. now the life span of a may fly is one day and million of them spent their day at a baseball game. the home team may not have appreciated that i attendance but the reds did win. it must be an ohio thing. they had a swarm in cleveland a couple years ago during a playoffs game. you have to put ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm denise
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>> couric: tonight, shattered dreams, a record number of americans lose their homes to foreclosure, but there are signs better times may be around the corner. i'm katie couric. also tonight, the party crashers. big primary victories by fringe candidates open a rift in the g.o.p. a knockdown, drag-out fight for senate in connecticut. linda mcmahon, formerly of the w.w.e., tries to take down attorney general richard blumenthal. and it's fashion week, and plus-size women have arrived. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. devastating news about the economy tonight. a new report just out from the census bureau shows one out of seven people in this country is living in poverty.


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