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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 17, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's friday! it's still damp from overnight rain. no one's complaining. we needed the moisture. kristy breslin is on traffic and bernadette woods is in for marty. happy friday, everyone out there. we have the rain leaving us. it's still mild. we have everything from the 60s in baltimore and 70s the
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further south you go. taking it closer, 66 degrees in bel air now and 68 in kent island and 68 in annapolis. as we head into the afternoon. the northwest wind is picking up and we're bringing in dryer air. the clouds will mix with sunshine and we'll get to 80- degree this afternoon and dry air is returning for the weekend. we'll have the forecast. what a waits you on the way to work? here's kristy breslin. >> well, it's an easy friday morning drive. everything is running smoothly on the northside of the inner loop and outer lupe. everything's in great shape on the westside. average speed, 65 miles per hour. moving to 95. that's a slowdown as you make your approach on the north eastside. harrisburg expressway, free and clear. taking a look at the travel times, 53 miles per hour average and 11 minutes to get through. and let's take a live look at
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the beltway at old court road. here's a look at putty hill avenue. back to you now. here's what people will be talking about today. the murder/suicide yesterday. this morning, a doctor is recovering after being shot by a patient's son beforehand. andrea fujii has the latest on the investigation and jessica kartalija has reaction from a witness. first, we'll go to andrea who was among one of the first reporters yesterday. >> >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. this happened after a doctor gave bad medical news to the son of a patient here at johns hopkins. that caused the suspect to snap. frenzied few hours inside and outside the 8th floor of the building. >> they just locked everything
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down. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. teams and battle gear race to the scene and the surgeon had just delivered bad news to a 50- year-old, about his mother's condition. and police say he game distraught and pulled out a handgun and shot the doctor. >> last seen running into the room, brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother who was confined to the bed. >> reporter: the doctor was rushed into surgery with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. the police evacwaited the particular and scram -- and scrambled to get the gunman. i work at the hospital. we got a message that we had to go in the offices and shut and long lock the doors. >> i was about to leave and they said, get back and they secured us for half an hour in the lobby.
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>> reporter: the police found pardus and his mother both shot dead. two work -- to workers, it's a sobering reminder that one of the best hospitals in the world isn't immune from violence. >> it's scary and sad. i don't know what to think. >> reporter: we're told that the doctor is in stable condition and he's going to be okay. hopkin's security officials sent out campuswide security alerts after the shooting. lessons they learned after the virginia tech shooting. >> as many watched the story unfold from home, imagine those on the 8th floor when the shooting began. our coverage continues with jessica kartalija who spoke with a man a few feet away. just after 11:00 this morning, this witness was meeting with a doctor. then, this.
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>> i was on the 8th floor and i heard a bang. then, i saw a, either a nurse or a resident female running around the corner saying, he shot the doctor. he shot the doctor. i went down, probably about 10- yards and made a left, there the doctor was on the floor in the hallway. the witness said they searched frantically for a gurney. >> they brought the crash cart over. there was six or seven of us there and they picked them up and i was outside the lupe. the nurse manager came around and she put a, she put a cart and we put another one in front of the door where the suspect was in -- the room. >> reporter: was the doctor aware of what was happening as the time?
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>> yes, he was conscious. there was very little blood that i saw. it was basically, his left chest area and lower. >> reporter: the witness said they knew the gunman was feet away. they said, you'll stay or go and i said, i'll go. >> reporter: fortunately,the witness and staff members on the 8th floor made it out safely. >> it's a crazy world and you have to take every day one day at a time and thank god for what you have. >> reporter: the witness said he was not worried about additional gunman. he expects security to increase significantly. >> pardus did have a handgun permit. the 50-year-old shot the doctor and killed himself and his mother.
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according to his brother, pardus thought his mother was suffering after learning she would likely never walk again. and stay with wjz-13 for complete coverage of the shooting, wjz is always on for you. for updates on the investigation and the doctor's condition, go to two are behind bars charged with holding a woman prisoner in a baltimore county home for a year. according to the baltimore sun, they've been arrested and charged with attempted murder and assault and false imprisonment. they held a 22-year-old captive in their reisterstown apartment for nine months during which time, they cashed her disability checks. a woman may be facing charges after she admits she lied about being attacked from acid. she claimed a woman through acid in her face. now, she says that's a lie and
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her injuries are self- inflicted. >> the ravins face the bangles sunday. the team is coming off of a season opening win. it's not clear who will and won't be playing sunday. the tight end practiced yesterday and johnson didn't work out. >> so, the ravins remain on the road and on wjz-13 this weekend. you can watch the ravens and the bangles here on wjz-13, sunday afternoon at 1:00. and the new season of amazing race hasn't premiered, but the scenes have gone viral. check out this video, claire is using a slingshot to launch watermelons and it misfires and it launches the watermelon back at her face. she was able to continue the challenge and the amazing race
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continues here september 26th, sunday after next. every time i see that video, it hurts a little bit more. >> yeah, it doesn't get easier. what a great show. jessica, adam and i love the show! maybe they'll allow a team of three to go through it. well, you sort of get paid to watch it. well, every sunday night, adam and i check out the show. >> well, you're in the building and it's on the air. okay, i have an interesting fact. for all of you that celebrate st. patrick's day. today's half way to st. paddy's day. it's september 17th >> >> and it's also the start of yamkipir.
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax.
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there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. good morning, and happy friday to you. here's the rain and the winds that made they way through yesterday. that batch got out and here's the second one. that's leaving it behind us. s the winds are picking up. you can hear the breeze. that's bringing in dry air. the dew points drop throughout the afternoon and temperatures on the way up. we'll look at how we're starting out. 71-degrees in d.c. and here's the the storm, it's leeing us. here's the next one and there's
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not a lot to it. when it moves our way, it will be dry. before it gets here, high pressure moves through tomorrow and here's the sunshine and here's the storm. it's a slow mover sunday into monday. there's a limbed chance for showers. as far as the tropics, this is a big storm. it's a large storm. unfortunately, in the path, heading towards bermuda, 127 miles per hour winds. hurricane julia is out there and it will make its way to the east. taking a look closer, it's up to a category 3. it will make its way on shore in southern parts of mexico. this is a massive storm. we're watching those and here at home, it's a quiet day. and clouds giving way to sunshine and the breeze picking up we'll cool it down tonight. 51 for the low.
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82 degrees by sunday as the front moves through and then, on wednesday, we'll begin a little bit of a warmup. for the rush, here's kristy breslin. >> well, hi, we have a few new accidents to bring you up to date on. we have an accident at washington boulevard. that's going to hold you up a few minutes. over in the city, west northern parkway at liberty, there's another crash. slowing at harford road and the westside continues to move in good shape and at 95, that's a minor slowdown in that direction. and let's take a live look. there's traffic building at harford and another look at 70 west of the beltway moving along there as well. this is brought to you by toyota. toyota is moving forward. >> thank you, and imagine this,
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maybe ron would have forgotten today is purple friday. >> never! >> good morning, ron! >> hey, don and bern and everyone. >> ron, i have to tell you, i don't normally work fridays, i thought, i can actually wear my purple. i have it on. >> and black. you're right on it, bern. >> we're live in dundalk. these are the folk that is make all of the great new raven's gear. i'm wearing one of them right now. craig, our friend here. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> well, it's great to have you here. we have deals with four players. >> rice, flacco, boldin and hanada. >> we're doing sweatshirts. and bottles and silly bands. >> well, your employees are
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working hard. we're printing the rice shirts and they're doing the fronts and the others will do the back. >> is this all day? >> well, it's been slow with the two away games. now, we're ready to go. it's show time in baltimore. i love that. bring it on, number 27. >> we try to come up with catchy slogans. we like play like afterchampion. >> that's out and he's giving them to the players. we've been getting good responses on that one. let's talk about the stores where you can get this gear. of course, maryland screen printers, that's a major supplier here. let's go over the stores where you can get this stuff. >> we have a lot of grocery stores.
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the shoppers and the giants. we have the sports page and we have three or four locations and poor boys. >> and sports shops. every location that's carried our stuff, they're ready to go. >> and our friends at d.j.'s and poor boys. we have so much stuff going on. busy time for you. >> yeah, a busy time. >> and we have a win. we have to take care of business in cincinnati. >> we'll be home the 26th. any pref view on a brown's related shirt? >> we're working on it right now. >> he wants to get through cincinnati first. for the unefficiented. >> what's the silly band. >> oh, silly bands.
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they're all the rage. >> let's talk about the silly bands. >> we made the silly bands, the fun bands. . >> oh, i've seen those. >> you know what they are. they're little silhouettes of flacco and rice. we have their numbers. the kids love them. we're doing a shirt where we do the silly bands on a shirt and combining them together. >> already, cool. >> i wanted to mention quickly, i heard this morning that next year, there's a possibility that the ravens could be the team featured on the hbo show "hard knox." the jets were on this year and the ravens were on the first year. they're in talks now that the ravens will be on next season. stand by. >> craig, thank you.
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>> live from maryland screen printers in dundalk. >> happy purple friday. >> one thing i don't understand about the silly bands. they make them in shapes and you can't tell when you put them on. >> and a lot of places you go, people wear them. >> it's surprising that you use heads. >> well, all things purple. go to where you can still get photos in. don't go away. we'll come back. ,,
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the show is ending its run after 54 years on the air. here's ashley morrison with the latest on the last. ♪ >> reporter: the world stops turning friday afternoon. it have's longest running soap opera is going off of the air.
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the viewers were introduced to the family in 1956. this actress has been in the thick of it all since 1978. millions got to know her over the next three decades and she got to know her tv family like her own. it was the most difficult thing to let go of. >> she battled tong cancer and convinced her producers to raise the awareness of the disease. >> i was diagnosed with this and went through what i went through in order to get the word out. >> reporter: now she's closing this chapter of her life, she feels like she's leafing her fans in the lurch. >> everything they've been through and the births and the
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deaths >> your love gives me strength. >> and the affairs and the fun and the jumping through the window and the -- well, thest going to be very difficult. >> reporter: but, she says that the last show won't let her fans down. >> i just wept when i read it. it's saying good-bye. >> she's working on a one woman show and hoping to make it back to broadways. >> and you can watch the final episode of "as the world turns" this afternoon at 2:00 here on wjz. now, yet to come on our morning edition. a murder suicide at johns hopkins after a doctor is shot. what the police say caused the gunman to snap. i'll have a live report, next. >> fighting for her job.
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i'm mike hellgren where jessamy's campaign lost more ground today in the way of votes, but her legal team wans answers from election's officials. that's straight ahead. i'm kristy breslin in wjz- 13. a serious accident to look out for in the jessup area. i'll have the details. good morning, everyone. i'm bernadette woods in for marty bass on this friday morning rain's moving out and we're drying out for the weekend. we'll have the forecast coming up there. cocooking for a cause. gus fieri and his son hunter are joining us. stay tuned, the eyewitness news morning edition cons in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's friday. it's the bottom of the hour and it's a little damp outside.
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it's welcome relief from the dry spell. we have kristy breslin in for sharon and bernadette woods in for marty bass. >> you can see the skies cleared and clouds to the distance in the east and they'll be clearing throughout the day. this is what we're looking at throughout the day. because of the clouds, we're mild. 66-degrees in baltimore and 71 in d.c. and we'll range from 56 in bel air and 68 in annapolis and 63 degrees in westminster. this afternoon, sunshine and mixing with clouds. we'll look at a high close to 80 degrees. the winds are picking up the dry air and it will stick around towards the weekend. >> thank you, and if you're getting ready to get into the get up and go, here's kristy breslin in traffic control. we have a serious crash in
6:32 am
jessup, multiple vehicles involved in this. it's washington boulevard at mount video road. all lanes are temporarily blocked. west northern parkway at liberty heights, still slowing and westside running well on the inner and outer lupe. and 54 miles per hour average and 11 minutes to get through. now, let's take a live look. traffic's begining to build and another look at 70 west of the beltway. this is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. you can find the ride of your life and toyota's moving forward. the doctor at john's hopkins still recovering after being shot inside the building yesterday. we have coverage for you and anne and has the latest on the
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investigation and pat warren has more. first, we'll go to andrea, live outside of johns hopkins. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: the doctor is in stable condition and expected to be okay. relatives said he just told the suspect his mother may never walk again. a frenzied few hours. >> they locked everything down. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams raced to the seen. cohen just delivered bad news to pardus and his mother about his mother's condition. he became distraught and pulled out a handgun and shot the doctor. >> last seen running into the room, brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother who was confined to the bed.
6:34 am
>> reporter: the doctor was rushed into surgery with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. the police evacuated the floor and scrambled to subdue the gunman. chaos ensued. >> i work in the hospital and we got a message at 11:00 saying he wad to go in the offices and shut and lock the door. >> as i was leaving, they said, get back. then, they secured us for half an hour. >> reporter: at 1:30, the police found pardus and his mother shot dead. to workers it's a sobering reminder that one of the best hospitals in the world is not immune to violence. it's sad, it's scary. i don't know what to think. >> reporter: the hospital uses
6:35 am
hand held hettal detectors. security officials had no reason to believe pardus posed danger. our coverage begins with pat warren now. >> reporter: 45-year-old dr. david cohen lives in this question yet baltimore neighborhood. this 50 year old lived in virginia with his 44-year-old mother. -- 84-year-old mother. >> he was always there for her. >> dr. cohen is always there for his patients. he's considered to be thorough and methodical. pardus' brother says that their mother had surgery and he thought she was suffering
6:36 am
because the surgery wasn't successful. a neighbor says, killing wasn't in him. he was a gentle soul. >> by nightfall, they were notes on the door of cohen's home. it's hard to believe, they said that something like this could happen especially close to home there. i was shocked, this innocent doctor, going in and totally being shot, luckily, he was not killed. but, the man that shot him must have had deep seeded problems. even before, revenge? >> reporter: here and in virginia, the reactions are of disbelief. >> i feel sorry for dr. cohen and his family and the whole hopkins hospital. the 50-year-old pardus shot dr. david cohen and killed his
6:37 am
mother and himself in her hospital room. according to his brother, pardus thought his mother was suffering after learning she wouldn't walk again. the doctor is expected to survive. stay with us for more. for updates on the investigation and the doctor's condition, go to several politicians spent the day supporting other politicians. in local politics, it's still a wait and see game to see who will be the baltimore city state's attorney. bernstein is still ahead by 1400
6:38 am
points at this point. jessamy hospital conceded -- jessamy hasn't conceded. >> jessamy is still fighting back. her legal team now wants the state election's administrator to provide detailed information on the voting machines. jessamy is not satisfied that the votes were properly counted. we've had the tight races in the fast and we've had the races in the past where according to machine count, we may not get 100%. we definitely don't get it the night of. even prominent jessamy supporters think, it's over. >> it seems certain that mr. bernstein will maintain his lead. >> i'll meet with him next week as chairman, we have to get the legislative agenda. >> there are still 765 ballots
6:39 am
to be counted. bernstein supporter warren brown says he doesn't see how jessamy can catch one. >> i think it's a manifestation of her ego to a certain extent that she doesn't come out and do what most would do and say, gracefully, i lost. >> it was a fair election and the board of elections did a great job in getting the results so quickly. as far as her concessions, that's something that's up to her. >> reporter: one of jessamy's lawyers isn't going to file legal action at this point. sources inside the bernstein camp won't declare victory until he concedes. and stay with wjz-13 for complete coverage. remember, wjz-13 is always on.
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for more of last tuesday and what's coming up, go to one time baltimore resident is back in southeast baltimore, sunday will be the dedication of the frank zappa sculpture. and many are expected to attend. his son,dwedzle will be there. big doings sunday. >> it will be nice. >> and there's a front coming through over the weekend and there's not much to it other than clouds kicking up the wind. that's what we'll look at. >> and a good time to run around highland town. d.j. liquidators is near. that's where run was. there -- ron was.
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>> guy fieri is talking about cooking coming up and also, an update on traffic from kristy breslin and bernadette has the breslin and bernadette has the first warning weather. ,,,,,, tax on everything you buy?
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welcome back, everybody, well, the rain came throw, and now, we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine. the winds are picking up and bringing in dry air. temperaturewise, it's warm out there. 66-degrees in baltimore and 71 in d.c. and we're going up closer to 80 degrees. we'll get rid of a st. paul and here's the next one there. , this is going to pass sunday and monday. not a lot to it though. it works like this, getting rid of the storm an expect sunshine and that will be sunday and monday. it will bring clouds through and most of the showers looks like it will be back to the north. today, close to 80 degrees for the high and we're going down
6:45 am
to 51 degrees. it's going to be a cool one and tomorrow, we'll be back up closer to 80 degrees. 82 sunday and monday. knocking it down tuesday before wednesday. don? >> there there's trouble on washington boulevard. every place else is -- not here. here's kristy breslin. >> yeah, we have several accidents out there. one on the jones fall expressway. that's at southbound and northern parkway. that will hold you up a few homes. as far as the city goes, liberty heights, all lanes blocked there. that's southbound route one and emergency medical equipment still on the scene. we have a few brake lights there on the northside side. and as far as the northside, it's smooth. we'll take a live look another the westside. and no problems to report and
6:46 am
this is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. back to you. i didn't mean to steal your thunder, i just wanted to say it. >> well, it's a local thing. this morning's coffee with is with guy fierri. ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome the antithesis to the food police, guy fierri and his son, hunter. how are you. yeah, the antithesis to the food police. i've heard a lot, not sure about that one. this is hunter, the wafflenater. we're in harold square in new york city. everyone's calling him the waffle nator. >> hey, wafflenater and dad,
6:47 am
home of chaps. one of the greatest restaurants featured on your show. >> please don't talk about it. all right. i won't be able to go through the interview with the drew coming out of my mouth. i was telling someone during the break. they said work we're going to baltimore and they didn't even finish and i said to go there, on pulaski. tell the guys i said hi, some of the best we've had in the country. everyone's about food now. now, these guys should be called the wafflenators. they make 300,000 a day and they have 1800 locations and they brought the ideas together. they serve 7000 waffles today
6:48 am
and they're promoting eating healthy and hunter and i got brought into it. i'm into the cooking thing and cooking with kids. it's a hand in hand operation. and let me tell you something, it's all about food these days. >> hunter, other than waffle, what's your favorite thing to make? >> chicken parmesan. >> you thought it would be serial, didn't you. >> i thought maybe a burger. well, i like them, especially from in and out. chicken parmesan is my easiest. >> yeah, and dad taught you how to get the plugs in. well, we have a burger joint in california called in and out. tell them where to find the information. this is where he does his plug. go to
6:49 am
he's good. and you're really good, hunter. he has a future. yeah, he does. >> i'll tellya. i don't know what they have me here today. well, hunter -- this is the idea. if we get involved with our kids and cook with them, that's the cool thing to do at the hotel. this is the waffle maker from the hotel. let the kids make it and decorate it. that's the idea. we have to teach our kids to cook. it doesn't all come from a package. he won't eat the frozen ones. if we're having waffles, we have to make them. it's fun to play with the gear.
6:50 am
it really does work, i'm wondering, is it just mine at home that sticks or this, too. hit them with the right spray, they do great. >> there's one other benefit about teaching a kid to cook. >> we love a burger and when you make food, you realize what goes into it and you can make good stuff. >> and it's the exact thing. people say, i quit eating this and that. eat in moderation, we have to teach the kids. we have tom teach them what's in foods and the different methods about preparing foods and you don't always have to fry french fries. you can make them. liting things like that make a big difference. it's about empowering the kids and that's a big thing they're doing at the hotel and giving them the chance to make a
6:51 am
decision about what we'll eat. >> hey, guy, next time you're in town, i would love to hook up with you. >> we want to come back. >> send me some more places. >> got to roll. >> we'll take care of you. they always give back. oh, and chaps is great, also. >> and the most incredible thing is baltimore is known for crab cakes. it depends on the season. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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>> here are your updates. well, the rain's out of here, here's the forecast for today. clouds mixing with sunshine and we're close to 80 degrees. it will be breezy out there this afternoon. tonight, we'll go down into the low 50s. tomorrow, 79 and back to 82 sunday. coal front sunday and monday. not a lot to it. if anything, it would be the slightest chance of a shower. take a look at the warmup the middle of next week. we'll take a look at traffic with kristy breslin. well, we have accidents around in the area. we have that problem on southbound route 1 at mount video road.
6:55 am
the emergency crew is still on the scene. also, in baltimore city, accident cleanup for west northern parkway and moving to the beltway and slowing at providence and the westside delays from 795 to baltimore national pike. another look at 95 north of caton avenue. this is brought to you by the national aquarium. they're rolling back prices to those of 1981. thank you, in the head lines, a johns hopkins doctor is in stable condition following a shooting inside the hospital yesterday. he was shot in the stomach by pardus who was upset by his
6:56 am
mother's condition. the police say pardus shot his mother and killed himself. many two are behind bars charged with holding a woman prisoner for nearly a year. according to the sun, kimberly king and germane smith-bay held a 22-year-old captive in their apartment for nine months. and it's still not known who will be the baltimore city state's attorney. bernstein inched ahead. and bernstein leads jessamy by 1400 votes. she's not conceding and he's not declaring victory. bob ehrlich is mapping out his plans to getting his job back. and stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic ahah
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