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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 17, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> 911, we need 911 there's
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shooting on nelson eight. tonight new information and the calls for help. hello everybody i'm denise koch and here is what people are talking about tonight. calls flooded into 911 as patients and hospital staff heard gunfire inside john hopkins hospital. a man shot a doctor then killed hiss mother and himself. tonight mike hellgren stays on this story with the investigation and those frantic calls for help. >> reporter: the 911 tapes reveal more of the chaos here. the police commissioner does not believe the shooting was planned. panic from patients. >> 911, we need 911 there's shooting on nelson eight. >> reporter: and staff after warren partis shot his ailing mother's doctor in the stomach. partis was distraught over his mother's prognosis. >> i was standing right there, a physician came down, it was very loud, boom, shot.
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he fell down on the ground screaming. everybody started to run for safety. i'm okay. but a lady next to me collapsed down. >> reporter: partis shot the doctor, barricaded himself then shot his mother then killed himself. >> i guess he thought she was suffering a lot and she wasn't going to be able to walk again. >> reporter: partis had a permit to carry a concealed weapon in virginia but he had no criminal record. >> we don't know yet if it was in his daily routine coming and visiting his mother that he always had that gun. >> reporter: police commissioner praised the way it was handled.
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hopkins never closed during the tragedy. >> what helped me more was the feed back i got from my family and friends. seeing snipers and everything i was like wow, this is really intense. >> reporter: the commissioner says the gun was so small it could fit in the palm of your hand. at john hopkins hospital, mike hellgren. and right now dr. cohen who is father of two is still under treatment but he is expected to survive. we invite you to stay with wjz for complete coverage of the john hopkins hospital shooting. for updates go to violence on the bus. knives are pulled as a fight breaking out on an mta bus. it happened with plenty of passengers on board as the evening commute began. wjz is right here live at the mondamo stop. >> reporter: it was all a fight over a seat. that knife fight went from the middle of bus to the front to
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the pavement endangering people all along the way. >> reporter: at one of the busiest times at the nta stop when students are riding from school, a brawl breaks out. it's on board the 51 bus, frightening passenger, including this mom with her baby. >> you see people running and kids crying. >> reporter: an mta spokesman said it began as an argument between two men in their 20s, and a man in their 40s. they apparently did not know each other. >> there was an altercation on the bus involving three menment all three men wound up with stab wounds. >> reporter: one man was waiting to board that bus as the fight broke out to the curb. he says his only thought was getting home to his daughter. >> they started taking out a gun, then took out a knife and stabbed him. >> reporter: you saw that happen? >> yes. >> reporter: what were you thinking at the time? >> get out of way. >> reporter: three years ago
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there were several violent attacks on buses. a woman was attacked by students. this is the first reported incident of violence this year on board an nta bus. >> i was scared, i was really scared because i thought we were going to get hurt because we were right there. >> reporter: we learned just a few minutes ago that mta police have just charged 46-year-old otis haynes with assault and they say they may charge other people as well. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much susan. one of the younger men remains at shock trauma tonight. after 15 years, baltimore city will soon have a new state's attorney. today patricia jesemmy conceded to her challenger bernstein. pat warren has reaction from both sides. >> reporter: the nominee takes a bow. >> when we began this campaign a little more than two months ago, almost everyone said that
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we didn't have a chance. >> reporter: the incumbent bows out. >> i call greg bernstein and i advised him that i was conceding and i pledged my support for a smooth transition. >> reporter: city state's attorney patricia jesemmy say she had a pleasant conversation, but it's a concession speech was a concession. during both of which bernstein has maintained a thousand plus margin of victory. >> the results show that we attracted a broad base of support. >> i'm not one to dwell in the past. i am one for moving forward and
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i just think it's time to do that. >> reporter: baltimore police commissioner fred beal thanked pat jessamy. >> there's no doubt she dedicated her soul to her job. >> reporter: and as a private citizen jessamy plans to work on an anti violence bill. >> don't let us be fighting for vote, let us fight together for the future of this city. >> reporter: no argument there. >> the tough part, making baltimore safe starts now. >> reporter: as the democratic party nominee for city state's attorney, greg bernstein still has a general election but there's no appreciable opposition. reporting from east baltimore, i'm pat warren, now back to you on television hill. >> we invite you to stay with us for the latest on campaign 2010. new tonight, the university of virginia is remembering a
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student from baltimore county who was killed last spring. tonight, black drapes are hanging along the columns of the school's rotunda. the gesture is in honor of yardley love. the ribbons are to symbolize hope for what happened last month. a bold man to make the howard street train tunnel safe is unveiled today. this after a massive explosion inside the tunnel nine years ago sparked years of blame between the city and tsx. new tonightgigi barnett explains what's going on. >> it is a long list of improvements and when it's all said and done, they will cost at least hundreds of thousands of dollars and some of those improvements are already under way. >> reporter: july 2001 a 60 car tsa train derails sparking a massive explosion and a fire
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that took days to extinguish. it happened near the heart of baltimore. since then several studies have called for a complete overhaul of that tunnel, it's what the city wanted too. and today tsx agreed to an aggressive safety plan. >> they're going to be doing a series of rail improvements, replacement of track, maintenance of track base and improvement to the draining conditions within the tunnel. tsx has also said yes to frequent inspections of the tunnel installing more up to date communication systems on its trains, and one improvement the city pushed hard for, more information about hazardous cargo moving on its tracks. >> we wanted more information on what cargo is going through baltimore so that we could
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ininstantaniously get it. >> if there is a derailment. we want to be in a position where we can respond to it. >> 25 years ago this was the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: the howard tunnel is more than 100 years old. and it's owned by the rail company. the new safety plan may stop the years of finger pointing between the city and tsa dead in its tracks. >> i'm really excited about the advanced relationship we've had with tsx. they've grown and shown a real sense of community. >> reporter: tsx says they will replace the rails in the city, denise. >> thank you, gigi. another improvement is a larger drainage pump to remove any water. new tonight, the ravens is one of the most expensive nfl teams to watch in person. according to team marketing
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report it will cost you an average of $86.92 to sit and watch a game. that's one person. the patriots cost the most money charging fans just under $118. jets and giants tickets increased the most with their new stadium, you can pick up the cheapest ticket at cleveland brown stadium. $54.51 on average. but no need to spend any money at all because you can watch the ravens for free right here on wjz13. see the ravens take on the bengals. another no no from lilo. just minutes away, actress lyndsey lohan could be headed back to jail, what she's done now. horrific hoax. a woman claims someone threw
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acid in her face. she may no now be facing charges. i'm bob turk, a complete warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. it is 63 degrees and clear
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in central maryland. first all throughout the new york city, clean up continues after a storm. the fierce wind to tore off roofs and toppled trees along a 14-mile of destruction from brooklyn to queens. the national weather service did confirm two tornadoes touched down. prosecutors in washington state are deciding whether or not to bring charges against the woman who falsely claimed she was attacked with acid. bethany storrow has confessed it was a hoax. something police suspected from the start. >> the story had holes from the start. as we investigated more it was clear this was a self-inflected act. >> police didn't comment on any details.
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tonight the survivors are telling their story. it has been three weeks since the gunman stormed the discovery channel silver springs headquarters. now three of the hostages are talking about the ordeal. >> police all over the place around here. >> reporter: 43-year-old james lee walks into the offices of the discovery video. james mcnolte walked in at the same time heading to a meeting. >> i thought are we doing a production, why does someone have a gun out in the lobby. i didn't see any cameras, it wasn't until he turned the weapon on me, on the ground, on the ground it's like oh. >> reporter: christopher wood is also there, and a security guard. what follows is four hours of sheer terror. >> i started crying. i just started thinking this is it. this is how i'm going to die. >> at first the toughest thing was just to unknown. just not knowing what was going to happen in the next couple of seconds. let alone it was going to be a prolonged you know hostage
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situation. >> lee was well known to discovery protesting there for years. his rants made no sense, he wanted to encourage human sterilelyization, the fact mcnolte had children enraged him. >> who told you to have kids. >> no one, sir. >> you just did it. why two kids. one wasn't good enough. what's so good about your filthy children. >> reporter: then security guards made signals to make a run for it. >> bells went out on my head, run, he's not going to come after you. >> it was the hardest moment in my life. it's that moment everybody talks about. looking death straight in the face. >> now the security guard who was also held hostage is chosing to remain anonymous. it took the bomb squad four hours to disarm the explosives. they also found and detonated other devices at his home. a failed drug test may put
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actress lyndsey lohan in jail again. the actress recently spent 20 days in jail. following her release she was ordered to undergo random drug testing. a judge warned lohan she could face additional jail time for any other convictions. they aren't your average bears, in fact, at a zoo in finland yogy bear is replaced
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by yoga bear. the mother bear mimi looks to be in a pilates class giving her abs a work out. zoo keepers don't know what to make of it. the bears usually work out, they usually work out to richard simmons sweating to the oldies. it's not doing their figure much, but hopefully they feel better. pleasantly cool, 63. around the state now 62 up in 67 ocean city. 62 out in oakland. once again the warm spot down at patch river at 71 degrees. locally down to 60 westminster, 67 at canton island and close to 70 over in washington. still air coming in at 63,
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annapolis. a little warmer at 67 degrees. all right, across the country, we have a northern tier that will head in our direction. dry however, a few clouds -- a for the most part we're pretty clear just a few clouds up to our north. tomorrow a beautiful day pleasant conditions, pleasant temperature, that weak front will bring us clouds sunday night. behind it, cooler again on monday. ahead of it a little warmer days coming up on monday. pleasant weather continues, great looking weekend. and looks like it'll come through dry, just a few clouds. take a look at the tropics, all right. karl now has been weakened to a tropical depression. it did cause quite a bit of flooding. that's the last report we're going to have on karl thank goodness. igor still strong. still could be a category three
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hurricane when it goes through bermuda probably on sunday. that's going to be one of the worse storms they've had in years. julia not bothering anybody. forecast then for tonight, clear skies for the most part. low 50s, maybe 60 downtown, some suburbs will be 49 or 50. 80 beautiful sunny afternoon tomorrow in the next five days, a little warmer on sunday. cooler on monday. pleasant on tuesday and pretty warm, maybe mid- to upper 80s on wednesday. have a good weekend, denise. >> thank you, bob. check in with andrea fujihi for the updated forecast. the yankees come into ,,,,
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baseball topping tonight's friday night. orioles rolling out the welcome sign for a seriously competitive game against the peskey visiting baltimore. walk four, struck out six over seven. but in the top of the second, alex rodriguez two of this evening. finally fell to a 1-0 new york lead. birds run came in the bottom of the third. here's nick markakis, way out for the sac fly. orioles won number two, tied at one. when adam jones gets a solo homer. down to their last strike and a rod homers. the yankees sneak back in it and win it 4-3. dodgers manager joe torre announced he will be retiring at the end of the season.
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he will be replaced by batters coach. and kenly who fractured his skull in texas, well will he play again? >> he has some serious issues that he's dealing with. i think the the chances of him playing this year are slim. we're going to be very, very careful, the doctors will be very careful, the surgeons will be very careful with that type of an injury jr. sergio will still be offered a contract. a game to be televised right here at wjz at 1:00 sunday. brad kozlowski grabbed the flag today. nine others all finished at 1:33 also. and busch finishes ninth in his toyota. >> if you run well for the
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first five races then you go to talladega and struggle, you have a cushion built up. for me i feel it's very important to come out of the gates strong. >> same thing every driver says. d.j. strawberry has signed on with the new orleans hornets. where's mr. pickles? how an inflatable gorilla set off a massive search and who took it, next. (music playing),
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an incredible souvenir from a trip to alabama. standing at 5'5", mary ellen reeled in this 9-foot alligator. mr. pickles the 30-foot inflatable gorilla went missing from a car dealership. ,,eryone was surprised when
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