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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 18, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a popular high school freshman killed on a busy maryland road. >> he wasn't supposed to die. he will be greatly missed.
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>> tonight friends gather in support as police investigate what happened. good evening. students at falls high school are devastated after tragedy cut their lives short. the 14-year-old was struck and killed while crossing a highly traveled road in bel-air. two of the victims friends witnessed the fatal crash. >> reporter: this has been a very emotional day for dozens of teenagers who knew the 14- year-old victim but there were concerns about the dangers of that busy intersection. a memorial was held saturday at the fall ston rec center in the memory of joey treymont, the 14-year-old who died friday night crossing north of the bel- air bypass. they placed flowers, wrote sad notes and try to cope with the death of the popular boy.
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>> he was a good kid. we will miss him forever. >> reporter: joey played linebacker on the j.v. football team, played piano, wrote music and was well known in fall ston and bel-air. >> it is a shock to everybody. it is hard to believe he is gone. >> we have been at their house. we needed to bring the kids together. we had a ow youth minister there -- we had a youth minister there. they needed to be with the kids today. >> reporter: the police say the 19-year-old who struck joey had the right-of-way. >> north and south bound traffic had a steady green light. >> reporter: state police say the driver who struck the teenager probably could not see him when he was crossing the street because there was traffic stopped in the turn lane that was blocking the view. a business owner at the corner says he complained several times about the danger of the
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intersection to police. saturday the crossing signal on one side isn't working. the death cause as roller coaster of emotion. >> i think i am in denial. another second i am sobbing. >> reporter: state police are saying alcohol was not involved and speed was not a factor in this crash. gee gee, back to you. >> thank you. a memorial fund has been set up by the memorial rec council. a beating death of an elderly woman in the west baltimore home is under investigation. 66-year-old sicillia mitchell suffered from head injuries. doctors pronounced her dead last night. now, detectives are calling one of the victim's female relative as person of interest. en update on the surgeon shot inside the johns hopkins
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hospital. he is in stable condition. tonight we learn more about the frantic moments following the gunfire. as johns hopkins hospital gets back to business as usual. the police are investigating the shooting that injured dr. david cohen on thursday morning. it was on the #th floor of the nelson hospital building. >> i was standing right there when the man went down. >> where? >> on nelson 8. >> reporter: tonight doctors expect a full recovery and the patients are relieve. >> i can't imagine what my lower back would be like without dr. cohen's intervention. >> reporter: for years this woman suffered from years of back pain, from a degenerative disk, then a car accident. the pain didn't go away until she met dr. cohen. >> he changed my life completely. >> he was my knight in shining
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armor. that is why i was so devastated to hear of the horror that happened to him. >> reporter: within minutes she learned another patient's son shot cohen, she possessioned messages on her facebook -- posted messages on her facebook page, asking for prayer. for her his recovery is good new. >> he brought me back to my feet, so i would like the same for him. >> reporter: billion are determining if there were -- police are determining if there are any miss signals. on anthony avenue flames spread from the basement to the first floor of a home. everyone in the home were able to get out safely and doctors treated the injured firefighter at an area hospital. today marks one year since a water main break flooded the street of donedog, damaging
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many homes. many residents of the homes in the middle of it all are still rebuilding today. >> i have friend that is are still going through renovations. total losses, basements flooded out. a lot of memorabilia. >> the highway underwent major construction and is still returning to normal. many residents are having trouble recovering their losses. dozens of abused horses from west virginia are now in maryland. a carroll county horse rescue is hoping to get the animals one day adopted. we have more. >> reporter: constant nourishment is what is keeping this horse alive. >> we are starting them out like infant babies. they are literally every hour getting handfuls of something. >> reporter: this one and five others are being rehabilitated at the day's inn horse farm
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rescue. they were saved from a west virginia farm, emaceuated and dehydrated. >> they had three months of no food or good water conditions. >> reporter: the west virginia farm was also a rescue facility, so workers worry about the horses physical well being as well as emotional. >> they probably saw a little hope that they started to feel physically better and getting the attention they needed and then to go right back into a state if not worse than they arrived. >> reporter: 95% of horses here make a full recovery. in may they saved 26 very malnourished horses from garrett county, including raspberry who was skin and bones. take a look at her now. less than four months later she is healthy and on a healthy diet. that is the outcome of poor horses enduring months of torture. >> i need to trust humans again
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when i see these horses recover. it is a blessed thing to see everyday here. >> criminal charges are pending against the west virginia farm. to help the horses recover, day's inn rescue is in need of hay and volunteers. for more information, log on to we learned today that two tornadoes are responsible for the damage in new york city. the storm moved through on thursday. they confirmed the tornadoes by examining trees and wind. only 10 tornadoes have hit new york city in the past 60 years. here in baltimore, no storms in sight. we are enjoying a beautiful stretch of sunny weather. so, how much longer will it last? we are live with the look at the updated forecast. >> yes. hi everybody out there. hope you are having a great start to the weekend. it is beautiful out there. nothing going on on doppler radar. another storm is on the way eastward. this is it. behind it really chilly air further north.
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for us ahead of it it will warm up a few degrees for tomorrow. it will bring clouds and change the weather pattern a little bit. more in the weather forecast. thousands of protestors marched in the streets of london speaking out against pope benedict xvi. after the pontiff challenged the catholic church of sexual abuse. we have the details. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi expressed shame and humiliation during a private meeting of five survivors of sexually abused clergy. >> i express my deep sorrow to the innocent victims during this difficult time. >> reporter: the pontiff apologized and insured the victims the catholic church is working to protect young people and fully investigate allegations of abuse, but thousands of protestors want more. >> he makes many apologizes, but he always apologizes for
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other people and their failings. never for his own. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi met with american survivors during his visit here in 2008. during 1950 the catholic church paid out $2 million in abuse costs in the u.s., most in the last six years. >> it is upsetting. that is not where i want my money to go. >> reporter: saturday in london, 20,000 people marched in the largest demonstration against the pontiff in his five year payoffcy. protestors a owe piece the catholic sense on homosexuality, gay marriage and birth control, saying the pontiff is out of touch. but it pails in comparison to the a-- peals in comparison to the -- pales in comparison to the adoring faithful who come out in grove to see him.
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earlier today investigators announced six men who had been detained in suspicion of plotting a attack on the pope were freed after questions. and the nation's largest oil spill is officially over. engineers need to complete a pressure test before the blown out well can be declared dead. the test was set for late tonight. engineers are exerting 15,000- pound office pressure against the cement plug to make sure it doesn't pudge. coming up on wjz news 13, a church van crashes on a through-way. tonight six people are dead. what caused the terrible accident. and a lottery scam. one man almost cheated out of his winning ticket has a warning for all lot toe players. and -- lot to players. and lindsey lohan has an announcement. and people want to know why the post office closes two
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hours every afternoon. people are asking us, is that a way to run a business. after a sunny start to the weekend, we will let you nola to expect for the rest of -- let you know what to expect for the rest of it when wjz news 13 returns. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a passenger van carrying church members flips over on the new york state throughway,
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killing at least six people and injured eight others. it happened on the northbound side of interstate 87 in woodbury. a tire blew out, causing the van to roll over in the median. and in california, a homeowner files a major lawsuit over a deadly gas shrine explosion there. a san bruno resident is suing pacific gas and electric company. it destroyed 40 homes and killed many people. police say a convenience store clerk tried to scam a 72- year-old man out after winning lottery ticket worth $14 million. the 72-year-old said he turned his winning ticket into the store clerk, but when he asked for it back, the clerk said he couldn't find it. the man called police who forced the clerk to hand the ticket over. lottery officials suspect the clerk may have been planning to
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cash the ticket in for himself. and lindsey lohan is in the spotlight again. she admits she failed a court- ordered drug tests. she posted a series of messages on her twitter account confirms media reports they failed the test after a few weeks of being released from jail. she could be sent back to jail for 30 days. she says she is prepared to return to court and face the consequences. will, with the u.s. post office $17 billion in debt, there is talk of raising the price of stamps and stopping saturday delivery. the service you are accustomed to may be a thing of the past. >> reporter: in half the post offices at some point midday, go in and turn right back around. so, why are you coming out? >> they are closed. >> reporter: though the hours on the door say opened 8:00 to
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5:00, go in at 2:00 and see what you find. you must have missed the smaller sign taped to the door. two hour lunch break. >> they have odd hour, 1:00 and 3:00. >> reporter: what happens between 1:00 and 3:00? >> nothing here. >> reporter: there is a 2-hour break? time and time again the pattern repeats and away they go. package, unmailed, in hand. >> it is a surprise. i had no idea. >> why? >> reporter: baltimore's new interim postmaster says he understands the frustration. >> we have to be mindful of the costs. >> reporter: one way to trim several billions is a couple hours at a time. >> it is a way for us to save a few dollars in our costs. >> reporter: but he can't say how much is saved or how many people are turned away. >> no one else closes down for
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lunch. no other national business. they just don't. >> reporter: again, i will take you back to the story. many businesses are hope. >> you can't run a business if you make it hard for the customer to do business with you. >> reporter: budget problems or not, in the end you are still deal with a mon only. the postmaster says they are always evaluating and changes made to any specific post office could change. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the post office says it has an agreement with office depot to expect packages and mail, stamps, and offer many of the functions of a regular post office to customers. >> you had a good idea. and instead of having it closed during the lunch hours, close it maybe a different time. >> it seems like a lot of people are going in that time of day. i don't know.
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>> yes, all to meet locks. >> i am not running it. i am not sure. weather-wise, a beautiful day out there. temperatures in the 70s. 76 right now. 78 the high. dropping to a cool 58 degrees. 59 in baltimore, 68 in d.c. take a look, a lot of 50s out there already. the winds are light. temperatures turn around to the southwest tomorrow with this front moving our way. you do see showers with it, but most of the shower wills pass off to the north of us. we will see a front coming in tomorrow through monday, but it will take a while to clear out. here is the front that comes in with clouds tomorrow. stick around until monday. then they get out. when they do, we have a big- time warm up coming our way for the middle part of the week. before we get to the middle of the week, we will be talking
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about igor through the weekend into monday. a strong storm. winds are 98 miles per hour. a category hurricane moving off to the north, northwest at 13. making more of the northerly turn right now. in the track, very consistent, it takes it either over or close to bermuda before taking it off to the northeast. this is bermuda right here. this is not good news right now. you can see the outer band coming in. this is a large storm and it will take a while to clear the area. another storm, julia. this is igor, and this is julia. a tropical storm that is moving off to the north, northwest at 15 miles per hour. it will continue to weaken and leave us. carl is on shore. no longer getting any updates because it even lost its tropical depression status.
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south winds tonight. tomorrow up into the 80s. 82 for a high. we will see the clouds increase and get out of here later on monday. take a look at what happens. 80 on tuesday. by wednesday up to 88 degrees. that could hang for thursday. gigi. >> all right. coming up next in sports, major league highlights from downtown. downtown. that and(music playing),,, announcer: has the overpowering smell of scented
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hello, everybody. orioles at home looking to spoil the pennant run in the american league east. coming off last night's loss. we begin with nice defense this evening of the courtesy of the birds, robert and dino. thursday's line in the glove. later, bomb 5. orioles losing. birds within 6-3. not enough.
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the yankees take the 2nd strait from the orioles. 11-3 the final score. and touchdown against the maryland turks in morgantown. maybe the best high school player in maryland. another touchdown. 14-0. 21-zip west virginia at half. on route for the 31-17 final. maryland will host florida international next saturday. on the road, louisiana tech quarterback rickey dubs running the triple. and to the goal line. 7-0, with the pick. back pain quarterback 17-yard score. that helps seal a 37-23 victory. dobbs threw a career high, 219- yards. now, 2-1. lost to number 7, oklahoma, by a mere 3 points.
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at towson university tonight against villanova, d.j.solvin looking for a snap. sails over his head. kicks it out the end zone. the wildcats got two running scores and passing score from their quarterback. nova beats towson, down, 1-2. final score 43-7. the high school big 10 for you. gillman versus -- a whole lot of prosad doe tonight. 14-0 in the halftime. 35-10, gillman the final score. remember, folks, don't forget, ravens 2-1/2 points favorites at the cincinnati bengals. tomorrow the game shown at 11:00 sharp right here on --
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1:00 sharp right here on wjz news 13. and in new hampshire, kyle busch hits the wall after taking the lead. that is how the race finished. kyle bruceer was 1st. kevin harvick was 3rd. okay. on the other side of the paper here, north dakota beat maryland, 35-9. trying to rush it out. hopkins beats gettysburg 39-21. mcdaniels for the first time in 38 years. i promise that is it. >> thank you. what inspired hundreds of what inspired hundreds of people to take this record ,,,,
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
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a record breaking site? california today. hundreds were in sacramento for the largest outdoor owing ga class in the city's history. the owing ga-aid event raised money for the africa yoga project, mostly for a better way of life for impoverished nations. the event raised more than $8,000. we are back in a moment. ,,,,,,,
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that is it for tonight. be sure to watch us tomorrow beginning at 8:00 a.m. thanks for watching us on wjz news 13, marynd


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