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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  September 19, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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a harford county community mourns the loss of the sudden loss of a beloved students. and more after the frantic moments at the johns hopkins hospital anden update on the injured doctor's condition. >> reporter: what the world's large effort treatment plant is doing to help clean up the bay that story as "wjz eyewitness news" continues. will all this sunshine stick around a little longer? bernadette woods has the weather in our first warning weather forecast. "wjz eyewitness news" sundays
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morning starts -- sunday morning starts now. good morning. welcome to "wjz eyewitness news" sunday morning. i'm gigi barnette. >> and i'm bernadette woods. this is a beautiful sunday morning. you see the sun out there. and it's a gorgeous sunrise. temperature-wise, this is what we've got going on this morning. it's a cool one to start out. we're in the 50s for most of us. 55 in bat month and 60 in hagerstown and 60 across the south. everything is ranging from about 50 to 60. we're going to see more clouds mix into the picture today and a little warmer. getting nothing the low 80s for the high and that is because a cold front is passing by.
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we're not going to see much rain. the dry conditions are going to continue. but we have a front coming through and then we have warm conditions setting in later this week. we'll have your forecast later coming up. a tragic weekend accident claims the life of a harford county teen. the 14-year-old was struck and killed while crossing a busy road in bel-air. and his high school classmates are coming together to grief. >> reporter: good morning. it's been an emotional weekend for dozens of teenagers that new the victim of this fatal crash. and people are so concerned about the busy intersection. a memorial is held saturday at the fallston rec center in memory of joey d'entremont. he died friday night crossing route 24 north of the bel air bypass. people confronted each other and wrote stayed notes and
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tried to come to grips with the death of the popular boy. >> number 30 will live forever. >> reporter: joey played line barrack and the football team and wrote music and well known in fallston high school and bel- air. >> this is a big shock to everybody. it's hard to believe that he's gone. >> we've been at their house since 1:00 today. we needed to bring the kids together. we had a youth minister to talk to the kids. >> reporter: the state police says that the 19-year-old boy that struck joey d'entremont had the right away. >> we think that the crosswalk was prohibiting any pedestrians from crossing at the time of the accident because north and southbound traffic had a steady green light. >> reporter: he said that the teenager that struck him probably could not see him
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because there was traffic stopped. a man that has a business at the intersection has complained several times about the intersection. >> one second i'm completely fine. but i think that's because i'm in denial and in another second i'm sobbing. >> reporter: state police say that alcohol was not involved and speed is not a factor in the crash. a memorial fund has been set up by the fall stone remembering council. we're learning more about the doctor that was gunned down at the time johns hopkins on thursday. he is in fair but stable condition. this comes as we get a better look at the first moments after the shooting. >> reporter: as johns hopkins hospital gets back to business as usual, police are deep into an evaluation of their response to the shooting that injured dr. david cohen thursday
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morning. 911 tapes reveal the chaos. >> i was stand right there. and a physician went down. >> where? >> on the floor. >> reporter: the doctor is expected to have a full recover and patients are relevied. for years this woman suffered with debilitating back pain. first because of a degenerative disc and then a car accident. she said that the aches did not go away till she met dr. cohen. >> he changed my life completely. he was my knight in shining armor. i was so devastated. >> reporter: minute that she learned that another patient's son had shot cohen, she posted messages on her facebook page asking them to keep him in her prayers. for her, news of his recovery is good news. >> i want him back on his feet senate.
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he got me back on my feet. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage of the shooting at johns hopkins hospital. go to for updates. it's been one year since a massive water main break flooded streets in baltimore county and residents say they're still rebuilding their lives. this was the scene last year after a 72-inch pipe burst. the water may be gone. but many residents say there's damage still left behind. >> friends still going through renovations. total losses, basements flooded out. a lot of memorabilia. >> boning highway june went major construction. but many residents say they're still having trouble recouping their losses. a baltimore city firefighter is recovering this morning after he was injured on the job. it happened last night in the
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5100 block anthony avenue. crews battling this house fire. everyone inside the house was able to get out alive. doctors treated the firefighter and sent him home. a very large drop in a large bucket. there is pollution coming from a sewage treatment plant. >> reporter: most of our water may start up here, but sooner or later, much of it makes its way into the blues plains south water treatment plant, that just happens to be the largest of its kind in the world, 327 million gallons a day passes through the pipes and the pools. at the other end, water free of toxic chemicals and bacteria craig but not nitrogen.
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so the epa has you are you'd -- issued an order. >> a reduction of the nitrogen from the chesapeake water shed. >> reporter: it leaves dead zones behind and water released from the mega plant will have a substantial impact. >> it will be cleaner. >> reporter: as big as it is, blue plains is not the only treatment plant that needs to reduce nitrogen. >> there are 67 plants that are getting state-of-the-art technology. one are completed. 14 are underway. >> reporter: beyond maryland there are 404 treatment plants in four other states. >> so we're well on its way to reducing nitrogen from the wastewater treatment plants from the bay. the cost for the treatment plant upgrades in maryland is met with money from the flush
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tax and federal funds. some of the shots are amazing. whether wise, starting out beautiful out there. the sun is out. just a fuse high clouds. and people are ready for the game already it looks like in the control room. we got the purple fever. i have to admit. i did wear my purple on friday. i was thinking. if you saw friday, i had it on. here's what it looks like weather-wise. a cold front is approaching the area. we're going to warm up a few degrees ahead of the cold front and then a big time warmup is coming later in the week. 60 in hagerstown, a few degrees up from yesterday. and the winds are light out there. they will pick up out of the south, bringing up the warmer air. notice off to the north, there's a couple of showers there. not much. but you notice with the showers out there is that we have more clouds moving our way. with the front passing by, there is a slight chance for a
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shower. but for the most part, it will dragging some clouds through here's the front. look how long it is. it goes all the away from northeastern parts of canada to the west coast. it will take a while to get through here. we have severe weather on the southern side of this. but the bulk of the rain and thunderstorms will take off to the north of us. it comes together like this here's the front that sort of pulls through here today and tomorrow and it gets out of here for tuesday. temperatures will go down a few degrees behind this. however, once we clear that, wednesday, thursday and friday, that is the first day of fall on wednesday, the temperatures are jumping way up. it will feel like mid-summer once again this jet stream gets pushed way off to the north. also we need to keep you updated on igor. it's a category one hurricane with the winds 86 miles an
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hour. it's moving off to the north at this point. it will take the northeastern track. it is still a very large, powerful storm. it has come down in some the wind strength, the strength is still headed directly to or slightly past bermuda. tropical storm-forced conditions will head through in the next four hours. and monday reason of it starts to leave. compare that to julia. take a look how large igor is and then julia. this is moving off to the north, northwest at 16. and it is going to make that turn and there's not going to be much to that at all. it stays out over the water. and as far as our waters go, the winds pick up out of the south five to ten knots. we'll see some clouds move into the picture. 82 for the high. tonight we're going down into
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the 50s with more clouds around. the clouds eventually get out of here. but take a look at this forecast. we're in the 70s tomorrow and tuesday. and wednesday we jump into the mid and upper 80s and stay there thursday and friday. look at those overnight lows, back in the mid-60s. >> i have not turned my ac on. it is beautiful. still ahead, a big cleanup in the big apple. residents sift through the damage left behind by two tornadoes. here's saturday morning's lottery numbers. good luck, everybody. we're back in a moment. ,,,,,,,,
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm.
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$2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. welcome back, everybody. you see the sunrising and a little bit of haze out there compared to yesterday. and we'll see more clouds than yesterday that is because a cold front is passing by and it
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will take today through tomorrow to clear us. we want to show you our forecast for today. we'll see some more clouds mix into the picture. nothing sweep. but we're going to get a little warmer too. there are showers off to the north. there's a slight chance. you see most that have entire zone, although it is very long it is to the north of us. we have bigger changes coming later in the week. and we'll have that forecast coming up. here's what people are talking being this morning. the pope is wrapping up his visit to the uk today, a day after apologizing to parishioners that were abused by members of the clergy. he met with several sexual abuse victims in london and expressed deep sorrow for their pain. we'll have more about the pope's visit to england coming up. people in new york are still cleaning up after two
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tornados struck the city. >> it seemed like 30 seconds. and this whole street was totally destroyed. >> storms moved through on thursday, damaging buildings and up rooting trees. the storm also killed one person when a tree landed on their car. this is not the first time that the big apple has seen this kind weather. about ten tornados have hit new york city in the past 60 years. in california a homeowner files a major lawsuit over the deadline explosion there. it destroyed nearly 40 homes and killed at least four people. the lawsuit said that the company should pay to $100 million with the victims and other monetary damages. a "crocodile hunter" has a trophy for the ages. she caught a 13-foot alligator
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weighing more than half a ton. the hunter is considering turninging it into about 40 pair of shoes. nice payoff. fans and loved ones are gathering to celebrate a life and leggingty of one of the most influential people in the music industry. it's a tribute to fred zap pa. >> so what can folks expect to see when you talk about frank zappa? >> we're having our own zappa- pa loo saturday here. -- palooza. so the sculpture behind me that is still covered up will be unveiled about 2:00 this afternoon. after that, there will be a concert by his son.
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he'll perform free in highland town all afternoon. >> people don't know the connection that he has in bat more. explain that. >> reporter: he was born in baltimore. and the reason they're putting the sculpture outside the library is today is the 25th anniversary of frank zappa testifying in congress about freed box speech and artistic freedom. >> it's a rocking dance at the library today. >> it is. they've gone through a lot to get this here. a lot of ups and down where's to put it. how did you decide where to put this? >> the art commission as you look at different locations here in the city, they chose the court yard of our southeast anchor library because they wanted to celebrate frank's legacy of artistic freedom and free speech and what other place symbolizes that the most
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than your local library. gayle zappa is going to have a talk and music legacy at the theater down the street from here. and 2:00 is the dedication and the free concert is at 3:00. >> it should be a good crowd. >> people are coming from all over the country. we're getting calls from people from chicago, pittsburgh we're going to have a great ole time here. >> enjoy. thank you for your time. we'll check back in with you later on this morning. >> that sounds exciting. "wjz eyewitness news" sunday morning. do the ravens have what it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bengals?
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today, we'll see some clouds move n the slightest chance for a shower. it knocks us down to 77 tomorrow and stay at 77 with a lot more way for sunshine on tuesday. and take a look at the first day of fall, wednesday, 87 degrees and 86 on thursday and friday and there will be storms passing off to the north. and it looks like they should stay north of us. >> fall already? >> it's amazing. the ravens battleed to a tough road win against the jets in week one and now they're back on the road to face the
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bang gales. >> mark viviano has more on today's show done. good morning it was a short week of preparation for the ravens after they started with that hard-fought win last week. and today it's a showdown with the bengalss today. carson palmer and crew looked bad in their opener last week. the ravens believe that the guys in stripes will be ready to fight today. >> everybody is talking about the way they played against new england. the bottom line, if you've been in the business a long enough, if you fall for that, you'll fall for anything. they're going to come out and give us their best game. >> defending division champions and they earned it last year. they handed to us twice in convincing fashion. and that's the team that we expect to see on sunday. >> it's amazing is matching their tough physical play. but if there's one thing that we can do as an offensive front
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is that, is match a tenacious d and d and we have a number of guys up front that can match that and we expect to do that on sunday. >> carson palmer has success for the ravens. and his receivers include two of best of all time, to and ochocinco. joe flacco looking to get the baltimore offense in gear. one of the headlines is the battle of the ravens' new receiver. and baltimore is favored to win today. and doing so with give the ravens to road victories to start the season. we'll see how it plays out this afternoon. enjoy the game. can the ravens make it two in a row? you can watch all the action
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against the bengals right here at 1:00 p.m. today on wjz 13. >> to and ochocinco. >> that should be fun. >> are you watching? >> absolutely. it's football sunday. >> and fall is coming up and we're ready for it. >> on wednesday. so we're totally into football season now. a tragic loss. a community is shocked by the sudden death a high school student. papal apology. he meets the victims of clergy abuse in london. >> reporter: starving and dehydrated. dozens of horses are rescueed from a west virginia horse farm and some are getting rehabilitated right here in maryland. and wjz asks to see your purple pride and some of you delivered.
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welcome back to "wjz eyewitness news" sunday morning. i'm gigi barnette. >> and i'm bernadette woods in for tim williams on this sunday morning. it is a beautiful morning. we're getting ready for the game and talking being the game and what is going to happen today. you can see we got our purple pride with our bird out there. it is comfortable out there. a little warmer than yesterday. 59 in baltimore, 60 in hagerstown. and we'll take you closer and show you 56 in bel-air and 56 in annapolis. we're warming up into the low 80s. but we'll see some additional clouds come through and there's a slightest chance for a shower. it's a small chance. nipping that happens would be brief if we even saw t but the front is going to take till tomorrow to get here and then we got really warm weather headed our way later in the week. here's what people will be talking being today. a harford county community is in shock this morning after a high school student is killed
8:31 am
over the weekend. a memorial was held last night for 14-year-old joey d'entremont. the high school freshman died friday night attempting to cross route four north of the bel air bypass. classmates at fallston high school said they could not believe the news. >> a big shock to everybody. it's hard to believe that he's gone. >> we've been at their house since 1:00 today. we needed to bring the kids together. we had a youth minister there talking to kids. >> and state police say that the preliminary investigation shows that the 19-year-old driver that hit joey d'entremont had the right away. neighbors say they have complained to the police several times about that dangerous intersection. and elderly woman found beaten in her home. they found the 66 with deep head injuries. she later died at shock trauma. the police are calling one of her female relatives aperson of
8:32 am
interest. a man is behind bars charged that he tried to suffocate his son. officers responded to the son and found the man suffocating his son. that's what the police pulled the man off the toddler who, according to the police was turning blue the baby is recovering at a nearby hospital. and the pope issued a personal apology to people abused by clergy in the catholic church. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi expressed shame and you'll mill ages with a private meeting of five survivors of sexual abuse by clergy. >> i express my deep sorry of the innocent victims of this unspeakable crime. >> reporter: he apologized and assured the victims that the catholic church is working to protect young people and fully
8:33 am
investigate eatles of abuse. but thousands of protesters wants more. >> he's made many apologies. but he apologize for other people and their failings and never his own. >> reporter: he met with other victims in london. >> it's upsetting. that's not where i want my money to go. >> reporter: saturday in london, 20,000 people marched in the largest demonstration against the pope in his five- year reign. he said that he's out of church with catholics in britian. >> go away and leave us lone. >> reporter: but number of protesters pail in comparison to at dooring faithful that come out to watch the pope's every move. about 80,000 people joined him
8:34 am
for a prayer vigil in hyde park. he wraps up his four day trip on sunday. friday, the pope's visit was overshadowed by the arrest of six men that were thought to have planning an attack on the pope. last april, 39-year-old stacy price stepped down as president of the johnnycake elementary school pta. and now a judge has convicted her of stealing more than $9,000 from the organize's bank account. the judge ordered her to repay the money and could still face jail time when she's sentenced in december. several branches of the post office have started closing down in the middle of the day for 2-hour lunch breaks. residents say that the changes
8:35 am
make no sense. >> 3:00 a nap? >> you expect the post office to open. >> you can't run a business if you make it hard for your customers to do business with you. >> the post office is billions in dollars in debt and the changes are in a greater effort to save money. and the posers is considering raising the price of stamps and stopping saturday delivery. days away from death, dozens of abused horses from a west virginia farm are now in maryland. a carol county horse rescue is hoping to rehabilitate the animals with the hope that some of them will be adopted one day. >> reporter: constant nourishment is what is keepinging this horse alive. >> we're starting them pretty much like babies. literally getting a handful of something. >> reporter: she along with five others are being rehabilitated at days end horse farm rescue. 53 in total were shaveed from a
8:36 am
west virginia farm. they were starving and dehydrated. >> three months of no food and good water conditions. >> reporter: the farm was also a rescue facility. they worry about the horses' well-being and emotional. >> they started to feel physically better and to go right back be into a state worse than when they arrived. >> reporter: 95% of the horses here make a full recovery. in may they saved 26 severely malnourished horses. including rasberry who was skin and bones. take a look at her now. he's more than healthy, she's on a low fat diet. that is the outcome that these workers hope for these horses after months of torcher. >> make that change physically
8:37 am
and emotionally and trust humans again. >> and criminal charges are pending against the west virginia farm. to help the recovery, days inn rescue is need of hey and food donations. to get more information, go to orioles played well early against the yankees, making big plays on defense and offense. but they could not keep up with the bombers. the o's lose 11-3. ravens are hoping to stay undefeated this weekend. can the purple birds make it two wins in a row in cincinnati? you can watch the game at 1:00 p.m. today live on wjz 13. i'm ready. ochocinco and to are on the same team. and somebody said if somebody
8:38 am
asks you about ochocinco, all say i have no respect for a man that would change his name from words to numbers. [ applause ] >> it's not even 85. it's 8-5. we're having fun with it. weather-wise, at camden yards, it was a rough loss last night. but the o's have been doing so great lately and hopefully they can come back strong against the yankees this afternoon. this is what we've got going on for the weekend. a cold front is coming our way. ahead of it, we'll warm up a few degrees and knock it down a few degrees hinn it. but it will take about a day and a half to get through here. and the temperatures a little warmer than yesterday morning. 59 degrees in baltimore right now, 60 in hagerstown and 63 in washington d.c. the winds light out there. they will turn around from the south as we head into the afternoon. that will bring up slightly warmer air. notice a few more clouds in the
8:39 am
picture than yesterday and even in here, spotty showers that is dying down as it moves off to the east. but there's a slight chance for a shower or two as the front passes by. if we see any showers at all, they'll be brief and there's not going to be a lot to them. and here's the front when we open it up. it goes all the way back into washington state. it's a big one. on the fringe of it, we're seeing severe weather this morning. it entire front will push off to the east. we'll be on that southern fringe. the winds turn around to the south and maybe a shower or two. and it comes together like this here's that front taking through tomorrow to get through here. tuesday, it's gone. we cool down slightly. but then we really start to warm it up as we head into the middle part of the week. the entire storm track goes way up to the north again. we're going into the mid- and up are 80s for our highs.
8:40 am
you see how this thing is igor. and winds are down to 86 miles an hour so that is a cat goirs one hurricane. the thing is that the pressure is incredibly low. this goes hand in hand usually winds with pressure. this is a really strong storm. and notice how large it is too. contrast that to julia over to the east. this is weakening. but it is a massively large storm. we're getting the tropical storm-forced wind on bermuda. and it takes over and close to bermuda before it leaves it later on monday. so it's going to give bermuda a pounding for the next 36 to four hours. julia, winds down significantly. it's moving off to the north, north wet. and it's going to make the turn and be leaving us. and fortunately it stays out
8:41 am
over the water. as far as our waters go, south winds five to ten knots. bay temperature 75 degrees. forecast today, it looks like this. we're going up to about 82 degrees. we have more clouds coming into the picture. and tonight, partly to mostly cloudy out there. and some of the clouds again tomorrow and a slight chance for a shower, if any as the front is passing through. 77 for the high and 77 again on tuesday. but take a look at in between. we go down to 48 degrees. however, if you don't like the cold air -- if you like it, you'll eni know monday night into tuesday morning. if you don't like it, take a look at your tv now, seven, six, 86. it will be warm. >> welcome to fall? >> welcome to fall on wednesday, we're going up to 87 degrees. >> mother nature. who knows what she's thinking. still ahead on "wjz eyewitness news" sunday morning. the children are gone. and now you who is going to
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lag dire frank zappa -- legendary music frank zappa talk to congress about freedom of speech and artistic freedom. >> we're down at the library. >> this is a great day. >> so dr. hayden, people know that frank zappa was born in baltimore. but now we get to say thank to you him what is going to happen today. >> we have the actual zappa family that will be here. and his son will be playing a concert of his music today at 2:00 in front of the library.
8:46 am
and we are expecting so many people to come from all over the country. but the main people that we're excitinged about that will be -- excited about that will be here are the people from the legitimate lithiwania. it will be unveiled today at 2:00 with the family and then the wonderful concert. >> this is going to be really exciting. >> all the different countries and towns around the country are going to fly in for this event. how many do you expect. and this starts at 11:00 and how long is this is going to go. i think people want to know what they're getting into when they head down here this afternoon. >> at 11:00 there will be a concert that will feature zappa music on a wonderful sound
8:47 am
stage. it's concert quality there will be exhibits, lemon ice because of his famous song don't eat the yellow ice. so there will be free lemon ice given out and a special exhibit of his materials in the lies prayer and at 2:00, the mayor are will be here with the zappa family to unveil the statue and then the concert. and that concert is going to be over an hour of free music. >> other thing too, is that frank zappa, we just mentioned one of his songs. some people may think his music was weird but you can learn about the message to. >> his message that all types of people should be able to be express themselves freely. i think this time in our country it is so significant to
8:48 am
celebrate freed -- freedom of expression. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for the weather. >> i'll try to do what i can for you. that is dr. carla hayden at the fremont library. >> head on down there this afternoon and get some of that yellow ice. >> nest is finally empty. you worked hard for it and now you got to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if puff a 10, 11-year-old, chances are all your gadgets work well, vcr, dvd player, everything works and that is because you have a kid in the house. what abouts to the folks when the kids are gone. >> we have john here from the geek squad. and he'll talk about how much you are not doing technologically in your house. and once you lose it, do you know. >> you have that in house tech support that is living there. they take care of all the gadgets for. >> it's amazing. i have a nephew his mom's iphone, i could not even answer the phone. he's like this. he's four. >> or have them call you -- like my five-year-old niece calls me. newer miami. >> so people -- they're now starting to see that empty
8:52 am
nest. >> absolutely what do they do? >> one of the things to realize is you're seeing people that are second-guessing themselves. they're not being able to do the things they're concerned that they're going to break something. most of the time, you're not going to be able to break something. usually anything do you can be undone. so just keep an idea what you are doing. but have an idea what you're doing. that is how people figure out to do. they make mistakes. they take it apart and put it back together. that is how people. >> that is a good point. i'm afraid that i'm going to hit a button that is going take me somewhere that i can't come back from. so go ahead and try things just be aware. >> shockingly there is no break your computer button that is hidden somewhere. >> besides the computer gadget what is the most difficult thing after that computer that people that you find people
8:53 am
having difficulty with? >> problems with e-mail and problems with printing, especially as thing get more and more wireless capabilities. those can get a little complicated. but they're becoming easier and easier to set up. there is a now router out that you press a button and the whole thing sets itself up basely it does low level setups. but for just basic communication, that will do it for you. >> and the ipods. a lot of people like listen being the music but not know the process. you suggest people coming in or talking to you? >> if you don't know how to use it, definitely speak to any of the geek squad agents and we offer in home support and in spore support. but the single biggest thing that we tell anybody is lay
8:54 am
around with it. figure out what it can zoo on your own you'll get a feel of accomplishment. and there's very little that you can do to break that and you can enjoy it. >> so take a deep breath. >> and that's what kids are doing. they're playing around on it. >> they didn't pay for it so they don't have to worry about replacing it. >> right. >> how can people get in touch you with? >> we're available at my best buy store or thank you very much for thank you very much for your titi,,,,,,,,
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we're going up to 82 degrees for our high. there's a cold one coming through today and tomorrow. but it gets out of here. 77 on tuesday after a chilly start. but take a look at wednesday, thursday and friday. back to the mid and upper 80s. and quickly, people can call you or they can call their kids
8:57 am
to come back home. i think they want to call you. >> kids will enjoy having me. >> that's right. >> thank you. that is our report for this sunday morning. i'm gigi barnette. >> and i'm bernadette woods. see you back here during halftime of the second game and again at 11:00 tonight. >> ,,,,,,
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