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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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top of the morning, at the top of the hour. it's a fantastic day. sharon is in with traffic. you may need this this morning. temperatures are on the cool side, cooler than we had in awhile. in some cases it's in the 40s. it dropped to 49 in baltimore. 40s out in the mountains. we'll show you the range from 46 in bel air to 61 in annapolis. just along the water, the temperature has moderated a little bit. as we head through the afternoon going to be a lot of sunshine it. will warm us up to 77 but that is the beginning. we're going into the 80s and eventually 90 degrees in this five-day forecast. >> thank you. a problem on northern parkway.
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here's sharon gibala. we still have fire work activity from a two-alarm fire overnight. that as falls road closed at northern park way. that's between northern park and englewood. you can take roland to get around. we have preparations beyond way for the baltimore book festival. the right lane of charles street is closed because of it between east branch and mt. vernon. the left an is closed between west branch lane and madison street. there's a look at your drive times. still no delays, outer loop. there's a live look at the top side of the beltway at dulaney valley road. full speed on the inner and outer loop out of the ft. mchenry tunnel. remember, wjz 13 is always on. so for traffic information anytime, you can log on to don, back over to you. people are still talking
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about the shooting inside johns hopkins hospital last week. we have an updrat on the doctor's conditions and we're hearing from one of his patients. andrea fujii is live outside the hospital. >> reporter: the doctor's condition has steadily improved sense he was shot on thursday here at johns hopkins. his condition has been upgraded from fair to good. >> 911. we need 911. there's a shooting on nelson eight. >> there's a shooting on the eighth floor. >> reporter: a triple shooting at the hands of the man upset with his mother's surgery. before paul pardus shot his mother and himself, he shot dr. david cohen. >> he was my knight in shining armor. that's why i was devastated to hear. >> reporter: his former patients, including susan revello said colen is an excellent doctor. revello was injured in a car
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accident adjust want -- >> i just want him back on his feet. >> reporter: a complete review of security protocols are already underway. >> i think they deserve a lot of praise. >> reporter: rog winegold is the founder of the falseston group which helps organizations bounce back from crises. he credits the help of off duty police officers. >> those kinds of traumatic incidents sometimes brings out the worst in people has they're trying to cope with difficult circumstances. >> reporter: dr. cohen's wife released a statement asking for privacy has her husband continues to refer. don, back to you. >> police believe pardus' shooting was a mercy killing. a 66-year-old woman is bludgeoned to death with a steering wheel hasn't theft device known as the club.
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a woman called 911 and said she hit her aunt in the head multiple times with a club. a jury found seamus coyle guilty of murder in the death of his uncle. karla porter is accused of hiring a hit man to kill him. prosecutors argued that coyle arranged the murder. a second year nfl player is dead in colorado from an apparent suicide. denver bronco's wide receiver kenny mckinley was found dead in his home last night of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. his former coach steve spurrier was stunned to hear the news. >> he was a wonderful guy. we're trying to figure out why
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this happened. >> mckinley was placed on the injured reserve after he hurt his knee. a ravens coach is facing druf -- drunk driving coaches. andy moeller was arrested early saturday morning for driving on the beltway where he was also charged with negligent driving. he will plead not guilty to the charges. a government panel is deciding whether to allow genetically engineered salmon to be sold to consumes. here's manuel gallegus for wjz. >> reporter: it's in the just a fish story. you could soon be eating genetically engineered salmon. the company claims it's genetically engineered egged can dpre full market size fish
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in half the time. >> we can bring an industry back not united states and provide american as safe, sustainable high quality food material. >> reporter: the food and drug administration agrees the salmon is safe but is waiting for the advisory panel's approval. consume groups say no way and call this frankenfish. >> we think that the fda hasn't done all its homework yet and the company hasn't done its homework yet. >> reporter: even if the government approves it, it won't be available to the public for a couple of years. the consumes we talked with -- consumers we talked with are skeptical. >> you're taking a big chance. >> reporter: at washington's main avenue fish market, no one seemed anxious to try it. >> i'm scared of it. >> reporter: the fda hasn't said when it will make its
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decision. both sides agree if it's approved other genetically modified food is behind it. >> if the panel approvals the salmon, it would be the first genetically engineered animal approved for human consumption. paris hilton admits to carrying drugs and avoids jail time. she pleaded guilty to it. she was arrested last month in las vegas when cocan was found in her purse. she will serve a year in prison and do community service. rayen haves' head coach john harbaugh is facing a potential fine. harbaugh lost his temper when a player was fined. he was showing where the tackle should be. he addressed his actions during a news conference yesterday. >> i think i was over the line in my animation.
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that's something you never want to do. we had great conversations with those guys throughout the game. we respected -- we disagreed. it was animated but respectful throughout. >> even the nfl's former directtor said that referee made a bad call. there was plan honor to receive per jerry rice, whose number was retired at halftime in the game. drew brees, and the defending new orleans saints had a lead. hartley took the 37-yard field goal into the wind propelled them to a victory. there was an injury to running back rj ji bush who had to be helped off the field. overnight espn has been reporting bush's injury could keep him out for the next six
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games. despite battling can serks actor michael douglas makes it out with the premiere of his knew film. he joined his costar unless new york city for the premiere of "wall street mon, money never sleeps." he is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. >> never a fun team. >> no. what else can you say about it other than good luck and he seems to be doing well. >> really does affect everyone. there's no way around that. >> everyone knows someone who has some sort of cancer. >> okay many ron is out and he's got a friend with him. >> we'll see the friend in a moment. >> we're talking about
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survivors this morning and captain defense is a prostate cancer -- survivor. >> it's great to be here. i am a prostate cancer survivor and lead a very active life. >> i'm glad you're here. the great prostate cancer challenge coming up this sunday right here at towson university. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. a cold start to the day but we have warmer air coming our way. we have now dropped to 49 degrees in baltimore for this morning. so it is a cool start as we were saying and as compared to yesterday we were 17 degrees cooler. you'll notice a difference when you walk outside. the winds are light. they will turn to the south
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over the next 24 hours. that will start the warmup. out to the west, here's the next storm. it will take a northern track and turn our winds to the south that will build up the warmth. tomorrow we jump not 80s. the front gets closer. so there is a chance for a late day shower or thunderstorm. here's the next front. it also passes by to the north keeping us in the warm air. by the and of the week we could hit 90 degrees for our high. we'll see another storm build in. that will knock all the heat down to the south. another thing going on. not only do we vast warmth but out in the tropics another tropical storm. this is lisa moving off to the north, northwest. we'll cope an eye on that within for you. it is way out there. igor is also making its way off to the northeast. it's in the process of becoming extra tropical, meaning it's losing all the tropical characteristics over the colder
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water. back here at home, small craft advisory in effect this afternoon hams the winds start to pick up from the shout. today we're going up to 77 degrees for a beautiful afternoon. tonight we go down into the upper 50s. but take a look at what happens the next few days. if you're getting ready, we're forecasting a high of 88 degrees. thursday, 89 and 90 degrees on friday. by saturday all of that starts to come down. there is a chance for a thunderstorm late in the day on wednesday. so on -- on sunday a better chance for showers. >> here's sharon gibala, wjz traffic control. >> we have a bit of trouble on the harrisburg expressway, nothing major, on the right shoulder not causing delays. we have problems on northern park way for a fire cleanup and
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your alternate will be roland avenue. there's a look at the drive times starting to slow down, 795 to 95, now down to 53 miles an hour. i think we can live with that. that's liberty road. traffic heavier. there's a look at 95. the same dids there, the southbound lanes coming toward us. no problems to report at dulaney valley road. this traffic report is brought to you by tote toit. you'll save more in the long run. back over to you. >> thank you very much. ron, how are you doing? >> we're doing great. we're live at towson -- we're live at towson university johnny unitas stadium. this is the great prostate challenge. we're proud to have captain
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defense with us. good morning. >> how are you doing. it's great to be here and talk about this clause that affect last lot of men. i'm glad to help put a face on this. >> we'll talk to you more in a minute. great to see you again. >> great to see you again. thank you to wjz for being our major sponsor of the great prostate can srp challenge. >> let's talk about the walk/run. we have a change of venue because it's growing. >> we started 14 years ago. we'll be in 14 cities across the city. this year we'll be at the johnny unitas stadium. that's why we came to this great event at towson university. of course wjz's marty bass will be the mc on sun date lenny moore, number 4 -- number 24 is
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the honorary screening. we have captain defense, very important to get this. >> yes, this s as you know, and you're our supporter, they cran go to our website at chesapeake urology. we have four free prostate cancer screenings at hear churches. please, if you're looking to be screened, go to our wetsite and look for those churches and come out and get screened. captain defense can tell you how important that is. >> you're here and that's a blessing. >> early detection was the key. if it wasn't for that, maybe captain d wouldn't be here. when i went in for my exam, the doctor told me when they did the exam, he told me they felt lumps. come to find out i had a by op sigh and there were five cancerous -- when he told me that, i said well, what can we
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do. so i got the treatment and everything but the key is if i had never went in i within the be here today. early detection is the key. i'm a survivor because i went in. so you need to go in and get this examined early. >> great way to say that and great to see a you. by the way, captain defense drove all the way from charles county to be with us this morning. you want to say hi to your daughters? >> yes. i want to say hi, good morning, and have a nice day. you'll be up there at the prostate race on sunday before the browns game. >> okay. before we shell lack the browns. let's talk about the time. 8:00. please come early to register but you can register online at we need a sunny day for everyone to run, so i hope you
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give us that. please, please, please. we'll have ravens cheerleaders, the orioles birds, corvette club, an teakcar -- antique cars. it happens here at johnny unitas stadium, wjz as part of the great prostate challenge. captain defense. >> if you bumped it up today we could guarantee you a dpd one. e can't stress how important it is. even if you warrant planning on it, make a point. >> we both know people, because of the screening, the free screenings are survivors. >> a person at the gym got his
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screening because of our advertisement. now he's doing great. >> that's what raising awareness is all about. >> make a point to do it. >> yeah. it's a big deal. moving on to a lighter subject. it will be beautiful today. we'll have the forecast. >> we'll take a break and be >> we'll take a break and be receipt back. ,,,,,,
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good morning. a cool start to the day. we are in the 40s in baltimore. we're warming up to 77 degrees with a lot of sunshine. it's going to be another beautiful afternoon. take a look at the ups and downs coming our way. we're up to 88 on wednesday. we're up to 90 by friday. however, a cold front is going to knock all of that black down. a chance for showers as it passes by. then the chance for some showers on sunday. don? >> thank you. going green to save some green. don't let money fly out your window through a leaky air duct. here's mary bubala. as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling.
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the ones that leak can add hundreds of dollar as year. the best thing to do is to insulate. bge even gives you up to $200. i'm mary bubala helping you become an energy saver. >> for more information, go to and click on the special section on our home page. coming to his own defense, what the president had to say when he cram toe to toe with a wall street executive. the surge p-sur -- surgeon shot at johns hopkins hospital is doing much better. i'm andrea fujii with a live report just ahead. i'm tara mergener in washington. the military's don't ask, don't tell policy may be one step closer to being repealed, the latest coming up. i'm sharon gibala weir are
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wjz traffic -- here with wjz traffic control. let's send it over to bernadette. >> good morning. i'm in for marty bass. we're going to warm up, not only today but over the next few. we're not through fighting prostate cancer just yet. arnold palmer will talk about what men can do about it and where to find more information to help them fight it and beat it. stay tuned, the eyewitness news morning edition continues ,,,,,,
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it is 6:30 and a pleasant day to start. it is a little chillier than you might suspect. sharon will tell you what's going on with traffic right after bernadette's first warning weather. >> a beautiful shot. it's a cool one, though. you may need a jacket, and this is why.
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we're 49 in baltimore. take a look at all those 40s. 48 in westminster. 46 in bel air. along the water it is a little more tell pratt, 61 in annapolis. we are going to warm it up to 77 degrees, beautiful sunshine, another gorgeous afternoon. some really warm air is moving our way. we'll have the forecast coming up. your rush our is building. here is sharon from wjz traffic control. definitely seeing more cars but not a bad rush hour. only a few problems. we have the disabled vehicle on the harrisburg expressway. we still have the fire activity left from overnight that has falls road closed between northern parkway and englewood. you can take role and to get around. starting to sew some definite delays on the west side outer loop.
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43 miles an hour with a 13- minute drive time. hold port road, you can see traffic building on the outer loop to the right. there is look at 83 at shawn road, and no problem. everything is looking good at dulaney valley. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer where you can find quality cars and trucks. back over to you, don. we continue to follow breaking news in afghanistan. the deadliest helicopter crash there since 2007. nine nato service members are dead. a chopper went down in the south where troops have been fighting the taliban. nat toe said there -- nato said there's no seen of enemy fire, so it looks like an accident. that crash comes as a senate vote is set to get underway impacting the military's don't ask, don't
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tell policy. here's tara mergener reporting for wjz. >> reporter: the senate could move one step close tore repealing the military's don't ask, don't tell policy, a law that bans gays from serving openly, leaving democrats the 60 votings to push it through and all eyes are in the hands of lawmakers. >> don't ask, don't tell is wrong. >> reporter: pop sensation lady gaga ditched her outray just -- outrageous outfeet for a suit. >> doesn't it seem to you that we should send home the project dis, the straight soldier who hates the gay soldier. >> reporter: she even has her own policy. >> our new law is called if you don't like this, go home. >> reporter: the proposal to repeal don't ask, don't tell is actually part of a larger defense bill.
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today's vote is to end the debat and bring the bill to the floor. republicans say congress shouldn't vote until after the pentagon completes its study on the issue in december. democrats argue the move is long overdue. >> repeal it. >> reporter: on the streets feelings are just as mixed. >> i think we should leave it the way it is. >> reporter: it was enacted in 1993-point president clinton. it could take some team before the issue is resolved. while the vote is a critical step, a final vote isn't expected until after november's mid-term election. in washington, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> we're told most of the 13,000 dismissals are from those who outed themselves. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad continues to insist
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his country is not building nuclear weapons. he said the door is open to negotiate. back here, new that our gubernatorial grudge match is finally official, we're getting new numbers. 5% of likely voters say they support governor martin o'malley, up from august. 47% with vote for former governor bob ehrlich. the margin of error is plus or mean us in four points. the sole survivor inside the shooting at johns hopkins hospital is doing much better. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: good morning. dr. david cohen, who was treating the shooter's mother at the time, is now upgraded from fair to good condition, and this morning we're hearing from one of his sphrrm patients -- former patients.
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>> 911. there's a shooting on nelson eight. >> reporter: a triple shooting inside johns hopkins hospital with a man upset with how his mother's arthritis surgery went. before paul pardus shot his mother -- shot himself, he shot the doctor and his mother. >> reporter: former patients, including susan revello said dr. david cohen was an excellent doctor. >> i want him on his feet as soon as possible. >> reporter: a complete review of security protocols are underway. rog winegold is the founder of the falston group which helps organizations bounce back from crises. >> those kinds of emotional
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traumatic incidents, sometimes brings out the worst in people as they're trying to cope. >> reporter: right now hopkins security and the baltimore police department are reviewing their emergency protoe co. >> a study shows recent violence is on the rise when it comes to hospitals. a huge block of towson is expected to go on the hawks block. the house of commons will undergo a foreclosure at 1:00 this afternoon. the new oners will start with a new building. no apology. the president comes phase to face with a -- face to face with a wall street executive and he lets taxes go up for the
6:38 am
went thyest americans. >> the notion of me saying you should be taxed is more like your secretary when are apulling home a billion dollars a year. i don't think it's me being antiextremists. >> the president said it's necessary this grow the economy. after a big rally on wall street, overseas markets are up. japan's nikkei closed down but the major european markets are up. walmart is looking for ways to grow, expand and is reportedly considering getting into bigger marketplaces. that means squeezing into smaller spaces. walmart has been scouting sites in urban markets including new york city and san francisco following the strategy of its rival target. the orioles will play nine
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straight away games including last night's matchup with the boston red sox at fenway park. there was a base hit in the 7th ening. the final score 4-2 as the birds beat the red sox. and in philadelphia the left fielder helped tackle a costumed fan who ran out on the field. he trips him from behind, as you can see. the security officers then apprehend him. he got an ovation from the crowd and high fives from his teammates in the dugouts. would they tackle the green man, too? >> yes, they would have. anyone running on the field. that's great the follow-up, too not only the trip. >> it's good tv anyway. >> it was probably funny to be there, too.
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as i said before, the best news about it is they won. >> which we left out. >> that's the best part of all of it. they won. the magic number is down to eight. they were down, i think this was, seven. >> congratulations. >> exciting what the o's have been through. >> a big spoiler. >> we can talk about the weather real quick. sunshine out there. we're getting up to 77 for our high but it is a cool start. we're in the 40s. that's all going to change. if you're a long team member of arnie's army, he's here to join us.
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it's a familiar theme around here this time of the year. we'll also update your traffic and check on the weather a little more deeply right after this. ,,,,,,
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today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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a cool start to the day, but we'll warm it up it. is 49 in baltimore. suburbs have dropped down to 47, 46. that is nearly a 15 and in some case as 17-degree swing. the winds are light. all that air came in on northerly winds. the winds today will turn around to the south that will begin the warmup. today is the in between day. the temperatures getting up into the upper 70s, which is average. out to the west, here's the next storm system. it will come our way riding off to the north there. is a chance for a thundershower late in the day. we'll see some clouds build up. what we'll notice is the warmth building. upper 80s and on thursday still upper 80s close to 90. we may hit 90s as we head towards the weekend. we have tropical storm lisa. this one is out here, moving
6:45 am
off to the west, northwest. that is the tail end of igor. it's losing the tropical character rest ticks -- characteristics. 77, a beautiful afternoon. tonight we go down to 59. tomorrow here's that change we're talk bsmght 88 for our high. 89 on thursday. there could be a late day shower on wednesday. by friday 90 degrees. the front comes through fry dray night into saturday. you may see a shower. what we'll notice, the cooldown. chance for showers in the 70s. don. here's sharon. you'll want to watch for closures because of the baltimore book festival. they begin at 6 a.m. between east branch and mt. vernon is closed and between
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west branch and madison is also closed. there's a look at your drive times and speeds, so that's the biggest delay between 795 and 95 with a 17-minute drive time. there is a live look outside at that west side delay from 795 dunn to edmonton avenue. there is a look at 95. you'll also have to tap your brakes, pretty typical delay there and this traffic report is brought to you bow your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right in the long run. the great prostate challenge is coming up. make sure you come out for the walk/run and more at johnny unitas stadium at towson university. for more, you can log on to >> marty will be there.
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>> he will be back from his vacation to mc it. the satellite interview. >> welcome. good morning. how are you? >> great. >> you're looking great. >> i feel good. >> it's not often, arnold, that you have the spotlight taken away from you, but in this interview it might be the case because of the gentleman sitting next to you. i've been looking up brad on the internet. i've never seen someone who has gotten more involved in a cause in a long time. how did you find this guy? >> did you find me or did i find you. >> the age old question. >> i think you better answer that question. >> actually, i've been involved for several years and have been the chairman of the board for
6:48 am
the last two years. we've been fortunate to collaborate in presenting my prostate cancer road that's what we're lear to talk about today because of the many men with advanced prostate cancer. 8,000 men will be diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer this year, and 32,000 men will die -- projected to die of the disease this year. that's an increase over the last couple of years. our chance here is to provide support and information for people, men, with advanced prostate cancer. >> i got to tell you. we could start throwing down some numbers we get bogged down. the fact of the matter is finally american starting to get proactive on their health. i've been complaining for years. it always takes a woman or
6:49 am
women to push us into the doctor. finally, i think we've rounded the corner and taken responsibility for our on health. well done, guys. >> that's very important. we make people aware of what they can do we they have prostate cancer. >> i agrow with you -- agree with you. there's a huge support network and we got the website up right now. it's a heck of a website. it's easy to navigate and it talks about wellness and a lot of guys don't want to deal with it because this will impact intimacy or can impact entity a sigh. there are ways around that. this is a pretty strong deal here. how long did it take you guys to come up with this? >> it's been under construction for a long time. you have to really thank the
6:50 am
folks at boy yow tech and all the people who work with them. we collaborate in looking at the content. >> we got to thank arnold, too, for going public with his bout with prostate cancer. i assume you're all clean now. >> i think that's true. as a prostate cancer survivor, both of us have been involved in treatment and now clear. >> we're looking at the website. my prostate cancer cancer road arnold, can you take him on the course? >> i'm not so sure about that, but i would give it a shot. >> hey, fred, what's your
6:51 am
handicap? >> more than my age, not a lot -- or a lot. >> think of all the strokes he has to give you. >> that's right. now we're even. >> this would be look this, no pressure, fred. you could man up. >> there you go. >> fellow, listen. thanks so much for being us with. thanks for being so public and with your own dealings with prostate cancer. guys, get in there. see your doctors and if you want to join us for the great prostate cancer challenge, go to thank you. >> my prostate cancer road very cool. we're taking a break and coming right back. we have first warning weather and more as the morning edition and more as the morning edition continues right after this. ,,,, tax on everything you buy?
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and more as the morning edition continues right after this. ,,,, that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense.
6:54 am
23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. here come your updates from sharon. >> we're starting off in the 40s and heading up to 77 degrees. i wanted to give you the five- day forecast before the end of the show. 8 tomorrow. 89 on thursday. could see a thunderstorm pop up wednesday, chance for showers friday night into saturday. the best chance will be on sunday that knocks us down into the 70s.
6:55 am
would lea get -- we're getting a check on the roads. >> just some minor delays. on 795 in the yellow, what you can see is slow, the northwest side at 17 miles an hour. we're looking at delays on 95 in the usual spot from approaching the beltway to 895. there is a look at your average speeds. 35 miles an hour on the top side outer loop or the west side outer loop with an 18- minute drive time. 46 miles an hour between 95 and 3 -- and 83. you can see traffic is jammed. there's a delay 95 southbound. the left lanes are the southbound lanes and there is a look at the top side at harford road. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. call 1-800-the term or visit
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cochran for a free consultation. the johns hopkins surgeon shot last week has been upgraded from fair to good condition. dr. david cohen was shot by paul pardus, a patient who was upset his mother would be paralyzed after surgery. he shot and killed his mother and them himself. the first of six defendants was found guilty for his role in the death of his uncle. prosecutors argued coyle arranged the meeting. he faces a possibility have life in press son and stay with wjz, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead. and is the recession over? a group says yes, but with many still struggling, what does still struggling, what does this moan for ,,,,
6:57 am
everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
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