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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 21, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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,, bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. a deadly crash.
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a nato helicopter dids down in afghanistan. 10 are dead. now the taliban is claiming responsibility. hello. here's what people are talking about in afghanistan. that deadliest helicopter crash in four years. ten nato troops are dead. we have the latest for wjz. >> reporter: ten troops were killed when a nato helicopter killed in this southern region of afghanistan. cbs news reports it was an american black hawk and that nine of the dead are americans, one an afghan soldier. it's the worst helicopter crash for coalition forces in four years. officials don't know yet what brought down the chopper. the taliban claims insurgents shot this down but nato says there were no reports of enemy fire in the area. sources tell cbs news the helicopter was flying a secret special operations mission in a
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taliban dominated region. these covert operations often take place under the cover of night, targeting insurgent leaders and find drugs and weapons. choppers are crucial for getting around this rugged country. already this year 525 u.s. and nato service members have been killed in afghanistan, making it the deadliest year for international forces since the war began nine years ago. reporting for wjz eyewitness news. >> an american civilian and another u.s. service member were also injured in that crash. this evening family and friends of a falston football player will be held. >> joey d'entremont was hit by a car last friday night. police say the 19-year-old driver who struck him had the right of way.
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a memorial fund for joey d'entremont has been set up. the funeral will be held from 6 to 9 at the mountain christian church in joppa. don, back to you. >> while police are still investigating the accident, they say speed and alcohol were not factors. the first of six people charged in the murder of a east tow son man gas. porter his if karla is among those accused in the murder for hire plot. prosecutors said coyle arranged the meeting and he now faces life in prison. a 66-year-old woman is dead after being hit in the head with a steering wheel locking device known as the club. d'lana simmons called police and said she hit her haunt
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several times. the johns hopkins surgeon shot last week is in good condition. he was shot by paul pardus. pardus also shot and killed his mother that day and turned the gun on his -- on himself. the gob dpiewb race is certainly under way and gathering steam as well as campaign dollars and rhetoric. good afternoon, an droa yay. >> reporter: ehrlich and o'malley continue to be neck and neck. this was pretty much a foregone conclusion, governor martin o'malley would run but the cat and mouse game took months to make this fearchlt the same could be said on the republican side with former governor bob
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ehrlich who had been beaten by o'malley in 2006, testing the waters for another run. now it's both party primaries being recent history and both men securing their party follow mi again, the long talks about row match is on and pole teres are feeling it. the newest tally shows 5% of marylanders will likely vote for martin o'malley, a 3% increase from august and as many are prom messing to vote for ehrlich. so when you car a margin of error of 4% it appears to be a dead heat. >> when it's all said and done this clx will essentially be decided by people selecting a party. voters will decide whether the republicans or democrats. >> reporter: o'malley continue to ask voters to continue moving maryland forward while
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ehrlich has outleaned a road map for 2020. now 750 people were polled for the latest rasmussen pom and 51% approval of governor o'malley as governor receipt knew thank you -- right now. thank you. we're ternly see -- certainly seeing sun and blue skies. take a look outside. are we in for a warmuppals the week goes on? we're live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist bernadette woods is in the weather center. good afternoon. ironically it felt like fall. tomorrow, when it is fall, it's going to feel like summer. this is why. temperatures right now around the region started out on the cool side. we were in the 40s in a lot of areas.
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just off to our west there's some really warm air coming our way. so far in between 71 in baltimore. we'll be in 70s this afternoon. by tomorrow you can tack on another 10 to 12 degrees for our highs, upper 80s. we'll vast forecast coming up -- have the forecast coming up. assistant line coach andy moeller was pulled over for speeding. his lawyers said he will plead not guilty. he was acquitted last month on separate charges. you can watch the game exclusively here on wjz 13. the cleveland brown also be in town. it's right here on wjz 13. still to come, a denver bronco player is found dead, what police say happened to
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kenny mckinley. a crucial vote in the senate today on whether to end the military's don't ask, don't tell pollcy. i'm joel brown on capitol hill. i've got that story coming up. take another live look at the gorgeous conditions outside. stick around. your complete first warning forecast is still coming up. ,,, tax on everything you buy?
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,,, that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea.
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the u.s. senate is talking about whether to repeal the don't ask, don't tell pollcy. joel brown has more. >> reporter: senators are set to cast a key vote later today on whether gay men and women will be allowed to serve openly in the u.s. military. democrats need 60 votes to move forward to repeal the don't ask, don't tell law. most republicans are lining up to stop the measure in its tracks. john mccain argues military commanders believe it's too soon. >> all of them wanted a complete study on the effect of moore rail and -- morale and
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battle readiness. >> reporter: defense secretary robert gates who supports getting rid of the policy ordered a study on how repealing it would affect the armed forces. the results are due in december, but elections are coming in november. both sides see a chance to score political points in the don't ask, don't tell. even pop stars are lending their voice to the discussion. >> don't ask, don't tell is wrong. >> reporter: lady gaga is better known for her outrageous outfits but she's take an strong stand on don't ask, don't tell, calling on her fans to speak out against the law. >> we should send home the prejudice, the straight soldier who hates the gay soldier. >> reporter: supporters argue that war time is not the right time to make a big change but with polls showing most
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americans to repeal it, senators are being pulled today the president's choice said he does in the believe don't ask, don't tell should be lifted. the jnl said the shake-up that could follow could be a distraction. the different broncos are mourning the loss of a teammate today. the wide receiver kenny mckinley was found dead in his apartment. detectives believe he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. everyone with the bronco's is saddened. the coach will meet with media today and talk about mckinley's death. actress lindsay lohan could be back behind bars soon. a beverly hills judge has issued a warrant for her arrest after failing a court ordered drug test. she spent two weeks last month after violating her bro basing and then spent another 23 days
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in drug rehab. the space shuttle discovery rolls out to the launch pad for the last time. discovery is set to blast off to the international space station on november the 1st. the space shuttle endeavour will be the final mission in february. the future of nasa is uncertain because of a disagreement over the next generation of rocket ships. still to come at noon, as you take another live look outside, a reminder to stay tuned. bernadette woods will be back with your complete first warning fra. today we'll take a look at today's midday stock. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. you can see the sun is out there. it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. as we head into fall we start to warm up. before we get to that, this is where we started out the day, 47. lock at all the 40s. it was a chilly start to the day. we have recovered nicely. 71 in baltimore. still 60s hanging on across the north but that will warm up. the winds are light. yesterday they were out of the
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north. that's what brought in the cooler air mass. by the end of the day they're turning to the south. as they do, they will tap into really warm air and it will move our way. you see this storm. it will pass by generally to the north there. 's a slight chance for a -- there's a slight chance for a shower. for the most part things will pass. then another storm will come our way that will pump in the warm air. tomorrow we jump to the upper 80s and then out in the tropics this is igor heading up into canada with winds of hurricane status. lisa is a tropical storm at five miles an hour. take a look at the cone. it takes you out to sunday and barely moves. on the watercraft craft in effect. when the winds do turn around
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to the south. overall topping out at 77 this afternoon. it will be a beautiful one. tonight we go down to 59. tomorrow we go up to 88 degrees. the heat starts kick in. it sticks around and we'll have the five-day coming up. >> looks great. >> 48 when i came in this morning, i had the top down. >> it's all perspective. >> and the heat on. a reminder, great prostate challenge is coming up. make sure you come out for the run, the walk and a lot more fun as marty is the mc. it's at towson university johnny unitas stadium. for more information, go to and still to come on eyewitness news at noon, don't forget to get your flu shot. hear how it can help your help besides preventing you from getting sick. here are the stories we're
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following on our website at this hour. for constant updates, go to ,,,,
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in today's healthwatch report there's another reason to get a flu shot.
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according to a new study it can lower the risk of heart attack by 19% of those 40 years of age or older and it's higher for those getting the shot between september and mid-november. and more and more overweight teenagers are choosing laparoscopic gastric band surgery over gastric band. those opting for gas trick band increased seven fold. gastric bands limit the amount of food a person can eat. they have not been approved bid fda for anyone under the age of 18. be shower to check back in with eyewitness news at 4, 5 and 6. a school teacher has been sentenced. and upwon't believe what one -- you won't believe what a teacher is guilty of doing. and a bed bug epidemic, the
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surprising new place it's turning up. join us for these stories and all the rake break at 4:00. that's right after dr. phil. stick around. your five-day forecast is coming up. ,, it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake. no, i've actually lost weight... [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. [ wife ] babe... i gotta go. [ female announcer ] yoplait, it is so good. for every pink lid you send in, yoplait will donate 10 cents to susan g. komen for the cure. with your help, we've donated $25 million over 12 years. so let's continue to make a difference one lid at a time.
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take a look at the day.
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go out and enjoy it. here's a look at the next couple of days. we're going up to 88 tomorrow. 89. it's going to feel hot. then a cold front comes through friday night into saturday with a chance of showers on sunday. so we'll keep you up to date- that one -- date on that one. >> the cbs premiere week continues. make sure you watch "ncis los angeles" followed by eyewitness news at noon. a group of siberian divers taking a dip in the world's biggest lake. the unusual stunt is part of the competition for the close
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