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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 23, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> >> hello, i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. state health regulators are investigating another hospital suspected of performing unnecessary procedures. we're live in mt. vernon. derek valcourt has more. >> reporter: hi, jessica, state officials say their investigation is still in the early stages and it could be some time before the patients know if they were subjected to unnecessary medical preesier -- procedures. >> reporter: they're investigating a second unnamed maryland hospital to determine if unnecessary procedures were performed on patients. we've asked for another review of another hospital. if i wanted to name the hospital, i would have named it in the report. at this point work we're
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maintaining that confidentiality. >> reporter: st. joseph's came under review after 600 patients had unnecessary stints in their bodies stints are small devices that open blocked arteries. earlier this year, wjz spoke with this woman who didn't want to be identified. , i don't feel comfortable with having two stints in me that shouldn't have been there, this is my life. >> reporter: the current report doesn't identify the hospital or position or the procedures under review. they don't name how the hospital in question became the subject of the review. >> once the report is done and that's public, we'll make folks aware of it. >> reporter: officials are examining the regulatory procedures to see if they're prepared to handle the problems like this.
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derek valcourt, wjz-13 eyewitness news. derek, thank you. we'll stay on this investigation and bring you new information as soon as it's released. >> developing story out of east baltimore. police are investigating a fatal shooting there. and the police say that a man was sitting on the front stoop of a row home and shot in the head. he was taken to the hospital where he died. it's one of the most talked about accidents in state history. now, the family of the man killed when his truck careened off of the bay bridge and they've settled their lawsuit. >> reporter: good afternoon, don and everyone. the officials say that the family is getting $100,000 to the family. he died after he survived hitting the car. the truck crashed through a barrier and plummeted into the
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bay 30 fee below. the 19-year-old did have alcohol in her system and the prosecutors said it was too low to press charges. thank you, and the settlement was the maximum amount payable. and more allocations of a doctor accused of taking people in for late term abortions. it happened in elkton. the doctor began an abortion procedure in new jersey on a woman who was 33 weeks into her pregnancy, he instructed her to drive to elkton. the fetus was removed. the fetus had down syndrome and otherwise viable. and the prosecutors want the license revoked of the man. >> a soldier from maryland was killed in a helicopter crash.
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the 29-year-old was one of nine personal who died in the crash tuesday. he was a former navy seal. the president used his second address to ask the world to back the mideast peace process. as we report from wjz-13, he also took a shot at iran. >> reporter: president obama is requesting world leaders get behind the middle east peace process. >> this time, it will be different. we won't let terror or politics stand in the way. >> reporter: as the u.s. leads fragile negotiations for two states living side by side in peace, the international community must do its part. >> many are friends of the palestinians. these pledges must be supported by deeds.
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>> reporter: president obama called on arab states to step up aid. he said he wanted to see a secure israel and welcome an independent palestinian state. >> the president highlighted the u.s. role in fighting terrorism and securing nuclear weapons. >> the iranian government must demonstrate a clear and credible commitment and confirm to the world, the peaceful intent of the nuclear program. >> reporter: mahmoud ahmadinejad will offer a rebuttal when he addresses the assembly later on this afternoon. >> the u.s. speech comes as tensions are worsening between israel and hamas. earlier today, a man was convicted of spying and he's sentenced to die know.
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new health care laws are going into effects. insurance companies can't deny coverage for children with preexisting conditions. as we get closer to the first weekend this fall, the weather looks good out there. hazy sunshine outside and heating up this afternoon. and bernadette woods is live in the first warning weather center. hello there jessica and everybody out there. okay, the first warning doppler radar, there's a storm out there and its way to the northwest and it's a big one. what it's doing for us, it's pumping up the heat. taking a look at the temperatures. 81-degrees in baltimore and 79 in easton and 85 in d.c.. now, as we head into the afternoon, we're going closer to 90 degrees and tomorrow, take a look at that. potential record breaking heat in parts of the area. we'll have the forecast coming up in a little bit here
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bern, thank you. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake is on charles street to announce the kick off of the book festival. it's one of the top literary events. it attracts top publishers and writers. and the festival is tomorrow through sunday. in 2009, it generated 4 1/2 million dollars for the city and not only is the book festival this weekend, but it's also the raven's home opener and ha baa is bash -- harbaugh is confident in flacco. the ravens are still 1-1 on said season. and everyone will be bringing their a game out this weekend as the browns come to town. you can watch the home opener here on wjz-13, sunday afternoon at 1:00. hope we can do it.
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>> still to come on wjz-13 at noon. why a fleeing suspect ends up asking police for a helping hand. >> and a friend request. how the creator of facebook is helping out thousands of students in newark, new jersey. >> and let's look outside this noon. bernadette woods will be back with the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,, tax on everything you buy?
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,,,,,,,,,,,, that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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a woman is going to die by lethal injection tonight in virginia. she and two accomplices were after life insurance money. european union workers asked her to commute the sentence to life in prison. an ohio suspect was not thinking clearly. >> we received a phone call from a man who was in pain and
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he was compacted several pains and he was begging us to empty a garbage truck. >> he was running away from the officers and when someone spotted him stealing -- it took the police several minutes to dig him out. he's recovering in an area hospital. a bus driver in austin, texas went too far to quiet a rowdy bus. 11 students were hospitalized after he slammed on the brakes without warning. none of the seats had seatbelts and the incident is under investigation. giving back, the creator of facebook is helping the next generation of great thinkers. the 26-year-old will announce a donation to the newark, new jersey school system. there's no connection between the creator and the town. he just met with the mayor and
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talked about plans for the school system. >> a hundred million dollars. >> not bad. >> well, taking a live look outside, stick around, we'll have the forecast in 2 1/2 minutes. first, here's last night's winning powerball numbers. ,, [ ehrlich ] annapolis -- if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax increase. employers will continue to leave our state, taking their jobs with them. the next four years will impact the next decade, so we've put together a road map to 2020. a plan that brings jobs back to maryland
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by reducing spending and lowering taxes. let's make the maryland we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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hello, don. bge is busy this morning. at least, several trees blocked the roadways. we're looking at bumpton road between shepherd and old york road. and several trees have fallen. we know damage overaround mumpton and wesley chapped where bge was working. trees fell on a church shed at the falls. and there's some damage here and fortunately, no injuries and no damage to homes. we're still continuing to look. >> all right, thank you very much. all right, let's send it to bernadette woods. so, it's getting hot outside today. >> it's going to be the theme for the next few days. we're starting out fall on a hot note.
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the thunderstorms were scattered and some got it hard and some got nothing at all. we're seeing a spotty shower this morning and otherwise, a hazy sunshine. the temperatures will warm up. the wind is down to the south an it's pumping up the heat. and the dew points are in the mid-60s, it's muggy and temperaturewise, we're at 80 and 81 degrees in columbia this afternoon so far. here's the heat coming up ahead of the next storm system. that one is gone. this one has a lot going on and when it moves out, it's going to fizzle out. today, the heat's the story. again, tomorrow, we'll look into the its and here's the front saturday. it lost all of the green and it's really losing the moisture. and there's the chance for showers as it comes through and
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as we'll notice it's knocking down the temperatures. leaves are back down to a tropical depression. they're doing a lupe de lupe. the other area we're watching, this is matthew, no, not yet. this is the potential for it to be matthew. we'll watch that one also for you. variable winds and five knots. that's it for this afternoon. we're going up to 90 degrees. and tonight, we're going down into the 60s and that's it. then, tomorrow, we'll go highier. 92 degrees for the high, it's going to be very muggy. and even when we cool it down, it will be a transition and we're still in the 80s saturday. bern, thank you. and wjz-13 is always on, here are the top stories on at this hour. for more information, go to we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> in the fda has approved the first pill to treat multiple sclerosis. it comes with side effects including the risks of heart irregularities. patients are advised to take the dose under doctor's supervision.
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until now, injections were the only treatments. exercise makes kids smarter. researchers scanned the brains of 50 children. they found that the part of the brain with memory and intelligence was larger in more active children. encouraging the kids could help them do better in school. and with all thinks health watch, the great prostate cancer watch is this sunday. we urge you to come out for the walk/run and more. it's emceed by marty. for more information, go to and be sure to stay with wjz-13 today at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. they're making progress for the miners trapped a half mile underground and hearing how they'll helping free themselves. there's a recall of a preponderance pop baby formula. you don't want to miss consumer
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of us won't see anything but the temperatures coming down as of tomorrow. we'll have a cooler day sunday and a better chance of showers monday and tuesday. bern, thank you. >> >> and don't miss tonight's lineup. at 10:00, it's "the meant list" and then eyewitness news at 11:00. >> and oregon state is showing down against the broncos. they're painting the practice field blue to memic the blue turf at broncos stadium. they don't want the players to be thrown off by the color of the turf. >> i wonder if they found the birds died. they think it's the water and they fly down into it. >> i don't know how frequent. ouch. i mean, aww. >> well, that would be interesting. >> i thought maybe they wanted
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to be like penn state. >> no, it's green. >> but we're blue and white. thank you for watching wjz-13 eyewitness news. >> and have a great day, we'll see you tonight. or in some cases, tomorrow morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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