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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 27, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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well, there's going to be a little pause coming our way. we'll go ahead and take a look at the day part. it will be potentially soaking rain.
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the mid-60s now. 73 at lunch and on the way to 75 and 73 this evening. now throughout tonight, we're close to a band of two to four inches of rain. that would be like midnight through bedtime tonight. and we won't clear the rain out of the neighborhood. still in the morning, the details coming up shortly. we know about standing water and here's sharon from traffic control. >> we're getting reports of two more accidents. meantime, we have this one on the westside at reisterstown road. and single vehicle off of the road, that's at the outer lupe at 795. the car is facing the wrong direction on the left shoulder and the accident on 70 is in the clearing stages and the same for 295. we have this one on 50 westbound at route 3. that's
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causing two right lanes to be blocked there and that's in an area where there's flooding. there's a live look outside. that's close to an area where there's an accident reported and there's a live look at the westside at old fort road. wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time, go to here's what people will be talking about. the state's slots parlor is opening the doors today. the hollywood cast which is is open -- casino is opening for business several days earlier than expected. we have a look inside. good morning, andrea. good morning, don and everyone. the hollywood casino is off of i-95. and the lottery commissioner signed the license saturday after a successful test run.
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[no audio] it sounds like we don't have the story for you. we got a sneak peek inside. they have a lot of "sex and the city" themed stuff. it opens the doors monday and the official grand opening is on thursday there. we'll look for the tape and it has video poker becames as well. the hollywood casino in perryville will close at 2:00 a.m. and it starts this morning at 2:00 hours from now. the fight over the slots in arundel mills malls continues this weekend. the would be developer met with several people and stressed out the slots could create several jobs. and voters in anne arundel county will have the say in november.
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>> and the police are looking for those behind a pair of shootings. police responded to those behind the shootings. a man was shot in the chest and he's in critical condition and a few hours later, a man was shot with a shotgun. the parents of a slain girl on the eastern shore want the ousted state's attorney to remain on the case. the body of the girl was found onychas day last year. the convicted sex offender goes on trial next april. and the state's attorney recently lost in the primary. his family wants him to be in charge of the prosecution. the two remaining say they'll consider it. a georgia minister is
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vowing accusations that he lured children into sexual relations. he said he's the one being wronged. his megachurch was filled to capacity yesterday for both services. >> a panel begins the investigation of the oil spill today. in april, an oil rig exploded in the gulf of mexico. and you may have noticed, there's less pain at the pump these days price of the gasoline has dropped. the average price for the regular is $2.70 a gallon, that's 10 cents lower than the average. -- -- the refiners are
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impacted in the gulf because of the hurricane season and anything else, we'll expect that the gas prices will continue to stabilize and go down. and the hurricane season is ending november 30th. and now to sports, the orioles are continuing to struggle and the birds kept up with the blues in toronto and they fell behind and never recovered. 5-2 was the final and the orioles lost their last four straight. the ravens should be flying high. here's mark viviano with the highlights. >> reporter: good morning, the raven's home opener was expected to be a low light and we're reminded, nothing comes easy in the nfl. the first home game brings the
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feel hog. -- feeling of a holiday. the ravens were favored and that turned into heavy concern when the brown's running back proved unstoppable rumbling for 144-yards and joe flak co-and the ravens avoided the upset with three,thed passes to boldin. the toss gives baltimore the lead and they hold on for a come back victory. >> for your offense to go down there, not just a field goal, we scored a touchdown. >> i felt great. i played here once in my career. that was about two years ago as a cardinal. the crowd was the same way and to be a part of it now, that's unbelievable. it's second to none. >> i've never heard the stadium
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get that loud. i was going to call a time out. and they brought i and showed we they team no matter how the mood is going at this current molt. current-- moment. and next week, back into hostile territory, maybe the toughest as the ravens go to pittsburgh. back to you. >> and thank you, mark. the ravens head back on the road to face the steelers in pittsburgh and they're back on wjz-13 at 1:00. we'll be followed by the wjz-13 post game shoes. i agree with terrell, when they did the goal line defense, my ears hurt. >> when the officials, once again, when they ruled against us, when he brought the guy outside and he started shoving
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and michael oher decided to protect this house and have his teammates back, when the crowd let the officials know what they thought of the calls, that was loud. >> i thought it was a creative twosylabol cheer. >> it worked. the special teams worked great. the punts was on target. and billy's lay was in fine form yesterday. and forget the one missed field goal. honestly, he was playing for the win and coming from where i sat, it was like this. if you were playing from the win, you were out of luck, other than that, he sent them back. >> it was perfect.
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the special teams was huge. >> real quick, this is on the computer. this is part of the ride across america. washington boulevard, next sunday, 11:00, we're starting the tailgate and we'll hang around at 1:00 and all proceeds are going to the ride across america. we'll talk about that more thursday and friday. i'll leave there at half time to go and join the bulldog and everyone at the field house. we're going to raise money to fight breast cancer as the ravens play the steelers sunday. >> rain in the area and 75 degrees and enough rain we're inside of studio j for manic monday. ronster, take it away. >> we're inside studio j.
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the orthodox church of st. matthew when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. [ female announcer ] remember this promise? [ man ] martin o'malley -- taking on bg&e to stop the rate hikes. [ female announcer ] never happened -- your bill went up 72%. and o'malley gave the bureaucrat who approved the rate hike a huge raise. now martin o'malley promises we're moving forward. the fact of the matter is our economy is doing much better now. [ female announcer ] really? nearly 7,000 marylanders lost their jobs last month. four years ago, martin o'malley misled us. now he's just making stuff up. bob ehrlich. we can do better.
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barometer at 29.91 this morning and western maryland at the low to upper 50s. 73 now in pax river and ocean city and 68-degrees in easton and rock hall. 70 in kent island and 66 bel air. the mid-60s in d.c. and the flow will continue throughout the day. it will be soaking rains. 2 to 4 inches of rain throughout the midnight to midnight monday period. the rain won't leave the neighborhood until tomorrow morning. 75 is the high this day. and by the way, normals is 70s. and 65 and thunderstorms
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tonight. nice wednesday, 73 and more showers thursday and 75 and clearing out friday and saturday and saturday, a falllike 68 degrees. >> thank you, wet pavement is taking the toll this morning. here's sharon with traffic control. >> we have a look at a delay caused by one of the latest accidents on 95 southbound. the accident is at keith avenue. it's causing a delay back to o'donnell street and we have an accident on the topside of the beltway, that's on the outer lupe. watch for that and a second accident. that one on the inner loop blocking the right lane. the new one at arundel mills boulevard, the second at reisterstown and the crash on the outer lupe at 795. that's blocking the lane. and 50 westbound, there's another one and flooding reported in that area as well. one more accident at glenn arm
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and there's a look at the westside of the beltway. seeing early delays because of the rain and partially because of early accidents that we had and there's another look at the delay. toyota, moving forward. marty and don, back to you guys. ♪ just another manic monday. we have a rowdy crowd this morning. it's pouring down rain and we're inside the legendary jimmy's. >> well, we love it. i bet the smell is great. >> oh, man, i'm going to have like steak and eggs and hash browns, a fries and any kind of potatoes. okay. thank you, that's nick right there.
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>> we have a great group this morning. were we're excited. manic monday in fell's point with the orthodox church of st. matthews. and by the way, you know, the weather is really rough outside this morning. get an early start if you're going out. folks came from columbia. we appreciate it so much >> when's the big festival. >> this is the third year and we're in columbia at the orthodox church of st. matthew. it's a multicultural festival celebrating all of the culturals we have in the community. we have homemade, okay, mind you, homemade foods. all of your grandmother's recipes come to life this weekend.
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[ laughter ] >> and we have free, live entertainment. >> you have dancers. >> yes, and polynesian and mexican, we have belly dancers. that's after 8:00 saturday. >> and the coach will be in the front row. sharon, what do we have here. >> you're nice enough to bring food? >> and we have dessert. all handmade dessert. baklava and homemade mexican wedding cake. and there are points for food! >> give us the website. >> it's st. matthew >> it's saturday from 11:00 to 9:00 and sunday from 12:00 to 7:00. >> great, thank you for coming in this tough morning. >> our crew is here. there there are.
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joe, the coach, luther, hairy's on the first bus to perryville. >> as he should be. >> and tony. >> thank you very much. >> and all right, here we go. let me hear those magic words. maestro, the music if you please. let's get the music rolling it's manic monday in fell's point. live from studio j. the orthodox church of st. matthews. ♪ [crowd singing man you can monday]
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oh, yeah, baby. this weekend, is the festival. give yourselves a big hand. >> i just had a thought! yes. >> i think that the meltdown is coming up. >> i'm checking on the date right now. we have had a lot of inquiries
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and a lot of people asked me. i believe it's november 22nd. i'll have to double check that date. and it's almost october. >> well, that would be seven weeks. we'll keep you all posted and it will be the 12th annual. gifts to your right. these are for you and the fellows. >> thank you. >> there's a baklava with your name on it! >> have a great day and be safe. >> you can count on it. if you're getting up and joining us. we'll tell you why he says to be safe. it's pouring, rain is pouring. if you're watching in northern anne arundel county, the rain is abated and don't put the umbrella away. we have a few inches of rain coming our way before it's over, said and done with. 75 degrees is the high this day. >> we'll take a break and be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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yet to come. the white house is scrambling to keep the peace negotiations going. open for business, the first casino in maryland opens today and we'll take a sneak peek inside. en i'm andrea fujii and that's ahead. this is mark viviano at the stadium, the raven's home opener is a close call and we'll have the highlights and the reactions when eyewitness news continues. and the rain's causing a messy morning commute. we have about a dozen accidents on the mayor roadways. we'll now send it to marty. >> the question is, are they worse for the ware? remember, we introduced you to two guys. there they are. we told you we would touch base
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with them when they came back from kilimanjaro. well, they're going to join us at 6:45 on coffee with. they deed the deed for juvenile diabetes in a big way. we'll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> it's 6:30 this morning. it's ugly and because of that, we have an accident. you know, that heavy rain y'all heard before going to bed last night. it may have lulled you to sleep, well, it hasn't stopped. it's soaking outside right now. we'll look at the first warning doppler weather radar. folks in anne arundel county, they're not seeing the steady rains. do not put the umbrellas away. it's going to rain all day long.
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thank you, where are the accidents, here's sharon with traffic control. oh, don, they're everywhere. take a live look outside. that's 95. that's a new accident on 95 in the southbound lanes at caton avenue. it's blocking one lane there. we have another accident at o'donnell street at keith avenue blocking the left lane to o'donnell street. watch for a crash there on 83 southbound between middletown and mt. carmel road. and watch for an accident, an accident on the inner loop between the jfx and the harrisburg expressway. and that's blocking the lane there and that one on the left shoulder and another on the westside at reisterstown road. and another on the outer lupe blocking one lane. two lanes blocked there and harford at long green pike.
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there's a live look outside. 83 at york road, it's wet outside and not a good morning to drive into work. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. you'll find quality cars and trucks. buy smart the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> the building of settlements has gun on the west bank. there are fears this could jeopardize the peace negotiations. here's tara mergener with the latest. >> reporter: the obama administration is racing to keep the mideast peace talks alive. >> we're at a pivotal junction, it's important for israel and the palestinians and we think it's essential they keep on moving forward. >> reporter: israeli settlers cheered as a ten month freeze came to an end. crews didn't waste any time getting to work, pouring the foundation of a new building
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and the palestinian leaders threatened to walk away from the negotiations if the construction resumes. >> reporter: the president hasn't carried out the threat, but he said sunday, there's one choice, the settlement or peace. >> reporter: over the weekend, hillary clinton tried to 4th of july a last minute deal. she spoke twice by phone sunday to the prime minister. >> reporter: he opposed the moratorium last innovate to get the palestinians back to the bargaining table. he's rejected calls by president barack obama and palestinian leaders to extend the band. palestinians insist the construction makes it possible. >> and the palestinians have to choose between sitting down and talking peace and turning their backs on us. >> he plans on taking the issue
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to a meeting of arab state next week. some 300,000 israelis live on the west bank. and another 180,000 live in jerusalem. and the president is going to solve his economic policies to the american people. first stop, albuquerque. >> >> and the sounds of slot machines will ring out in ceases county in about an hour and a half. they'll open their doors at 8:00 and wjz-13 and andrea fujii are live with the latest on this one. good morning, once again, don. the hollywood casino will open its doors this morning. it has a show business theme and it's really promoting maryland. inside this hollywood casino, the staff put the finishing
6:35 am
touches on the facility. >> we love to get open. we think that the public wants to try us out. >> reporter: it will have 1500 gaming machines. >> we went out and looked to find the best, newest games and we have games out here that some casinos in las vegas don't very much >> reporter: there are electronic games. and the casino is expected to raise $100 million a year and lit create 350 now jobs. and this lady here, she's just reentering the job market. >> i was really fortunate to get the job and i didn't have to look too long for it. >> reporter: the operators are hoping to lure the gamblers away from the casino in nearby states. >> reporter: while the casino
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will open its doors to the public, this morning, the official grand opening will be on thursday. >> the casino in perryville will open daily at 8:00 and close at 2:00 a.m.. a caravandal is on the loose. all of the vehicles was white or light in color. the police have no idea why. two years ago,the states surrounding the chesapeake vowed to clean it up and now, it's time to do that. epa wants the states to cut the pollution by 25% and they want the caps put on the rivers that flow into the bay. it's something that's long overdue. >> reporter: the clean water act was designed to give the government the tools to manage the multistate systems. it's incumbent for them to exercise the authority.
6:37 am
no one state can do it alone. >> the states have until november 29th to beef up the plans. the epa will approve the plans by the end of the year. the ravin's fought a hard win. here's the highlights. >> reporter: good morning, the raven's home opener was expected to be a blow out, but we're reminded, nothing comes easy in the nfl. the first home game brings the feeling of a holiday, more than 70,000 fans flock to see the ravens and the fans. the ravens were heavy favored and that turned into concern when the browns running back proved unstoppable for 144- yards and flacco and the ravens avoided the upset.
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and the 27-yard toss here gives baltimore the lead and they'll hold on for a come back victory. >> it was awesome, it's not just as a quarter back, for your offense to be able to put the points on the board, we scored a touchdown. >> i felt great, the energy from the crowd was unbelievable. i've played here once in my career. the crowd was the same way and to be a part of it now, it's unbelievable. i must say, i've never heard the stadium get that loud. i was going to call a time out. i couldn't get a hard play. they brought it and showed we they team. >> so, the home crowd helped the ravins, next week, back into hostile territory. back to you. and thank you, mark. the ravens head back on the
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road to face the steelers an they're back on wjz-13. you can see the game live here at wjz-13. and it will be followed by the wjz-13 post game show. and also, thousands came out in support of the great prostate cancer challenge. it's all part of the continuing community commitment. >> there you are. >> and dr. sandy stegler was standing next to me. it's spread to 14 cities and next year, 22 cities. >> that's impressive. >> it's on its way to becoming a co-man like event effort for men. go to and you click on -- health watch. you can find out the information about free prostate
6:40 am
screenings around the area. and it's the screenings that are a very huge and big part of the overall effort that is fronted by the great prostate cancer challenge race and walk. and we're proud to be a part of that on one day and throughout the year. right. >> very good thing. >> all right, we'll tell you what, coming up on coffee with. we have got a followup to a previously discussed topic. >> you sent them on their way and i welcomed them home. >> matthew and michael ware climbed mount kilimanjaro. before you think it's an easy walk, it's not. the story is amazing.
6:41 am
don has the interview when we return. sharon has wjz traffic control and we have the first warning weather and more. we have soaking rain today. the afternoon commute looks like that. ,,,, bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%.
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and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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ocean city at 72 degrees and 52 oakland and 57 in cumberland. 58 hagerstown to 73 pax river. the mid-to upper 60s in elkton and bel air and columbia. and 68 rock hall and 70 in kent island and annapolis. and all of this rain will continue to press our way up from the south and the slow pressure gets on out of here. and we have a few inches of rain. 2 to 4 inches of rain not even possible. we don't clear out
6:45 am
the rain until tomorrow morning. it will be a larger total until you take into account, midnight to 8:00 in the morning high temperature, 80 degrees and thursday, another chance of a shower and sunshine and 72 and a fall like 68 degrees. so you'll have weather in your way. here's sharon gibala. >> the weather is causing accidents and jams. we have a jam on 95 at o'donnell street because of an accident at keith avenue. and we have several accidents working and one coming in to us on the outer lupe on the south westside and an accident on 83 between middletown and mt. carmel road. and another crash between the inner loop blocking the right lane. one on 295 at arundel mills
6:46 am
boulevard. another one on the westside. and one on the outer lupe at 795. that's blocking the right lane and 50 westbound, there's an accident blocking two right lanes. 's the drive times and the speeds. definitely slow and earlier than usual. 29 miles per hour on the westside between 795 and 95. there's a look at the delay on white marsh down to keith avenue. and this is brought to you boy your toyota dealer. >> >> thank you. >> all right, do you want to go ahead and take this one. marty introduced two guys in good shape. they went to africa and took on mount kilimanjaro. the important thing is, they had two goals, make it to the
6:47 am
top and make some money for a charity. they got both. please welcome back, dr. matthew weir and his son. they're back from mount kilimanjaro. >> welcome home and i'm glad you made it. to bring you up to speed. ryan saw a notice about a climb to kilimanjaro and talked to his dad about doing it and picking up the tab -- >> not hardly -- >> and then, you worked it out and you raised money for the juvenile diabetes research foundation and you raised awareness for fitness. i want to know how hard it was to make the climb. >> well, i mean, it's a good
6:48 am
quality exhertion. there was a lot of rock climbing. i thought it was a hike -- a walk. no, we went up the western breech trail. there was a lot of crawling on all fours. and i think, also, too. the hardest part for me, personally and for you, not being able to sleep. there was a lot of insomnia. there was not much appetite. a lot of excitement and when you can't sleep well and when you're not eating well, it's difficult. and 12 degrees at night. it's hard no matter how much clothing you have on. >> and the altitude, it's difficult to breathe. and you wake up in your tent and you sit up and put on the
6:49 am
jacket and you're feeling breatheless at that point. >> and you, being a marathoner, you didn't expect that. no, i felt fit, but it's amazing how the altitude can hit you like that and present its own challenges. and show the brief video we have. you mentioned to marty, your wife was concerned an't you -- about you guys doing this. how dangerous of a climb is this? >> well, i think, we went up the steep rock faces and one guy had gotten killed with a rolling rock. they required us to wear the helmets on the last stretch of the western breech trail and we had one of the group drop a medical condition that leads to impaired functioning of the brain, and can be potentially
6:50 am
fatal. he had to be medevaced down the mountain. there are precipices, not just slopes. >> yes, correct. and the other concern was being together in a tent for two weeks. we have to know how that turned out. >> well, you have to remember, it's been a long time. the last time i spent one night in the tent with my son was cub scouts and he's larger now. it was some guy stuff, making space and room and airing laundry and taking sponge baths and how do you brush your teeth in your ski clothes when you're freezing to death and short of breathe and it's 12 degrees outside. and i know you made tremendous preparations for technology. you had a solar power, did you do tweet on twitter. did it all work.
6:51 am
>> the cell phone worked great. it was amazing, at the base camp from the summit, we could walk out and get cell phone reception. >> no kidding. >> i know my wife appreciated our ability to let us know we were alive and well and surviving. >> and hard times gone quickly. i have to know, you were raising money for the juvenile diabetes research foundation. >> right, that's the main focus. the whole purpose was the raise the money for the research foundation. we're having the gala here, suspect, november 13th and we'll make the final gift that day. >> a secret until then? >> the amount? well, it's growing. right now, we're in 50 figures.
6:52 am
we're trying to do the elevation in the equivalent of dollars. and i admire your gumption in doing this and doing it together. >> it was the best thing i ever did. >> my sons wouldn't let us. >> i have two sons. it will be a small tent for us. and again, i'm amazed at what you did. we'll continue now on the eyewitness news morning edition and traffic is next followed by the first warning weather the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, old gibbs canning company.
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the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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>> >> here are the updates from sharon. we're seeing rain continuing to stream into the area. it's going to be a ton of rain around today. and if you get a bit of a break in the action, i'll tell you what, look at the forecast real quick. i'll change scans. i'm going to show you the rain out here. what we're talk about is the high of 75 degrees. humid and rain. now, the first warning doppler. here's the soaking rain areawide, all day long. now, over to sharon gibala. good morning. hi, there, marty, we've had a bunch of accidents on the roadways as well. and one still working on the outer lupe. watch for that one and watch for an accident, that's on 83
6:56 am
between middletown and belfast in the southbound lanes and a crash on the inner lupe and that's still there and blocking the right lane, we have one on 50 westbound at route 3 blocking two right lanes. there's a look at the dive times and the speeds. 27 miles per hour an hour on the westside and you're looking at delays on 95. that's on the southbound lanes and taking a live look outside. 95, north of whitemarsh and you'll look at the delays down to o'donnell street where we have an accident working at keith avenue blocking the left lane. this is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you've suffered a personal injury, give them a call. thank you, sharon. one big head line,the state's first slots parlor is opening its doors in over an hour. it will open at 8:00 a.m. and there are 1500 slot machines. stay with wjz-13, maryry,,,,,,,,
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