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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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woman walking past a row house moments after a collapse. now crews aren't sure if the woman is trapped beneath the rubble. captain perry is following the situation. but we begin with kelly mcpherson. >> two stories worth of brick has been thrown into the street and the sidewalk. the 911 caller is a person that alerted police saying he or she thought they saw a woman walking past the building but right now it's unclear and looking less likely like that is possible. firefighters are sorting through piles of debris. a home collapsed on drewet hill avenue. a woman had been walking past a
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building. that's why firefighters are still searching taking any precautions. >> we have to try to determine if there was any life there. to confirm in fact, that we are manually going through the debris. >> reporter: and neighbors tell me that this building has been vacant for years. more than ten years some say. but they still have to make sure this woman is not in the rubble that did fall into the sidewalk, so it's possible someone is there. firefighters tell us that it's possible that she is there, but they have to make sure that someone hasn't been trapped. >> thank you, kelly. wjz's complete coverage comets with captain mike perry who's over the scene. >> reporter: we've been watching firefighters searching
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diligently and feverishly for the past hours. all we are seeing is one apparatus. and they are rotating crews in and out of rehab, it's very hot down there and it's very difficult work. so it's expected according to the fire command that they are going to be here at least another two hours, that's enough for them to completely clean the scene up and determine if there is anyone indeed trapped. they have to be concerned about the wall, that one wall needs to be shored up before city crews can come in and knock it down completely so they are maintaining a safety sector around this rescue. they are concerned about their firemen. they did have pg & e doing a gas search making sure there is no gas in the area. they have determined that the scene is safe. they are continuing the rescue effort and we'll continue to keep you updated.
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the now the home next door, they are now evacuating that dwelling. the person that apparently the people that live, that is an occupied dwelling, the one that collapsed is not. as a precaution they are taking the people who are inside that occupied dwelling out as a precaution. we just heard that a few moments ago. now back to you. >> thank you captain perry. a series of storms moves through the area and several counties are on alert. the rain pretty much was nonstop making umbrellas and windshield wipers a necessity. a live look outside at the moment. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage, bob turk and bernadette woods are tracking live weather. >> to the west of us some heavy storms going on, and i take a look at radar. all this activity moving from
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south to north. particularly down to south virginia. heavy storms continuing to move through the region. i'm pretty sure, i guarantee you at some point tonight we'll have flash warnings out for you. lighter rain around salisbury. around the baltimore metro, one little cell here around alberdene. we'll see some of that moving in tonight, we can also see thunder moving in through virginia later on this evening. bernadette woods is live with some of the advisories that are still up for tomorrow morning. >> it's not over with, because of that flash flood does continue until tomorrow morning for all of the green counties, bob was just showing you, we've already had flooding concerns, now again out west, that could
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change as we head through the overnight just even more. the other two coastal flood warnings in effect. it's this pattern alone, straight up the appalachian spine and it's pulling in a lot of moisture along the way. it's also connected with a lot of moisture down the road. rounds of heavy rain and thunderstorms through tomorrow. that storm gets out of here but there's another one the that's going to come in. >> stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage. is always on. for a look at live radar, go to at any time. it happened when two trucks collided on rout 50. wjz is live on the accident scene right now and weijia jiang has the latest for us. >> reporter: denise at this time, police have not ruled out rain as a cause of the crash.
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they are still working to confirm exactly what happened. >> two people are rushed to the hospital after a nasty accident unfolds. maryland police says an investigation is ongoing. that truck is owned by the tent party rental's company out of queenstown maryland. three of the four people involved have life threatening injuries while the other does not. a crashing continues to investigate. meanwhile other drivers are forced to wait in snarl traffic. one lane was completely shut down for 2.5 hours. just a short time ago, police reopened that lane. right now they are not identifying anyone who was involved in a crash. but we have learned that that
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yellow penske truck was leased out to the tool company. at this time police have not charged any charges against either driver. a major ruling from a circuit court judge in the controversial biker who posted a traffic stop on the internet. a hartford county circuit court judge ruled that gaber was in his right to video tape the conversation. now he only faces traffic charges. this casino right now, they are not allowing anyone inside with cameras, but we can tell you it is packed in there. more people showing up right now as they get off of work. a lot of people decided to come
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out on their lunch break. today some people decided to skip work all together to check this place out and place their bets. they came early, they came in numbers, they came with cash. >> here to try my luck. >> isle i'm here to look at it and see what it's all about. >> reporter: opening day drew lots of gamblers to put all their money on the new casino. >> we got late news from the lottery, everything is fine. we consulted and had to pull the trigger for early this morning, 8:00 a.m. >> reporter: a buffet, a bar, and hundreds of casino machines. even electronic table machines for those who prefer roulette or poker. >> it looks good, we were here a few times before the roads were in. >> reporter: it took maryland years of debate and a voter
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referendum to legalize a slots facility like this that's supposed to generate a million dollars a year. they've already hired 350 full time jobs and they're betting they'll draw customers away from casinos in near by states. >> we go to the hollywood casino in pennsylvania and we love it. and we also go to dover. we wanted to be here at the opening. >> it's close to home. finally got them in maryland. now we can take my money to delaware and give back to the state of maryland. >> reporter: how did you make out today? win, lose, draw? >> i lost a little bit but i had a good time. >> a lot of people having a good time. especially the winners. we've already had several of them here today early on just 20 minutes after opening, someone hit for 5,000 and then late this afternoon, we're getting word somebody hit for
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10,000. this grand opening still expected to take place early thursday. derek valcourt, wjz news. a baltimore county mall now a crime scene. police are looking for the person responsible for a stabbing at the mall. vic is live with what we know about the attack. >> reporter: the victim was walking inside the mall when he was stabbed in the back. he is in his 20s and a student at the north american train cool. the suspect involved fled the area. no word on the victim's conditions at this time. denise, back to you. >> thank you, vick. police say a motive for the attack also remains unclear. reports of a major airline merger has the nation buzzing tonight. it's a deal that could lead up to big changes. wjz is live in anne arundel county. adam may is there and has what
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the merger can mean to you. >> reporter: the acquisition can lead to lower fares but some economists predict losses. >> reporter: southwest plans to acquire air tran for almost 1.5 p-l dollars leaving travelers with a lot of questions. >> the merger i don't know how it'll affect them. >> i always try to fly southwest. >> i love it the way it is. >> reporter: gary kelly says the new airline will serve 100 million customers. >> customers will benefit as we expand our network, diversity the new market and bring better fares and better customer service. >> reporter: air tran flies to 22 cities, nine of those destinations are the same as southwest. including regional overlaps, that means less options for
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boston, indianapolis, jacksonville, los angeles, orlando, san antonio, seattle and tampa. >> you have fewer competitors, the it happened tendency is i'm going to raise taxes because i can. >> reporter: áf. >> reporter: that won't be >> reporter: -- that won't be good for all of the unemployment rate. >> there will be some gates given up. you'll have gates given up and people laid off. >> reporter: this deal is still subject to approval from government regulators and stockholders. the new larger southwest airlines will begin operation in the year 2012. reporting live, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. the maryland aviation administration said it was too early to say if the acquisition would lead to airport remodeling. an important w for the
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ravens as the team prepares to face its biggest rival. sports director mark viviano has all the highlights. >> reporter: we got word late this afternoon on ray rice. the mri reveals a contusion, coach john harbaugh calls it a significant bruise. it appears to be bad enough that it remains unclear if rice will be able to play in six days. as for the victory yesterday, far from perfect but the ravens are happy to score a win at home. >> ravens fans flocked to the stadium for the first home game of the year wanting to see a rebound from the loss at cincinnati and looking for a redemption from quarterback joe flacco. against the cleveland browns, the home team delivered on both. a week after throwing four interceptions, flacco threw
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only to his guys this time, all of them to boldin in his a ravens debut. >> it's unbelievable. second to none, i know they go out and have a performance like that it feels good. >> he was the guy on those plays. they kind of worked out the way we drew him up. that's why he ended up getting those touchdown passes. >> reporter: the result was the victory the ravens were expected to get, although closer than expected it's a win, 21-17 against the browns. >> you have to remember, they are professionals too. they watch film too, they had a good day. >> reporter: beating the browns was expected, now a tougher test. the ravens go on the road to face the undefeated steelers. and with our fan cam we asked you what do the ravens need to do to win in pittsburgh. >> i think joe flacco has to connect. boldin, i think we can definitely do it. >> i think pittsburgh will
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beat them. my heart is with the ravens, but my money is on pittsburgh. >> we have to tackle the quarterback, hurt him, hurt him. >> reporter: that ravens defense did get hurt at times by the browns and they know they need to tighten up for the steelers. for from the team later on. >> right now we'll just bask in the win. the ravens go on the road next week to face the steelers. and you can see the game right here on wjz. the game will be followed by our postgame show. mark viviano will have highlights and are reaction. big day of football on sunday live right here on wjz13. still ahead, 5:00 miracle on the runway. >> i couldn't keep my head down. i saw the sparks and it lit up my entire face. the moments when a delta flight is forced to make an emergency landing, now the
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passengers share their story. justice for a stand off athlete. the sentence handed down to the man behind the wheel. accused of a vicious attack. tonight the man the áf accused of the -- the man accused of the death of a many fisherman learns his fate. bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm.
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$2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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terrifying moments during an emergency landing at new york city's new york airport after a plane's landing gearing malfunctions. >> reporter: video from delta passenger chase besenburg includes the pilot's words and
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three dreaded words. >> brace for impact. >> reporter: flight 4955 was supposed to go from atlanta to white planes but it was rerouted to kennedy. >> the right wheel is stuck up. the other two are down. >> reporter: inside the cabin, 60 passengers a few of them sobbing, many praying as a flight attendant urgently completed this command. >> stay down. >> reporter: crest position, heads down to hear and i'm holding the camera of my phone. >> reporter: benson's coworker alejadro besero was on the other side, closest to where the landing gear malfunctioned. the pilot safely brought it to a stop. the passengers were hurried off the plane.
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>> nerves are. >> reporter: filing past police and especially trained firefighters who were at the ready but not needed. no fire and no injuries. >> could have been bad and it turned out to be a very smooth landing. >> every day is a fresh start. every day is a new day. >> reporter: that was dave collins reporting, delta airlines is now working with faa investigators find out what went wrong with the landing gear. >> if you're waiting for someone to come home. let's check in on the traffic. >> if you're traveling on the north side of the interloop, we do have an accident. as far as the west side goes, 20 minutes drive time, 95 to security boulevard. northbound 83 crash to look for at middleton road. northbound 95 still sluggish activity there. average speed about 30 miles per hour. now let's take a live look you
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can see the belt way pretty heavy there at bellini road. this traffic report brought to you by -- we have shower activity in the state. take a look at temperatures right now. we're very humid as well. [ female announcer ] remember this promise? [ man ] martin o'malley -- taking on bg&e to stop the rate hikes. [ female announcer ] never happened -- your bill went up 72%. and o'malley gave the bureaucrat who approved the rate hike a huge raise. now martin o'malley promises we're moving forward. the fact of the matter is our economy is doing much better now. [ female announcer ] really? nearly 7,000 marylanders lost their jobs last month. four years ago, martin o'malley misled us. now he's just making stuff up. bob ehrlich. we can do better.
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all right, cloudy skies around central maryland. the rain is primarily west of the baltimore area in dc and south aáes and east of us. take a look at radar. as i mentioned particularly out to cross portions of washington county there. a batch of rain continuing to flow into that region, one cell after another. so they're problem seeing locally heavy downpours. it's all moving pretty much from south to north. southeast of our region, light rain now across northern portions of the eastern shore, ocean city getting a little rain. and a little bit more across st. mary's county.
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around the baltimore region, not much going on at all just cloudy skies, a few light sprinkles moving through cecil county. we'll have to wait a little longer for some of this stuff to cross southern portions of the bay. we're talking 7:00 or 8:00 to be the. some of this thunderstorms activity out to the west of us still may swing up. we're still in the risk of more thunderstorms and shower activity. temperature wise right now in the region, pretty humid, dewpoints way up. 77, dc75. ocean city 74. the cooler air to the west, cumberland 63. that is a flash flood watch in effect tonight. along the western side of the bay, because of the southeast winds a coastal flood advisory. because of the southeast winds, you can see that 10, 12, 15 miles and our winds continue to push that water from one side
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of the bay to the other side. the bay is really just a big big bathtub. so it's pushing it on the west side of the bay. this low pressure, you can see it spinning over atlanta georgia still pushing plenty of moisture in our direction. all the way up to southern canada now. that will continue tonight but by tomorrow the whole system moving off to the east. and we start to dry out with sunshine and mild temps tomorrow afternoon. may get i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay
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old gibbs canning company.
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>> a lost hard work and passion. >> will she make the first front-row appearance. what we've learned. inside bristol's rehearsal back
5:36 pm
home. >> this is an "e.t." exclusive. >> from wasilla, alaska. >> will sarah's daughter bus loose tonight? >> florence, p kyle, who is wopressure.t? nashreaks down th whofrjt's feeling the heat. >> lindsay out of jail and on the move. did she behave this weekend? where did papa pitt take zahara? >> justin limb percent lake, alec baldwin and lea gushing over the "glee" episode. >> shatner is a big blanket hit. but which stars could get cut down in primetime? the tv shows on the bubble. plus secrets from "the good wife." will she leave her husband? >> they slept with hookers. >> josh and katherine hull on the record. is she ready for another baby?
5:37 pm
will she ever pose like this again? >> see my legs? it looks like i'm riding a frozen chicken. >> now the latest celebrity headlines from around the world. new "dancing" drama and palin factor. i'm mark steines. >> i'm samantha harris. >> week two of dancing with the star, it's getting heated behind the scenes. we break down who is dancing what and will p sarah's side for bristol? >>arah smiling with mark ballast tweeting and saying he and mama palin as he and bristol do the last minute steps for tonight's show. >> i don't know much about it. i know you have to be proper, you're jumping around a lot. >> "e.t.'s" exclusive, bristol revealing how she's come ago cross on tv. >> i want our package to have some personality in it. >> i thought it was cute. >> i think it is still a factor.
5:38 pm
i think i'm coming oust my shell a lot. this is scary, hair and makeup, going out and performing in front of all of those people. will some of those people be sarah? here's what she's saying last week? we're playing it by ear. definitely i'll be there. >> sarah palen is said to be in the audience. i'll tell you what. i don't think it's going to affect anyone. they're happy she come out to support her daughter but not nervous she's going to be there at all. >> bristol in l.a. and giving a hug to florence henderson. but what's really happening behind the scenes of "dancing"? >> week two, you're duped into thinking i can do this on week one, because you have so much time to learn the first dance. by the time you learn that second dance. oh, boy. >> tonight on abc, it's the jive for rick box, brandie, kurt warner and margaret cho and for the situation, bristol. kyle massey, audrina and florence henderson get the quick
5:39 pm
step. >> i think the tone of back stage is one that's very supportive between the dancers. but between me and you, i know secretly that they are trying to take each other down. >> and niecy, we'll take you inside rehearsals with tonight's top contenders, straight ahead. >> but first, the latest new on lindsay lohan. release from jail on $300,000 jail, lindsay spent her moments of freedom getting her third s.c.r.a.m. bracelet. doing charity work in a homeless shelter. image rehab may be too little too late for lindsay, who heads back to court october 22 and could face more jail time. for our star headlines for this weekend, we're kicking it off with brad pitt. time to fire up the celebrity gps. >> it is total chaos with brad and paparazzi. when is it not? this time at the grove in los
5:40 pm
angeles. captures him settling zahara in the back seat and he makes his way through the mop. in hollywood, lea in a strapless gown by jose duran. the event. the anniversary gala. next up. britney spears' "glee" episode on fox. >> we had a screening. it's going to blow your mind. also a big peta supporter, alec baldwin. >> i originally got involved because of my ex-wife. kim bassinger. >> who is that
5:41 pm
it's 75 degrees outside and cloudy. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a 74-year-old baltimore man left fighting for him life. the man that was the master mind for the attack faces the judge and learns his punishment. >> reporter: a judge sentenced gardener to 30 years in prison. it was a near by security guard who found pervot. >> he was crying, there was just blood everywhere. he said the voice came from behind, and had a bat and was banging him. knocked him on the ground, kicked him, took his keys and
5:42 pm
sped off with his trucks. >> reporter: and lockner's attorney read from a statement in court. the corrections officer says while lockner was being detained, he made a concoction of urine and feces and threw it at the corrections officer. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> lockner spent much of his adult life in prison. he was charged with raping a 38- year-old woman and an 8-year- old girl and received an 8-year- old sentence after a plea deal.
5:43 pm
a man pleads guilty for a crash that killed two maryland people. the accident happened hours after adenhart made a debut. gallo now faces up to life in prison. scary moments this weekend for passengers on board an out of control water taxi in seattle. vic is in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: 76 people were in that water taxi when it crashed into the pier. passengers said they know something went badly.
5:44 pm
a preliminary investigation has indicated that a mechanical failure was likely responsible for the crash. in tonight's wjz consumer watch, word of a major recall from car maker hyundai. sonatas are being recalled. this month some of the cars have steering columns that may not have been tightened enough. the steering wheel could become separated from the column leaving the driver unable to steer the vehicle. if you own a sonata you should bring it into a dealer and get it inspected. all tobacco ads are banned. $24million worth of cigarettes and prescription drug advertisements are keeping the effort to keep teenagers away
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from drugs. drug and alcohol pose the biggest danger because they are one of the earliest drugs use. american kids are not drinking enough water. only 15 to 60% of boys and 14 to 30% of girls drink the minimum amount of water. poor water intake over time can lead into a number of problems later in life like dry mouth. african american men are four to five times more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. but there's good news when it comes to cardiovascular health. an effort to seek african american men to avoid heart
5:46 pm
disease has proved successful. >> the most common cause of stroke is high blood pressure. >> reporter: a study called the maryland cardiovascular health problem found twice as many hyper tension patients were able to reach safe cardiovascular health. >> patient care and community outreach. >> reporter: a new study found african americans between the ages of 35 and 44 saw nearly twice the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke than white. the stroke heart rate of african americans is 32% higher than white. african americans also develop heart failure at a younger age. >> now it's up to the community, the health professionals, the government, state, local, regional,
5:47 pm
national government to make this program applicable in the real world. >> you can avoid heart disease by eating foods low in cholesterol. hundreds of people came out this weekend to support the prostate cancer race event. $215,000 were raised and 1,900 people ran and walked. a total of 3,500 people showed their support. the national federation for the blind and ebay are making the sight easier to use for blind entrepreneur. for these stories and more read tomorrow's baltimore sun.
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a sad day at the national aquarium as one of the popular dolphins has passed away. shilo was euthanized after a long battle with a number of illnessless. shilo gave birth twice and her offspring chesapeake and mia are still at the aquarium. >> that's sad news. let's check in on the weather now with bob turk, bob. >> all right, bernadette woods has a look at tomorrow's forecast. will we see some sun? bernadette. >> rounds of heavy rain and thunderstorms they continue to move through the area. that's how we start out the day. temperatures in the 70s as we head through the afternoon, that storm system begins to pull away. by the evening hours before the sunsets, it looks like we could see sunshine out there. we warm up close to 80 degrees. >> looks like tomorrow we'll
5:49 pm
get warm up in the 80s. on wednesday, still lots of clouds, probably dry. thursday morning into the afternoon, chance of more showers particularly from baltimore south. then we clear out and start cooling down. 72, 49 on friday. more like fall on friday. 65, 44 a lot of sunshine by the start of the weekend. sunday in baltimore and in pittsburgh as well. temperatures probably only in the 60s this weekend as we sort of wrap up september. denise. >> thank you, bob. today's energy saver gives you advise about a timer for your water heater. a timer can save five to 12% on your hot water heater. set the timer during hours when you use less hot water. for more information, go to
5:50 pm police in houston are investigating the death of a mother and her unborn baby. her unborn child did not survive an attack. her boyfriend was found shot to death several miles away in an apartment complex. a person of interest is being questioned but no arrests have been made. the body of an owner of a segway company has been found dead. police say the incident is not thought to be suspicious at this time. the 62-year-old bought control of segway in december. hesland made his fortune from designing military equipment. paris police close a major train station after receiving a bomb threat. service was suspended for a half hour as the station was swept for explosives. a suspicious package turned out to be nothing of consequence. anti terror experts have warned france to be on alert for possible attacks.
5:51 pm
the bomb threat forced the closing of the efell tower. in texas, improper dress attire is what kept two dozens students away from their home dance. officials from mesquite high school said their dresses were too revealing. the parents became enraged when pictures surfaced of other girls allowed into the dance with the same dresses their daughters were in. >> it was horrible. she was in tears, their friends were in tears. >> reporter: the girls and the parents say they want the school to apologize. vic is standing by with a preview. >> we'll keep you updated with the breaking news. a house collapse with fears of a person trapped. new information from the scene is coming up at 6:00. and we'll meet a woman
5:52 pm
who's bones are literally vanishing. next up, her story. another example of how motherly instincts show no bounds in the animal kingdom. >> this one comes from china where four tiger cubs were abandoned. >> so zoo keepers brought the cubs to a dog who had recently given birth. >> now the dog is nursing the cubs with her own puppies. >> and they are a happy family. >> mark, is here with sports, how are you sir. >> ravens have been playing and they're playing pretty well but dealing with injuries. it's another case where the team trainer becomes another
5:53 pm
player. john harbaugh has told us many times, injuries are a part of football. the ravens are dealing with an injury to ray rice. he's their top running back and this injury comes as they prepare to face their rivals in pittsburgh. an mri reveals it's a significant bruise, happened there, joe flacco threw to right. he gained 80 yards. the team will wait to see how the team heals during the week. the ravens are coming off a win in cleveland but payton hill has left his mark on baltimore, ran over and through the defense for 144 yards including this big gain. ravens are known for stopping the run. they had to pick up the pieces after they got steam rolled by an unknown. >> the line did a great job to open up it up in the middle
5:54 pm
for him. he found those creases and hit him. we just have to have a good week of practice and make sure that doesn't happen again. we feel like we're betting than that. >> the ravens will have to stop a football team that has a good line itself. you can see it right here on wjz sunday at 9:00 and the coverage will continue following the game. we'll have highlights, analysis and reaction all here coming up sound. a full ravens sunday on wjz13. this is the final week of the baseball season for the oriole, they continue a road trip with tampa bay tonight. starter rich hande nburg hit
5:55 pm
batista in the 7th inning. then hamon threw a pitch and hit batista. the o's play in tampa bay tonight. and a look ahead to that ravens road game. the steelers don't even have the starting quarterbacks but they have the defense. steelers week for the ravens, hide the women and children it's coming up next on eyewitness news. >> you wouldn't even know they are having a quarterback situation in pittsburgh right now. >> the fun part about this, i do the radio show 9:00 a.m. on wjzfm. steeler fans start to call in. raven fans get upset. this is the funnest sport. let's try to keep it fun. >> well, good luck over the next couple of weeks. >> they're not paying us. >> thank you, mark. still ahead on eyewitness news, we continue to follow the breaking news from north baltimore. a house collapses with fears of a person trapped under thehe,,,,
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coming up at 6:00, crashing down. a house falls with fears of a woman trapped under the rubble. heavy rain across parts of maryland following severe warnings. and gambling on slots, the first casino opens in maryland, what this could mean to the state's bottom line. vwi's largest airline and second largest airline could merge. i'm adam may what this could
5:59 pm
mean for air travelers, that's coming up. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news, wjz at 6:00 starts now. frantic search, a row house collapses in north baltimore. >> tonight crews dig through the rubble to find out if anyone is trapped. hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. this is what people are talking about tonight. >> crews determine there is no one trapped under the rubble and they are now cleaning the scene now. we're live on the scene right now, kelly mcpherson has


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