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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 28, 2010 12:00pm-12:13pm EDT

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we have breaking news, a building has been evacuated. what can you tell us. we're at the medical office building on the grounds of sinai hospital. a short time ago, the officials were called to the building for the report of a fire. they struck out the rest of the box and there are a dozen pieces of fire equipment. the building is evacuated and there's smoke and the odor of smoke in one of the stairwells inside the building. one has suffered, what's believed to be smoke inhalation and that person is going to be taken to the emergency room here at sinai hospital. the firefighters haven't determined the source of the smoke and the building is evacuated. we'll keep you updated. all right, thank you. and we're keeping a close eye on the weather this noon
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after a rainy start to the day. a live look outside now and clouds still hanging around. there's blue sky to the south and east. marty bass is in the out back and bernadette woods in the weather center. it's a turbulent atmosphere now. we're wrapping up the storms and the rain. we can show you, there are some out there. we'll take you back in time. notice here, that's the clock. these are when the storms started to do damage on the eastern shore. coming from the south, that's when we had the tornado warning and that's pushing from the north east. we have a few warnings around and that's through aberdeen and we have a few showers still. this is going to wind down. we could have another shower or thunderstorm. it will be a warm, muggy atmosphere and the temperatures will rise. we have coastal floods in
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effect for another high tide cycle because of water along the coastlines. for more, we'll go to marty. well, good afternoon, everyone. i guarantee you that's not the last time we'll use the graphic this week. let me show you why. we'll go to the tropics. south of cuba, this is a tropical depression, it could get the name nicole and skirt across florida and jump across the northeastern coast of florida and move across the carolinas and bring a chunk of rain on thursday. we're not talking about a tropical storm or a hurricane, if you will. anything like that. certainly, we're going to have a big slug of moisture moving our way. between the dip in the jet
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stream and the blocking high, it's like putting a baseball in the baseball machine, it pops it out. we'll have a lot of rain thursday. bernadette woods will discuss that and we'll throw it back inside now. >> the police are investigating a mysterious death in cockeysville. >> reporter: the police were called to cockeysville for the report of an injured man. the police officers say that foul play was involved and an autopsy will reveal the cause of death. they're not sure if the man was from the area or not. the police are working to confirm the man's identity. the investigators haven't identified suspects. the baltimore police
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detectives are investigating a fatal stabbing today. a woman was found with stab wounds in west baltimore, she died later of her injuries. >> the detectives are working on the leads in the case. the johns hopkins surgeon who was shot by a patient's son a out of the hospital and back home. he was released from hopkins yesterday. a week and a half ago, he was shot by an unhappy patient. the man killed his mother and then himself. and texting and driving is against the law and talking on a hand held phone will be against the law this friday, too. several are gathering to highlight the hands off law. if you're guilty of this, prepare to pay for it. maryland law will make it
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illegal to use hand held phone devices behind the wheel. when you have a hamburger in this hand and a soda in this hand and you're trying to shift, there's a problem. one, two, three, how you going to shift? i've seen it. >> reporter: this delegate pushed it to be a primary offense. instead the violation was a secondary offense. you have to be pulled over for something else, like running a redleg and a-- red light and guessive driving. some think it's unnecessary. >> most that use cell phones know how to drive. >> >> reporter: most seem to believe it's time for a change. >> it should be banned. there i have a habit of doing it myself and if it was banned, i wouldn't do it. >> makeup, cell phones and unattended kids. that's a big accident.
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>> reporter: and many others say that all week people have been lining up for hands free technology so they can be ticket free come friday. maryland will allow the courts to wave a penalty on the first offense if you've proved you've boat a hands free since. and a judge threw out charges against a maryland motorcyclist who taped his encounter. he threw out the charges against the man who received a traffic -- who recorded a traffic stop. after the tape became a youtube sensation, the prosecutors charged him with four felony counts against wiretapping law. the ruling means that the public can record interactions with the police officers. when the police encounter us, they take the position that
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what we say is not private and can and will not be used against us in a court of law and why cannot the same rules apply to the police as with you and i. the police haven't reviewed the decision yet. the president is on a road trip touching four states in two days. the president wants to reach the voters still on the fence and the young people who helped put him into office. >> reporter: president obama's first stop will be in new mexico's backyard. the schedule includes a hand full of events. in virginia, he can persuade undecided voters not to volt republican in november. he needs the message to work. control of congress is at stake and they believe it's the
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republicans that will create the jobs. >> elections at this point in the game are as much about emotion and policy choices. democrats feel better about the president and the prospect for his agenda and they'll show up. >> and the white house is trying to recapture some of the magic from the 2008 campaign. kicking off a series of college campus rallies. >> they turned out in huge numbers two years ago. getting them back out to the polls won't be that easy. most young voters don't show up for midterm elections. that's not the only challenge that the white house a facing. some democrats are distancing themselves. this senator is fighting hard for reelection and he won't be
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there when the president takes the stage in his state. i'm joel brown, wjz-13 eyewitness news. and the obama team may be down one member in the runup to election day. rahm emanuel is going to announce he's leaving the white house to run for mayor of chicago. one of baltimore's own is receiving a genius grant. he won a $500,000 prize. the one time sun reporter created the show "the wire." he feels guilty for winning the award in this economy he said. and when the ravens head to pittsburgh sunday. they could be without the top running back. ray rice is diagnosed with a right knee contusion and they're not certain if he'll be able to play. he suffered the injury this
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past sunday and an mri showed no ligament damage. with or without him, the ravens will try to cook up a win and you can see the game here on wjz-13 and the live coverage starts sunday at 1:00 and immediately after wards, we'll have the highlights an reactions from the post game. a full ravens day sunday. it will be a good one there. still to come, lawmakers are considering new rules designed to keep younger people safer behind the wheel. and beckham, why one of the world's most recognizable athletes is suing a gossip magazine. meteorologist bernadette woods will be back with the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,
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