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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 1, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's friday! >> it's 6:00 and the bottom line here at the top of the hour, the wicked weather of
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yesterday moved on. en we're still dealing with what's left behind, that's the joan's falls and that water is coming from baltimore county into the city and heading into the harbor. sharon has the after effects of the storm after the weather. we'll look at how the day's going to square away. we may even have a little bit of a sunrise. this event is over, said and done with. it's in the upper 50s now and going to a high of 72. a little bit breezy at times. not windy, but breezy. what will you be dealing with on your drive. here's sharon at traffic control. >> well, a lot of leftover issues from the rain. including two sinkholes. one is in the whitemarsh area and that's going to be blocking bel air between ridgely's. and a second one atgambrel's
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road. there ash downed tree has west northern parkway closed at bosley road. there and warren road as closed at bosley. and traffic lights are on track at east joppa. and we have an accident at bel air and fitch. >> and there's a look at 95 and mountain road. everything's running smoothly there. no issues on the eastside of the beltway at the key bridge. for traffic information any time, go to >> don, back to you. thank you, this morning, people are going to be talking about the weather and still dealing with the leftovers. [coughing] >> the flooding is receding across maryland after a hectic high water day yesterday. and let's take a look at fells point.
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heavy waters flooded the streets. the police removed the vehicles yesterday afternoon. mike schuh the in fells point where at one point, the streets were shutdown. it looked like they were wide open this morning. >> reporter: yeah, it looks weird if you're able to come down in the next hour or so, it looks like they cleared the roads. yesterday, we were getting pelted by the rain and that added up to flood the neighborhood. the rain and wind came in waves. mucking up the streets with water and traffic. >> we don't know exactly when we'll be out of harm's way. >> reporter: the police weren't allowing anyone near the water. >> we're trying to get to an event and i ended up parking it eight blocks that way. we've done it twice since 2000. we had the vehicles relocated.
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>> reporter: many gauge the severity to ids sea bell in 2003. 2003. -- -- isabelle. >> there's a lot more roads blocked off. >> reporter: nine businesses were evacuated because nearby western run creek floods during the rains. we're showing how the murky water spread. the inner harbor walkway was blocked off. >> and we've had the swimming pool effect, but nothing like this. >> reporter: if you don't know where your car is, it's either in central avenue's garage or little italy. and you can get it out for free until 8:00 a.m. this morning. >> thank you, mike. >> and the complete first warning weather coverage continues with kai jackson. >> reporter: on miller's
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island, the water was so deep, people canoed in the streets. en and in woodlawn, it was impossible to see. >> is water coming into your house? >> no. we have about another foot, if another high tide combs, possibly. >> reporter: drivers around the area made the risky move of standing around the area. and as the rain picked up thursday night, the police blocked off roads around miller's island. in many places, the water was too deep. >> and earlier in the day, baltimore county opened shelters for residents forced from their homes or unable to get to them because of the standing water. the schools closed two hours earlier. they should have called the schools this morning. >> reporter: the storm showed climes of how beautiful nature can be and at other times it showed if you're unprepared,
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nature can be unforgiving. >> anything valuable in the basement. >> we prepare and stack it on the tables. >> reporter: drives are warned not to drive-thru the standing water. you're taking your life in your own hands and risking the risk of drowning. >> for more, go to from this week, the family of a 14-year-old who was electrocuted on a softball field is reviving the lawsuit against the city. this girl was killed in 2006 when she touched a fence post when touching an electric cable underground. her family reached a settlement with the lighting company this week, they're still upset that the city of baltimore wasn't
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held responsible. >> don't think this is not going to go away, we're not going away. you need to stand up and understand that this was your facility and your responsibility. >> after her death, the city removed and repaired several underground lines in several city parks and the parents of a teen found deed here nearly two years ago plan to sue the baltimore city police department. her death was ruled suicide. it was revealed she overdosed from drinking a bottle of bacfene. and her family believes she was murdered instead. >> other the past year, we've been able to prove she couldn't kill herself by drinking this. >> the police are in denial. >> reporter: the family says
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that the manufacture gave them a written statement saying there's enough -- it's now illegal to talk on the cell phone while driving. it's the secondary event. you have to have pulled over for something else to get a ticket and if you're caught, the additional ticket is 40 bucks. texting while driving is already illegal here. >> the campaign is on. the candidates will go face to face on wjz. and o'malley and ehrlich will debate the issues and denise koch will be the moderator and they'll be broadcast here at 7:00 on monday night, october 11th that's monday after next. and the ravens have their star running back back. he'll be on the field for
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sunday's game against the steelers in pittsburgh. rice was at practice yesterday after suffering a severe bruise to his knee. he says he's ready to play this weekend and trevor price is now a new york jet. he signed with the company yesterday. and as we said, the ravens are on the road to face the steelers. and you can see sunday's game live here at 1:00. and the game will be followed by the post game shows. they're live from the field house in canton. a big day of football and football talk here on sunday. all live at wjz-13. and we mentioned this earlier. dick gelfman's ride across maryland, there it is. we're having another fundraiser. we're going to use football to
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scare the heart out of breast cancer and stomp it flat. that's from 11:00 to 1:00 and we'll do a big tailgate. we'll have silent auctions and et cetera. we'll watch the ravens take on the steelers and i'll roll out and go watch the second half with bulldog. that's more than the day's start, let's do it again. make it an annual ride across maryland events. ed a washington boulevard. and that's about 10:30 and we'll have a good time. if you're so inclined, we'll see you two gentlemen there. and i want to bring in sharon gibala. it's been a tough couple of days. and that's to say the least. en i thought there was one way to end the week on a high note and i couldn't think of a
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better way than to let sharon make an announcement. oh, well, it's better than rain. we're expecting another baby! >> huge round of applause. >> the end of january. >> i'm starting to get another self-conscious. >> sharon, she's right down the hall, she face books me and she said, maybe i should talk about that. at that shot, you don't show at all. and you mentioned to me on the weekends, it's impossible to hide now. >> well, none of my jackets button. well, i've had that problem for years. >> little don is due when? >> well, actually, a little girl. >> donette. >> the end of january. >> thank you, i'm excited and liam wants a sister, we'll see if he really does.
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well, you fulfilled the biblical prophesy, a boy and a girl. >> well, it will be interesting. >> thank you. that's great. >> and hey, listen, while we got you, anything we need to talk about. >> as far as congestion and accidents, we're fine and we have lingering issues as far as sinkholes and downed trees a nottingham and white marsh are the big areas now. we'll talk about this shortly. we'll look at the forecast and we'll go ahead and jump it into the next live shot. breezy and less humid and a high temperature of 72 degrees and we'll bring in the ronster. >> wasn't that great news? >> yeah, i like it. we have jessica at november and now, we have sharon at january. >> and ron wants to announce he's pregnant. that's withanticipation.
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>> he said, what did he say. >> yeah, jess in november and sharon in january. >> wasn't that good news? >> well, yeah, and goody's pregnant, we have a new lead. >> congratulations to sharon and her husband. we know what people are talking about, this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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this water is down about a foot. we'll show you the totals around. we know the eastern side of baltimore county, and a lot of locations along the western shore of the bay from the city and the north, it took a whipping. look at the other numbers. 10 inches of rain, pax river and 5 1/4, frederick and the official at marshall is 4
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inches of rain and 3 in hagerstown and salisbury r far east and under an inch of rain. and the advisories are for the water moving through the watershed. and at 9:45. anne arundel and baltimore county and 10:00, for st. mary's county. en and 61 now and breeze is now a wind and 87% humidity. fall like in oakland, 48 and humid, almost 70 in ocean city. westminster and bel air the upper 60s in columbia. 63 in annapolis and kent island and rock hall. we're talking about the breezy conditions throughout the day. any wind gusts are diminishing. the high pressure building in and it will be a fine early part of the weekend. by the end of the weekend, we'll have a chance of a shower. that's a maybe though. and today, good drying
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conditions. 72 and a breeze. mixture of clouds and sun. tonight, down into 47 and tomorrow, it will be a nice day and a high temperature of 67 degrees. on sunday, 64 and monday, a chance of a shower and 64 and 68. following her official announcement, she's back doing traffic advisories at traffic control. >> well, we have a lot to talk about. two accidents now working the latest one. one in marriottsville and this is at route 32 and bel air road and fitch and there's a 3 x 5 sinkhole on bel air road and one on anne arundel county. that's blocking all lanes and old mill closed at red miles road. and a downed tree to report. that's at bosely road and
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warren road closed at bosely. and lock raven and east joppa. there's a look at the speeds and everything's at full speed. and taking a live look outside, everything's looking good and traffic report brought to you by toyota. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. let's go to ronster. good morning. how are you. good morning, don and marty, happy friday to you. >> yes, it is a happy one. yes, that's for sure. it was a supersoaker, no question about it. we're live at the meadow mill's complex. reopening, we're expecting it to reopen. the meadow mill athletic club opened up on time at 6:00 this morning. that's good news.
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the water receded dramatically, you can see, by a foot or so. hard hit areas yesterday including here by the joan's falls and also, rosedale along pulaski highway, that was shutdown. and the baltimore executive, reported 18 roads in the county were closed. and the county police had to assist 12 drivers who had to navigate through the waters. and fortunately, no one was injured in the incidents in baltimore county. and if -- well, we're back here at meadow mills by the jones falls. if you're trying to access meadow mill, you won't be able to by clipper mill and the usual front exit. the bridge over the jones falls is closed. and however,the ramp, you can access it through that way.
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and don and marty, the heavy rains and winds resulted in the postponement of the tiger's and oriole's game, they'll play a double header today. that's starting at 4:35. >> one admission. yeah, two for the price at one. when was the last time that happened. >> that's a heck of a deal. it was many years ago, they came up with the idea of clearing out the stadium and putting the people in for the second. >> that's cool. >> the second game begins 20 minutes after the first game ends. well, it will be a beautiful day for baseball. and i have a picture up from yesterday, that's a heck of a shot from someone's car. we really lucked out. there are areas down to the
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south that got like 20 inches of rain. >> and we thank everyone for sending the pictures in to >> we appreciate it. >> all right, guys, we'll talk to you in a few minutes by the jones falls, meadow mills. >> this was taken last year at the ride across maryland fundraiser. two of the great viewers. that's 8 ball and that's dean whiterman. who's that guy in the middle? >> ray lewis. >> still to come on the morning edition -- >> this weekend, every single one of the seats will be jam packed. i'm jessica kartalija in baltimore county. there's another storm brewing, up in pittsburgh. we'll have the latest, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i feel like we're going to do real hurting. >> i think they'll winch they're a good team this year. i don't like the steelers, they have to win. the staff here say that the people have been calling and making reservations for sunday's big game. that's the case at bars and restaurants throughout the city and county. if you're heading out to watch
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the game, we suggest you make the reservations soon. i'm jessica kartalija, wjz-13 -- wjz-13 eyewitness news. and they're back on wjz 13. you can watch the game here, live, here. there and the game is followed by the post game show. we'll have the reaction and then, it's the post game this sunday. yet to come on our morning edition -- >> i'm mike schuh, live in fells point. the cleanup after the storm and we'll show you the high water mark when we return. we'll be delay free and we have problems leftover from the storms. and we'll watch the ravens sunday night and we watch "csi: miami." that's in the 9th season.
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and that's rodriguez there. he'll join us on coffee with. he's a good guy. you'll like this one. we'll take a break and come back. that's a final brief shower around tv hill. 90% of you aren't't,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're showing you the water at the joan's falls. there's a lot of residual and marty's declared it over. >> i can't wait until the sun comes up. everything's coming out of jones falls and the inner harbor. if you're coming down the jfx, once you hit right before northern parkway, all the way to the end, that's a bridge. you're on one of the longest urban roads in the united states of america. the sun will come out, it will
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be a nice day. here's the bottom line. and 66 degrees this evening. and right now, we're in the upper 1/5s. -- 50s and we'll have a breeze that will dry us out today. and what awaits you on the roads, here's sharon gibala. well, we have two accidents, one is in marriottsville. one is on route 32 and old frederick road and bel air and fitch avenue. we have a sinkhole, it's a 3 x 5 section of bel air, that's closed there and is second sinkhole at bird river and middle road. and you'll want to watch for another sinkhole in millersville. and take burn's crossing road instead. and there's a downed tree at cockeysville and all lanes
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blocked there and a traffic light out on lock raven at east joppa. there's a look at the speeds around the beltway. still, no major delays. you'll have to tap your brakes at 795 and there's old fort road. that's the same for 95, south of the beltway and the topside of the beltway. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. and topping the news, the cleaning up from yesterday's high water and rain. serious amounts of it left maryland under water at one point or another. check out the scene here. the bay was spilling over the base. and the schools will be opening two hours late today. you can find the other school advisories on the bottom of the screen. the complete weather coverage continues with ron matz.
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and mike schuh is in fells point and many of the streets were cleared of traffic because of high water. good morning, don and everyone. we're just dealing with a stiff, cold breeze and this time yesterday, we were pelted by torrential downpours. that added up to flood this neighborhood. >> the rain and floods came in waves. >> we don't know when we'll be out of harm's way. >> reporter: the police weren't allowing anyone near the water. >> we're trying to get to an event at that building and i parked eight blocks that way. >> we've done this twice since 2002. we had the vehicles relocated. >> reporter: many gauged this to the flooding of isabelle in 2003. >> there's more roads blocked off.
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>> nine businesses in the city were evacuated and nearby western flood street floods. and the inner harbor walkway was blocked off in spots including by the aquarium. we've had the swimming pool effect, but nothing like this. >> reporter: for those towed, the city is directing you to two different lots. one on red -- eden streeted a one in little italy. don, back to you. we'll move from mike to ron matz down by the old mill stream. and along the jones falls and one of the indicaters by tv hill. and good morning, ron. we're live at the meadow mill complex by clipper mill road. this was ordered closed and evacwait yesterday. it's reopening today. the athletic club opened at
6:36 am
6:00 this morning. that's all because of the waters at the jones falls. they rose dramatically and yesterday, they receded quite a bit. it's all part of the supersoaker that hit the area yesterday. there were standed creeks and -- stranded vehicles and power outage. en and kai was also at the area. >> reporter: on millers island, the water was so deep, people canoed in the streets and on woodlawn, the rain made it impossible to see. eastern baltimore county is one of many localities deluged by a rainstorm. >> is water coming into the house? no, if another high tide comes, possibly. >> reporter: the drivers made the move of standing in the water. no lives were lost. as the rain picked up thursday
6:37 am
nigh, the police blocked off the roads around miller's island and in many places, the water was too deep. >> reporter: ere i leer y baltimore county opened shelters for residents forced from their homes or unable to get to them. schools closed early. >> i think they should have called the schools this morning. >> reporter: the storm showed how beautiful nature can be and also, nature can be unforgiving if you're unprepared. anything valuable in the basement. >> well, we stacked it up on the table. >> reporter: authorities are warning drivers not to drive- thru standing water. you're taking the risk of drowning. and you're looking live at the main entrance, the bridge to the meadow mill complex. that's remaining closed this
6:38 am
morning. if you're coming here, access by the back way, the ramp on union avenue. the complex is reopening and don, this morning, it's dry by the jones falls and that's good news. >> nothing short of amazing compared to yesterday and remember, ron, wjz is always on for you. for more information, go to and as you wake up, it's now illegal to talk on a hand held cell phone while driving in maryland. it's still a secondary offense, you have to be pulled over for something else. and if you get caught, the additional ticket is $40. and texting while driving is already illegal in maryland. >> the campaign is on here. the candidates will go face to face exclusively here on wjz-
6:39 am
13. o'malley and ehrlich will meet to face the issues on monday, october 11th. and denise koch will be the moderator and it will be broadcast here at 7:00 that monday, october 11th. tonight, baltimore's newest football team will hit to the carpet. it's the baltimore charm of the lingerie football league. and tonight is the first team opener. en they're playing the breeze and they're 1-0 this season after losing on the road in philadelphia. there. and the ravens are on the road facing the steelers in pittsburgh. you can watch the game sunday at 1:00 and that will be followed by the post game shoes. mark viviano will have the reaction and a big day of football talk, sunday, live,
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here on wjz-13. and we've been talkingen about the fundraiser we'll have for dick gelfman's ride across america and the continuing fight against breast cancer. i didn't know, this is the nfl website, they'll do the pink thing. >> yeah. >> good. yeah, it's michael tomlin. he always looks good in pink. yeah, this is cool, the whole weekend is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. that's just great. i want to see steeler's fans with pink peptobismal. call me picasso. >> just don't make me laugh. >> you okay? >> the cough is taking effect -- >> if you need to hock one, go ahead.
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>> i would feel better. >> there's a little something going around. >> we've give you a five minute break here. >> adam rodriguez is joining us. yeah, the other a-rod. >> it's a big statement, 9th season of this show. we were trying to think about how many years "mash" was on. he's a nice guy, coming up. and sharon gibala has the traffic control and we'll take a look at the weekend's first warning weather style coming up. [ female announcer ] remember this promise?
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[ man ] martin o'malley -- taking on bg&e to stop the rate hikes. [ female announcer ] never happened -- your bill went up 72%. and o'malley gave the bureaucrat who approved the rate hike a huge raise. now martin o'malley promises we're moving forward. the fact of the matter is our economy is doing much better now. [ female announcer ] really? nearly 7,000 marylanders lost their jobs last month. four years ago, martin o'malley misled us. now he's just making stuff up. bob ehrlich. we can do better.
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there are several advisories. several are almost gone. st. mary's county, your advisory disappears. it's getting windier than breezier. and 61 degrees and 81% humidity. and we started the show two hours ago.
6:45 am
and still, the mid-40s at oklahoma and low 60s d.c. and pax river. and 59 westminster and 61 at bell a air and columbian and 61 minneapolis and rock hall. and we're not seeing gusty conditions. and once again, the wind will be a breeze and stay with us as the low finally exits the region and high pressure builds in. and it will be cooler and fall like and great drying and 72 degrees and breezy and less humid and 47 overnight. break out the hoodie. and tomorrow, 67 and sunny skies and sunday, it will be nice and sunshine and 64 and monday and tuesday, slight chance of a shower. thank you, and the rush right now from sharon gibala at wjz-13 traffic photographic -- trafficcontrol. >> we have one accident, it's
6:46 am
in marriottsville on route 32 and old frederick, we have a problem in bel air. that's a sinkhole with a closed road. take harford instead. another in middle river and that's closed between middle river red and that road there. and another sinkhole at antron road. take burns crossing instead. warren road is closed as bossily also. and we have typical delays on the roads. this is brought to you by toyota.
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we got the answer, "mash" was on the air for 11 years. here's coffee with. well, it's great to have you here, adam. >> great to be here. >> you're waiting for the applause, aren't you. >> no, i see you got rid of that, after the power outage. >> give him a huge round of applause. >> this is the second time, we started the first outage and we had to do it again. >> we saw your finger going to the ear. >> is that canned? they were live, they were live. >> i love it. >> nothing much, we're having a good time, "csi: miami."
6:48 am
you having fun? >> yes, nine seasons in and we have a great time at work. how about that. >> that's incredible. >> yeah, i was 12 when i started the show. [ laughter ] >> give him a huge round of applause for that. >> yeah. [ applause ] . and did i just do this. is this allowed. >> i think i dated myself. >> i'm trying to think of other famous shows on for like that many years. human years was "mash" been on. >> seven or eight. i thought it was longer than that. >> was it? i know -- >> well, it was before my time >> i know that "taxi" wasn't around that long. and not too many shows lasted that long.
6:49 am
>> no, it's true, we've been really, really fortunate. we came along while the "csi" brand was really on fire and we came in with enough of a different spin to not give you the same thing. that's the thing that kept us around. and you sustained the interest. >> yeah. and we really did. we have a great group of people. i think that everyone continues to bring it every week. you know, it's kept the fans around, we're grateful for that. really, grateful. >> and you wednesdayed the 8th season with a cliff hanger. >> go ahead and spoil it for us, what happens. well, everyone's layed out in the lab. we have a killer and we know that a professor at a college and a guy is illusive. he's staying one step ahead of us and he's introducing a gas into the lab that puts everyone
6:50 am
down and people are dying in the lab and i end up walking in unsuspectingly and show up. all of these people at work are laying down. imagine, marty and don, you walk into work and everyone's layed out. >> well, it happens every morning. >> well, as early as you start, i believe it. >> we see who's alive and who's dead and then go to the people you care about, mostly, naturally, gravitate towards them and someone doesn't make it. >> and let me ask you, we have a minute left. >> are you brought into the script or do you show up for work and it's like with the sopranos, you're called in and they say, you're getting off today. >> is that what happens. >> well, it didn't happen that way. and for others, i think they
6:51 am
have a little bit of a heads up. >> i think that everyone that's been offed, they didn't show up and get the newses, they knew in advance. it's never good news -- if it's a genius giving it to you that morning, it gives you something to play on, but it's tough for the news and tough for the audience to say good-bye. it's inevitable, i guess everything had to come to an end. and they pop up somewhere else. >> well, the window's closing, you're a real affable guy, thank you for spending time with us. >> i had a good time, thank you. and hopefully we'll do this for season ten. >> thank you, there you go. >> a huge round of applause for him staying employed. [ applause ] . many and nine years, that's
6:52 am
huge >> >> yeah,s the. that really is. >> i'm trying to think about this. that's a notable mass. "gun smoke" was the longest running show. >> but with recent times and computers hanging out and facebook and cable -- nine seasons of a network is to the deep sea. we'll take a break and come back with the morning edition now with the almost 29th year. another round of applause. ,,,,,
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twitheehr flyreshed bak ge bal tw fistsnlor o,y $3 ke li d ouricelioewus n ma totoil bas weor shoet ctecolahi cp, g sothrab ree 3 for y.toda [ ding! ]
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coming up on five until 7:00. we'll look at the forecast and then the first warning doppler weather radar. we'll see the clearing skies and a high of 72 and breezy and less humid. great, drying conditions. and it's fall like, 47 and an overnight low. wait a minute, that's 15 above freezing. not looking at that number again that way. and 67 is the high this day, mostly sunny skies in the area and tomorrow, just beautiful, beautiful. here's the first warning doppler weather radar. just a couple widely scattered and light showers. and this is over, said and done with. now, over to sharon gibala with traffic control. good morning, sharon. hi, there, good morning, everyone. not bad now. three accidents working and three are new ones and that's on 175 and another one in parkton at 83 and a third in marriottsville on route 32. we have the sinkhole and bel
6:56 am
air is closed there and there's another sinkhole in bird river road between middle river road and one more at anterum road. and there's a look at the drive times and the speeds on the beltway. 42 miles per hour is the slowest spot. and there's 295. there's an accident reported. it's not effecting traffic there. this is brought to you by h.h. greg. browse through the selections instock, every day. thank you, and closing arguments in the trial following the murder of ken harris will continue today. they scaled down the charges from first degree murder to felony murder. they both carry a penalty of life behind bars. and stay with us, complete news, weather and traffic still ahead for you this morning and
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there's more east coast flooding to talk about. the rainstorms of yesterday we saw here ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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