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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 8, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and the mayor today called the former councilman a dedicated public servant. it was the kind of senseless violence he worked so hard to prevent that took his own life. >> reporter: this video shows former councilman ken harris's last minutes alive. in the untucked shirt, he comes into the bar. surveillance video captures armed robbers. jurors found two of them, 22- year-old charles mcgainey, and 17-year-old jerome williams guilty of murder. a third defendant, gary collins, was cleared of the murder but found guilty of gun and assault charges related to the robbery. >> i'm wearing purple today. because ken said that purple meant victory. and i felt that today, we have the victory. >> it was very personal to us all. we all felt it very deeply. but we do feel all of the losses. >> reporter: prosecutors relied
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on dna evidence, including what was found on that mask. the case left jurors deadlocked for a week. >> our ace in the hole, so to speak, was the concept of felony murders. which makes all murders first- degree murder. harris was the member of city council for years. he lived and breathed baltimore. growing up in park heights and graduating from dunbar high and morgan state university. >> it's really tragic that for a man that spent so much time actually fighting and working against crime and fighting and working for you, to be a victim. >> reporter: lawyers for all of the defendants say their clients will appeal. >> he was shocked. he almost couldn't speak. and at the end, he did shake my hand and told me thank you. >> reporter: harris's widow says this should send a message to all criminals across the city that they cannot run away from the law. now, sentencing is scheduled for later this month.
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reporting live at courthouse east, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> the mayor called for a city wide moment of silence today in harris's honor. a columbia woman killed in a hit-and-run crash, hours after a 24th birthday. tonight, police say the driver responsible is in custody. 24-year-old kyla ryan was hit by an suv early thursday morning, while out in the dupont circle section of washington, d.c. the driver took often. but -- off, but a cyclist took down the license plate isn't now, police say 33-year-old gerida davidson has turned herself in for the crash. she is charged with vehicular manslaughter. fallout for a killing at a hospital. a patient is charged with murder in the death of another patient. the hospital houses mentally ill people, charged with serious crimes. right now, the hospital reports that three staffers have retired in the wake of that killing. for the first time ever, in the history of the u.s. supreme
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court, recordings of oral arguments are released to the public at the end of the week. it just started this week. and it includes the highly- charged case between the father of a fallen maryland marine and the controversial westborough baptist church. >> we will hear arguments in case sn yder versus phelps. >> albert snyder begins his opening remarks. >> are we just talking about a funeral? >> reporter: then justice ginsburg asks about laws in the state of maryland. >> maryland passed a statute, putting time, place, and manner restrictions. i read that statute and it seems to me that there was nothing unlawful. >> the maryland legislature made it clear that they didn't want people to protest funerals in general. >> justice steven breyer then struggles out loud. >> i think the first amendment might not leave this alone. but if it's not going to leave
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this alone, there's where we need a rule. >> reporter: and justice alido gives a scenario about a grandmother whose grandson is killed by an i.e.d. in iraq and is approached by an anti-war protestor. >> someone approaches her and speaks to her in the most vile terms about her son. he was killed by an i.e.d. now, what i.e.d.s, do, let me describe it for you. and i am so happy this happened. now, is that protected by the first amendment? there is no false statement involved. and it's purely speech. >> it may give rise to fighting words. >> it's an elderly person. she's really not in a position to punch the person in the nose. >> she's a quaker too. [ laughter ] >> yes. there is even laughter inside the court. but chief roberts reigns in the justices and asks his own questions. this one for the westboro baptist church.
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>> mr. snyder was selected not because of who he was but because it was a way to get maximum publicity for your client's particular message. >> that is not accurate, mr. chief justice, with due respect. >> reporter: all spoke except judge clarence thomas. the hearing lasted an hour and a half. if you'd like to hear the full oral argument, log onto our website, and look for the local links section. a decision in this case is not expected until spring. good news for dozens of people in northeast baltimore. water is back on after a water main break knocked service out for nearly 24 hours. while the water is back on, repairs in the 1100 block of argonne drive. but water is now fully restored. argonne drive will remain closed through alameda in loch raven through next week. thousands of jobs lost. and with the midterm elections
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just weeks ai a -- away, the economy is one thing voters are thinking about. >> the last job report before the election is bad news for president obama. >> the only piece of economic news that folks still looking for work wanting to hear is, "you're hired." >> reporter: 95,000 people lost their jobs last month. the president visited a small family business in maryland to make his case that he is working hard to fix the economy. >> and everything we do is dedicated to make that happen. >> reporter: but time is running out. republicans have a shot at taking control of congress in the midterm elections next month. and the latest cbs news poll shows just 38% approve of how the president is handling the economy. republicans say they can do a better job. >> as americans, we have to decide. do we want another two years of job-killing policies coming out of washington? or have we had enough? >> reporter: the economy is also the number 1 issue for
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candidates, running for election across the country. >> i have a jobs program. >> create jobs. >> getting the economy back on track. >> reporter: republicans are holding a strong lead in the polls. but there's a big number of undecided voters up for grabs. and that has both parties working overtime to win them over. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> despite the weak report of the economy. the dow jones reaches a milestone. it's the first time since early may that the dow closes above the 11,000 mark. we mentioned this yesterday that it was on the way. it was up 58. s&p up 7. nasdaq up 18. and the much-anticipated midterm election in maryland is almost here. the race for governor. we are now just days away from a televised debate between governor martin o'malley and robert ehrlich. >> reporter: preparations for this debate are already under way. we have been reading your questions and preparing the
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studio for the face-to-face meeting of the candidates for governor. wjz studio crews are putting the touches on the set. and will be ready to roll on monday. this coming monday, denise will moderate the debate, which you can watch here. of course, we want to hear from you. what issues are you concerned about. what questions do you want them to answer? submit your questions to, by clicking on the link at the top of the homepage. mary, back to you. >> all right, vic. thank you. it's a perfect start to the weekend. clear skies and mild temperatures. bob turk and meteorologist tim williams have a look at what we can expect for the rest of the weekend. that is just picture perfect. >> take a look at radar around here. nothing at all. and when we open this up, nothing at all. all the way out to the weather. tim has a look at that saturday forecast and the ravens' forecast for sunday.
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we're looking at the temperatures and conditions transigging us into the week and the weekend. we're looking at temperatures above the average, which is about 70 degrees for these days in october. and those warm temperatures will get into the mid-70s. right on into monday. which will get up to about 80 degrees. for the ravens and broncos, for the kickoff at 1:00. you'll see mainly sunny conditions. and kickoff around 71 degrees. and again, you can see all of the action here on wjz 13. bob will have your complete updated first warning forecast in a few moments. back inside. >> tim, thank you. a record summer at bwi ends with a record-breaking month. the record reports 2.1 million passengers pass through in august. that makes august the second busiest month in airport history. passenger traffic has grown to 14 for the past 15 months. and still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. sniffing out terrorists. the steps to keep americans' trains safe. i'm mike schuh, wjz
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eyewitness news. changing the law to replace like this one. the story when eyewitness news continues. i'm suzanne collins in frederick. some local triplets are in the lime light today. i'll tell you how they're making entertainment headlines. that's coming up next. a picture perfect start to the weekend. the updated start with bob coming up. [ male announcer ],,,,,, need a better way to save for the things you want?
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meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a wish list, that helps you set aside money for the stuff that really matters... just put the things you want on your wish list... and contribute money when you feel like it... then, watch as you get closer to getting what you want. wish list is built to make saving a whole lot more fun. experience all the ways virtual wallet can help you save at pnc. for the achiever in us all. tonight, more is being done to make sure the ever-growing numbers of bicyclists are being kept safe. in august, this owings mills cyclist was killed. in may, this rider is sent to shock trauma.
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>> at least once a day on my mile and a half ride to work, i come about this close to death. >> reporter: these city storm greats catch the wheel, -- grates, catch the wheel. launching the rider. >> we are becoming a bike- friendly term. >> the approval of the person with the bike pin was needed to make the bills into laws. to make city streets safer for cyclists. >> first, we're going to sign some bike-friendly legislation. >> she signed them both. >> it's estimated that there are 33,000 of these. it's not this. but they will be replaced for a new kind, where the bars go this way. the other calls for a fine for parking your car in a bike lane. i know that safe biking and bike-friendly cities attract
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young people to live there and work there. >> a message confirmed by commuters. >> the more sort of bike- friendly we can make it, i think the more people are going to be coming back to the city who maybe have chosen the suburbs. >> every little bit helps. you're out there fighting cars that weigh several tons. >> in baltimore, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. for someone with a 10-mile round trip, a bicycling website estimates a savings of $3500 a year, if they would switch to a car. >> if you're waiting for somebody to get home from work, whether on bikes or in a car, kristy breslin is live at wjz traffic control. it's actually beautiful enough to be on your bike tonight, christy. >> well, it is. but it is not an easy ride out there on the roads. and this rush is just not easing up at all. if you're traveling on the north side inner loop, stop and
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go there, from providence to falls road. as far as the west side outer loop, bumper to bumper there. park heights to wilkens avenue. over to 70 eastbound. you will see plenty of congestion there. as far as the harrisburg expressway goes, no problems in the northbound direction. but southbound still pretty heavy there. as far as city accidents go, cold spring lane at hillen road. 25th street at harford road. and lombard street at north gay. now, let's take a live look. you can see the congestion there at 70, west of the beltway. plenty of sun glare as well. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet hardwood laminate. bill's has them all, too. back over to you. they went from unknown to starlets overnight. they are not even old enough to attend the movie opening. suzanne collins caught up with the girls instead as they caught up with a preshow gala.
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>> they are dolled up for the big event. balloons arrive lexy does have a distinguishing character. they all play in the movie, sophie, life as we know it. >> i finally figured out why peter and allison picked up. >> parents die suddenly, leaving a directive. their daughter will be raised by two friends who have little in common. but a relationship develops once the accidental family is thrown together. >> sweetie, you have this on your face. >> even after getting selected for a tryout in new york, it did not seem possible. >> i guess i never really thought we'd get it. and then when we got invited back to new york a second time, you know, i was like wow. this might actually happen.
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>> i was a little in shock. and they said you have a week to pack up. >> that was fall. and even older sister hannah had a part. >> what are you? >> anything. the parents went to new york for the big opening where they were in the lime light. the little girls became quite fond of the male lead. there will be a red carpet party there. and tonight, friends and family will attend a showing at westview mall. >> the triplets' preemie nurse will be attending. and their great grandmother. >> they keep you going. you just wait to see what they're going to do next. >> they say the girls may not remember making the movie. but they'll also be able to make popcorn and watch it. the family says the crew and cast quickly learned they had to schedule shoots around the girls' routine, which does
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include a nap, every afternoon, from 1:00 to 3:00. >> hopefully they have a good start on their college funds as well. >> yeah, probably all paid for. >> to see more on the triplets, they are so cute, you can find a link on and click on the local news section. we have breaking news now on 795. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene of an accident. >> kai, this is northbound 795. north of franklin boulevard, where a car has departed the roadway. and sort of crashed into a wooded area. just off the edge of the roadway. we know one person was injured here. we believe it's a minor injury. paramedics have just shown up on the scene. maryland state police are on the scene. they are blocking one right lane of northbound 95. and this is just north of franklin boulevard. you can expect delays. it's backed up, all the way back to owings mills. expect delays in the area as state police continue their
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investigation. back to you. >> all right. thank you, captain mike perry, reporting live. beautiful end to the weekend. great weekend. take a look at these temperatures. absolutely ideal. 75 now. humidity, very dry air. and 31%. west winds at 9:00. come back and take a look at this. ,,,,,,
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so who is "making stuff up"? the news media say it's bob ehrlich... with attacks that have been called "false" and "misleading." made up attacks bob ehrlich knows aren't true. but here's what's not made up. bob ehrlich's $3 billion in taxes and fees. the $2.5 million he got paid working at a lobbying firm. or the fact ehrlich worked for the casinos to put slots at arundel mills mall. now, bob...that's all true.
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we told you it was going to be just beautiful. what a gorgeous day a week ago, we had all of that rain. this is what we deserve. let's take a look at temps and conditions right now. we're at 75. d.c. up to 78 with very dry air. blue skies. 74 in oakland. once again, no dew point. dry air. tonight, it will cool down quite a bit. this morning, anywhere from 40 to 50. probably in the low to mid-40s to the low 50s overnight tonight. still a bit of a breeze out to the west, as you can see.
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9, 6, 10, 9. and tonight, the winds will die down. winds will sift a little to the north. and eventually to the northeast. and go back to the southwest on sunday. going to cool down a few degrees by tomorrow afternoon. this front to the north will be on the southern edge of that. a little warmup for the early part of the day. and then by sunday, this weak front probably going to the clouds. behind it, a few temperatures. perfect weather. still low pressure. still causing rain and snow in the higher mountains out there. see some shower activity. but for us, clear, beautiful weather, up to the north. having a few wet snowflakes now at mount washington, new hampshire, which is 31 degrees. they had a wind gust this afternoon to 77 miles an hour. pretty normal day for mount washington. for us, clear, beautiful weather. that will continue.
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pleasant all weekend long. that weak front drops temperatures on sunday. but again, by monday and tuesday, back up in the mid- to upper 70s. still above normal temperatures. quick look at the tropics. otto now, a category 1 hurricane. winds at 81. and it's not going to bother anyone. audio to otto. bay temp, around 66 degrees. sunrise, 7:10 tonight. clear, back in the 40s again. it will be cool overnight. tomorrow, sunny. gorgeous mid- to upper 70s and sunshine. pretty much all day long. a few clouds coming through tonight. temperatures drop a few degrees on sunday. perfect weather on sunday. in the baltimore area. low 70s for the game. it's great. >> raking leaves tomorrow maybe. thanks, bob. still ahead at 5:00. believable story. a woman claims pirates killed her husband. what officials in texas are saying about that story. high-profile case. a woman in baltimore disappears. her body never found. but a murder trial begins.
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i'm alex demetrick. coming up, a promising lead into what is killing honey bees. that story as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. his past attacks have been called deceptive, his new attack, false. harris voted for deregulation increasing our electric bills by 72% it's not surprising, harris always sides with the big guys. he opposes cracking down on wall street and supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. harris even opposed making big insurance cover cancer screenings. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us.
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5:28. good evening. thank you for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a baltimore county woman vanirs on her way to a motley
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crue concert. tonight, her husband goes on trial, even though her body has never been found. it is a cold case that has heated up in court. the defense says the prosecution has very little evidence. prosecutors say they have more than enough to convict. >> reporter: defense attorneys say 46-year-old dennis tetso still has no idea what happened to his wife the day she went missing in march 2005. today is the first day of her murder trial, in which he is accused. >> our defense is that the state cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was even a murder committed, much less that my client was guilty of that murder. >> reporter: one by one, family and friends packed the courthouse, and described tracy's personality to the jury, how she's hardly ever late, always told someone where
5:30 pm
she was going, and about her brief and rocky relationship with dennis tetso. shethe attorney told the jury that she had gone to see a divorce attorney and planed to move on. tracy was headed to a music concert. police say she never nade it. instead, her black transam was spotted 10 days later at a hotel parking lot. and police say her body was never found. and defense attorneys say that kind of evidence will help them win this case. >> even if there is no body, there have been murder cases that have been proven, and people convicted without a body. >> that is correct, gigi. and every one of them had more evidence and direct evidence of confessions, statements, admissions by the defendant. and there's none of that in this case. >> reporter: last year, when police arrested mr. tetso, they did not have a motive. but witnesses today in court say that mrs. tetso was seeing
5:31 pm
another man. back to you on tv hill. >> gigi, thank you. the jury was dismissed tonight. and the trial will resume next week. a security push on the nation's railway system tonight. vic is in the newsroom to explain the actions being taken by amtrak. >> across the country tonight, amtrak is conducting rail sweeps. dogs and their handlers searched train cars and checkpoints. conducted random bag inspections. this is part of operation rail safe. it makes it hard for them to operate at train stations. back to you. >> all right, vic. thank you. in addition to washington, sweeps are also taking place in philadelphia, chicago, boston and new york. still no sign of a missing jeet skier, david hartley. it is believed he was murdered on his jet ski. his wife now says, she may take a lie detector test. don teague has the latest for
5:32 pm
wjz from texas. >> reporter: a lone woman wrote a personal watercraft thursday on falcon lake. safely in american waters. but when david hartley and his wife tiffani rode their jet skis on the mexican side last week, they were attacked by enforcers of the zeta drug cartel. that, at least, is the conclusion of zapata county sheriff gonzalez. who believes the hartleys were innocent victims of mexico's bloody drug war. escorted by heavily-armed federal agents, we took a boat ride to the border with gonzalez. >> there are problems along the border. they won't admit it or not, but they are problems. and it has been loaded with violence. >> reporter: the sheriff took us to show us that the american side of falcon lake is safe. >> once you cross that marker, that's mexico. >> reporter: and to deliver a message to the drug cartel that controls the water and land beyond that pylon. >> what i've told him is, i
5:33 pm
need a body. give me a body, guys, and everything will go away. give me a body, guys, the news media will go away. >> reporter: gonzalez fears the same cartel enforcers who killed david, have permanently hidden his body. >> the body has been disposed of. >> mexican authorities say they're now ramping up their search efforts, but until the body is found, this case remains a mystery. >> at certain times, there are points where you do feel like, you know, this is it. i'm never going to see him again. he's gone. and then at other points, it's he's going to be walking through that door. >> reporter: mexican authorities used helicopters and boats to search their side of the lake again yesterday. despite the threat of ambush by the zeta drug cartel. new findings tonight about the influence of a woman's weight on her salary. researchers say women who weigh 25 pounds less than average earn about $15,000 more than other women. those who are 25 pounds heavier
5:34 pm
earn nearly $14,000 less. for men, salaries increase along with their waist size, until they're obese. whatever has been killing millions of honey bees has been a mystery for the past three years. but now a promising lead has developed. army scientists here in maryland help track it down. >> reporter: healthy honey bee hives teem with life until a disorder hit. >> beekeepers have lost 30% of their colony each winter. and it doesn't present the usual suspects, in terms of path gens or -- pathogens or pesticides like we're used to seeing in these declines. >> reporter: and researcher have been looking. >> we not ruling anything out. in fact, we think it may be a one-two punch, where something weakens the bee initially, and
5:35 pm
a secondary pathogen may kill them. >> reporter: now, he says a virus has been isolated in affected hives, along with a parasite. he believes the two causes colonies to collapse. >> what it looks like is that the bees can tolerate either one alone. but when you combine the two, that tends to be lethal in a hurry. >> reporter: the virus and parasite were isolated in harford county. begun during world war i, with the advent of poison gas, edgewhere'd -- edgewood's primary mission is to protect them. the same science to find things like anthrax was used in the bee study. and that has raised questions about the bee community. >> it's not until someone has validated this. >> whether it's an army lab, university or research center like this one, all are welcome in the hunt for a cause and a cure. >> we're certainly eager for
5:36 pm
any advancements in this. >> reporter: without bees pollinating plants, much of the food we eat would vanish. mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> plants that depend on honey bees to reproduce include fruits, vegetables and nuts. in tonight's healthwatch report, a new study shows warning signs for cerebral palsy come in a baby's very first moments of life. doctors take five basic measurements of health. complexion, pulse rate, reaction to stimulation, muscle tone and breathing. all parents know it's called the apgar score. researchers published that a low score, 3 or below, is then strongly associated with a later diagnosis of cerebral palsy. well, there is some truth to the old saying that men sweat and women flow. researcher -- glow. researchers in japan studied people as they exercise and found that women have to work
5:37 pm
hard to start sweating. perspiration starts to cool the body. they say the slower response means women should take extra care in very hot conditions. >> i thought it was glisten? a warning for everyone who plays on the grid iron. it's not just concussions have you to worry about. a new study shows that even blows to the head that don't result in a concussion can cause brain damage. kendis gibson reports from new york. >> reporter: high school quarterback collin isitivitying his brain. >> we have this test where we go through all of the words. >> had this -- this is part of a purdue study. it shows that some athletes are showing symptoms of brain injury, even though they're not hit in the brain. researchers used sensor-filled helmets to track how many hits
5:38 pm
the players took. then the players took tests to show their cognitive abilities. in some cases, players had brain damage that was worse than those with concussions. >> reporter: this is a hot topic, both on the professional and student level. this is the first study to show that less severe blows also carry health risks. >> reporter: two of the 21 players in the study took about 1800 blows to the head during the season. although the more typical is around 600. hits to the top front head seem to do the most damage. >> this is not a trivial issue to make the hardware better. what also has to come into play are potentially better strategies. and how they actually tackle. >> reporter: bolting is happy to be part of the research. >> more information we can get. more data is better for the safety of us. >> reporter: researchers plan to follow the students beyond high school to see if the damage is permanent.
5:39 pm
kendis gibson, cbs news, new york. >> purdue researchers suggest high schools cut down on full contact practices. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. a look at how expired federal tax credits are handling home sales. a look at the top agents the orioles will look at this off season. for all of these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. about 1,000 local women have gone from dependence to independence, all thanks to baltimore's marion house. tomorrow, hundreds ever people will participate in their 5k run and walk. andrea fujii explains how you can help these women rebuild their lives. >> reporter: after years of addiction, monica rice feels most comfortable in a kitchen. >> i love to cook. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and she's learning
5:40 pm
that skill, along with dozens of other women at the marion house, a residential rehabilitation program. >> we are trying to help the women get gak into the work -- into the work world, get their children back, full rehabilitated citizens. >> reporter: and tomorrow, they are highway patrolling to -- hoping to raise $50,000. >> really rally together to raise money for the women and the agency. so we can continue to provide the services that we provide here. >> reporter: 1,000 women have lived here. all homeless, previously in jail, or addicted to drugs. >> they teach you how to be productive again and society. i wanted to give myself a chance. >> reporter: about 80% of women who come through here leave clean, with a job or have found permanent housing. >> reporter: already completing some drug treatment classes, monica is part ways through the two-year program
5:41 pm
and on her way to living her dream. >> will hopefully, one day, be a top-notch chef somewhere in somebody's restaurant. maybe my own. >> we wish her well in that effort, by the way. tomorrow's walk starts at 8:00 a.m. registration is $35. and you can register at lake montebello. click on the local news section. >> they're getting such nice weather for that, too. >> aren't they? >> beautiful around lake montebello. still to come. scary ride, a trip to the amusement park ends with ambulances and structures. what went wrong? near miss. the everyday item that helped one man avoid a bullet. i'm bob turk. the first warning weather center. beautiful weekend. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. first, here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,, eaks to send jobs over seas.
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i think we need tax breaks to send kids to college. so i worked for a $2,500 tax credit to help pay for college. fought to get pell grants expanded and insisted that college loans go directly to kids instead of through banks. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message. because it's not about the next election, it's about the next generation. right? yeah!!! we have breaking news out of howard county now. captain mike perry.
5:45 pm
we are at route 32 at cedar lane about a mime or so, west of the columbia area where a single vehicle has rolled over. the single person, a woman, we're told, has been rescued. the maryland state police helicopter is arriving on the scene right now as we speak. the trooper is going to land near the scene. they have route 32 shut down in an eastbound direction right near cedar lane, as you can see. the maryland state police helicopter will be landing momentarily. you can expect major delays in the area, as this ongoing rescue continues. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, captain mike perry, reporting live. and let's take a look at the forecast. tomorrow, a beautiful day. starts off pretty much cool in the 40s to the 50s to the mid- to upper 70s. before this day is over tomorrow.
5:46 pm
tim williams in the outback. a look at your five-day forecast. tim? >> well, bob, as you mentioned, the weekend is going to be very nice. going into sunday. we're looking at temperatures staying in the 70s. looking for 72 around kickoff time with the ravens at 1:00. look for it to be around 73 degrees. 76 monday. 73 with a chance of showers. heading into wednesday. and overnight lows, down in the mid -- low to mid-50s, we'll call it. now for your energy-saver tip of the day. we're talking air ducts. they can add hundreds of dollars a year to your bill. as much goes to heating and cooling. so the best thing you can do is to insulate and seal your home's air ducts. periodically, bge and the other energy providers offer rebates for sealing your air ducts. for more information on how you can become an energy saver, you can go to and click on the special section of the home page. a light at the end of the tunnel. rescue crews in chile say they could reach the trapped miners by the end of the day.
5:47 pm
charlie d'agata has more on the details for wjz. rescuers in chile are inching closer to a breakthrough. there's not long to go now, she says, as she waits for her nephew. relatives cheered the arrival of mobile hospital units, another sign that the men may be above ground soon. >> we are hoping that we can get contact more or less this saturday. >> reporter: but reaching the 33 trapped miners is only the beginning of the process. rescuers say pulling them out could take between two and 10 days. first, paramedics will be lowered into the underground chamber, to help with the rescue. he'll decide which miners are physically and mentally ready to see the light of day for the first time in more than two months. even that's a concern when the miners are finally hoisted up, they'll have to wear sunglasses until they get used to daylight
5:48 pm
again. relatives at camp hope can't wait to get back to life. jessica yanes will finally get the church wedding she's always hoped for. >> i'm waiting for him to come out and put a gate on it, she says. loved ones who have been counting up the days the men were trapped, are now counting down the minutes until they're freed. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> the miners have been trying hard to stay in shape so they can sit through -- fit through that rescue hole. one miner has been running six miles a day underground. saved by a cell phone. a new york man's mobile phone catches a bullet, saving his life. 54-year-old juan camarrenas says his nextel took a bullet, leaving him only with a scratch. he says the shooter was a man he recently fired. a popular roller coaster is under investigation after a serious accident. 10 people were hurt on the pony express at knott's berry farm, when one train car collided
5:49 pm
with another. one was parked at a station when another didn't make the coaster's first hill and drifted backwards. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. for all new stories coming up, vic is standing by with a preview for us. less than a month away from question a. the battle over slots at arundel mills takes a new turn. the new conflict over who is telling the truth. and justice for councilman harris. tonight, new reaction from his widow. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 6:00 now back to you. >> eyewitness sports is next. ♪
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it is purple friday. have you noticed. >> it is. >> i have noticed that. >> getting excited. >> consumer confidence. >> when you're talking about the ravens. things are going so well for the ravens. it's actually making some fans nervous. here's the team coming off a big win at pittsburgh. now, they're back home, heavily favored to beat the broncos. and denver has never beaten the ravens in baltimore. final practice. defense hoping to replicate the
5:53 pm
beat-down they laid on denver a year ago. last november, they left with their fourth straight baltimore loss. and several bumps and bruises that came with it. >> we got our butt kicked last year, plain and simple against them. and i think we -- you know, we need to watch that game and see, you know, how they beat us, which is really soundly in all three phases. >> last year, they played better than we did. to handle their physicality. when you do that, especially there, they're a tough team to play. >> i didn't know how good these guys were. >> eddie royal. brandon. gaffney, these guys are some of the best. quarterbacks, playing at their best. >> you heard lardarius webb. they are cautious about denver's passing game. we'll see how it plays out. right here. coverage kicks off at 1:00. we are three days into the baseball post season. and the pitchers have stolen the show.
5:54 pm
roy halliday threw a no-hitter for philadelphia. and later tonight, the second game of the braves-giants series in san francisco, where last night, giants pitcher tim linthicum made his play-off debut a dazzling one. the right-hander mowed down the lineup. braves batters swinging at the dirt. lincecum allowed just two hits. he racked up 14 strikeouts in a masterful shutout. derrekderrek lee on a 95-mile- per-hour fast ball. since -- lincecum can add this masterpiece to his resume. giants are up 1-0 in the best of five series. game 2 in san francisco coming up tonight. trouble for former maryland basketball player, steve francis. he was arrested at los angeles international airport late last night on a charge of public drunkenness. francis posted bail and was
5:55 pm
released at 3:30 this morning. he was in baltimore just last week, to attend a gala event honoring the coach. he is a three-time nba all- star. jimmie johnson leads the points race in pursuit of his fifth straight championship. he loves running that fontana. it's his home area. and he wins there a lot. we're going to hear from johnson coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. and a reminder, you can join me monday morning. we'll be talking about a ravens win, mary. what do you think? >> of course. >> 105.7, the fan. i've picked the ravens. it's published in the newspaper. >> i think it's going to be a contentious game. but we will prevail. >> thank you, mark. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. a verdict in the case of the murder of baltimore city councilman ken harris. i'm mike hellgren in courthouse
5:56 pm
east, with his widow's emotional reaction. and never-before-seen video of [ male announcer ] blue diamond almonds. more bold flavor. more variety. more value. more of what you want. not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. [ man ] it's up, and it is good! [ male announcer ] more than a snack.
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two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich didn't make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but in the toughest of times, martin o'malley has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley, our children always come first.
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coming up, justice for councilman ken harris. shocking moments caught on tape, just before the killing. emotional case. newly released recordings of a supreme court battle between a grieving father and the church that protested his son's maryland funeral.
5:59 pm
missing for five years. now, the first day of tracy tetso's murder trial heats up. i'm gigi barnett in baltimore county. the details are just ahead. sunny and warm. will these conditions last through the weekend. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. wjz at 6:00 starts now. two men found guilty of councilman ken harris's murder. >> tonight, a shocking first look at the night of the murder. >> i'm vic carter. >> i'm mary bubala. denise is off tonight. >>e


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