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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  October 13, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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finally free, the miracle rescue in chile continues. >> bringing trapped miners one by one. >> mine accident stories rarely end well, as we know. but today, there is celebration in chile. after days of being trapped in the mine, 21 miners are out of a mine. slowly but surely, the men trapped for months are being rescued. our complete coverage of their milack -- miraculous stor begins with kai chandler. >> minor, after -- miner, after
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miner, after miner. they were pulled to the surface. by midday, more than half of the trapped men were to safety. the rescue capsule door broke. crews made repairs and sent down to load up the next miner. it was a minor glitch in what has been a remarkably smooth operation. >> people around the world have learned the lesson of unity, courage. a lesson of hope. >> these extraordinary unions around the world. officials had planned to restrict some of the images, but abandoned those plans with the rescues going so well. >> so far, the miners all,a peered to be in good-- all appeared to be in good health. 62-year-old mario gomez. he dropped to his knees and prayed and then hugged his wife.
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mario sepulveda came out second. he fired up the crowd. all of the rescued machine are being taken to a -- men are being taken to a nearby hospital. these miners were trapped underground longer than anyone on record. rescuers hope to have them all out tonight. ty chandler, cbs news, new york. we're looking live now at the san jose mine, where the phoenix capsule continues to pull trapped miners to safety. these men were trapped longer than anyone on record. we'll continue to bring you updates throughout the newscast. his young wife missing. a baltimore county man never stopped searching for her. jessica has more on the high- profile case. >> reporter: the witness in the dennis tetso murder trial said dennis suspected his wife of having an affair.
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in 2005, she disappeared on her way to a motley crue concert. her body was never found. 10 days later, police found her pontiac transam in a glendale parking lot. surveillance video shows a blurry figure of a man leaving the car there. jurors heard the recordings of anguished messages left by a friend that day, wondering where she was. >> all new at 5:00, you'll hear some of those tapes played in court today. gruesome twist. a police officer in mexico investigating the death of an american tourist is found murdered. sandra hughes reports for wjz, with a frightening update. >> reporter: the search for the body of david hartley took a frightening turn. it's been almost two weeks since his wife reported he had been shot while the couple was jet skiing on the lake in texas. but now comes the murder of a police commander involved in the case.
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>> we got word that investigators in the case in mexico had been to an army headquarters. >> reporter: rolando flores was a lead investigator in the search for hartley's body. he reportedly gave information to the media. and for that, it was believed he was killed. his head delivered in a suitcase. it was another blow to hartley's widow, who said she is struggling through her grief. >> we're going through those. and i cannot express how much i ache for him and his family. >> reporter: the area where hartley was reportedly shot is part of a turf battle for drug cartels, which have used beheadings in the past to send messages. terrorism experts believe the zeta cartel is behind both murders. the gang is notoriously violent. >> what they were trying to do is let everybody know from the u.s. government to the mexican
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authorities, that this is their geography, this is their gateway on into the very lucrative north american market. stay out. >> reporter: the board says investigators should not back down. because the worst thing would be to let the terrorists start calling the shots. sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> mexican authorities say the search for hartley's body is expected to continue. although they say it is unlikely that his body will ever be found. >> prince george's county police. 21-year-old leonardo ramos is charged with first degree assault. police say he was stabbed during a fight outside the thirsty turtle. all four stabbing victims have been treated and released. traffic is flowing right now to the fort mchenry tunnel but that wasn't the case. a bus driver forced one of the cars to abandon the fire and run to safety. derek valcourt has more on the cause of all of that chaos.
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>> officials say that tunnel is safe to reopen. traffic now flowing through. quite a different thing from what we saw yesterday during the evening commute. when thick, black smoke billowed out of that tunnel and sent drivers running through the exit. >> investigators today running on the repairs after a bus belonging to the durham school bus company rose during the evening rush hour. >> we have been there for quite a while. >> there were no children on board. but the driver and an aide were forced to make a run for it. >> they were met by two civilians who were slightly overcome with smoke. >> drivers say they couldn't see anything as thick, black smoke filled the tube faster than the ventilation system could pull it out. six lanes were closed. but every driver made it out safely. >> the thought of every driver being trapped in that tunnel with a fire is pretty scary. so we were talking about it and
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hoping they were okay. >> reporter: the charred bus was pulled out late last night. footballs say there was -- officials say there was no serious structural damage. it was only cosmetic. >> accident investigators are working to determine what causeed the bus to catch fire. we're going to go back live to chile now. where just seconds ago tthe 22nd miner, samuel aveso was rescued. he is one of the 33 miners trapped a mile underground for 69 days. wjz will continue to bring you updates throughout the newscast, as they get lots of hugs there. >> making baltimore streets safer. gigi barnelt is live with more on the new money that will help keep guns off the street. gigi? >> today, the city received some highly competitive funding to fight against gun violence. mayor stawg stawg announced a $300,000 grant. she said it will help officers
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arrest and later convict violent gun offenders. the grant is one of six awarded nationwide. this year, the city police department seized nearly 1800 illegal guns in baltimore. kai? >> gigi, thank you. the smart police in grant will also help fund the city's registry that monitors the activity of convicted gun offenders. this summer's record heat means economic loss. federal loans are hit hard. maryland broke a record for the most days over 90 degrees. you can get disaster loan information by logging onto and clicking on local news. cooler weather moved in over maryland last night. and the skies are blue. and the air is comfortable. but rain is on the way. wjz has weather and traffic together right now. meteorologist bernadette woods is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather for us. bern? >> well, mary, we did have the sunshine out there.
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the cooler air mass has no dent. and overall, take a look at first warning doppler radar. it's still clear around here. still sitting at 66 degrees. however, the cool air is in place. and now we're going to add rain and wind to that. and that's going to make it even colder around here. trapping in that cold air. it will start tomorrow. and we'll have a full forecast coming up shortly. kai? >> bernadette, thank you. let's check on the roads with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> despite the perfect weather driving conditions out there. we have a bunch of wrecks, four of them on the beltway. take a look at that. traffic is moved to the shoulder. meanwhile, we have an accident on the inner loop, past edmondson avenue. and outer loop, we have an accident, that one between steveson and reisterstown road. watch for a crash on 795 northbound past franklin boulevard.
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and we have a wreck in woodholm. and that is blocking the right lane. reisterstown lane at woodholm avenue. also, 295 southbound. there is an accident there. that is reported to be an overturned vehicle. and one in the city, pulaski highway at moravia park drive. this is an issue at the coca cola drive on-ramp. 295 jammed. 31 minutes from route 32 to 197. there is a look at your drive times and delays on the beltway. not nearly as bad as you would expect, considering there are four accidents out there. 31 miles an hour is your slowest spot between 95 and 795. on the inner loop, there is a live look outside. everything running smoothly there. and again, heavy volume on the west side inner loop because of that accident at baltimore national pike. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. call the cochran firm, 1-800- the firm. back over to you. >> and still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00.
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>> vampires. >> a bizarre dispute between roommates. wait until you hear how it all ends. dying pregnant woman. a paramedic in the same restaurant does nothing. should criminal charges be filed? repeat offender, arrested for driving drunk five times. but it's who she hit that is putting her in the spotlight this time. not a cloud in the sky. but that's not going to last. get your updated first warning forecast. eaeaeaeaeaeaks to sen. eaeaeaeaeaeaks to sen. i think we need tax breaks to send kids to college. so i worked for a $2,500 tax credit to help pay for college.
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fought to get pell grants expanded and insisted that college loans go directly to kids instead of through banks. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message. because it's not about the next election, it's about the next generation. right? yeah!!!
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. a new york father is arrested on his wedding day. police say jayden was at his home playing when he realized no one was home.
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so he called 911. turps out his father was actually getting married at the time. police believe it was an honest mistake. but they charged the father with child endangerment anyway. the boy was honored for his bravery. bizarre 911 tapes, following the events, has been released. >> they think they're vampires. >> they think they're vampires? >> you know, they're stupid. >> i let him cut me so he could suck my blood. >> it's a girl? >> no. >> phoenix arizona police say 25-year-old robert maly was stabbed after refusing to let his roommate suck his blood. aaron homer and amanda wilkerson initially made conflicting statements but later confessed to the claims. homer is charged with aggravated assault. also charged on an unrelated outstanding warrant.
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accused of this. it's been hanging over her head for months. tuesday, melissa jackson, accused of official misconduct, for failing to aid 25-year-old utisha rennics, a pregnant woman who collapsed at a coffee shop. >> melissa jackson is the only person that morning that bears no responsibility. and yet, she stands here before you. it's a shame. it's a shame on the system. >> reporter: defense attorney ben heinrish says jackson at least called 911. while others, including rennic's boyfriend did nothing. a lawyer for the rennics family says that's a poor excuse. >> the father of the baby is not a trained medical technician, and doesn't have a duty, as she did, which she
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failed to do, which was to provide aid to someone in need. >> she failed to perform her duty. and i think it was a very humane act. you know, no feelings for somebody that cried for help. >> the dead woman's comfort says the charges against jackson is some comfort but won't bring her daughter back, nor the grandchild who was born by c-section but only survived two hours. >> jackson's boyfriend, the other emt at the scene, was shot to death in july, during a sohobrawl, unrelated to rennics' death. another day on the market. dow was up 76 points. s&p up 8. nasdaq up 23. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. attorneys general in dozens of states are ready to tackle a joint investigation into the mortgage industry.
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they're investigating allegations that mortgage companies mishandled the law. jp morgan chase said quarterly profits jumped 7%, more than expected. the firm also warned that loan losses were also high homeowners are also rushing to refinance. the number climbed 15% for the first time in six weeks. led by research and financing. the average rate is 4.21%. the rate on a 15-year, 3.2%. shares of apple topped $300 for the first time today. and a planned expansion into
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china continued to give investors high hopes for the company. for more headlines, visit cbs money in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. >> in kenya, a zebra has a few tricks up its sleeves. it knows how to shake hands and also roll over and play dead. at the end of its performance, kenya knows how to take a bow. >> my dog can do that. >> the dog should be on tv. >> but it's a zebra. it's pretty cool. there's the bow we were waiting for. very cute. you don't see that every day now, do you? coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. package problems. the fda wants food labels to change. what they want consumers to be able to see, front and center. >> confinement concerns. now, the miners are being brought to the surface. the medical issues some may be facing. clear and comfortable for now. but there's rain in your first warning weather forecast.
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wjz is always on. for the top stories on wjz document, instant updates --, instant updates and first warning weather, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is a live look at the mine in chile. where just 23 seconds of the miner was rescued. in anticipation. the miners had oxygen masks and dark glasses to protect their eyes. >> he's one of the 33 miners trapped underground. a mile underground, in fact, for the past nine days. wjz will continue to bring you updates throughout the newscast. yeah, takes about 15 minutes to get the miners up there. weatherwise. we'll take this now. let's show you where we topped out. 66 degrees. below the average of 68. we have been lately in the 80s. this is our current around the state. everybody coming in the 60s. dew points have also dropped considerably.
4:24 pm
wernds have calmed down today. they're in the process of going to the east. but these will pick up tomorrow and friday they will be howling. that will keep the cool air in place. this is all because of this storm still coming together. there's one to the south. then the rain starts tomorrow. and it will become heavy at timessa we move through the afternoon. it's really going to wrap up and intensify just offshore. and that will kick up the winds. by tomorrow, they'll be up. temperatures will struggle to get out of the 50s for our high on friday. here's the storm. one to the south and one tote north. they sort of come together as they move eastward. the winds kick up. rain comes in heavy at times during the day tomorrow. but the good news is, it gets out of here saturday and tomorrow. and things calm down as we head into the weekend. in the tropic, this is what we
4:25 pm
have going on with paula. still a category 2. it is in the process of makinga round to the east. at that point, it's going to run very close, if not on top of cuba. it will sort of interrupt and disrupt that speed of air coming in. it will still be a storm. and bring slower weather to parts of southern florida, as we head through the next few days. now, as far as the forecast models go, there are some a little farther to the north. but the general gist is it will be turning around to the east in the next 24 hours. here's the forecast advisory. tonight, we start with the clouds. then tomorrow, the rain comes. it will become heavy as we head through the day. winds will start to pick up. only getting up to 61 degrees
4:26 pm
tomorrow for our high. and on friday, probably only about 59 or 60 degrees. still very blustery on friday. but then it gets out of here over the weekend. winds start to calm. >> maybe another nice weekend. >> yes. not quite the 80s we've had lately. >> right. >> that's pretty spectacular. but at least into the 60s again. don't miss the cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. it's the defenders, followed immediately by eyewitness news at 11:00 here on wjz. a big game for the maryland terrapins football team. they take on the clemson tigers saturday afternoon. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. you're heard from the politicians and the pundits. we'll go straight to the voters in our special series, american voices.
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tonight, only on the cbs evening news. the ads claim they tone your legs while they walk. do these shoes really work? and in nidal hassan's court trial. and so far, so good. we'll update you on the rescue now, in the 33 trapped miners in chile. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic [ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in.
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it is 4:29. and a beautiful sunny day. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. finally free. more than half of the chilean miners are pulled.
4:31 pm
the 23rd miner is on his way to the surface right now. kai is in the newsroom with an update on the progress at the rescue site. kai? >> the 22nd miner came up a short time ago. this is a live look at the mine in chile, where just minutes ago, that 22nd miner, samuel alvalzo was rescued. the family is waiting. begeno will be the 23rd pulled. it's called the phoenix. so far, no problems have developed. and the process is expected to be completed overnight. the men have been trapped a half mile underground since august 5th. since that collapse. and it buried them under 700,000 tons of rock. requests are now pouring in for the miners to tell their tales of survival. there is also word of movies and book deals. the worst may be behind the chilean miners. but they still face a number of health concerns.
4:32 pm
what doctors are saying about their condition. >> many of the miners look healthy. but they face a number of challenges. their weakened immune system may make them vulnerable. >> get a chest x-ray to make sure there is no lesions in the lungs. doctors will also check their kidney function and their overall blood count. and they'll have to check their glasses several days until their eyes adjust to the light. >> but the biggest challenge many of these will face is not physical but mental. it could trigger post-traumatic stress disorder. psychologists will look for things like nightmares, panic attacks, agency and claustrophobia. the men will meet with counselors. >> we're far better off to find ways to approach it so that we
4:33 pm
work through those anxieties. >> former astronaut jerry linen linengerg can understand what they're going through. there were moments he wasn't sure he'd survive. >> it's going to be a process. and it will take a while to heal. >> some men may find it difficult to return to life. but right now, the focus is on celebrating survival. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. >> doctors say some of the miners may also have gun disease. and fungal infections like ringworm and athletes foot. another look at miner number 23. coming up out of the mine right now. we, of course, will continue to follow every rescue, until all of the men are free. and we'll have much more on this fantastic story tonight at 9:00. a military court has begun hearing emotional testimony from victims of the worst mass
4:34 pm
shooting at an american military base. the accused gunman lived and worked in maryland before he killed 13 people at fort hood. >> reporter: victims of the fort hood rampage described a horrifying scene last november. sergeant alonzo testified that major nidal hassan stood up, yelled allah akbar, or god is great, and used his uniform. >> i closed my eyes, he discharged his weapon. i get hit in the head. he lay in a pool of his own blood, after being shot five times. >> another witness, civilian michelle harper, recalled hiding under a desk in terror. in it, she pleads for help, over and over again. saying hurry, hurry, hurry,
4:35 pm
please. the operator replies, they're on their way, sweetheart. >> during the 911 call, screaming can be heard in the background, along with the moaning from a dying shoulder next to her and the pop, pop, pop of gunfire. harford was overcome with emotion after hearing the tape. >> it was hard. you could tell it was difficult for her to be there. she was reliving it. >> hassan told one person to leave the room. when she did, he opened fire. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news, fort hood, texas. >> hassan, an army psychiatrist, is charged with 13 counts of preteditated murder. and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. we have breaking news now for captain mike perry in sky eye chopper 13. >> this is southbound 95 at waterview. this is westport, south baltimore. it occurred about 15 minutes ago. you can see the one car here
4:36 pm
mangled pretty badly. and a person is rescued from that, as i speak. this vehicle, alsoless, this van. there's a vehicle that collided with that car and struck it in the rear. it rolled over. the driver of that vehicle was removed and taken to a local area hospital. no word on the conditions of anyone here. but the southbound 295 is closed. just south of russell street. south of the city. city police are detouring all traffic onto southbound 95 from russell street. expect delays in the area. we'll stay on top of the area and keep you updated. >> thank you very much, captain mike perry, live in sky eye chopper 13. there is a new effort to change the way food appears on store shelves. >> reporter: researchers want manufacturers to put nutrition information and portion sizes on the front of food packages instead of the back. the recommendation is based on the study which shows mixed messages on food levels are confusing to customers.
4:37 pm
there are products that are too high and lead to disease. researchers say food labels on the front would help. >> the fda does not currently regulate labeling systems. but it does crack down on inaccurate labeling system. some shoes promise to tone your legs while you walk. but do they really work? >> reporter: exercise and eat right. we all know the formula for fitness. but several shoe companies are promising to make a workout out of your everyday activity. >> what do you think of those shoes? >> people love them. they seem to work. >> reporter: boston medical center podiatrist, dr. chris lock, says the shoes can be beneficial, but not for everyone. >> especially harm for these shoes are people who have unstable gait. because the shoe has a rocker bottom. >> reporter: here's the tricky part. most people have no idea what kind of gait they have, so
4:38 pm
according to dr. locke, there's no way of knowing if these shoes could potentially pose a problem for you. >> i actually had a patient who came in about two months ago, with an achilles tendonitis. >> reporter: the shoe companies also claim their sneakers can help you burn more calories and tone legs. but a study by the american council on exercise found wearing so-called fitness shoes will have no beneficial effect on exercise intense itor caloric expenditure, compared to a regular running shoe. skecher sent us other informimation that showed that it does work. and skechers has received literally thousands of unsolicited testimonials from customers claiming they work. the shoes are also expensive, costing $100 or more. >> you spend a good amount of money on a running shoe. i believe you're getting just as much if not more of a
4:39 pm
benefit. >> still, some believe they work. >> i believe in the concept. if you're working harder, they must be doing something for you. >> doctors also say walking will improve your fitness. so if the toning shoes motivate you to get out there, then they might be worth a try. the weather. that's enough motivation. plenty of sunshine. pleasant conditions. let's take a live look outside. will this last through tomorrow? wjz has weather and traffic together. >> the answer to that is no. today, perfect, beautiful fall day. just look at radar. nothing around here. but already beginning to develop way down to the south and west. a few showers in southwest virginia. but when we open up a new batch of rain from detroit to indiana, down to loseville -- louisville, even nashville. that's all beginning to congeal into one area of low pressure. that will bring us a rainy and chilly and windy thursday. we'll have the complete forecast coming up. vic? >> let's check in on the roads now with sharon gibala alt wjz
4:40 pm
traffic control. >> good afternoon, everyone. we're following a serious accident now. that's going to be on 295. and it is blocking all lanes. we have a live picture from sky eye chopper 13. you can see an overturned vehicle there. and a serious wreck, you can see obviously, traffic has been cleared out from the area. you're also looking at big delays in the area as well. this is 295 southbound, past 648. blocking all lanes. and traffic is backed up to the beltway. 95 would be your best bet as an alternate now. it is not looking so good. doesn't look like it will clear any time soon. meantime, top side of the beltway, we have another accident to talk about on the inner loop. charles street. when in kingsville, bel air road. and a bunch of city accidents. fayette. south haven at east. and gilford at east madison. one more in annapolis. route 2 at solomon's island road. and then as far as delays go, a
4:41 pm
14-minute setback, on 295 southbound from 292 to 37. there's a look at the speeds. top and west side inner loop of the beltway. taking a live look at the belt way. that's a look at green spring. definitely heavy volume there. this traffic report is brought to you by purdue ready oven roaster. a familiar theme at the top of the wjz pro football challenge. jessica is live at to update this week's standings. >> hello, denise. sports director mark viviano is still there. mark has 47 points. stan and burn are tied -- bern are tied. and i'm in third place. as for this week's winner, it is martin sharp. he got 12 out of 14 games correct and came closest to the score. he wins a $21 best buy gift certificate. congratulations to you. and you can still sign up to
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play. just come here, click on the banner near the top of the home page. denise? >> all right. thank you, jessica. >> you're welcome. >> i don't think i'm eligible, however. >> no. we can still play, though. still ahead. wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. seafood snafu. bp executives, out to prove gulf food is safe to eat. i saw him hitting her. >> a good samaritan calls 911 when she sees a violent man in a nearby car. then her phone rings, and you'll never guess who it was. and our string of weather is about to end. bob will update the first warning five-day forecast. when i melt to sleep with unisom sleep melts
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts.
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the stepmother of a missing north carolina girl is in court. people who know eliza say she has a short fuse and her stepdaughter usually wore the brunt of her nasty temper. she was charged with obstruction of justice. she is accused of using a fake ransom note to try to throw investigators off the trail of 10-year-old zara baker. police continued to look for
4:46 pm
the child in a wooded area where her father works. at this point, she is just a person of interest. police say they can't find anyone who has seen the child alive in the last month. a woman says she got a call from the man she turned in. and while he was in the car, he read the woman's information on a deputy's computer screen that was in the front seat and memorized that information. police are warning officers to keep their computers closed. a driver dies while working in a watering tape. they had been working in the tank. oxygen was sent down to the bottom. and a dive team tried to rescue him. when they reached the bottom,
4:47 pm
they discovered the man unresponsive. a man is rescued after he sips from his harness and gets swept away from the sewer. the worker was discovered nearly a mile away from where he originally fell. fire crews were called in to the scene. the man was transported by helicopter to a local hospital. his injuries are said to be nonlife threatening. a five-time dui offender ends up in the spotlight again after she crashes into a massachusetts trooper. >> i'm sorry it happened. and i have no comment now, please. >> reporter: donna scalamo apologize saidgizing as she heads to her fifth charge. >> good morning. >> colonel marion mcgovern, the head of the state police, was stopped at a red light in shrewsbury yesterday, when her unmarked suv was hit from
4:48 pm
behind. the driver, 51-year-old scalamo was allegedly under the influence. she was arrested for the dui, as well as driving with a suspended license. >> obviously has an alcohol problem. we'll see what happens with that today. >> colonel mcgovern has made the fight a priority for the state police. she spoke about the issue at a press conference this summer. one of our initiatives. we have drunk driving initiatives every single weekend in the state. we target areas for that reason. and i'm sure sergeant whittleton was a performer in those initiatives. because his heart and saul was in it. >> the last drunk driving charge was 12 years ago. she will return to court
4:49 pm
november 1st. chief operating officer enjoyed a seafood spread from a restaurant in alabama. turns out, the crabs were shipped from baltimore. and the oysters from texas and the shrimp was frozen before the oil spill occurred. after living in the u.s. for more than a century. she immigrated with her family when she was 6 months old. now at 101, she pledged the oath of allegiance to become a u.s. citizen. she said because it means she can vote in november. >> good for her. she had to memorize all of that information, too. that american history. good for her. there is rain on the way. >> bob turk has the updated >> bob turk has the updated first warning fofo,,,,,,,,
4:50 pm
i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. his past attacks have been called deceptive, his new attack, false.
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harris voted for deregulation increasing our electric bills by 72% it's not surprising, harris always sides with the big guys. he opposes cracking down on wall street and supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. harris even opposed making big insurance cover cancer screenings. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us.
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i think we need tax breaks to send kids to college. so i worked for a $2,500 tax credit to help pay for college. fought to get pell grants expanded and insisted that college loans go directly to kids instead of through banks. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message. because it's not about the next election, it's about the next generation. right? yeah!!! hey, bob. denise and i were outside
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downtown today. >> beautiful, fall day. certainly a lot of trees, a lot of varieties, particularly sugar maples. they're in full color now. that's one of the reasons, when you go up to new england, they have a lot more sugar maples than we do. they're at their peak. most of new england. western maryland as well. we still have couple of weeks yet to go with a lot of different trees. trust me. take a look at temps and continues. beautiful afternoon right now. 66. dew points way down at 39 degrees. humidity at 37%. that will bring us moisture in. the barometer right now, rising. 29.98 inches. 70 in cumberland. 65, ocean city. and 64 now in oakland. and 66, close to 70 in washington. just a really pleasant, beautiful. very normal fall day. you can see the winds now
4:54 pm
beginning to turn more. and tomorrow, they're beginning to turn and get stronger in the afternoon from the east/northeast eventually late tomorrow, they go away. a batch of rain across the great lakes. it doesn't look like much. but it's picking up an area of low pressure. both of these will combine. they expect anywhere from 1 to 3 inches. rain. we could see about an inch or so tomorrow. it will get cold enough on friday for maybe 1 to 3 inches of snow rain moving in. probably raining about 7:00,
4:55 pm
8:00 in the morning. look for a wet, dry, and certainly wet afternoon. gets windy. clears out. breezy, wind gusts. maybe up to 49 miles an hour. here on friday. particularly in the afternoon. but will be clearing out. maybe lingering clouds. and still breezy here on saturday. just a minute ago, it was downgraded to a category 1. may get some rain probably in keywest area. but not even expecting any strong winds down there. east winds in our bay. and small craft advisory, tomorrow and friday. bay temp still pretty warm. tonight, then, becoming cloudy. late, late tonight. right now, it's clear 47 tomorrow. windy and cool. a nasty thursday across the region. but windy, clearing out on friday. >> okay. one day. >> all right. thank you, bob.
4:56 pm
still to come on eyewitness news. watching and waiting. a live look at the mine in chile. where the 24th miner is about to come out.
4:57 pm
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is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. tears of joy. chilean miners rescued. and actions that prevented a disaster. a child attacked. a 7-year-old is targeted while leaving a playground. what she says four men did. >> check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
they taste the freedom. the world celebrates, as one by one, the chilean miners are brought above ground. >> dramatic rescues under way. >> here's what people are talking about. >> the emotional images out of chile continue to pour in as the mine rescue continues to pour in. 23 men have been rescued. and now, a 24th miner has been pulled out. we understand that miner, married, 54 years old, and has a heart condition. his name is jose enriquez. that's what we know right now.


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