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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 14, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the most progressive in the nation. the voting wrapped up moments ago. >> reporter: 6800 union members are directly impacted by this vote. this contract is rared in the u.s. it. ties pay to performance, not heres of service and the opinions in the voting line were anything but the same. the baltimore teacher union has never seen this big of a turnout for a contract vote. >> they herded us back into an auditorium, just keep make us circle around. >> reporter: the long wait is aggravating the already heated crowd. the changes could be unprecedented higher salaries.
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it would eliminate step raises and award teachers on performance and student achievement. there's also a 2% raise. >> i'm going to vote no because of the details. the evaluation process for teachers is not clear. >> it puts people on point. it makes sure everyone is working towards the same goal. >> i taught at a nightmare school in baltimore city. the thought of some people who might have evaluations based on student achievement when the students don't care. the parents don't care. the school is poorly run and the only ones held accountable are us. >> you can move as quickly as you want or as slow as you want but you do move. >> reporter: the union president stands behind the offer on the table after eight months of negotiating. >> we try to make this clear how you would move up in salary. you are no longer stuck in just
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the professional. you have an opportunity move over to the model. >> the evaluation system is broken. right now this is the change we have. this is the change they're giving us. i'd say go for it. >> the competition makes me worried. >> reporter: so you're going to vote no? >> i'm not sure yet, but leaning towards no. >> reporter: members are still trickling out near the high school. they're still voting. once the last person cast their ballot that's when the union will start hand counting every ballot. they hope to have it done by at least 11:00. kelly mcpherson reporting. >> if passed, the school board would have to approve the contract before it's finalized. we continue to follow the breaking news in owings mills. captain mike perry has the latest. >> reporter: weir it' in the 2 -- we're in the 200 block of
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toll gate road for a fire in a single family home. the extensive fire, there are no reports of injuries at this time but firefighters had to fight this from the exterior due to the extreme heat and smoke and flames. at this point there's no word on the cause. firefighters are investigating the cause. back to you on tv hill. well, a major system moving over maryland and it's the wind that could pose a threat as it progresses through the region. wjz's crews were caught in the rain. the rain is steel coming down in some areas. the storm clouds are in place. doesn't look like they're going to budge anytime soon. bob? >> look at radar. you can see the bulk of the rain has moved east of the
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central maryland area with moderate rain continuing. west of the bay spotty drizzle. ocean city, moderate to heavy showers. that scuzzes to move to the east and northeast. you probably won't see clearing until 8:00 or 9:00. the bulk of the region will be clearing out. the main factor is the wind. tim has a look at how it will affect our weather. tim? >> good evening. the storm will progressively move up to the northeast. what we'll see is a reintensification as it gets close are and closer to new england and off the coast of new york. we'll start to see the winds intense time of the we'll see gusts from northern baltimore county up into pennsylvania in the 50-mile-an-hour range. easily gusts around 40 miles an hour. cooler air will be pulled down as a result of that counter
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clockwise flow around the low pressure system. today is chilly. we're only in the 50s. tomorrow we'll be warmer but it will be cooler than the average temperatures. we'll talk about how long those conditions stay with us. back inside. >> thank you, tim and bob. stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage. remember wjz is always on. log on to to carol county neighbors are dead. one killed the other before taking his life. weijia jiang is following this murder investigation. >> reporter: this is a very tight knit neighborhood. everyone knew these two couldn't get along but he never thought their fight would end like this. they're mourning the loss of two men described in murder-
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suicide. maryland state troopers were called to the 1500 block of pilgrim lane to the home of 48- year-old steven focht. the victim had gunshot wounds. >> reporter: police believe it was gregory martin who pulled the trigger. he followed him home and then went to his home around the corner where he turned the gun on himself in the backyard. police say the two have had a con ten shops relationship for years. >> there had been prior police responses at that neighborhood. >> reporter: records show that martin still owned the house but he moved out. his estranged wife still lives there. each men had two children.
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state troopers responded to the fighting in 2007 and 2008, but no criminal prosecution ever followed. weijia jiang reporting for eyewitness news. >> police continue to interview family members and neighbors to determine what may have driven mar tip to kill. a toddler is back home tonight after taking a ride in a carjacked video. it happened last night in oxen pill prince george's county. the 4-year-old was sleeping in his mother's car when the car was taken from a shell gas staismghts the car was abandoned but the boy was still sleeping in the back seat. a missing woman gains the attention of maryland and the rock group she planned to see. now tracy tetso's murder trial is underway. we go to towson. the husband dennis it the so is charged -- tetso is charged with killing his wife.
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>> reporter: from the start police say dennis tetso did not come clean about his whereabouts and the lead investigator said done nice had conflicting stories. dennis first said he didn't leave the house. another record he said he did. records pinpoint him in harbor tunnel. dennis told the investigator he was through with his marriage after he discovered his wife was having an affair with this man christian sinnott. there were phone calls revealing it was tracy who wanted to end the marriage. >> i must be a fool because i want to make my marriage work. when you walk down that aisle, that was the happiest day of my
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[ bleep ] life. here's a beautiful woman walking down the aisle. i love her with all my heart. i'd do anything for this girl. >> reporter: the lead investigator also testified dennis tetso lied about being with a friend the day tracy vanished. that friend was the best man at their wedding. dennis admitted he had that man follow tracy. she complained her husband was stalking her. >> so i can get a little peace of mind. now he's hounding people here. >> reporter: dennis said she left the house when help went inside to take a sure and never returned. police also said that dennis told them he got a trip that tracy was spotted in harford county about a month after she vanished but he waited a week to tell them about it.
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all right. thank you. this is one of only a handful of murder trials tried in maryland where the body has not been recovered. as the saying goes there's no place like home. the chilean miners are undergoing medical examinations. we have the report for wjz that chile's president said its nation is learning a lesson from this ordeal. >> reporter: the 33 rescued miners saw their names scrawled across the headlines. they read newspapers in the hospital where doctors met with them. he said we will never hag -- never again allow workers to work in unsafe conditions. doctors say they all remain
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tense. some received dental care and were treated for skin conditions. some will be in their own beds tonight. >> from their psychological view point, they're going to receive extra support at least for the next six months. >> reporter: family and friends packed up tents and supplies at camp hope. that sentiment is shared across the world. the chilean consulate here in new yorks had been flooded with phone calls and emails from people everywhere expressing congratulations and con solidarity. >> from the minors, we have learned that you fight until the end. you never can give up. >> reporter: in the coming weeks, the men will have to decide whether they mr. return to the mines, something most of the relatives are dead set against. >> the president said the total
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cost of the rescue was between $10 and $20 million. he said they will send that bill to the company that runs the mind. back at it, bob ehrlich and governor martin o'malley face off in another debate. >> reporter: if a slot parlor is billed here, what vendors will they have? what entertainers, what food? >> wet and windy, but how long. i'm jessica kartalija in howard county. how one former player is spending his days now. that story straight ahead. wet and windy for how long? your updated first warning forecast is coming up with bob. ,,,,
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cooked numbers, false attacks. the truth? frank kratovil is ranked one of the 10 most independent members of congress. frank kratovil does not follow anybody's party line he looks at his district, his family, the community, and that's the important thing to him. endorsed by the chamber of commerce, the nra, veterans, and police officers. as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics,
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in washington i've tried to do the same.
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bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust.
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we now know what the casino may look liefnlgt suzanne collins reports. >> reporter: this promotional video show was the casino will look like at recount -- at arundel mills if voters approve it. >> there's no finer chef in the world than bobby. he will be coming in with one of list concepts. >> reporter: also, cheese cake factory has agreed to open at arun dpel mills. there will be two local companies, too. >> i'm not concerned with attaching the name to it. i think it's a great thing. >> reporter: this tavern says it plans to open a live music
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venue at arundel mills. >> it's proposed to be approximately 300 seats. we'll be focusing on jazz, blues, classic rock oar opponents say it will attract even more people. >> it will exacerbate traffic and parking problem that already owe considers at the mall today. >> reporter: the sign says coming soon. cornish said if they get a yes vote, three start construction immediately. a permanent structure by 2012. >> this will be a world class entertainment regional destination. >> reporter: we'll know if it becomes a rowal lit on november 2nd. >> now the company has been granted a license but the judge ruled in favor of opponents allowing the issue to come on the ballot. let's check on the roads
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with sharon gibala. still not too bad. a few accidents. one of them on 295 and one 295 northbound at the beltway. crash on 100 at waterloo road. fire activity there in owings mills. toll gate road. 95 northbound slow. 70 westbound slow from 29 to marriottville road. the slowest spot top side. there's a delay from white hall road to the bay bridge. you're also looking at delays. there's one on 70 westbound. this traffic report is brought to you by party city. they're slashing prices. right now save up to 50% for kids and adults. nobody has more halloween for less. back to you. a major challenge ahead for the baltimore ravens this sunday as they are on the road
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to face the new england patriots. their last trip to foxboro was a good one. ray rice with this memorable run. will it be a repeat performance on sunday? mark viviano has the predictions from the local experts. >> there is a consensus among my colleagues. everyone thinks the ravenses will wen this. i have 31-20. my cohose on wjz fm has this 26- 20 ravens. scott 24-23. the morning team at 105.7 the fan, ed norris, 30-17 ravens. steve 27-24. so we're all in agreement. it's up to the ravens to win. more on how they're preparing
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for quarterback tom brady. back to you. there is one person who will slowly be watching sunday's game. his dream was to fight fires. jessica kartalija explains one man made a stop in the nfl first playing special teams for the baltimore ravens. >> reporter: he was the team's long snapper. now he's spending his time saving lives. at 31 years old joe know as thing or two about exsighting careers. >> something that was always on my mind before football. >> really hoping to give him help against todd yoder. >> reporter: he was the long snapper from 2001 to 2004. >> i do miss football a lot. >> reporter: before going from the field to the fire house. >> 100 pounds of air.
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it's like you come to work with your best friends every day, but at the same time it's -- i think this job is more serious. >> he is so modest. >> i don't know. kind of blew me. >> reporter: fellow firefighters say he seldom discusses his football career. >> we got everything on here. >> reporter: he became a firefighter less than a year ago, a transition he says was surprisingly easy. >> this is like a football team. everybody has to doer that -- to do their job. if you don't do your job and miss a block or miss a tackle, what happens is somebody score as touchdown and you lose a game, a lot of times it's life or death. >> reporter: he said he is
5:22 pm
fortunate to play for the nfl while currently living his dream. >> i couldn't see myself doing a job that's not physical or challenging. i try to make a difference every day and just keep going. >> reporter: he played one season for the detroit lions after leaving the ravens. his father is a firefighter in phoenix, arizona. he was once offered a job there but decided to come here to maryland. >> terrific story. let's go back to the ravens. they're headed to new england to take on the patriots. then we'll have our special post game show sunday on wjz 13. >> weather for that day? >> partly cloudy, around 60 and breezy. >> take a look at temperatures 55. not much wind. barometer on the way back up. come back rand take a look at the end of the week forecast and the weekend after this. ,,,,
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west of the bay we've seen
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the buck of the rain. it continues to head out to the east, northeast, west of the bay. we've got clouds, but west of us there's some break showing up, a little bit of breaks. so later this evening we'll clear out. the wind also start to push the clouds out. quite breezy and windy. we could see wind gusts over 30, 35 miles an hour. let's take a look at temperatures. 50 in elkton. i haven't seen it warmer than that all day long. it's been a pretty cool nasty day. dew point is high but it's beginning to dry out. the wents shifting out of the northwest, still very, very light. packs shore at 20. tomorrow probably 20, 25, eve 30 miles an hour with higher gusts. low pressure gave us the rain
5:27 pm
this afternoon, this morning. it has moved offshore. it's beginning to grow. it's deepening offshore, off of new jersey. it will bring heavy range across new england, massachusetts, maine, new hampshire, areas in north vermont where we'll see heavy wet snow by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. you see the bulk of the rain from new york down through jersey and across the new york area. it moves off to the east. behind this the winds go back to the northwest. that will clear ution out and dry us -- us out and dry us out. the low continues to move away. cool and windy. tomorrow night temperatures in the low 40s. a lot of sunshine for both saturday and sunday. the winds are dying down. tropical storm paula weakening. it did bring about an inch of lane to marathon key, florida.
5:28 pm
our area, west winds 20 to 25 knots on the bai. the small craft advisory through friday afternoon. tonight showers ending and clearing out and then rose disci, overnight 44. tomorrow breezy or windy. partly sunny skies. maybe a brief sprinkle or shower, temperatures in the mid- 60s, which is normal. >> good. >> still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, where is zahra, another search for the missing 10-year-old. flu fierce. whats a maryland health whats a maryland health officials to ,,,,
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the candidates for governor have a second debate today. they picked up where they left off on monday. >> the running debate about raising state revenue in the gubernatorial campaign may be as taxing to the voter's tax of
5:32 pm
mine as well as the pocket books. >> the last thing the american texas wants to hear today is about taxes. >> is that a no? >> that's a no. that's a blanket no. i'm the only candidate giving a blanket no. >> may i respond briefly? >> yes. >> the former governor raise credibility on this issue is nonexistent. when you got in, you raised the property tax. >> i think we have focused on the problem. the governor doesn't understand the fundamentals of state government. the state -- it appears. >> please hold your applause. >> reporter: the candidates also took shots at each other over camming pain ads including the bge rate increase. >> you should have known or flew you were dem a going toking on the issue. now you've been sure. >> after your folks bragged
5:33 pm
about giving our public service commission a low lobotomy. >> reporter: both sides are claiming victory. now that they have two debates and their belt, the pattern is forming. i'm pat warren. now back to you on television hill. >> stay with -- stay with wjz for the latest. feared dead. that is what authorities are saying about a missing north carolina girl. vic has more. >> the case started as an amber alert and is now a murder investigation. 10-year-old zahra baker has in the been seen for weeks. search cruise are looking at a work site where her father
5:34 pm
worked. the pond was also drained but police won't comment on what prompted the search. zahra's step mother is charged with obstruction of justice for writing a fake ransom letter. dozens of people have been arrested in what officials are calling the largest medicare scam he vemplet the suspects stole the identities of both doctors and patients and set up phantom clinics and bank accounts. most of the defendants were captured in raids in new york and los angeles. but there were also arrests in new mexico, georgia and ohio. a drug chain will pay $75 million for failure to document the sale of pseudofed rine, found in cough medicine. the lapses led to a spike in
5:35 pm
california drug trafficking. cvs is the largest operation of retail pharmacies. tonight maryland is reporting the first case of the flu season and it's a strain of the swine flu. this first case is driving a push for everyone to get vaccinated. jessica? >> reporter: everyone is being urged to get the flu shot or flu mist and this year it's easier than ever. baltimore city health officials get their flu shot as the first case is con frmed in maryland. >> this is the beginning of the flu season. we want to take this opportunity to remind individuals that the best way to protect themselves is to get vaccinated. >> reporter: it protects against both the h1n1 and the seasonal flu and is readily
5:36 pm
available. >> doctor's offices, pharmacist, health department clinics. so we don't need to prioritize people. >> reporter: at dozens of clinics in baltimore city, people wait for their vaccine. >> eight years ago i started to get the flu shot. i thought it would keep me from getting ill. >> i had the flu once. i don't want to get it again. >> reporter: 75 million americans will get flu this year. health officials here in maryland say the state is prepared. >> we know that we have that virus, h1n1 in maryland here. unlike last year, this year we have the vaccine. >> reporter: pregnant women and seniors, especially throws in florsing homes, are urged to get it as soon as possible. >> everyone should get vaccinated, but especially those individuals who have chronic illnesses affecting their lungs, their hearts,
5:37 pm
kidneys. >> reporter: the first known h1n1 patient is being treated in a baltimore area hospital and is expected to recover. this is the first year that healthy adults have been urged to get the vaccine as well. that's due to last year's h1n1 pandemic. >> for more information on clinic unless baltimore city, dial 311. when it comes to pain relief, a passionate romance may do the trick. the study looked at brains of 15 people at the beginning of a new romance. the findings may lead to new methods. more americans lost the bat toll keep their homes. bank repo sessions hit a high
5:38 pm
into whether lenders are using faulty paperwork. alexis christoforous has the latest on the housing crisis. >> reporter: the foreclosure epidemic got even worse this summer. banks seized more than a quarter million properties. it's a 22% jump from the same period last year. it means lenders are on pace to repo sees more than a million homes by the end of the year that the number could drop since major lenders have put a temporary freeze on foreclosures. officials are look flog allegations that some people rubber stamped evictions based on faulty documents. that freeze on foreclosures is staking up the housing market where buyers have been buying up distressed properties at low prices. he was two weeks away from closing on this house when the
5:39 pm
bank called off the deal. >> we got the phone call that the bank canceled the contract. we were just shocked, stunned. >> reporter: economists worry that freezing foreclosures will extend the housing crisis. >> we won't be able to work through these problems. house prices will be weaker for longer. >> reporter: there's no sign the housing market has hit bottom. add up all the foreclosure filings and default notices in the last quarter and it shows one in 39 homeowners is in trouble. new rumors about the future of internet company yahoo. there are reports it's the target of a takeover. according toed "wall street journal" aol along with its partners may make a bid for it.
5:40 pm
near the aol for yahoo would comment. at&t has lost its exclusive hold on apple's east pad. verizon will start sell tsmght data plans will start at $20 a month. verizon will also start selling apple's iphone next year. time for a quick look at stories you'll find in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. more on bob ehrlich and governor martin o'malley. the comedy true -- troupe is asking what makes baltimore funny. for these stories and a lot more, read the bun bunlt you can also look for the updated forecast. the musical, the wiz is
5:41 pm
playing downtown. >> reporter: the musical, the wiz is a funkier version of the wizard of oz. >> it's the same general story just a different flavor. >> reporter: four of the cast members are from maryland. >> this is the first show. i never leave the stage. >> reporter: the scarecrow. >> the wiz is a dream role for me. >> reporter: out of the 15 cast members, eight of the actors play multiple roles, some up to eight characters per show. oakland mills' grad said the role is demanding. >> we're is being while we're doing our costume changes. >> reporter: the local actors who have all been part of big flame shows say nothing
5:42 pm
compares to it. >> i've done broad way but none of that compares to coming home and knowing everyone who i knew get to see what i've become. >> reporter: he has advice for young actors. >> believe in yourself. never give up. >> reporter: because as these folks prove, the sky's the limit. >> now my dream is to make movies, and i know that will happen one day. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> the wiz runs through november 7th. for ticket information, log on to and click on local news. >> she loves the fill many version. >> she would. mystery in the sky. >> maybe wonder woman. >> the sighting that left new yorkers puzzled.
5:43 pm
security changes. could this device soon save you time at the airport. >> drying out for a nice weekend. he'll have the exclusive five- day forecast. >> here's today's report from >> here's today's report from wall street. ,,,, ring ring. progresso. i look great in my wedding dress with the help of your amazing light soups. now we're adding even bigger pieces of white-meat chicken. oh, so when's the big day? oh, we got married years ago. but the point is, i fit in it. well, good for you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. should we order panda blossom, panda moon...
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lots of clouds in the air. we're starting to see some clearing far west of us, maybe one more shower, but tomorrow a big improvement. however, it will be windy. take a look at the friday forecast. the good news is it's friday. we'll see sun and clouds. the winds will be gusting up to 30, maybe higher in some spots. in the mid-60s before it's done. not a terrible day except for the winds. tim has a lack at that five-day forecast. tim? >> cooler for a few days, definitely below the average of 68. take a look, starting from tomorrow on. we're looking at temperatures going into the 60s. 63 on saturday but with clearing and calmer winds. 356 on monday. 68 on tuesday with overnight
5:47 pm
lows in the 40s. for your energy saver tip we're talking heating tips. first off with the colder weather it's a good time to clean or replace filters it. will make your furnace more efficient. make shower radiators aren't blocked. during the heating season keep the drapery apsd shades on the south side open during the day to allow sunlight. that will help heat your home free of charge. for more information, go to and click on the special section on the home page. an advancement in airport security may ease the restrictions on how much liquid can be carried on a plane. the scanner can see through any bottle or can. the scanner needs to undergo more testing but it could be in airports within a new years. it was a sighting that captivated people on the
5:48 pm
streets of manhattan. shiny objects were seen floating. people stopped and scared. many called the 311 help line. there was no immediate explanation but plenty of theories about what was floating in the sky. >> i'm looking for the mother ship. >> maybe superman. maybe super woman. >> i think it's a balloon. >> that last person was right. according to accuweather very light winds made the shiny balloons look like they were hovering. vic is standing by with a preview of what's coming up at 6:00. >> a doctor is under fire. why his license is being suspended. a comet making a close approach to earth. check in for these stories coming up at six. no, i back to -- now back to you. >> eyewitness news sports is
5:49 pm
next. we're counting down to the raves big game in new england. they have a history of close games and this weekend mutual admiration. ray lewis and tom brady, big fans of each other. ,,,,,,,,,,
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almost all the experts say the ravens will win. >> experts. what do we know, right? just looking forward to a good dame. the ravens were back practicing indoors but ray rice and others all faking part in the workout this afternoon. this is after they set out yesterday with injury. they're preparing for that clash with the patriots in new england. the pats are led by veteran quarterback tom brady who never lost a regular season game to the ravens. twice the super bowl mv. he professes great admiration for the ravens and i asked ray lewis. >> anytime you put talent around them you have to do a
5:53 pm
lot of homework. brady is one of those guys. he doesn't have three rings for nothing. he will take what the defense gives him. >> i have a lot of respect for these guys. they play really hard, vie emotional team. i think they play with energy and enthusiasm for what they're doing. you have to be able to match that. once they get fired up, it's tough to calm them down. >> brady will not have to worry about the linebacker. he is on injury reserve but he plans to be in uniform for the home game against buffalo. the ravens do return to the side of that triumph. you condition seat rematch in foxboro on wjz. kickoff at 1:00. we continue when the game ends. join us for our special post game show all here sunday on
5:54 pm
wjz. other nfl news, brett favre returned to practice in minnesota today, a day after he sat out suffering from tendinitis in his right elbow. favre said the pain could cause him to miss a game which would end his consecutive game streak. the vikings play at dallas sunday. another quarterback back to work, aaron rodgers. he's dealing with the effects of a concussion that he suffered four days ago. this college football preminder, maryland goes on the road to clemson. you can see the terps and tigers on wjz. coverage comes your way at noon. the baseball playoffs continue tomorrow night when texas plays host to the yankees. it's the opener of the american lead championship series. buck show walter is home recovering from nee -- from
5:55 pm
knee surgery. he is expected to make an announcement on the coaching staff. show walter is scheduled for a meeting next woke and once managed the tarrant county. he remain as fan of the team. he'll have a look ahead to the american league championship series. catch me on 107 own 5 the fan. we'll have don banks, a senior writer for sports illustrated. >> must be quite a celebration in texas. they know how to party. >> it's such a football town. >> they'll change. thank you. >> still ahead on eyewitness news tonight -- >> reporter: two men two doors apart now dead. a tight knit neighborhood is
5:56 pm
new a murder scene. next, the latest ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
two former neighbors found dead. some call it controversial. others progresscy. coming up on eyewitness news, we'll give you the latest on the baltimore teacher's union contract. facing off again. the second debate between
5:59 pm
maryland's candidates for governor. the issues that got them fired up today. the heavy rain came threw. now comes the wind. wjz news starts now. hello. i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. >> governor martin o'malley and bob ehrlich held their second vigorous debate. our political reporter pat warren was there has the candidates clashed. >> reporter: the running debate about raising state revenue in the gubernatorial campaign may be as tax together voter's state of mind as


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