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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's friday! >> it's the top of the hour and by midday, we'll be half way through the brunt of october. where did it all go? sharon's watching the roads for you. >> let's look at the first warning doppler weather radar. we want to bring you in sink on this. we have the area of low pressure to the north and this is row daying around. we'll put this into motion and notice the showers to the west. this is coming around the western wall of the area of low pressure. having said that, we'll look at the day part. we're obligated to mention, we could have a passing shower, trace amounts of rain, if you will. 46 this morning and 64 at lunch and on the way to a high of 66. i don't want to paint a rainy day. >> thank you, and what's
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happening with the rush, here's sharon. well, not much on the friday morning and we'll take it. just a report of a fuel spill on 95 northbound at hanover street and not causing delays as you can see there near the i con for the fuel spill. otherwise, there's the drive times and the speeds. and there's 11 minute drive times and still, empty at york road and it's getting busier on the westside at liberty road. we'll see the delays there pretty soon. and remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time, go to >> thank you, and here's what people will be friday morning quarter backing today. baltimore city school teachers come out in force on a new way that checks could have been calculated. we're live on north avenue. good morning, andrea.
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good morning don and everyone. last night city teachers voted no. they don't want to be paid based on student performance and later on this morning, the union leaders will push the issue again. >> a contract vote like no other, thousands of city school union members have their say about their pay and in the end, more no votes were cast than yes. we have never, ever had that many people come before. >> to determine the salary, the contract would evaluate the teachers on their performance and student achievement. better performance, better pay. it's the way that the teachers should be accounted. >> why are we the ones held accountable. no one else is. >> it puts everyone on point. it's excellent for education. >> the no votes totaled 1540 and 1100 voted yes.
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that's a margin of 58 to 42%. some didn't have enough information. every time you ask a question, they say, it's still in negotiation. we're not getting all of the questions answered. >> we're in all of the schools, as many as possible and holding the meetings and discussing how it would work. i guess we needed it. >> the union pledges to push the issue again and hold another vote. >> and the current contract ends at the end of the month. the vote could come in the next few weeks. >> right now, the teachers are given the raises based on a list of service and advanced degrees. and the first case of the h1n1 virus is reported in baltimore. everyone over the age of 6 months is urged to get
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vaccinated. and after spending two months together underground, the chile 33 are going home to their families. you can see one leaving their hospital and three have already gone home and more are slated to reeve later on today. the chilean president visited them yesterday. >> bwi now ranks as one of the worst major airports in the country when it comes to on time departure. >> reporter: bwi is maryland's largest airport and for many, it's the most convenient. >> where do you live? >> pennsylvania. >> reporter: and despite the popularity, it's on the bottom for on time departures. the data says that bwi is 36th out of 29 for departures. >> what's the experience like? >> well, it's not like it's
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always on time. i've had one flight on time. >> reporter: their on time departture rate is 74%. it was 79% last year. et where, not all are complaining. >> well, i've had a good experience here and maybe i've set the bar so low for all flights any place in the united states. >> reporter: eyewitness news contacted bwi for comment on the performance and airport officials declined the request for an interview. >> reporter: by contrast, the competitors are in the top 12 for on time. >> not really surprised at all. i mean, i know they have a lot of, you know, security and weather and stuff like that, you know? so, i take that into account. >> reporter: seattle and portland, oregon and salt lake city have the best on time
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departure rating. the airplanes in the country are jfk and miami international and chicago, o'hare. they're the worst. the mexican tv reporter does not plan to go back, not yet -- she wants to talk to the players on the sidelines or the field. she's going to meet with the steelers next week on the field. >> two days before the ravens take to the field in new england, chris chester is hoping that the win streak can be extended. it's kind of like hitting a rock with a hammer. and the first time you hit it, you won't break it and then, you'll bust it open. we take ride in running the ball and this week, it was really great for us. we got the game going the way
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we wanted it to get going. >> and the ravens did rushed for 233-yards against the broncos and the team's best so far this season. and ravens are back on the road. you can see it live sunday afternoon at 1:00 and that will be followed by the post game shoes. mark viviano will have the highlights and reactions and then, it's jessica, marty and the bulldog live in canton. a big day of football and football talk on wjz-13. >> go the hotty and the naughties. here's the profootball challenge. want to see something interesting. i'm so blistered this year. >> me, too. >> you can follow the picks of everyone on the staff. if you follow mine, i'm as good as done. here's the game here. i think we have it.
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well, yeah, i do. a lot of times. >> well, that's a good thing. there glib'll make the rest of the picks coming up shortly. [low audio] let's take a look at the -- maybe not so bad. bern, she could do the sports on espn, by the way.
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this could be, later on, steady 15 and maybe a gust to 30. we won't be in the heavy vortex of the wind of the low, we're on the pa rivery -- periphery. and we'll call it a mix of clouds and sun. and we're not going to obsess on that. and we're in the low 50s. >> my skin's thing, that's the same owner. and then i check them off. ha, okay, i got you. and you can see the purple hue inside of the garage. check that out! >> i'm not showing you the rest until you come back. that's the threat. and it's purple friday, right? i'm supporting the logo. yeah, ten years ago. yeah. ten year ago, down on the
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field. for the ravens! >> they'll celebrate that in a few weeks, bringing back that football team. i hope i'm invited. >> you are. >> we're out near golden ring inside this garage. and it's not a man cave, it's a raven's cave ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now, up to 48 degrees in oakland and 50 in hagerstown. 48 elkton and 52 easton and 48 pax river and naval air and in bel air and columbia. 46 westminster and kent isle and rock hall. and we haven't seen the strong winds into the area, but as we see the high pressure behind the low, the winds could get gusty at times and we have to mention the chance of a passing shower. and i don't want you to obsess
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on them. clear, breezy and 42. and 65-degrees is the high if there's a change, it will be breezy. as we move through the five day, a darn good run of sun. tuesday, 68 degrees. thank you, and what awaits you on the way to work, here's sharon. hi, don, good morning. still, not many problems to get in your way we can look at this on 95 street. there's a report of a fuel spill. it isn't slowing things down and no delays on the beltway, either. and there's a live look at the topside of harford road and 95 in and out of the fort mchenry tunnel. no issues there, either. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. en back to you, marty and don.
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and mike, i just read something interesting. i was just surfing on the net and i went to dcr tv. it's about meeting in baltimore and washington and 62% of all televisions on last sunday afternoon were watching the ravens in baltimore. in other words, six out of ten tvs were watching the baltimore ravens game on wjz-13. you want to talk about impact! >> well, my tv was watching it and no one was in front of it. and to see like you'll be showing, that's not uncommon. i mean, this is a football town. >> yes, this is a football town. >> you're correct. we've had stories where we've done things on vans and cars and raven's christmas trees and basements. how about the man cave. have we done that yet? what if it was done by a woman!
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we have the woman dave and here it is. >> wow, check them out. >> we have our cheerleaders and well, look, go all the way around, do, not a 360, but a 300. look at that. it's amazing, the stuff, and the color is right. queen esther is here we me now. i have to go around her purple fur coat. are you out of your mind? >> i provide child care, so i have to say no. >> but you have a weakness as far as raven's stuff. >> yeah, fortunately, it's not unfortunately, fortunately, yes, if i see anything purple i can turn into ravens, it's on.
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>> some people, they have the basement or memorabilia on the shelf, when did this happen? >> well, we built the house about seven years ago and actually, it was my husband's idea, because i was such a fan since they had been here and he said, do your thing in the garage and i was like, yes. from that on, it went a who different direction. i like he said, you can do your thing. >> well, usually it's the guy and it's ironic and people say, it's a nice garage and i say, it's mine. hey, mike, i saw some hand sanitizer over to the queen's right, is that in a raven's bottle. >> yes.
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you've got to be joking me. >> and i think the illness is complete. >> oh, look at that. look at that! you know, you have to admire when you see something like that that's so thoroughly throughout through and most people people, they say it's your woman cave and they said, well, that kicks back and what goes in here. well, the table folds up and these are moved and these fold up and momma sadies comes in. >> and it's a garage mahal. do they run heating ducts in? >> we have three of those. and we were talking. on away night games, we drag the tv outside. frankly, it's meant to be enjoyed in the cold. when you have the door open,
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some are happy with it and some aren't. and they try to migrate in the house. if you're here for football, you're here. >> respect. >> exactly, i love your style, i think you're totally out of your mind and that's the way it ought to be. and also, there are signed items. carroll, can you go to the walsh basically, if it catches your eye, you get it? >> i listen to a lot of talk radio and i've called in -- well, every talk radio show, they say, this week, we have this going on and i pick it up. >> and your radio name is queen esther. >> now, you know who she is. >> who's your favorite raven? >> i don't want to call a favorite because i have, i want
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to be politically correct. i'll say that the rays, ray rice, lewis, ed reid, some of the, you know, i have, they're all great. >> okay, that will work. go ravens. ray flacco, ray shoe, ray bass. >> well, if you like them, they're a ray. ray shue reporting. and let's do this right. >> i'm going to queue the music and do it. >> queue the music. reporting live near golden ring, ray -- well, mike schuh. back to you now on television hill. well, that's strong! >> we'll take a break and be back live to andrea. don't go away. ,,,,
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bob ehrlich is desperate, and he'll say anything to get elected. negative attacks the media have repeatedly called "dishonest" and "total malarkey." and why can't we trust bob ehrlich? because he raised taxes and fees by $3 billion then denied it... because he says he's for us, but made $2.5 million at a special interest lobbying firm. and ehrlich says he'll cut education again if elected governor. bob ehrlich-- a career politician we really can't trust.
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just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our maple cheddar breakfast sandwich. breakfast just got a whole lot sweeter.
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coming up this morning on coffee with, at a young age, he made a lot of money and put it into real estate. he's a real estate and home improvement mogul and he has a show on diy. we didn't know what to expect yesterday, he's a good guy. vanilla ice on coffee with. that's after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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imagine denying a pregnant woman the choice of health care providers. only one senator voted with big insurance over pregnant women: andy harris. protecting our bay? harris was the only one to vote against cleaning up toxic waste sites. he always sides with the polluters, one of the worst environmental records in the senate. and harris was the only one to vote against extending education for special needs kids. no wonder his republican colleagues think he's too extreme. we can't afford his extreme ideas. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message
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it's the bottom of the hour. it's generally nice, there's a chance of passing showers this afternoon. i don't know if it warrants enough concern to carry an umbrella. >> 64 at lunch and a high of 66, we're in the mid-40s now. and straight to sharon
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gibala. >> and not much to worry about on the commute. just a disabled vehicle on key highway and that's with the fuel spill. we can take a live look at the area and you can see the flashing lights there and everything's running at full speed and everything's at full speed on the beltway and harford road and a look outside at the west side at old fort road. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. back to you. the contract proposal that put baltimore city schools in a spotlight. should the teachers be paid on how well the students perform. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: the union remembers and the leaders aren't in groom. last night, the teachers voted to keep their pay system the way it is. >> reporter: a contract voted like no other.
6:31 am
thousands of city school union members have their say and more no votes than yes. we have never, ever had that many come before. >> reporter: to determine the salary, the contract would evaluate the teachers on performance and student achievement. better performance, better pay. and it's the way they should be paid. >> parents and administrators aren't held accountable, students aren't, why are we? >> and it puts things on point. it's excellent. >> reporter: the no votes totaled 1540 and 1100 voted yes. that's a margin of 58 to 42%. and some say they didn't have enough information. >> every time you asked a question, they keep saying, it's in negotiations. we're not getting all of our questions answered. >> we're in all of the schools
6:32 am
and holding meetings and discussing how it would work. and i guess we needed to -- >> and the union pledges to push the issue again and hold another vote. >> and at 8:30 this morn, the ceo is going to hold a news conference here where the leaders will press the issue once again. the current contract expires at the end of the month. a billion mother county -- baltimore county jury is hearing the case of tracey tetso. she wanted out of the marriage -- and his story isn't straight. >> get your things and go then, okay. that's what you want, you'll get it. >> i'll take my things and move
6:33 am
on. >> the prosecutors say he discovered she was having an affair and her body's never been found. >> we're getting an early look if the slots are approved next month by arundel mills mall. >> reporter: this video shows what the casino would look like at arundel mills if the voters approved it and the developer has attracted bobby flay. there's no finer chef in the world today than bobby. he'll be coming in with one of his concepts into our casino. >> and also a cheesecake factory is opening in arundel mills if it's a go. there will be two local companies, two. >> and i'm not concerned about
6:34 am
attaching the name to it. it's a great thing for the state and the area. >> reporter: they're planning on opening a live music venue. >> it's similar to what you see in annapolis. there will be 300 seats and focusing on jazz, blues and classic rock. >> reporter: opponents say it will increase concerns. >> all it shows is it will hurt the traffic and parking problems. >> it will be a world class entertainment regional destination. >> reporter: we'll know if this is a reality on november 2nd. suzanne collins, eyewitness news. they've been granted a state's slots license and the judge ruled in favor of the opponents and also, in campaign 2010, the president holds a town meeting seeking to grow support of young voters.
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the president defended his policies saying that his economic stimulus is working. he was also asked about the don't ask, don't tell policy. >> anyone should be able to serve. they shouldn't have to lie about who they are in order to serve. we're moving in the direction of ending the policy. this has to be orderly. we're involved in a war right now. and this is not a question of whether the policy will end, it will end and on my watch. >> and he hinted that the administration could appeal a california district judge's ruling.
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cuba is soggy this morning after the tropical storm paula. it's muted compared to the 2008 hurricanes. paula will have dumped 10 inches in places. this is the post vasquez era. he's moved on to the nba. this team is unveiled yesterday. and they have six returning players and the first practice is tonight in midnight madness and the first preseason game, november 1st and as for the terrapins, they're taking on clemson and south carolina. and you can see that live here at noon on wjz-13. now, dorothy, the scare crow and all of the rest of the game are here for "the wiz." and andrea fujii is doing
6:37 am
double duty, she got to do a cool story yesterday. >> reporter: well, hi, don and everyone. "the wiz" is at the center stage and many of the actors are home grown. ♪ report the musical "the wiz" is a funkier version of ""the wizard of oz" >> it's a same story, but different flair. >> and this native of baltimore plays dorothy. >> this is the first stow where i never leave the stage, really. >> this is a dream show to me and the role of the scare crow is a dream role. >> reporter: eight play several roles. >> reporter: she says that the roles are demanding.
6:38 am
>> and we're singing while we're doing our costume changes. >> reporter: and the local actors say that nothing compares to performing back home. >> i've done broadway and that doesn't compare to coming back home and having everyone see who i've become. >> reporter: and he has advice for young actors. >> believe in yourself, never give up even if you hear no a hundred times. >> reporter: because, as these folks prove, the sky is the limb >> and now, i want to make movies, that will happen one day. >> reporter: a talented bunch there. the show runs through november 7th and many are selling out quickly. >> thank you. andrea. our theater reporter this morning. en and eric anthony was a guest on coffee with.
6:39 am
>> and for more information on "the wiz." go to and click on the news section. >> is she around? >> i'm curious about this. >> what's going on? >> hey, marty. >> how are you doing? >> first time i get to talk to you not on a serious story. her job is to do the hard news in the morning and sometimes, being cordial is hard with that. what was your favorite character in "the wizard of oz" growing up? >> i loved the lion. >> why is that? >> reporter: i like characters that you can hug and you know, be fun with and the lion -- and i saw parts of the lion of "the wizard of oz" and you want to go up and squeeze him.
6:40 am
and actually, i might be dorothy for halloween. >> seriously? >> yeah, that works. you may be dorothy, that's kind of interesting. well, i'll have to study the character and get sparkly shoes and i have the dress down. are you into halloween? >> well, i am, but usually, i'm working, but hopefully, the 30th i can go to a party. we'll cross our fingers. i'm thinking about dressing up as the lion, come see me later. you may have to put on a few extra pounds for that one, don. >> andrea, thank you. >> and have a dynamite weekend. >> thank you, you, too. >> fug is cool. we'll see her in an hour. and to be matter of fact. and coming up on coffee with. >> and we did this yesterday. i didn't know what to expect
6:41 am
about vanilla ice. >> i thought it would be one dimensional. he hit the scene at a young age. and he invested his money well. he'll tell you, he put it in reality. he didn't flush it. this is a show from diy about rehabbing homes. he's good at that and we're going to sit down with an eye conic figure from the 80s. vanilla ice. i don't know if that's the original -- >> and sharon gibala has the traffic and we'll be back. >> and speaking of halloween costumes, we would like to see photos of yours, send them to us and go to the home page and click on and also, mail them to us at ,,
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i like a party as much as the next gal but, come on. $60,000 for one dinner held by the department of justice. $66 per person just for bagels at one of the nasa's shindigs. i cracked down because big government shouldn't be funding big banquets with your money. some people say i'm a bit of a tightwad. i say, i'm barbara mikulski and i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. these are the winds at 8. they'll gust at 30 later on. right now, they're looking good
6:45 am
and barometer at 29.73. cumberland, 38 and 48 elkton and the low 50s and d.c. and easton and 49 at the ocean. westminster, 46 and 50 annapolis and 52 in rock hall. and we bring in the first warning doppler weather radar. what we'll see is the area of low pressure and it's the counterclockwise rotation to the low. it's coming around the low. this is not surviving the trek through the mountains of western maryland, but this afternoon, as we look at the computer models. this afternoon, you could see on these winds. they'll increase, a few shower meandering around the area. and high pressure builds in and by sunday, the wind goes to a breeze. we'll have a few windy days. there's the mention and tonight, clear and breezy and
6:46 am
42 and tomorrow, breeze around and 68, pleasant and the normal is 68. monday, 65 and tuesday, 68 degrees. >> and on the way to work and school, here's sharon. well, it took nearly two hours and we've picked up the first accident. it's on the beltway at reisterstown road. you can see the speeds not bad. in fact, it's not slowing down things a bit. and we have the disabled vehicle on 95 northbound in the area of key highway. there's a live look at the disabled vehicle, it's blocking the right lane and the traffic is moving without delay. there's a live look at the westside and still moving at old fort and same thing for the topside and ate. ate -- and kit. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> back to you.
6:47 am
>> we just need the music. queen and david bowie, under pressure. the name of the song. >> and this morning's -- well, with vanilla ice, also. >> and interrupting a huge tweeting session to talk with the morning edition, vanilla ice. >> who were you treating? >> we, everyone around the world. you can hit so many people and they're up this early in egypt and soul africa and i d -- and south africa. >> how many people follow you? i don't know, i have to look on it but this past week, i've gained about a hundred thousand. >> what kind of phone. an i 4. >> not only if you're a
6:48 am
successful rapper, but also, if you flip houses and figure out the business and you're a fortune unto yourself -- >> well, you can have one without that. >> but you can pay cash for it. well, you have to sign a two year agreement. >> >> i'm not sure that a lot of folks realize that you're huge into real estate and improving yourself and the properties you do and the vanilla ice project. you've had two parallel careers going. i did the song when i was 16 and came into a ton of money and bought a lot of houses. i got one in new york and l.a. and one in the mountains. i ended up selling them, i never used them. i went back and saw them and they had cobwebs and i sold them and made tons of money and i thought, it can't be that easy and it was.
6:49 am
of course, the real estate market is flipped upside down, but you can still make a lot of money in real estate. stay with the simple philosophy, buy it below the appraised value and, you know, with the short sales and foreclosures and better than those, the tax liens. it's like an auction and go out there and throw a crazy number. a fish may pick it up and you can steal a house for way low. >> the surprising thing is you do your work yourself. yeah, i love it. you know, it's a lot of fun. i've learned the trades throughout the years and to be honest, you can save a lot of money doing the things yourself. >> and do you play and do it or do you do it. >> no, i do it and they respect me a lot for that. they respect my judgment, they've seen my work and stuff
6:50 am
and they create a cool environment. the guys don't show up late for work. they enjoy working for me and i take them to lunch, you know, it's cool, you know and we sit back and cross arms and we take pride in what we do. this house is amazing, we have -- i turned the attic into a home theater with electric drapes and a flat screen and the projector comes on. >> pimp my house. >> yeah, baby. >> what's your best discipline. are you a great plumber or what? >> i can do it all, basically, i have some skills in all of the trades. i do have licensed people that handle the things i can't and you can save the money doing the things yourself.
6:51 am
and now, people watching you on diy network. yeah, airs every thursday. tune in and check it out. >> go to the internet. you're looking at a floor plan. that would be some great ink, dude. >> i know, i love that. they photo shopped that. i don't have much room left for a tattoo. >> well, we'll have to work on that. >> hey, listen the time is short. there it is. check it out. that looks like a lot of fun. next time you're on the bird, come and pay baltimore a visit. >> i saw him sweating the pipe, that's hard to do. i've never done it right. well, i've tried. >> you're good though. well, not plumbing. that means like 20 visits to
6:52 am
lowe's and home depot. call someone with the home improvement license. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:54 am
it's crystal clear and gorgeous. we'll talk about sunshine in the area and i have to mention, a chance of afternoon passing showers. it's not a giant concern.
6:55 am
it will be windy and high temperatures in the 60s. it's around 50 degrees now and now, over to sharon gibala. hi, sharon. hi, it's been a great morning on the roads. just one accident all morning. that's on the bellway working on the outer lupe at reisterstown road. and speeds for it. the speeds are slowing a bit and there's the drive times. the speeds are 53 miles per hour on ate and -- 95 and 83. and still running smoothly at harford road. there's 95 and 395 and white marsh. we're seeing volume, but no real delays. party city, slashing prices this halloween. and save money on select costumes. and back to you, don. >> the baltimore city teachers
6:56 am
vote down the new legislation. the new contract would be good for students, they're saying. the current contract expires at the end of the month. and maryland state police are planning on talking to more in carroll county about a murder/suicide. a man shot another in his driveway and then himself. and in recent years the police responded to cases about the men. >> and the first h1n1 case is reported in maryland. health officials are urging everyone over the age of six months to get a flu shot. and if the voterrings a-- voters approve -- there will be sizzle to go along with the complex. there will be a restaurant from bobby flay and the cheesecake
6:57 am
factory and they'll offer a life music venue. stay with us. complete news, weather and complete news, weather and traffic coco,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bob ehrlich is desperate, and he'll say anything to get elected. negative attacks the media have repeatedly called "dishonest" and "total malarkey." and why can't we trust bob ehrlich? because he raised taxes and fees by $3 billion then denied it... because he says he's for us, but made $2.5 million


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