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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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lawmaker locked up, the fbi put the powerful maryland politician and his wife in handcuffs. >> tonight the wiretap, the charges of why investigators called in a plumber. hello everyone i'm denise koch. >> and i'm a vic carter. >> investigators say prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife had this morning as the fbi was knocking on their front door. wjz is live, kelly mcpherson
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explains the charges johnson is facing, kelly. >> reporter: denise, the affidavit reports that the johnsons were being watched for taking bribes from developers in order to give those developers a political edge. but they were charged today with destroying evidence in an fbi investigation that's been going on for years. fbi raid of county checktive johnson and his wife leslie signals the end of years of covert investigating in prince george's county. >> the arrests today were dictated by the defendants. we followed the evidence, in this case rereacted to quickly developing -- in this case rereacted to quickly developing facts. >> reporter: investigators say the developer handed over $15,000 in exchange for johnson's political favoritism. johnson said the money was for a going away party.
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a wiretap records a phone call, when investigators think they were talking about a $100,000 check from a developer, just as fbi was knocking on their door. the wiretap captures a discussion about getting rid of $80,000 in cash. jack tells his wife, put it in your bra and walk out or something, i don't know what to do. >> when the facts are revealed, i am absolutely convinced without a shadow of a doubt, that i am going to be vindicated. >> reporter: the johnson's home and county executive's office are just two of the 13 places that the fbi raided on friday. it's all part of a probe into a political corruption that right know we don't even know how big it could get. >> the message is clear, if you
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have information regarding a plate in this county, it's better for you to call us right now than for us to come knocking on your door. >> reporter: the district attorney could not say whether johnson would face any additional charges or which politicians are involved. but he did say that in the following weeks, we will learn more names. >> reporter: both johnson faces federal charges each carrying a maximum of 20 years in prison. stay with wjz for the arrest of johnson. and a man is shot at a pizza restaurant. this is video just into the wjz news. information is limited but we do know someone was take to the
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hospital. we'll bring you more information as we get it. a 7-year-old boy dies after he's hit by a car. police say the boy was crossing the street with some other children and one adult when he was hit. investigators believe it was pedestrian error and that the driver never saw the boy. an armed bandit robs a local student. wjz is live, kai jackson spoke with students who say they are concerned and they were notified of the potential danger. >> reporter: this armed robbery has some students nervous and are calling for administrators the ratchet up security. sky high chopper 13 captured this video as county police responded. a student leaving class was approached by a man she didn't know and robbed. >> the subject placed the hard
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object on the back of the victim, the victim believed the object to be a gun. the victim than gave the suspect her money and her wallet. >> police say the suspect fled, he got the victim's attention by yelling hey tiger because she was wearing a tigers's jacket. at that point he pushed the victim against her car and put an object to her back. >> i think it's pretty scary, since it's armed robbery. who knows where he went if he was never apprehended. >> i've never seen security at night. then they said that the call if we wanted an escort. there's only so many security. >> reporter: students tell eyewitness news that faculty members were notified about the armed robbery but apparently students or not, that the students they say is unacceptable. >> they tell teachers but not students, i don't think that's fair. if one knows they all should know. >> reporter: students say they want campus alert, lighting that's consistent and on longer and a greater sense of security. >> i think it's crazy how we
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have all these security guards and not one was in sight when this happened. >> reporter: the victim was not huh, the suspect is described as a white male about 19 to 20 years of age, weighs about 180 pounds -- the victim was not caught. tracy queen is charged with billing schools for tutoring services that investigators say she never gave. queens mobile education submitted fake invoices and documentation for tutoring special ed students that did not receive those services. killed in the line of duty.
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a wildlife conservation officer was involved in a shoot out. 31-year-old officer david grove was shot and killed in the line of duty thursday night. >> yesterday we celebrated the sacrifices of our armed service veterans, and last night we lost a local law enforcement hero. >> reporter: it happened around 10:30 thursday just south of gettiesburg. grove pulled over a truck after he saw a person inside poaching a deer. christopher johnson got out and that's when the shoot out erupted. it's unclear who shot first. neighbors heard the whole thing. >> my wife taylor was putting our daughter to bed and she heard two sequence of gunshots. >> reporter: a driver found johnson wounded and asking for help. the driver took him to a camp site where state police just happened to be. >> i can assure you that here in adam's county, if an individual intentionally kills
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a law enforcement officer in the line of duty we will seek the death penalty. >> probably just about every incident, he's dealing with individuals that are armed. that's just the nature of work they face every single day. >> reporter: the passenger in that vehicle ran but later turned himself into police and is cooperating with the investigation. this is the first game warden killed on the line of duty in 95 years. somber officers in hickory north carolina say they found human remains about 5 miles from where they earlier found a bone. the girl's stepmother alyssa baker led the officers through the area where the bones were
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found. police are not yet giving any details of how the child died. the community turned out for a meal and auction in the wake of the crash that killed two 17-year-olds and an 18-year- old in federal hill. the other driver ran a red light behind the wheel of a stolen car. the railroad tunnel that runs underneath baltimore city has been cause of concern for nearly a decade. today csx unveiled a safer tunnel. >> reporter: the rail tunnel runs from the stadiums under howard street up to mount vernon. nine years ago a derailment starts a fire that burns for five days and starts a huge water main break. east coast rail traffic is snarled and it's then that our city learns about the dragon waiting to erupt under its streets. many calls for improvement and after a minor derailment in august, a plan from scx. five miles of rails have been
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replaced and will continue to be replaced every ten years. twice as often as normal. instead of each quarter, the tunnel will get a computerized inspection each week. >> by replacing the rail, putting the new pumping system in, and then more frequent inspections we feel confident we can prevent any safety issues in the howard street tunnel. >> reporter: today the mayor was taken on a tour to point out what the rail line was doing. it was the first time inside. >> i think it was important for us to lay our eyes on this crucial corridor. >> reporter: on both sides, i'm told that once the city's lawsuit will force csx to fix the bridges is settled that relationship southerly thawed. >> it might be bad in the past but we're in a different time now. >> reporter: back to you now on tv hill. the fire department and the
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railroad are also collaborating on a new communication system so everyone can talk with each other while under ground during an energy. now howard county gets another high mark. a new survey ranks howard county the third richest in the country. 30% of the employed people who live there earn five figures. it's credited for neighbors with graduate and postgraduate degrees. passengers from the cruise from -- are happy to see land. and some call it liquid cocaine. i'm mike hellgren, it's a drink that area parents believe was behind the death of their
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daughter. and i'm bob turk, i have the complete warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 37 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather is coming up. you often hear about coaches whipping their team into shape. but a basketball coach in mississippi is under fire for
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literally doing just that. the shocking cell phone video shows dorsey hitting a player with a weight belt. the coach has admitted to paddling his players and using corporal punishment. dorsey has been suspended and facing charges. the splendor arrived yesterday. when police arrived, police arrested cindy wimbledon. she is wanted for a warrant in las vegas. -- a mysterious colonel allegedly turned in the 10 sleeper spies living in the united states.
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russia has made heros of those spies. some analysts say the assassination the plot is just a ploy. controversial cocktail, a heartbroken family blames their daughter's drunk driving death on four loko. now state leaders want it pulled from store shelves. >> reporter: this vibrant promising young woman died in a terrifying crash on maryland's eastern shore. those with spurry say she was out of control. the impact threw her body 90 feet as her mother watched. heartbroken friends and family blame it on a cheap and potent mix of alcohol and caffeine called four loko. one can is the equivalent of five caffeinated sodas and four
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to five cans of beer. friends say she drank two of them. >> she blacked out within 27 -- 20 minutes of having the beverage. >> i think it's a dangerous to children. the caffeine would die off and all of a sudden you have a kid stone drunk behind the wheel of a car. >> now we have incident after incident after incident. >> these drinks are real trouble for our youth. >> reporter: the fda is also investigating whether the stop the sale of it and other alcopop drinks. >> you see there's 12% alcohol in this can. >> reporter: also known as
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black out in a can and liquid cocaine, maryland college students say four loko is very popular and available everywhere. >> i blacked out, i don't remember much of the night. >> reporter: we do agree with the goal of keeping adults of legal age who choose to drink responsibly as safe and as informed as possible. they say they will cooperate in any investigation. >> the problem is they let courtney died, it's horrible. she died, other people will continue to die if they stay on the market. >> reporter: state police tell us they are still waiting for toxicology tests to come back on courtney's body. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, mike. well a group in michigan says they don't care. their winning lottery ticket was bought at a porn shop. their spokesman mike greer is seen here getting the check for $129 million. he would not say who bought the
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ticket or if it was purchased inside the adult store or outside at a walk up kiosks. greel says some of the winnings will be donated to a church. whether you call it a vase or a vase, you can call this one really, really expensive. an 18th century vas sold for $83 million. the vase exceeded the estimates because it was a bidding war. >> somebody pick up bob. >> they said they had no ideas it was worth anything. maybe a little something, but how they got it, who knows. and the taxes are going to kill them in britain. after a high of 66, we dropped
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to 37 with zero wind. low due wall point, dry air all day long. all the humidity was down to 13%. that is bone dry. so at night the temperatures can drop a lot and the daytime, the sun just speeds things up. that's what happened. right now 36 in easton. rather mild 36 in dc but downtown right now at the science center it's still 51 and just 8 miles down the road at the airport it's officially 37. we had a huge range of temperatures this morning. we'll have the same thing tomorrow morningment when you wake up, accept downtown and near the water you're going to see high winds. we had some snow?
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northern texas in amarillo. this rain headed to our west- northwest. but the rain is boing to start to trail to the east. it's going to pick up moisture, by later monday a brief shower. tuesday is when we k-pt to see some rain in the region -- tuesday is when we begin to see some rain in the region. monday with some clouds and tuesday that system moving up from the south. a good chance we'll see rain but directly blind it, the cool air is going to stay back until the end of the week looks like. so still some rather pleasant temperatures. northeast winds and the bay five to 10 knots. the bay temp around 54 degrees. 20s in the suburbs to about 45 or so town town. 66 beautiful tomorrow. and nice on sunday, 60 on monday. rain likely tuesday and partly cloudy. still 59 on wednesday.
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denise. >> not bad, thank you bob. the pain lingers from a tough loss for the ravens. loss for the ravens. >> mark tells [ male announcer ] baltimore. a city that's been inspiring ideas and innovation since 1729. at bank of america, we live, work and help serve the community here through hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from supporting the university of maryland medical center... to the restoration of the hippodrome theater and american brewery building. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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less than 24 hours after a tough defeat. the pain coming to the ravens, nada finds out he has to pay a $10,000 fine that for an illegal hit. and the pain is literal for ravens receiver derrick mason. says he might have broken his right pinky finger again in atlanta last night. he injured the same finger he had surgery on just two weeks ago. the bye gave him time to heal. the ravens have nine days to their next game. it'll be on the round, one week from sunday. you can watch that game right here on wjz they'll kick it off at 1:00.
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coach jimmy pazol sent his layolla greyhound. they will fete it to bernie finishing with two of his team's high 20 points. and they rallied late but they couldn't catch drexel. townsend lost their openings tonight. in boxing, weigh in for the super welter weight fight in dallas tomorrow night. paquiao checks in at 145-pound. he will face antonio margarito he weighed in at 150. next, an upset special at laurel park. rebel challenger went off as a 70-1 long shot. guiding a come down the stretch. first time he won, pays $145 on
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a two buck bet. finally a long shot that veers off course. it's a reminder keep your eye on the ball. keep your eye on the ball it'll spill into the gallery where a spectator takes it right on the head. the man was cart off for medical care with an ice pack on his head. >> there's a souvenir you don't want. >> thank you, mark. when we come back, a hair raising tata,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a soon to be new york city
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landmark is readty to go. their christmas tree was donated by 9/11 first responder. 30,000 light and a christmas star will be used to decorate the tree. this year's lighting ceremony is still on for november 30th. take a look at this acrobatic performance at halftime of an nba game in chicago. that's right, no hands only her hair is connecting to the spinning poll. we assume she uses an excellent strength and conditioning shampoo. it is slowed down it's in slow motion, but it's real. >> i ,,
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