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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. this is wjztv and baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station . hello, everybody, i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. it was a night of pure horror for people living in the path of that destructive tornado last week. >> reporter: denise, dozens are responders were here that
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morning to help people who had survived the storm. but a handful of those folks actually went into the building to rescue those people that were calling for help. just before 2:00 in the morning, terror struck baltimore : >> reporter: that call came from this apartment building the morning after the tornado. seconds later it sounds as if help has arrived.
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>> a large piece of concrete covering her and she was trapped. she couldn't move. >> i started pointing with my flash light, i see all the debris and everything on the inure. >> reporter: 4 officers are being congratulated for pulling out survivors. more than 350 units were evacuated. 16 units condemned but no one died. >> everybody was out on safety that we actually stood outside and we were like, what just happened. >> wow, i never seen nothing like this. >> and they didn't stop one second. they went in and did what they had to do. i'm proud of them. >> reporter: and everyone who lived in one of those condemned also has been relocated, reporting live, kelly. no word on what will happen to the condemned properties. tonight the tsa is answering to the growing anger
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over its screening and there's already an outcry over full body scans and those invasive pat downs. the tsa says it will not change its policies. they are making sure people know what to expect with messages like this one. >> you may opt out. if you choose to opt out you will receive a pat down by someone of the same gender. if you alarm, you would also receive a pat down. >> reporter: when a pat down is required you can ask to have your pat down in a private room with a witness you choose. finally a conclusion to a murder case 10 years old. today a jury convicted of killing shandra levy. reaction from the courthouse. >> reporter: shandra levy's mother says she will always have a broken heart. the emotional wounds are raw
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but she's satisfied that jurors made the right decision. >> it makes a difference to find the right person who is responsible for my daughter's death. >> reporter: jurors said there was more than enough evidence, even though there was no dna, no eye witnesses linking him to the crime. a man walking his dog found levy's body in rock creek park. >> we did look over everything. that's why the deliberations took so long. >> reporter: the case became a national sensation because levy was having an affair with gary con did it. he became the prime suspect. the break in the case. his cell mate said he confessed to killing levy. he is already serving jail time on two other charges. it's never too late for a
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murder to be held accountable for his crime. it's never too late for justice to be served. >> i don't know that it was difficult. it was lengthy. >> i'm not sure of the sense of peace but i can tell you, it ain't closure. >> reporter: he faces a maximum of life in prison without parole. eyewitness news. and sentencing is set for february 11th. a murder mystery that spans the east coast. how a teen from baltimore ended up murdered in boston. recently moved to north carolina to live with his dad but most of his family is here in baltimore. ed body was badly muttlated
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that turned up in an upscale neighborhood. his rotc instruct or said he was disciplined. >> he liked us so much that we had to send him away between classes. >> reporter: investigators say advertise dale's trauma was so bad. he somehow ended up in massachusetts. surveillance cameras catch someone attacking an elderly man. he was walking into his house and that's when the suspect choked him and stole some money. if you think you have information about this person, call police. a big time retailer is giving wal-mart approval to build a store.
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kei jackson explains this will be just the second wal-mart within city limits. >> reporter: as you said, the plan was approved and a variety of people have good to say about it. >> by a near unanimous vote the city council gives approval for a major development project that will bring a wal-mart to 25th street. >> it will also provide jobs and shopping convenience for residents of the neighboring community. this project will be privately funded, no city hand outs. >> reporter: city leaders and supporters see economic opportunity. they believe the project will bring jobs and spur growth. >> we know this will bring jobs to the city of baltimore. we know this will make it easy for us to shop. >> reporter: this shopping center project -- many are concerned about how the development will affect traffic, taxes and the like in the area.
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others say they have no problem with wal-mart settling here. they are more concerned with whether the store will pay workers a liveable wage. they urged city leaders to fight for them and demand wal- mart pay a liveable wage. >> help us to help our self. >> the big thing for me is to make sure there is local hiring so what good is a project if those jobs are not going to those of us that live in those communities. >> reporter: 25th street station will cover 11-acres of land centered here where i'm standing. thank you, kei. construction could begin this spring. just a day after they delivered a big win over the panthers, some of the ravens delivered thanksgiving to families in baltimore. at booker t washington, he ed
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reed distributed thanksgiving baskets to people. >> coughs and cold medicines doing children more harm than good? charlie sheen facing the consequences. why he's being sued by an adult film star. >> the holiday outlook. i'll have a complete forecast coming up next. ,,,,
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it is 46 degrees with a few clouds, the complete weather forecast is coming up. in cambodia a horrible scene that one person described as bodies stacked upon bodies. the government says 330 were killed when a stampede broke out at an annual water festival. several fainted in the crowd. many people were crushed under foot or fell into the water. a 2-year-old falls to his death at the staple center in los angeles. after sunday night's lakers
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game. he somehow went over a glass safety burial, the la times claims his parents were looking at photos and lost track of the child. charlie sheen now faces a lawsuit from the woman he was with. says sheen grabbed her by the throat and threw a lamp at her. in tonight's health watch, positive results from the removal of cold medicines for children under the age ever 4. the number of emergency room visits has been cut in half. a local doctor who sat on the panel to remove the meds says it is secondary to the fact that the medicines never worked. >> these medications are dangerous when used
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inappropriately. if they were effective it would be worth the risk of side effects. but as they are not effective, it isn't worth any side effect. >> reporter: dr. schaub en says if young children have cold symptoms, you should keep them hydrated and clear their nasal passages to allow for breathing. they claim research on nuclear weapons contaminated the air they breathe and water they bring. is it a coincidence or something more? hundreds of people in the community surrounding fort dietrich either have cancer or have died from it. >> i feel like i have an enemy. >> reporter: 77-year-old donny blank worked at fort dietrich. she has two for me to say of
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cancer -- forms of cancer herself. >> do you blame fort dietrich for some of your health issues? >> yes, i do. i is that started thinking, how long with what i have, you know is it because of dietrich. >> reporter: donny and her daughter debbie remember during the cold war they led the country's research, even experimenting with agent orange. >> we saw them bury the orange in a landfill. >> reporter: for decades the military dumped it toxic waste into the ground. in fact the national cancer institute shows frederick county has the highest cancer rate in the state. >> of my 17 cousins that lived in the neighborhood here, 9 would develop cancer, 6 would die and 4 died in their 40s.
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>> reporter: 64-year-old gerald coal often played between fort dietrich and their family farm. the wind would catch it and it would come over into the field we were at. >> reporter: the epa confirmed that the chemicals were dumped within >> we've been drinking it since 59 and that's when all of that was over there. >> reporter: blames fort dietrich. >> the clock is moving a little bit too slow.
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these people don't have time to wait for another two years glue maryland's senator is outraged and says the federal government should begin its clean up immediately. >> the first thing we need to do is make sure it's safe. the federal government has to take responsibility. >> reporter: despite all this fort dietrich denied and sent a statement saying there is no public health risk. >> what comes to your mind when you come to your front window and you look across the street and see fort dietrich. >> i want them to take the responsibility and admit it and fix it once and for all. that's my prayer. >> reporter: the frederick county and state health departments have been meeting with the community for months investigating whether the numbers meet the levels for a cancer cluster. a company that has been
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delivering dvds to your home. netflix will now focus on stream video. the company is also raising its monthly fees by one dollar. it currently has 17 million subscribers. on friday wyz's jesse became a new mother. now we would like you to meet baby drew. >> everybody says you can't imagine the feel and how wonderful it is and there isn't anything like it. i just can't stop looking at him and just staring at him all the time. it's like he's any little buddy, my guy. >> and he is named michael andrew after jessica's father. everyone is calling him drew except for jessica's husband, bryan, he prefers to call him ryan, and red hair. >> but can he pick the winners in football? that's the big question.
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>> reporter: that will be his first training, how to pick the football winners. >> reporter: screaming right about now, don't you think? no, he looks so sweet. >> reporter: let's take a look at the weather from the last few days, take a look at temperatures. still pretty warm out there. 46 and the dewpoint way up at 45, which means the humidity at 96% with no wind. we're going to see fog forming overnight tonight. the barometer has been rising. 30.12 inches. 46 here, warm, upper 50s still at ocean city. the texans even out in oakland coming in at 54 degrees. very little wind. as you can see just a light breeze out of the south. but most of the northern areas that's where you're probably going to see some fog north and west and probably portions of the eastern shore and delaware
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could see some heavy dense fog in the morning. there is a front that formed this afternoon down through missouri. they had some thunderstorm activity there. to the north and west it's just plain cold and wintery from northern minnesota an a lot of the rockies also seeing some pretty good snow. they have had blizzard warnings in minnesota. temperatures have been 5, 6, 7 degrees above 0. here's that front forming this afternoon. out beginning to break up tonight but we'll see some of these clouds in the region tomorrow. maybe the morning fog will burn off a little bit of sun. maybe around 3:00 to 5:00. this front will come through the area by late tomorrow. by wednesday we get into a
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dryer cooler air mass. but thursday for thanksgiving, another batch of rain with the next front, looks like it will be cool and damp on thanksgiving day. a good chance we will see some scattered rain showers. the bay temp around 53. for the rest of tonight patchy fog, low 40s. beautiful moon out there right now. tomorrow a lot of clouds, look for some afternoon showers. the next 5 days, cooler but drier. 52 thursday. 46 a few more showers into friday noon and then clearing out and chilly, 46 with sunshine back on the weekend, denise. thank you, bob. check in tomorrow morning starting at 4:55. john huer baa respond after his team wins big. his team wins big. mark ,,,, ♪
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, all right, they won, you think they would be celebrating. >> reporter: well, the ravens say they are not satisfied with first place in the division. second best in the nfl. clearly the fans aren't satisfied either. many are critical. the ravens did struggle at times before they pulled away with a win. they are in good position for a playoff. of course the team is aware that fans don't like the way they played yesterday. >> they have a right to do that. people care, i think, and we care, they care. coaches care. it's important to the fans, so that's -- we do the same thing. we nitpick ourselves. our players nitpick every little thing they do. >> reporter: minnesota vikings
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fans got what they have been clam oring for. coach fired. childress in his 5th season just got a contract extension a year ago. taking over the team, leslie frazer. he steps up to become the interim head coach. says brett favre will become the starting qb. a sun report, willie randolph is being sought to help. a coach with the milwaukee brewers last season. he was a member of the yankees 15 years ago. red's first baseman named most valuable player. 37 homers 113 runs batted in. the american league award announced tomorrow. college basketball duke has the number one national
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ranking. but no worries, the blue devils scored. nolan smith gets the shooter's role. may add to that 20. duke will run. duke over marquette. maryland is at home tomorrow night. they will take on delaware state state. thank you, mark. the finest cashmere in the world. coming up, cloning is making ,,,,,,,,
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