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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  December 13, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello again, here's what people are talk about and dealing with today. if it feels cold to you today and this hour, get ready to shiver more as the day and the week goes on. let's take another live look outside. it's a day marked by wind and gray skies and a flake of snow or flurry. we'll follow the latest blast of winter with bernadette woods in the first warning weather center and marty bass is out back. >> it -- [ [ indiscernible ] [ you're frozen over! >> we'll take this away. this is what we have going on we have flurries out there. this is what we'll see in this pattern into the next 48 hours. taking a look coming down from the north, nothing heavy, we're seeing a burst of snow showers.
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we have flurries and that's in baltimore county and frederick and carroll county. that's continuing into hagerstown also. this is what we dealt with this morning. we had snowflakes after the rain yesterday. the cold air has taken over. with that cold air, we have the lake effect connection made. the winter storm warns for the mountains. here's the the colder air, 34 in baltimore and 12 in oakland. when you factor in the winds, it feels like 24 in baltimore and minus three in oakland. here's marty outside. >> don't adjust the color on your it have, my pink lips are blue. it's cold outside. we have just really heavy duty pushes of arctic air moving our way and biting winds.
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this is coming from wear the metrodome collapsed. it's coming from international falls. it was 30 below zero. it's going to get cold. when is it going to get tolerable again. bernadette woods will have the details coming up shortly. let mess continue on with the theme. -- let me continue on. parts of the midwest are dealing with dangerously cold snow. here's the latest from wjz-13. >> reporter: it feels like minus 24 degrees for people in minneapolis. the arctic blast comes on the heels of a monster storm that dumped two feet of snow in minnesota and wisconsin. all of the snow driven by 50 miles per hour winds made the driving treacherous and portioning hundreds of vehiclings off of the road. in northwest indiana, police
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are searching for motorists. six weather related deaths are reported. airports are trying to get back on track. minneapolis closed for the first time in 19 years. at o'hare, a thousand flights were canceled. >> i may not leave until tuesday. >> reporter: mudslides from record rain falls sent this house down a hill. three had to be rescued. >> they were hysterical. >> reporter: more rain is in the forecast for seattle and more snow in michigan, indiana and points east. football fans won't care, they'll watch the game tonight between the giants and the vikings in detroit. the giants headed to michigan after their flight was diverted to kansas city. sunday's game was postponed and moved to detroit after the metrodome in minneapolis caved
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in. it was the 5th biggest snowfall in the twin city's history. stay with us for more. woe're always on at you'll find the latest forecast and radar and closings and delays. it appears that the cold weather played a part in yesterday's carbon monoxide poisonings. two are dead and several others are hospitalized. alex is live outside of shock trauma shock. eight adults and two children were rushed here suffering from chokes poisoning -- carbon monoxide poisoning following a gas leak. >> two men found dead were part of a construction crew that worked and lived with a couple who rented the house. they were -- >> they were quickly overcome by some type of unknown substance. >> at first, i thought it was a gas leak. i thought, it couldn't be a fire, i didn't smell anything.
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>> that's what made the gas so dangerous. carbon monoxide levels close to 400 parts per million. the threshold we're used to is ten parts. >> reporter: three police officers and people in the home were taken to the hospital. here, the pressure is increased and forcing highier levels of oxygen to combat the effects of the poisoning. the best defense is home detectors for the gas. i have three detectors. i'm kind of -- beller well, i guess that makes me more aware. it's gas appliances and hot water heaters and stoves that cause the poisoning. we're still waiting for word from the baltimore county fire as to what was the cause for the incident. all ten people that were hospitalized are sent home.
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>> we'll have an update on the story tonight. >> the young local man accused of plotting to blow up the recruitment center in catonsville is due back in court. court documents call describe him as obsessed with jihad. the fbi said he tried to detonate a phony car bomb. he represents a flight risk and he's asked to de-- to be detained. questions are asked about the death of a baltimore city 6- year-old. ron matz has the latest. >> reporter: the young boy's relatives don't understand how this could have happened. he was on the city school bus when he was in a fight with another student. at some point, he opened the back door and fell out. he had behavioral issues. he was supposed to be in a harness. the bus driver has been
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suspended. his family isn't satisfied. >> somebody needs to step up and be honest and tell the truth about what happened this day that he fell off of the back of the bus. >> i had really, not enough answers to why my son is dead. i have bits and pieces and no one can fill the blanks. >> the school leaders aren't taking questions. the police have asked for a videotape to find out what happened. thank you, we'll pass along new information when we get it. a major announcement from michaelsteele. they sent a memo to a group inviting them to be a part of a conference call. he's not interested in staying on in his position. his term expires next month. >> senators are getting their first chance to vote on the tax
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cut deal. whatever the out come of that test vote, the white house expects it to pass by the end of thier. the number two senate democrat says that a good cross section of senators in his party are ready to accept the deal. without it, income taxes for all americans would go up january 1st. with the steeler's win yesterday, the ravens are looking to keep pace with the afc north. here's a preview. >> reporter: the ravens spent as much time answering their questions about their loss than they did about tonight's game. they had to turn their concentration to the texans. for the veterans, not a difficult task. they know it's something they need to do to teach the younger players what to do. i know we have enough veterans and guys on the team,
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we'll let them know what we're fighting for. when you lose a game like that, we let them know the position you could have been in and now, what you're not in. you want to be in the play offs and only a certain way to be there. >> we have a huge game coming up. we have a season to look forward to. we have everything we've worked and played for. >> well, the ravens have a couple of trends in their favor. >> they're 3-0 against the texans all time. the purposed birds are 15-1. houston is 5-7. the ravens, 8- 4. enjoy the game, back to you. the ravens are on the road and back on wjz-13 this evening. see the team taking on the texans in houston. the coverage starts at 8:00. now, still to come on wjz- 13's eyewitness news at noon. a nursery school nightmare.
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a class of preschoolers is safe after a teen armed with swords takes them hostage. this happened earlier today after the parents dropped off their children. the teen waived swords in the air and headed for the children. after a long and tense negotiation, the french police arrested the teen. the children and teacher escaped unharmed. the legislation to feed hungry children is about to be law. the president signed the bill today in washington, d.c. they are expanding the meals to low- income students and they're giving the government power to make the foods healthier. shipping company fedex says they're expecting the busiest day in history today.
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it's called green monday. the consumers are projected to spend $1 billion online. fedex is going to move 16 million of shipments worldwide. that's for the entire holiday season. the company is going to ship 220 million packages around this globe. still ahead on wjz-13's eyewitness news at noon, as you take another live look outside, stick around, the forecast the just 2 1/2 minutes away. let's take a look at today's midday stocks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everyone. you can see the clouds in place, they'll be there for most of the day. we're locked in the pattern where we were last week, where the rounds of snow showers are making their way across the mountains. there's accumulating snow in garrett and allegany counties. if one of the bands is heavy enough, it could put a coating on the ground. thinksburg, you have a few showers and out towards hagerstown, a few of these are coming down. they'll come down throughout the day today and into tomorrow even. then, we'll start to see that connection cut on wednesday. that's before we'll deal with something else. let's get to it.
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we're dealing with the rain from last night and that's replaced from cold air. we have a -- winter storm warning for the mountains. up to 10 inches in some locations. there's a wind advisory further east. the winds will gust closer to 40 miles per hour. that's 21 miles per hour in baltimore. that's bringing in the colder air. 34 in baltimore. only 12 degrees in oakland. 30s down to the ocean. when you factor in the wind, i t -- feels like 22 in baltimore and minus 5 in oakland. look at the air. it's driving down to the deep south, it could get close to freezing tonight in miami. it was minus 33 in international falls this morning. this is colder air. we're going to get in on it. it will stick around for the
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rest of the week. there, the snow showers are flying around. that pattern will continue tonight and tomorrow and even into wednesday before the connection is made -- excuse me, before it's cut off. today, chance for snow showers and 36 is the high. we'll be down to 20 degrees tonight. tomorrow, only get up to 30 degrees for the high. the windchill will make it feel like it's in the teens. we'll see snow shower and cold air is stick around. >> what are we, nine days away from winter? >> well, it's the 21st, what's today. >> yeah, it's coming. >> the healing powers of the pomegranate. that's coming up in health watch. also, here's the stories wewe,,,,,,
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in today's wjz health watch report, there's evidence that pomegranate juice could fight cancer. some components of the drink can stop prostate cancer to go to the bone. the treated cells showed less of a tendency to break away.
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>> better tools will help prevent women from dying from ovarian cancer. the screenings reduce deaths by 11%. it's rare and it grows and spreads without causing symptoms outside. be sure you check in today at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. the son of bernie madoff was found dead. could this have any impact on the pending lawsuits. we'll have an answer to these questions today at 4:00, that's after dr. phil. stick around, an all important five-day forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, cold air's here. we have a few flurries and the skies will clear. we'll take a look at the five day, tomorrow, we'll have a hefty mix of clouds and sun. wednesday, sunny, thursday, we'll have milder air and a few flurries. friday and saturday, i want to pay attention to. we'll get back to more tolerable conditions and lose the wind. meanwhile, look at the bottom time. nighttime is brutal until thursday. >> wow.
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and some of the longer range forecasts, the colder temperatures come back. >> 'tis the season? >> well, it's really cold. don't forget to see the ravens take on houston tonight at 8:00 on wjz. and thank you for watching, eyewitness news, on wjz-13. i'm don scott. >> i'm bernadette woods. have a great day, we'll see you back tonight. stay warm. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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